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咸阳市中心医院胃肠科多少钱榆林市妇幼保健院胃病胃肠电话号码是多少渭南市妇幼保健院胃肠科网上预约咨询 Nongzheng Quan,shu《农政全书》Nongzheng Quanshu (also Comprehensive Treatise on Agricultural Admin-istration) ,was written by Xu Guangqi (1562~1633) in the late Ming Dynasty.Born in the Songjiang area in Jiangsu Province ( now in Shanghai) where agriculture was very advanced, he was devoted to the agricultural development all his life.During the three-year period of mourning for his deceased father, he con-ducted in his hometown massive agricultural and ploughing experiments, and then went to Tianjing for similar experiments several times, the consequence of which was the completion of the agricultural encyclopedia. He died in his tenure of office,and it was his friend who helped publish the book in the 12th year of the reign of Emperor Chongzhen, i.e.in 1639.The book is divid-ed into 60 volumes, including the agriculture-oriented thought, land policy, water conservancy, farm tools, arboriculture, sericulture, animal husbandry,relief poliaes and the like. Besides summarizing his experiences of succeeding in growing crops and cot-ton, he went into details about water conservanolt and relief policies. He studied the lean years in the Chinese history, even delving into the concrete situations of the ill locust plagues which ever happened in China. The most effective way of putting an end to the lean years, he believed, was to establish the water conservancy projects on a large scale. In the Northwest, as he instantiated his point, instead of delivering grain from Southeast with great efforts, people should learn to reclaim the wasteland and establish the water conservancy projects on a large scale, turning Northwest into a major grain yielding area. A great num-ber of reference books written before or at the time were recorded h Non,gzheng Quanshu ,and the understandings and perspectives of the author presented.It was a great agricultural work of special importance in the Ming Dynasty.《农政全书》由晚明徐光启( 1562~1633)著。徐光启生于农业发达的江苏松江地区,他一生热爱农业,在为父亲丁忧的三年间,在家乡进行了较大规模的农业耕种试验,后又几次赴天津进行农业试验,写出这部农业百科全书。他死在任上,是朋友帮助将这部书于崇祯十二年( 1639)刊行的。全书60卷,分农本、田制、水利、农器、树艺、蚕桑、牧养、荒政等门,除总结自己种植粮食作物和棉花的成功经验外,还对水利和荒政以较大篇幅进行了研究。他研究了中国历代的荒年,甚至仔细研究了111次蝗灾的具体情况。他认为要彻底消灭荒年就要大兴水利,比如在大西北,与其耗费运力从东南运送粮食,不如开垦西北荒地,大兴水利,把大西北建成产粮基地。书中辑录了大量前代和当时的文献,也提出作者的心得和见解,是明代重要的农业科学巨著。 /201601/419328商洛市第一人民医院胃病胃肠收费标准

咸阳市第一人民医院肠胃科属于几级Apple is recruiting experts in automotive technology and vehicle design to work at a new top-secret research lab, said several people familiar with the company, pointing to ambitions that go beyond the dashboard.几名知情人士表示,苹果(Apple)正在招募汽车技术和设计方面的专家,为一个新设的绝密研究实验室工作。此举显示出苹果在其现有业务之外的野心。Dozens of Apple employees, led by experienced managers from its iPhone unit, are researching automotive products at a confidential Silicon Valley location outside the company’s Cupertino campus, the people said.知情人士表示,数十名苹果员工在来自其iPhone部门、富有经验的管理人员的带领下,正在硅谷该公司库比提诺(Cupertino)园区外的一个秘密场所,开展汽车产品的研究。Sir Jonathan Ive’s team of Apple designers has held regular meetings with automotive executives and engineers in recent months, in some cases trying to hire them. Recent recruits to Apple’s team include the head of Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley Ramp;D unit.最近几个月,乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)的苹果设计团队一直在定期会见汽车领域的主管和工程师,有几次还试图聘用这些人员。苹果近期招募的人员,包括了梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)硅谷研发部门的主管。One person close to Apple said that Steve Zadesky, a 16-year Apple veteran who led teams developing the original iPod and iPhone, was leading Apple’s automotive research lab.