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2019年01月24日 14:42:06 | 作者:飞度咨询推荐医院 | 来源:新华社
The US risks compounding the mistake it made by not joining a new China-backed Asian infrastructure bank if Republicans in Congress go through with a threat to shut down the country’s export credit agency, GE’s top international executive has warned.通用电气(GE)国际业务最高主管警告说,如果美国国会中的共和党人兑现关闭美国出口信贷机构的威胁,美国可能会错上加错,这里面的前一个错误指的是美国不加入中国持的新成立的亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称:亚投行)。John Rice, who oversees GE’s international operations as the industrial giant’s vice-chairman, told the Financial Times in an interview he believed that Washington’s decision not to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member alongside China had been a mistake.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,这家工业巨头的副董事长、负责通用电气国际业务的约翰#8226;赖斯(John Rice)表示,他认为华盛顿方面决定不与中国一道作为创始成员国加入亚投行是个错误。But he said he was also concerned about the current push by Republicans not to renew funding for the US Export-Import Bank, led by president Fred Hochberg, which is due to run out of money in June.但他表示,他还感到担心的是,共和党人正推动不为美国进出口(US Export-Import Bank)提供新的资金。美国进出口的行长是弗雷德#8226;霍赫贝格(Fred Hochberg),该行将于今年6月耗尽资金。GE, alongside Boeing, is one of the main beneficiaries of Ex-Im financing.和波音(Boeing)一样,通用电气也是该行融资的主要受益者之一。“To opt out of AIIB and not reauthorise [the Ex-Im Bank] would send a strong signal to the rest of the world that we are not going to participate entirely,” Mr Rice told the FT.赖斯告诉英国《金融时报》说:“既选择不加入亚投行,又拒绝给予(美国进出口)新的授权,会向世界其他地区释放一个强烈的信号,表示我们不打算全面参与到它们中。“We would be the only major economy without an export credit agency.”“我们将成为唯一一个没有出口信贷机构的主要经济体。”The Republican push to close the bank comes even as most in the party express strong support for the Obama administration’s efforts to close an important trade deal with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim economies. Republican leaders in Congress have vowed to work to quickly pass a bipartisan bill introduced last week that would give President Barack Obama the “fast-track” authority he needs from Congress to close the Trans-Pacific Partnership.共和党人正在推动关闭该行,尽管与此同时该党的大多数人表示强烈持奥巴马(Obama)政府与日本及其他10个环太平洋经济体达成一项重要的贸易协定。美国国会的共和党领导人已承诺要致力于尽快通过上周提出的两党议案。该议案将令国会赋予美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)其所需的“快车道”(fast-track)授权,以达成《跨太平洋战略经济伙伴关系》(TPP)协定。But that advance has been accompanied by the re-emergence in recent weeks of a debate over Ex-Im Bank’s place in US trade policy that has divided Republicans.然而,与这一进展相伴随的,却是最近几周另一场争论的再次出现,争论的主题是美国进出口在美国贸易政策中到底处于什么位置。这场争论已在共和党内部造成了分歧。While many centrists in the party support the agency’s reauthorisation, conservative critics argue that it provides unneeded subsidies to big companies such as GE which can easily obtain the export financing they need from private sources.虽然该党许多中间派人士持对该行再次授权,但保守派批评人士却声称,该行为通用电气这类大企业提供了不必要的补贴,因为这些企业可通过私人渠道轻而易举地获得所需的出口融资。The Obama administration narrowly avoided the shutting down of the Ex-Im Bank late last year. But a temporary extension to its funding negotiated then is due to run out in June and prominent Republicans such as Paul Ryan, the former vice presidential candidate who now chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, have vowed to close the bank.