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1.The most famous and spectacular meteor shower, the annual Perseids, will peak on August 12th.1.一年一度的英仙座流星雨是最著名、最壮观的流星雨,一般在8月12日达到高峰。2.The Perseids are also called the ;Tears of Saint Lawrence; after a martyred Christian deacon whom the Romans burned to death on an outdoor iron stove in A.D. 258.2.英仙座流星雨也被称作;圣劳伦斯之泪;。这个称呼来源于公元前258年被罗马人烧死在大铁炉里的基督教殉道者圣劳伦斯。3.Technically, a meteor is merely the streak of light we see trailing a meteoroid. A meteoroid is any interplanetary object bigger than a speck of dust and smaller than an asteroid.3.严格说来,;流星;仅仅指;流星体;身后的那一道光,也就是我们看着划过天空那一道。而;流星体;则可以是太阳系内任意一个比尘埃大但比小行星小的天体。4.Once it hits Earth, a meteoroid suffers an identity crisis and becomes a meteorite.4.流星体一旦撞上地球,就变成了;陨石;。5.Chase that, Superman: Perseid meteoroids enter the atmosphere at approximately 130,000 miles per hour.5.英仙座流星雨的流星体进入大气层的速度约为130,000英里/时(209,215公里/时)。6.Meteorites contain the oldest known rocks in the solar system, as well as minerals that formed around other stars perhaps billions of years before our solar system was born.6.流星体中含有太阳系中已知的最古老的岩石,以及在太阳系诞生的几十亿年前在其他恒星周围形成的矿物。7.Each day, up to 4 billion meteoroids fall to Earth.7.每天落到地球上的流星体约有40亿个。8.Don#39;t worry. Most of them are minuscule in size.8.但是不用担心,它们中的绝大多数体积都非常小。9.Meteorite impacts have been blamed for hundreds of injuries, but only one has been verified by scientists. In 1954, Annie Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, was struck by an eight-pound meteorite that crashed though her roof and bounced off a radio into her hip while she was napping.9.许多人都声称曾被落下来的陨石砸伤,但真正被科学家实的陨石伤人事件只有一起。1954年,美国亚拉巴马州的Annie Hodges被一颗8磅重(约3.6千克)的陨石砸中:这颗陨石击穿了她的屋顶,砸中了一台收音机,并反弹起来击中了正在打盹的Annie的屁股。10.A study published in 1985 in the journal Nature calculated the rate of impacts to humans as .0055 per year, or one event every 180 years.10.1985年发表在《自然》杂志上的一份研究称,陨石伤人的比例约为每年0.0055人,或者说每180年1人。11.If you find a meteorite, the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society demands that you donate 20 percent or 20 grams, whichever is smaller, to a laboratory for future research. You can sell the rest.如果你找到了一块陨石,国际陨石协会命名委员会将要求你捐献它的20%或者20克(看哪个更小)给研究所以备研究。剩下的部分你就可以拿去卖钱了。12.Unless you found it in South Africa, where all meteorites are protected under the National Heritage Law and must be surrendered to the nearest authorities.12.除非你是在南非找到它的;;在南非,所有陨石都受到国家遗产法的保护,必须上交到就近的政府机构。13.Of the more than 24,000 meteorites known to have landed on Earth, only 34 are thought to have originated on Mars. Most of these have been found in Antarctica and North Africa because they are easy to spot on sand dunes and ice.13.在已知的落到地球上的2万4千多颗陨石中,据推测只有34%来自火星,它们大多是在南极或北非被发现的,因为落在冰面或沙丘上的陨石比较显眼。14.Martian meteorites can sell for 0 a gram. Space rocks fetch just a gram.14.火星陨石可以卖到500美元/克,其他陨石则只能卖2美元/克。15.To buy one, try eBay, which often lists more than 1,000 meteorites for auction.15.想买陨石,可以上eBay,那里待售的陨石常常超过1000颗。 /201201/169279China Mobile, supply chain rumors are emerging about Apple’s next significant product releases. Digitimes reports that according to “sources from the upstream supply chain, ” Apple is planning to release a 5-inch iPhone 6 “phablet” this coming May and a large tablet in October.苹果公司和中国移动之间的协议尘埃落定之后,有关苹果下一款重大产品发布的供应链传言又开始浮现。Digitimes报道称,据“上游供应链的消息”,苹果公司正酝酿在明年5月发布一款5英寸屏幕的iPhone 6“平板手机”,在明年10月发布一款大尺寸平板电脑。