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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活学会沉默-大家在八卦时When people are gossiping大家在八卦时People love gossiping and many of us cant help it.人们都爱八卦,这是大家没法控制的事情It refreshing. It makes life seem a bit better.八卦能让人精神振奋,似乎生活也变得更好了But the next time you hear gossiping, especially about your friends, try holding your tongue.但如果你听到了一些八卦,尤其是关于你朋友的,还是闭上嘴吧Listen to what the gossiper is saying, it may reveal a lot about both parties. 听听那些聊八卦的人在说什么,也许能让你更加了解自己的朋友Instead of being like “yeahh, she is a b*$$#,” trysaying ;well, she trying her hardest; and see what the response is. 与其说:“是啊,她真的很贱” 不如说:“我知道她已经很努力了”,看看别人的反应Deny yourself that tiny pleasure from putting someone else down.别让自己的小快乐建立在贬低别人的基础上 7579。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 丰富生活Make yourself a priority 优先考虑自己If you dont take care of yourself, nobody else will.You have to be number one. All things in your life stem from your happiness. Be someone who makes you happy!如果自己不照顾好自己,别人就更指望不上了把自己放在首位生活中一切因你的快乐而存在做个为自己的快乐而生的人吧!Enjoy the small things 享受生活中的那些小事Take walks more often. Stop and look at a babblingbrook. Sit in an oversized chair at Barnes amp; Noble and a great book.Observe an elderly couple holding hands. Life is made up of these small and seemingly insignificant things. They arent insignificant. Be sure to take the time to appreciate them.多散步因潺潺流水而驻足;闲坐在巴诺书店的大号椅子上读本好书;观察一对手挽手的老夫妇;生活就是一连串看似微不足道的琐事它们虽不起眼,但一定要抽出时间去欣赏【知识点讲解】take care of 照顾例句:You are not (physically) strong, so you may as well take care of your health.你的体格不壮,最好注意健康Take care of getting pneumonia.小心得肺炎Be sure to 必定,一定例句:Be sure to place them correctly.务必把这些东西放对地方Be sure to lock your bicycle.自行车务必上锁更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 59790。

《生活大爆炸经典台词(中英双语对照版) --9 :33: 来源: Sheldon: In the winter, that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, 冬天的时候,这个地方离电暖器最近,很暖和, and yet not so close as to cause perspiration; 也不会很热到直流汗 in the summer, it's directly in the path of a cross-breeze created by opening windows there, and there. 夏天的时候,这里又刚好可以吹过堂风,是来自这扇窗户和那扇的 It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, 而且坐这里看电视的角度,可以直接看,又不会影响谈话, nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion. 不会太远,不至于造成脖子过分扭曲 I could go on, but I think I've made my point. 我可以继续,我想我已经说明白了 别老记着? 这能忘得掉吗? get? You want me to get? 我这脑子 啥东西忘得掉啊! This mind does not get. 从我妈给我断奶后 我就没忘掉过一件事 I haven't gotten a single thing since the day my mother stopped breastfeeding me. - 那天是周二 下着毛毛雨 - 好了... - It was a drizzly Tuesday. - Okay... 你哭什么 Why are you crying? 我哭我自己蠢啊 Because I'm stupid! 那也没理由哭啊 That's no reason to cry. 人只有悲伤的时候才该哭 One cries because one is sad. 比如说 其他人都太蠢我感到悲伤 example, I cry because others are stupid 所以我才哭 我和许多女生交往过 Well,I've dated plenty of women. Joyce Kim还有Leslie Winkle... There was Joyce Kim... Leslie Winkle... 通知牛津英语词典的编辑们 Notify the editors of the Oxd English Dictionary. "许多"现在被重新定义为"两个" The word "plenty" has been redefined to mean "two." Sheldon 你是个聪明人 Sheldon,you are a smart guy. - 你得知道 - 我是"聪明人"? - You must know... - I'm "smart"? 