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2018年10月19日 15:41:46 | 作者:飞度咨询动态新闻网 | 来源:新华社
Hundreds of Russians plug away at keyboards, sping pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media sites and masterminding online hoaxes every day. They work in what have come to be known as “troll farms”, named after the derogatory nickname used for people who sp hate on the internet.数以百计的俄罗斯人每天不停地敲击键盘,在社交媒体上传播亲克里姆林宫的宣传言论,策划一个又一个网络骗局。他们在所谓的“巨魔农场”(troll farm)工作,这个带有贬义的名称源于那些在网络上散播仇恨的人的绰号。Adrian Chen, who visited a troll farm called the Internet Research Agency while reporting for The New York Times, believes that the Russians might be the most organised trolls.在为《纽约时报》(New York Times)报道期间,Adrian Chen探访过一个美其名曰“互联网研究机构”(Internet Research Agency)的巨魔农场,他相信那里的俄罗斯人可能是最有组织的“巨魔”。However, they are not unique — social media is being used to distort political debate around the world.然而,他们并不是唯一这样做的人——在世界各地,社交媒体都被用于扭曲政治辩论。In Russia, Mr Chen says, internet users may not be convinced by the comments left by trolls on internet sites. But trolling works by sowing seeds of distrust in online conversations. It pours cold water on social media’s promise to bring people together for frank discussion.Chen表示,在俄罗斯,互联网用户可能不会听信“巨魔”在网站上留下的。但这种行为靠的是在网络对话中播下不信任的种子。人们原本希望社交媒体能让人们在一起坦诚讨论,但“巨魔”行为给这一希望泼了一盆冷水。“This more insidious effect is to make the internet an unreliable source of information and to undermine the democratic nature of the internet. That is to the government’s advantage,” he says.“更阴险的影响是让互联网沦为不可靠的信息源,削弱互联网的民主本质。这对政府是有利的,”他说。Troll farms in Mexico and India work in a similar way, Mr Chen adds, and the same principle applied in “GamerGate”, an organised online harassment campaign against women in the game industry, which erupted in 2014. “You can easily flood the internet with this garbage to try to drown out your opponents,” he says.Chen补充道,墨西哥和印度的巨魔农场也是以类似方式运作的,同样的道理也适用于“GamerGate”事件。这起在线骚扰视频游戏业女性从业者的有组织事件发生在2014年。“你可以轻易用这种垃圾淹没互联网,试图盖过你的对手,”他说。China also runs its own propaganda armies and monitors what people post online to see how public opinion is changing. Meanwhile Isis supporters have become expert in creating anonymous accounts that are used to sp propaganda and recruit potential terrorists. As soon as companies such as Facebook and Twitter shut these down, new ones appear.中国也有自己的宣传大军,并对人们在网络上发表的言论进行监视,以查看民意变化。同时,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的持者成为了创建匿名账户的专家,这些账户被用来传播ISIS宣传内容和招募潜在恐怖分子。一旦Facebook和Twitter等公司关闭这些账户,就会有新的账户出现。When social media sites first emerged, they appeared to give everybody the ability to broadcast their views, suggesting that a wider range of voices would be heard than in the mainstream media.当社交媒体网站首次出现时,它们似乎赋予了每个人畅所欲言的能力,暗示人们会听到比主流媒体更广泛的声音。However, a system that allows people to comment anonymously, and which makes it easy to retweet and share messages, is vulnerable to manipulation, particularly by organised groups with money and personnel — especially as the mainstream media seem willing to amplify their message.然而,一个允许人们匿名、并且可以方便地转发和分享消息的系统很容易遭到操纵,尤其是受到拥有财力人力的有组织集团的操纵——特别是在主流媒体似乎愿意放大他们的声音的情况下。Politicians have built large followings on social networks, thrilled to be able to reach voters directly. US President Barack Obama has more than 68m followers on Twitter, while the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has more than 17m.政治人士在社交媒体上有大批关注者,他们为能够直接接触选民而感到兴奋。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在Twitter上有逾6800万关注者,而印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)拥有逾1700万关注者。