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泉州子宫肌瘤手术大概多少钱福建泉州妇幼保健简介Asia亚洲中国Pakistans armed forces巴基斯坦的军事力量Out of the driving seat失去驾驶权的司机The prime minister wants to put the army in its place巴基斯坦的总统想要把军队置于此地。IT IS said that the army chief is the most powerful man in Pakistan.据称军队总司令是巴基斯坦权利最大的人。Even so, the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, made a point of keeping the new head waiting for as long as possible.至于说, 侯赛因总统提出想见这位总司令都要加入其等待长队的行列。Breaking with the convention that gives the new chief a month or two to prepare, Mr Sharif named a successor just two days before the outgoing chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, a former spymaster turned double-term army chief, was due to retire.被中断的大会告诉新总统,给他两个月去准备,在前任军方总司令离职后,侯赛因总统任命了继承人。前总司令卡亚尼曾任一位担任两个军队的司令,前任间谍领头。他面临退休而不得不离开岗位。Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif will now control not only a vast army and the worlds fastest-growing nuclear arsenal, but a business empire ranging from cornflakes to luxury housing.拉赫利·谢里夫不将会主宰多方位的军队,还会掌权逐渐扩张的核能军火库。So why the delay?为什么推迟了如此久才定音?The prime minister is not always decisive, and bear in mind that the last time he picked an army chief, Pervez Musharraf in 1998, his appointee ousted him in a coup a year later.总统也不是神,永远能够很快地做出有效的决定。在1988年,在经过慎重考虑之后,侯赛因总统任命佩尔韦兹·穆沙拉夫作为军方总司令,而他的上司,那个指定他的人,在过后的几年将他罢职。Others, however, suspect an attempt by Mr Sharif to assert civilian authority over an army that needs to be put in its place.有些人怀疑谢里夫想要维持文官权利高于军队,所以不得不做到这步。The army sees itself as both embodiment and guarantor of the nation.军队认为他们是既国家的捍卫者又是国家的化身。Yet it has long been at the root of Pakistans deepest problems.尽管这长时间以来一直是巴基斯坦最根本的问题。By meddling in elections and mounting coups, it has weakened the political classes, whose consequent ineptitude and corruption gives it cause to meddle again.通过一系列的干预竞选和愈加剧烈的政变,政治阶级已经被削弱。而紧接着的便是无能和不称职公仆和不断的贿赂,这又导致了再一次政治干预。It has a history of disastrous military adventures.在历史上记载着一次军队灾难性的经历。And it has made common cause with militant Islamists who it hoped would further its interests abroad—keeping India on edge to the south and sowing confusion in Afghanistan to the north in hopes of preventing anti-Pakistan forces growing there.而原因是同样的—穆斯林军人想要对外扩张,取得更多利益—把印度置于南方的边际,在阿富汗的北面散布迷惑信息,以防止反巴基斯坦势力上涨。The country is now paying a terrible price for its sponsorship of foreign terror.目前,巴基斯坦在国际反恐活动中提供了高得离谱的资助,It has spawned dozens of local extremist groups attacking Pakistan itself.这却导致多数的巴基斯坦本地极端分子集团攻击本国人。Since 2001 nearly 50,000 Pakistanis have died in terror-related violence.自2001年起,已经有五十万巴基斯坦人民由于恐怖分子引发的相关犯罪事件而死亡。For a long time the generals refused to see the Islamists for the threat they are.很长一段时间来,高层们一直不承认穆斯林分子对他们来说是一个威胁的存在。Officers from the armys spy wing, Inter-Services Intelligence, were probably involved in funding and planning deadly attacks in Mumbai in 2008 carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba.2008年,一群出自情报局的军方间谍在孟买被虔诚军袭击致死。General Kayani may have been as bad as the rest.当时的总司令卡亚尼可能已经看出其他穆斯林分子也将跟虔诚军一样顽劣。While he was rising to the top, the Afghan Taliban regrouped, the Mumbai attacks were planned, and Osama bin Laden settled in a garrison town.于是当他的权利处于上位时,阿富汗塔利班的军队被重新部署,孟买袭击在当时也开始进行策划。当时本拉登被安置在驻防区的小镇里。Yet along the way the soldier-spy grew into the pragmatist committed to getting the army out of the driving seat and nurturing Pakistans return to democracy.然而,伪装成士兵的间谍务实地保,要将军队撵出独裁,主导之位,要使巴基斯坦重回民主之路。He and Mr Sharif seem to have got on, while the Americans respected him.此人和总司令已有交手,而美国人表现出更尊重他。Crucially, says Asad Munir, a retired ISI brigadier, he began to understand the nature of the existential threat posed by militant Islam.重要的是,前情报局参谋长穆尼尔说,他已经明白,目前存在的威胁本质就是穆斯林军人。