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如今,越来越多的国家正在发展环保可持续的项目。CCTV的特拉维斯#8226;安德鲁斯报道现在在开普敦一个类似的项目已经以一种不寻常的方式转向大自然。Nowadays, more and more countries are aiming for eco-friendly sustainable projects. CCTV#39;s Travers Andrews reports now on one such project in Cape Town that has turned to Mother Nature in a rather unusual way.One of Cape Town#39;s most exclusive hotels, the Mount Nelson, has embarked on a sustainability project, of a rather unusual kind. As guests indulge in the luxurious 5 star service provided, visitors of a rather different kind get the finishing touches, prepared to their meals, something which could have lasting effects on Mother Nature.In a first of its kind on the continent, the hotel has embarked on a rather novel way, of disposing the large amounts of organic waste left by guests by setting up an organic waste recycling program, using earth worms.Mary Murphy, Co-founder of Mount Nelson Hotel Worm Farm, said, ;This is a very exciting project because it#39;s the first hotel in Africa to actually implement earthworms, to bring earthworms into the system to manage organic waste, it hasn#39;t been done before and it#39;s unique and I applaud the Mount Nelson hotel and their courage because when you think of earthworms and a 5 star hotel, you know it#39;s a funny mix.;Using a stacking tray system, akin to a miniature worm hotel, the sericulture farm disposes at least 20% of the hotels organic waste and in turn, produces an enriched vermi-compost, used in the irrigation of the hotels herb gardens.An estimated 800 000 earthworms are fed a variety organic waste, left over by guests, often after a dinner course or high tea.Rudi Liebenberg, Executive Chief, Mount Nelson Hotel, said, ;It#39;s any peelings, any vegetable and some fruit which we give to the worm farm and we just exclude onion and a little garlic, we leave out pineapples as well but anything else basically, we throw into the worm farm.;With waste filling up Cape Town#39;s landfills by the truck load, the innovative Mount Nelson worm farm has become a popular eco-attraction, especially amongst some of the hotels rather curious guests.Mary Murphy, Co-founder, Mount Nelson Hotel Worm Farm, said, ;So we get many guests coming to visit the worm farm, from all walks of life and from all nationalities, really exciting and I think when they first come in they a wee bit surprised, they surprised because it#39;s odorless, there#39;s no flies, there#39;s no pests and it#39;s really nice to be here and obviously people associate waste generally with smells and they just want to run away from it, not this worm farm, this is a little hotel, within a hotel, hats used to manage waste.;As the worms, indulge in a tasty morsel or two, the significance of the recycling program becomes clear that hotel#39;s worm farm is an innovative way of drawing attention to unsustainable discarding of organic waste.As the first of its kind in Africa, the Mount Nelson hotels worm farm brings much more than an ecological message of sustainability to an elite few but sends out a strong conservational message of waste reduction awareness, to the entire continent. Article/201206/185953

How To Communicate Your Weakness in a Job Interview on HowcastPrepare yourself to be asked to communicate to your interviewer what your weaknesses are, and you’ll be less likely to count being tongue-tied among them.做好准备和面试官谈论你的弱点,这样在面试中你就不几乎不会结结巴巴的。Step 1: Focus on minor weaknessesWhen you answer the question, focus on minor weaknesses and describe specific ways you are trying to improve them.第一步:重点谈小的弱点当你回答问题时,要将焦点汇集到小的弱点上,并描述你努力改进弱点的各种方法。Tip:Be honest and keep it brief.小贴士:要诚恳并尽量简短。Step 2: Avoid a list of weaknessesDon’t mention weaknesses that affect your job performance, such as always being late and not paying attention to detail.第二步:不要罗列弱点不要提及会影响你工作表现的弱点,比如说经常迟到和不注意细节。Step 3: Talk about past weaknessesTalk about weaknesses that you have resolved in the past, and how you have effectively improved your work performance.第三步:谈论过去的弱点谈论过去你已经改掉乐的弱点,以及你是如何有效地提高工作效率的。Step 4: Express self-improvement interestExpress how past experience has made you a better employee and how you’ve learned from mentors who have taken you under their wing.第四步:要表达自我提高的兴趣要表明过去的经验将你塑造成一个好员工,以及你是如何在导师的管理和指导下学习的。 Article/201012/120309