要被归为"聪明人" 我得去掉60点智商才行 I'd have to lose 60 IQ points to be classified as "smart." - Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Koothrappali. - Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Hofstader. - Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Cooper. - Dr. Gablehauser. - Mr.Wolowitz. 我是硕士 I have a Master's degree. 谁不是? Who doesn't? 多年来 我们一直潜心 试图探究他将如何繁衍后代 Over the years,we've mulated many theories about how he might reproduce. 我主张的是有丝分裂 I'm an advocate of mitosis. 什么? I'm sorry? 我相信 总有一天 当Sheldon吃到 一定量的泰国菜 I believe one day Sheldon will eat an enormous amount of Thai food 他就会分裂成两个Sheldon and split into two Sheldons. 另一方面 我在想Sheldon可能 是他这个物种的幼虫状态 On the other hand,I think Sheldon might be the larval m of his species, 有一天他会做茧 不出俩月 就破茧成蝶 and someday he'll spin a cocoon and emerge two months later with moth wings and an exoskeleton. Howard 电话在响! Howard,the phone is ringing! 我有个疯狂的主意 老妈 接电话如何! Here's a crazy idea,Ma: Answer it! 你好? Hello? 好的 稍等 All right,hold on. 是你朋友 Leonard! It's your friend,Leonard! 他想知道你为什么今天没去上学! He wants to know why you're not at school today! 我不是去上学 老妈 我在大学就职 I don't go to school,Ma. I work at a university. 那就是学校! 快接电话! That's a school! Now pick up the phone! 我谁都不想理 I don't want to talk to anybody. 要我叫Leonard把你的家庭作业带来吗? Should I ask Leonard to bring over your homework? ! 我没什么家庭作业的 I don't have homework. 我是个拥有工程学硕士的大爷们 I'm a grown man with a master's degree in engineering! 抱歉 了不起先生 Excuse me,Mr. Fancy-Pants. 想吃冰棒吗? Want me to get you a Popsicle? 樱桃味的 好吧! Cherry,please! 樱桃味的我吃了 只剩蔬菜味的了 I ate the cherry. All that's left is green. 你让我真想自杀呀 You make me want to kill myself. 她是位女生,她也是位朋友,但她不是我的,请原谅我做这个动作,"女朋友" She's a girl. She's a friend.She is not my- please give me doing this--"Girlfriend." 哼 我不喜欢虫子 怎么啦 Yeah,well,I don't like bugs,okay? 它们让我害怕 They freak me out. 有趣 Interesting 你既怕虫子又怕女人 You're afraid of insects and women. 瓢虫[英文: 女士+虫]还不得把你吓昏了 Ladybugs must render you catatonic. 不然你怎么考试 How else are you gonna study the tests? 最好还要考试吗 There's gonna be a test? 可不止一次考试 Test-sss. Sheldon 我看到你在为Smithsonian So,Sheldon,I see you're organizing your papers 傻冒儿物馆赶论文呢 the Smithsonian Museum of Dumbassery. 在撤下Leslie Winkle的永久展览前 那里没有多余的展厅 There won't be any room until they get rid of the permanent Leslie Winkle exhibit. 我和Sheldon谈过了 他也不好受 Um,I talked to Sheldon and he feels terrible and he agrees 他也觉得自己无理取闹 有些过分了 that he was unreasonable and out of line. 真的?很好呀 Really? Well,that's great. 就给他道个小歉嘛? Yeah,so just apologize to him,okay? 那么 你和她... So,you and her... - 没啦 普通邻居而已 - 真的? - No,just neighbors. - Really. 隔壁住着这样的妞儿 怎么都不行动啊 I don't know how you live next door to that without doing something about it. 其实... 科学才是我的女神 Actually... science is my lady. 那年 是1995年 The year was 1995. 地点是 密西西比州首府 杰克逊 The place: Jackson,Mississippi. 我坐了整整十个小时的汽车 Having spent ten hours on a bus, 途中甚至两次违反了我自己定下的规定 During which I had to twice violate my personal rule 在行驶的车辆上 上了厕所 Against relieving myself on board a moving vehicle... 