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Russia's satellite navigation system isn't fully operational yet, but it seems to work on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's dog.Putin listened Friday as his deputy, Sergei Ivanov, briefed him on the progress of the Global Navigation Satellite System. Then footage broadcast on Russian TV showed them try a collar containing satellite-guided positioning equipment on the prime minister's black Labrador Koni.Ivanov said that the equipment goes on a standby mode when "the dog doesn't move, if it, say, lies down in a puddle."Putin interrupted him jokingly: "My dog isn't a piglet, it doesn't lie in puddles.""She looks sad," Ivanov said. "Her free life is over.""She wags her tail, she likes it," Putin said after watching Koni outside his colonnaded residence on Moscow's western outskirts.The navigation system, which goes by acronym GLONASS, was developed during the Soviet era.The government had promised to make the system fully operational by the beginning of this year, but it was delayed by equipment flaws and other technical problems.Ivanov told Putin that the system would have 21 satellites by the year's end — enough to provide navigation services over the entire Russian territory.Ivanov said it would be available worldwide by the end of 2009, for which it would need to have 24 satellites.俄罗斯的卫星定位系统还未全面投入使用,不过经过普京总理爱犬的检验明,它的性能还不错。普京总理于上周五听取了副总理伊万诺夫关于“全球卫星定位系统”建设的进展汇报。据俄罗斯电视台播放的画面显示,(技术人员)给普京总理的黑色拉布拉多猎犬“科尼”戴上了一个内置卫星定位装置的项圈。伊万诺夫说,当科尼不动时,比如趴在坑里时,定位项圈就会进入待机模式。普京打断他,开玩笑说:“科尼又不是小猪,不会趴在坑里。”伊万诺夫说:“她看起来很难过,从此要失去自由了。”看见戴上项圈的科尼在其位于莫斯科西郊的住所外(摇起了尾巴),普京说:“她在摇尾巴,看来她喜欢这个项圈。”俄罗斯的这一“全球卫星定位系统”(英文缩写“GLONASS”)早在苏联时期就开始开发了。俄罗斯政府原计划在今年年初将该系统全面投入使用,但因设备故障和其他技术原因而推迟。伊万诺夫对普京说,到今年年底,全球卫星定位系统将拥有21颗卫星,足以覆盖俄罗斯全境。他说,到2009年底,该系统的卫星数量有望达到24颗,从而实现全球定位导航。 /200810/53470La Nina seen gradually weakening in 2009: NOAAThe La Nina weather anomaly will persist into the spring of 2009 but should gradually weaken during that period, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center said on Thursday.In a monthly update, the CPC said "a majority of the model forecasts ... indicate a gradual weakening of La Nina through February-April 2009, with an eventual transition to neutral conditions."CPC is an office under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The body said La Nina will last into spring of this year.La Nina literally means "little girl" in Spanish. It results in cooler-than-normal waters in the Pacific Ocean. The more famous El Nino weather phenomenon has the opposite effect.Scientists believe La Nina spurs hurricane formation in the Atlantic basin by hindering wind shear that breaks up storms as they form.CPC said the potential impact of La Nina during February to April 2009 include above average precipitation in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and below average rainfall in the southwestern and southeastern ed States.It said the other impacts are below average temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and above average temperatures in much of the southern ed States.Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia and a major producer of coffee, cocoa, palm oil and other agricultural products, could get above average precipitation, the CPC added.El Nino -- which means ' little boy' in Spanish -- wreaks havoc in weather patterns across the Asia-Pacific regions. The most devastating struck in 1997/98 when it caused withering drought in Australia and Indonesia while spawning floods in Peru and Ecuador.It was named after the Christ child by Latin American anchovy fishermen in the 19th century who first took note of the weather anomaly. /200902/62066

