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惠州惠城区不孕不育预约惠州早泄病医疗医院惠州治疗尿道炎专科医院 In this photo released by China#39;s Xinhua News Agency, people in pandacostumes pose in front of a Chengdu Airlines ARJ21-700 plane before its firstcommercial flight at Chengdu Shuangliu InternationalAirport in Chengduin southwestern China#39;s Sichuan Province Tuesday, June 28, 2016. TheARJ21-700, made by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC),is China#39;sfirst homegrown regional airliner and can seat 78 to 90 passengers depending onits configuration. (Ding Ting/Xinhua via AP) NO SALES该照片由中国新华社发布,2016年6月28日,星期二,在中国西南部四川省的成都双流国际机场,人们在成都航空公司的ARJ21-700客机首次商业飞行之前,装扮成大熊猫,并在ARJ21-700前摆出熊猫姿态。ARJ21-700由中国商用飞机有限责任公司(COMAC)制造,是中国首架线飞机,依据不同外形,可装载78到90名乘客。(丁婷/新华社报道,源自美联社)不出售。SHANGHAI (AP) — The first regional jetproduced in China#39;sinitiative to compete in the commercial aircraft market made its debut flightTuesday carrying 70 passengers.上海(美联社)——中国制造的第一架线飞机首次投入到民用客机市场竞争中来,并于周二首次飞行,承载70名乘客。The ARJ21 — or Asian Regional Jet for the21st Century — is intended to make its state-owned manufacturer, CommercialAircraft Corp. of China, acompetitor to Bombardier Inc. of Canadaand Brazil#39;sEmbraer SA.ARJ21客机——或21世纪亚洲线客机——中国打算以此来使中国商用飞机有限责任公司这一国有制造商,与加拿大庞巴迪飞机制造厂以及巴西航空工业公司竞争。;The first flight of the ARJ21 marksthe beginning of commercial, or passenger, operations for the ARJ21 andsignifies the first time a domestically made regional jet has been used by aChinese airline,; said the COMAC chairman, Jin Zhuanglong.中国商用飞机有限责任公司董事长金壮龙说“ARJ21的首次飞行标志着ARJ21商业用途,或者载客用途,或者运营作用的开始,并意味着中国航空公司首次使用国内生产的线飞机”。The ARJ21 initiative was launched in 2002.It was scheduled to deliver its first plane in 2007 but that was pushed backdue to technical problems.ARJ2提议在2002年推出。计划在2007年制造出第一架飞机,但由于技术问题,该计划被推迟完成。A full-size jetliner under development byanother state-owned company, the C919, is aimed at competing with Boeing Co.and Airbus. After delays blamed on manufacturing problems, the C919 is due tofly this year and enter service in about 2019.另一国有公司正在研发另一种大型客机C919,并打算与波音公司及空中巴士竞争。由于制造问题, C919预计在今年试飞,2019投入民用务。Boeing forecasts China#39;s total demand for civilianjetliners over the next two decades at 5,580 planes worth a total of 0billion.波音预测,在接下来的二十年里,中国需要5,580架民用飞机,总价值为7800亿美元。 /201606/451974惠州包皮手术大概要多少钱

河源市妇幼保健人民中医院治疗生殖感染价格惠州市中医男科医院男科大夫 China#39;s first domestically produced single-aisle passenger jet, the C919, is expected to take to the sky for its maiden flight on Friday, as the country endeavors to meet soaring domestic travel demand and break the global market duopoly of Boeing Co and Airbus Group SE.在国内旅游需求不断上升急需满足,以及波音公司和空中客车集团垄断全球航空市场的环境下,中国首架自主生产的单通道喷气式飞机C919预计在本周五进行首飞。The debut flight is set to take place at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, subject to weather conditions, the C919#39;s Shanghai-based manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, said on Wednesday.中国商飞公司(C919飞机制造商,总部位于上海)周三称,飞机首飞地点定于上海浦东国际机场,但不排除受天气条件影响顺延。Soon after it was established in 2008, COMAC began the research to develop the twin-engine C919, which would be used for medium-haul flights with 158 to 174 seats. It is expected to compete with the updated Airbus A320 and the new-generation Boeing B737.中国商飞公司于2008年成立,之后不久,就开始着手研发双引擎C919飞机,以期为备有158-174个座位的中程航班务。研发人员希望C919能够与空中客车集团新型A320飞机和波音公司新一代B737飞机形成竞争。China has its own military and regional aircraft manufacturers, and the development of the airplane serves as a key index to assess the country#39;s industrial and technical manufacturing capacity.中国已经拥有了自己的军用飞机和线飞机制造商,此架飞机的研发成为衡量中国产业和技术制造水平的一个重要指标。;The first flight of the C919 signals that China will be able to make a significant breakthrough for the country#39;s civil aircraft manufacturing industry, and it could have the opportunity to break the monopolies of Boeing and Airbus,; said Lin Zhijie, an aviation industry analyst and columnist at Carnoc.com, a large Chinese civil aviation website.航空业分析家、民航资源网(国内大型民航类网站)专栏作家林智杰说:“C919飞机的首飞是一个信号,这意味着中国将在国产民用飞机制造业实现重要突破,中国将有机会打破波音公司和空中客车集团的垄断。”