The immediacy for a larger-screen iPhone comes partially from the Asian market where Samsung’s phablets have made significant inroads. Assuming that Apple’s agreement with China Mobile includes these upcoming products, the pricing adjustments that normally occur with new iPhones could make the iPhone 5C significantly more affordable and attractive to the Chinese market. This would begin to make sense of the 5C, which so far seems to be a sales disappointment for Apple. Perhaps the important thing about the 5C is that it is not the 5S, so that down the road it can be discounted without putting price pressure on Apple’s flagship.iPhone推出一款更大屏幕iPhone手机的迫切性部分来自于亚洲市场——三星平板手机声势浩大地占领了这个市场。假设苹果和中国移动签订的协议包括上述即将推出的新品,那么新款iPhone推出时通常会出现的价格调整将使iPhone 5C对中国市场而言更为便宜且更具吸引力。而这对5C来说也是正确的方向——目前为止,苹果公司对该款产品的销售额颇为失望。或许关于5C重要的一点是,它不是5S,所以将来它可以在不对苹果旗舰产品价格造成压力的情况下进行打折。Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).” Previous reports have pegged the screen size at just under the 5 inches of Samsung’s Galaxy 4.据Digitimes的消息,更大尺寸的iPhone 6将采用“台积电(TSMC)生产的20纳米处理器”。此前曾有报道称,新款iPhone的屏幕尺寸将和三星Galaxy 4的屏幕一般大小(不到5英寸)。Quanta Computer, ” in October. Samsung is also reported to be working on a 12 to 13-inch tablet, and it seems evident that “these large-size tablets will greatly impact ultrabook demand.” This “iPad Max” will be a defacto laptop with the addition of new cases with integrated keyboards and batteries and could well become a mainstay for high schools and college students who need better content creation tools than thos offers on existing iPads and iPad Minis.上述消息源还称,苹果将在明年10月发布一款12.9英寸的平板电脑,“目标消费群是北美的教育市场(和)……生产商是广达电脑(Quanta Computer)”。有报道称,三星也在研发尺寸在12至13英寸之间的平板电脑,而现在看来,“这些大尺寸平板电脑将极大地影响超极本需求”几乎是板上钉钉的事了。新款“iPad Max”,搭载整合了键盘和电池的新款外壳之后,实际上就是一台笔记本电脑,很有可能在高中生和大学生之中成为主流产品——这一人群需要比现有iPad和iPad Mini产品更好的内容创造工具。These larger screen sizes will put additional strain on iOS 7 and developers who will need to figure out how to adapt their apps to even more configurations. These additional formats will provide some exciting opportunities for applications as well, and we can anticipate that iOS 8 will contain many features designed to accommodate multi-screen design.不过,更大的尺寸将会对iOS 7和开发人员施加额外压力——后者必须找出方法,使自己的应用程序适用于更多配置规格。而另一方面,这些额外的规格也将为应用程序提供一些更为激动人心的机遇,我们应该能看到iOS 8将包含诸多可适应多屏幕规格的功能。 /201401/271981The phone in your pocket is probably an Android device, and if you live in a western country, it is almost certainly running the Google version of Android and thus is bristling with Google’s services: Gmail, YouTube, Docs and more.你口袋里的手机可能是一部安卓(Android)手机,如果你居住在一个西方国家,你手机上运行的几乎肯定是谷歌(Google)版的安卓操作系统,上面安装有Gmail、YouTube、Docs等各种谷歌务。The raw figures for Android’s market share make it look as though Google dominates the smartphone world: of the 301.3m smartphones shipped in the second quarter of this year, 84.7 per cent were Android devices, up from 79.6 per cent in 2013, according to analysts IDC. But those figures hide a more complex story about how difficult it is to build an ecosystem and bring customers into it.从有关安卓市场份额的粗略数据来看,谷歌似乎在智能手机领域占据着主导地位。IDC的数据显示,在今年二季度发货的3.013亿部智能手机中,安卓手机的占比为84.7%,高于2013年的79.6%。但这些数字掩盖了一个更复杂的情况:建立一个生态系统并吸引用户进入这个系统是多么困难。The next biggest player on the mobile OS scene is Apple, which in September made a bold bid to draw users further into its clutches with the launch of a wearable device, the Apple Watch, and, more importantly, its Apple Pay system.在移动操作系统领域,市场排名第二的是苹果(Apple)。9月,苹果推出了一款可穿戴设备Apple Watch,更重要的是还推出了Apple Pay系统,这一大胆举动旨在进一步把用户拉入自己的阵营。