Louis recovered his health, but other troubles were looming.路易康复后其他问题却浮现出来His fame and success had earned him many enemies.他的名声与成功树敌不少Two years after his operation,手术2年后France began a costly war法国与西班牙 英格兰against Spain, England and Sweden.和瑞典开战 开销巨大As the fighting dragged on, some of Versailles#39; silver战事持久 凡尔赛宫的部分银子was quietly removed and melted down to pay the King#39;s soldiers.也被拿去熔化 以作为军饷Unable to win the war,路易因无法赢得战争Louis signed an unfavourable peace treaty,只得签署对法国不利的和平条约conceding territory to his enemies.割让土地给敌人The Sun King was finally in decline and,太阳王终究日薄西山although he continued to make small improvements尽管他继续逐渐改进to his great palace,他宏大的宫殿he lost much of his enthusiasm.他已经兴趣尽失After just four years of peace, a new crisis threatened.4年的和平后 新的危机浮现The Spanish king died, leaving his empire to Louis#39; grandson.西班牙国王死后王位传与路易之孙If Louis accepted on the boy#39;s behalf,如果路易以孙子的名义接受he knew the other European powers would try to stop him.欧洲其他君主便会阻止他But if he refused, the territories但他若拒绝 西班牙的土地would go to France#39;s rivals in Austria.便交由法国的对手奥地利He was in an impossible situation.他面临艰难的抉择Louis was damned if he did, damned if he didn#39;t.路易进退两难Faced with an issue which concerns the honour of his dynasty,此问题事关王朝的荣誉it#39;s perhaps not surprising意料之中的是that he opts for the acceptance of the Spanish offer.他接受了西班牙的王位But inevitably, therefore,因此他无可避免地provokes war with the other major European powers.挑起了与欧洲其他国家的战事This, the most gruelling war of Louis#39; reign,路易在位时最漫长的战争lasted for 12 years and brought France to the brink of ruin.持续了12年 几乎摧毁了法国 Article/201204/178140

  今天在TEDx悉尼,瑞秋;波特斯曼谈到人;生来即知分享;--并展示了像Zipcar和Swaptree这样的网站正在改变人类的行为模式。 Article/201204/179106


  Sarah Attar has become the first Saudi woman to compete in Olympic track and field, wearing a headscarf and finishing last in her 800-meter heat Wednesday.Sarah Attar成为沙特阿拉伯国家史上第一位参加奥运会的女性,星期三当天她头裹头巾参加了伦敦奥运800米田径比赛预赛并最后一个跑完全程。Though the 19-year-old did not qualify for the next round, her participation has aly made history. She drew a huge roar of approval from the crowd of about 80,000 as she strode down the home stretch. Her time of 2 minutes, 44.95 seconds was well behind the heat-winner, but she left her mark on the London Games.尽管现年19岁的Sarah Attar未能进入下轮决赛,但是她的出现已经具有历史意义。当她跑过终点时,场上顿时爆发了80000位观众雷鸣般的掌声。虽然Sarah Attar以2分钟的成绩落后于预赛冠军,但是她在伦敦奥运上留下了自己的足迹。 Article/201208/194584