Military force is required to take it on, particularly in North Waziristan, a tribal area which an alphabet soup of al-Qaeda affiliates have made their base.军方势力要求要掌握在手,特别是部落地区北瓦齐里斯坦,是一碗基于附属基地组织的字母汤General Sharifs appointment was a surprise.总司令谢里夫的任命是很令人惊讶的。But the good news is that he shares General Kayanis thinking on domestic militancy.但是值得一喜的是,他前前总司令卡亚尼交流了关于国内军事力量的想法。In charge of army training, he was closely involved in efforts to retool an army trained for set-piece battles with India for counter-insurgency in the countrys wild tribal west.他想要接近于重组一训练有素的军队,为巴基斯坦西面广阔的部落地带与印度的反动起义战争定下筹码。Like General Kayani, he knows first-hand the futility of peace accords that militant groups soon renege on.前总司令卡亚尼知道,无战争代价的和平定将带来无效的回应——对方军队一定很快就会食言。The problem is that the prime minister has yet to produce a national counter-terrorism strategy and says peace talks must be tried first.而问题就是,侯赛因总统已经将国内反恐怖主义战略定案,同时宣称,必须先保和平。It is a cause with minimal chance of success, but one hotly promoted by much of the political establishment.尽管这只是一个非常难以成功的方案,但是政治大量完善与建成被激烈地推崇。Many more innocent lives may have to be lost before the politicians find the nerve for a military solution.在政治家发想要运用军事能够解决问题之前,可能很多无辜的生命都将面临着牺牲。Elsewhere irritation with civilian government is aly flowering among junior officers. But there is no mood to take over.公民政府的无理取闹已经在老一辈的官员里传开,可是没有人有此闲情雅致去掌权。Mr Musharrafs eight years in power were a disaster.穆沙拉夫八年执政便是场灾难军方不可挑战的高高权威已经引起了广播的大肆宣传。The armys once-unchallenged authority has leeched away to a set of rambunctiousbroadcast media, an activist supreme court and civilian politicians who this year successfully transferred power from one elected government to another—a first for Pakistan. Good governance is the best way for civilian rulers to keep the army off their backs.一位最高法院激进的官员第在巴基斯坦在一个政府的倒戈,另一个政权的崛起之下,成功转移了自己的实力。 对于秩序制定者来说,一个好的政府应该把军队控制之下而非之上。Still, the army can always play a spoiling game, especially when it comes to relations with India.依然地,军队一直在玩扫兴的游戏,特别是在与印度的关系上。It makes no secret of despising Mr Sharifs enthusiasm for a rapid normalisation of relations, and opposes a crucial free-trade deal.这是正大光明地鄙视谢里夫热忱于对社会秩序的塑造,反对自由贸易的重要则曾。And even as Mr Sharif dreams of visa-less travel across the Indo-Pakistani border, after years of relative calm the ceasefire line in contested Kashmir has become hot again.就当谢里夫梦想穿越巴基斯坦-印度边际不需要签时,缓和多年熄战线现在又热了起来。The officers probably deserve some of the blame for that.以这方面而言,责备,是政府应得的。 201401/271239鲤城区处女膜修复多少钱 泉州妇科医院治疗宫颈糜烂怎么样

泉州修补处女膜多少钱晋江人民医院人流 Science and technology科学技术Physiognomy面相学Facing the truth面对真相Why a mans face can lie but still produce orgasms一个男性的面相为什么可以说谎,但尽管如此仍能带来高潮Who are you calling a wide-boy?你称之为宽脸男孩的人是谁?THESE days, physiognomy is an unfashionable science.如今面相学是过时的学科。The idea that character is etched into an individuals face is so much at variance with modern notions of free will that research in the area dwindled long ago.人的性格特征蚀刻在脸上这一想法跟现代自由抉择的观念差异很大,而现代自由抉择观念的研究领域很久以前就缩小了。But it is making a tentative comeback.不过人们一直在试验性质地从事这项研究。Two recent studies of faces suggest that their features do matter, biologically speaking: they can predict dishonesty and they can provoke orgasm.最近两项面相研究表明,从生物学上来讲,面部特征的确至关重要:面相可以预测不诚实,面相也能挑起高潮。The study on dishonesty was done by Michael Haselhuhn and Elaine Wong of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.对不诚实的研究是由威斯康星大学密尔沃基分校的迈克尔?哈泽尔胡恩和埃莱讷?黄进行的,并发表在《英国皇家学会会刊》上。Dr Haselhuhn and Dr Wong wondered if a feature aly known to reflect aggressiveness in men might also predict a tendency to lie and cheat.哈泽尔胡恩士和黄士想知道一个已知反映男性有侵略性的特征是否也能预测该人具有说谎和欺骗的倾向。That feature is the ratio of a faces width to its length.这个特征就是面部的宽长比。The wider a mans face, the more likely he will hit you.一个男人的脸越宽,他越有可能打你。Honest signals of aggressiveness make sense.侵略性的诚实信号是有意义的。Potential victims avoid starting fights they cannot win, while the aggressive get their way without risking injury.