But political debates that engage citizens are still rare, argues Professor Christian Fuchs, the director of the University of Westminster’s communication and media research institute. He points to Mr Obama’s use of his political account to promote a competition for a cruise to Alaska last month.但威斯敏斯特大学(University of Westminster)传播和媒体研究院院长克里斯蒂安富克斯(Christian Fuchs)认为,真正吸引公民参与的政治辩论依然很少见。他举例子指出,上月奥巴马利用他的Twitter政治账户宣传一场竞赛,奖品是乘邮轮旅游阿拉斯加。“Such populism 2.0 reduces the political public sphere to submit-and-win contests, political spectacles and personality politics dominated by leadership figures,” he says. “What is today largely missing are politically innovative users of social media that engage citizens in political conversations with each other, in which they have the chance to discuss and explore the complexity of the key political challenges the world faces today.”“这种2.0版本的民粹主义将政治公共空间降级为‘提交并赢奖’的竞赛、政治表演以及由领导人物主导的人格政治,”他说,“当今基本上不存在有政治创意的社交媒体用户,他们能够发动公民在彼此间开展政治对话,在此过程中有机会讨论和探索当今世界面临的关键政治挑战的复杂性。”Nick Anstead, assistant professor at the media department of the London School of Economics, says it is also a myth that social media is a way to reach large audiences for free.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)传媒系助理教授尼克褠斯特德(Nick Anstead)表示,社交媒体是一种免费接触大批受众的方式的说法也是错误的。“When people were first considering the internet and new media, there was certainly a sense that it was going to change the power dynamics, it would lead to a redistribution of power,” he says. But it is now clear that to thrive on social media, politicians have to have access not only to a large group of supporters and but also to money, he says.“当人们最初考虑互联网和新媒体时,确实有种看法认为这些新事物将改变力量格局,导致力量的重新分配,”他说。但他表示,如今已经十分明显的是,如果要在社交媒体上走红,政治人士不仅必须拥有大批持者,还需要资金。In the 2008 US presidential election race, Obama’s campaign was seen as mastering the use of grass roots supporters to sp messages online — but it also spent 10 per cent of its paid media budget on buying digital advertising.在2008年美国总统选战中,奥巴马的竞选被视为很好地利用了基层持者来在线传播消息——但奥巴马选举团队也将10%的付费媒体预算用于购买数字广告。Andrew Heyward, of the MIT Media Lab, says politicians’ social media strategies now resemble those of brands, with Republican Donald Trump by far the most successful presidential candidate.麻省理工学院媒体实验室(MIT Media Lab)的安德鲁眠荭德(Andrew Heyward)表示,如今政治人士的社交媒体战略和品牌很像,这就是为什么共和党人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)成为遥遥领先的最成功的总统候选人。Mr Trump has made so many waves on social media they have flooded into traditional media and given him so much coverage that he is only just buying his first traditional, mainstream media advertisements.特朗普多次在社交媒体上掀起风浪,这些风浪涌入传统媒体,让他获得了铺天盖地的免费报道,以至于特朗普刚刚开始购买传统主流媒体广告。Mr Heyward is using a new analytics tool to track the “horse race of ideas” in the US presidential election campaign.海沃德使用了一种新的分析工具来追踪美国总统选战中的“思想赛马”。Discussion of many topics on social media — from national security to immigration — reflects what is being said in the mainstream media, and vice versa, the study has shown.这项研究表明,社交媒体上对许多话题的讨论——从国家安全到移民——反映出主流媒体正在进行的讨论,反之亦然。Because of this, Mr Heyward is more optimistic that social networks can actually become the “virtual town hall meeting” that Twitter, at least, has aspired to be.有鉴于此,海沃德对社交媒体能够变成“虚拟市政厅会议”抱着一种更加乐观的看法,至少Twitter有这样的志向。“It is a brave new world,” he says. “But actually, ironically, even though it takes advantage of a modern and sophisticated technology, it is a throwback to what the Founding Fathers had in mind — a lively conversation.”