Apple’s iOS has been losing market share, according to IDC: in the second quarter of this year, it accounted for 11.7 per cent of mobile device shipments, down from 13 per cent in the same quarter last year. Apple’s early-mover advantage has been eclipsed by the roaring success of Android.IDC数据显示,苹果iOS系统的市场份额在不断缩小,今年二季度,iOS系统手机仅占智能手机发货量的11.7%,低于去年同期的13%。安卓系统的大获成功,令苹果的先发优势荡然无存。Google maintains and develops the “official” version of Android, but the operating system itself is open-source, which means anyone can fiddle with it, change it, add to it and take bits away, as Amazon and Nokia, for example, have done with their operating systems have done with their operating systems for, respectively, the Kindle Fire and the Nokia X range.谷歌维护并开发“官方版”安卓,但该系统本身是开源的,这意味着任何人都可以对之进行修改,例如,亚马逊(Amazon)和诺基亚(Nokia)对Kindle Fire和Nokia X系列搭载的安卓操作系统都做了自己的改动。Google leads the Android Open Handset Alliance, an association of device-makers such as Sony, LG, Samsung and Lenovo, mobile operators such as T-Mobile and Vodafone as well as chipmakers Arm, Qualcomm and Intel, and software companies, including eBay and, of course, Google.谷歌领导着安卓“开放手机联盟”(Open Handset Alliance,OHA),该联盟的成员包括索尼(Sony)、LG、三星(Samsung)和联想(Lenovo)等设备制造商,T-Mobile和沃达丰(Vodafone)等移动运营商,安谋(Arm)、高通(Qualcomm)和英特尔(Intel)等芯片制造商,以及eBay等软件公司,当然也包括谷歌。In return for membership of the OHA, members can create devices that Google will license its services to. It is important to note that while Android itself is open-source and free to use, Google’s services are not. Members of the alliance also pledge not to “fork” Android – in other words, create their own versions that exclude Google services.联盟成员开发的设备,谷歌将授权其使用谷歌的务。有必要指出,尽管安卓系统本身是开源的,可以免费使用,但谷歌的务就不一样了。联盟成员也承诺不“分化”(fork)安卓系统——换言之,不开发排除谷歌务的安卓版本。This is all great for Google, as it means its data-collecting apparatus, with its access to your email, searches, location data and so on, is in the hands of millions of people to whom “relevant” adverts can be directed.这对谷歌很有利,因为这意味着,其数据收集设备——可以读取你的电邮、搜索记录、位置数据等信息——可以到达大量用户手中,在此基础上就可以向用户投放有针对性的广告。There is, however, a big part of the Android ecosystem that is nothing to do with Google. This is most significant in China, where Google and its services are persona non grata. But there are also trouble spots on the radar outside China that should worry Google.然而,安卓生态系统中有很大一部分跟谷歌毫无关系,这一点在谷歌及其务不受欢迎的中国表现得最为明显。但在中国以外地区也有一些问题值得谷歌担忧。Google’s biggest concern is Samsung. The search giant’s relations with the South Korean smartphone maker have been strained, as Samsung has fired warning shots that indicate it probably doesn’t need Google as much as Google needs Samsung, which is by far the biggest vendor of Android OHA devices.谷歌最该担心的是三星。这家搜索巨头与该韩国智能手机制造商的关系变得紧张,三星已经放了一声警示,暗示其对谷歌的需要可能小于谷歌对其的需要。三星是OHA中最大的安卓设备厂商。Samsung has been tinkering with an alternative operating system, Tizen, and includes its own mail and other services alongside Google’s on its Galaxy Android devices. In theory, Samsung could drop Google’s version of Android and focus on developing Tizen further or move to the non-Google version of Android.三星一直在鼓捣一个替代操作系统Tizen,而且其Galaxy安卓设备上除装有谷歌务,也置入了三星自己的邮件等务。理论上,三星可以放弃谷歌版安卓系统,集中精力打造Tizen系统,或者转向非谷歌版的安卓系统。That version is the Android Open Source Project – the one developers work with when they don’t want to join forces with Google. AOSP is free and is the version that Amazon has used in its Fire devices. Nokia used AOSP to create the well-received Nokia X range before Microsoft assimilated Nokia’s devices division and killed the project.这种非谷歌版安卓系统属于安卓开源项目(Android Open Source Project,AOSP),当开发者不想跟谷歌联合时可以加入这个项目。