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Hi everybody.大家好!Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home.下周三是世界地球日,这是我们珍惜和保护这个作为我们共同家园的珍贵星球的日子。And today, theres no greater threat to our planet than climate change.当今对这个星球的威胁之中,没有什么比气候变化更严重了。2014 was the planets warmest year on record. Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century.2014年是有史以来最热的一年。而历史上15个最热的年份,有14个出现在本世纪的头15年当中。This winter was cold in parts of our country-as some folks in Congress like to point out-but around the world, it was the warmest ever recorded.去年冬天有些地方确实很冷,正如国会的某些同志所说,但纵观全球,去年的确是有气象记录以来最热的一年。And the fact that the climate is changing has very serious implications for the way we live now.而气候正在不断变暖的事实已经对我们的生活方式产生了非常严重的影响。Stronger storms.Deeper droughts.Longer wildfire seasons.更肆虐的风暴,更严重的干旱,更持久的森林草场大火。The worlds top climate scientists are warning us that a changing climate aly affects the air our kids breathe.全球最顶尖的气候学家警告我们,持续的气候变化已经影响到孩子们呼吸的空气。Last week, the Surgeon General and I spoke with public experts about how climate change is aly affecting patients across the country.上周,卫生部长和我一起与专家们讨论了气候变化对全国的病人产生了的影响。The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.五角大楼也宣布气候变化对我们的国家安全产生了现实的威胁。And on Earth Day, Im going to visit the Florida Everglades to talk about the way that climate change threatens our economy.在世界地球日这一天,我将到访佛罗里达州的埃弗格莱兹湿地,向大家介绍气候变化对我国经济产生的影响。The Everglades is one of the most special places in our country.埃弗格莱兹湿地是我国最为特别的一个地方。But its also one of the most fragile.但也是最为脆弱的地方。Rising sea levels are putting a national treasure-and an economic engine for the South Florida tourism industry-at risk.不断上升的海平面正威胁这一地区,这片国家级的珍贵湿地,也是南佛罗里达州宝贵的旅游资源,面临消失的危险。So climate change can no longer be denied-or ignored.因此,我们不能继续对气候变化问题不管不顾。The world is looking to the ed States-to us-to lead.全世界都在关注我们,希望美国带领大家一起行动。And thats what were doing.我们正在努力之中。Were using more clean energy than ever before.我们比以前使用更多的清洁能源。America is number one in wind power, and every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008.美国是全世界风能发电最多的国家,每三个星期,我们就有相当于2008年全年的太阳能发电量上线并网。Were taking steps to waste less energy, with more fuel-efficient cars that save us money at the pump, and more energy-efficient buildings that save us money on our electricity bills.我们正在采取措施减少能源浪费,采用更高效的发动机制造汽车,为大家节省燃料费用,建设更节能的建筑,为人们节省电费。So thanks in part to these actions, our carbon pollution has fallen by 10 percent since 2007, even as weve grown our economy and seen the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record.正是有了我们的这些措施,我们的碳排放自2007年以来降低了10%,而在这期间,我们的经济取得了发展,私营部门也创下了连续增长就业最长的时间记录。Weve committed to doubling the pace at which we cut carbon pollution, and China has committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions.我们承诺将碳排放削减一倍,中国也首次就削减碳排放做出承诺。And because the worlds two largest economies came together, theres new hope that, with American leadership, this year, the world will finally reach an agreement to prevent the worst impacts of climate change before its too late.正因为全球两大经济体之间的合作,新的希望就在眼前,在美国的引领下,今年,全世界将最终达成一致,在气候变化产生严重影响之前阻止这一趋势继续恶化。This is an issue thats bigger and longer-lasting than my presidency.这是一项比总统本身更宏大,比总统任期更长远的事业。Its about protecting our God-given natural wonders, and the good jobs that rely on them.它关系着保护上苍赐予我们的伟大自然,关系着依赖于此的高薪工作。Its about shielding our cities and our families from disaster and harm.它关系着让我们的城市和家园免受灾害的侵袭。Its about keeping our kids healthy and safe.它关系着我们的孩子们的健康和安全。This is the only planet weve got.这是我们唯一拥有的星球。And years from now, I want to be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that we did everything we could to protect it.我希望多年以后,我能看着我们的孩子们以及孩子们的孩子们的眼睛,告诉他们,我们尽到了我们的最大力量来保护这个星球。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快!201504/371813Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好!Our top priority as a nation is reigniting the true engine of our economic growth—a rising, thriving middle class.作为一个国家的我们,最高任务就是重新点燃促进经济增长的真正引擎:一个不断增长、复苏繁荣的中产阶级。And few things define what it is to be middle class in America more than owning your own cornerstone of the American Dream: a home.如何定义中产阶级,再也没有成就美国梦基础更重要的事物了这就是房子。Today, seven years after the real estate bubble burst,今天,距离地产泡沫破灭已经过去七年,triggering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and costing millions of responsible Americans their jobs and their homes,曾经的它造成了我们的大萧条以来最严重的经济危机,让数百万有责任心的美国民众失去了工作和房屋,our housing market is healing.