“这是一个美好新世界,”他说,“但具有讽刺意义的是,即使它利用精湛的现代技术,它其实是对开国先贤们愿景的回归——一场活跃的对话。” /201602/424100DJI, the Chinese company that has emerged as one of the leaders in the burgeoning civilian market for drones, has raised million from Accel Partners, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm.已经涌现为新兴民用无人机市场领军者之一的中国DJI公司从硅谷风险投资商阿克塞尔合伙公司(Accel Partners)筹集到7500万美元。The deal values DJI, which is based in Shenzen, China, at about billion, according to one person briefed on the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity. It is one of Accel’s largest investments ever.这笔交易将总部设在中国深圳的DJI的市场估值定在约80亿美元。据一位了解交易情况的人说,这是阿克塞尔有史以来最大的一笔投资。该人要求匿名。The soaring valuation for the company reflects DJI’s rapid growth in drones, a market that has captivated the public even as regulators and law enforcement in countries like the ed States grapple with the safety and privacy risks of opening the skies to unmanned aircraft with cameras. Hobbyists are free to fly drones like the Phantom from DJI as long as they obey certain rules, while regulators are beginning to relax restrictions on their commercial uses, like aerial photography and inspecting crops. Amazon is testing drones for delivering small packages.对公司极高的估值反映了DJI在无人机市场的快速增长,这个市场已经让公众着迷。尽管在像美国这样的国家,监管和执法部门仍在努力设法解决向带有相机的无人机开放天空所带来的安全和隐私风险问题,只要遵守一定的规则,业余爱好者们就可以随便放飞像DJI生产的Phantom那样的无人机。而监管机构也开始放松对无人机商业使用、比如航空摄影和检查作物的限制。亚马逊公司(Amazon)正在测试用无人机投递小包裹。“The size of our investment really shows how big we think the opportunity can become,” said Sameer Gandhi, a partner at Accel, which is best known for its early investment in Facebook. It also has stakes in other start-ups like Dropbox and Slack.“我们投资的规模确实显示了我们认为这个机会能有多大,”阿克塞尔合伙人萨米尔·甘地(Sameer Gandhi)说,这家风投公司在Facebook的早期投资最为人知。公司也入股了其它初创公司,比如Dropbox和Slack。DJI has emerged as the one of most prominent names in the market. Its Phantom 2 drone, a copter with four rotors, starts at 9, while higher-end models like the Inspire 1 start at ,900. It was a Phantom drone that an intoxicated off-duty intelligence agency employee accidentally crashed onto the grounds of the White House in January.DJI已涌现为无人机市场最耀眼的名字之一。它的Phantom 2无人机是有四个水平旋翼的直升机,起价为859美元(约合5330元人民币),而像“悟”Inspire 1这样的高端机型起价为2900美元。今年一月,被情报机构一名下了班的员工醉酒后意外坠落在白宫草地上的就是一架Phantom无人机。Forbes on Tuesday published a profile of DJI in which it said that DJI was on track to exceed billion in sales this year, compared with about 0 million in revenue last year and 0 million in profit. Another person familiar with DJI’s finances confirmed the accuracy of those figures, asking for anonymity because the company has not publicly released them.《福布斯》杂志(Forbes)周二发表了一篇介绍DJI的文章,文章说,DJI今年的销售额有望超过10亿美元。与之相比,公司去年的营收大约为5亿美元,利润为120万美元。另一位知晓DJI财政状况的人士实了这些数字的准确性,但要求不具名,因为公司尚未公开发布数字。Sequoia Capital, another Silicon Valley investment firm, invested around million in DJI last year.另一家硅谷投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)去年向DJI投资了约3000万美元。Other drone makers are angling for a piece of the market, too. Last month, 3DR, a drone maker in Berkeley, Calif., one of whose founders is Chris Anderson, a former editor of Wired magazine, raised million from a group of venture capitalists and corporate investors.其它无人机制造商也在垂涎这一市场。上个月,加州伯克利的无人机制造商3DR从一群风险投资家和企业投资方募集到640万美元,3DR的创始人之一是克里斯·安德森(Chris Anderson),他曾是《连线》(Wired)杂志的主编。Mr. Gandhi of Accel described the growth of DJI as a watershed moment for a Chinese technology company, because such companies are often thought of as copying innovations from companies in the ed States and elsewhere.