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佛山哪些医院做试管小孩最好东莞医院做结扎恢复手术一般要花多少钱Ever wondered why a relationship may have ended on the wrong note? The answer could be quite simple: it's because of your taste in music. Music actually predicts sexual attraction, according to a recent study.你可曾想过自己的恋情为何会无果而终?可能非常简单:你的音乐品味出了问题。最新一项研究显示,音乐品味会波及你的魅力指数。Before that, researchers duo North and Hargraves say that music functions as a "badge" which people use to not only judge others but at the same time, to express their own ideas. For example the child who wants to appear rebellious picks music that seems like it's made by people who rebel.此前研究人员诺斯和哈格雷夫斯称音乐好似“标识卡”,人们借此来评价他人,同时表达自己的观点。比如一个孩子想表现得离经叛道一点,于是他会选择那些听来出自叛逆者之手的音乐来听。Some researchers also believe that rock is associated with social awareness and rebelliousness while pop is connected to values about gender roles and conformity. Scholars Rentfrow and Gosling discovered that people who like blues, jazz, classical, and folk are liberal and more open to experiences.另外一些研究人员还认为,摇滚音乐代表了社会认知能力和反叛精神,而流行音乐则同性别角色以及大家一致的价值观息息相关。学者雷特弗洛和格斯林发现,喜欢蓝调、爵士、古典以及民乐者更加宽容大度,且愿意尝试不同的生活。A new study published in the Communication Research journal claimed that a woman's devotion to country music diminishes her attractiveness to a potential male mate and a man's interest in country music make him less attractive to women.而最近一个刊登在《交际期刊》的研究声称,一个女人如若喜欢乡村音乐,其在潜在男性伴侣的眼中便会魅力大减,而男人对于乡村音乐的爱好也会让他在女性眼里不那么耀眼。But devotion to classical music and heavy metal rock has a different effect depending on if you're a man or a woman. Fascination with heavy metal rock greatly enhanced the appeal of men, but it proved detrimental to that of women. Adoration of classical music produced the reverse consequences, according to the study. It also found that men were more strongly attracted to women with whom they shared musical tastes.但是对于古典音乐和重金属音乐的热衷则会产生不同影响,这要看爱好者是男性还是女性。对重金属的迷恋可极大提升男性魅力,但会对女性魅力造成不利。而研究显示,对古典音乐的崇拜产生的结果则刚好相反。研究还发现男性对于那些和自己音乐品味相同的女性更有兴趣。 /201102/125053广州那家医院第三代试管好 广州做人流去哪儿好

茂名哪家医院做人工受孕We have entered a new age of embedded, intuitive computing in which our homes, cars, stores, farms, and factories have the ability to think, sense, understand, and respond to our needs. It#39;s not science fiction, but the dawn of a new era.我们正在迈入可穿戴、直觉式计算的新时代。房屋、汽车、商店、农场、工厂,这些东西都将具备思考、感知和行动的能力。这不是科幻小说中的场景,而是我们即将进入的新时代。Most people might not realize it yet, but we are aly feeling the impact of what#39;s known as the third wave of computing. In small but significant ways it is helping us live safer, healthier, and more secure lives. If you drive a 2014 Mercedes Benz, for example, an ;intelligent; system endeavors to keep you from hitting a pedestrian. A farmer in Nigeria relies on weather sensors that communicate with his mobile device. Forgot your medication? A new pill bottle from AdhereTech reminds you via text or automated phone messages that it#39;s time to take a pill.大多数人可能还没有意识到,我们已经感受到第三次计算机革命的影响。它正在细微、然而却显著地帮助我们过上更安全、更健康、更稳定的生活。比如说,假如你驾驶一辆2014款梅赛德斯-奔驰车,它的“智能”系统将防止你撞到行人。尼日利亚的农民用上了可以与个人的移动设备进行信息传递的气象传感器。而AdhereTech推出的新款药瓶则能通过短信或自动电话留言的方式,提醒用户按时药。Technology is being integrated into our natural behaviors, with real-time data connecting our physical and digital worlds. With this dramatic shift in our relationship to technology, companies can adapt their products and services.科技正融入我们的一言一行,实时数据正将我们的现实世界和数字世界联系在一起。我们与技术的关系发生了巨大的改变,企业可以据此调整自己的产品和务。