等我终于到达 I finally arrived 第四届美国南部星舰迷年度大会现场 At the fourth annual Dixie-Trek convention 却发现我的偶像威尔?惠顿上别处玩去了 Only to find that my idol Wil Wheaton decided he had 决定不过来帮我的超级英雄玩具签名了 Better things to do than to show up and sign my Action Figure. 什么 What? 你背弃了我 威尔?惠顿 You betrayed me,Wil Wheaton. 现在 我的复仇来了 Now I have my revenge. No,no,I understand. 要是我奶奶有个三长两短 Anything happened to my mee-maw, 我肯定成了伤心欲绝的小甜派 I'd be one inconsolable moon pie. 我得澄清一下 I should clarify that statement By explaining that she calls me "moon pie." 我这么说是因为 她叫我"小甜派" By explaining that she calls me "moon pie." 这跟我爸说的完全一样 That's exactly what my father said. "来看球赛吧 去看球赛吧" "Come to the games. Watch the games." 周复一周的 Week in and week out from the time 从五岁直到我上大学 I was five until I went off to college. 人生当中最漫长的七年 Longest seven years of my life. 这里乱得简直毫无编制体系而言 I see no organizational system in here whatsoever. 你周一穿什么内裤 Which panties do you wear on Mondays? 我不要内裤 I don't need panties. 只要短裤和衬衫 I just need shorts and a shirt. 妈妈经常跟我说 My mother always told me 一个人要穿干净内裤 one should wear clean underpants 以防发生意外 in case one is in an accident. 星星好漂漂啊 Stars are pretty,aren't they? 在那高高的地方 Up above the world so high. 像天上的小钻石 Like little diamonds in the sky. 太优美了 兄弟 That's beautiful,dude. 你应该把这句话写下来 You should... you should write that down 免得被人山寨了 bee someone steals it. How did you see it? 你说了不看的 You said you wouldn't look. 不好意思 Sorry. 正如我所说 是英雄 就偷窥 As I told you,the hero always peeks 你好 克瑞普克 Hello, Kripke. 你此刻遭遇的经典恶作剧 This classic prank comes to you 来自恶意复仇的谢尔顿?库珀 from the malevolent mind of Sheldon Cooper. 如果你想看看自己那张蠢蛋脸 If you'd like to see the look on your stupid face, 这段视频即刻就会上传到YouTube this is being instantly uploaded to YouTube. 并感谢莱纳德?霍夫斯塔德和拉杰?库萨帕里 Oh, and a hat tip to Leonard Hofstadter and Raj Koothrappali 感谢他们在复仇大业中对我的持与鼓励 their support and encouragement in this enterprise. 我计划逃回印度去 你呢 实验日志 第一篇 Research journal, entry one. 我准备开展 I'm about to embark on one of 科学生涯中的巨大挑战之一 the great challenges of my scientific career: 教佩妮物理学 teaching Penny physics. 我称之为大猩猩工程 Please,please,I don't have a lot of time. 听着 Ramona总算打瞌睡了 你得帮我甩了她 Look,Ramona finally dozed off,and I need you to help me get rid of her. 甩了她? 怎么个甩法? Get rid of her how? 我不知道 但显然我正处于某种关系中 I don't know,but apparently I'm in some kind of relationship, 而你似乎是终结这类关系的老手 and you seem to be an expert at ending them. 你说什么? Excuse me? 我看见男人们一个接一个从这儿离开 倒是没见过再回来的 I see man after man leaving this apartment never to return. Sheldon 你真的很宽宏大量 谢谢你 我很感激 Sheldon,this was big of you. Thank you. I really appreciate it. 谢谢 Thank you. - 晚安 Sheldon - Penny... - Good night,Sheldon. - Penny... - 啥? - 你有一手 - Yes? - Well played. 谢谢 Thank you. 但请记住 能力越大 责任越大 (出自) Just rember: with great power comes great responsibility. 明白 Understood. 不是厉害 是错误 我没有改我的状态呀 It's not bold,it's a mistake. I didn't change my status. 那是谁改的? Well,then who did? 我没的选择 他在她面前哭了 I had no choice. He cried in front of her. 我明白 你这么做觉得自己很大方 但赠送礼物的基础原则是礼尚往来 I know you think you're being generous,but the foundation of gift-giving is reciprocity. 你不是给我一份礼物 You haven't given me a gift. 