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Hundreds of thousands of opponents of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, some of whom traveled from far-off villages in the Amazon, marched through the streets of Caracas Thursday.星期四,委内瑞拉总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗的成千上万反对者在首都卡拉卡斯的大街上游行示威,其中有些人是从亚马逊州的偏远山村赶来的;Venezuela is hungry!; yelled some of the protestors, all dressed in white, as they marched in the east of the capital.一些抗议者高喊:“委内瑞拉正在挨饿!”他们穿着一身白,在首都东部游行。Protesters are pressing for a recall referendum against the president, whose approval ratings have fallen to a dismal 25 percent this year.抗议者迫切要求一场针对总统的罢免公投,马杜罗的持率今年已经暴跌到25%。The opposition was hoping for one million people weary of ongoing recession, inflation in the triple digits, and a countrywide shortage of food and basic necessities to march through the capital Thursday.反对派希望星期四首都的游行能有百万人参加,这些人厌倦了委内瑞拉持续的衰退、三位数的通胀率、以及全国范围的食物和基本生活必需品的短缺。Maduro threatened to imprison opposition leaders if violence breaks out, but Jesus Torrealba, opposition party Democratic y Roundtable leader, has vowed that marches will remain peaceful.马杜罗威胁说,如果发生暴力冲突,将会把反对派领袖关进监狱,不过反对党民主团结联盟(Democratic y Roudtable)领导人赫苏斯·托雷亚尔Jesus Torrealba)誓言,游行会保持和平。But the election board has dragged its feet, making a recall vote this year unlikely.但是选举委员会拖拖拉拉,今年内举行罢免公投不太可能实现。来 /201609/464378China has called on the Roman Catholic Church to attempt to improve relations with the East Asian country by adapting Catholicism to Chinese society.中国呼吁罗马天主教会推动天主教适应中国社会,改善对华关系。Chinas head of religious affairs, Wang Zouan, expressed hope Tuesday that the Vatican will ;take actual steps to create beneficial conditions for improving relations; between the church and China, according to the state news agency Xinhua.新华社报道,中国国家宗教事务局局长王作安周二表示,希望梵蒂冈能够“为实现改善(教廷与中国的)关系创造有利条件”。Wangs remarks were made at a meeting of Chinas official Catholic Church in Beijing.王作安的讲话是在北京举行的一次中国官方天主教会会议上发表的。China severed relations with the Holy See -- the Catholic Churchs supreme body of government -- in 1951, two years after the Communists assumed power in China. The Vatican has maintained official ties with Taiwan, which China claims as its own.1951年,中国共产党夺取中国政权两年之后,切断了与罗马教廷的关罗马教廷是天主教会的最高管理机构。梵蒂冈与台湾保持官方关系。Since the split, China has maintained that the party-controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association has the authority to appoint Chinese bishops. The Holy See insists that right belongs only to the pope. The dispute is one of the primary reasons Sino-Vatican relations have not been re-established.自断交以来,中国坚持认为共产党控制下的中国天主教爱国会有权任命中国主教。梵蒂冈认为这项权利只属于教宗。这个争端是中国和梵蒂冈没有重新建立关系的主要原因之一。Wang said the Chinese government hoped the Vatican would adopt a more flexible and pragmatic approach and take action to improve relations. He did not specify what actions the Chinese government would like the Vatican to take.王作安说,中国政府希望梵蒂冈采取更灵活务实的态度,采取行动改善关系。他没有具体说明中国政府希望梵蒂冈采取什么行动。Prospects of an agreement between the two sides suffered a setback last week when a Chinese government-supported bishop who was excommunicated by the Vatican participated in the ordination of new bishops.上个星期,一位被梵蒂冈驱逐但受到中国政府持的主教参加了新主教的任命仪式,给双方达成协议的前景蒙上了阴影。The Vatican said last week it was convinced Catholics in China are ;waiting with trepidation for positive signals that would help them have trust; in discussions between the two sides ;and hope for a future of unity and harmony.;梵蒂冈上星期说,他们相信中国的天主教徒“在等待着正面的信号,能让他们信任梵中双方的讨论,并期待能有团结和谐的未来”。The ruling Communist Party in China has long been concerned that opposition to the party could be sp by religious and other civic organizations outside its control.