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Are you easily provoked? Wish you had a strategy to remain cool, calm and collected when someone makes you angry? 你容易被激怒吗?是不是希望在有人惹你生气时能有一种方法让自己保持冷静、镇定和沉着? New research says you should try this: Pretend you#39;re viewing the irritating situation from a distance, rather than actively participating in it. 最新的研究表明,你应该试试这种方法:假装你是在从远处旁观令人生气的场景,而不是参与其中的局内人。 The study, from researchers at The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, shows that this strategy, called #39;self-distancing,#39; can help minimize how angry and aggressive people become when someone aggravates them. It also shows that this technique can be learned quickly - and can work in the heat of the moment, when people are most likely to act aggressively. 俄亥俄州立大学(Ohio State University)和密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究员所做的这项研究表明,这种被称为“自我疏离”(self-distancing)的方法有助于将人们在被激怒时的愤怒和攻击性降到最低。研究还表明,这种方法学起来很快,而且能在人们最有可能表现出攻击性的关键时刻起作用。 #39;People don#39;t self-distance naturally; when they become angry, they naturally ruminate on it,#39; says Brad J. Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State and one of the study#39;s co-authors. This, he says, #39;keeps the aggressive thoughts and angry feelings active in your mind, which makes it more likely that you#39;ll act aggressively.#39; 俄亥俄州立大学传播学和心理学教授、该研究报告作者之一布什曼(Brad J. Bushman)说,人们不会自然地进行“自我疏离”;当他们生气时,会很自然地沉迷于自己的情绪当中。他说,这会让攻击性的想法和愤怒的情绪活跃在脑子里,从而使人更有可能表现出攻击性。 The findings, published online in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, were gathered from two related experiments. 这项发表在《实验社会心理学杂志》(Journal of Experimental Social Psychology)网站上的研究结果是从两个相关的实验中得来的。 All of the subjects were told that they were participating in a study of the effects of music on creativity. They were asked to try and solve difficult anagrams (rearranging letters to form words such as #39;pandemonium#39; or #39;lieutenant#39;) in seven seconds with Igor Stravinsky#39;s Rite of Spring playing loudly, and to announce their answers over an intercom. 所有研究对象都被告知是参加一项音乐对创造性的影响的研究。研究人员要求他们尝试在七秒钟内解决很难的拆字重组字谜(重组单词中的英文字母组成“pandemonium”或“lieutenant”等单词),并通过对讲系统说出自己的。解字谜的同时大声播放着斯特拉文斯基(Igor Stravinsky)的《春之祭》(Rite of Spring)。 To provoke them, the experimenters interrupted repeatedly, first telling them to speak louder and eventually saying, #39;This is the third time I have to say this! Can#39;t you follow directions? Speak louder!#39; 为了激怒他们,实验人员不停地打断他们,先是让他们提高嗓门,最后说“这是我第三次这么说了!你就不能按要求做吗?再大点声!” The participants were then assigned to one of three groups and asked to replay the scene in their mind for 45 seconds. The immersion group was told to view it as if it were happening all over again. The self-distancing group was told to look at it from a distance. The control group received no specific directions. 接着研究人员将参与者分成三组,并让他们在脑中将刚才的场景回想45秒钟。第一组被告知回想时要身临其境。“自我疏离”小组被告知从远处观察。对照组没有接到任何具体的指令。 Then the real experiments started. In the first, 94 college students were asked to report their mood and to complete words that had blank letters. In the second one, 86 students were told they were competing with a partner to see who could push a button faster. The winner could then blast the loser with an intense noise through a headset, choosing the decibel level and duration. 接着真正的实验开始了。在第一个实验中,研究人员要求94名大学生说出自己的情绪,并完成有字母空白的单词。(Ki**可以是kite、kiss或kill。)在第二个实验中,86名学生被告知他们要与一位同伴比赛,看谁更快按下按钮。然后赢的人可以在耳机里向输的人发出刺耳的噪声,分贝和持续时间由赢的人定。 The result: Students who used the self-distancing strategy were less angry and irritable - and behaved less aggressively, using shorter and less intense noise blasts - than those who used the self-immersion approach or those in the control group. 结果是:相对身临其境组或对照组的学生,用自我疏离方法的学生没那么生气和易怒,行为的攻击性也较小。 #39;The better approach is to step back and view the situation like a fly on the wall,#39; says Dr. Bushman. 布什曼士说,最好的方法是抽身而出,把发生的场景当作 上的一只苍蝇来看。 /201207/192276