去年,奥巴马政府勉强避免了美国进出口的关门。然而,当时磋商达成的临时性延长对该行拨款的决定将于今年6月到期,而多位知名的共和党人已发誓要关闭该行,其中包括前副总统候选人保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)。瑞安现在执掌着大权在握的美国众议院筹款委员会(House Ways and Means Committee)。Mr Rice said the issue was crucial for GE and that if the Ex-Im Bank were to be shut down it was likely to have to shift production of gas turbines and jet engines overseas where it could take advantage of other countries’ export credit agencies.赖斯表示,这个问题对通用电气至关重要,如果美国进出口被关闭,通用电气很可能将不得不把燃气轮机和喷气发动机的生产转到海外,在那里它能够利用其他国家的出口信贷机构。“Some of those jobs will go away if we elect to build stuff that could have been built in the ed States in other countries,” he said.他说:“如果我们选择在其他国家制造本可在美国制造的东西,一些工作岗位将会流失。”Hundreds of small and medium enterprises in the US supply GE and their survival in many cases depends on Ex-Im Bank helping to arrange export financing and guarantees, he added.他补充说,美国有数中小型企业为通用电气供货,这些企业的生存在许多情况下依赖于美国进出口帮助安排出口融资和担保。“The idea that Ex-Im is a fat cat support mechanism just is not true,” he said.他说:“有人认为进出口是一种扶持有钱人的机制,这种想法是错误的。”The issue of trade is also an increasingly strategic one for the ed States, Mr Rice said, with the push to finalise the TPP particularly important to solidify the country’s economic influence in Asia.赖斯说,贸易问题对美国来说也愈发是个战略性问题,推动达成TPP对巩固美国在亚洲的经济影响力格外重要。“These are going to be growing, important economies,” he said, and the US risked losing a battle for influence with China in the region if it failed to close the deal on the TPP.他说,“这些经济体将是重要的增长经济体”,如果美国未能就TPP达成协定,它可能会输掉与中国的影响力争夺战。“I don’t think you have the geopolitical influence unless you have the economic influence,” he said. “I think you need both.”“除非你拥有经济影响力,否则我不认为你拥有地缘政治影响力。”他说,“我认为两种影响力你都得有。” /201504/371227It is a tiresome habit of many antique dealers to mark their prices in code.Sometimes it is a straightforward substitution of letters for numerals, so that A equals 1, D equals 4, and so on.More often, the letters are given complicated values that make no sense at all to anyone other than the dealer, and so we find that our chest of drawers is clearly marked“XPT.”What does that mean? Would he accept XOS in cash for a quick sale?许多古董商有个讨厌的习惯,喜欢用代码来标价。有时是直接以字母替代数字,如A代表1,D代表4,以此类推。更常见的情况是,字母代表的意思曲里拐弯,复杂极了,除了古董商以外,没有人能弄明白。所以,我们才会发现我们看中的五斗柜上,清清楚楚地标了个“XPT”。那是什么意思啊?如果现金结账,迅速成交,他能接受“XOS”吗?Why can’t the rascal mark his prices in dollars and cents like they do at Bloomingdale’s? What is he playing at?The game is called“matching the price to the customer.”这无赖难道不能像曼哈顿的布鲁明黛尔百货公司那样,用元、角、分来标价吗?他到底玩的是什么把戏呢?这游戏叫做“看人出价”。While you have been looking at the chest of drawers, the dealer has been looking at you, and you’re both considering the same question—how much?—from different points of view.Depending on how you’re dressed, how interested you seem to be in buying, and how interested he is in selling, the price might fluctuate significantly.就在你仔细端详那只五斗柜时,古董商也在上上下下打量你,而你们俩都在心里盘算同一个问题——多少钱?只是看法、角度各异罢了。凭你的穿着、你购买欲望的大小、你出手兴趣的高低,价格可以上下大幅波动。