中国共产党长期以来一直担心,反对中共的力量可能通过在其控制之外的宗教和其它公民组织而发展壮大。来 /201701/486335The American Institute in Taiwan on last Friday released the names of delegation members who are to represent the US at president-elect Tsai Ing-wens inauguration in Taipei on May 20.美国在台协会上周五宣布了出席蔡英0日的就职典礼的美方代表团名单。Former US trade representative Ron Kirk is to lead the delegation and is to be accompanied by former US deputy secretary of state John Negroponte, AIT Chairman Raymond Burghardt, AIT Director Kin Moy and Stimson Center distinguished fellow Alan Romberg. Kirks name as leader of the delegation was leaked to the media a few days ago.其中,美国前贸易代表柯克将担任代表团团长,其名随行人员包括前副国务卿约翰·内格罗蓬特、美国在台协会理事主席薄瑞光、美国在台协会台北办事处处长梅健华以及华府智库史汀生中心资深研究员容安澜。由柯克担任代表团团长的消息也是不久前才透露给媒体。Some Taiwanese Americans were disappointed with the list of names. They said this would have been a perfect opportunity for US President Barack Obama to boost relationship by sending higher-ranking officials.一些台美人对这份代表团名单感到失望。他们认为,美国总统奥巴马若能派出更高层的官员出席,将是促进台湾和美国关系的一个完美契机。An official with one leading Taiwanese American group told the Taipei Times that members were ;disappointed; with the delegation as announced by the AIT in Washington. The official said. ;We certainly dont want to show disrespect to Ron Kirk, but we were hoping for someone with political clout.;某主要的台美团体的负责人接受《台北时报》时表示,当华盛顿的在台协会公布代表团名单时,所有成员都;失望透顶;。这位负责人表示:“我们并非有意冒犯柯克,只是希望能派出更具政治影响力的人物。”Kirk served as US trade representative from March to March 2013. He served as mayor of Dallas, Texas, from 1995 to 2002 .柯克009月至2013月担任美国贸易代表。此前的1995年到2002年,他曾担任德克萨斯州达拉斯市市长。Negroponte is vice chairman of McLarty Associates, a leading international strategic advisory firm. He served as US deputy secretary of state from 2007 to and later as director of national intelligence.内格罗蓬特现任麦克拉提咨询公司副主席,这是一家领先的国际性战略咨询公司。他曾于2007年至年担任奥巴马政府副国务卿一职,还担任过国家情报总监。US House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific Chairman Matt Salmon has also announced that he will attend the inauguration.此外,美国众议院亚太事务小组委员会主席马特·萨蒙表示也将出20就职典礼。来 /201605/444055

China’s transformation from an isolated developing country into an economic juggernaut and emerging global actor is perhaps the most important power shift for twenty-first-century international politics. Its economy is now second largest in the world while its military budget has ballooned from billion in 1989 to 5 billion in 2015—an amount larger than the military budgets of Russia Germany and the ed Kingdom combined.中国从一个孤立的发展中国家到经济巨头和新兴的全球参与者的转型,也许是二十一世纪国际政治最重要的权力转移。中国经济现在是全球第二大实体,而其国防预算989年的200亿美元飙升至2015年的2150亿美元,这一数字超过了俄罗斯、德国和英国的军费预算的总和以下即世界对中国的误解: Myth #1: China is a global military superpower.神话1:中国是全球军事超级大国。Myth #2: Chinas holdings of over trillion in U.S. debt give it leverage over America.神话2:中国持有超万亿美元的美国国债,使得它可以对美国政策产生影响。Myth #3: China’s leaders are not taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.神话3:中国领导人不采取措施减少碳排放。Myth #4: China’s currency policies give it an unfair trade advantage that undercuts the ed States.神话4:中国的货币政策给它一个不公平的贸易优势以削弱美国。Myth #5: China doesn’t participate in global governance.神话5:中国不参与全球治理。来 /201606/450387The fourth and final day of the 2016 Democratic national convention has ended, if you don’t count the ongoing balloon-related activity on the floor, where dozens of delegates continue to linger.2016年民主党全国大会的第四天结束了,同时这也是大会的最后一天,如果不算接下来的庆祝活动的话。数十名代表将继续参加后续的庆祝活动。Here’s what happened:以下是最后一天大会的具体情况:Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major party for the country’s highest office.希拉#8226;克林顿接受了民主党总统候选人提名,成为了美国历史上首位获得主要政党提名的女性。Clinton delivered an hourlong speech that was part biography, part profession of faith, part political prospectus, part job application and part attack on Donald Trump.