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LE BOURGET, France With the sudden bang of a gavel Saturday night, representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.法国勒布尔热——周六晚上,随着小木槌砰的一声响,来95个国家的代表们达成了一项里程碑式的协议。这项协议将第一次实现几乎每个国家都承诺降低让全球变暖的温室气体的排放,以避免出现气候变化带来的最严重的后果。The deal, which was met with an eruption of cheers and ovations from thousands of delegates gathered from around the world, represents a historic breakthrough on an issue that has foiled decades of international efforts to address climate change.协议的签署引发数千名来自世界各地的代表热烈欢呼和鼓掌。它代表着国际社会举数十年之力未能应对的气候变化问题取得了历史性的突破。Traditionally, such pacts have required developed economies, such as the ed States, to take action to lower greenhouse gas emissions, but they have exempted developing countries, such as China and India, from such action.过去签署的此类协议一般要求美国等发达经济体采取行动来削减温室气体排放,但没有对中囀?印度等发展中国家提出要求。The accord, which U.N. diplomats have been working toward for nine years, changes that dynamic by requiring action in some form from every country, rich or poor.联合国外交官员过去九年一直在竭力促成的这项协议改变了这一状况,转而要求每个国家,不论贫富,都要采取一些行动。“This is truly a historic moment,the U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, said in an interview. “For the first time, we have a truly universal agreement on climate change, one of the most crucial problems on earth.”“这真是一个历史性的时刻,”联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)在接受采访时说。“在地球上最重要的问题之一,即气候变化问题上,我们第一次达成了一项真正具有普适意义的协议。”President Barack Obama, who regards tackling climate change as a central element of his legacy, spoke of the deal in a televised address from the White House. “This agreement sends a powerful signal that the world is fully committed to a low-carbon future,he said. “Weve shown that the world has both the will and the ability to take on this challenge.”美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马将应对气候变化问题作为自己政治遗产的一个核心部分,协议达成后他在白宫发表了电视讲话。“这份协议释放出一个强有力的信号,显示出全世界决心共同创造一个低碳的未来,”他说。“我们已经明,这个世界不仅有意愿,也有能力承担起这项挑战。”The new deal will not, on its own, solve global warming. At best, scientists who have analyzed it say, it will cut global greenhouse gas emissions by about half enough as is necessary to stave off an increase in atmospheric temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the point at which, scientific studies have concluded, the world will be locked into a future of devastating consequences, including rising sea levels, severe droughts and flooding, widesp food and water shortages and more destructive storms.新协议本身不会解决全球变暖问题。就此进行分析的科学家们表示,在最理想的情况下,它会使全球温室气体排放有所降低,但规模为避免气温上摄氏度所需的削减量的大约一半。多项科学研究已经得出结论,全球气温上升2摄氏度的话,世界就将陷入一个有各种灾难性后果的未来,其中包括海平面上升、严重干旱和洪灾、普遍的粮食和水资源短缺,以及更多破坏性的风暴。But the Paris deal could represent the moment at which, because of a shift in global economic policy, the inexorable rise in planet-warming carbon emissions that started during the Industrial Revolution began to level out and eventually decline.但巴黎协议或许代表着一个特殊时刻:随着全球经济政策发生转向,自工业革命以来温室气体排放似乎不可阻挡的增长趋势开始得到遏制,趋向稳定,并最终下降。来 /201512/415989The US will take in at least 10,000 refugees from Syria over the next year, a sixfold increase over the current year, the White House said on Thursday.美国政府周四表示,在接下来的一年里美国将接纳至万名叙利亚难民,数量为本年度倍。Facing mounting international pressure to do more to address the refugee crisis, the US would accept the refugees in the new fiscal year which starts in October, said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.白宫发言人乔希欧内斯Josh Earnest)表示,考虑到国际社会越来越迫切地要求采取更多措施化解难民危机,美国将在始于今年10月的新一个财年里接纳这些难民。The US has admitted 1,600 refugees from the country this fiscal year.本财年内,美国已接纳600名叙利亚难民。“The president has directed his team to scale up that number next year,Mr Earnest said. “And he’s informed his team that he would like them to accept, at least make preparations to accept, at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year.”