We aly see cities growing ;smarter; by installing sensors to automate the management of parking spaces. To enhance urban security, acoustic sensors coupled with audio and GPS analytics ;listen; to pinpoint the location of gunfire. Within 30 seconds, dispatchers can determine the number of shooters, the shots fired, and even the type of weapon used.我们看到:通过安装传感器,智能城市的管理者们可以更好地规划停车位。而声音传感器是市政安全领域的好手,它们可以通过声音和GPS精确定位声的位置。只需不到半分钟,安全调度员们就能获知开者的人数和击次数,甚至是的型号。Consider health care. Wearable devices allow us to monitor our steps, our sleep patterns, and our calorie intake to ensure we are following doctors#39; orders and meeting our personal goals. Parents of newborns can try a diaper that has a humidity sensor that tweets when it#39;s time for a change.再来看看健康领域。我们能从可穿戴设备上监控自己的运动、睡眠和卡路里消耗等信息,从而确保自己没有违背医生的指示,或是正在努力实现个人健康目标。父母们则可以给新生儿穿上带有湿度传感器的尿布,它能在需要更换时发出声响提醒我们。To understand how revolutionary the third wave is, we ought to consider how far we have come. The first wave began when companies started to manage their operations via mainframe computer systems over 50 years ago. Then computing got ;personal; in the 1980s and #39;90s with the introduction of the PC. For the most part, computing remained immobile and lacked contextual awareness.第三次计算机革命的意义究竟如何?我们不妨回过头来看看历史。第一次是50年前,大型机系统进入公司管理运营领域。上世纪80年代和90年代,随着PC机诞生,计算机进入“个人”时代。但总体而言,“计算”缺乏移动性,而且不那么智能。In computing#39;s second wave, mobile computing and the smartphone took center stage. Billions of people, some who might not have had access to clean water, electricity, or even housing, were connected. Developers created apps and provided consumers with access to just about everything through their phone at the cost of a monthly data plan.第二次计算机革命后期,移动计算和智能手机开始占据主导。全球几十亿人口都通过网络彼此相连,其中很多人甚至还没解决饮用水、电力和住房的问题。软件工程师们开发了无数应用程序,人们几乎可以用手机完成任何事情,需要做的仅仅是付一下手机上网套餐而已。As the third wave gains momentum, designers must meet the demands of clients who want to experiment with new tech.随着第三次计算机革命的突飞猛进,设计师们必须满足消费者不断尝试新技术的需求。Historically, designers have focused their attention on a product#39;s form and function. While that still matters, of course, the definition of a meaningful user experience has expanded significantly and will continue to do so. Instead of creating a single product, designers will need to imagine a suite of connected products and services that have awareness of each other and their surroundings.在此之前,设计师们的重心是产品的外形和功能。当然,这些现在仍是不可或缺的要素,但用户体验的重要性日益凸现,并将在未来起到决定性的作用。打造单一产品的时代已经过去,设计师们需要构造出一整套互相关联的产品和务,还要让它们能够相互感知、相互配合。Stake a claim now, we tell companies, in the space where digital and physical disappear, and products and services mimic and react to our natural behaviors.我们告诉企业,现在就要跑马圈地,占领这个消弥了数字世界与现实世界界限的空间。在这个空间里,产品和务模拟我们的自然行为并对其做出反应。 /201310/261558河源哪里做第三代试管 Japan’s biggest trading company and Asia’s richest man have teamed up in an 0m aircraft leasing joint venture, betting that cheap debt and strong demand from low-cost carriers will sustain a multiyear boom.日本最大贸易公司三菱(Mitsubishi Corp)与亚洲首富李嘉诚将联手创建一家规模为8亿美元的合资飞机租赁公司。他们认为,廉价贷款和来自低成本运营商的强大需求将延续飞机租赁热。Mitsubishi Corp will get the venture started by selling it 15 of the 79 planes owned by its aviation finance unit, MC Aviation Partners. MCAP, which is wholly-owned by Mitsubishi, will contribute 40 per cent of the venture’s equity, with the remainder coming from Cheung Kong Holdings, the main investment vehicle of Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong-based billionaire.三菱将首先把旗下航空金融部门MCAP(MC Aviation Partners)拥有的79架飞机中的15架售予该合资公司。