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韶关哪个医院输卵管复通广州东圃红十字会医院做试管生男孩多少钱广州那家医院结扎疏通 原味人文风情:I a lot of great books in 2016. Here#39;s a few that were especially interesting and you might wanna consider.我在 2016 年读了许多好书。这里是一些特别有趣而且你们可能想要考虑的书。String Theory by David Foster Wallace. You know, tennis is kind of amazing. There#39;s interesting personalities and incredible play. The more you know about it, the more you are impressed by those people playing at the top level. It requires a lot of concentration. I loved him talking about his tennis career, and being slammed into the fence, and being a little bit modest about how he just, sort of, grinded it out. If you ever one tennis book, this is probably the best.David Foster Wallace 的《网球拍弦理论(暂译)》。你知道,网球有点令人赞叹。其中包含有意思的选手与精采的球赛。你了解越多,你就越会赞叹那些在球界顶端的人。那需要极高的专注力。我喜爱他谈论他自己的网球职涯,以及被逼到网球场边围篱的经验,还有以谦虚的态度说自己付出。如果你要读一本网球书,这本大概是最棒的一本。Then a great company story, I would choose Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. It#39;s a really well-written story about Nike.It#39;s amazingly honest, and the company almost didn#39;t succeed. It points out the unusual characteristics of the key people who helped the company succeed. I think there#39;s tons of people who would find it an interesting story about how business really works and personnel management really works.接着是一个很棒的公司故事,我会选择 Phil Knight 的《跑出全世界的人:NIKE 创办人菲尔 奈特梦想路上的勇气与初心》。那是本关于 Nike 写得很好的故事。它惊人地诚实,而且这个公司曾经濒临失败边缘。它指出那些帮助公司成功的关键人物拥有的独特个性。我想许多人会发现它是个关于公司真正如何运作的有趣故事,以及人员管理运作的真实情况。A political book, Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown. It#39;s a really good book because it looks at styles of leadership. I think he#39;s right that there#39;s a big danger, both in the corporate world and government,about this individual who embodies all things and he#39;s just doing it largely himself. Leaders who don#39;t listen can get more and more isolated. Mandela in his own way was very collaborative, trying to draw people in. He understood that he was gonna step down, and so he wanted to build up the capacity for his successor.一本政治书,Archie Brown 的《强大领袖的神话(暂译)》。这是本非常好的书,因为它探讨了不同的领导风格。我想他是正确的,在公司界及政府都存在着一大危机,便是有这么一个人代表一切,且大多时候都自己完成事情。不愿倾听的领导者会变得越来越孤僻。曼德拉自己的风格是非常合作取向的,他试图拉更多人进来。他知道自己有一天会卸任,因此他希望能为他的接班人培养能力。A book called The Grid by Gretchen Bakke. She teaches us about the history of the grid, how it got built up piece by piece. She talks about how it#39;s becoming critical not only for reliability, but to deal with these intermittent energy sources that are in very different locations than the actual uses of the power. So the grid#39;s gonna have to be dramatically better in the future.一本由 Gretchen Bakke 撰写的《电网(暂译)》。她教导我们供电网络的历史,关于它如何被一步一步地建立起来。她描述到,电网不仅对电力稳定性变得重要,在处理间歇性能源方面也很关键,因为电力的来源可能和实际用电的地点相隔甚远。所以电网在未来必须要有巨幅改善。The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee. He did such a good job on the history. He really tells you what the gene is. There#39;s three big domains that genetic technology helps, and one is plants, the other is livestock, and the third is humans.Some countries may be very liberal at letting parents edit genes related to beauty or intelligence. It#39;ll get people up to the point where they can participate in that debate, which will be fairly intense over the next 10 or 20 years.Siddhartha Mukherjee 的《基因:亲密历史(暂译)》。他非常善于描述历史。他确实地告诉你基因是甚么。基因科技有助于三大领域,一是植物,另一个是牲畜,而第三是人类。有些国家可能对于让父母编辑有关美貌或智慧的基因非常开明。这有天会走向全民皆可参与针对那的辩论,而这在未来的十或二十年会逐渐白热化。Loved ing these books, and I hope a few of them are books that you#39;ll enjoy.我爱阅读这些书,我也希望你们会喜欢其中几本。 Article/201703/498522广州越秀割包皮医院

