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郴州治疗淋病价格郴州那家医院包皮手术做的好How much make-up do men really find attractive? Dating site discovers women with lipstick and blush are THREE TIMES more likely to be asked on a date化妆女性才对男人有吸引力,女性涂口红和腮红约会几率增三倍Men are three times more likely to ask a woman out online if she is wearing make-up in her dating profile picture, a new survey has discovered.一项最新调查发现:在约会网站上,男人看了化妆女性的照片,约会几率增三倍。Zoosk, a dating site and app, analyzed 1,200 women’s profiles and found that these individuals were three times more likely to be messaged if they were wearing make-up including eye shadow, lipstick and blush.Zoosk约会网站的应用程序对1200名女性的资料做了分析,发现涂眼影、口红和腮红的化妆女性,收到约会信息的几率增三倍。The site’s male users appear to prefer eye make-up the most, as women who were pictured with painted lids received 139 percent more first messages than those who did not.网站的男性用户最喜欢眼妆,涂眼影的女性比不涂眼影的女性收到的初次约会消息多出139%。Lipstick followed a close second, as women received 119per cent more notes than those who were shown with a bare pout.其次是涂口红的女性收到的约会消息比不涂口红的女性多出119%。Cheeks, however, appear the least important, as women wearing blush or bronzer only received 24 percent more notes than those who did not.不过,涂不涂腮红都无所谓,与不涂腮红的女性相比,涂腮红或用古铜色化妆品的女性中,只有高出24个百分点的女性收到约会消息。But there are some parameters involved in men’s preference for make-up –mainly that it has to ‘look’ natural.但也有一些参数体现出男性偏爱化妆女性:关键在于妆容“看上去”要自然。In surveying 1,800 male members, Zoosk found that 66per cent of them do not find dates who wear dark make-up attractive.Zoosk约会网站对1800名男性成员的调查发现,66%的受访者称,对化深色烟熏妆的女性不会提出约会请求。he same goes for red lipstick, as 57per cent of respondents found the color cosmetic to be an unattractive first-date choice.对涂红色唇膏的女性也一样不会提出约会要求,从男性调查者中发现,女性初次约会化妆时选择化颜色过于艳的妆容,57%的男性对过于艳的妆容都不怎么感兴趣。In terms of hair, it seems that natural is always the way to go. Natural styles were preferred by 84per cent of respondents, over follicles that had been dyed an unearthly color.关于头发的发型,相对把头发染成怪异颜色的女性,84%的男性受访者认为自然风格的发型才是首选。A natural wave is also appreciated, as only 9per cent of men preferred pin-straight, flat ironed locks to those boasting some form of texture.自然卷发也很受欢迎,只有9%的男性偏爱拉直的头发——因为那看上去很不自然。 /201407/311663安仁县不孕不育预约 Japan’s coast guard plucked a stranded Chinese balloonist out of the sea near the disputed Senkaku Islands on New Year’s day after the man tried and failed to land on one of the islands.日本海上保安厅元旦在有争议的尖阁诸岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称这些岛屿为钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿)附近海域救起了一名落水的中国热气球驾驶者。此人曾试图降落到其中的一个岛屿,但没有成功。The man’s political affiliation and precise motive were unclear, but the coast guard said yesterday that he told his rescuers he had been trying to reach one of the Japanese-administered islands, which are known as the Diaoyu in China. He was identified as Xu Shuaijun, a 35-year-old cook from Hebei province.不清楚这名男子的政治立场和具体动机,但海上保安厅昨日表示,该男子告诉救援人员,他曾试图登上由日本管辖的这些岛屿中的一个。经查明身份,这名男子名叫许帅军,现年35岁,是河北省的一名厨师。Chinese activists have previously landed or attempted to land ships on the uninhabited islands, which are at the centre of a bitter territorial dispute.中国活动人士以往曾登上或试图把船靠上这些无人居住的岛屿。中国和日本如今围绕着这些岛屿的主权归属正展开着一场对峙。