“总统已指示他的团队明年增加难民接纳人数,”欧内斯特说,“他已告诉自己的团队,他希望他们在下一财年接纳至少1万名叙利亚难民,最起码要做好这个准备。”The announcement was the first formal US response to the images in recent weeks of Syrian refugees trying to make their way to European countries.这是美国首次对近几周来叙利亚难民努力逃往欧洲国家的局面作出正式回应。The UN estimates that as many as 4.1m people have fled Syria since the conflict there began in 2011, mostly to neighbouring countries, and has called for 130,000 Syrians to be resettled by the end of 2016.联合UN)估计,自2011年叙利亚冲突爆发以来,已有多10万人逃离了该国,其中大多数逃到了邻囀?联合国呼吁各国016年底之前安置13万叙利亚人。The US has taken in around 70,000 refugees globally in each of the past few years.过去几年,美国每年大约接万名世界各地的难民。The administration has said it will probably increase the cap for next year, but has not said by how much.美国政府表示,下年度很可能会提高难民接纳人数上限,但它未说明会提高多少。来 /201509/398514

Live-fire drills start实弹军演正式开始Peoples Liberation Army forces started a live-ammunition drill on Tuesday in a border area of Yunnan province near Myanmar.6日,中国人民解放军在靠近缅甸的云南边界地区进行了实弹军演。An analyst said the exercise indicates Beijings determination to safeguard border security and the well-being of citizens.一位分析人士表示,军演表现了中国政府保护边境安全及民众福祉的决心。It comes after two bombings caused by Myanmar in March and May that resulted in Chinese casualties in Yunnan near the border and triggered protests by Beijing and calls for investigations.今年3月和5月,来自缅甸的炸弹两次殃及云南地区,造成当地多名中国居民伤亡,中国政府对此表示强烈不满,并敦促对事件进行彻底调查。来 /201506/378455

The largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world is to go on sale today at Christies auction house.54日,英国佳士得拍卖行拍出世界上最大的无暇艳蓝钻。The pear-shaped diamond named The Blue is 13.22 carats is estimated to be worth between - million.这颗梨形蓝钻被命名为“蓝色”,3.22克拉,拍前估价为2100万至2500万美元It is absolutely perfect, absolutely pure externally and internally. It is almost a dream, said Jean-Marc Lunel, senior international specialist of Christies jewellery department.佳士得珠宝部门的国际高级鉴定师吉恩马克·鲁纳尔称:“这颗钻石完美无瑕,从内到外都绝对纯净。We are quite confident that it should sell towards the high end of the estimate or above.“我们非常确信成交价会达到预测的最高价。”In the past decade, only three blue diamonds of 10 carats or more with the same vivid grading for intensity have been sold at auction, all weighing less than 12 carats and none flawless, he said.过去十年中,只有30克拉级且硬度相当的鲜蓝钻被拍卖颗都未达2克拉,而且有瑕疵It is most probably from a mine in South Africa known as Premier mine and now as Cullinan, where most of the blue diamonds are from. Probably in the last 30 years, Mr Lunel said.鲁纳尔说:这颗钻石可能产于南非的普列米尔矿山,现称库里南矿场。The market for colored diamonds is really, really high, because they are so rare, he said.他称:“有色钻石的市场门槛设置得非常高,因为它们实在太稀有了。For what is really exceptional, not seen on the market, there are really clients looking for such investments,“而在市场上前所未有的是确实有客户在寻找这样的投资。Chinese clients are not only buying in Asia but in New York and Geneva as well.“中国的客户不仅在亚洲购买,也会在纽约和日内瓦购买。”The auction house says seven records in all were set at the Geneva auction including the highest amount ever paid for a yellow diamond - .3 million for the 100.09-carat Graff Vivid Yellow diamond ring.佳士得拍卖行声称日内瓦拍卖会次珠宝拍卖创下了记录,包括历史成交价格最高的黄色钻石—100.09克拉的格拉夫鲜黄钻戒指,拍卖价高达1630万美元。The auction house said today that the auction, featuring two diamonds over 100 carats, drew buyers from more than 30 countries.拍卖行称这次拍卖会还将拍卖两颗超00克拉的钻石,吸引0多个国家的买家。来 /201405/298931ATHENS, Greece With the prospect of a default looming in Greece, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is preparing to meet next week with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as a European deal to give more aid to Athens falters.希腊雅典——随着一项涉及欧洲为希腊提供更多援助的协议陷于停滞,希腊债务违约的可能近在眼前。希腊总理亚历克西斯·齐普拉Alexis Tsipras)准备下周与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)会面。The timing has raised questions of whether the visit is an ordinary component of the new Greek government’s multipronged foreign policy, or a pivot toward Russia for financial aid in the event that Greece’s talks with European officials collapse.