AOSP是免费的,亚马逊在其Fire设备上便使用了AOSP。诺基亚使用AOSP开发了颇受欢迎的Nokia X系列产品,后来微软(Micrsoft)吞并了诺基亚手机部门,废弃了该项目。Amazon and Nokia would do well to look to China, where local providers have built strong ecosystems on the AOSP version of Android. In hardware, Xiaomi has 31.6 per cent of the urban Chinese market, according to Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel, the market research company. “Xiaomi is the model that works,” she says.亚马逊和诺基亚可以把目光投向中国,中国当地厂商已基于AOSP版安卓打造了强大的生态系统。市场研究公司Kantar Worldpanel的研究总监卡罗琳娜#8226;米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)表示,在硬件方面,小米(Xiaomi)已占据中国城市31.6%的市场份额。她说:“小米模式很有效。”What works in China is a package of services delivered via the hardware. At the end of last year, Gartner, the research company, noted: “Chinese-based internet providers, such as Baidu, Alibaba Group and Tencent, [are] providing local featured apps, services and content through app stores that they themselves operate. This participation is preventing Google from being a major beneficiary of smartphone user growth in the China market.”在中国有效的模式,是通过硬件提供一揽子务。在去年底,研究公司高德纳(Gartner)指出:“百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)和腾讯(Tencent)等中国互联网务提供商(正在)通过自己运营的应用商店,提供具有本地特色的应用、务和内容。它们的这种参与,使谷歌没能成为中国市场智能手机用户增长的一个主要受益方。”If Google has lost out in China, it could lose out elsewhere. Microsoft is keen to get its services – Outlook.com, Bing, Office and OneDrive – into more hands, and while its Windows Phone OS has been well received, its market share of just 2.5 per cent in the second quarter of this year means it has a long way to go.如果谷歌在中国市场失利,它也可能在其他任何市场落败。微软希望吸引更多人使用其务——Outlook.com、必应(Bing), Office和OneDrive;尽管其Windows Phone(WP)操作系统颇受欢迎,但今年二季度其市场份额仅为2.5%,意味着微软还有很长的路要走。Intriguingly, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has been reported as talking to Cyanogen, which maintains a popular AOSP fork of Android. While Microsoft is unlikely to be considering buying Cyanogen, partnering with it to provide services as part of the package makes sense.耐人寻味的是,微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)据报道正与Cyanogen洽谈。Cyanogen维护着一个人气颇高的安卓AOSP系统。微软不大可能考虑收购Cyanogen,但与其合作提供部分务还是可行的。Here’s a blue-sky suggestion for Mr Nadella: sit down with Jeff Bezos at Amazon to develop a good fork of Android. Microsoft has a compelling services offering but an almost non-existent platform for these services, despite the quality of the Lumia handsets. Amazon has compelling content with its Prime but seems unable to get consumers to buy its Fire devices.这里给纳德拉提一个堪称奇思妙想的建议:与亚马逊的杰夫#8226;贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)坐在一起,讨论开发一款优秀的安卓分系统。微软提供强大的务,但没有搭载这些务的平台,尽管Lumia手机质量不错。亚马逊通过Prime视频提供强大的内容,但看来无法吸引消费者购买其Fire设备。For smaller providers, a Microsoft-Amazon-style joint venture would be a great way to become part of an ecosystem out of Google’s reach. I suspect consumers would find that attractive. How about it, Satya and Jeff?对于规模较小的务提供商来说,像微软与亚马逊这样的合作是一个很好的方式,将吸引它们加入一个摆脱了谷歌影响的生态系统。我觉得这对用户是有吸引力的。不知贝佐斯和纳德拉意下如何? /201410/337321Apple will release an iPhone 5S in June, a break from the pattern it’s established over the last two years, says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a note.Jefferies的分析师彼得#8226;米塞克在报告中表示,苹果公司将在明年6月发布iPhone 5s,打破过去两年里建立的传统。Misek is predicting the iPhone 5S has a new “super HD camera / screen, a better battery, and NFC,” and “possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage.” He’s also predicting it comes in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch which comes in a bunch of colors.