The confrontation has been fraught since late 2012, with Chinese patrol ships regularly entering waters near the islands and both sides scrambling fighter jets, though so far there has been no violence.从2012年末开始,中日两国就陷入对峙,中国巡逻船经常进入争议岛屿附近海域,双方也都曾紧急出动战斗机摆开拦截阵势,尽管迄今并未交火。The balloon incident appeared, if anything, to mark a moment of co-operation between the adversaries in the dispute.此次气球事件如果说有任何意义的话,那就是标志着这场纠纷的各方展开了片刻合作。Authorities in Taiwan, which also claims the islands, alerted the Japanese coast guard that a hot-air balloon they had been tracking by radar had gone missing over the East China Sea.同样声称拥有这些岛屿主权的台湾,在从雷达上看到这只热气球在东中国海上空消失后,通报了日本海上保安厅。A coast guard helicopter soon spotted the colourful balloon in the water about 20km from one of the islands, and a ship was dispatched to pick up Mr Xu, who was not seriously injured.海上保安厅的一架直升机很快就在距离其中一个岛屿大约20公里的海面上看到了色鲜艳的气球,并派一艘船赶赴现场救起许帅军。许帅军没有受重伤。After ascertaining Mr Xu’s nationality, the coast guard handed him to a nearby Chinese ship.在确定许帅军的国籍后,日本海上保安厅将他移交给附近的一艘中国海警船。According to Japanese media reports, the Chinese captain expressed gratitude to the coast guard for rescuing a Chinese citizen.据日本媒体报道,中方船长感谢日本海上保安厅营救一名中国公民。Although military forces have not clashed directly in the territorial dispute, past incidents involving private citizens have helped to inflame it. China reacted angrily when Japan arrested a fishing boat captain in 2010 after his ship struck a Japanese coast guard patrol boat near the islands.虽然双方的军事力量迄今未在这场领土纠纷中直接冲突,但以往曾有涉及私人的事件加剧纠纷。2010年,一艘中国渔船在争议岛屿附近冲撞日本海上保安厅巡逻船后,日方逮捕了渔船船长,对此中国作出了愤怒反应。A group of Hong Kong-based Chinese nationalists in 2012 landed on one of the islands, igniting another diplomatic incident between the countries.2012年,香港一群中国民族主义者登上了其中一个岛屿,在中日两国间点燃了又一场外交事件。Japanese nationalists have pointedly sailed ships near the islands, on which they are forbidden to land by Japanese authorities.日本民族主义者针锋相对地驾船航行至争议岛屿附近,尽管日本政府禁止他们登岛。A week before the balloon incident, relations between Japan and China sank further when Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni war shrine, a site reviled by many in China and Korea as a symbol of Japanese imperialism.气球事件发生一周前,日中关系进一步下滑,原因是日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)参拜了靖国神社(Yasukuni war shrine),这个供奉战争死难者亡灵的地方被中国和韩国的许多人视为日本军国主义的一个符号。The act broke an informal seven-year freeze on visits to Yasukuni by Japanese premiers.安倍此举打破了七年来在任日本首相不亲自参拜靖国神社的惯例。 /201401/271404If an exercise wheel sits in a forest, will mice run on it?如果把跑轮放在森林里,小鼠会上去跑步吗?Every once in a while, science asks a simple question and gets a straightforward answer.科学时常会提出一个简单的问题,然后得到一个直截了当的。In this case, yes, they will. And not only mice, but also rats, shrews, frogs and slugs.这个问题的是,会。不仅小鼠会,大鼠、鼩鼱、青蛙和蛞蝓都会。True, the frogs did not exactly run, and the slugs probably ended up on the wheel by accident, but the mice clearly enjoyed it. That, scientists said, means that wheel-running is not a neurotic behavior found only in caged mice.当然,青蛙算不上在跑,蛞蝓可能也是偶然来到跑轮上的,但是小鼠明显是真的喜欢跑轮。科学家表示,这说明在跑轮上跑步并不是关在笼子里的老鼠才有的神经性举动。They like the wheel.它们喜欢跑轮。Two researchers in the Netherlands did an experiment that it seems nobody had tried before. They placed exercise wheels outdoors in a yard garden and in an area of dunes, and monitored the wheels with motion detectors and automatic cameras.