MCAP由三菱全资所有,将为合资公司贡献40%的股本,剩下的将来自李嘉诚旗下主要投资机构长江实业(Cheung Kong Holdings)。The planes – new, narrow-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing – have a combined appraisal value of about 0m, according to MCAP. Assuming that banks provide loans of between 60 per cent and 80 per cent of that value, the partners will contribute equity of 0m to 0m.MCAP称,这些飞机的评估价值总计约8亿美元,为空客( Airbus)和波音(Boeing)生产的窄体新飞机。假设新公司能获得相当于这一评估价值60%至80%的贷款,两家公司还将出资1.60亿美元至3.20亿美元。Within a few years, the aim was to build the venture’s assets to about bn, said Hiroshi Nakanishi, general manager of Mitsubishi’s aviation business department. He noted that demand from budget airlines was expected to push the share of leased planes within the global fleet to about half in five to ten years, from 40 per cent now.三菱航空业务部门总经理Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,新公司的目标是几年内将资产扩大到50亿美元左右。他预计,廉价航空公司的需求将在5到10年内,将租赁飞机占全球飞机总数的比例从现在的40%推升至一半左右。“Depending on discussions with Cheung Kong, more planes could be transferred,” Mr Nakanishi said. “But we need to source new planes from the market.”“根据与长江实业的谈判,可能会有更多飞机转移到新公司,”Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,“但我们需要从市场采购新飞机。”Mr Li is known for his preference for infrastructure in countries with stable regulatory and common law systems. In August, Cheung Kong said it was in talks to buy a bn fleet of 100 aircraft put up for sale by Awas, a European lessor owned by Terra Firma, the private equity group.李嘉诚多年来一直倾向于在有着稳定监管和普通法体系的国家投资于当地基础设施。今年8月,长江实业曾表示,正就以50亿美元购入欧洲租赁公司Awas拍卖的100架飞机展开谈判。Awas由私人股本集团Terra Firma所有。 /201411/340972广州治疗石女去哪好

广州妇幼保健院打胎Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s (005930.SE SSNHY) latest smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, takes advantage of the South Korean electronics company#39;s chip- and display-manufacturing prowess to get its material costs closer to Apple Inc.#39;s (AAPL) costs for the iPhone 5.凭借其制造芯片和显示器的卓越能力,韩国三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)缩小了最新智能手机Galaxy S 4在材料成本方面与苹果公司(Apple Inc.) iPhone 5的距离。An analysis conducted by market-research firm IHS Inc. estimates Samsung#39;s cost of materials and manufacturing to produce the U.S. version of the S 4 is slightly above 7 a unit, according to a report expected to be released on Thursday. That is higher than Apple#39;s 7 production cost for a 32-gigabyte iPhone 5, which has a smaller and less-costly display screen.一份预计于周四发布的报告显示,市场研究机构IHS Inc.的分析报告估计,三星生产一部美国版Galaxy S 4的材料和制造成本仅略高于237美元。苹果生产一部32G版iPhone 5的生产费用为217美元。相比Galaxy S 4,iPhone 5的显示屏尺寸较小,成本也较低。Without a two-year contract, the 16-gigabyte version of the Samsung phone sells for 9 at ATamp;T Inc. (T), and the iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes costs 9 at an Apple store.如没有两年套餐合约,这款三星智能手机的16G版在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc.)的售价为639美元,32G版iPhone 5在苹果专卖店的售价为749美元。Pricing for an unlocked 32-gigabte S 4 hasn#39;t been released.32G版S 4裸机价格还未发布。Most phone manufacturers buy components from many different suppliers. But Samsung, which builds everything from chips to displays, has used its production capabilities to produce many of the key components inside its S 4 phones.大多数手机生产商会从很多不同供应商那里购买零部件。而产品涵盖从芯片到显示屏的三星充分利用了自身的生产能力,S 4手机内配置的很多关键零部件都是三星自产。#39;Samsung#39;s strength is this ability to in-source to itself,#39; IHS analyst Vincent Leung said in an interview. #39;They just keep adding to the list of components that they can supply to themselves.