  Physical exercise is hot, right? Plus, lifting weights and doing cardio provide the same endorphins as dancing with someone.So as long as you#39;re at the gym, you might as well meet someone. We#39;ll show you some tips that will get you buns of steel and maybe even a honey bun.现在,体育活动非常热门,是吗?此外,举重和有氧运动产生的内啡肽与跳舞一样。所以,只要你在健身房,你也可能会遇到某个人。我们将给大家提供一些建议,让你在获得健康的体魄的同时也可能收获一段恋情。Step 1: Dress The Part1.着装Jim Gigolo wouldn#39;t be caught dead without the all the latest gear and gadgets. If you want to get attention from the ladies,you must be a player in the game of gym fashion, including accessories. Wear the right footwear and plug in the latest music player. This lets women know you are serious about your workout, and that you#39;re not just at the gym to cruise chicks.Jim Gigolo无论何时都会身穿最流行的运动装备。如果你希望吸引女士们的注意,你必须紧追健身时尚,包括配件。穿最新款的鞋子,使用最新款的设备。这会让女士们知道你对锻炼是非常严肃的,你去健身房不是去游玩的。Step 2: Read The Body2.注意身体语言Don#39;t be a muscle head. Pay attention to a woman#39;s body language. She#39;ll give you a very clear signal if she#39;s interested.要动一下脑筋。注意女士的身体语言。如果她对你感兴趣,她会给出明确的信号。Step 3: Be Helpful3.乐于助人Don#39;t stare at people you are interested in. Ask them if they need a spot, a towel or any other general directions around the gym.不要紧紧盯着你感兴趣的人。问一下她们是否需要某些物品或者健身方面的指导。Step 4: Work In4.分享Sharing a machine might lead to sharing a moment. But if you do get to work in, don#39;t show off. Only lift weights you know you can handle.分享健身器材可以让你们共度一段时光。但是如果两人一起锻炼,千万不要炫耀。而且只使用你能够举起来的杠铃。Step 5: Just Do It!5.大胆去追Regulars have an excuse to talk to other regulars. So, be a gym rat. You might actually get in shape. And maybe you#39;ll get a date out of it.健身房的常客之间总是能找到借口互相对话。所以,经常去一下健身馆吧,你可以塑造完美的身材,或许还可以因此收获一段恋情。Thanks for watching How To Flirt At The Gym.感谢收看“如何收获健身馆恋情”视频节目。 Article/201212/214944译  名 远古外星人 第一季 片  名 History Channel Ancient Aliens Season 1 国  家 美国历史频道电视台 类  别 记录/神秘/剧情 首播时间 2010年04月20日 语  言 英语 片  长 88 Mins 主  演 von Daniken 剧情简介  有没有可能在数千年前智慧生命已经访问过地球,带来了他们的科技,彻底的改变了人类历史发展进程?由Erich von Daniken撰写,1968年出版的畅销书《诸神的战车》提出了一个“远古外星人”的理论,颠覆了人们对于人类进程的信念。远古洞穴壁画中奇异的生物,秘鲁的飞机跑道遗迹,和印第安文字中所描述的“神的飞行器”这些反常的考古文物只是一小部分被von Daniken引用作为远古外星宇航员早已被我们的祖先所熟知的例。 如果地球上的生命起源于外星球,远古外星人到访过地球,他们留下了哪些遗产,又留下了哪些线索,以明他们曾在此驻足停留? 远古外星人他们是谁,又怀揣着什么目的而来? 本片由von Daniken自己独立制作,《远古外星人》开始了全新的探险,寻找并评估这些据。专注于最近30年间的最新发现,包括人类进化中不寻常的DNA和从埃及到叙利亚,到南美洲的最新解密的艺术品。这是对于一个从很多方面来说不能全信,但又不能被忽视的理论的一场没有偏向的调查。 Article/201104/132573

  William Dabney volunteers for the exciting-sounding ;Special service.;威廉·达布尼自愿参加了威名赫赫的特种部队Left, left, left, right, left.Left, left, left, right, left.一 一 一二一,一 一 一二一But all the training in the world,cannot prepare him for the horror that is to come.但任何训练都无法让他为即将面对的恐怖作好准备June 1944.1944年6月Southern England becomes a massive Army camp of 3 million Allied troops.英格兰南部成了一个容纳300万盟军的庞大军营Over a million and a half tons of equipment are shipped and flown from America.超过150万吨的装备自美国漂洋过海The goal is to retake Europe from the Germans.一切的目的 只为从德国手里夺回欧洲General Dwight D. Eisenhower takes command of the biggest amphibious military operation in history,德怀特·D·艾森豪威尔将军指挥着这场规模空前的水陆两栖行动code-named ;Operation Overlord.;代号;霸王行动;To the world, the Normandy landings are simply known as D-Day.世人只知道诺曼底登陆叫做登陆日Every material factor of war is catered for.每样战时必需品都在紧锣密鼓地筹备着The medical corps alone stockpiles tens of thousands of tons of medical supplies:仅医疗队囤积的医药用品就多达上万吨bandages, morphine, surgical instruments,bedpans, oxygen tents, and X-ray machines.绷带 吗啡 外科器械 便盆 氧气帐以及X光机There are prosthetic limbs and even eyeballs in five sizes and four colors.战备物资包括假肢,甚至还有五种规格四种颜色的假眼By 1944,an American combatant could draw on 4 tons of supplies,截至1944年,参战美国士兵每人可摊得4吨物资versus a Japanese combatant, who had just 2 pounds.而日本士兵人均物资供给仅为2磅No one had ever produced so much in such a short time,从未有国家能用这样短时生产如此多物资and this is what really... Shocked both the Japanese and the Germans.这的确令德国人和日本人大为震惊Blood is so crucial,the US develops a system of blood banks on an industrial scale.血液是关键供给品,美国人建立了一个工业规模的血库系统In the six months leading up to D-Day,在登陆日的前6个月里Americans donate美国人捐献的血液a pint of blood every two seconds.每2秒就有1品脱[约473毫升]The blood is turned into plasma so it can be used on the battlefield.血液被预先制成血浆以供战场上直接使用It is bottled, put in ice and packed in cans.血浆用瓶封装后放入带冰块的铁皮桶里But all these supplies are useless without men prepared to die.战备物资充足,只等血肉之躯战场厮杀D-Day is coming.登陆日即将来临 /201302/227497