克林顿发表了长达一个小时的演讲,演讲内容主要包括其个人经历、职业信念、政治计划、工作规划和对唐纳德#8226;特朗普的抨击。“He’s offering empty promises,Clinton said. “What are we offering? A bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our country - to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, and to give your kids the opportunities they deserve.“特朗普承诺的都是空头票,”克林顿说。“而我们呢?我们给出了一个提高全国人民生活水平的宏伟计划——保障你们的安全,让你们拥有满意的工作,让你们的孩子拥有属于他们的机会。“The choice is clear.”“应该选择谁,现在看来很明确了。”Clinton: “Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”希拉里说:“想象一下,当特朗普坐在总统办公室,面对着一个真正的危机。一个你可以用推特做诱饵的男人是不可以把核武器交给他的。”The night was programmed to highlight the historic nature of Clinton’s nomination, with speaker after speaker calling for a first female president. However the rest of the country felt, the cheering room agreed that it was participating in history.这个夜晚就是为突出希拉里提名的历史意义而设计的,一个又一个的发言者都呼吁选民持希拉里成为第一位女性总统。无论其余的美国人怎么想,欢呼的人群相信他们正在创造历史。Clinton ignored attempts by scattered protesters to interrupt her speech, and sometimes the crowd helped her by chanting “Hillary! Hillary!”一些抗议者企图打断希拉里的演讲,却被她无视了。人群里时不时大声呼喊“希拉里!希拉里!”以示对她的持。The show was almost stolen by Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, who tore into Trump, his veiled wife standing beside him. “Donald Trump ... Let me ask you, have you even the ed States constitution?Khan asked, pulling a copy from his pocket. “I will gladly lend you my copy.”这场演讲差点被一位名叫希治尔#8226;可汗的穆斯林士兵的父亲抢了风头。他的儿子在伊拉克阵亡,他的妻子蒙着纱巾站在他旁边。他强烈抨击特朗普说:“唐纳德#8226;特朗普……让我问问你,你读过美国宪法吗?”他问道,从兜里拿出一本宪法。“我很愿意把我这本借给你看。”Introducing her mother, Chelsea Clinton delivered a personal speech about feeling supported as a child. “That feeling being valued and loved that’s something my mom wants for every child,she said.希拉里的女儿切尔#8226;克林顿谈到她母亲时表示,作为孩子,她感受到了持和鼓励。“那种感觉——被重视、被疼爱——是我母亲希望每个孩子都能拥有的。”她说。Sanders congratulated Clinton “on this historic achievementin a tweet. “We are stronger together,he wrote.桑德斯在推特上祝贺希拉里取得这个“历史性的成就”。“我们团结在一起会变得更加强大。”他写道。“Great speech,the president thought:美国总统奥巴马认为这是一个“精的演讲”:Great speech. Shes tested. Shes y. She never quits. Thats why Hillary should be our next @POTUS. (Shell get the Twitter handle, too)“精的演讲。她经受住了考验。她已经准备好了。她永远不会放弃。这就是为什么希拉里应该成为下一任美国总统。(她也会搞定推特的)”来 /201608/457583

As the UK slashes and stumbles through the thickets towards Brexit, a familiar shadow has fallen. Scotland, its prickly, unreconciled northern nation, is moving towards another independence referendum four years after the first.就在英国披荆斩棘、跌跌撞撞地向着退欧前进之际,一个熟悉的阴影已经笼罩下来。时年,苏格兰——联合王国中桀骜不驯的北方王国——正走向第二次独立公投。The motive force is June’s vote to quit the EU: 53 per cent in England backed leaving yet 62 per cent of Scots opted to remain. The sense that an unpleasant spasm of English nationalism is forcing Scotland out of the EU has provided the separatist government with an opportunity to demand a re-run of the 2014 referendum.原动力是6月的英国退欧公投:53%的英格兰人持退欧,2%的苏格兰人选择留欧。英格兰令人讨厌的民族主义发作将迫使苏格兰退出欧盟,这种感觉为独立派政府提供了要求举行第二次独立公投的机会。Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has said that late 2018 would be the obvious time to hold a second vote. She is expected to set out further details at the Scottish National party’s conference this week.苏格兰首席大臣尼古拉?斯特Nicola Sturgeon)表示018年末将是举行第二次公投显而易见的时间(编者注:尼古拉?斯特金周一正式要求举行第二次苏格兰独立公投)。预计她将在本周苏格兰民族党(Scottish National party)大会上详述进一步的细节。Three years ago, the result was closer than many expected, with the pro-UK side winning 55 per cent to 45 per cent. Support for separation rose during that campaign. The nationalists have since swept their opponents aside, taking all but three of Scotland’s Westminster seats and securing a third successive governing term at the devolved administration in Edinburgh. The psephological leap the separatists have to make in a second vote is much less daunting.3年前那场公投的结果比很多人预想的更悬5%的人持留在英国5%的人反对,前者以微弱差距赢得了公投。