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.要有吸引人的双唇,请说好意的言语。  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.要有美丽的双眼,请寻索他人的优点。For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.要有纤细的身材,请与饥民分享愕氖澄铩?For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once aday.要有亮丽的头发,请让小孩每日触摸你的头发。For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.要有自信的态度,请学习你不曾学过的知识。People, even more than things, have to be restored, revived, reclaimed andredeemed; never throw out anyone.人之所以为人,是必须充满精力、自我悔改、自我反省、自我成长;并非向人抱怨。Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you"ll find them at the end ofeach of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have twohands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.请记得,如果你需要帮助,你永远有你的手可以自己动手。当你成长后,你会发觉你有二只手,一只帮助自己,一只帮助它人。The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that shecarries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seenfrom in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place wherelove resides.女人的美丽不存在于她的饰、她的珠宝、她的发型;女人的美丽必须从她的眼中找到,因为这才是她的心灵之窗与爱心之房。The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in awoman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives,the passion that she shows.女人的美丽不是表面的,应该是她的精神层面-是她的关怀、她的爱心以及她的热情。The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.女人的美丽是跟著年龄成长。 /200911/88372


  Musician Gavin Rossdale and his son Kingston are seen in Los Angeles. Rossdale is married to singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani, and the couple has another son named Zuma.   加文·罗斯代尔和儿子金斯顿在洛杉矶。罗斯代尔的妻子是歌手兼时装设计师格温·史蒂芬尼,这对夫妇的另一个儿子叫祖马。 /200910/87652。


  ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Red is the color that matches your fiery personality, so use it as your main shade in all your outfits, and spice up your hairstyle with some red hair extensions. Your cheekbones are your best feature, and earrings, especially hoops, help show them off. You look stylish in hats of all kinds, from berets to panamas.白羊:炽热的红色很衬白羊座热情似火的个性,用它作为你全套行头的主色调是再好不过了。头发也可以配以红色来提亮。你的颧骨长得很漂亮,要是配上适合的耳环一定非常有型。此外,各种款式的帽子,如贝蕾帽或是巴拿马风格的帽子也会让整个人看上去很时髦。 /201106/141595SCORPIO The Scorpion style is QUALITY instead of quantity. Magnetism is a natural quality of yours and you should make the most of it with your choice of fragrance. You wear orientals much better than any other star sign, they suit your passion and air of mystery. The fragrance to suit your Scorpion qualities is Guerlain.天蝎:蝎子注重品质胜于数量。天生对异性有着巨大吸引力的你在选择香水时更应把握好这一点。你比其它星座更适合亚洲的香水,它们能完美诠释你的与神秘。Guerlain 就是如此。 /201208/195190

  SHOWER OR BATH?  冲澡还是泡澡?  Answer: Shower  It’s a healthier way to clean your body than soaking in the water you wash in.  冲澡比浸泡在水里更有利健康。  But baths are brilliantly relaxing. Use the shower head to rinseoff afterwards.  但是泡澡更舒,不过泡完了还是要用莲蓬头冲洗一下。充足的睡眠是健康生活的关键 /201004/101840