米塞克预测iPhone 5s有一个新的“超级高清摄像头/屏幕,一个更好的电池和NFC”以及“可能更新IGZO视网膜个128GB的存储。”他还预计大概有6-8种颜色,大概类似于IPod Touch,有一套颜色。 /201212/215199GOOGLE Inc is shutting its online music download service in the Chinese mainland next month because of pressure from local rivals such as Baidu Inc and Tencent#39;s QQ.由于来自本土竞争对手如百度公司和腾讯QQ的压力,谷歌公司下个月将在中国大陆关闭其在线音乐下载务。The service, available only to computers with an Internet address in the mainland, will close on October 19. Users of Music Search will be able to log in and download their stored playlists until then, Google said yesterday.这项仅限于在大陆有互联网地址的电脑的务,将在10月19日关闭。谷歌昨天表示,一直到那个时候音乐搜索用户都能登录并下载他们存储的播放列表。;This is part of an ongoing effort across Google to bring greater focus to our portfolio of products. Our goal is to simplify and improve the Google experience for our users and to devote more resources to high impact products that improve the lives of billions of people,; Google said in a statement.“这是谷歌不断努力以更专注于我们产品组合的一部分。我们的目标是为用户简化和改善搜索体验,为高影响力产品投入更多的资源以改善数十亿人的生活。”谷歌在一份声明中说道。In its Chinese-language company blog, the US-based search giant admitted that the music website#39;s impact had been ;less than expected.;在公司的中文客上,总部设在美国的搜索引擎巨头承认音乐网站的影响力已经“低于预期”。As with Google#39;s core online search business, the music service found it difficult to compete with its domestic rivals.与谷歌核心的网上搜索业务相比,它的音乐务发现很难与国内竞争对手相匹敌。By the end of second quarter, Google had 15.7 percent of the online search market in China, the world#39;s biggest Internet market with 538 million computer users. That was far behind market leader Baidu, which had a 78.6 percent market share, according to Analysys International, a Beijing-based IT research firm.到第二季度末,在中国这个有着538万台计算机用户的世界上最大的互联网市场,谷歌已经占领了15.7%的在线搜索市场。根据《易观国际》(总部设在北京的IT市场研究公司),这远远落后于市场领头羊百度,它有78.6%的市场份额。Google#39;s market share declined from more than 30 percent to 15 percent after it moved its China servers from the mainland to Hong Kong in 2010.自从2010年谷歌将其在中国的务器从大陆转移到香港,它的市场份额从30%以上下降到了15%。Google#39;s music website made its debut three years ago, offering free and legal music content to Chinese consumers.三年前谷歌音乐网站首次亮相,为中国消费者提供免费且合法的音乐内容。Later, Baidu and Tencent began similar services which gradually came to dominate the domestic online music market.后来,百度和腾讯开始了类似的务,逐渐主导了国内在线音乐市场。 /201209/201346

Japan#39;s Nikon has become the latest foreign company to receive brickbats from China#39;s state-run CCTV network, and investors are clearly nervous.日本尼康(Nikon)成为中国官方中央电视台(CCTV)攻击的最新一家外资企业,这一消息显然令投资者十分紧张。In a March 15 show, CCTV said in a programme broadcast to mark World Consumer Rights Day that Nikon#39;s D600 digital camera produces photos with black spots.3月15日,中央电视台在为世界消费者权益日(World Consumer Rights Day)制作的“3.15晚会”中表示,尼康出品的D600数码相机拍摄的照片中有黑点。Nikon has said it will fix the alleged flaws. Still, shares opened 4.1 per cent lower in Tokyo, placing them at a five-week low.尼康表示该公司将修正这一节目指出的问题。不过,东京股市开盘时该公司股价仍下跌了4.1%,达到5周以来最低点。This annual CCTV programme last March targeted Apple, accusing the US company of offering Chinese consumers warranties that were not comparable to those available internationally. The attack on lasted weeks, and was viewed as an attempt to erode the tech giant#39;s cachet in China, to the benefit of home grown companies such as Lenovo.去年,中央电视台年度“3.15晚会”曾把苹果公司(Apple)作为攻击目标,指控这家美国公司为中国消费者提供的质保务不及其在国际上提供的质保务。攻击持续了数周。有人认为央视企图通过此举打击这家科技巨头在中国的声誉,以利于联想(Lenovo)之类的中国本土企业。 /201403/280262

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