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科技改变生活,此言非虚。男生们的约会技巧中现在多了一条:买iphone。因为调查显示女生更喜欢和iphone男约会。A new survey has found that women are more likely to give out their phone number to men who have iPhones.一项调查显示,使用iphone的男人更容易获得女孩子的电话号码。CultofMac reports that a Phones4U survey of 1,500 women found that 54% of them would be more likely to give their digits and date an iPhone owner than a non-iPhone owner and 37% said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable.1500个接受调查的女人中,有54%更喜欢和iphone男约会,37%的人说iphone男看上去更可靠。The survey also found that iPhone owners were better groomed, more likely to have a good sense of humor, and better at conversation.调查同时发现,iphone 男大多穿着得体,谈笑风生,有幽默感。;There#39;s just something about a man who#39;s good with computers that makes him more trustworthy,; said Lucy, a 23-year-old primary school teacher from London, in the press release. ;If he#39;s got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too.;一个23岁的小学老师说:;IT男总让人觉得更可靠。而且,如果他有钱买iphone,那无疑也表明他收入很高。; /201111/161724

Swearing can be good for you.偶尔说脏话有益健康Swearing can provide effective relief from pain - but not if you swear all the time, researchers have found.据英国《每日邮报》12月1日报道,研究人员发现,偶尔说脏话能有效地减轻痛苦。A study found releasing the odd expletive helped people cope with discomfort in the short-term but the frequency of swearing played an important role.一项研究发现说脏话能帮助人们应对短期不适,然而说的频率起着至关重要的作用。Researchers at Keele University#39;s School of Psychology recruited 71 undergraduates who were asked to carry out a cold-water challenge while either repeating a swear word or a non-swear word.英国基尔大学心理学院的研究人员们招募了71名大学生作为实验对象。大学生们在被要求进行一项冷水挑战的同时,一边反复说脏话或不说。The students put their hand in room temperature water for three minutes to act as a control before plunging it into cold 5C water for as long as they could while repeating their word.为了作对比,学生们先将手放入常温的水中3分钟,然后再尽可能长时间的把手放入5摄氏度的冷水中,同时一边重复着自己的语言。The level of perceived pain together with a change in heart rate were compared while people swore or said their non-swear word.研究人员对比了说脏话的人和没说脏话的人的疼痛感知水平与心率变化。The group was also asked about how much they swore in daily life and this was analysed together with their level of pain tolerance.研究对象还被问及在日常生活中说脏话的频率,这一点也被拿来和个人的疼痛耐受力进行综合分析。Writing in the Journal of Pain, the authors concluded: ;Swearing increased pain tolerance and heart rate compared with not swearing.;该研究结果发表在了《疼痛期刊》上,研究者总结道:;与没有说脏话的实验对象相比,说脏话成员的疼痛耐受力和心率都有所增加。;;Moreover, the higher the daily swearing frequency, the less was the benefit for pain tolerance when swearing, compared with when not swearing.;;此外,与平常没有说脏话习惯的人相比,日常说脏话的频率越高,在该实验中疼痛耐受力的增幅就越小。;Dr Richard Stephens, a senior lecturer in psychology at Keele, said: ;Swearing is a very emotive form of language and our findings suggest that using swear words moderation can be an effective and ily available short-term pain reliever.;基尔大学的资深心理学讲师理查德-史蒂芬士说:;脏话是一种非常情绪化的语言,我们的研究显示了适度地说一些脏话能有效而轻易地缓解短期疼痛。;;However, if you#39;re used to swearing all the time, our research suggests you won#39;t get the same effect.;;然而,我们的研究也显示如果一直出口成lsquo;脏rsquo;的话,就不会收到同样缓解疼痛地效果。; /201112/163323

人无完人,必定会为一些事情“抓狂”。十二星座也不能免俗,他们的脑袋里同样暗藏着很多不可触碰的“神精”哦。快来看看都有哪些事是星座们最不能忍受的吧……CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)When it comes to taking charge, while you may occasionally pretend you don't absolutely adore it, to be perfectly honest, you know you do - and you know we all love it when you're "driving," because you're so good at it. So what absolutely makes you nuts is having to take orders from someone who's not only less qualified than yourself, but also pitifully less suited to the position. Fortunately, that doesn't happen much, now does it?羯:你会偶尔假装不热衷权力,那是因为你知道大家希望你掌控大局,这是你擅长的。你最不能忍受的就是让你听命于那些才干不如你且并不适合这个位置的人。幸运的是,这种情况并不经常发生,对吗?AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)You're the rebel, the radical, and the eccentric in every group, whether it's family, friends, or your team at work. You love and cultivate those labels because of the freedom they allow you to be yourself. The worst thing, then - the very worst thing of all, in your eyes - is being pressed into a mold, being told what to do, having to obey, and being forced to act like everyone else. 水瓶:无论在家人、朋友还是同事的眼中,你都是一个激进反叛、行为古怪的人。你热爱自由,喜欢创意。在你看来,最糟糕的事莫过于将你模式化,告诉你必须遵循什么或是和其他人做一样的事。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)Your specialty, Pisces, is emotions, maybe even more so than sentimental Cancer. You're comfortable sniffling and dabbing at your eyes during a sad movie (or a commercial, for that matter) and rather - no, extremely - proud of your ability to sense what's wrong with a loved one before they even realize it themselves. So what makes you most irritated is when someone tells you you're being "overly emotional." 双鱼:鱼儿最注重的就是感情,你甚至比蟹子还要敏感。在看完一部悲情的影片后能酣畅淋漓地大哭一场会让你觉得很舒。你还会为自己能敏锐地感觉到爱人情感的变化而骄傲。那么,最让你怒不可遏的事就是有人告诉说你“感情过于丰富”了。 /201109/155440

今天是全国爱牙日。还记得是自己是几岁开始换牙的吗?还记得换下来的牙是直接扔了,还是小心翼翼宝贝似的珍藏着?来看看世界各地的孩子们是怎么换牙的吧:  USA  A child puts the baby tooth under his pillow before going to bed. A tooth fairy comes during the night and takes the tooth with her. The next morning, the child would find money underneath the pillow.  在美国,孩子们在睡觉前把掉了的牙放在枕头下面。夜里“牙仙”来把牙取走,第二天早上,枕头下面会有钱哦。  ed Kingdom  Like the American version, the child puts his baby tooth under the pillow. The fairy takes it and replaces it with a coin.  在英国,和美国差不多,不过枕头下面会是一枚硬币。  France  Like the American version, the child puts his baby tooth under the pillow when he goes to bed. The fairy takes it while he is asleep, and replaces it with a present instead of money。  在法国,和美国有点像,只是第二天早上枕头下面不是钱而是小礼物。  Mexico   It is the same as the American and the French version, so the child goes to bed with the baby tooth under the pillow. A mouse, not a fairy, takes it during the night. She leaves some money, too。  在墨西哥,和美国、法国有点像,只是来取走牙的是老鼠,当然也会留下钱哦。 Japan  If it is a lower baby tooth, throw it up onto the roof; and if it is an upper tooth, throw it underneath the 'en-no-shita' (the lower portion below the floor of a Japanese house). It is done so that the upper tooth grows healthy downwards, while the lower tooth upwards.  在日本,如果掉的是下牙,就扔到房顶上去;如果是上牙,就放在外廊地板下面。这样是为了让上牙向下长,下牙向上长。 /201109/154657

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