阿克塞尔的甘地把DJI的增长描述为中国技术公司的转折点,因为人们往往认为中国技术公司靠山寨美国和其他国家的创新为生。“For one of the first times, you’re seeing an international company, a Chinese company, being the innovator and frankly leapfrogging all activity in other parts of the world and truly being the company everyone is chasing from an innovation point of view,” Mr. Gandhi said.甘地说,“这是首次,你看到一家国际公司、一家中国公司作为创新者。坦率地说,这家公司超越了世界其他地区的所有活动,从创新的角度来看,真正成为了其他人都在追逐的公司。” /201505/373914Facebook is really two companies for the price of one: A really nifty, visionary, we’re-going-to-change-the-world innovator and a mind-numbingly technocratic/grind-it-out money-making machine.社交网站Facebook有两张面孔:一张是时髦且富有远见、志在改变世界的创新者;另一张则是单调乏味技术专家式加埋头苦干的赚钱机器。Let’s take the second first. The company reported full-year earnings Wednesday, and by any measure Facebook is an impressive business. Largely by selling ads that run on cell phones, Facebook’s 2014 revenue increased 58% to .5 billion. The company earned almost billion. Nearly 900 million people used Facebook daily during December.我们先来看看Facebook的后一张面孔。上周三,该公司公布了全年营收,不论以何种标准来衡量,其业绩都相当不错。2014年,Facebook的营收增长58%,达到125亿美元,主要来自移动端广告销售。Facebook2014年净利润将近30亿美元。截至去年12月,每天有近9亿人使用Facebook。Unless your exceedingly interested in the intricacies of advertising technology, there’s almost nothing interesting about how Facebook makes money. Listening to a discussion of its financial results is a forced march through the muddy fields of organic impressions, increasing velocity of advertising efficiency, right-hand rails, and the like. In discussing Facebook’s desire to be a good partner to software developers, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to the company’s efforts at building a “cross-platform platform.” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, piped in that “our ultimate goal is to be the critical business partner to our clients.”除非你对复杂难懂的广告技术非常感兴趣,否则,Facebook的盈利模式听起来相当无趣。听人讨论其财务业绩,简直好比在泥地里强行推进,令人痛苦不堪,耳边充斥着各种术语:有机曝光次数、广告投放率递增速度、右侧栏,凡此种种,不一而足。谈到Facebook希望成为软件开发者很好的合作伙伴,公司创始人兼首席执行官马克o扎克伯格称,Facebook正努力建设“跨平台平台”。Facebook首席运营官谢丽尔o桑德伯格插话道:“我们的最终目标,是成为客户的关键商业伙伴。”Yawn-inducing, perhaps, but powerful too. Facebook now gets nearly 70% of its revenue from mobile devices, up from nothing a few short years ago. Considering its rapid growth, it is astounding that revenue from ads that run on desktop computers re only growing at a 1% clip for Facebook. It’s worth repeating: Not very long ago desktop ads were all that Facebook had. Facebook also has a balance sheet nearly as big as its 2014 revenues: It ended the year with .2 billion in cash.这种话或许令人大打哈欠,但却富有感染力。Facebook目前近70%的收入来自移动设备端,而就在短短几年前,移动端收入几乎为零。相较于其高速增长,Facebook台式电脑端广告营收的增速仅1%,不由得令人震惊。值得一提的是,就在不久前,Facebook几乎全部收入都来自电脑端广告。Facebook当前资产负债表上的现金规模几乎可媲美其2014全年营收:截至2014年底,该公司坐拥112亿美元现金。But wait, wasn’t there something about a vision and making the world safe for something other than efficient mobile ad units?等等,除了高效的移动广告单元外,Facebook不是还有个要使世界变得更安全的愿景吗?Indeed. Zuckerberg did something unique for an investor earnings call: He shared a three-, five-, and 10-year vision for his company. The three-year vision includes creating better services for people and, critically, businesses while growing Facebook’s “community.” The five-year plan envisions making businesses of WhatsApp and Messenger, an acquisition and a separate messaging app, respectively. The 10-year plan involves Zuckerberg’s goal of helping every person in the world obtain an Internet connection (through his Internet.org project) and then plopping them down into a virtual-reality world stemming from Facebook’s Oculus VR purchase.