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Price of stamps going up again The ed States Postal Service is proposing a 3 cents hike on stamps. Erin Burnett reports.The U.S. postal service is proposing a three-cent rate increase to the price of the first-class stamp today, so now it can be 49 cents. The postal manager general believes it#39;s a necessary step to combat what he calls is a financial disaster. Now it#39;s right about that but three cents won#39;t fix it.Last year the post office lost 16 billion dollars, three times what it lost the year before, that#39;s a pretty meltdown in situation. And it#39;s now staring down more than 50 billion dollars in debt obligations. Guess what? Tiny stamp, price hikes don#39;t work. It#39;s been tried and failed so many times. Because since 2005, the price of stamps has gone up 9 cents, while the post offices#39; total mail volume has plunged 25%. All the rate hikes in the world, but a penny or two here and there won#39;t make a difference. People aren#39;t sending letters any more. The truth is the post office business model does not work. In other countries like Britain, post office is actually a part of a larger business. That#39;s how they#39;ve dealt with this problem. General stores, hardware stores even bars offer mail service. Why not try that here too? You can#39;t send alcohol with mail in a lot of states but you cou;d drink it instead of relying on a inchromaic rate increases every year, which is like boiling a frog. Why not sell beer maybe with some light music, it will help pass the time in those lines on tax day. The White House has been brewing its own beer for years, no joke. Why not let the castoff post office do the same, I mean, who wouldn#39;t want to go post sale? Would you save the post office, if so, how, please let us know, as you know, we are always available on twitter. /201310/258969。

  • 大卫.拜恩德是一名百老汇著名制作人,但去年夏天他来到一个澳大利亚的偏远小城,看当地人在自家草坪上跳舞,表演,享受这种感觉。他向我们展示了艺术节的新面貌,打破了观众和演员的界限,让城市更好地进行自我表达。 Article/201405/294893。
  • Bruce Lee#39;s philosophy has been adopted by people in numerous fields.李小龙的哲学在很多领域被人采用His belief that success flowed from dedication and self-knowledge helped prepare him to become the first Asian super star and was changed forever the way Asians were seen in west.他相信成功来自奉献和自我认识,这帮助他成为第一个亚洲的超级明星,从此改变了西方社会看待亚洲人的方式。Bruce Lee exploded onto American cinemas screen in August 1973 in ;Enter the Dragon;.For many Asian Americans, he was a revolution,the first Asian hero they had ever seen on the screen.1973年8月 李小龙凭借;龙争虎斗;闯入美国影坛,对很多亚裔美国人来说,他就是场变革,是他们在荧幕上看到的第一个亚洲英雄。。Usually you will be seeing white actors playing Asian roles,like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany#39;s.So the appearance of Bruce Lee was... was quite revolutionary because people of the actual race were playing that race...通常亚洲人的角色是由白人演员饰演,比如;第凡内早餐;里的Mickey Rooney,因此李小龙的出现... 具有变革意义,因为真正是这个种族的人在饰演自己...he brought Asian faces to American cinema.For many Asian people around the world, Bruce Lee became an instant role model.他把亚洲面孔带进了美国影院,对全世界很多亚洲人来说 李小龙立即成为典范。We connected to him because he was the first one that came on and said ;Look, I#39;m Chinese, I was yellow skin. You know, I can do everything else everybody else can.;我们尊崇他是因为他是第一个表示,;听着 我是中国人 我是黄皮肤 我能做其他任何人能做到的任何事;For myself going up to America, I can totally relate to him.You know, coming to America as an immigrant... being an minority in a dominant white world.And the things that he wanted to achieve in life.我自己在美国长大,完全能感同身受,移民到美国... 在白人统治的世界里作为少数民族,他有崇高的人生目标。I... I believe that#39;s why other minority races,they can relate to that, especially the urban minorities.They can feel the same passion that Bruce Lee wanted to bring for his own race.我... 我相信这也是为什么少数民族的种族,他们能体会到的 特别是住在城市里的少数民族。他们能感受到李小龙想为自己种族带来的相同的热情。 Article/201401/273360。
  • 24000个演讲,到底是怎样的?生态学家Eric Berlow和物理学家Sean Gourley对整个TEDx演讲运用了一种算法,用一场视觉的盛宴告诉我们,这些全球性的演讲是如何联系在一起的。 Article/201406/307054。
  • It#39;s the Cold War and Americans are on red alert.冷战时期 所有美国人都保持高度戒备We did these duck-and-cover drills routinely at school.我们当时在学校经常进行这种躲护演习First you duck, then you cover.首先躲到安全地点 然后寻求身体掩护The siren would be tested and we were instructed how to get under the desk and cover your head and face演习警笛拉响 我们在大人指导下学习如何藏到桌底 并保护好头和脸so that the debris from glass blowing in from the windows when the atomic bomb went off downtown wouldn#39;t hurt us.当原子弹在城区爆炸时能避免向内飞溅的玻璃碎片伤及要害Both sides stockpile weapons to defend themselves against possible attack.美苏双方均大量囤积武器以防对方可能实施的攻击From 1940 to 1996.从1940年到1996年The USA will spend .5 trillion on nuclear weapons.美国在核武器上耗费了五万五千亿美元That#39;s nearly ,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.平摊下来 美国人均出几乎2万美元It was the arrival really of the specter of real nuclear war.每个人都能感觉到核战幽灵在真实地迫近Hiroshima and Nagasaki were no longer seen as isolated one time incidents.广岛和长崎之于人们的意义不再是孤立的战争事件By the mid-1950s,截至50年代中期there were over 40,000 defense contractors working for the federal government.有超过四万个国防项目承包商为联邦政府效力America has always won wars using technology.美国一向靠科技赢得战争In the revolutionary war,独立战争时期the accuracy of the Kentucky Rifle was a key factor in defeating the British.肯塔基来福的精准是击败英军的关键因素In the Civil War, the minie ball could travel 600 yards and shatter bones on impact.南北战争时期的迷你弹可令600码之外的敌人粉身碎骨1959, America#39;s first intercontinental ballistic missile.1959年 美国研制出首枚洲际弹道导弹It can travel 3,500 miles and destroy cities.能摧毁3500英里开外的城市200 years of American weapons finding their target and defeating the enemy.两百年来美国人制造的武器瞄准了一个又一个目标,击垮了一个又一个敌人But this time it#39;s different.但这一次 情况不同This is a war that no one can win.这是一场没有赢家的战争If an atomic bomb is used, there#39;s no going back.原子弹一旦使用 便没有回头路可走Every time the Soviets make a move苏联一有动作 American fear the worst.美国人的心就提到了嗓子眼1960, the U2 incident1960年 U2事件when a US spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union.一架美军侦察机在苏联领空被击落 /201304/233436。
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