Blog offers potted history of life as a plantIt has long been accepted that talking to plants can help them flourish, but have you ever wondered what they'd say in response?Well a plant in Japan has its own blog that may help you understand."Midori-san," a 40 cm (16 inches)potted plant on a cafe counter in Kamakura, near Tokyo, blogs every day with the help of a sensor that measures electric signals and a computer algorithm that translates them into Japanese.The plant, a hoya kerrii, is commonly called a "sweetheart plant" because of its leaf shape."We were initially interested in what plants are feeling and what they are reacting to where we can't see," said Satoshi Kuribayashi, a researcher involved in the project at Japan's Keio University.The strength of electronic signals on the surface of Midori-san's heart-shaped green leaves, which react to light and human touch, are measured by a sensor attached to the plant, and this data is sent to a computer in the cafe.The computer uses an algorithm to translate the signal data, as well as other factors -- including weather and temperature -- to translate them into words, which are automatically posted on Midori-san's blog (http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot... I had quite a bit of fun today," Midori-san, whose name means "green" in Japanese, posted on Oct 16.The latest entry s: "It was cloudy today. It was a cold day."Kuribayashi said he hopes that in the future, the blog will reflect even more accurately of Midori-san's feelings.Blogging with computers and mobile phones is popular in Japan, which had the greatest number of blog posts by language at 37 percent, followed by English and Chinese posts, a study from blog search engine Technocrati in 2007 showed. 大家都知道,与植物说话有助于促进它们的生长,但你有没有想过它们会怎样回应?现在,日本一颗植物的“客”或许能为你解开这个疑问。日本一颗名叫“绿(Midori-san)”的盆栽植物每天在一个传感器和电脑的帮助下“写”客,传感器的作用是测量电子信号,而电脑则通过一个运算程序将这些信号翻译成文字。这株盆栽植物生长在东京附近镰仓市一家咖啡厅的柜台上,高40厘米(16英寸)。这颗植物是一株心形球兰,因其叶子呈心形,常被称为“开心草”。日本庆应义塾大学参与该项目的研究员栗林说:“最初我们是想了解植物的‘情绪变化’,以及在人不知晓的情况下,会做出怎样的回应。”“绿”的心形绿叶被光照射和人触摸后会产生回应,而它所携带的传感器则能够测量其叶子表面的电子信号的强弱,然后再将这些数据传输到咖啡馆的一台电脑上。电脑通过一个运算程序将这些信号数据以及天气和温度等其它信息转化成文字,然后将其贴在:“绿”的客(http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)上。“绿”在本月16日的客中写道:“今天阳光明媚,美美地享受了日光浴,真开心哪。”最近的一篇客写道:“今天多云,有点冷。”栗林士说,他希望今后这个客能更准确地反映“绿”的“心情”。日本人很喜欢用电脑和手机写客,根据Techocrati客搜索引擎去年的一项统计数据,日语客占全球客总数的37%,居世界首位,其次是英语客和中文客。 Vocabulary: potted plant:盆栽植物 /200810/53817

Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed on Friday.A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend.Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleachingproducts and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object.The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks, peels, serums and oils."Consumers tend to take a vested interest in their skincare regime in their 30s and 40s and at this life stage have more disposable income to invest in beauty extras," Patrick Dodd, president of AC Nielsen Europe said.L'Oreal, one of the world's largest cosmetics group, said its customers spent 3.85 million euros on skincare products in 2006, up nearly 12 percent on the previous year."The beauty industry shows no sign of slowing down as beauty and personal care products have become 'must have' items in every household," Dodd said.The survey found that 78 percent of people feel under increasing pressure to look good, and the desire to be beautiful is not just restricted to women.Nearly 80 percent of people welcome the arrival of the "metrosexual" male, a term used to describe men who use a myriad of beauty products to take care of their appearance, with American men the most enthusiastic about the trend.The ed States have just become the new home of British footballer David Beckham, the face of Procter amp; Gamble's Gillette skincare brand, who signed a 250 million soccer transfer deal earlier this year with U.S. team LA Galaxy.Beckham, famed for his fashionable hairstyles, diamond stud earrings and for wearing a sarong on the beach, is a metrosexual style icon par excellence.The survey also found that consumers were not just obsessed with flawless skin--haircare products are among the most sought after treatments globally, especially in Latin America and Asia.L'Oreal customers spent 3.63 million euros on haircare products in 2006. /200903/65549