广州的药流医院Scientists believed they knew the answer.科学家曾以为他们找到了It was all down to our unique anatomy.原因在于我们独特的生理结构We have a larynx, or voice box,我们拥有喉 或者说声匣 that#39;s fixed low down in our throat.它在我们喉咙的底部This makes the vocal tract longer这使得我们拥有更长的声道and gives us the physical ability to produce a wide variety of sounds.从而赋予我们发出更多不同声音的能力The voice box of all other animals其它动物的声匣was found to be high in the throat,在喉咙中所处的位置较高leaving them incapable of making the complicated sounds of speech这使得它们无法在自己的短声道中in their short vocal tract.发出复杂的声音But nobody had actually ever seen但没人真正见过inside the throat of an animal as it vocalised.动物发声时其喉咙的状态Tecumseh Fitch had a unique piece of equipment特库姆塞·菲奇有种独特的仪器to solve the problem,来解决这一问题a X-ray machine that had been developed那就是为了研究动物吞咽to study animals swallowing.而研发的视频X光机What we found was really astounding.我们的发现真是令人震惊It wasn#39;t anything we were prepared for by ing the literature结果与我们准备时阅读的文献大相径庭and here#39;s what we saw.这就是我们观察到的 Article/201411/344366广州检查性激素那家医院好 【新闻精讲】Tycoon living begins with a private jet. Whereas yachts are dispensable (not everyone wants to float around for weeks with the same dinner companions) private jets are necessities for the aspiring billionaire. They save valuable time. Even first-class passengers have to wait an hour or so for their flights.要享受大亨式的生活首先得有一架私人飞机。游艇是可有可无的(并非每个人都喜欢花上好几周时间漂游海上,天天和同一群人用餐),但对于未来的亿万富翁而言,私人飞机则是必需品。拥有飞机可以节省宝贵的时间。即使头等舱乘客也得为航班等候一小时左右。jet n.喷气式飞机whereas conj.然而yachts n.游艇dispensable adj.非必须的 (not necessary)- Computers have made typewriters dispensable.companion n.同伴necessity n.必需品- Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for the beach.aspiring adj.有抱负的- aspire v.渴望获取(职业/某种成功)- She aspired to a career in medicine.Private-jet owners can turn up when they want and climb on board. The planes can double as flying offices, and you don’t have to worry about other passengers eavesdropping on your deals or objecting to your sping papers. The flight is smoother (private jets typically fly at 45,000 feet), the seats are more throne-like, and you can bring your pets.而私人飞机机主则可随心所欲地即时登机。飞机可以充当空中办公室,不必担心其他乘客听到你谈的交易,摊开报纸也不会有人提意见。飞行也更顺畅平稳(私人飞机一般在45,000英尺的高度飞行),座椅更加豪华舒适,乘客还可以带上宠物。double v. 又可作为 (to have a second job or use)eavesdrop v.偷听- eavesdropper n.偷听者object v.反对sping adj.展开的smooth adj.顺畅的throne n.王位No longer do you need a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars to have one. With 700 jets, NetJets is now the fifth-largest airline by number of planes, after Southwest Airlines, and it has access to thousands of private airports. Its main innovation was to apply the principle of fractional ownership, or time-sharing, to the ultimate executive tool. Customers buy a share in a jet which entitles them to, say, 200 hours of travel a year.如今,你并不需要身家数亿美元才能坐拥私人飞机。备有700架喷气式飞机的NetJets现已成为排在西南航空公司之后的第五大航空公司(按飞机数量计算),可抵达数以千计的私人机场。该公司的主要创新是把所有权共享或分时共享的原则应用在私人飞机这一“高管终极交通工具”上。客户购买私人飞机的部分所有权进而获得一定使用权,比如,每年200小时的飞行时数。net worth 净值apply v.运用fractional adj.部分的ultimate adj.终极的- The ultimate goal is to increase income.entitle v.使...