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宜昌男健医院做照影哪家医院吗?听力原文:This optimistic scenario depends on converting today’s antagonism into a ce change. The primaries have made clear that a large share of American voters are angry: angry with their own side’s representatives, angry with their opponents and angry with the world. 重点词汇:1 scenario 设想;方案;预测 convert 转变,转换,转化3 antagonism 对抗,敌对听力原文:So far, that anger has been channelled into divisiveness. On the right, Mr Trump has exploited the discontent by insulting his way to the front of the pack, stirring up racial resentment as he goes, delighting crowds with a list of proposals that run from the unethical to the unworkable. On parts of the left, the rage is more polite but, particularly where it is aimed at Wall Street, no less deeply felt.重点词汇:1 channelled 将(精力或情感)专注于;集中 divisive 造成不和的;引起分歧的;制造分裂的3 exploit利用(…为自己谋利) insulting侮辱的;有冒犯性的;无礼的5 pack all the people who are behind the leaders in a race, competition, etc. (统称)竞赛中的落后者 6 stir up 激起(感情)7 racial 种族的; 人种的; 存在或发生于种族之间的8 resentment 愤恨,不满;9 delight使高兴;使愉快;使快乐 unethical 不道德的 rage 暴怒;狂怒听力原文:In recent elections partisan fissures have been reinced by the brutal maths of voter turnout. Polling shows that a majority of Republicans and Democrats believe that the other lot are so depraved as to pose a threat to the nation itself. Because it is hard to persuade people who think like this to switch sides, electoral strategists argue that chasing swing voters is pointless. The easiest extra votes come from the 0% of the electorate who typically stay at home in a presidential poll. Each side theree concentrates on stirring up people who support it but might not vote. That raises the anger to a new pitch. 重点词汇:1 partisan 坚定的持者;铁杆拥护者 fissures 裂缝,裂隙3 brutal 直截了当的;直言不讳的;直率的 voter turnout 选民投票率5 depraved 道德败坏的;堕落的;腐化的6 electorate(一国或一地区的)全体选民听力原文:If this desperate logic is repeated in a Clinton v Trump race, the contest could have consequences both ugly and far-reaching, particularly the Republicans. After winning a race fuelled by anger and led by Mr Trump, the party would almost certainly ditch its attachment to free trade and a muscular eign policy and retreat into isolationism, xenophobia and economic populism. If it survived that shift (a big if), it would by the middle of the century be a white-nationalist party in a country that will be majority non-white. More likely, it would fracture, parts of the Republican coalition spinning off to find a new home elsewhere (see page 36). 重点词汇:1 desperate 绝望的;孤注一掷的;铤而走险的 far-reaching 影响深远的 广泛的,常常接consequences 影响深远的后果;意味深长3 fuelled (以…)作为燃料的 ditch 摆脱;抛弃;丢弃 5attachment 喜欢;爱慕;5 muscular 忠诚 强壮的;肌肉发达的6 retreat 退却;撤退7 isolationism 孤立主义;8 xenophobia 对外国人的憎恶[恐惧];9 populism 平民政治;民粹主义;民意论 fracture 断裂,折断,破裂 coalition 同盟,联盟 spin off 脱胎(于某事物);(从某事物)派生,衍生;随之而产生 spin快速旋转听力原文: Mrs Clinton, going down the angry route might not split the party, but would almost certainly result in defeat. Democrats tend to fare poorly when their anguish overflows and begins to sound like contempt America. It is hard to imagine Mrs Clinton credibly playing the political insurgent. She has decades of experience when the angriest voters want a novice. Nobody can out-hate Mr Trump. So it is encouraging that Mrs Clinton celebrated her victories on Super Tuesday by calling more “love and kindness” in politics. 