But you’re not to know that.It is one of the dealer’s little secrets.Don’t let it worry you, because you can play the game, too.Call the man over, and get a price from him.Whatever figure he mentions, brush it aside.No, no, you say.Give me the trade price.(Normally, quite a lot less.)但你是不会知晓个中玄机的,这是古董商的一个小秘密。你不用为此烦心,因为你同样可以玩这套把戏。你只管把那男子叫过来,问他价钱。无论他报什么价,都把它晾在一边。不对,不对,你也可以说,给我个行价吧(通常价格会少很多)。The dealer will look at you through narrowed eyes.Are you really another dealer, or just a robber in a well-cut suit?那古董商会眯起眼来打量你。难道你也是个古董商?You give him a business card and show him your checkbook, and there it is, printed proof: COOPER ANTIQUES, PERIOD FURNITURE, VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.或只是一个衣冠楚楚的强盗?你递给他一张名片。再给他看你的票簿,上面清清楚楚地印着几行字:“库珀古玩店,老式家具,只限预约看货”。I know a man who has been doing this for years, and he has now completely refurnished his house at special trade prices, even though he’s no more a dealer than my butcher’s dog is.我认识一个人,他这么做已经有好多年了。虽然他和那个肉贩子养的一样,和古董商一点关系都没有,但到现在,他已经靠如此这般的特惠价,把整个家又重新装潢了一遍。When I asked him if he thought that this was the kind of sharp practice that an unsporting judge might describe as fraudulent misrepresentation, he just grinned.Didn’t I know?有次我问他,用这种不正当的手段找便宜,若碰上个正经八百、光明正大的法官,会不会判你个招摇撞骗罪呢?Most antiques bounce back and forth between dealers for years before they find places in private homes.All he was doing, in his own small way, was helping to speed up the turnover of stock, giving the dealers the money to go out and buy more antiques from other dealers.他只是咧嘴笑了一笑。难道我会不知道吗?大部分的古董要在各家古董商之间来回倒腾好几年,才会找到一户人家好生安顿下来的。他利用这套小把戏所做的一切,无非是了帮助古董商加快存货周转的速度,好让他们腾出更多的资金,到外面向别的商家买进更多的古董。The way he saw it, he was doing the entire business a service. Even if you’re not prepared to disguise yourself as a gentleman dealer, you must still resist the impulse to pay the asking price.照他的说法,他这是在造福整个古董业。即使你并无打算把自己假扮成一个绅士派头十足的古董商,你仍然要抑制住内心的冲动,千万不可乖乖地按对方的出价付钱,一定要还价。Make an offer, but not before making a few disparaging remarks about rickety legs, dents, scars, and interesting blemishes that have accrued with the passage of centuries.The dealer expects it.但还价前,你一定要对想买的东西贬损一番,比如说,脚站不稳啦,有凹痕,还有刮伤,以及一些因岁月流转而自然产生的斑驳陆离的缺陷。In fact, he might be hurt if you didn’t point them out, because he may have spent several days in his workshop putting them on.实际上,古董商正等着你这样做呢。你如果挑不出毛病来,他可能还觉得自尊心受到了伤害。The process of aging an object or a piece of furniture overnight—or“distressing”it—is an art in itself, and it is miraculous what a talented distresser can do with rusty nails and pumice stone and a mixture of soot and bees-wax.因为,那些所谓的缺陷搞不好是他花了好几天的时间,才在作坊里制造出来的呢。一晚上便让一样东西或是一件家具衰老上几十年、甚至几百年——姑且称之为“折磨”吧,它本身也是一种艺术。More miraculous still is how three-legged chairs can suddenly sprout a fourth leg, marquetry with a bad case of acne can regain a smooth complexion, and tables originally constructed for midgets can grow to adult height.正是这些行刑的天才靠着生锈的铁钉、粗粝的浮石,加上煤灰与蜜蜡的混合物,创造了种种神奇。还有更神奇的呢,原来三只脚的椅子会突然长出第四只脚;原来满是青春痘的镶嵌工艺,会重现光滑的面容;原来给侏儒做的矮桌子,会一下子蹿到普通成人的高度。