  Although 40,000 people gathered on May 26th and 27th for Shanghai#39;s Matchmaking Expo, Yu Bin doesn#39;t expect to find a wife among them. Mr Yu, a 26-year-old policeman, describes himself as conservative and is looking for a woman with ;traditional virtues;. His attendance at the expo, the city#39;s largest yet, is a long shot; he would prefer a marriage set up by colleagues or by his parents. It worked for them 30 years ago, he says.尽管5月26日至27日有四万人参加了上海婚恋览会,但余斌(音)并不期望在其中找到另一半。余先生今年26岁,是一名警察,自认为是一名保守的男人,正在寻找一位拥有;传统美德;的女性。他参加这次婚恋览会(尽管这是上海市最大的一次了),成功找到另一半的机会相当渺茫;他更希望通过同事或父母介绍对象。他说,30年前,父母们的婚姻就是这样建立起来的。On the other side of the vast expo park, Fancy Huang is arguing with her mother. At 25, Ms Huang (who chose her English name herself) is two years shy of the ded age at which she will be branded a shengnu, or ;leftover woman;. Her cousins are all married, so her parents are applying pressure. Ms Huang#39;s mother is stewing. ;Sometimes my daughter says she would rather buy a flat by herself and live alone,; she says. ;It#39;s so bizarre.;在宽阔世园的另一边,范希·黄正在与她的母亲争论。黄女士(她的英文名是自己取的)今年25岁,再过两年,她将会被人称为剩女。她的表兄们都已经结婚了,因此她的父母正在催她结婚。黄女士的母亲焦虑不安。她说:;有时我的女儿说她宁愿自己买一套房子一个人生活。这太奇怪了。;Mr Yu and Ms Huang are just two of the thousands of young people trying to navigate China#39;s modern marriage market. At the expo there is no shortage of assistance. On one stage, a glamorous woman in a fuchsia minidress is hosting a public matchmaking session. A bachelor comes onstage and sings a song to 12 female contestants who hold up paddles with either a smiley or a sad face. Elsewhere, mass speed-dating events are under way. Dating agencies vie for singles to sign up. Their websites are wildly popular in China. One such site, Jiayuan, is listed on America#39;s NASDAQ stockmarket.余先生和黄女士只是数千名年轻人中的两位,他们正在试图摸清中国的现代婚恋市场。在览会上并不缺少帮助。在一个舞台上,一位身穿紫红色短裙的美女正在主持一场大众相亲会。单身男子上台向十二名女嘉宾唱一首歌,然后女嘉宾要么举起笑脸的牌子,要么举起伤心表情的牌子。其他地方正在开展大众速配活动。婚恋公司相互竞争让单身们成为自己网站的注册用户。它们的网站在中国广受欢迎。一家这样的网站——世纪佳缘网已经在美国的纳斯达克股票市场上市。In the past 30 years the Chinese search for a spouse has, like so much else, been transformed. Confucian thought emphasised a match#39;s significance for society rather than for the individuals involved. Though formal arranged marriages were banned in 1950, parents and colleagues continued well into the new century to help couples pair up (some still do).在过去30里,与许多其他事情一样,中国人寻找另一半的方式已经改变了。儒家思想强调婚姻之于社会的意义而不是之于个人的意义。尽管在1950年已经禁止公开的包办婚姻,但父母和同事帮忙相亲一直持续到了新世纪(现在仍然是如此)。The recent decline of such practices, especially in cities, in favour of choosing your own mate, has coincided with huge demographic shifts. China#39;s skewed birth ratio (118 boys to every 100 girls) means that there will be a surplus of about 24m bachelors by 2020. And women#39;s increasing socio-economic freedom makes them pickier when choosing a husband.最近这种情况减少了,更倾向于自己找对象,在城市尤其是如此,这正好赶上了巨大的人口变迁。中国扭曲的出生率(男女出生比率为118比100)意味着,到2020年,近2400万名男子将成为光混。而随着女性在社会经济方面的自由度越来越大,她们在挑选丈夫时将更加挑剔。Mr Yu, the traditionalist, remains hopeful. ;We just haven#39;t been in the right place at the right time,; he says of his putative partner. Other bachelors are less patient. Last month, the ;Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show; launched in the southern city of Guangzhou. Eleven Chinese millionaires are paying a luxury matchmaking agency 5m yuan (0,000) for assistance. One of them, a billionaire, has particular requirements: suitable candidates should be aged 20-26, weigh less than 50kg (110lb) and have no sexual experience. So far more than 5,000 young women have applied.传统的余先生仍然满怀希望。他在谈到自己今后的另一半时说:;我们只是缘分未到而已。;其他单身们就没这么沉得住气了。上月,南部城市广州发起了;亿万富豪十城求偶秀;。11位中国的百万富豪付500万元(合79万美元),向一家豪华的婚恋公司求助。其中一位亿万富翁开出了特殊的条件:年龄20-26岁、体重不超过50公斤(合110磅)、纯洁之身才可入围。到目前为止已有5000多名年轻女性报名申请。 /201206/187188