没错,扎克伯格做了件在投资者收益电话会议上极为罕见的事:他分享了Facebook的三年、五年以及十年愿景。其三年愿景包括,为人们以及(最重要的是)企业提供更好的务,同时使Facebook的“社区”不断发展。五年计划是使WhatsApp和Messenger两款应用分别实现商业化。十年计划则包括:使全球所有人都能连上互联网(通过扎克伯格的Internet.org项目),并使他们进入Facebook收购的Oculus VR创造的虚拟现实世界。It’s the kind of stuff that only a company that’s printing money from its gigantic audience can afford to think about.这样的愿景,只有拥有海量用户、日进斗金的公司才敢有。Toward the end of the earnings call an investor asked Zuckerberg if it made sense to spending so much money to provide Internet connections to customers who wouldn’t generate sufficient revenue for Facebook to recoup the investment. Why, the analyst asked, does this matter to investors? Zuckerberg’s response neatly summed up his thinking about Facebook. “It matters to the kind of investors that we want to have because we’re a mission-focused company,” Zuckerberg said. “Part of the sub-text of your question is that if we were only focused on making money we’d simply focus on selling more ads in the U.S. But that’s not the only thing we think about here.”收益电话会议接近尾声时,有一位投资者问扎克伯格,斥巨资帮助那些不能给Facebook带来足够收入的客户接入互联网,以至于收不回本,这样做是否合理?该分析师问道,这同投资者有什么关系?扎克伯格的回答,很好地概括了他对Facebook的想法。他说道:“对于我们想要吸引的投资者来说,这一点很重要,因为我们是一家专注于使命的企业。你提的问题的潜台词是,如果我们只关心赚钱,我们会专注于在美国卖出更多广告。但我们并不仅关心赚钱。”At Facebook FB 0.61% , they certainly think about making money. Indeed, when you make so much of it you also can think about creative ways to make even more, even if the payout is way off into the future.不过,Facebook肯定有琢磨赚钱的事。确实,当你大赚特赚时,你可以想些有创意的方式来赚更多的钱,哪怕回报要很久以后才能看到。(财富中文网) /201502/358727

If all proceeds as planned, the world’s biggest animal cloning center will open next year in the northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin, taking factory farming to a new level.如果一切按计划进行,世界上最大的动物克隆中心将于明年在中国北方的港口城市天津开业,将工厂化农业提升到一个新水平。The center, being built by Boyalife Group, a Chinese biotechnology company, and Sooam Biotech, a South Korean company that specializes in animal cloning, will eventually churn out up to a million beef cattle embryos a year, as well as sniffer dogs, racehorses and other animals, its backers say. When completed, at a projected cost of 0 million, it will include a research laboratory, a gene bank and a museum.该中心是由中国生物技术公司雅控股集团(Boyalife Group)和专门从事动物克隆的韩国秀岩生命工学研究院(Sooam Biotech)兴建。它的投资者说,该中心最终能一年大量生产出上百万个肉牛胚胎,以及嗅探犬、赛马和其他动物。这个预计花费5亿美元(约32亿元人民币)兴建的中心落成后,内部的设施将包括研究实验室、基因库和物馆各一个。Public education appeared to be a concern of Xu Xiaochun, Boyalife’s chief executive, during a conference call with journalists on Thursday, in which he sought to quell anxieties over the technology.在周四与记者的电话会议中,雅控股首席执行官许晓椿似乎对公众教育相当重视。他试图平息公众对这项技术的各种焦虑。“Clone technology is aly around us,” Mr. Xu said. “It’s just that not everyone knows about it.” He added that many strawberries and bananas sold in Chinese supermarkets were the products of this technology.“克隆技术已经在我们日常生活当中,”许晓椿说。 “只是不是每个人都知道这件事。”他补充说,许多在中国超市出售的草莓和香蕉都是这项技术的产品。The process, he said, is just like “pouring a glass of orange juice into another empty glass,” meaning the cloned entity will be identical to the original.他说,克隆过程就像“将一杯橙汁倒到另一个空杯子里”,也就是说克隆体将与原体毫无区别。“And I call tell you all that cloned beef is the tastiest beef I have ever had,” he said.他说:“我想告诉你们的是,克隆牛肉是我吃过最美味的牛肉”But Mr. Xu must contend with skeptical consumers in China, where food safety is a near obsession after scandals like melamine-tainted baby formula and recycled industrial “gutter oil.” Online reaction to the project has been overwhelmingly negative.