  科学家要么像谢耳朵那样EQ低到不可思议,要么尽己所能,把严谨精确的科学精神发挥到恋爱上面,大胆假设小心求,先算能找到多少理想女友,再展开具体战略。所以当旁人还在忙着相亲交友的时候,科学家已经轻轻松松,一个公式搞定人生大事。 The Drake equation is used to estimate the number of highly evolved civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. The equation was developped in 1961 by Dr.Frank Drake at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.德雷克方程式是用来估计系内拥有高度发展文明的星球数量的。1961年,美国国家无线电天文台的弗兰克·德雷克士创造出了这个方程式。The equation is generally specified as:这个方程式写作:N=R*×Ep×Ne×F1×Fi×Fc×L N the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;我们能够与之沟通的、有高度文明的外星球数量R* the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy系中每年新星球“出生率”Ep the fraction of those stars that have planets能生长植物的星球所占的比率Ne the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets每颗这样的星球上能维持生命的植物的平均数目F1 the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point其中真正能出现生命痕迹的星球比率Fi the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life其中能出现高等生命的星球比率Fc the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space拥有向宇宙中发射可识别信号的能力的文明在以上星球中所占的比率L the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.那样的高等文明生物发射可识别心信号的时间 /201108/146966

  They should be in the prime of their lives. But instead, those in their twenties and thirties are in worse health than their parents, a British survey has found.Binge drinking, y meals and a lack of exercise all take their toll.As a result, the young are more likely to have migraines, catch a cold or become stressed than the over-55s.According to the research, those aged between 18 and 34 are three times more likely to have a cold or flu than the older generation.Nearly a quarter of the young regularly have headaches or migraines, compared to just 14 per cent of over-55s.And they are almost twice as likely to have high stress levels.The elderly also tend to eat more healthily. More than four in ten eat five or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day, double the number of young men and women.And when it comes to alcohol, 20 per cent of the over-55s don't indulge, while just 10 per cent of those aged 18-34 abstain.Six in ten of the elderly make fresh meals every day, compared to less than a third of the young.And while three-quarters of over-55s say they eat a balanced diet, just half of the younger generation does so.What is more, almost 10 per cent of them admit to eating y meals for every meal--and two per cent say they only eat at restaurants.The older generation is also more likely to take a healthy amount of exercise, with 12 per cent spending at least 30 minutes doing so each day.They may appear fitter, but only nine per cent of the young do that.Over-55s also try hardest to have at least six hours' sleep and plenty of fresh air, according to research done in the UK for fruit brand Florida Grapefruit.Chris Steele, the resident doctor on ITV's This Morning programme, said: "I have seen a rise in young people suffering from illnesses such as colds, flu and headaches."Long working hours, high stress levels and lack of exercise lead to people getting run-down and ill. /200904/66178。

  A couple of months ago, I asked you not to fear failure, saying that embracing failure — or at least the possibility of failure — was essential to success. But, of course, in the end the goal is to succeed, and fear of failing isn’t the only thing that keeps us from succeeding.I speak from experience here. Six or seven years ago, I was the picture of success — a straight-A graduate student, top of my class, a job I loved, a relationship that I was happy in, the whole enchilada. And then, those successes started slipping away. Nothing obvious at first, but gradually I found myself stuck in a rut academically, my relationship dissolved, things just weren’t going my way. I wasn’t failing, per se, just losing my grip on the successes I had won.In the last couple of years, I’ve been reassessing some aspects of my life, trying to figure out what had happened so I could rebuild. To some extent this has worked well — I have a job I love (although I need to develop it into a career, not just a job), I have a book coming out in my academic field, I’m writing quite a bit, and most importantly I have a new relationship that is going strong. To get here, I’ve