  How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Guys on HowcastStep 1: Don't starve yourselfDon’t starve yourself. Study after study proves that men prefer curvy over skinny.第一步:不要使自己挨饿不要使自己挨饿。很多研究表明:男孩喜欢女孩的曲线美胜于喜欢女孩的瘦弱。Step 2: Grow out hairIf your hair is short, grow it out. Surveys say that men love long, full, wavy manes.第二步:留长发如果你的头发很短,让头发长出来。调查表明男孩喜欢长发,质感的,波浪状的头发。Tip:Use volumizer to boost your hair, and lip plumpers to pump up your pout, since pillowy lips denote youth.贴士:使用浓发剂来使头发长得更好,用正装唇使嘴唇更丰润,因为柔软的嘴唇是青春的体现。Step 3: Make eyes appear largerHave a makeup expert show you how to make your eyes appear larger. Large peepers are universally appealing.第三步:让眼睛看起来更大让化妆师给你演示如何让眼睛看起来更大。大眼睛有着让人无法抗拒的魅力。Step 4: Be choosyBe choosy. People who are picky are actually more desirable to the opposite sex than those willing to give everyone a shot.第四步:要挑剔要挑剔。挑剔的女孩事实上比那些每个人都给机会的女生更加吸引男孩。Step 5: Be informed amp; well Be informed and well . A pretty face may get you that first date, but in fact men aren’t as shallow as we think—for the long haul, they want a woman they can talk to.第五步:要闻或是览群书要闻或是览群书。漂亮的脸蛋可能会让男孩主动约你,但实际上男孩并不像我们想象那样浅薄——长久考虑,他们想找一个能有话可说的女孩。Step 6: Flatter himFound a special guy? Use targeted flattery. Figure out how he likes to think of himself—does he fancy himself an intellectual? A jock? A good-time Charlie?—then reinforce that perception.第六步:取悦他想找个特别的男孩?那就要用有针对性的“恭维”。了解他是如何评价自己的——他是得意于自己的智商还是擅长运动?或是好社交与享乐的人?——然后要使他增强自己的看法。Step 7: Laugh at his jokesLaugh at his jokes. While women want a man who can make them laugh, men want a woman who will appreciate their wit.第七步:他讲笑话时要笑他讲笑话时要笑。女孩想找一个能使她们开心的男孩,而男孩则像要女孩能够欣赏他们的才智。Step 8: Enjoy yourselfEnjoy being the belle of the ball!第六步:享受乐趣享受成为舞会美女的乐趣。 Article/201011/117796

  Today in History: Wednesday, February 13, 2013历史上的今天:2013年2月13日,星期三On Feb. 13, 1935, a jury in Flemington, N.J., found Bruno Richard Hauptmann guilty of first-degree murder in the kidnap-death of the infant son of avaitor Charles Lindberg and his wife, Anne. (Hauptmann was later executed.)1935年2月13日,新泽西弗莱明顿陪审团发现布鲁诺理查德犯有一级谋杀罪,他将查尔斯·林德伯格和其妻子安妮的婴儿绑架致死。(布鲁诺理查德后来被处死)1542 The fifth wife of England#39;s King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, was executed for adultery.1542年,英格兰国王亨利八世的第五任妻子凯瑟琳·霍华德因通奸被处决。1635 The Boston Public Latin School, the first public school in what is now the ed States, was founded.1635年,波士顿公共拉丁学校建校,这是如今美国所在地的第一所公立学校。1914 The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers was founded in New York City.1914年,美国作曲家、作家与出版商协会在纽约市成立。1920 The League of Nations recognized the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland.1920年,国际联盟承认瑞士永久性中立。1945 Allied planes began bombing the German city of Dresden during World War II.1945年,二战期间,盟军飞机开始轰炸德国城市德累斯顿。1960 France exploded its first atomic bomb.1960年,法国第一颗原子弹爆炸。1984 Konstantin Chernenko succeeded the late Yuri Andropov as general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party#39;s Central Committee.1984年,康斯坦丁·契尔年科接任苏联共产党中央委员会已故总书记尤里安德罗波夫。1991 During Operation Desert Storm, allied warplanes destroyed an underground shelter in Baghdad that had been identified as a military command center; Iraqi officials said 500 civilians were killed.1991年,沙漠风暴行动中,盟军战机在巴格达摧毁了一地下避难所,该避难所被实是一个军事指挥中心。伊拉克官员称有500名平民被杀。1997 The Dow Jones industrial average broke through the 7,000 barrier for the first time, closing at 7,022.44.1997年,道琼斯工业平均指数突破7000大关,首次收于7022 .44点。2000 Charles Schulz#39;s final ;Peanuts; comic strip ran in Sunday newspapers, the day after the cartoonist died at age 77.2000年,漫画家查尔斯·舒尔茨死后第二天,他的连环漫画《花生》最后在周日报纸上刊登。2005 Ray Charles won eight posthumous Grammy awards for his final album, ;Genius Loves Company.;2005年,雷·查尔斯因最后一张专辑《天才爱公司》赢得了八个格莱美奖项。2012 Washington became the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage.2012年,华盛顿成为第七个同性婚姻合法化的州。 /201302/225058。