而现在,地产市场已经复苏。Sales are up.销售上涨,Foreclosures are down.强制抵押下降,Construction is expanding.建设也正在开展。And thanks to rising home prices over the past year, 1.7 million more families have been able to come up for air,而由于去年房价上涨,170万个家庭终于能送口气,because theyre no longer underwater on their mortgages.因为他们不用再为房屋抵押贷款资不抵债忧心忡忡。From the day I took office,自从我上任以来,Ive made it a priority to help responsible homeowners and prevent the kind of recklessness that helped cause this crisis in the first place.我就将帮助负责任的房主及预防引发此种危机的不负责任行径作为我的头等要务。My housing plan has aly helped more than two million people refinance their mortgages,我的住房计划已经帮助200多万人转按揭住房抵押贷了,and theyre saving an average of 00 per year.这样他们每年平均可节省3000美元。My new consumer watchdog agency is moving forward on protections like a simpler, shorter mortgage form that will help to keep hard-working families from getting ripped off.我的新消费者权益保护机构正在推行一种更简便、周期更短的抵押贷款形式以此帮助辛勤付出的家庭不再受到不公对待。But weve got more work to do.但我们要做的还有更多。Weve got more responsible homeowners to help.我们还需要帮助更多负责任的房主,folks who have never missed a mortgage payment,他们一直都是按期偿还贷款,but arent allowed to refinance;但他们得不到转按揭的机会,working families who have done everything right,一直都遵纪守法大量工薪家庭,but still owe more on their homes than theyre worth.却依然承担这比房屋价格更高的贷款。Last week, I nominated a man named Mel Watt to take on these challenges as the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.上周我提名梅尔瓦特任职联邦住房局局长来应对这些挑战。Mels represented the people of North Carolina in Congress for 20 years, and in that time,梅尔曾代表北卡担任国会20余年,而在那个时候,he helped lead efforts to put in place rules of the road that protect consumers from dishonest mortgage lenders, and give responsible Americans the chance to own their own home.他致力于制定监管措施保护消费者免受不诚实抵押放贷人的侵害,让负责任的美国人能有拥有自己房子的机会。Hes the right person for the job,他无疑是这一职位的合适人选,and thats why Congress should do its job, and confirm him without delay.而这也是国会应该马上行动,不要迟延确认这一人事任命的原因。And they shouldnt stop there.而且国会不能就到此为止。As I said before, more than two million Americans have aly refinanced at todays low rates,正如我以前说过,已经有200多万人利用当前的低利率重做了按揭贷款,but we can do a lot better than that.但我们还能做的比这更好。Ive called on Congress to give every responsible homeowner the chance to refinance, and with it, the opportunity to save ,000 a year.我已经呼吁国会给每一名负责任的房主转按揭的机会,它是关乎每年节省3000美元的关键。Thats like a ,000 tax cut.就好像3000美元的减税。And if youre one of the millions of Americans who could take advantage of that,如果你是千百万可以享受这一政策的其中一人,you should ask your representative in Congress why they wont act on it.你就应该呼吁你的议员代表们,并问问他们为什么对此还无动于衷。Our economy and our housing market are poised for progress,我们的经济和房产市场已经准备好,but we could do so much more if we work together.但如果我们携起手来,我们将取得更大的进步。More good jobs.创造更多就业岗位,Greater security for middle-class families.为中产阶级带来更多的安全保障,A sense that your hard work is rewarded.坚信辛勤的付出能够带来回报。Thats what Im fighting for,这就是我所争取的,and thats what Im going to keep fighting for as long as I hold this office.而只要仍然身负总统之位,我都要继续为之奋斗。Thank you.谢谢大家,And have a great weekend.祝你们周末愉快。 201305/240300On behalf of the Government and the people of Malaysia, may I warmly welcome your Majesties, all ASEAN leaders and everyone present to Kuala Lumpur and to the Opening Ceremony of the 27th ASEAN Summit and Related Summits.Honoured guests, colleagues and friends,I was going to begin by talking to you about the momentous steps we in ASEAN are about to embark upon. But the events of recent days and weeks have cast a shadow over us all. 170 dead after the attacks in Paris and Beirut. 224 lives taken in the bombing of a Russian passenger jet over the Sinai desert. Just this week, an innocent Malaysian beheaded in the southern Philippines. And yesterday, hostages taken and lives lost in Bamako, Mali.There cannot be a person in this hall who has not been shocked and shaken by the sickening disregard for human life and the devastation visited on families and communities. Our countries are in mourning. We all share in this grief.The perpetrators of these cowardly and barbaric acts do not represent any race, religion or creed, nor should we allow them to claim to do so. They are terrorists and should be confronted as such, with the full force