had to figure out what I was doing wrong in the years in between, where I had lost my footing, and I think I’ve figured out a thing or two in doing so.If you’re not reaching the kind of success you imagine in the areas that area important to you, one or more of the following things might well be true of you, too:1. You don’t have a goal. A lot of time we find ourselves “spinning our wheels”, struggling through a day-to-day routine that isn’t getting us anywhere because we don’t know where we want to go. Sometimes we had goals when we set ourselves on a particular path, but we’ve changed along the way and those goals are no longer that important. Sometimes we simply did what was expected of us without ever stopping to think about what we eventually wanted to accomplish for ourselves. Whatever the case, figuring out what your goals are and, just as importantly, whether your current actions are helping to achieve them, is important.2. You don’t have a vision. Setting goals is important but isn’t enough to drive you to the finish line; it’s important, too, to be able to imagine yourself as the achiever of your goals. How will you feel, what’s the payoff, why is it worthwhile to follow these goals and not some other ones? If goals are the end result of a journey, your vision is the fuel to get you there.3. You don’t have a plan. If goals are your destination and a vision is your fuel, your plan is the map to get you there; without a plan, you have no idea what immediate steps to take to achieve your goals. Planning means taking stock of the resources you have, the resources you need, and the steps you have to take to put those resources into action. The world is full of people with goals they have never accomplished because they didn’t have a plan — don’t you be one of them.4. You’re too certain. Too much certainty creates inflexibility. If you’re sure that your plan is correct, and refuse to accept the possibility of error, you may well find yourself stuck when an unexpected change comes about, or when your plan takes you in an unexpected direction. However strong your plan and however sure you are of your goals, make room for periodic reassessment.5. You’re not certain enough. At the same time, too little certainty will paralyze you. If you refuse to take a step because you aren’t positive it will move you towards success, you won’t make any better progress than if you had no goals at all. Keep your eyes open and be willing to change, but have faith in yourself, too.6. You don’t learn from your mistakes. A lot of people take their mistakes as signs of their unworthiness. They take setbacks as proof that they were never meant to achieve anything in the first place, and that they were stupid to even try. Mistakes are crucial to success — if we take the time to analyze them and learn from them. Even when they bar us irrevocably from attaining a goal, the lessons we learn from our mistakes help us to make new and better goals.7. You reject outside influences. A lot of people see the influence of others as a weakness, or worse, a restriction or even “pollution” of their innate creativity. This is, in a word, hogwash. We are first and foremost social beings, none of whom has ever accomplished anything without the help of others. Welcome and accept other perspectives on your strengths and weaknesses, your successes and failures. Accept help graciously when it’s offered. This doesn’t mean you should take every piece of advice offered you, but you should listen seriously and openly and weigh carefully the input of others. And learn from their mistakes, when you can.8. You worry about being copied. Often we close ourselves off from other people not because we’re afraid that they will influence us but that we will influence them, that our brilliant ideas will be taken up by someone else and no longer be solely ours. So we avoid sharing our passions, and spend our energy jealously guarding our “secret” rather than simply moving forward. In the end, we turn our passions into burdens that become difficult to carry instead of