  For guests used to staying in the best rooms at luxury hotels, the top suite at the Four Seasons Hotel New York may offer the ultimate in bragging rights: To sleep in it, you have to stomach its ,000 a night price tag.对于习惯住在豪华酒店最好客房的客人而言,纽约四季酒店的顶级套房可以为他们提供最牛的炫耀资本:要想在里面过夜,你必须得付每晚35,000美元的价格。 The Ty Warner Penthouse, named for the Beanie Baby mogul and the hotel's owner, is the most expensive hotel room in the country outside of Las Vegas, an important distinction in the industry since rooms in the gambling capital are often comped for high rollers.以豆豆娃(Beanie Baby)大亨、该酒店所有者的名字命名的泰#8226;沃纳顶楼套房(Ty Warner Penthouse)是(在这个之都,豪赌者通常都会获赠客房住宿,因此这里是美国重要的酒店业地区)之外美国最昂贵的酒店客房。 The suite has sweeping views of Manhattan in every direction, bathroom sinks made of solid blocks of rock crystal and a personal butler on-call 24 hours a day. Guests have the use of a Maybach or Rolls-Royce--with driver, of course. Room service from the hotel's restaurants, including one run by celebrity chef Joel Robuchon, is included in the price and nearly unlimited (though one guest was charged for a ,000 order of caviar).这间套房可以从各个角度将曼哈顿的景色尽收眼底,浴室水槽是由透明水晶砖砌成的,还有一名一天24小时随叫随到的私人管家。客人拥有一辆迈巴赫(Maybach)或劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的使用权──当然,车上配有司机。住宿价格含酒店餐厅提供的客房送餐务,包括由名厨若埃尔#8226;罗比雄(Joel Robuchon)主理的餐厅,而且几乎是无限量的(但若要点鱼子酱,每位客人需加收1,000美元)。The suite, which opened in 2007, cost million to build and took seven years to design, the hotel says.该酒店称,这间套房于2007年投入使用,建造成本为5,000万美元,花了7年时间设计。 /201007/109299。

  The majority of people who look at their health usually start off their quest for wellness with losing weight. In this month of February, as people are still working on their goals and resolutions, there are more advertisements and promotions for weight loss and fitness s, programs and workouts.I set myself on the quest to compile a list of 40 ways one could lose weight fast and more importantly keep off putting the weight back on. The list is by no means conclusive, but it is a collection of ideas, methods and strategies from all around the world.1. Count your calories - the most straightforward method is simply to count up the number of calories you take in and the number of calories you give off and then you simply give off more calories than you take in.2. Increase your dietary protein by having a protein shake at least once a day. Protein will help your body facilitate weight loss and can be important to a good plan.3. Pay attention to what you eat. Document it daily in your journal and consciously create more water-rich healthier meals.4. Buddy up. Find a friend who is also interested in weight loss and work together, giving each other support in your plans. The support and accountability a friend gives is massive. The Get A Life 2008 system provides a great structure for this.5. Decrease your carb intake. Eat less b and pasta.6. Avoid junk food altogether. No more McDonalds, Burger Kind, KFC. Junk food gives you “empty calories” and unneeded weight loss.7. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Read about starting your day with a pint of water in the free How to Live Healthy in an Unhealthy World book.8. Plan your workouts. Your workouts need to be planned - journal exactly what you’re going to do and make sure you follow it strictly for a few weeks.9. Get some good sleep. Sleep is vital to body rejuvenation and repair so make sure you get some good sleep and keep your timings consistent. Lack of sleep can contribute to lack of weight loss.10. Go on a juice detox.11. Listen to subliminal or self-hypnosis weight loss CDs or downloads.12. A positive attitude. Get your attitude in check and realise the outlook is positive when you get going and sheding the amount of weight you want to lose.13. Accept how weight loss works. This one is important. Some people don’t want to accept the natural processes of body and are looking for quick rewards. Weight loss takes place over time so be consistent and committed, and you will see big results.14. Keep hunger quiet. When you feel hungry, opt for fresh fruit or a glass of water. This will help cover the hunger.15. Get your free gym trial and see if it’s for you. Meet with a personal trainer and map out your plan for weight loss. These guys are the experts in helping you get a safe plan that meets your time schedules.16. Follow Honey Kalaria’s Bollywood Workout, also used by Madonna - a fun way to workout and lose weight.17. Read Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” and all his extra free bonuses.18. Increase Metabolism. If you’re having trouble losing weight, try a natural supplement that helps do this.19. Go on a low fat diet. Low fat is good for your heart too.20. The Atkins Diet. This seems to work as there are success stories but many people feel nauseated by the high fat content. It also doesn’t seem to keep you healthy for life.21. Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.22. Try the Lemonade Diet and Master Cleanse.23. Form a new weight loss habit in 21 days.24. Take Suvaril. This is a revolutionary weight loss pill helping people achieve healthy and great looking bodies the natural way.25. Eat only until satisfied. Too many people eat and eat and eat even if they’ve had enough. Eat only till your satisfied.26. Jog up a hill. Hills are like lifting weights for runners. Do this only if you have enough endurance built up. It will also help convert useful fat to a little muscle.27. Follow Leo’s Zen Weight Loss plan.28. Stay away from sweetened and fizzy drinks.29. Drink a glass of water before you start the meal. Water naturally needs some space so that you feel fuller without actually having to stuff yourself.30. Stay away from fried foods. Fried foods are fried in oil or fat. And even if the external oil is drained away, there is still a lot of hidden oil in it so stay away from it.31. Avoid chocolate. Chocolates are not or at least they should not be a part of your diet. So do not indulge too much in them.32. Consider going Vegetarian or Vegan. Here’s how.33. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three large meals. It is an excellent way of having smaller quantities of food.34. No more beer. Beer can be fattening if had on a regular basis.35. Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them, or even better, eat them fresh.36. Do not be a couch potato.37. Try out Carol Vorderman’s 28 Day Detox Diet.38. Attend The Raw Food Party with Peter Pure.39. Try yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways of losing weight. And it seems to be massive in 2008!40. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s plans, body and patterns are different. Work at your own pace. /200810/51290