一名与苹果关系密切的人士表示,史蒂夫#8226;扎德斯基(Steve Zadesky)正在领导苹果的汽车研究实验室。扎德斯基在苹果工作了16年之久,曾领导过iPod和iPhone最初版本的开发团队。The lab was set up late last year, not long after Apple unveiled its forthcoming smart watch and latest iPhones, which suggests that any resulting product may still be years away from release. Apple often investigates a wide range of new product areas, some of which never get released.该实验室是在去年底设立的,当时苹果刚刚披露了即将推出的智能手表和最新款iPhone。该实验室设立时间之短,表明它距离发布任何成品还要数年时间。苹果公司经常会对新产品领域开展大范围调查研究,其中部分领域永远不会发布产品。 /201502/360345西安那家中医院治肠胃病比较好 A little-known Indian company is launching a smartphone on Wednesday believed to be the cheapest in the world, targeting a market aly dominated by low-cost handsets.印度的智能手机市场上充斥着低端产品,而本周三一家名不见经传的公司更是发布了一款世界上最便宜的智能手机。Set to be priced at under 500 rupees (about 5.1 pounds), domestic handset maker Ringing Bells#39; Freedom 251 smartphone is about 1% of the price of the latest Apple iPhone.印度本土手机生产商Ringing Bell发布的自由251智能手机,售价仅为500卢布(约合5.1英镑),约为苹果最新款手机(iPhone 6S)售价的百分之一。Ringing Bells was set up in September 2015 and began selling mobile phones via its website a few weeks ago under its Bell brand, a spokeswoman said.该公司的一位女发言人介绍说,Ringing Bells于2015年9月刚刚成立,成立几周后就在其官网上出售手机。;This is our flagship model and we think it will bring a revolution in the industry,; she told AFP. Ringing Bells currently imports parts from overseas and assembles them in India but plans to make its phones domestically within a year, the spokeswoman added.她接受法新社采访时表示:;自由251是公司的旗舰产品,我们认为这款手机将会带来一场行业革命。;这位发言人还表示,Ringing Bells目前的生产模式是从国外进口零件,在印度进行组装。不过公司计划在一年内实现手机生产组装本土化。Cheap smartphones, many of them Chinese-made, are ily available in the Indian market but domestic competitors are making inroads, with models selling for less than 14 pounds.如今印度市场上到处是低价的智能手机,其中大多数都是中国公司生产的。本土的生产商亦不甘示弱,甚至推出过售价14英镑的机型。India is the world#39;s second-largest mobile market and notched up its billionth mobile phone subscriber in October, according to the country#39;s telecoms regulator. But in poorer Indian states such as Bihar, ;teledensity; – the penetration of telephone connections for every 100 people – is as low as 54%, with a stark urban-rural divide.印度是世界第二大手机市场,据印度电信部门官员介绍,2015年十月印度的手机用户达到了10亿人。但是,在像比哈尔邦这样的穷地方,;电信密度;--也就是一百人中使用电话的人数--仅为54%,城乡差距非常明显。 /201602/427217榆林市第一医院哪个大夫看消化不良看的好

西安那个医院有做无痛胃镜China has grown into an enormous market for game publishers. A market worth about billion in 2013 will double to .4 billion by 2018, according to Niko Partners, as Chinese gamers are formally reintroduced to console games after a 14-year ban by the government. (Why? Concerns about the harmful effects of violent games on youth. Paging: Tipper Gore.)对于视频游戏出版商来说,中国已经发展成为一个规模巨大的市场。在中国政府解除长达14年的游戏机禁令(据说主要是担心暴力游戏对青少年造成伤害)之后,中国玩家又可以玩游戏机了。市场研究公司Niko Partners表示,这个市场2013年的市值是120亿美元,2018年将翻一番,达到234亿美元。The lengthy ban kept gaming giants Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft at bay. Now that it’s been lifted, they’re diving in. Sony Computer Entertainment (not to be confused with the former Sony Online Entertainment) launched its PlayStation 4 console and hand-held PS Vita in January with 70 publishers committed to working on games for China. Titles exclusive to the country include King of Wushu (Suzhou Snail), Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Shanghai Youju) and One Tap Hero (Shanghai Kena). All were created by Chinese game developers.这项禁令将游戏巨头任天堂、索尼和微软长期隔离在中国市场之外。禁令解除后,这些公司开始长驱直入。今年1月,索尼电脑公司(请不要和前索尼在线公司混淆)携手70家致力于为中国玩家开发游戏的出版商,推出了PlayStation 4游戏机和手持PS Vita。专门为中国市场推出的游戏包括《武术之王》(苏州蜗牛公司)、《南瓜先生大冒险》(上海友聚公司)和《啪啪英雄》(上海基纳公司),这些都是中国本土开发商的力作。