Inevitably, some killjoy will try to belittle these marvels of inventive restoration.We all have at least one acquaintance who is a self-appointed expert and whose mission in life is to tell you that you have bought a fake.Shaking his head at your foolishness, he will point out in great detail what you were too dumb to see for yourself.It’s not a bad piece, he’ll say, but you could hardly call it a genuine antique.But what the hell.Does it matter?当然,你不免会碰到个把煞风景的家伙,总想贬低这些变造复古的创举。我们至少认识一个这样的人。他自封为内行。他毕生的使命就是要告诉你,你买到的全是假货。他一边晃着脑袋说你笨,一边事无巨细、不厌其烦地向你指出,你怎么笨到连这一处都没看出来呀。他会说,这物件虽然算不上糟糕,但你不能说它是真古董。但那又有什么关系吗?If the piece pleases you, if the faking has been done well, who cares? You bought it to live with, not to sell.如果你喜欢这东西,又假得高明,几可乱真,谁管它是真、还是假?The antique know-it-all is a pest who should be locked up in the bowels of the Metropolitan Museum to study pre-Columbian bidets. Occasionally the situation will be reversed and a genuine piece will be treated with as little respect as would a sheet of plywood.I was once in a Manhattan antique shop when a decorator came in with his client.更何况你买它是为了在生活里用的,又不是为了去卖。其实,这些无所不知的古董专家都是公害,应该关进大都会物馆的最里面,让他们去研究前哥伦布时期的澡盆。偶尔也有乾坤颠倒的情况。一件真品被当作了一张胶合板似的东西而得不到应有的尊重。我有一次在曼哈顿的古董店,碰见了一位室内装饰设计师,带着他的客户来到店中。(I knew he was a decorator by the effortless way in which he spent thousands of dollars in the first ten minutes.)(我看得出来他是室内设计师。因为一进门,他就在10分钟之内轻松花掉了好几千美金。)He paused in front of a magnificent fifteenth-century oak dining table— absolutely authentic, in wonderful condition, a piece of great rarity.在一张外表华丽的15世纪橡木餐桌(绝对是真品)前面,他停了下来。桌子保存情况也非常好,可算是一件稀世珍宝。He heard the price without flinching.“We’ll take it,”he said,“but you’ll have to cut two feet off the end so that it will fit in the breakfast alcove.”他听了价钱后,显出一副毫不畏缩的样子,说:“我们要买它,但你必须锯掉它的两只脚,这样它才能被塞进壁龛里当早餐桌用。”The dealer was in shock.I don’t like to see a man wrestle with his conscience, so I didn’t wait to see whether he sold the table or whether his principles got the better of him.古董商大吃一惊。我不愿看到一个人良心挣扎的样子。所以,我没有留下来看他是卖掉了桌子呢,还是他的原则占了上风。我喜欢古董能为人所用,而不是当神供起来。Personally, I like antiques to be used rather than worshiped, but I did wonder how the table’s maker would have felt about his work being chopped up and put in a breakfast nook.Over the years I have been attracted to a wide variety of antiques, an admirer of all and an expert on none.但我的确还是想知道,造这张桌子的匠人,若是知道他的作品被截肢,并被塞进某个角落里当了餐桌,他不知该作何感想啊。多年来,我感兴趣的古董种类繁多。我是什么都爱,但什么都不精。I have liked Chippendale chairs, Chinese porcelain, kitchen artifacts, Lalique glass, Georgian commodes—just about everything except art, which is a separate and overpriced world of its own.Unfortunately for my aspirations as a collector, I have realized that nature did not equip me for the task.我曾喜欢过18世纪英国齐本德尔式的椅子,中国的瓷器,厨房用品,雕花玻璃和乔治王时代的橱柜——除了艺术作品以外,几乎无所不爱。因为这艺术作品自成一个单独的、定价过高的领域。虽然我渴望成为一名收藏家,但不幸的是,我发现上苍并没有赋予我应有的天资。我忍受不了生活里有什么东西,让我在经过时不得不蹑手蹑脚地绕过去,甚至不敢碰它一下。I can’t stand living with objects that I have to tiptoe around and hardly dare to touch.I like to be able to sit on chairs, eat at tables, drink from glasses, and collapse onto beds without feeling that I am committing sacrilege or risking breakage and financial ruin.我喜欢椅子就是给人坐的,桌子就是用来在上面吃东西的,玻璃杯就是可以拿来喝水的,床就是可以往上面砰然倒下的,而无需觉得我是在亵渎宝物,或是冒东西被毁甚至破产的风险。