你给了我一份责任 You've given me an obligation. 别太郁闷 Penny 一般新手都会犯这个错误 Don't feel bad,Penny,it's a classic rookie mistake. 我和Sheldon过的第一个光明节 他吼了我八夜 My first Hanukah with Sheldon,he yelled at me eight nights. 没事的 你用不着回赠礼物的 Now,hey,it's okay. You don't have to get me anything in return. 我当然得回赠了 Of course I do. 风俗的精髓就在于 我得去给你买份价值相当的礼物 The essence of the custom is that I now have to go out and purchase you a gift of commensurate value 才能够代表你的礼物 所表达的相同的情意 and representing the same perceived level of friendship as that represented by the gift you've given me. 怪不得每年这个时候 自杀率狂飙呀 It's no wonder suicide rates skyrocket this time of year. 忘了这事吧 我不会送你礼物了 Okay,you know what? get it. I'm not giving you a present. 不 太迟了 我看见了 No,it's too late. I see it. 那个精灵贴纸上写着"赠Sheldon" That elf sticker says,"To Sheldon." 就是啊 看别人热闹最乐呵 I know. It's funny when it's not happening to us. Sheldon 我真的非常抱歉 Sheldon,I am very,very sorry. 不 我自找的 谁叫我出现在你生命里 又那么可爱 那么举足轻重呢 No. No,I brought this on myself by being such an endearing and important part of your life. 我需要有人载我去卖场 I'm going to need a ride to the mall. 风水轮流转 我们该倒霉了 It's happening to us. 这在Penny压力很大的前提下才有用 That presupposes Penny is tense. 她了解你 她会压力很大的 咱不都是嘛 快买礼品篮吧! She knows you. She's tense. We all are. Buy a basket! 喔 太好了 Penny 你终于来交换礼物了 Ah,good,Penny,you're here to exchange gifts. 你一定很高兴 因为我的回礼准备很周到哦 You'll be pleased to know I'm prepared whatever you have to offer. 行~ 给你 Okay,here. 先说一句 我的肠胃不太舒 I should note I'm having some digestive distress, 所以 要是我突然离开一阵 你可别慌 so,if I excuse myself abruptly,don't be alarmed. 你知道这对我意味着什么吗?! Do you realize what this means?! 只需要一个健康的卵细胞 就可以培育属于我的Leonard Nimoy了! All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy! Sheldon 你这是干嘛?! Sheldon! What did you do?! 我知道啊! I know! 这点东西咋够呢 It's not enough,is it? 这样好了 Here. Leonard 看啊 Sheldon拥抱我了诶 Leonard,look! Sheldon's hugging me. 真是农神节的奇迹呀 It's a Saturnalia miracle. 什么? What? 他说也许我们该拿你参加机器人杀手大赛 He said maybe we should enter you in the killer robot competition. Sheldon 你干嘛呢? Sheldon,what are you doing? 我和这小女孩交朋友呢 你叫什么名字? I'm making friends with this little girl. What's your name? Rebecca Rebecca. 嗨 Rebecca 我是你的新朋友Sheldon Hi,Rebecca. I'm your new friend,Sheldon. 不 别搞了 走吧 No,you're not. Let's go. - 我俩聊得正投机呢 - 别抬头 上面有摄像头 维持五个朋友的友情太困难了 所以... Maintaing five friendships promises to be a Herculean task,so... 我要开除你们其中一个 I'm going to have to let one of you go. 我 我 选我吧 Me,me,let it be me. 我有罪啊 我淘汰了 Guilty as charged. I'm out. 不 你也安全 No. You too are safe. 哦 不是吧 我该怎么做呀? Oh,come on. What do I have to do? 来 拿点吧 有钱了再还 Here. Take some. Pay me back when you can. 哇 里面钱还不少啊 Wow,you got a lot of money in there. 所以才派蛇来看守嘛 That's why it's guarded by snakes. - 拿点吧 - 别犯傻了 - Take some. - Don't be silly. 我才不傻 I'm never silly. 我的花销占我税后工资的6.9% My expenses 6. 9% of my after-tax income. 其他钱就分摊给小的储蓄帐户 The rest is divvied up between a small savings , 也就是这个糊弄人的花生脆罐子 this deceptive container of peanut brittle 还有一个超级英雄手办 被掏空的屁股 and the hollowed-out buttocks of a superhero action figure 为了他的安全起见将继续隐姓埋名 who shall remain nameless his own protection. 或者说为了她的安全起见 Or her own protection. 