a joy.9. You use up your reserves. When I’ve found myself at my lowest points, it’s always been for lack of a reserve — whether of money, of time, or most crucially of energy. In part this was the fault of inadequate planning and over-certainty — I should have reassessed my situation more realistically before exhausting my resources — but whatever the cause, it’s a dangerous place to be. A mistake that could be easily recovered from under normal circumstances becomes overwhelming when you’re too broke or too exhausted to respond adequately. Keep track of where you are financially, materially, and emotionally before you find yourself too worn down to continue.10. You fear success. Forget fear of failure, it’s fear of success that kicks us the hardest. It’s the darnedest thing, too — the kind of thing that you don’t imagine possible, until one day you realize that you really don’t know what to do with yourself if you ever accomplish your goals. On the other side of success is the unknown, and believe it or not, the unknown is often scarier than the known world of struggle and unfulfillment this side of success. When I realized this, one night as I drifted unhappily to sleep, it jerked me straight up in my bed!My father, an avid collector of seemingly random es, is fond of saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (I’ve never had the heart to ask him why he keeps saying this….) At some point, you have to stop doing whatever you’re doing and figure out why you’re doing it, especially if it doesn’t seem to be getting you where you want to be. When you do, I think you’ll find that at least one of the above applies to you. Whatever your reasons, though, the important thing is to realize that it’s in your nature neither to be a failure, nor to be a success, that success is something we make rather than something that happens to us — and when you realize that, you can start to make the changes that move you from “insanity” to success. 几个月前,我让你《不要害怕失败》,告诉你要拥抱失败——或者至少拥抱失败的可能性——对成功来说,这是必要的。但是,当然了,我们最终的目标是要取得成功,而害怕失败也不是阻止我们成功的唯一障碍。现在我来说说自己的经历。大概六七年前,我是很成功的——我是全优毕业生,班里的第一名,有一份自己喜欢的工作,有一段令人愉悦的爱情,就是一整个安琪拉达(意指很幸福)。然后,情况开始下滑。最初一切并不明显,但我渐渐发现自己在学术上停滞不前,我的亲密关系破裂,所有的事情都不由我掌控。就其本身而言,我并不是失败,只是在已拥有的成功上失去了掌控权。此后的几年,我一直在反思自己生活的方方面面,试着找出哪里出了问题,好让自己能重新来过。从某种程度上来说,它很有效——我拥有一份自己喜欢的工作(虽然我得把它发展成为一个职业,而不仅仅是一份工作),我即将出版一本自己学术领域的书,已经写了不少了,最重要的是我有了一份趋向稳定的感情。说到这,我得指出自己在那两段时间中做错的事,那使我失去了成功地位,我想我已经提到过了其中的一件了。如果你还没有在你认为重要的领域中取得成功,那么你至少符合下面的一种情况:*你没有一个目标。很多时候,我们发现自己“转动轮子”,终日和时间赛跑,却没有去到任何地方,这是因为我们不知道自己想去哪。有时候,我们已经在前进的道路上设立了自己的目标,但一旦我们改变了自己的方向,那些目标就不再重要了。有时候,我们只是简单地去做那些自认为渴望的事,却没有停下来考虑自己真正想要的是什么。不论在哪种情况下,也不论你现在的行动对实现目标是否起作用,指出你的目标是很重要的。*你没有一个远景。设定目标是很重要,但这还不足以使你去达到它。设想你已经在目标上取得成功同样重要。你的感觉怎么样?回报是什么?为什么值得跟随这些目标而不是其它的?如果目标是一场旅行的最终结果,你的远景就是让你达到那的燃料。*你没有一个计划。如果目标是你的终点,远景是你的燃料,你的计划就是让你到那的地图。没有计划,你就不知道眼下要做什么去达到你的目标。计划意味着储存你所拥有的和所需要的资源,以及那些把这些资源转化为行动的步骤。这个世上有太多有目标却从未实现的人,是因为他们不曾有一个计划——别让你自己成为他们中的一员。*你太固执。太多的肯定会造成僵化。如果你肯定你的计划是正确的,并且拒绝接受错误的可能性,当预期以外的情况发生时,或当你的计划把你带到一个你不期望的方向时,你会发现自己陷入了困境。不论你的计划多么强,也不论你对自己的目标有多肯定,都要为重新考虑预留余地。*你不够肯定。同样的,太少肯定会让你气馁。如果你因为不确定是否能成功就拒绝向前迈一步,那你就不会比完全没有目标更有进展。保持你的双眼睁开,并且愿意改变,但同时也要对自己有信心。*你没有从错误中吸取教训。许多人都认为错误是毫无价值的迹象。他们用挫折明自己一开始就不打算取得成功,同时也明他们愚蠢到要去尝试。错误是成功的关键——如果我们花些时间去分析它们并从中学习的话。即便当错误不可避免地禁止我们达到目标,我们从错误中吸取的教训也能帮助我们设定一个新的更好的目标。*你拒绝外部的影响。许多人把其他人的影响看作是一个弱点,一种错误,一种限制,甚至是一种对他们与生具来的创造力的一种“污染”。总之就是一派胡言。我们首先是社会人,没有一个人可以完全不要他人的帮助就能获得成功。欢迎并接受他人对你优缺点和成功失败的评述。优雅地接受他人的帮助。这并不代表你要接受所有的建议,但是你要认真而公开地倾听,并仔细斟酌。可以的话,从他人的错误中学习。*你担心被复制。经常,我们会让自己和他人保持距离,并不是因为担心他人会影响自己,而是担心自己会影响他人。我们害怕自己出色的点子被他人占有,不再仅仅属于我们。因此,我们避免分享自己的,并且花精力谨慎地保守我们的“秘密”,而不是简单地往前走。最后,我们把自己的变成一种很难被欢乐所代替的负担。*你耗尽了储备。当我发现自己处在最低谷时,这总表示缺乏储备——无论是金钱还是时间,或者是最关键的能源。在某种程度上来说,这是计划不足和过度肯定的后果。——在耗尽我的储备以前,我要对现状重新做一次更实际的评估。——无论如何,这都是危险的情况。一个在正常情况下可以很容易被纠正的错误会在你精疲力尽不能对它作出适当反应的时候变得势不可挡。在你觉得情况太坏而不能继续以前,要在财务上、物质上和情感上保持跟踪。*你害怕成功。忘记对失败的恐惧之后,对成功的恐惧最使我们受伤。这也是件最可恨的事。你不太可能会想到这类事,直到有一天,你真正意识到,如果你达到了所有设立的目标,你将无事可做。成功的另一面是未知,不管你相信与否,未知都比现实世界中的斗争和未达到成功更可怕。一天晚上,当我不开心地渐渐入睡时,一想到这些,我就猛地从床上坐了起来!我的父亲,喜欢收集一些看似随机的格言。他喜欢说的一句话就是,疯狂就是总是重复相同的事却期望有不同的结果。(我从没有用心问过他为什么老是这么说……)某个时候,你得停下任何你在做的事,想一想你为什么要这样做,特别是在你做的事并没有让你达到目标的时候。一旦你这样做了,我想你将会找出至少一条上面说的情况与你相符。不论你的理由是什么,最重要的是你要明白,你的本质并不是要成为一个失败者或成功者,成功是要争取的,它不会自动发生在我们身上。一旦你意识到这些,你就能开始做出改变,这将会促使你从“愚蠢”走向成功。 /200811/56136