I now live with furniture and objects that are either virtually indestructible or easily replaceable.现在我生活里用的家具和物品,要么是坏不了的,要么很容易找到替代品。Old, perhaps, but sturdy.I avoid fragility.And there is something else that I avoid and that, if you are only a moderately rich millionaire, you should avoid, too: the chic auction.或许它们很老,但很坚固。我对脆弱可是敬而远之的。另外还有一件事,我也是敬而远之的。而且,你如果只是个中不溜秋的百万富翁,那你更该对它敬而远之:那就是时髦的拍卖会。The people who go to the big salesrooms, glossy brochures tucked under mink-clad arms, are not like you and me.那些身着貂皮大衣,手臂下夹着精装目录走进大拍卖场的人,绝非不入流的、你我可与攀比之辈。They might be upper-crust dealers, professional bidders for foundations, or just grade-A plutocrats, but they have one thing in common: they are loaded.And when loaded people get together in the overcranked atmosphere of competitive bidding, prices disappear upward within seconds.他们可能是上流的古董商,也可能是代表基金会的职业投标人,要不就是顶级的富豪,他们共有一个特点:富得流油。一群极其富有的人在一起扎堆,在竞买火暴的气氛里,不出几秒钟就能把价格哄抬到九霄云外。If you should decide, out of curiosity, to be a spectator at one of these million-dollar orgies, the golden rule is to sit on your hands.假如你出于好奇,决定当一回看客,出席这种一掷千金、面不改色的狂欢会,那你就应该遵守一条金科玉律:把手搁在屁股底下。One absentminded scratch of your ear might catch the auctioneer’s eye and you could find yourself with a twelfth-century bleeding cup and a bill the size of a mortgage.也许你的一个不经意的动作,只是抓了一下耳朵,可能就会被眼尖的拍卖师逮个正着。然后,你就会发现有一个12世纪的滴血杯和一张数额大如抵押贷款的账单,摆在了你的面前。You’re safer with Art Nouveau coatracks.看来,还是买那种新艺术风格的衣帽架更保险些。 /201311/266352The de facto head of Shanghai’s free-trade zone has stood down, according to Chinese official media, striking another blow to a project that has aly failed to live up to expectations.据中国官方媒体报道,上海自由贸易区(FTZ)事实上的主管、中国自由贸易区管委会常务副主任戴海波被免职。这一事件对原本未能达到人们预期的上海自贸区来说,是又一次重大打击。Xinhua, the state news agency, said Dai Haibo, vice-secretary of the Shanghai municipal government, would no longer act as deputy director and party secretary of the year-old Shanghai free-trade zone management committee.中国官方新闻机构新华社(Xinhua)表示,戴海波不再担任成立了一年的上海自贸区管委会副主任和党组书记。除了自贸区管委会副主任,戴海波还是上海市政府的副秘书长。The FTZ declined to comment.对于这一消息,上海自贸区拒绝置评。The long anticipated zone, an enclave of financial deregulation, has attracted some high-profile companies such as Amazon, which last month announced plans to open a logistics warehouse there.作为一块放松金融监管的飞地,长期以来备受期待的上海自贸区吸引了亚马逊(Amazon)等高端公司。上个月,亚马逊曾宣布了在上海自贸区设立物流仓库的计划。But the news of the premature departure of Mr Dai will underline concerns about the FTZ’s future as it approaches it first anniversary this month. Analysts say there has been scant progress on loosening capital controls or liberalising interest rates in the zone.然而,就在上海自贸区成立一周年纪念日日益临近之际,戴海波提前离职令人们愈发担心自贸区的未来。分析师表示,自贸区在放松资本管制或利率自由化方面的进展乏善可陈。“We don’t think the dismissal of some individual official will change the overall development and openness of the free-trade zone,” said Su Chang, chief economist at CEBM Group. “What we know for sure is Beijing is not very happy with the current status of the free-trade zone”莫尼塔(CEBM Gruop)首席经济学家苏畅表示:“我们认为,个别官员的免职不会改变自贸区总体的发展和开放。我们可以确信的是,中国政府对自贸区的现状不太满意。”