Despite the promising future, Lin said the C919#39;s entry to the market won#39;t occur soon. The date it goes into operation is expected to be between 2020 and 2022.尽管前景广阔,但林智杰认为C919不会很快进入市场,预计投入运营的时间应该在2020年到2022年之间。So far, COMAC has received 570 orders for the C919 from 23 clients, including domestic airlines such as the State-owned Air China, China Southern and China Eastern; and private airlines Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines. China Eastern will be the first to take delivery.截至目前,中国商飞C919已经接到了来自23家客户的共570架订单,其中包括一些国内航空公司,比如中航、南航以及东航等国企,以及海航、川航等私企。商飞公司将首先向中国东航交付飞机。Overseas orders account for about 10 percent of the total, including airlines from Germany and Thailand and others from the Asia Pacific region and Africa.海外订单大约占据了总订单的10%,其中有来自德国、泰国、亚太地区和非洲的航空公司。Boeing earlier predicts that China will need 5,110 new single-aisle airplanes through 2035, accounting for 75 percent of the total delivery for China from global aircraft manufacturers.波音早先预计,中国到2035年将新需5110架单通道飞机,占中国对国际飞机制造商总需求的75%。;While the program has faced its share of challenges-like any development program of this size-the results speak for themselves,; said Steven Lien, president of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, one of the C919#39;s suppliers.霍尼韦尔航空航天集团亚太区总裁史蒂文?利恩说,“就像其他同规模的研发项目一样,C919也面临着自己的挑战,但是结果会说明一切。”该集团是C919供应商之一。;The C919 is a sleek, modern and efficient airplane. It is y to compete on a global scale, heralding China#39;s ambitious plans to grow and develop its domestic air transportation industry with the help of international partners.;“C919飞机造型优美时尚,乘客搭载量高,完全有实力在世界范围与对手竞争。这表明了中国计划在国际合作伙伴的帮助下培养发展国产航空运输产业的雄心。”COMAC said last week it has started the research to develop a widebody commercial jet with Russia for delivery within 10 years.中国商飞公司在上周称,他们已经在和俄罗斯合作,共同研发宽体商业飞机,预计10年内投产。 /201705/507691惠州市区中医院

惠州哪家医院割包皮比较好Apple Inc said it saw a nearly 30% decline in its China revenue in the fiscal fourth quarter ending September, the highest fall among all regions, due to tepid demand for its iconic iPhones.苹果公司日前表示,由于标志性的iPhone需求不旺,在截至9月的第四财季中,苹果在中国的营收下降近30%,在所有地区中降幅最大。The firm recorded .79 billion in revenue in China in the quarter. The figure was .51 billion during the same period last year.该财季苹果在中国的营收为87.9亿美元,去年同期这一数字为125.1亿美元。Globally, its revenue declined 9 percent to .85 billion and profit fell 19 percent to billion. That was in line with Wall Street analysts#39; expectations.从全球来看,苹果的营收为468.5亿美元,利润为90亿美元,分别下降了9%和19%。这符合华尔街分析人员的预期。The result is Apple#39;s third consecutive decline in quarterly revenue and profit. It also marked Apple#39;s first annual sales decline since 2001.这是苹果连续第三个财季营收和利润出现下滑,这一业绩也标志着苹果自2001年以来首次出现年度销售额下滑。Its annual revenue fell to 6 billion in the 2016 fiscal year, from a record 4 billion in 2015.苹果的年营收额从2015财年创纪录的2340亿美元跌至2016财年的2160亿美元。But Tim Cook, Apple#39;s CEO, said consumers were excited about the firm#39;s latest model iPhone 7 series, which would probably perform well in the upcoming holiday season.但是苹果公司的CEO蒂姆·库克表示,消费者对该公司的最新手机iPhone 7系列非常兴奋,这将很可能使得该公司在即将到来的节日季节有良好表现。;We#39;re thrilled with the customer response to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible momentum of our Services business, where revenue grew 24 percent to set another all-time record,; Cook said.库克说道:“我们对客户对于iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus以及Apple Watch 2的反响很满意,还有我们务业务令人难以置信的势头,其营收同比增长24%,创下了历史之最。” /201611/476470 For months, Apple watchers have been puzzling over how the company would sell consumers on the idea that scrapping the iPhone’s headphone jack was a benefit, not a nuisance. 好几个月来,苹果(Apple)观察家对这样一个问题感到困惑:该公司将如何说消费者相信,取消iPhone的耳机插孔是功能升级,而不是一个恼人的问题。Many pundits predicted a backlash against removing a technology that, however old, remained in faithful daily service to hundreds of millions of people.许多人士预计,移除一项每日忠实务于亿万人的技术(无论它怎么陈旧)将招致反弹。Few, however, predicted quite the kind of negative reaction that Apple provoked during Wednesday’s iPhone 7 launch event, with critics taking to Twitter en masse.然而,很少有人预测到苹果在周三iPhone 7发布会上引发的那种负面反应,批评者纷纷在Twitter上吐槽。To prepare its pitch, Apple had plenty of experience to draw on with when making this type of shift.就准备说辞而言,苹果在作出这种转变时有足够经验可以借鉴。