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Heres one.给你这个。Thanks. Okay, Im listening Tom.谢谢,好的,我洗耳恭听了,汤姆。Okay. Say: go... go... ...away...Slimy Limey.好的。说走…… 走…… 开,假惺惺的Limey。Go away Slimy Limey. Are you sure?走开,假惺惺的Limey。你确定吗?Yeah. Of course!当然了!Dont listen to him Anna.安娜,别听他的。This is what you should say: Thank you for your offer.你应该这么说:谢谢你的邀请。But Im really sorry, I wont be able to.但是我很抱歉,我不能这么做。Then explain why, say Im afraid… blah blah blah然后解释原因,说我恐怕……Blah blah blah?废话,废话,废话?Say its against company policy to have non business lunches with clients.说这违反了公司的规定,不能和客户进行非商业的午餐。Meaning?意思是?Youre not allowed to if its not for business.如果不是公事,你就不能去。Then say: It wouldnt be appropriate.然后说:这不合适。So, with regret, Im going to have to say no.所以很抱歉我不得不拒绝。Okay, I think Ive got that all down. Thanks.好,我想我都记下来了,谢谢。Hell be waiting for my call.他在等着我的电话。Hello, Seb Lime speaking.你好,我是Seb Lime。Hello Mr Lime.你好,Lime先生。Anna! Please, call me Seb. So, when can I invite you to lunch?安娜!请加我Seb吧。我什么时候可以约你吃午饭?Thank you for your offer...谢谢你的邀请……Well, thank you for your offer. But Im really sorry, I wont be able to.谢谢你的邀请。但是我很抱歉,我不能这么做。Im afraid...我恐怕…… /201701/483843国家地理:Iraq's Guns for Hire 伊战前线Back at the Armor Group compound, another team prepares for a different kind of mission. They'll travel low profile, trying to blend in with the Iraqis. Low profile certainly can be an awful lot safer. If faced down properly, people will not know, they will not know who we are, until even if it's too late they do see who we are, by that time we have gone. Traveling under cover requires a different set of high-tech toys and tactics. And after 23 years of service in the British army, Steve Finleyson knows them all. He's been a contractor in Baghdad for 30 months. Today, that experience will come in handy. The mission: transport Armor Group executive John Garing to a meeting at the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and do it undetected. Steve's convoy will travel under cover. But that doesn't mean they won't be prepared. When we go in high profile, every one knows who we are and what we are. The people in Bagdad know they are so used to us, they'll see us coming in the rear mirrors of their automobile and will pull over and just let us go with them. Low profile however, is different, you can say you are quite hybrid, just want the traffic and you just blend in a heavy steel car. The cars look like any others on Iraqi roads, Mercedes, BMWs, but they sport some premium features not available to the average consumer. Thick factory armor hides under the exterior panels. And advanced communication systems track the team's movements, just like high profile convoys. Steve's colleague Peter Hays, makes sure the transponder's well hidden. The alarm button is kept within reach. Hey, sir, good voice here, is that your panic alarm for the transponder? These two little buttons pressed at the same time send the distress call to headquarters. But contractors can't wait for backup, so they rely on specialized equipment/ to help them dodge danger. A stationary target is an easy target. So run flats, tires within the tires, enable these vehicles to keep rolling at 50 miles, even after a bullet or shrapnel damage. And if stopped, smoke canisters provide cover. Insurgents can't shoot if they can't see and smoke screens can give contractors the time they need to run to safety. There're needs and ways to help us get away from what's going on without, you know, causing more casualties or intriguing the crime. The vehicles aren't the only things modified for a low-profile mission. The weapons are too. They need to be small enough to be concealed inside a compact car, yet powerful enough to hold off insurgence. Harry O'secnic customizes the guns to the contractors' specifications. We cut them down, we recrown, we machine everything back down again, we press back on the gas cylinder, we press on the front sight. We re-pin it then we draw out the gas system to 4mm. If somebody got killed, which does happen and some of my friends have passed on, I feel bad. But I will feel even worse if I could have done something and kept him alive and didn't do it.200709/17262

...in Mars. Although it was completely wrong about Mars and everything he said about Mars practically was wrong. But, he built up interest in the planet which has carried over to this day. And, so, he was, he was quite useful to the Mars exploration program.'Space exploration revealed Mars has little atmosphere and no liquid water on the surface. Yet, Its terrain appears to have been sculpted by water. NASA geologist, Ken Herkenhoff, explains, 'It appears that there were great oceans on Mars sometime in the past and there is currently a debate raging as to exactly when these oceans occurred and how long they lasted and whether there were ice sheets that flowed on Mars.'Today, the dry, cold Martian climate makes it inhospitable to life, but maybe not completely. An amazing survival story during the Apollo missions to our moon provided evidence that life can endure even harsher conditions. Two and a half years after the SurveyorIII spacecraft was left on the moon, Apollo 12 astronauts returned, retrieved the lens of its TV-camera and with it a collection of what seemed to be alien bacteria. But they turned out to be stowaways, bacteria from earth, that had travelled on Surveyor to the moon and survived there for nearly three years, in an environment less hospitable than Mars. Here was the proof that life could endure, at least for a time, on a world other than our own. What are the characteristics defining life as we know it? What else should seekers of life on other moons or planets be looking for? Living things move and grow. Life needs to take in nutrients and eliminate waste. And there is one other quality that is perhaps the most important indicator of all.Oxford University biologist and author, Richard Dawkins: 'the most general characteristic's got to be reproduction, the property of heredity, everything else follows from that. Once you've got anywhere in the universe, heredity, the equivalent to DNA, doesn't have to be DNA, but the equivalent of something that makes copies of itself, genes in other words. Then, Darwinian Natural Selection, evolution and life will follow. Now , in practice, on this planet, life has all sorts of other properties like respiration and feeding and things like that, but the fundamental one is reproduction. 'Today, our planet is a haven for life, a far cry from its violent beginning. The young earth was radioactive, hot, volcanic with no oxygen. The atmosphere was cloudy, full of noxious gases, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane. Red carpets of lava flowed over dark volcanic rock until water from planet's interior formed the vast oceans where life first appeared.words in this passagecarry over:If something from one situation carries over or is carried over into another situation, it is allowed to exist in or affect the other situation: 延期至...sculpt: to form into a particular shape雕刻, 造型stowaway:a person who hides on a ship, aircraft or other vehicle偷渡者(here it means the bacteria from earth)haven:a safe or peaceful place港口, 避难所,安全的地方be a far cry from sth:to be completely different from something:大不相同的东西 (后接地点时也表示距离很远)noxious gas: 有毒气体200808/46327

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