#39;IHS分析师Vincent Leung接受采访时说,三星的优势就是这种“内包”给自己的能力。他说,三星还在不断增加自供零部件的种类。One key component that Samsung didn#39;t produce for its phone sold in the U.S., was the applications processor. U.S. versions of the phone contain a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) that contributes to the overall cost, IHS says.三星这款在美国销售的智能手机有一个非自产的关键元件,那就是应用程序处理器。IHS说,美国版手机采用的是高通公司(Qualcomm Inc.)生产的Snapdragon处理器,在总成本中占了20美元。Versions of the phone sold in Korea and other markets around the world use a Samsung-made chip called Exynos 5 Octa that costs in place of the Qualcomm chip. Samsung manufactures at least four different variations of the phone around the world, including two being sold in the U.S., one to ATamp;T, and another to Verizon Wireless, said Andrew Rassweiler, another IHS analyst.在韩国和世界其它市场上销售的S 4则采用的是三星自产的Exynos 5 Octa芯片,成本为28美元。IHS另一分析师拉斯韦勒(Andrew Rassweiler)说,这款手机三星至少会在世界范围内生产四种不同版本,包括正在美国销售的两个版本,分别提供给电话电报公司和运营商Verizon Wireless。#39;Samsung is demonstrating its ability to suit the tastes of carriers in different regions of the world,#39; Mr. Rassweiler said. #39;It comes down to what the market is willing to spend on the features offered.#39;拉斯韦勒说,三星正在展示其有能力适应世界不同地区运营商的要求,具体取决于当地市场愿为该手机功能投入多少。The fact that Samsung used the Qualcomm-made chip is a testament to the U.S. chipmaker#39;s prowess. #39;Even with all the vertical integration it is doing, it isn#39;t like Samsung has given up on Qualcomm,#39; Mr. Rassweiler said.三星使用高通芯片是对这家美国芯片制造商出色技术水平的佐。拉斯韦勒说,三星即使在进行产品垂直整合的时候,似乎也没放弃高通。One interesting difference between the U.S. and Korean versions of the Galaxy S 4 is the imaging processor.Galaxy S 4美国和韩国版之间有一个很有趣的区别:图像处理器。U.S. versions of the phone contain an image-processing chip made by Japan#39;s Fujitsu Ltd. that added .50 to the total cost. IHS#39;s Mr. Leung says in the Korean versions, some of the image processing is handed off to Samsung#39;s Exynos chip.美国版配备的是日本富士通(Fujitsu Ltd.)生产的图像处理芯片,价格为1.50美元。Leung说,韩国版的部分图像处理工作则由三星的Exynos芯片完成。Samsung also supplied the flash memory used to store data on the device.这款手机配备的数据存储闪存也由三星自供。IHS estimates that the phone#39;s 16 gigabytes of memory added to the material cost of the device.据IHS估计,这款16G版手机的闪存成本为28美元。The Korean company supplied its own display and touch-screen parts, which added to the cost of components.另外,该手机的显示屏和触摸屏零部件也为这家韩国公司自产,成本为75美元。The combined display package also includes Gorilla Glass, a strong glass material made by U.S.-based Corning Inc. (GLW).显示屏组合配置中还有大猩猩玻璃(Gorilla Glass)。这是美国康宁公司(Corning Inc.)生产的一种强化玻璃。The S 4#39;s display is nearly an inch larger than Apple#39;s iPhone 5, raising the Galaxy#39;s material costs.相比苹果的iPhone 5,S 4的显示屏大了近一英寸,其材料成本也相应提高。Samsung is also thought to have supplied itself with several unlabeled components, including the camera module and some wireless baseband chips.此外,还有几种无标元件也被认为是三星自产,如手机摄像头和一些无线基带芯片。A few non-Samsung suppliers include Broadcom Corp., which provided Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips, Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (BRCM), which provided a power management chip, and Triquint Semiconductor Inc. (TQNT), which provided some wireless chips. Subscribe to WSJ: http://online.wsj.com?moddjnwires除三星外,该手机的其它几个供应商分别是提供了蓝牙和Wi-Fi芯片的通(Broadcom Corp.)、提供了电源管理芯片的Maxim Integrated Products Inc.和提供了部分无线芯片的Triquint Semiconductor Inc.等。 /201305/239270 广州长安医院李德州qq咨询东莞什么医院做人工受孕最好




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