The momentum in China means the next big opportunity for game publishers is the rest of Southeast Asia, according to Niko Partners. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are expected to generate 4.4 million this year in online game sales and 1 million in mobile game sales—a paltry sum compared to China’s potential, but incremental growth fueled by that country.Niko Partners公司表示,中国市场的迅猛增长意味着游戏出版商的下一个重大机遇是东南亚其他国家。今年,印度尼西亚、马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡、泰国和越南的网络游戏销售额有望达到7.844亿美元,手游销售额预计将达到2.31亿美元——和潜力巨大,不断递增的中国市场相比,这个数字的确微不足道。“The Southeast Asian games market is often compared to that of China, and we can see that it is following behind China by a few years,” says Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners. “Gamers in Southeast Asia embrace massively online battle arena games, shooters, and mobile games just as they do in China. However, older Chinese gamers still embrace higher revenue generating MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing games], a segment that many Southeast Asian gamers shy away from. Therefore, the challenge to developers is to compel an increase in the level of spending on the type of games for which Southeast Asians have shown enthusiasm.”Niko Partners公司主理合伙人丽萨o汉森表示:“人们常常将东南亚游戏市场与中国市场放在一起作比较,可以看出,前者其实比后者落后好几年。东南亚玩家很喜欢在线战斗类游戏、射击类游戏和手游,中国玩家也一样。但是,年龄稍长的中国玩家还喜欢能产生更多收入的大型多人在线角色扮演游戏(MMORPG),这是很多东南亚玩家不太接触的领域。所以,开发商的挑战在于如何推动东南亚玩家在他们热衷的游戏上多花钱。”Within the region, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have become the three most important countries for games revenue, yet each has its own drivers and inhibitors for growth. Niko forecasts that, over the next five years, Indonesia will see the fastest growth in revenue and Vietnam will see the fastest growth in the number of online gamers. Today, there are more mobile gamers (at 119 million) than PC online gamers (97 million) in Southeast Asia, with considerable overlap.对于游戏出版商来说,印度尼西亚、泰国和越南已经成为三个最重要的收入来源国,但推动或阻碍增长的因素却各有不同。Niko公司预计,未来五年间,印度尼西亚的游戏收入增速最快,越南在线玩家的人数增长最快。如今东南亚的手游玩家(1.19亿人)比PC端在线玩家(9700万人)更多,但有相当部分是重叠的。汉森称:“只要收费合理,美国手游和PC端游戏都能在东南亚地区大获成功。这一地区很多人都能说英语,除越南外,东南亚这些国家的内容监管环境还是相当可控的。”“U.S. mobile and PC games have a good chance of success in Southeast Asia, as long as the game economics are affordable,” Hanson says. “Many people speak English, and with the exception of Vietnam, the content regulatory landscape in the countries of Southeast Asia is quite manageable.”汉森称,尽管中国手游收入增幅开始放缓,东南亚地区的手游市场却在过去两年急速增长。不过她表示,中国市场的年均增幅仍很惊人。未来五年间中国手游销售预计每年增长37%,东南亚地区的手游销售同期增幅略低,每年约为34%。但就新手游玩家人数而言,增速更快的却是东南亚地区:从目前到2018年,东南亚新手游玩家人数每年将增长25%,而中国的增速则为22%。Mobile gaming has grown sharply over the past two years in the region, Hanson says, as revenue growth in China for mobile gaming has begun to slow. Still, the annual increase in China is impressive, she says. Mobile game sales in China are expected to grow 37% each year for the next five years; mobile game sales in Southeast Asia are expected to grow slightly slower during the same period, at 34% each year. Measure by the number of new mobile gamers and the lead swaps: Southeast Asia will see 25% growth each year through 2018, compared to China’s 22%.东南亚国家也没有中国那么多条条框框。开发商可以更容易通过苹果应用商店或谷歌市场接触东南亚玩家。而中国玩家根本无法进入谷歌市场,国内的安卓游戏市场超过500个(尽管绝大多数收入都集中在20家手中)。汉森称:“在韩国和中国,微信和KakaoTalk等手机聊天应用为手游推广提供了一个绝佳的新渠道。在东南亚地区,这些工具才刚刚对手游的推广产生影响,我们认为这方面的增长空间还很大。”从规模看,中国在线PC玩家已超过2.4亿,大约相当于美国总人口的78%。东南亚在线PC玩家有9700万人。随着住宅宽带的普及,这两个市场都正在远离一度风靡的网吧游戏,转向家庭游戏。 /201502/359896 延安市第一人民医院胃病胃肠收费标准陕西胃泰医院电话号码



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