In 2008, when Steve Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of a brown paper envelope, it lacked the CD drive that was standard on other PCs, allowing the new notebook to be much thinner than its competitors. 2008年,当苹果创始人史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)从一个牛皮纸信封取出MacBook Air时,人们发现这款全新设计的笔记本电脑没有PC上都有的CD驱动器,这使它比竞争对手更薄。Jobs predicted, accurately, that soon software and media would be delivered over the internet, rather than on discs.乔布斯准确地预测,软件和媒体很快会通过互联网交付,而不是光盘。We don’t think most users are going to miss the optical drive, he said. The MacBook Air was built to be a wireless machine.我们不认为大多数用户会怀念光驱,他说,MacBook Air的设计宗旨就是一款无线机器。The iPhone, just a year old at that point, was also built to be wireless. 那时刚满周岁的iPhone也以无线为设计宗旨。But the 3.5mm wired headphone socket has endured thanks to its simplicity, reliability and universal compatibility.但3.5毫米的耳机接口由于其简洁性、可靠性和普遍兼容性而被保留了下来。When Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, took tothe stage in San Francisco on Wednesday, he portrayed the port as a hangover from the 19th century that was standing in the way of 21st century progress.当苹果的营销主管菲尔#8226;席勒(Phil Schiller)周三走上旧金山的舞台时,他把这种接口说成是19世纪遗留下来的产物,阻挡着21世纪的进步。Our smartphones are packed with technologies and we all want more, which meant removing some components to make way for bigger batteries and faster processors, he said.我们的智能手机挤满了技术,大家都想要更多,他表示,这意味着移除一些组件,为更大的电池和速度更快的处理器腾出空间。The reason to move on comes down to one word: courage — the courage to move on, do something new that betters all of us. 翻开新一页的原因归结为一个词:勇气——翻开新一页的勇气,做让我们所有人过得更好的新产品。And our team has tremendous courage.而我们的团队有巨大勇气。If Mr Schiller was trying to head off a backlash, his speech may have backfired. 如果说席勒在试图预防反弹,那么他的话可能起到了反作用。Faced with what many decried as another example of Apple hubris, social networks lit up in a mix of bewilderment, outrage and parody.面对许多人所谴责的苹果傲慢的又一个例,社交网络迸发出大量交织着困惑、愤怒和搞笑的言论。Removing a headphone jack doesn’t take courage. 取消一个耳机插孔并不需要勇气。But charging 9 for AirPods does, tweeted Dave Pell, an investor and iOS app developer, referring to the pricey new wireless headphones that Apple launched alongside the iPhone 7.但对AirPods开出159美元的售价确实需要勇气,投资者和iOS应用开发者戴夫#8226;佩尔(Dave Pell)在Twitter上发帖称。他指的是苹果与iPhone 7同时发布的昂贵的新款无线耳机。Mike Monteiro, creative director at San Francisco studio Mule Design, posted advert-like images of historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Anne Frank with AirPods Photoshopped into their ears, each bearing the caption Courage.旧金山工作室骡子设计(Mule Design)的创意总监迈克#8226;蒙蒂罗(Mike Monteiro)贴出历史人物——如圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi)、罗莎#8226;帕克斯(Rosa Parks)和安妮#8226;弗兰克(Anne Frank)——的广告形象,用Photoshop把AirPods塞进他们的耳朵,每幅画面的说明文字都是勇气。Behind the ridicule was the feeling that even if its headphones really do sound better than others’, Apple’s motivations were primarily commercial.这种调侃背后的感觉是,即使苹果的耳机音质确实更好,该公司的主要动机也是商业性的。These moves represent Apple’s desire to bolster declining mobile device revenues by capturing as much of its device owners’ expenditures in the burgeoning growing audio accessories market as possible, says Paul Erickson, analyst at IHS Technology, a research group. 这些举动反映出苹果渴望提振不断下降的移动设备营收,尽可能多地捕捉到其设备所有者在方兴未艾的音频配件市场的消费,研究机构IHS Technology分析师保罗#8226;埃里克森(Paul Erickson)表示。It should be noted that wireless models are the highest revenue-generating products within the headphone market.应该指出的是,无线型号是耳机市场中创收最高的产品。Geoff Blaber, an analyst at CCS Insight, predicts the move to wireless audio ultimately will be seen as a masterstroke, thanks to the benefits to both users and Apple’s own accessories sales.CCS Insight的分析师杰夫#8226;布拉波(Geoff Blaber)预计,改用无线音频最终将被视为一个神来之笔,对用户、对苹果自己的配件销售都有好处。Most customers’ immediate concerns will be salved by the inclusion of new earbuds that work with the iPhone’s remaining Lightning port, as well as an adaptor for traditional headphones, he says.他表示,苹果顾及了多数顾客眼下的担忧,包括了可插入iPhone尚存的Lightning端口的新款耳机,还有一个可连接传统耳机的适配器。 /201609/465867惠州什么医院的男科权威惠州人民男科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱



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