荷兰的两名研究员做了一项似乎从来没人做过的实验。他们在室外的院子和一块沙地里放置了一些跑轮,并通过运动检测器和自动相机对这些跑轮进行监测。They were inspired by questions from animal welfare committees at universities about whether mice were really enjoying wheel-running, an activity used in all sorts of studies, or were instead like bears pacing in a cage, stressed and neurotic. Would they run on a wheel if they were free?他们的灵感来自一些大学的动物福利委员会所提出的问题。这些委员会质疑小鼠是否真的喜欢在轮子上跑步——所有研究都会用到这个活动,或者还是像在笼子里踱步的熊那样,出于压力和紧张。如果处于自由状态,它们还会在轮子上跑步吗?Now there is no doubt. Mice came to the wheels like human beings to a health club holding a spring membership sale. They made the wheels spin. They hopped on, hopped off and hopped back on.目前,这一点毫无疑问。到跑轮上跑步的小鼠,就像来到正在举行春季促销的健身俱乐部的人类一样。他们开始让轮子转动。它们跳上去、跳下来,然后再跳上去。;When I saw the first mice, I was extremely happy,; said Johanna H. Meijer at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. ;I had to laugh about the results, but at the same time, I take it very seriously. It#39;s funny, and it#39;s important at the same time.;“当我看见第一只小鼠时,我非常高兴,”荷兰莱顿大学医学中心(Leiden University Medical Center)的约翰娜·H·梅杰(Johanna H. Meijer)说。“这些结果不能不让我觉得可笑,但同时,我也会认真对待它。这很有趣,同时也很重要。”Dr. Meijer#39;s day job is as a ;brain electrophysiologist; studying biological rhythms in mice. She relished the chance to get out of the laboratory and study wild animals, and in a way that no one else had.梅杰的正职工作是研究小鼠生物节律的“脑电生理学家”。她非常享受走出实验室,以前所未有的方式研究野生动物的机会。She said Konrad Lorenz, the great-grandfather of animal behavior studies, once mentioned in a letter that some of his caged rats had escaped and then returned to his garden to use running wheels placed there.她说,动物行为研究的鼻祖康拉德·洛伦茨(Konrad Lorenz)曾在一封信中提到,有些被他关在笼子里的大鼠逃走后,又回到他的花园,到放在那里的跑轮上跑步。But, Dr. Meijer said, the Lorenz observation ;was one sentence.;但是,梅杰说,洛伦茨的观察“只是一句话”。For the experiment, the wheels were enclosed so that small animals could come and go but so that larger animals could not knock them over. Dr. Meijer set up motion sensors and automatic cameras. Several years and 12,000 snippets of later, she and Yuri Robbers, also a Leiden researcher, reported the results. They were released online Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.为了进行试验,跑轮被围了起来,这样小动物就能来去自由,大动物则无法把它们撞翻。梅杰安放了运动传感器和自动摄影机。她和同为莱顿研究人员的尤里·罗伯斯(Yuri Robbers)报告称,几年后,他们获得了1.2万个视频片段。周二,这些结果被公布在了《英国皇家学报B》(Proceedings of the Royal Society B.)的网站上。Gene D. Block, chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles, was not involved with the paper but knows Dr. Meijer and had seen the wheel set up in her garden. He said the study made it clear that wheel-running is ;some type of rewarding behavior; and ;probably not driven by stress or anxiety.;加州大学洛杉矶分校校长吉恩·D·布洛克(Gene D. Block)与这篇论文无关,但是他认识梅杰,而且还见过她在花园里放置的跑轮。他说,研究表明在跑轮上跑步是“一种有益的行为”,“可能不是出于压力或焦虑”。Mice accounted for 88 percent of the wheel-running events, and spent one minute to 18 on the wheel. The other animals each accounted for less than 1 percent. Frogs, though there were very few, were seen to get on the wheel, get off and get back on.在所有在跑轮上跑步的动物中,小鼠占了88%,在跑轮上花费的时间为1到18分钟。其他每种动物所占的比例不到1%。虽然数量不多,但是我们也看到青蛙爬上跑轮,爬下来,然后又爬回去。