这一时机选择让人猜测,此次访问是新一届希腊政府多管齐下的外交政策中一个正常的组成部分,还是希腊在转向俄罗斯,以便在与欧洲官员的谈判破裂时,向俄罗斯寻求经济援助。Negotiations between the struggling Greek government and its creditors stumbled anew on Monday after European leaders said that a reform plan submitted over the weekend to unlock a fresh lifeline of 7.2 billion euros, or about .8 billion, fell short. Greece has warned that it may run out of money soon after Mr. Tsipras meets with Mr. Putin on April 8.周一,处境堪忧的希腊政府与债权人之间的谈判再次受挫。欧洲领导人称希腊周末提交的改革计划力度还不够,提交这项计划的目的是取得72亿欧元(约合480亿元人民币)的一笔新救援资金。希腊警告称,齐普拉日与普京会面后不久,资金可能就会告罄。Mr. Tsipras, who came to power in January, originally planned to travel to Moscow in May. But he accelerated the meeting with Mr. Putin a couple of weeks ago as Greece came to loggerheads with Germany and other European countries over the terms for releasing the money. Without it, Greece could go bankrupt or possibly exit the 19-nation eurozone, an event that, if it happened, could increase instability in the region.今年1月上台的齐普拉斯原计月访问莫斯科。但几周前,随着希腊就发放那笔资金的条款,与德国及其他欧洲国家发生了争执,齐普拉斯提前了与普京会面的时间。若没有那笔钱,希腊可能会破产,或退出由19个成员国组成的欧元区。如果希腊退出,可能会加剧该地区的不稳定。Mr. Tsipras’s visit to Moscow is being billed by Athens as a routine meeting to strengthen the relationship between the countries, which have longstanding political and religious ties. But some Greek officials have suggested that Athens might be tempted to assess whether Russia, which is itself squaring off with Europe over the conflict in Ukraine, could be willing to ride in as a white knight if Europe steps back.希腊声称,齐普拉斯访问莫斯科是一次常规会晤,旨在加强两国之间的关系。希腊和俄罗斯之间有悠久的政治和宗教联系。但一些希腊官员表示,希腊政府可能忍不住会评估,如果欧洲退后,俄罗斯是否愿意出手搭救。当前,俄罗斯本身也在因为乌克兰境内的冲突,而与欧洲处于对抗态势。“This is an attempt to ratchet up the pressure on the rest of the eurozone to make concessions to Greece,said Simon Tilford, the deputy director of the Center for European Reform in London.“这是企图向欧元区其他成员加大施压力度,使其向希腊让步,”伦敦欧洲改革中Center for European Reform)副主任西蒙·蒂尔福Simon Tilford)说。If so, he added, it is a gamble that could backfire. “Flirting with Russia is guaranteed to antagonize the rest of the eurozone,Mr. Tilford said. “It will make it harder for those in Germany who were arguing for a more conciliatory line toward Greece to keep it.”他接着表示,如果是这样,这便是一场可能会适得其反的。“和俄罗斯调情,肯定会引起欧元区其他成员国的反感,”蒂尔福德说。“这会让德国主张对希腊采取更温和态度的那些人,更难坚持这样的立场。”来 /201504/368032

At last an answer to a question that has long puzzled bankers: what deals can you bring a billionaire with a penchant for infrastructure but who seemingly aly has everything?你能给一位对基础设施有浓厚兴趣、但似乎已拥有一切的亿万富豪带来何种交易?这个问题困扰了家们很长时间,现在,它终于有了。Li Ka-shing’s Cheung Kong Holdings revealed this week that it is in talks to buy a bn fleet of 100 aircraft being sold by Awas, a European lessor owned by Terra Firma, the private equity group.本周,李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的长江实Cheung Kong Holdings)披露,该公司正在进行谈判,拟收购Awas出售的一价0亿美元的机队,该机队00架飞机。Awas是私人股本集团泰丰资Terra Firma)拥有的一家欧洲租赁公司。Discussions are at an early stage and other bidders are anticipated, but a successful deal would see aircraft leasing join an empire that aly spans ports, telecoms, property, waste disposal, oil, water and electricity plus pharmacies, supermarkets and other interests.谈判正处于初期阶段,预计会有其他竞购方加入。若长江实业收购成功,这个业务已然涵盖港口、电信、地产、垃圾处理、石油、水务与电力、制药、超市和其他权益的商业帝国中,将出现飞机租赁业务的身影。Mr Li’s legendary investment skills have made him Asia’s richest man but the aircraft leasing market has aly enjoyed a multiyear boom, which hardly fits a reputation for buying low and selling high.李嘉诚凭借传奇般的投资本领成为亚洲首富,但飞机租赁市场已经历多年的繁荣,此时出手收购与李嘉诚“低买高卖”的盛名不符。“A lot of smart money got in a long time ago,says Richard Aboulafia, an analyst at Teal Group, a US industry consultancy. “However, from an asset standpoint, it’s ideal. Buy the right aircraft and they are always in demand and the assets are extremely mobile.”