of the law.Malaysia stands y to provide any help and support that we can, and be assured that we stand with you against this new evil that blasphemes against the name of Islam.We are ever vigilant against a threat that is very real in our region. Local militants and groups, such as Abu Sayyaf, have sworn allegiance to the so-called Islamic State. It was they who cruelly murdered our countryman, Bernard Then, on Tuesday.We must recognise that problems of extremism today require new solutions.Understandably, many will want to fight the so-called Islamic State out of the lands they have stolen from millions of Syrian and Iraqis. But a military solution alone will not be enough to defeat those who see peace, and want to cause war. Those who see order and civilisation, and wish for nothing but mayhem and death. Who see prosperity and culture, and burn to bring desolation and despair.It is the ideology propagated by these extremists that is the cause of this sadistic violence; and in this time of tragedy, we must not lose sight of the fact that the ideology itself must be exposed as the lie that it is – and vanquished. For it is not Islamic. It cannot be.It states clearly in the Holy Quran that if anyone wrongly takes a life, ;it shall be as if he had killed all mankind;. Suicide – under any circumstances, never mind suicide bombing that kills innocents – is likewise a terrible sin. In the Hadith, it is recorded that the Prophet Muhammad said that God forbids Paradise to anyone who takes their own life – let alone the lives of innocents.We should examine why any should be misguided enough to follow this perverted ideology – what is their motivation? But let us be clear: it is an utter travesty of a religion of peace, justice and moderation.More than ever, it is that last concept, moderation, that we are in dire need of around the world. Moderation, or wasatiyyah, is at the heart of Islam. It is a Quranic injunction that no Muslim can disobey. But moderation does not belong only to us. It has been the locomotive of the non-violent approach to solving conflict throughout history.This is how Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King won the hearts and minds of their enemies, and resolved the conflicts and injustices that they each were fighting against. They won by transforming their foes into friends. It can take a heroic effort.When Jesus, or Nabi Isa, as Muslims call one of our greatest prophets, said: ;Blessed are the peacemakers;, he was praising those who took on the hardest of labours. There is nothing easy or wimpish about moderation.It is a concept that is deeply embedded in the ASEAN Way, and one which is close to our hearts here in Malaysia, where our unique mixture of faiths and ethnicities could have divided us; but instead our diversity has strengthened us.201511/412500

And were not that. Were more interesting than that 但我们不是这样 我们比这更复杂有趣And the way that we go into the world 而我们进入这样一个世界understanding is to have these contradictions in ourselves 需要理解我们自身内部的矛盾and see them in other people and not judge them for it 看到其他人也是如此 而且不以此评判他们To know that 要知道这一点in a world where debate has kind of fallen away 在这个辩论日益减少and given way to shouting and bullying 并让步于大喊大叫和恃强凌弱的世界that the best thing is not just the idea of honest debate最好的事不是诚实辩论the best thing is losing a debate而是输掉辩论because it means that you learnt something and you changed your position因为这意味着你学到了什么东西 并且你改变了想法The only way really to understand your position and its worth 真正理解你的想法及其价值的唯一方式is to understand the opposite 是去理解它的相反面That doesnt mean the crazy guy on the radio who is spewing hate 我指的不是在广播中发泄憎恨的疯子it means the decent human truths of all the people 而是所有觉得有必要倾听那个人的话的who feel the need to listen to that guy 人们的人类真实感受You are connected to those people 你同那些人联系在一起Theyre connected to him 他们同他联系在一起You cant get away from it 你无法脱离它This connection is part of contradiction 这个联系就是矛盾的一部分It is the tension I was talking about这就是我所说的张力This tension isnt about two opposite points 张力指的不是两个相对立的点its about the line in between them 而是连接它们之间的直线and its being stretched by them它由它们所拉伸We need to acknowledge and honor that tension 我们需要认识并尊重这种张力and the connection that that tension is a part of 以及该张力作为一部分所形成的联系Our connection not just to the people we love 我们的联系不仅仅是同我们所爱之人的联系but to everybody including people we cant stand and wish werent around 还应当包括同我们无法忍受 不愿接触之人的联系The connection we have is part of what defines us on such a basic level 这种联系是基础层面上定义我们的一部分Freedom is not freedom from connection 自由不是脱离联系的自由Serial killing is freedom from connection 连环杀人是脱离联系的自由201602/427069