Russell Foster, a circadian rhythm researcher at Oxford University, said he the paper and sent it out to other scientists on behalf of the Proceedings and was delighted when peer reviews from other scientists were positive.罗素·福斯特(Russell Foster)是牛津大学(Oxford University)的一名生理节律研究员。他说他读过这篇论文,并代表《英国皇家学报B》把它发给了其他科学家。其他科学家都对此持肯定态度,这让他感到高兴。Marc Bekoff, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado who is active in the animal welfare movement, said in an email that he thought the paper did show that wheel-running could be a ;voluntary activity,; but that mice in labs may be doing more of it because of the stress of confinement.马克·贝科夫(Marc Bekoff)是科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)的一名生态学和进化生物学教授,积极参与动物福利运动。他在电子邮件中说,他认为这篇论文的确表明跑轮运动可能是一种“自愿活动”,但是实验室的老鼠可能会因为禁闭的压力而进行更多跑轮运动。;Wild bears will often pace back and forth,; he wrote, ;but in captivity, the rate of doing it seems to be greatly heightened.;“野熊经常会来回踱步,”他写道,“但是如果被关起来,他们踱步的频率似乎就会大幅度增加。”As to why the mice, frogs or perhaps even slugs run, or move, on the wheel, Dr. Meijer said she thought that ;there is an intrinsic motivation for animals, or should I say organisms, to be active.;至于为什么小鼠、青蛙或者甚至连蛞蝓都会在跑轮上跑步或移动,梅杰说她认为“动物天生具有行动的欲望,或者说保持活跃的机制”。Huda Akil, co-director of the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute at the University of Michigan, who has studied reward systems, said: ;It#39;s not a surprise. All you have to do is watch a bunch of little kids in a playground or a park. They run and run and run.;研究过奖励机制的密歇根大学(University of Michigan)分子和行为神经研究中心(Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute)主任胡达·阿基勒(Huda Akil)说:“这并不意外。你需要做的就是看一群小孩在操场或公园里玩耍。他们会一直跑,一直跑,一直跑。”Dr. Akil said that in humans, running activates reward pathways in the brain, although she pointed out that there are innate differences in temperament in all sorts of animals, including humans. Rats that do not like to run can be bred. And plenty of people do all they can to avoid jogging, cycling and elliptical machines.阿基勒说,在人类身上,跑步运动可以激活大脑里的奖励回路,虽然她指出所有动物的秉性都存在固有的不同,人类也是如此。可以培育出不爱跑的大鼠。而极尽可能地避免慢跑、骑车和玩椭圆机的人类也多得是。Presumably, the same is true of wild mice. While some were setting the wheel on fire with their exertions, others, out of camera range, may have been sprawled out on the mouse equivalent of a lounge chair, shaking their whiskers in dismay and disbelief.大概对于野鼠而言也是如此。虽然有些老鼠正在跑轮上奋力奔跑,但是那些不在摄像机覆盖范围内的老鼠,可能正慵懒地躺在老鼠版的休闲椅上,在惊恐或犹疑中抖着胡须。 /201409/326501郴州东方男科挂号

郴州妇保医院治疗龟头炎多少钱郴州资兴市医院男科 It is a quandary every couple with children eventually faces: Should we fight in front of the kids?对有孩子的夫妻终将面临这样的问题:我们该不该在孩子面前吵架?The answer is complicated. Child psychologists who study the issue tend to say yes -- if parents can manage to argue in a healthy way. That means disagreeing respectfully and avoiding name-calling, insults, dredging up past infractions or storming off in anger, for starters.不是那么简单。研究这个问题的儿童心理学家往往会回答“该”──如果父母能够做到合理争吵的话。合理争吵,首先是求同存异,并避免扣帽子、侮辱对方、提旧事或发飙。#39;Kids are going to have disagreements with their friends, their peers, co-workers, #39; says Patrick Davies, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. #39;If they don#39;t witness disagreements and how they are handled in constructive ways, they are not well-equipped to go out into the world and address inevitable conflict.