在公投前的造势过程中,独立运动得到了更多持。自那之后,苏格兰民族党把对手推上冷板凳,苏格兰在英国下议院的席位除3个以外其他全部由苏格兰民族党占据,同时该党取得执掌苏格兰政府的连续第三个任期。独立派要在第二次公投中消除的持率差距,远没那么悬殊了。Unionists have a further problem: who has the credibility and unifying power to front another “Better Togethercampaign? The leaders of the pro-UK movement back in 2014, eminent Westminster Scots such as Alistair Darling, former chancellor, are retired from frontline politics, retain little influence and it feels as if they belong to another age.统一派还面临一个问题:谁拥有足够的威信和凝聚力来领导又一场“在一起更好Better Together)运动?在2014年领导留英运动的那些在英国国会任职的杰出苏格兰人,如英国前财政大臣阿利斯泰尔?达林(Alistair Darling),现在都已退出政治前线,影响力所剩无几,给人感觉仿佛属于另一个时代。The Labour party, which dominated Scottish politics for generations, is in a state of collapse. It has been replaced by the SNP as the left-of-centre option for many voters, and at the last devolved election slipped into third place behind the much-ridiculed Scottish Conservatives. Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour leader, is as unpopular north of the border as is he is everywhere else, and would hardly add stardust to the case for the union.曾在数代人时间里主导苏格兰政治的工党(Labour party),如今正处于分崩离析的状态。苏格兰民族党已经取代工党成为了很多中左翼选民的选择。在上一次苏格兰议会选举中,工党滑至第三位,位于饱受嘲笑的苏格兰保守Conservative)之后。英国工党领袖杰里米?科尔Jeremy Corbyn)在苏格兰像在其他任何地方一样不受欢迎,对统一派说选民几乎起不到丝毫帮助。Nor do the Tories offer much hope. In personality and behaviour, Prime Minister Theresa May is seen, perhaps like her predecessor Margaret Thatcher, as an unsympathetic type by many Scots. Like Mr Corbyn, she could damage more than bolster the campaign. Ruth Davidson, the leader of Scotland’s Conservatives, is popular and energetic but her party does not yet have heft.保守党也没有带来多大希望。在很多苏格兰人看来,特里萨?Theresa May)的性格和举止显示,她或许像前一位女首相玛格丽特?撒切Margaret Thatcher)一样,是不近人情的那类人。像科尔宾一样,她对统一运动的破坏可能大于帮助。苏格兰保守党领袖露戴维Ruth Davidson)有人气也有活力,但她的政党目前还没有分量。Given Labour seems determined not to pair up with the Tories as it did during the previous referendum campaign an association it blames for its electoral decline since there could be a number of competing unionist campaigns battling for prominence, slinging mud and undermining the greater cause.考虑到工党似乎决心不像上一次公投运动那样与保守党结盟(工党认为正是那次联盟导致其之后在选举中节节败退),可能会有很多相互竞争的统一派造势活动争夺地位、互相诋毁、破坏整个统一事业。If the separatists are to be defeated again, it is likely to be down to the facts. The oil price, central to nationalist boasts about the prospective wealth of an independent Scotland, has plummeted. In 2014, the Scottish government predicted North Sea revenues of between .8bn and .5bn in 2016/17. In reality, UK oil and gas generated receipts of effectively zero and are forecast to remain around that level.如果独立派会再一次被打败,原因很可能在于现实情况。石油是苏格兰民族主义者所鼓吹的英格兰独立后财富前景的核心,而目前油价暴跌014年,苏格兰政府预计,2016/17年度北海收入8亿英镑至75亿英镑之间。事实上,英国石油天然气创造的财政收入实际上为零,预计未来仍将大致维持这一水平。Further, the Scottish government’s figures show the public spending deficit has reached almost 5bn: 9.5 per cent of gross domestic product, compared with 4 per cent for the UK. The SNP has failed to produce a credible plan for closing this gap. Nor it is yet clear what currency an independent Scotland would adopt, or whether it would be able to remain in the EU or easily reapply for membership.另外,苏格兰政府的数据表明,公共出赤字达到了近150亿英镑,相当于国内生产总GDP).5%,相比之下英国整体的这一比例%。苏格兰民族党没能拿出缩小这一差距的可信计划。同样尚不清楚的是,苏格兰独立后要采用哪种货币,独立后的苏格兰是否可以留在欧盟内或轻松重新申请加入欧盟。In these unpredictable times, no one can be sure of the result if Scots go to the polls again. Despite the weight of economic evidence against her, the “take back controlmessage that delivered Brexit may work just as well for Ms Sturgeon. The UK may yet not see out the decade.在这种变化莫测的时候,如果苏格兰再次举行公投,没人能断定结果。