重点词汇:1 anguish 剧痛;极度痛苦;苦恼 overflow 漫出;溢出;泛滥3 contempt 鄙视;蔑视;轻视 fare [单独使用的动词] well, badly, better, etc. to be successfulunsuccessful in a particular situation 成功(或不成功、更好等)get on The party fared very badly in the last election.听力原文:The opporty a better outcome lies in the asymmetry of the risks. Mrs Clinton has the opporty to put together a coalition of anti-Trump voters broader than the one that carried Barack Obama to victory in and . Despair over Mr Trump has reached such an intensity among some Republicans that the usual rules about there being no swing voters may no longer apply. If Mrs Clinton were to combine a high turnout on her own side with a sizeable number of Republican abstentions and spoilt ballots and some voters who are prepared to switch from red to blue, then Democrats could not just win the presidency with a landslide, but also wrest back control of the Senate. 重点词汇:1 asymmetry 不对称的 intensity强烈;紧张;剧烈3 spoilt宠坏的;娇惯坏的 ballot(无记名)投票选举;投票表决5 landslide一方选票占压倒多数的选举;一方占绝对优势的选举6 wrest (尤指艰难或非法地)攫取,抢夺 Senate 参议院7 swing voter 持独立选票的人;游离选民8 usual rules 通用规则 注释:设有众议院和参议院的国家有很多,下面以美国打比方,美国的参议院有共和党和民主党,还有部分小党派众议院是根据公民人数组成的,众议员代表着选民的利益,所以人口多的州众议员也多,表决的优势也就多 参议院是来自各州的,每州两人,总数一百人,参议员代表着各州的利益美国所有的政策法规提案都是由众议院起草并通过,而后提交参议院审核参议院只能表决通过或是不通过,但不能对提案进行修改 这样的权利分工的目的是: 任何提案都是为了公民的利益,但不能因人口多的州,而损害到人口少的州的利益 所以众议院为了让提案在参议院能够顺利通过,在草拟提案是就必须考虑到各州的利益,一旦参议院通过,就最后交给总统批准执行 总统则代表着整个国家的利益,他可以有权否定提案听力原文:To m this coalition stopping the blond Berlusconi, Mrs Clinton would have to woo moderate, business-minded Republicans, and such folk would in turn have to put the national interest ahead of their tribe’s victory in November. Republicans like to talk about the importance of character (see Lexington); Mr Trump offers a chance to show that means something. Mr Trump often insults other Republicans; they owe him no loyalty. Some prominent Republicans have aly begun to attack him, including Mitt Romney, the party’s nominee in . More will have to make that move.重点词汇:1 Berlusconi 贝卢斯科尼 woo 争取…的持;寻求…的赞同 求爱3 folk 人们;大家 tribe 部落 prominent 突出的,杰出的; 突起的; 著名的;听力原文:Don’t throw it away After the election a broad coalition could melt away as fast as it had med. Democrats could use their advantage to ce through what they can without the support of their opponents while they have the chance. They would then be punished in subsequent elections and the federal government would return to its familiar divided self: unable to pass budgets, trim spending on entitlements or find money to repair roads.重点词汇:melt融化 subsequent 随后的;后来的;之后的;接后的 trim 修剪;修整 听力原文:Or a President Hillary Clinton might argue the virtues of democratic compromise, and not claim that she can magically give her core voters everything they want all of the time. If she were able to pursue a different kind of politics, one that seeks to deal with some Republican concerns as well as Democratic ones, she might just hold the new consensus together longer, reshaping the parties, making the country more governable and burying Mr Trump’s offer of an America turned against itself. This is the distant promise that holds. As the battle lines are drawn, try to bear it in mind.