#39;罗切斯特大学(University of Rochester)心理学教授帕特里克·戴维斯(Patrick Davies)说:“孩子们将会跟他们的朋友、同伴、同事产生分歧,如果他们没有见过分歧以及分歧的建设性处理方式,那么他们就不能做好足够的准备去闯荡世界,去处理不可避免的冲突。”Dr. Davies and fellow researchers found that #39;constructive#39; marital conflict was associated with an increase in children#39;s emotional security, in their study of 235 families with children ages 5 to 7 published in 2009 in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Other studies have linked constructive marital conflict with the healthy development of children#39;s problem-solving and coping skills and even happiness.戴维斯士和其他一些研究人员研究了235户有五到七岁孩子的家庭,研究结果于2009年发表在《儿童心理学和精神病学杂志》(Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry)上。他们发现,“建设性”的婚内冲突与儿童情绪安全感的增加存在关联。其他一些研究也曾发现,建设性婚内冲突与儿童问题解决与应对能力、甚至幸福感的健康发展之间存在关联。A growing awareness of how and where to fight with a spouse when kids are involved is being spurred in part by a proliferation of research linking children#39;s exposure to a lot of unhealthy marital conflict -- characterized by hostility, threats and insults -- with a greater risk of anxiety disorders, depression and behavior problems. Also, a generation of young parents who grew up as kids of divorce in the 1970s and 1980s are now scrutinizing how their parents fought. Some vow to do things differently with their own progeny.在牵扯到孩子的时候怎样与配偶争吵、在哪里争吵的问题之所以越来越受重视,原因之一就在于许多研究发现,儿童经受过大量不健康婚内冲突(以敌对、威胁、侮辱为特点)与焦虑症、抑郁症、行为问题风险增加之间存在关联。另外,20世纪70年代、80年代成长于离婚家庭的年轻一代父母现在也在探究他们上一辈的争吵方式。一些人发誓将以不同的方式对待自己的后代。Even infants can be affected by angry disagreements -- even when they#39;re asleep. A study published in May in the journal Psychological Science took 24 babies from 6- to 12-months-old and exposed them to various tones of voice (very angry, mildly angry, happy and neutral) while they were lying asleep in an fMRI scanner. Those infants in families with higher levels of conflict between spouses had elevated responses in parts of the brain associated with reactions to stress and emotion regulation when exposed to the very angry voices during the study. Babies #39;are still sensitive to things even when they#39;re asleep, #39; says Alice Graham, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Oregon and lead author of the study. #39;The idea of it being a time to let loose when infants are asleep is probably not accurate.#39;甚至婴儿都有可能受到愤怒争吵的影响──哪怕是在睡着的时候。今年5月《心理科学》(Psychological Science)上发表了一项研究的论文,该研究选取了24名六至12个月大的婴儿,把他们放在功能性磁共振成像扫描仪里面,在他们睡着的时候将他们暴露于各种语调(非常愤怒的、比较愤怒的、快乐的、中性的)之中。在夫妻冲突程度更高的家庭中,婴儿大脑与应激反应和情绪管理有关的区域在研究期间暴露于非常愤怒的声音时反应更大。论文牵头作者、俄勒冈大学(University of Oregon)心理学士生艾丽丝·格雷厄姆(Alice Graham)说:“即便是在睡着的时候,婴儿对事物也是敏感的。认为在婴儿睡着时可以随心所欲的观点恐怕是不准确的。”Still, beyond universal agreement against physical confrontation, opinions vary on the right approach. Some experts say parents should keep arguments away from children because it#39;s just too hard to fight well. #39;If [parents] are going to have disagreements, they should do that in private as much as possible, #39; says Thomas McInerny, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. #39;It is the rare instance when [couples] can keep it rational and keep it calm.#39;但在普遍赞同不要搞肢体冲突之外,对于应该怎样争吵,大家各有各的看法。