The rags were unwrapped from a little girl whose body was massively burned.打开裹着的布片是一个重度烧伤的女孩。Again,再一次,the eyes and hands of Avalokiteshvara.观世音的眼睛和慈悲之手显现。It was the young women, the health aids,也就是那些年轻女性,援助者,who cleaned the wounds of this baby and dressed the wounds.清理孩子的伤口并包扎上。I know those hands and eyes;我认识那些手和眼睛;they touched me as well.它们也曾经抚慰过我。They touched me at that time.它们在过去抚慰过我。They have touched me throughout my 68 years.在我68年生命中抚慰了我。They touched me when I was four and I lost my eyesight and was partially paralyzed.在我四岁失去视力几乎瘫痪的时候它们抚慰了我。And my family brought in a woman whose mother had been a slave to take care of me.我的家人带来一个女人,她的母亲曾经是个奴隶她照顾我。And that woman did not have sentimental compassion.这个女人并没有感性的慈悲心。She had phenomenal strength.她有的是非凡的力量。And it was really her strength, I believe,我相信,是她的力量,that became the kind of mudra and imprimatur that has been a guiding light in my life.成为一种启发与指引是我生命中的指明灯。So we can ask:我们问道:What is compassion comprised of?慈悲是什么构成的?And there are various facets.包含很多方面。And theres referential and non-referential compassion.有指代性的和非指代性的。But first, compassion is comprised of that capacity to see clearly into the nature of suffering.但首先,慈悲是透彻观照苦难之存在的能力构成。It is that ability to really stand strong and to recognize also that Im not separate from this suffering.这种能力让我们保持坚强并让我们意识到我是这苦难的一部分。But that is not enough,但这不够,because compassion,因为慈悲心,which activates the motor cortex,激发运动皮质层,means that we aspire,也就是说我们受到激励,we actually aspire to transform suffering.被激励着去化解苦难。And if were so blessed,如果我们足够幸运的话,we engage in activities that transform suffering.我们从事的活动能化解苦难。201510/404791

We cannot bear a pointless torment,我们不能承担无谓的痛苦,but we can endure great pain但如果我们认定它是有意义的,if we believe that its purposeful.我们就能忍受巨大的痛苦。Ease makes less of an impression on us安逸比起挣扎并不会对than struggle.我们留下深刻的印象。We could have been ourselves without our delights,没有了喜悦,我们还会是我们,but not without the misfortunes但没有了促使我们追寻意义的不幸that drive our search for meaning.我们就不是现今的自己。;Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities,;“所以,我在不幸中得到快乐,”St. Paul wrote in Second Corinthians,圣保罗在第二哥林多前书中写道,;for when I am weak, then I am strong.;“当我软弱时,我是坚强的。“In 1988, I went to Moscow 1988年,我前往莫斯科to interview artists of the Soviet underground,采访苏联的地下艺术家,and I expected their work to be我本以为他们的作品dissident and political.会是持不同意见的和政治性的。But the radicalism in their work actually lay但是他们作品中的激进其实在in reinserting humanity into a society把人性重新注入that was annihilating humanity itself,在毁灭人性的社会中,as, in some senses, Russian society正如,在某程度上,is now doing again.现今的俄罗斯社会再一次在做的。One of the artists I met said to me,我遇到的其中一名艺术家对我说,;We were in training to be not artists but angels.;;我们正在苦炼成为天使,而不是艺术家。”In 1991, I went back to see the artists1991年,我回到莫斯科拜访这些Id been writing about,我曾写过的艺术家,and I was with them during the putsch我和他们一起度过了,that ended the Soviet Union,终结苏联的政变,and they were among the chief organizers而他们是抵抗政变of the resistance to that putsch.的主要组织者之一。And on the third day of the putsch,在政变的第三天,one of them suggested we walk up to Smolenskaya.他们其中的一员建议我们去斯莫兰卡雅(莫斯科地名)。And we went there,我们去了那里,and we arranged ourselves in front of one of the barricades,然后我们列好队站在一个街垒前,and a little while later,过了一会儿,a column of tanks rolled up,一列坦克车开来了,and the soldier on the front tank said,最前方的坦克车士兵说,;We have unconditional orders“我们有无条件的命令to destroy this barricade.要摧毁这个街垒。If you get out of the way,如果你们让开,we dont need to hurt you,我们不需伤害你们,but if you wont move, well have no choice但如果你们待在这儿,我们没办法but to run you down.;只能压过你们。”And the artists I was with said,和我在一起的艺术家们说,;Give us just a minute.“给我们一分钟,Give us just a minute to tell you why were here.;给我们一分钟告诉你我们为什么在这里。”And the soldier folded his arms,那个士兵把双臂交叉在胸前,and the artist launched into a Jeffersonian panegyric to democracy那名艺术家开始以杰斐逊式的民主颂词,such as those of us who live这是我们这些生活在in a Jeffersonian democracy杰斐逊式的民主社会的人would be hard-pressed to present.也苦于表达的。201410/338802

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