我考虑了一下那个问题 You know,I've given the matter some thought, 我想我愿意做高智商外星人的宠物 and I think I'd be willing to be a house pet to a race of super-intelligent aliens. 有意思 Interesting. 问问我为什么 Ask me why. 必须问啊? Do I have to? 当然了 这样才能继续对话啊 Of course. That's how you move a conversation ward. 为什么呢? Why? 将会有很多学习的机会 The learning opporties would be abundant. 还有呢 我喜欢人家挠我肚肚 Additionally,I like having my belly scratched. 干得好啊 Leonard Well done,Leonard. 真正的英雄不求恭维 The true hero doesn't seek adulation. 出于本性为正义和公平而战 He fights right and justice simply because it's his nature. 我错了 I was wrong. 歌手会写歌来歌颂你啊 Minstrels will write songs about you. * 曾有一位勇敢的青年 他的名字叫做Leonard * * There once was a brave lad named Leonard * * 满嘴跑火车 逞英雄 * * With a -fi fiddle dee-dee * * 他与可怕巨人对峙 * * He faced a fearsome giant * * 而Raj却只想嘘嘘 * * While Raj just wanted to pee.* 见到你真好 妈妈 Good to see you,Mother. 这是你要的茶 妈妈 Here's your tea,Mother. - 乌龙茶? - 嗯 - Oolong? - Yes. - 散装的 不是袋泡的? - 嗯 - Loose,not bagged? - Yes. - 泡了三分钟? - 嗯 - Steeped three minutes? - Yes. - 加了%的牛奶 - 嗯 - Two-percent milk? - Yes. - 分开加热的? - 嗯 - Warmed separately? - Yes. - 一茶勺糖? - 嗯 - One teaspoon sugar? - Yes. - 原糖? - 嗯 - Raw sugar? - Yes. 凉了 It's cold. 我再来一回 I'll start again. 我们说到哪了? So,where were we? Howard和他妈妈一起住 Raj只有喝醉了才和女人讲话 Howard lives with his mother and Raj can't speak to women unless he's drunk. 开讲吧 Go. 说啥? Say what? 不就是我刚说的嘛 That's basically what I just said. 你带老公来上班 你知道规矩的 You brought your husband to work. You know the rules. 那是我的座 That is my spot. 在这个不断变化的世界中 那是唯一一个连续点 In an ever-changing world,it is a single point of consistency. 如果将我的人生比作 四维笛卡尔坐标系里的一个函数 If my life were expressed as a function on a four-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, 在我第一次坐上那儿的时候 那个座的坐标就是(0,0,0,0) that spot at the moment I first sat on it would be zero-zero-zero-zero. 好吧 All right. 好了 舒适 惬意 安逸 0 0 0 There,nice and comfy cozy. Zero,zero,zero. 少了个0 There's one more zero. 你把时间参数忘了 You got the time parameter. 坐你的沙发吧 Sit on the damn couch. 宝贝你好... Hey,baby... 他的右手给他打电话了? His right hand is calling him? 不是啦 是Leslie Winkle 说来话长 No,it's Leslie Winkle. It's a long story. 但...一切都变了 But... Oh,this changes everything. 什么是真的? 什么不是? 我怎么知道? What's real? What isn't? How can I know? 那么你们干嘛还坐火车? Well,then why are you doing it? 我们投票来着 3票坐飞机 Well,we had a vote. Three of us voted airplane. Sheldon投坐火车 所以我们坐火车 Sheldon voted train. So we're taking the trn. 我是找到盒子了 但没有钥匙 Okay,I got a box,but there's no key in here. 都是信 Just letters. 拿错盒子了 放回去 That's the wrg box. Put it back. 哦 Sheldon 都是你外婆寄的信? Oh,Sheldon,are these letters from your grandmother? 表读那些信哦! Don't those letters! 呀 瞧瞧 她叫你"月亮派" 多可爱啊 Oh,look,she calls you "Moon Pie." That is so cute. 快把信放下! Put down the letters! - 我来了 - 咋样 月亮派? - I'm back. - What up,Moon Pie? 除了外婆 谁都不许叫我月亮派 Nobody calls me Moon Pie but Meemaw! 她叫我月亮派 是因为我太口耐 她想把我吃掉 She calls me Moon Pie because I'm nummy-nummy and she could just eat me up. 我是物理学家 I'm a physicist. 我对整个宇宙及其 包含的事物都有所了解 I have a working knowledge of the entire universe and everything it contains. Radiohead是干嘛的? Who's Radiohead? 