  Having a cold beer after a hot bath is a nightly ritual for many Japanese, and now the country has found a way to further indulge -- soaking in the suds themselves.In Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a mountainous hot spring resort just a day trip from Tokyo, a spa park is offering a bathtub, shaped like a beer mug, filled with heated amber water and white foam with the aroma of hops and barley.The resort is also pouring and spraying real beer into the bath and onto the customers three times a day until December 31.The beer bath installation, which began late last month, pays homage to the "beer fights" of professional baseball season winners."We wanted ordinary people to enjoy the fun," the spa said in a statement.The facility says the beer bath moisturises and cleanses the skin.The theme park-style facility, which features various tubs of hot spring water, annually celebrates the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau with a real sommelier pouring the fresh wine into its open-air "wine spa."The Yunessun also offers baths of coffee, tea and Japanese sake. 很多日本人习惯晚上洗个热水澡后喝杯冰镇啤酒。现在,日本人又多了一个畅享啤酒的方式——“啤酒浴”。距离东京仅有一天路程的神奈川县箱根町是一个多山的温泉胜地。这里的一家温泉公园设了一种啤酒杯状的浴缸,浴缸内盛满了散发着啤酒花和大麦清香的热啤酒。工作人员还将啤酒倒进浴缸并向客人身上喷洒,这一务每天提供三次,截止到12月31日。“温泉啤酒浴”务于上个月末推出,其灵感主要来自于职业棒球的赛季冠军们“洒啤酒”庆祝胜利的做法。温泉公园在一份声明中说:“我们想让普通人也体会一下这种乐趣。”据介绍,洗啤酒浴能够清洁并滋润肌肤。该公园提供各式的“主题温泉浴”设施。在一年一度的宝祖利新酒上市庆祝仪式上,一名斟酒员会将新鲜的酒倒进公园的露天“酒温泉”里。箱根町温泉胜地还向游客提供咖啡浴、茶浴及日本米酒浴。 /200803/29225在床上翻来覆去、辗转反侧,就是睡不着,这种失眠滋味相信不少人都尝过。影响睡眠质量的因素有很多,如压力过大,不规律的作息时间以及心理情绪起伏。我们来看看十二星座的失眠原因都有什么不同吧!  Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.  白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。  Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.  金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。  Gemini's twin just isn't tired.  双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。  Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.  巨蟹座:琢磨为啥其它人都睡着了。  Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.  狮子座:害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。  Virgo keeps getting up to re-tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows.  处女座:不停地起身整理床单和枕头是失眠的最大原因。  Libra can't quite decide what to wear tomorrow.  天秤座:哎,你还没想好明天该穿什么呢,怎么能睡得着呢?  Scorpio is doing something else entirely.  天蝎座:你要能失眠,估计该另当别论了。  Sagittarius can't stop thinking of all the better things they could be doing other than sleeping.  射手座:满脑子里尽想着如果不睡觉可以做哪些好玩的事。  Capricorn aly took a strategically planned power nap.  羯座:善于计划的你,通常在白天就不时小憩一下,这样一来,晚上当然睡不香了。  Aquarius suffers from a chat room addiction that keeps them up until all hours.  水瓶座:通宵聊天,半夜三更才肯爬上床,不失眠才怪呢。  Pisces has fitful dreams of past lives.  双鱼座:可怜的鱼儿做梦的时间太长了,影响了睡眠质量。 /201108/151161加班加点更易损害女性健康Working long hours has a greater negative impact on women than men because it makes them more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat unhealthy food.Both sexes consume less alcohol if they spend more time working, researchers said, buttoilingextra hours makes women crave unhealthy snacks."Women who work long hours eat more high-fat and high-sugar snacks, exercise less, drink more caffeine and, if smokers, smoke more than their male colleagues," said Dr. Daryl O'Connor, a researcher at Britain's Leeds University."For men, working longer hours has no negative impact on exercise, caffeine intake or smoking," O'Connor said in a statement released by the Economic and Social Research Council, which funded his study.O'Connor's team of scientists were studying the impact of stress on eating habits. They looked at what causes stress at home and at work and how people react to it.The results show that stressful events such as making a presentation, a meeting with the boss or missing a deadline were linked to eating more between-meal snacks and fewer or smaller portions of fruits and vegetables."Stress disrupts people's normal eating habits," he said.The people who were most vulnerable were so-called emotional eaters."These individuals have higher levels of vulnerability and tend to turn to food as an escape from self-awareness," O'Connor said."When they feel anxious or emotionally aroused or negative about themselves, they try to avoid these negative feelings by turning their attention to food." 