有些专家说,父母不应在孩子面前吵架,因为把架吵好真的很难做到。美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)会长托马斯·麦金纳尼(Thomas McInerny)说:“如果(父母)之间要发生争论,那么他们就应该尽量私下进行。在争论时是很难保持理性、保持平静的。”How to keep things from getting too heated for little eyes and ears? Child psychologist Kirsten Cullen Sharma suggests that parents agree in advance on an anger cutoff point for arguments. On an anger scale of one to 10, she asks individuals to define the number when they feel they start to yell, curse or generally lose control. (For one person, it could be a five. For another, it could be a seven.) During a disagreement, when Mom or Dad hits the cutoff number, the couple tables the argument to a time when the kids are asleep or aren#39;t around. Either party can say when the other person has reached that limit.怎样防止火药味在幼小的眼睛和耳朵面前变得过于浓重?儿童心理学家科尔斯滕·卡伦(Kirsten Cullen)提议,父母亲应当事先讲好在愤怒情绪达到什么程度时停止争吵。她要求人们按10分制给自己的愤怒程度打分,确定在达到哪个分数的时候,他们觉得就要开始吼叫、咒骂,或者宽泛地说是要失去控制。(这个人可能是五,那个人可能是七。)争论期间,当妈妈或爸爸的愤怒程度达到应该停止争吵的那个数字时,两人就把这次争吵推到孩子睡着的时候或不在身边的时候。不管是哪一个人达到了这个极限,对方都可以指出。#39;One of the great skills parents can offer their children is conflict resolution. That helps [kids] in their future relationships, #39; says Dr. Cullen Sharma, co-director of the early childhood clinical service at the Child Study Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.纽约大学朗格尼医学中心(NYU Langone Medical Center)儿童研究中心(Child Study Center)负责幼儿临床务的联席主任卡伦·夏尔玛(Cullen Sharma)说:“冲突的化解是父母能给孩子的好技能之一。这有利于孩子将来的人际关系。”Caroline Rheinfrank and Chopper Bernet have an unofficial five-minute time limit for disagreements in front of their three children, ages 15, 14 and 11. #39;Now that they are older, they comprehend more, #39; says Ms. Rheinfrank, a stay-at-home mother in Los Angeles. Or as Mr. Bernet, an actor, explains, #39;Parents need timeouts, too.#39; The couple also tries to prevent potential blowups by cutting each other extra slack during times with high bicker potential, including while in the car and just before dinner.洛杉矶的卡罗琳·莱因弗兰克(Caroline Rheinfrank)和乔珀·贝尼特(Chopper Bernet)有三个孩子,分别是15岁、14岁和11岁,莱因弗兰克是一位全职太太,贝尼特是一名演员。两人之间对于在孩子面前的争吵有一个不成文的五分钟限制。莱因弗兰克说:“他们长大了,所以懂得更多了。”或者像贝尼特所说的,“当父母的也需要叫暂停”。在吵架可能性较高的时候(包括开车时或晚饭前),夫妻两人还会多宽容对方一些,以防发火。Parents should use their kids#39; reaction during a fight as a guide, experts say. A crying child is an obvious sign to end an argument. But there are more subtle cues that a kid is distressed, Dr. Davies says. #39;When they start freezing, they are stuck still for a few seconds, that is a really negative sign that they feel like they are in extreme danger, #39; he says. Other kids tend to #39;slump over, lethargic, and look like they are sort of depressed.#39;专家说,父母在争吵期间应当以孩子的反应为指引。孩子哭泣,是明白无误地说明应该要停止争吵。但戴维斯士说,有些更加细微的迹象也说明孩子情绪不好。他说:“当他们开始发愣,愣上几秒钟,那其实是一种负面征兆,说明他们觉得自己是处在一种极度的危险之中。”他说,另一些孩子往往是“没精打采地一屁股坐下,像是有些抑郁一样”。Some kids misbehave to try to distract parents from the conflict. Other children attempt to insert themselves and try to mediate or take sides. All of these are signs that an argument needs to be put on hold, Dr. Davies says.有些孩子通过胡作非为来转移父母注意力以结束冲突。有些孩子则是试图介入争吵,希望调解或站队。戴维斯士说,这些都说明争吵应当暂停。