有资格 (to give a right to someone)- The card entitles my grandmother to the discount for senior citizens.NetJets is skilled at providing its rich clients with an entrée into the cultural world of the super-rich, with hard-to-get tickets to events such as Art Basel, a series of art fairs, and to private dinners with celebrities. The company is also finding ways to bring down the cost: one of its latest ideas is the private-jet equivalent of London Underground’s electronic ticket, the Oyster card. Rather than buying a share in a jet you can buy a pre-paid card that entitles you to a certain number of flying hours a year, with 25 hours’ worth of flights adding up to about Article/201703/498337广州做卵巢囊肿手术那个医院好

东莞去那家医院做解扎手术好 I#39;m a forensic artist. I worked for the San Jose Police Department from 1995 to 2011.我是一位嫌犯肖像素描师。我从1995年到2011年在圣荷西警察局工作。I showed up to a place I#39;d never been, and there was a guy with a drafting board.我到了一个从未去过的地方,有个男人和一块素描版。We couldn#39;t see them. They couldn#39;t see us.我们看不到他们。他们看不到我们。Tell me about your hair.告诉我关于你头发的样子。I didn#39;t know what he was doing, but then I could tell after several questions that he was drawing me.我不知道他在做什么,但接著在几个问题之后,我便能够发现他正在画我。Tell me about your chin.跟我说说你的下巴。It kinda protrudes a little bit, especially when I smile.它有点突出去,特别是当我笑的时候。Your jaw?你的嘴巴呢?My mom told me I had a big jaw.我妈说过我有个大嘴。What would be your most prominent feature?你最明显的特征是什么?I kinda have a fat, rounder face.我好像有张胖胖的、比较圆的脸。The older I#39;ve gotten, the more freckles I#39;ve gotten.我越老就有了越多斑点。I would say I have a pretty big forehead.我会说,我有个蛮大的前额。Once I get a sketch, I say, ;thank you very much,; and then they leave. I don#39;t see them.一旦我有了素描,我说:“很感谢你。”然后他们离开。我不见他们。All I had been told before the sketch was to get friendly with this other woman, Chloe.素描之前我被告知的所有事情就是和这另外一位女士,Chloe,做朋友。Today, I#39;m gonna ask you some questions about the person you met earlier, and I#39;m gonna ask you some general questions about her face.今天,我要问你几个关于你先前认识的人的问题,我要问你几个关于她的样貌的一般问题。She was thin, so you can see her cheek bones. And her chin...it was a nice, thin chin.她瘦瘦的,因此你能看见她的脸骨。还有她的下巴...它是个很棒、瘦瘦的下巴。She had nice eyes. They lit up when she spoke.她有双很棒的眼睛。当她说话,它们便闪闪发光。Cute nose.可爱的鼻子。She had blue eyes, very nice blue eyes.它有双蓝色明眸,非常棒的蓝色眼睛。So here we are. This is the sketch that you helped me create, and that#39;s a sketch that somebody described of you.所以我们到了。这是你帮助我创作出来的素描,而那是某个人描述的你画出的素描。I see. Yeah, that#39;s...我知道了。嗯,那是...She looks closed off and fatter...sadder too. The second one looks more open, friendly and happy.她看起来被隔绝开了而且比较胖...也比较悲伤。第二个看起来更加开朗、友善而且快乐。I should be more grateful of my natural beauty. It impacts the choices in friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children...it impacts everything. It couldn#39;t be more critical to your happiness.对于我的自然美,我应该更感激。它影响着我们对朋友的选择,我们找的工作,我们如何对待孩子们...它影响着每件事情。它对你的快乐来说是再也重要不过的了。Do you think you#39;re more beautiful than you say?你认为你比你所说的还要更美吗?Yeah. Yeah.对。是的。We spend a lot of time as women analyzing and trying to fix the things that aren#39;t quite right, and we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like.我们身为女人花很多时间分析并且试着修正不太对劲的事情,然而我们应该花更多时间去欣赏我们真正喜欢的事物。You are more beautiful than you think.你比你所想像的还要更美。 Article/201410/336970广州妇科医院咨询qq江门什么医院治不孕最好



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