  编者按:喜欢打扮、追求时尚再也不是女孩子的专利了,有的男生比女生还要懂得衣着打扮之道,比女生还关注时尚动向的男生越来越多。套用一个时尚一点的词语,他们被称为“粉雄族”。Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed。一项调查显示,保养、修护、滋润皮肤是全世界在意形象的消费者们的首要大事,而且他们将为此采取越来越 “极端”的措施。A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend。AC尼尔森调查集团对46个国家开展的一项调查发现,三分之一的人在护肤上的花销占美容总花销的大头,这一潮流为亚洲和美国的消费者所引领。Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleaching products and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object。调查显示,皮肤美白在亚洲最为盛行,十分之一的亚洲消费者购买过皮肤漂白产品,50%的人称如果经济上不成问题,他们会去做美白护理。The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks, peels, serums and oils。此外,调查预测,使用面膜、去角质用品、乳液和精油类等护肤品的人将大幅增加。 /201006/107279

  【中英对照】1. Create a plan for each day--use the plan to organize your day, but don't be married to the plan--remain flexible.每天做一个计划——用这个计划来安排你的日子,但不要过于死板,要保持灵活性。 2. Keep a list of your priorities in view. Measure your to-dos and planned actions against them.将考虑中的事情按主次列一个表,衡量它们的重要性并且有计划地对待。3. Ask of each new task before you: "Who is the best person to be doing this task?"对你面临每一个新任务的时候问一句,“谁是完成这个任务的最佳人选?”4. Ask specifically for what you want, including conditions of satisfaction, and timeframes. Don't expect people to your mind.明确的提出你需要的东西,包括满意的条件以及时间的构成。不要指望别人了解你的心思。5. Skip the morning news on TV. It's primarily negative. Skip the late night news on TV. It's even more negative than the morning news. Go to sleep earlier, , or write a journal.不要看早间新闻, 它们大多是消极的。不看晚间新闻, 它们更消极。早点上床,阅读或写一篇日记。6. Start each day with 30-60 minutes of ing--business, educational or inspirational.每天早上阅读30-60分钟——可以是商业的,有教育意义的或是启发心智的书籍。7. Refine and clarify your vision. Where are your actions taking your organization?精练地阐明你的见解。你行为的最终目的是什么?8. Whatever you are currently complaining about--stop it.无条件放弃你现下所有的抱怨。9. Use the 80/20 rule to your advantage.用80/20的准则对待你的收益。(注:80/20的准则——销售额的80%来自20%的客户或20%的产品,停止把你80%的时间花在只有20%生意的80%的顾客和产品上, 将你80%的时间化在带来80%生意的的顾客和产品上。) /200905/71942

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