潜在的受害者可以避免开始他们无法取胜的战斗,而有侵略性的一方不用担心会犯有伤害罪。It does not, however, obviously make sense to give away in advance of a negotiation that you are likely to lie or cheat in it.然而,在谈判进行之前先行放弃显然没有意义,你可能会在谈判中说谎或欺骗。Yet Dr Haselhuhn and Dr Wong found this was the case.而哈泽尔胡恩士和黄士发现的就是这种情形。In both a staged negotiation using MBA students and a separate experiment in which ordinary undergraduates were given an opportunity to earn more money if they misreported the results of a series of die rolls,在启用企业管理硕士进行的谈判中,以及在普通大学生如果错误报告一系列滚筒模的结果就有机会赚更多钱的单独试验中,the two researchers found that the wider a mans face was, compared with its height, the more likely he was to lie about his intentions or cheat.两位研究人员发现,一个男人的脸部同高度比越宽,他越有可能掩饰他的意图或欺骗。That did not, however, apply to women.不过,这并不适用于女性。The probable explanation is that the advantage of being seen, reliably, as aggressive outweighs the disadvantage of being, predictably, a cheat and a liar.可能的解释就是,被可靠地视为有侵略性的好处比预测出骗子和说谎者的坏处要来得重要。Also, the fear of retaliation provoked by aggressiveness means victims of cheating and lying might not want to push the point anyway,此外,欺骗和说谎的受害者因为害怕该人的侵略性促成的报复,可能无论如何都不想推知这点,and might thus be willing to concede a certain amount of slippage in their negotiating position, knowing full well what is going on.且可能因为非常了解会发生什么事,于是愿意在谈判立场上退让到一定限度。Since women rarely use violence to get their way, they do not evolve such signals.由于妇女很少使用暴力达到目的,所以她们没有进化出这样的信号。The likelihood of a link between mens faces and womens orgasms is more obvious than that between faces and cheating,男性的面相和女性的高潮之间存在联系的可能性比面相和欺骗之间存在联系的可能性更明显,but is nevertheless significant.但仍然是重要的。In a study to be published in Evolution and Human Behavior,即将发表在《进化与人类行为》上的一项研究中,David Puts and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University found what you might expect—that sex with a good-looking man is more likely to result in orgasm than sex with a minger.宾夕法尼亚州立大学的大卫?普茨和他的同事们发现了你可能会料到的事。What this means is that good-looking men are even more likely to conceive children than was previously believed.这意味着,好看的男人比人们以前所认为的更有可能拥有孩子。Obviously, the handsome have more mating opportunities than the ugly.跟一个好看的男子发生性关系比跟一个丑八怪发生性关系更有可能会达到高潮。显然,英俊的人比丑陋的人有更多的做爱机会。But if they more often bring a woman to orgasm, as well, each of those opportunities is more likely to result in conception,除了他们更经常地让女性达到高潮,每次这样的机会也都更有可能导致受,because contractions of the cervix and vagina during orgasm transport semen deeper into the reproductive tract.因为高潮期子宫颈和阴道的收缩把更深地送入了生殖道。And that is what Dr Puts found.这就是普茨士所发现的。He and his team recruited 70 couples and asked the women how they rated their mens masculinity and attractiveness,他和他的小组招募了70对夫妇,询问妇女她们如何评价自己男人的阳刚之气和吸引力,and how often and when they orgasmed.以及她们什么时候达到高潮、持续多久。They also asked independent observers to rate the mens faces, and found broad agreement with the ratings from partners.他们还要求独立的观察员评价男性的面相,并发现观察员的评价与来自配偶的评价大体上一致。As they predicted, women whose menfolk had attractive, masculine faces orgasmed more often during intercourse.正如他们所预测的,对丈夫有吸引力的女性来说,男性化的面孔更经常地让她们在做爱时达到高潮。They did not, by contrast, orgasm more frequently during masturbation or other sexual activity.相反,在手淫或其它性活动时她们不会频繁达到高潮。The extra orgasms also came at the same time as the mans climax—just when they would do the most good for conception.在男性达到高潮的同时女性也会出现额外的高潮,正好遇到他们这样时最有利于受。Women are thus choosing which men father their children not only in whom they take to bed, but in how they react to them, sexually.因此,妇女选择哪些男性做孩子的父亲,不仅在于她们会带谁上床,而且也在于她们对男性在性方面反应如何。The consequence, since looks are inherited, is that their sons, too, will be sexy.因为相貌是遗传的,结果他们的儿子也是性感的。Whether they will be cheats and liars is another matter.他们是否会是骗子和说谎者又是另一回事。 /201304/237376泉州那家医院不孕不育好

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