尽管不利于斯特金的经济据是实实在在的,但实现了退欧的“拿回控制权Take Back Control)口号可能同样能够帮助斯特金得偿所愿。联合王国可能撑不过这个十年了。The writer is a political commentator本文作者为政治员来 /201703/498493U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday Iran has been ;formally put on notice; for its ballistic missile launch, and he warned that ;nothing is off the table; in dealing with Tehran.美国总统川普星期四表示,伊朗因发射弹道导弹而“受到正式警告”。川普警告说,在与德黑兰打交道时“没有什么措施不可以考虑。”In a series of tweets, Trump also continued his condemnation of the agreement that the U.S. and five other world powers reached to curb Irans nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.川普发出一连串推文,继续批评前总统奥巴马政府领导的美国等六个大国与伊朗达成的伊核协议。为了限制伊朗核项目,六大国以减轻制裁作为交换。He said Iran should be ;thankful; for the agreement, and that the country was ;y to collapse; before the billions of dollars were unfrozen.川普说,伊朗应该“感谢”这个协议,如果巨额资金没有解冻,伊朗当时“行将崩溃。”Later, at a White house meeting with Harley-Davidson executives and union members, Trump said ;nothing is off the table,; in response to a reporter who asked if military action against Iran was an option.之后,川普在白宫会见美国托车名牌哈戴维森公司的高管和工会成员,有记者问到是否会对伊朗动用武力,川普表示,“没有什么是不可以考虑的。”The nuclear deal required Iran to limit its enrichment of uranium and convert several of its nuclear facilities to other uses.核协议要求伊朗限制生产浓缩铀,并把几处核设施转用于其它目的。On Wednesday, it was Trumps National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who condemned Irans recent missile launch, declaring it ;just the latest in a series of incidents; in which Iran has threatened the U.S. and its regional allies over the past six months. He said leaders in Tehran were emboldened to take such action now because the nuclear agreement is ;weak and ineffective,; and because the other nations involved in the agreement failed to take action to rein in Irans military ambitions.星期三,川普的国家安全顾问弗林谴责伊朗最近进行的导弹试射。他说,“这是过去六个月来发生一连串事件中最新的一次”,伊朗的举动威胁到美国及其地区盟友。弗林说,德黑兰领导人现在之所以如此胆大妄为,就是因为核协议“软弱而无效”,还有参与这个协议的其它国家没有采取行动约束伊朗的军事野心。During a briefing at the White House, Flynn accused former President Barack Obama and other members of his administration of not being tough enough on Tehran.在白宫举行的一次简报会上,弗林批评前总统奥巴马和他的一些幕僚对伊朗不够强硬。来 /201702/490283

President Xi Jinping visits the Institute of Advanced Technology in University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, east Chinas Anhui province, on April 26, 2016, where he was introduced to different innovative technologies, and was greeted by two human-like robots developed by the institute.20166日,中国国家主席习近平来到了位于中国东部的中国科技大学先进技术研究院进行考察,听取相关科研人员介绍了几项高新技术成果,并受到了该研究院自主研发的机器人的欢迎。The two life-like robots named ;Xiao Man; and ;Jia Jia; interacted with Xi when he approached them during the inspection.在考察中,当习近平主席接近展台时,两个栩栩如生的机器人和他互动起来,他们分别叫“小曼”和“佳佳”;Hello Mr. President. I am Xiao Man. We have been looking forward to your visit,; Xiao Man said.小曼说,“主席您好,我是小曼,我们早就期盼您的到来了。;Im very happy to see you, dear President, I wish you happiness every day,; said Jia Jia, who has been dubbed ;robot goddess; for her good-looks.而因为造型可爱,被封为“机器人女神”的佳佳则说到:“见到敬爱的主席真高兴。佳佳祝习大大天天开心。”Xi praised technicians work on innovation, and said the country must rely on innovation to boost high-end manufacturing as China has now entered the ;new normal;.习近平主席对科研人员的创新工作给予了赞扬,并表示,随着我国进入“新常态”时代,只有依赖创新,才能促进高端产业的发展。He stressed that self-led innovation, as the leading concept among the five development concepts, must be promoted under the countrys fundamental principal of opening-up policy.他强调,自主创新居于五大新发展理念之首,必须在坚持开放政策的基本原则下推进自主创新。Xi also visited the library of the university and encouraged the students to study hard and devote themselves to the country.此外,习近平主席还参观了中科大图书馆,他鼓励学生们努力学习,为国家作出贡献。来 /201605/441438

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