重点词汇:1 virtues 高尚的道德;正直的品性;德行 consensus 一致的意见;共识欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 580宜昌男健医院男科专家 赫芬顿邮报:对于很多美国学生来说,现在又到了高中生申请大学的时间了,很多学生也开始纠结;上大学到底值不值得;.Huffington Post: This is the time of year when high school seniors apply to college, and some people start to consider whether college is worth the cost.People with college degrees continue to earn far more than people without them. And that college ;premium; keeps rising.Last year, Americans with four-year college degrees earned on average 98 percent more per hour than people without college degrees.In the early 1980s, graduates earned 6 percent more. So even though college costs are rising, the financial return to a college degree compared to not having one is rising even faster. 3795荆门治疗阳痿多少钱

宜昌传统包皮手术多少钱讲解Today’s key word is McDonald’sMcDonald’s 麦当劳McDonald’s is the world largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.Here is a delicious example:I love cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.我炒鸡喜欢麦当劳的芝士汉堡我们今天要说的这位大哥,去麦当劳点滴不是汉堡,而是咖啡话说,在那遥远的美洲大陆上,There is a country called Puerto Rico(波多黎各)One day,一个飞行员决定带着他的朋友飞到外面溜达一圈During their trip, this pilot(飞行员) and his friend felt thirsty(口渴),想来杯咖啡提提神But, they were not on a passenger flight(航班), there were no drinks on their plane.于是,飞行员大哥就问,“去麦当劳喝个咖啡呗?就这么愉快地决定了!”下一秒,this Puerto Rican pilot(波多黎各的飞行员) decided to land his small plane in a grassy(长草的) area next to a McDonald’s to buy himself and his passenger a coffee.他们倒是开心了,旁边人吓一跳呢听说过开车去吃麦当劳的,走路去吃麦当劳的,组团去吃麦当劳的,这开飞机来的那谁见过啊于是,本着对人民负责的态度,Another customer in the McDonald’s called the police. He thought it may be some terrorists or thieves like in the Hollywood movie. 警察叔叔来了以后就问了,飞机是你们的吗?What are you doing here? They said that they left the airport and landed here to get coffee.生活就是要这样洒脱随意滴过警察一看,霸气啊,人家也没犯法,Theree the pilot and his passenger were not arrested(逮捕) and - after getting their cups of coffee and speaking with the agents(特工人员) - continued their trip with no further delay(延误).只能说,土豪的世界你别猜,Although we can’t fly our plane to get a cup of coffee,但我可以走路去McDonald吃薯条啊,我买两包大薯条,一包蘸酱吃,一包不蘸酱吃,就是这么任性走了,吃薯条去 5369 文邀请同事一同前往观看,对方却拒绝去电影院,还振振有辞地说看电影从来不去影院,一向在家下载了看,方便省事更重要的是免费哟!对此,文有不同的看法,影院观影不仅充分展示电影本质的声光电元素,付费观影亦是对从业人员劳动的尊重相比国外对影音版权的重视,看惯免费电影的国人也许可以从意识上开始慢慢接收“正版付费”的概念, 毕竟好多你热爱的影视剧网站逐渐关闭,大势所趋免费剧餐终将终结我:嘿,王牌特工终于上映了,走咱们瞧瞧去!同事:是啊,我也期待已久,街头混混变超强特工,这故事太吸引人了,不过我可不打算去电影院买票看我:这电影刚上映呢!不买票那你打算怎么看呢?哦,我知道了难道你想从网上免费下载下来看?同事:没错,等电影下线不久就可以下载了,干嘛花钱去看电影,我从来都是如此而且我不认为看电影非得去电影院,在家看也挺好!我:好吧,关于这一点我有不同看法这么跟你说吧,首先,这是一部非常好的电影,有经典爆米花电影的一切要素:英伦绅士大战美国嘻哈恶棍,各种各样的特工装备,美英口音大战,屌丝逆袭的剧情,最后时刻的嘴炮对决等等等等,单单科林·费斯精的表演就值回票价同事:这个我承认我:其次,电影院拥有更好的声光效果,那种临场感是在电脑和电视不能比拟的,况且和朋友、家人一起去影院还可以交流感情,一起哭一起笑,使得关系更加融洽同事:这个我倒是没想到我:最重要的一点就是,网上下载影片是不道德的,这在国外是违法的,甚至要罚款或者判刑国外对于版权的保护非常重视,花钱去影院或者买DVD是人们自然而言的行为,不然谁还有动力去拍好的电影呢?同事:难道是因为保护电影业的原因,最近我们国家也对影视剧的版权保护开始立法,去年好多影视剧网站都被关掉了?我:正是如此所以如果你想看电影,最好买票去看,想听音乐,也最好花钱购买正版CD,这不仅是合法行为,也是对电影、音乐工作者的尊重,他们的劳动理应得到尊重同事:的确是这样,我也想通了,突然觉得自己好像做贼心虚,我再也不看盗版电影了,咱们一起去电影院吧我:走着!New words dialogue:Let me put it this wayLast but not least (Sth) is just as goodPopcorn flick I can’t agree with you more听力中英文本敬请期待下其内容! 37683宜昌治疗尖锐湿疣的价格宜昌市男科妇科网上预约



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