It is not OK to drag kids into a parental fight or encourage them to take sides, Dr. Cullen Sharma says. And don#39;t be fooled if a teen appears nonchalant about his parents#39; below-the-belt fighting: #39;They roll their eyes, but that does not make it less painful, #39; says Alan E. Kazdin, director of the Yale Parenting Center and a professor of psychology and child psychiatry at Yale University.卡伦·夏尔玛士说,把孩子拖入父母的争吵当中或鼓励他们站队,都是不可以的。另外,在十几岁的孩子看上去对父母亲的过火争吵显得漠不关心的时候,不要被表象蒙蔽了。耶鲁大学(Yale University)心理学与儿童精神病学教授、耶鲁育儿研究中心(Yale Parenting Center)主任艾伦·卡兹丁(Alan E. Kazdin)说:“他们翻白眼,但这样做并不能减轻痛苦。”Making sure kids see some kind of resolution to the argument is crucial, Dr. Kazdin says. #39;Is there a nice makeup period and mundane chatter? Routine kind of banter will greatly alleviate the child#39;s anxiety, #39; he says. This doesn#39;t mean that the conflict has to be solved. You may just decide to settle it later or agree to disagree. And even more critical, Dr. Kazdin says, is what goes on in the marital relationship during non-conflict times. #39;The proportion of fighting to affectionate talk is the issue, #39; he says.卡兹丁士说,确保让孩子看到争论得到了某种形式的解决,是至关重要的。他说:“有没有一个很好的和好时间段,有没有拉家常?有个固定的说笑和解程序将会大大减轻孩子的焦虑感。”这并不是说冲突一定要解决,你们完全可以决定以后解决或求同存异。卡兹丁士说,更加重要的是非冲突时期的婚姻关系。他说:“关键在于争吵相对于温馨谈话的比例。”Georgi and Rick Silverman have decided not to hide arguments -- often about the division of household labor or Mr. Silverman#39;s weekend sports viewing -- from their kids, ages 9 and 3. But they also make sure the children see them make up. #39;We#39;ll hold hands and he#39;ll hug me and we#39;ll say we love each other, #39; says Ms. Silverman, a stay-at-home mother in Houston. #39;Even if I#39;m a little upset, I want the kids to know, #39;I still love your Mom and I#39;m not going anywhere, #39; #39; says Mr. Silverman, the chief financial officer of a facilities-maintenance business, whose parents divorced when he was 13.休斯敦的杰奥尔吉·西尔弗曼(Georgi Silverman)和里克·西尔弗曼(Rick Silverman)已经决定不对九岁、三岁的两个孩子隐瞒争吵(常常是关于谁做家务或里克周末看体育比赛的事情)。但他们也会确保孩子们看到他们和好。杰奥尔吉是一位全职母亲,里克是一家设备维修公司的首席财务长,13岁的时候父母就离婚了。杰奥尔吉说:“我们会手拉手,他会拥抱我,我们会说我们爱着对方。”里克说:“我即使有些不高兴,也要让孩子知道‘我仍然爱着你们的妈妈,哪里也不会去’。”Bottling up anger and giving a spouse the cold shoulder when the kids are around can end up making things worse. The silent treatment is actually more distressing for kids than a healthy argument, Dr. Davies says. #39;Kids pick up on that. But they don#39;t know what is going on, #39; he says, adding that children may think the fight -- and its potential consequences -- are much worse than they actually are.在孩子面前压住怒火给配偶冷脸,可能会使情况变得更糟。戴维斯士说,打冷战实际上比合理争吵更让孩子不安。他说,“孩子们会注意到,只是不知道是怎么回事。”他还说,这样的话,孩子们对争吵及其潜在后果的判断可能比实际情况严重得多。 /201310/261912资兴市人民中妇幼保健医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

郴州嘉禾县人民医院妇幼保健男科预约In the 1939 film classic The Women, much is made of the alluring quality of a specific color of nail polish: “Jungle Red.” It turns out that the characters’ faith in the product was not misplaced.在1939年的经典影片《女人们》中,主角们常常说到一种特殊的指甲油颜色——“丛林红”特别具有诱惑力。科学明,这些电影角色对这种指甲油色号的笃信并非没有根据。New research suggests the color red on a woman does indeed signal sexual availability—not only to men, but also to other women.现在科学研究指出,女性身上红色的装饰确实会向他人发送诱惑的信号——不仅向男性,也会向其他女性发送这种信号。