“精明的投资者早就在这个市场大举投资了,”美国工业咨询公司蒂尔集Teal Group)分析师理查德#8226;阿布Richard Aboulafia)表示,“不过,从资产角度看,这是一笔理想的交易。买入合适的飞机,这些飞机始终有不小的需求——而且这些资产很容易移到别处。”While Asia has one of the fastest-growing aircraft fleets as travel around the region expands, some analysts have queried the short-term profitability of leasing given the region’s huge order book for new aircraft. Should expansion fall short of target there is the risk of a glut of aircraft for hire.随着亚洲旅行人次不断增长,该地区拥有了全球发展最快的机队之一,但有些分析师怀疑,鉴于该地区新飞机订单量巨大,飞机租赁业务的短期盈利可能会出问题。如果增长达不到预期,就存在可租用飞机供应过剩的风险。Still, Mr Li is a long-term investor with a preference for infrastructure in countries with stable regulatory and common law systems. Adding a business with operations that can be relocated if one region experiences problems could complement that.不过,李嘉诚是一位长线投资者,偏爱在拥有稳定监管制度和普通法系的国家投资基础设施。增添一项若某地区出问题便可移到别处运营的业务,能对其主要业务构成补充。Once a scale game where large fleets ensured steady returns, aircraft leasing has undergone a structural change since the financial crisis.飞机租赁业务一度是由规模决定的业务,拥有大型机队可确保稳定的回报,但自本次金融危机以来,这项业务已经历了一次结构变革。As fuel costs soared and financing dried up, troubled fleet owners including AIG and Royal Bank of Scotland were forced to divest. Success now tends to be based on having newer, fuel-efficient aircraft and access to cheap funding.随着燃油价格飞涨和融资枯竭,包括美国国际集团(AIG)和苏格兰皇家(RBS)在内,一些处境艰难的机队所有者被迫剥离飞机租赁业务。如今,这项业务的成功通常取决于拥有更新、更省燃油的飞机,以及能够融得廉价资金。The aircraft being sold by Awas are two years old or less and Mr Li is unlikely to struggle to find finance in Hong Kong.Awas所售飞机的机龄为两年或两年以下,而李嘉诚在香港应该也不难找到资金。His infrastructure assets are held through Cheung Kong Infrastructure, Hutchison Whampoa and CKH the holding company through which the others are controlled.李嘉诚的基础设施资产是通过长江基建(Cheung Kong Infrastructure)、和记黄Hutchison Whampoa)和长江实业持有的。长江实业是一家控股公司,李嘉诚通过它来控制长江基建与和记黄埔。The three combined carry .5bn in net debt 3.3 times their earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation in the past 12 months, according to Samp;P Capital IQ.标普资本智商(Samp;P Capital IQ)的数据显示,这三家公司的净债务合计05亿美元,是它们过2个月息税折旧及摊销前盈EBITDA).3倍。While CKH is unrated, Hutchison and CKI both have stable, A-minus ratings from Standard amp; Poor’s.标准普尔(Standard amp; Poors)对和记黄埔和长江基建都给出了稳定的A-评级。长江实业未被评级。Moreover, analysts say, Hong Kong’s currency peg with the US dollar could give Mr Li an edge over mainland Chinese lessors also thought to be interested in the Awas portfolio.另外分析师表示,港元盯住美元的联系汇率制或许让李嘉诚相对于中国内地的租赁公司拥有了一种优势。中国内地的租赁公司也被认为对Awas的资产组合感兴趣。“Everyone knows more or less what the most attractive assets are and what they’d like to invest in. That means if you can lower your cost of funds relative to others and in US dollars you will win more deals,says Brendan McHenry, a senior risk analyst at Ascend, an industry consultancy.“大家都或多或少知道最有吸引力的资产是什么,知道自己愿意投资什么。这意味着,如果你的融资成本能低于别人——并且融来的资金为美元——你就能赢得更多的交易,”工业咨询公司Ascend的高级风险分析师布伦#8226;麦克亨利(Brendan McHenry)表示。Banks have been queueing up to offer aircraft financing, creating the most competitive environment for lenders since the crisis and a boom in would-be lessors.一直在排着队等待提供飞机融资,由此造就了本次危机以来对来说竞争最激烈的环境,并导致想从事飞机租赁业务的人大幅增加。“The way someone looks at a deal is similar to looking at a bond you have agreed cash flows with a counterparty of a given credit rating, then you have residual value to factor in,says Mr McHenry.麦克亨利表示:“人们看待交易的方式与看待债券相似——你与某个拥有特定信用评级的交易对手在现金流上达成一致,然后你要把残值计算进来。”CKH did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But Mr Li’s ability to hold for the long term has been ably demonstrated by his investments in European mobile networks, which are only now paying off after years of heavy investment. Aircraft leasing could well suit a patient dealmaker.长江实业没有立即回应记者的置评请求。但李嘉诚有能力长期持有资产,这一点在他对欧洲移动网络的投资中得到充分体现——在多年大举投资后,这块业务直到现在才开始产生回报。飞机租赁业务可能很适合一位有耐心的交易人。来 /201408/319415

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