我对整个宇宙及其包含的 重要事物都有所了解 祝你好运了 I have a working knowledge of the important things in the universe. Good luck. Penny 这是你的生意 你有最终决定权 Penny,this is your enterprise,so it's ultimately your decision, 但鉴于Leonard的工作质量 我强烈建议把他打发掉 but based on the quality of his work,I'd strongly recommend that we let Leonard go. 你想开了我? You want to fire me? 我想怎样没关系 是Penny的决定 What I want is irrelevant. This is Penny's decision. 早知道我要在周六晚上做这个 我还不如待在印度 You know,if I wanted to spend my Saturday nights doing this,I could have stayed in India. Penny 打工仔团体是需要好好教育的 Penny,the labor ce is a living organism that must be carefully nurtured. 任何会产生不良后果的抱怨 必须及时喝止 看着 Any counterproductive grumbling must be skillfully headed off by management. Observe. 少说话 多干活 Less talk,more work! - 做的好 - 谢谢 - Nicely done. - Thank you. 你要看到什么交头接耳 告诉我 You hear any union talk,you let me know. 要不要来点咖啡? Honey,do you want some coffee? 我不喝咖啡 I don't drink coffee. 行了 你要是睡过去了 我们肯定完成不了 Come on,but if you don't stay awake we'll never finish in time. 对不起 但是我绝不喝咖啡 I'm sorry,coffee's out of the question. 当我搬来加利福尼亚 我答应妈妈不磕药的 When I moved to Calinia,I promised my mother that I wouldn't start doing drugs. Sheldon 我们还有380个要做呢 Sheldon,we still have 380 of these things to make. 晚安 你们行的 我对你们绝对有信心 I have complete faith that you will make them. Good night. Leonard? Leonard? 但是 Shelon 没了你英明的领导 我们的事业绝对是做不起来的 But,Sheldon,without your insight and leadership this entire enterprise will surely fail. 当然 你说的对 You're right,of course. 来 这个会有帮助 Here,this will help. 好吧 但要这让我上瘾或产生幻觉 Very well,but if this leads to opiates or hallucinogenics, 你得去和我妈交待了 you're going to have to answer to my mother. 好吧 我了解了 你生气了 Okay,I get it,you're angry. 你不愿见到你的小鸟飞离巢穴 You don't want to see your little bird leave the nest. "小鸟"? 你都快30了! "Little bird"? You're almost 30! 飞吧 我的神呐! Fly, God's sake! 好 我不搬! 开心了吧 疯婆子? Fine,I'll stay! Ya happy,crazy lady? 这么说吧 我要怎么解释好呢? Oh,let's see. How can I explain this? 他们不知道如何使用他们的盾 Um,they don't know how to use their shields. 盾? Shields? 是的 就像里的 当你要战斗时 你要举起你的盾 Yeah,you know,like inStar Trek,when you're in battle and you raise the shields? 这想法从哪儿冒出来的? Where the hell'd that come from? Penny 我发现你今晚也是一个人 所以如果 在某个时候 Penny. I realize you're also on your own tonight,so if,at some point, 你感觉到无聊了 请千万不要来打扰我 you find yourself with nothing to do,please do not disturb me. 我几个礼拜前去你们那儿 你们正巧不在 我就忘在那儿了 Well,I went in there a few weeks ago and you guys weren't home and I got it there. 你去了我的... 为什么... 你在说什么? You went in my... Why would... What are you saying? 又没啥大不了的 我不过是泡咖啡时没牛奶了 It's not a big deal. I was making coffee and I ran out of milk. 你是那个偷奶贼! You're the milk thief! Leonard说我多心了 可我就是觉得盒子变轻了 Leonard said I was crazy,but I knew that carton felt lighter Penny? 干嘛 What? 我睡不着 I can't sleep. 也许是因为你的大窟窿还张着 Maybe that's because your hole is still open. 我想家 I'm homesick. 你家离这不过尺 Your home is feet from here. 尺还是光年这都不重要 feet, light-years,it doesn't matter. 在我这 如同一个星系那么遥远 It's in a galaxy far,far away. 可恶 Damn it. 你想让我怎么办 What do you want me to do? 给我唱"软软凯蒂猫" Sing "Soft Kitty." 