As we have noted previously, studies have found that men tend to view women in red as more sexually attractive. But, ladies, if you were thinking wearing that color would send a subliminal signal only males would pick up on, you’re out of luck.我们已经知道,研究发现,男性往往认为穿红衣的女性更具有吸引力。但是姑娘们,如果你以为穿红衣只会对男性发送微妙的信号,那你就错了。“Our results suggest that women perceive and behave toward other women in red as if these other women are actively advertising” their openness to the possibility of a sexual encounter, writes a research team led by University of Rochester psychologist Adam Pazda.罗彻斯特大学的心理学家亚当·帕扎达所带领的研究团队指出,“我们的研究成果表明,当某些女性穿着红衣的时候,其他女性就会认为她们正在积极地招蜂引蝶,她们对这些红衣女士的态度和交流方式都会有所不同。”Pazda and his colleagues describe a experiment conducted on two different continents that provide evidence that wearing red sets off certain alarm bells. In the first, 196 women recruited online viewed a photo of “a moderately attractive women in her late 20s.”帕扎达的团队在两块不同的大陆上进行了三项实验,这些实验的结果实,穿红衣的女性会发出警示信号。在第一项实验中,科学家们请196名参与实验的女性观看一张“具有现代美的二十八九岁的女性”照片。Half saw an image of her wearing a white dress; the rest viewed an otherwise identical image of her in a red dress. Afterwards, all responded on a sliding scale to a series of statements such as “This person is sexy.”一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着白衣;另一半的实验参与者看到的照片上姑娘穿着红衣。实验结果是,所有的参与者都认为“这个人很性感”,但是性感的程度却有明显的高低之分。As expected, the woman was seen as more sexy if she was wearing red. This held true whether or not the study participants were in a committed relationship.如科学家们所料想的,穿红衣的姑娘被认为更加性感。无论实验参与者是否单身,他们的观点都是这样的。The researchers caution that, needless to say, “not all women displaying red are actively advertising sexual availability.” For those who are not, it’s valuable to understand the ways their wardrobe choices are being interpreted—both by men, and by their female acquaintances.研究者们提醒道,“并不是所有女性在穿红衣的时候都在故意显露性感。”——这一点毋庸置疑。对那些无意穿红色衣的姑娘们,你们有必要知道:你衣着的颜色不仅会向男性、也会向女性同胞们发送某种信息。 /201407/311662 问题1:所起英文名太常见 第一种问题是起的英文名太常见,如:Henry, Jane, John, Mary. 这就像外国人起名叫赵志伟、王小刚、陈小平一样,给人牵强附会的感觉。虽然起名字并无一定之规,但给人的感觉很重要。 问题2:不懂文化差异而犯忌 此外,由于文化差异,有些名字引申义不雅,如:Cat, Kitty,在英语俚语中,它们指的是女性的阴部。Cat宜改为Cathy,Kitty 宜改为Kate。 问题3:改名又改姓 一般来说,非英语国家的人到了美国,都可能改名,但没有改姓的。这关系到家族荣誉,将来还会关系到遗传基因。因此,无论自己的姓多么难读,都要坚持。常见有人起英文名时连姓也改了,如司徒健Ken Stone,肖燕Yan Shaw。下列英文姓尚可接受,但也最好不用,如:Young杨,Lee李。 问题4:英文名与姓谐音 有些人因为姓被人叫得多,便起个与姓谐音的英文名。但这样的英文名单独叫尚可,全称时就不太自然了,如:肖珊Shawn Xiao,钟奇Jone Zhong,周迅Joe Zhou,安芯Anne An。 问题5:不懂语法用错词性 名字一般用名词,不用形容词。有些人不懂这一规律,用形容词起名,如Lucky,其实这不是英文名。 问题6:用错性别 偶尔还有人弄错了性别,如女士起名Andy, Daniel。 那么怎样起英文名呢?这里给你几条建议: 方法1:英文名最好与中文名发音一致,如: 郑丽丽Lily Zheng杨俊June Yang 孔令娜Lena Kong 张艾丽Ally Zhang 吕萌 Moon Lu张波Bob Zhang 许开云Caron Xu 江丽霞Lisa Jiang 王姬Jill Wang 蒋大为David Jiang 张爱玲Irene Zhang李斌Ben Li 方法2:如第一条做不到,则争取英文名与中文名局部发音一致,如: 李连杰 Jet Li谢霆锋Tim Xie 侯德健James Hou许环山Sam Xu 朱晓琳Lynn Zhu 王冬梅May Wang 吴家珍Jane Wu 吴珊Sandy Wu 关荷Helen Guan 方法3:如上述两条均做不到,还可使英文名与中文名发音尽量接近或相关,如: 陈方宁Fanny Chen 李秀云Sharon Li 王素琴Susan Wang 周建设 Jason Zhou 罗凯琳Catherine Luo 董岱Diane Dong 崔文生Vincent Cui 李翠Tracy Li 黄宏涛Hunter Huang 沈茂萍Maple Shen 刘丽芳Fountain Liu 方法4:意译 此外意译也是个不错的选择。 王星Stellar Wang 李冰Ice Li 元彪Tiger Yuan 齐天Sky Qi 白云Cloud Bai 刘长河River Liu 陈苹Apple Chen 总之,起英文名时要尽量与自己的中文名有联系,让人感觉这就是你。当然,实在找不到对应的英文名时也只好将就了。毕竟,起名没有一定之规。 /201309/257727安仁县割包皮手术郴州市第一人民医院包皮手术怎么样



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