工作时间过长对于女性的消极影响要比男性大,因为这会导致女性吸烟、喝咖啡以及吃不健康的食品。据研究人员介绍,男性和女性工作的时间越长,饮酒就会越少,而长时间的工作则会让女性很想吃那些不健康的零食。英国利兹大学的研究人员达里尔·欧·科诺士说:“长时间工作的女性会吃更多高脂肪、高糖量的零食,同时,她们锻炼身体的机会减少,会喝更多含咖啡因的饮料,而且,如果她们抽烟,长时间工作会使她们的吸烟量比男同事还要多。”欧·科诺士在经济和社会研究理事会发表的一份声明中说:“对于男性来说,工作时间长则不会在锻炼身体、咖啡因摄入及吸烟方面产生不良影响。”欧·科诺士及研究小组的科学家们研究了压力对饮食习惯造成的影响。他们对家庭和工作中造成压力的因素及人们有何反应做了调查研究。结果表明,一些能给人造成压力的事件,如,做演讲、见老板或错过了某事的最后期限,会导致人们在非正餐时间吃更多的零食,而水果和蔬菜却吃得较少。他说:“压力会打乱人们正常的饮食习惯。”最易受此影响的人被称为“情绪化食者”。欧科诺士说:“这些人的心理比较脆弱,往往会用吃东西的方法来分散自己的注意力。”“当他们感到焦急、情绪激动或对自己没有信心时,他们就会把注意力转移到食物上去,以此来克消极情绪。” /200803/32258

  在中国,普通话作为官方语言的地位日益巩固。然而在英国,为什么大多数的英国人不遵循标准的发音["standard pronunciation" or RP (received pronunciation)],却喜欢操着一口地方口音呢?难道英国人不认为RP English是"perfect English"吗?可我们中国人学英语伊始接触的却都是RP English呀。学好英语的一个重要标准就是发音准确、纯正,不能南腔北调的。难道这种观念过时了吗?对此,B的一位发言人是这么解释的:RP is an expression which is used in the media and it's the kind of English that used to be spoken on television or radio. In fact RP English is not standard English in the sense that it's not what most people speak. It's very rare that you'll find someone who really speaks RP English, probably the queen is one of the few people who speak that way.请注意,上面这段话中提到RP used to be spoken on television or radio,"used to be"意味着曾经如此,而现在已经不同了。也就是说,从使用人数这个意义上来说,RP不是标准英语。因为它不能反映绝大多数人的讲话语音。那么,RP是从何而来的?标准英语语音来源于英国等级制度,上层社会一律要从标准口音模式,这也就是英国女王为什么要是RP口音的原因了。In Britain there are lots of different accents and dialects. Generally speaking you can tell a lot about a person's social, educational and geographical background from the way he or she speaks. 英国社会有许多种口音。一般来说,口音能反映一个人的社会、教育背景和出生地,你也可以通过英国人讲话的口音来判断其所代表的社会等级。In the past the most prestigious accent was what we call RP but this is no longer as fashionable as it once was. 过去曾被公认的高贵语音(即标准语音),随着社会的发展,已经不再时髦。如今在英国的电视和广播里面,大家可以听到各种各样的口音。媒体也流行起地方口音了。There's less pressure now to conform. 外界压力减小,人们再也不需要循规蹈矩地、拿腔拿调地去模仿标准口音了。 /200907/78805有句格言:We eat to live,not live to eat.意思是:我们为了生存而吃,不是为了吃而生存。同中国一样,英美国家也习惯一日三餐。早餐的时间因人而异,一般是在早上七点半至八点半,午餐时间为中午十二点至两点,晚餐时间为七点至九点。美国人没有下午四、五点钟喝午茶的习惯,而英国人则非在下午四、五点钟喝午茶不可,有时除了喝咖啡或热茶外,还要加上些蛋糕。饼干等之类的东西。 早餐一般先吃水果或喝果汁,然后吃麦片粥,或谷类做的薄片加牛奶,再吃些鸡蛋、火腿、咸肉,有时还有烤面包。 午餐较简单,一般工作的人不回家吃午餐,有的带两片在家准备好的三明治,有的去快餐厅或餐馆简单吃一点食物。 晚餐是一天中最重要的一餐。所谓正餐,通常指星期日、生日或特别的日子精心烹制的膳食。大部分家庭在正餐前都换衣。正餐的菜肴因场合不同而不同。一顿齐全的正餐顺序大致如下: 一、开胃品:饮料、酒或水果。 二、汤:喝汤时有时加黄油和面包。 三、主菜:鱼、肉和蔬菜,还有土豆和米饭。普通人一道主菜就够了,宴请时,最多也不过三、四个菜。这和中国人花费许多时间去准备许多饭菜是完全不同的。 四、餐后食品:包括点心、水果、冰淇淋等。 五、最后一道是咖啡。有些国家,如英国,在喝咖啡前还吃些饼干和乳酪。 英美等国人的饮食与中国人的饮食有许多不同之处。他们喜欢吃生菜,即使肉类、鱼类食品也煮得很生。肉中常常带血。这也许与他们认为煮得太熟的食物会破坏其营养成分有关吧。他们不喝热开水,而喝生水。他们的自来水是绝对干净的。 在英语国家赴宴须知   当你接到赴宴的请柬后若未及时回答对方你不能参加时,那就意味着你欣然接受了,那你就应当按照请柬上的时间、地点准时到达宴会场所。   就座时,要按照餐椅上的名字对号入座,为了出于礼貌,应让女士优先就座,不管认识不认识,男士都要为女士拉开椅子。   每个席位都摆放有一个餐盘,盘里放着三副刀叉(knife and fork)和几把汤匙(spoon),两个酒杯,一块餐巾(napkin)和一只水杯。主人(host / hostess)入座方表示宴会开始,客人(guest)才能进食用餐。   务员上菜(serve the dish)时,往往是等客人吃完一道后再上另一道菜。菜都是从左侧放进客人的餐盘的,每上一道菜,空盘子都得收走。吃这道菜时应等桌上的人都到齐了才动刀叉或汤匙。如果你不愿吃或者说吃不完某菜道菜,可将餐具摆在一块,收盘子的务员自然会替你端走的。喝汤时要注意用汤匙并最好不要弄出响声,若汤还滚烫也不要吹,等自然凉后再喝。   宴会结束时,应有礼貌地向主人、主人的朋友及其他与你谈话的人道别。第二天,你应找适当机会对主人友好的邀请表示感谢,要给主人留下你吃是满意,过得高兴的印象。 /201003/99337

  Smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better. Smile to improve your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness. Smiling is just one fun way to live longer about the others and try as many as you can.1. Smiling makes us attractive.We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away -- but a smile draws them in.2. Smiling Changes Our MoodNext time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There's a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood.3. Smiling is ContagiousWhen someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.4. Smiling Relieves StressStress can really show up in our faces. Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed. When you are stressed, take time to put on a smile. The stress should be reduced and you'll be better able to take action.5. Smiling Boosts Your Immune SystemSmiling helps the immune system to work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. Prevent the flu and colds by smiling.6. Smiling Lowers Your Blood PressureWhen you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Give it a try if you have a blood pressure monitor at home. Sit for a few minutes, take a ing. Then smile for a minute and take another ing while still smiling. Do you notice a difference?7. Smiling Releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and SerotoninStudies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. Smiling is a natural drug.8. Smiling Lifts the Face and Makes You Look YoungerThe muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. Don't go for a face lift, just try smiling your way through the day -- you'll look younger and feel better.9. Smiling Makes You Seem SuccessfulSmiling people appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and appointments and people will react to you differently.10. Smiling Helps You Stay PositiveTry this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It's hard. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that "Life is Good!" Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling. /200901/60172

  张美人果然天生丽质,连身份上这种照片都可以照的如此的好看。虽然皮肤不够白皙,但肤色非常均匀。跟上了浓妆的照片基本没什么太大的差别,这不得不让编辑我感到上天造人相貌时的不公平呀~ Zhang is undoubtedly a beauty. How beautiful the photo is. Though she is not that white, her skin looks rather comfortable. /200910/86738。


  We all wish we could save more, spend more wisely, and stick to our budgets--but with the average American hanging on to approximately ,000 in credit card debt, budgeting is clearly not a priority for most of us. The problem is, saving and sticking to a budget is a lifestyle change, which is why saving money is about as easy as losing weight. But no worries--here are 10 great tips for budgeting and saving your money so that you can start making those changes easily and effectively.1. Be Realistic:Make sure your budget is realistic. Giving yourself close to no wiggle room will make following a budget more than miserable, and we all know the harsher the budget is, the less likely you are to stick to it.定一个可行的计划保你的计划是可行的,我们都知道,计划定的越死就越难实现,所以要把定一个可行的计划。 /200912/93550

  On the afternoon of 16th, 50-plus civil servants participated the “olfaction” blind date in JIANWAI modern mall of Beijing, all attendees covered their eyes with eyepatches and drew on the masks, then, switched off the electricity, everyone carefully discriminated smell the isomerism gave out. If the woman found the man who had similar smell, she just patted(原形pat) him thrice, then invited him to join the following activity. The two parties with eyes covered participated a series of activities such as “Mind acts upon mind”, “tackle danger situations”, then chose lovers and sent the love tokens to each other.Although “closed” the eyes, we all know clearly---in the laugh with tease, boring and vacancy, through short body touch, what two strangers found is love? The immoral orgasm which caused by the curiosity was instantly met is equal to the love convulsion of “telesthesia”, there is no such fools in the world. If the things like that, the love game is too fickle and valueless. Love isn’t a game, if you treat it as a game, your heart will be abandoned ruthlessly; if you are originally a “game”, please don’t fake it as the name of love.“olfactory marriage interview” may be a romantic game, but how many real winners in this game? 16日下午,50余名公务员在北京建外现代城参加了一场“嗅觉”相亲会。参加者都用眼罩蒙住眼睛,再戴上面具。然后,屋里关灯,每个人仔细甄别异性散发出来的气味。如果女士找到属于自己味道的男士,就可以轻拍他三下,邀请其参加接下来的活动。双方蒙眼参加“心有灵犀”、“危情应对”等一系列的活动之后,选定情侣并将定情锁送给对方作为信物。眼睛虽然“闭上”了,其实心灵是雪亮的 ——戏谑、无聊、空虚的笑声中,两个陌生男女短暂的肢体接触,摸索到的是爱情吗?将猎奇心在瞬间被满足而产生的一时的道德叛逆快感与“心心相印”的爱情震撼划上等号,天底下还没有这种愚昧的傻瓜。倘若如此,这种游戏的爱情也太浮躁、太廉价了。爱情,真的不是一场游戏。如果你把爱情当成一场游戏来玩,必将被爱情所无情的抛弃;而如果你本来就是“游戏”,就请你别假以爱情的名义。“嗅觉相亲”也许只是一场风花雪月的游戏,真正在这场游戏中的获胜者又有几个呢? /200812/57801

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