但是,许晓椿必须努力说持怀疑态度的中国消费者。当婴儿配方奶粉被三聚氰胺污染、“地沟油”被回收使用等丑闻传出后,他们对食品安全异常关注。网上对项目的反应一直是非常负面的态度。“Crazily evil!!!” commented the user No-Music-No-Life on Weibo.微用户No-Music-No-Life说:“邪恶到疯狂!!!”。A person with the handle Xingchen Miaoyu wrote, “Please serve cloned beef to leaders first!”微网名为“星尘喵语”的用户写道,“请先让领袖尝尝克隆牛肉!”A commenter with the user name Zhenwei Shusheng added, “China has become a major biotech research lab and Chinese are the experimental subjects.”微用户“真伪书生”补充道:“你国就是一个全球大型生物实验基地。你国人就是实验品。”Others questioned the decision to build such a plant in Tianjin, the site of a deadly chemical explosion in August that killed 173, fearing lax law enforcement could compound an aly complicated issue.其他人质疑将这样一个工厂建立在天津的决定。天津在8月发生了一场致命的化学爆炸,导致173人死亡。他们担心执法不严可能加剧本已复杂的问题。“The real-life version of ‘Resident Evil’?” asked the Weibo user Li Li, referring to the science-fiction film series that features a bioengineering company that produces bioweapons.微用户“李理64025”问道:“现实版‘生化危机’吗?”他指的是一个科幻电影系列,情节涉及一家生产生化武器的生物工程公司。The undertaking has also been clouded by a scandal that embroiled the head of the South Korean partner, Hwang Woo-suk. In 2005, Dr. Hwang was found to have fabricated research that he had claimed used cloning to produce human embryos and extract stem cells from them.该项目也因另一个原因而蒙上了阴影,因为韩国合作伙伴的负责人黄禹锡(Hwang Woo-suk)有丑闻缠身。2005年,黄禹锡被揭捏造研究,他声称利用了克隆技术制造人类胚胎并从中提取干细胞。But he has since focused his attention on animal cloning. His company worked with Boyalife to develop a rare Tibetan mastiff last year with a hefty price.但他从那时开始,他就专注于动物克隆。去年,其公司与雅合作,投入巨资培养了一种罕见的纯种藏獒。Beijing has watched with both envy and caution since the first cloned mammal, Dolly, a sheep, was born in Scotland in 1996. Since then, Chinese scientists have cloned cows and pigs, but they have largely limited such activities to experimental purposes.北京对此既羡慕又谨慎,因为在1996年,首只克隆哺乳动物,绵羊多莉(Dolly),在苏格兰出生。从那时起,中国科学家克隆了牛和猪,但这种活动很大程度只限于实验目的。Cloning is used in some farm animal breeding programs in the ed States, but in September, the European Parliament voted in favor of a ban on cloned animals and their products, arguing that current techniques inflict greater suffering on animals than conventional breeding.在美国,克隆技术用于一些农场动物的育种计划。但在9月,欧洲议会投票赞成了一项针对克隆动物及销售克隆动物产品的禁令,因为目前的技术,会比常规育种对动物造成更大的痛苦。Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said that cloning technology could help China reduce its reliance on cattle imports to meet its people’s rising demand for beef. “But long term, this is not a solution,” she warned, emphasizing the need to assess the risks of using such technology and to overhaul China’s livestock industry.中国农业大学副教授朱毅说,克隆技术可以帮助中国减少对牛进口的依赖,满足人们对牛肉日益上升的需求。她警告说,“但长期来看,这不是一个解决方法。”她还强调,需要评估使用这种技术的风险,也需要改革中国的畜牧业。The high costs of grain for feed and other items have squeezed profits for many Chinese cattle breeders and have depressed production, forcing a number of meat processors to turn to imports.饲料及其他项目成本高昂,挤压了许多中国养牛者的利润,也减少了产物,迫使一些肉类加工商转而使用进口牛肉。That situation presented an opportunity for Mr. Xu, who said he hoped cloning would help improve livestock production within China.这种情况对许晓椿来说是个机会,他说希望克隆技术将有助提高中国国内畜牧业产量。“One reason we have so much low-quality beef is because we haven’t applied clone technology,” Mr. Xu said. “This is the only way to allow Chinese and many other people in the world to enjoy high-quality beef in an efficient manner.”“我们有这么多的低质量牛肉的原因之一是还没有应用克隆技术,”许晓椿说。