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Jimenez#39;s math classes, at Cesar Chavez Academy in Denver, Colorado.今天的第一次“大声喊出来”来到了Jimenez女士的数学课堂。Which of these political parties has won a U.S. presidential election?这些政党中的哪一个曾经赢得过美国总统选举?Here we go. Is it the Reform Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party or Whig Party? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!开始!它是改革党,绿党,自由党还是辉格党?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!There have been four U.S. presidents who were members of the Whig Party. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;曾经有四位美国总统来自辉格党成员。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: You obviously hear about the Republican and Democratic Parties, but as you saw there are other political parties in the ed States, there have been throughout the country#39;s history.你肯定听说过共和党和民主党,但正如你所看到的美国还有其他的政党,他们谱写着美国的历史。Like the Whigs back in the 1800s.正如19世纪的辉格党。These days other parties are usually referred to as third parties.现在其他的党派通常被称为第三党派。This year#39;s third party presidential candidates weren#39;t part of the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.今年的第三党派总统竞选人并不是巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和米特#8226;罗姆尼争论的部分。They got together for their own debate this week in Chicago.他们这周聚集在芝加哥举行了他们自己的辩论。 /201210/206499

  Not being in a relationship can be just as fulfilling as being happily paired up -- if you know how to embrace the advantages.做个单身汉也可以像成双成对一样快乐——如果你知道怎样利用单身的优势的话。Step 1 Be self-sufficient1.自给自足Be self-sufficient both financially and emotionally. You don#39;t need to depend on anyone else for your well-being and happiness.无论是在经济上还是在情感上,做到自给自足。你的幸福和快乐不需要依靠其他任何人。Step 2 Relish your freedom2.品味自由的快乐Make a list of all the advantages of being single, like complete freedom to come and go as you please, take career risks, and spend your money as you wish.列举出单身的所有优势,例如来去完全自由,职业方面可以冒险,花钱也随心所欲。Step 3 Do what you like3.做喜欢的事情Pursue interests you enjoy; don#39;t only sign up for activities in the hopes of hooking up.追求自己热爱的兴趣;不要仅仅为了玩一下而报名参加活动。Step 4 Overcome your fears4.克恐惧Embrace the pleasures and possibilities that come with doing things alone, like eating out on the spur of the moment and traveling spontaneously.拥抱自由自在的快乐和一切可能性,例如突然决定外出吃饭,或者率性而起去旅行。Eating at the bar is a good way to dip your feet into dining solo.在酒吧独坐是享受单身生活的好方法。Step 5 Don#39;t put things on hold5.不要搁置Don#39;t put dreams on hold because you#39;ve always believed they should be done with a mate. You can achieve them on your own,too.不要把自己的梦想搁置,认为这些应该和和另一半一起做的。你完全可以自己完成。Step 6 Work on your relationships6.营建关系网Work on maintaining good relationships with family members, and develop friendships with people of all ages. Being alone doesn#39;t have to mean being lonely if you have a strong social network.致力于维护和家人以及各年龄段朋友的关系。如果你有着强大的社交关系网,单身并不意味着孤独。Thirty-three percent of unmarried Americans polled said ;the freedom to spend my time as I choose; is the best part of being single.接受民意调查的33%的未婚美国人表示,“自由地配时间”是单身生活最好的方面。 Article/201301/222730


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