那是只有你生病时才唱的歌 That's only when you're sick. 思家也是一种病 Homesick is a type of being sick. 拜托 真的要唱吗 Come on,do I really have to? 那设想下我们通宵达旦 闲话家常 I suppose we can stay up and talk. - Penny? - Yeah? 谢谢你留我在这过夜 Thank you letting me stay here. 不客气 甜心 You're welcome,sweetie. 好 我已经困了 你出去 Okay,I'm sleepy now. Get out. 不知道我为啥要担心 I don't see why I have to worry. 又不是我的事业悬而未决 My career's not hanging in the balance. 开玩笑呢 That was a joke. 很好笑 It's funny, 因为这是事实 because it's true. 休斯顿 这里是国际空间站 Houston,International Space Station. 我们这有点小状况 We have a little situation up here. 我们要临时安排一次太空行走 We'd like to make an unscheduled space walk. 国际空间站 这里是休斯顿 I.S.S.,Houston. 将有哪些成员出舱? Which crew members would be involved in this E.V.A.? 我们都想出舱走走 Houston,we'd all like to step outside a few minutes. 这将不予批准 I.S.S.,I'm afraid we can't authorize that. 其实我们只是通知一下 Houston,this is more of an FYI call. 我们已经被迫出舱了 We are basically out the door.好家伙的 我的宗教说如果我们这一世受苦 下一世会得到回报的 My religion teaches that if we suffer in this life we are rewarded in the next. 和Sheldon在北极呆三个月 Three months at the North Pole with Sheldon, 我就能转世投胎成一个 长翅膀的大屌亿万富翁了! and I'm reborn as a well-hung billionaire with wings! 生活 大爆炸 经典台词。

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这次的考试恐怕我没有考好-19 :51:50 A:What do you think of the test?你认为这次考试怎样?B:Rather difficult. How about you?很难的,你呢?A:It wasn't too bad. Were you nervous?并不是太难,你紧张吗?B:Rather. I'm afraid I didn't do very well.非常紧张,恐怕我没有考好A:Oh, I wouldn't worry about it.噢,我并不担心B:That's because you did well.那是因为你考的好A:No, I wouldn't worry about you.不,我是不担心你B:Why?为什么?A:It seems to me that you always do better than you say.你好像总是考得比说的好。

Data have revealed that nearly 70% of Chinese women have been employed, surpassing that of most developed countries in the world.Does that mean China has reached gender equality? 5961。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 The benefits of volunteering, 志愿者的好处Helps You Expand Your Network帮你扩展人际网络One of the great things with volunteering, is that you meet a very wide variety of people. 志愿务的一大好处是,你会接触到很多人Instead of looking at it in a negative light of meeting people you dont have a lot in common with, think of it as expanding your network. 从负面的角度看,你遇到了很多没多少共同之处的人,但不如换个角度来看,把它看成是在扩展你的人脉Youre getting to know people involved in many different walks in life that you wouldnt have had the opporty to meet otherwise. 你会认识各行各业的人,要是不参加志愿务你根本就没有机遇和这些人相逢Im not the kind of guy that makes friends purely connections, but sometimes it very convenient to have a broad network.我不是那种为了联系而去交朋友的人, 但有时有广泛的人脉网络是非常方便的different walks 不同行业例句:A doctor and a street cleaner are in different walks of life .医生和街道清洁工是不同行业的人. [本节目属] 78780。

If you ask Chinese parents to give dating advice to their children, youll probably get things like ;Dont do it!; or ;Always tell mom and dad first!; But what would parents from other countries say? Buzzfeed, a US news congregate website recently asked of their female employees to give dating advice to their daughtersfuture daughters, and male employees to give similar advice to their sonsfuture sons. 38。