“这是让中国人和世界上的其他其他的人,能够以高效地享用高品质牛肉的唯一途径。”Before bringing cloned beef to the market, Mr. Xu said, his company must receive the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies. He did not elaborate. The ministry did not immediately reply to a faxed request for comment.许晓椿说,把克隆牛肉带进市场前,该公司必须先获得农业部及其他政府机构的批准。他没有详细说明。该部门并没有对传真过去的置评请求立即作出回复。Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, raised doubts over this approach for mass-producing beef. “I think clone technology can be used for endangered species, but it’s not very necessary for animal husbandry,” he said. “I don’t think this will be very economical, and I doubt this model will take off any time soon”.北京东方艾格农业咨询公司分析师马文峰,对于以此种方式大量生产牛肉表示怀疑。“我认为克隆技术可用于濒危物种,但对于畜牧业则不是非常必要的,”他说。“我不认为这样做很经济,而且我怀疑这种模式在可预见的未来能否推广开来。”On Thursday, Mr. Xu said the venture had aims beyond just profits. “Our priority is to do a good job,” he said, “so we’ll achieve greater social influence.”周四,许晓椿表示,合资公司的目的不仅仅是利润。 “我们的首要任务是要把这做好,”他说,“这样我们会获得更大的社会影响力。” /201511/412697

The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses秦始皇陵兵马俑The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are one of the most significant archeological discoveries in the 20th century. The excavation work is on-going at this site, which is around l. 5 kilometers east of Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s missed by any visitor to China. Upon ascending the throne at the age of 13 in 246 , Qin Shihuang, later the first feudal emperor in the Chinese history, began to work for his mausoleum. It took ii years to finish. It is speculated that many buried treasures and sacrificial objects had accompanied the emperor in his afterlife. A group of peasants uncovered some pottery while digging for a well nearby the royal tomb in 1974. It caught the attention of archeologists immediately, who, after massive on-site excavations, claimed that the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses had been associated with the Qin Dynasty. The museum covers an area of 16,300 square meters, divided into three sections, i.e.No.1 Pit, No.2 Pit, and No.3 Pit respectively. No. I Pit, the largest of the three, was first opened to the public on China#39;s National Day, 1979. No. 2 Pit, found in 1976, is 20 meters northeast of No. 1 Pit. It contained over one thousand warriors and 90 chariots. It was unveiled to the public in l994. Archeologists came upon No. 3 Pit also in 1976, 25 meters northwest of No. I Pit. It looked like the command center of the armed forces. It went on display in 1989, with 68 warriors. a war chariot and four horses. Up to now, over 7,000 pottery soldiers and horses, chariots, and weapons have been unearthed from these pits. Most of them have been restored to their former grandeur. The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses were listed by UNESCO in 1987 as one of the world cultural heritages.秦始皇陵兵马俑是20世纪最重要的考古发现之一。在陕西西安市临潼区秦始皇陵以东约1.5千米处,考古发掘工作正在进行。到中国的游客都不会错过参观这一景点。秦始皇后来成为中国历史上首位封建帝王。13岁的他于公元前246年继承王位之后就着手营造自己的陵墓,历时11年方修建完成。有人猜测,始皇帝死后有大量的宝物和陪葬品埋入陵墓陪伴这位帝王。1974年,几个农民在帝王陵寝附近打井时发掘出一些陶制品,这立即引起了考古学家们的注意,他们在经过大量的现场发掘后认为兵马俑和秦代关系密切。兵马俑物馆占地16300平方米,由三部分组成,即分别是l号俑坑、2号俑坑和3号俑坑。一号坑在三个坑中最大,首先于1979年中国的国庆节当天向公众开放。1976年发现的2号坑,在一号坑东北方向20米处,有1000多个陶俑和90乘马车。2号坑于1994年向公众开放。3号坑也是考古学家在1976年发现的,在l号坑西北方向25米处,该俑坑看上去像是军队的指挥中心。1989年公开展览的3号坑,由68个陶俑、一乘战车和四个马佣。迄今从这些俑坑中共发掘出7000余件陶俑、陶马、战车和兵器,大部分经过修复都已重获了昔日的威武和庄严。秦始垒陵兵马俑于1987年被联合国教科文组织列为世界文化遗产之一。 /201601/419349

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