Economists say further relaxation of rules on merchandise trade is not among the most urgent reforms for China, aly the world’s largest exporter and second-largest importer.多名经济学家表示,对于中国这个已经是全球最大出口国和第二大进口国的经济体来说,进一步放宽商品贸易规则并不是中国最紧迫的改革之一。Even US ecommerce group Amazon was vague about the benefits of operating in the zone beyond geographical proximity to consumers.即使是美国电子商务集团亚马逊,对于在自贸区运营的好处,除了地理上更接近客户之外,该集团仍一头雾水。Few people expected immediate breakthroughs on financial reform. However, the near total lack of substantive changes has led to cynicism among bankers.几乎没人认为自贸区会在金融改革方面立刻取得突破。然而,实质性改革差不多全面缺失的现象已招致业人士的批评。“It’s been mostly hype so far,” said a loan banker in Shanghai who works with small and medium-sized companies in the zone. “Nothing has really changed.”上海一位在自贸区负责与中小企业合作贷款业务的业人士表示:“到目前为止,多数宣传都言过其实。真正的改变没有发生。”In a report last month about Shanghai International Airport, one of the so-called “concept stocks” that rose sharply in the lead-up to the FTZ’s launch, Hino Lam, Goldman Sachs equity analyst, wrote: “We believe that benefits from Shanghai’s free-trade zone reform policies may take longer than expected to materialise, as we have yet to see any positive impact from it so far in 2014”.在上个月一份关于上海国际机场有限公司(Shanghai International Airport Co)的报告中,高盛(Goldman Sachs)股权分析师伊诺#8226;拉姆(Hino Lam)表示:“我们相信,上海自贸区改革政策发挥优势所需的时间要比预期长。因为,2014年迄今我们还没有看到这些政策的积极影响。”上海国际机场有限公司是所谓“自贸区概念股”,该公司股价曾大幅领涨股市——直至自贸区启动。 /201409/328656

A replica of Egypt#39;s iconic Sphinx built in northern China will be dismantled after an Egyptian ministry complained about the structure, state media said Sunday.据中国官方媒体上周六报道,中国北部某地因仿制埃及的标注性建筑狮身人面像,遭到埃及文物部门申诉,该仿制雕像将被拆除。A massive replica of the ancient statue was built in Hebei province, the official Xinhua news agency said.中国官方媒体新华社称,这尊效仿埃及古建筑的大型雕像坐落在石家庄市。But Egypt#39;s ministry of antiquities complained to the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) about the Chinese imitation, it cited a source as saying.新华社称,相关人士透露,埃及文物部门就中国的仿造建筑向联合国教科文组织提出了申诉。An official with a cultural park on the outskirts of the provincial capital Shijiazhuang as saying the imitation would serve only as a temporary scene for shooting movies and television dramas.位于河北省会石家庄市郊的某文化创意园官员表示,该尊狮身人面像是拍摄电影和电视剧所用的临时性场景。;We are very respectful to world cultural heritage and express our apologies for any misunderstanding,; added the official, who declined to be named.这位不愿透露姓名的官员称,“我们非常尊重世界文化遗产,并对此事产生的任何误解表示歉意。”The replica, about 80 meters (264 feet) long and 30 meters tall, is made of steel bars and cement.这尊仿制“狮身人面像”是钢筋混凝土结构,身长约80米,身高约30米。China is building up its replica reputation with a miniature Mount Rushmore, an Eiffel Tower and an entire Austrian village.中国“山寨”世界名建筑的爱好已是名声在外,从微缩版的美国拉什莫尔山到整个奥地利风情村,你都能在中国找到。Among the most eye-popping examples are a copy of the Austrian alpine village and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt in the southern province of Guangdong, which even state media called ;a bold example of China#39;s knock-off culture;.位于中国南部的广东省一处园区模仿位于阿尔卑斯山上的奥地利著名小镇哈尔斯塔特而建,该镇是联合国教科文组织承认的世界遗产和保护对象。新华社称,该园区典型反映了中国的“山寨文化”。 /201405/300903

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