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In England, Carlos Tevez marked his return to Manchester City by setting up Samir Nasrirsquo;s winning goal in a 2-1 home victory over Chelsea on Wednesday. City kept the pressure on Manchester ed in the EPL title race. City boss Roberto Mancini said Tevez would never play for the club again when the striker refused to warm up in a Champions League match in Munich six months ago. But he called the Argentine off the bench in the 65th minute with the home side trailing by 1 and desperate for a way back into the game.英超第29轮进行了一场焦点战,曼城在主场迎战切尔西。上半场两队0-0战平,下半场切尔西由卡希尔率先破门,曼城阿奎罗罚入点球扳平,第85分钟替补上场的特维斯助攻纳斯里绝杀,最终曼城2-1取胜,取得了联赛主场20连胜的成绩,打破了曼联创造的主场19连胜纪录,在积分榜上以1分的劣势落后曼联。 201203/175215。

The Tibetan plateau is a quarter of China.西藏高原的陆地面积约占中国领土的四分之一Much of it is extremely remote and inhospitable.其中的大部分极度偏远荒无人烟Its southern borderruns throughthe worlds highest mountain range,南部边界贯穿了世界上最高的山脉the formidable Himalayas.望而生畏的喜马拉雅山Its central part is a windswept and freezing中部是暴露在风中的寒冷荒地wilderness the size of Western Europe.其面积与西欧相似But this challenging place ishome toincredible wildlife.难以置信这个具有挑战性的地方竟然是野生动物的家园There are more large creatures here than anywhere else in China.这里的大型生物比中国其它任何地方还要多Tibet has been a province of China for more than 50 years,西藏加入到新中国这个大家庭五十多年来yet it has a unique character,有着1000多年悠久历史的的藏传佛教shaped by over 1,000 years of Tibetan Buddhism.依旧保持着她独特的风貌This obscure and archaic-looking religion这个鲜为人知的散发着古老气息的宗教has produced one of the most enlightened cultures on Earth.育了这个世界上最开明的文化Here,people have a long tradition of co-existing peacefully在这里人们与自然界with the creatures and landscape around them,和谐相处的悠久传统a relationship which has helped toprotect their fragile environment.促进了对脆弱自然环境的保护In this programme we will discover why this harsh land with its ancient在这个节目中我们将展示这块承载着古老文化的厚重土地culture is vitally important for much of our planet.对我们的地球来说是多么的重要 /201208/194480。

对于曼联队的上海之行,除了“神奇队长”罗布森外,曼联还给大家送来了一个大惊喜。红魔现役球星,被称为“不老传说”的吉格斯也出现在了昨天上海新闻发布会的现场。The English Premier League giant Manchester ed will play two matches in China this July, and one of its Chinese opponents will be the big spending Shanghai Shenhua team featuring Nicholas Anelka and rumoured to be doing a deal with Chelsea star, Didier Drogba. Man ed’s winger Ryan Giggs was in town last night to promote the tour.The ManU star said all of his team’s first squad, and all of its big names will be here for the match, along with their manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He said Shanghai will be the team’s only stop in Asia this summer. The second opponent hasn’t been decided yet, but Giggs said the reason ManU wants to play Shenhua, is because of Nicolas Anelka. And he says his team is hoping for a fresh start after losing the Premier League title to Manchester City in the very last games of the season.Ryan Giggs, Midfielder, Manchester ed, said, ;It was a disappointing end to the season last year. But the thing about Manchester ed is, whether we win or lose we always look to strengthen, we always look to come back better the next season, which we will do.;Giggs plays for Wales, but that team’s performance wasn’t good enough to get into either the World Cup or the European Championships. But the Welshman says he’s looking forward to the London Olympics, where he may have a chance to play for the national team.;There is a team GB football team. The squad hasn’t been picked, and my name is still in the hat with I think about 80 players. So it’s up to Stuart Pearce, who’s the manager of that team to pick who he thinks will do well in the Olympics, so we’ll just have to wait and see who’s in the squad.; Said Ryan Giggs.ManU was last in China in , but the July trip will be its first return to Shanghai since 1999. The date of the Shenhua match... and the second opponent... have yet to be worked out.201206/185449。

Volleyball: China tough through 5 sets to beat GermanyFrom the Swiss Elite Women's Volleyball, China fought-out a tough match to beat Germany.The first set started with China making attacks and poor defensive work from the German side. China won the first set 25-14.But Germany woke up in the second set, as its powerful serves broke China's defensive network, and increased the chances for errors for its opponents. The set ended with Germany winning 25-23.Germany forced spiker Chu Jinling into an error in the third set. Yin Na and Hui Ruoqi were sent onto the court, and Wei Qiuyue's serving helped China reverse the situation. China won the third set.Germany would win the following set before China turned the tables again to win the decider 15-7, and with it, the match at 3-2. 06/73871。

German sportsware giant maker Adidas is closing its only company-owned apparel factory in Suzhou city, East China’s Jiangsu province. For over 300 supplier factories in the country, the news has been quite a heavy blow.德国运动饰巨头阿迪达斯将关闭位于中国东部苏州的直属工厂。对于中国超过300家的大工厂来说,这一消息无异于当头一棒。The news came so sudden, making it almost impossible for time-strapped domestic suppliers to find new customers.突如其来的这一消息使得国内供应商几乎不可能在如此紧迫的时间内找到新客户。Chen Yunfu, manager of Adidas Contract Plant, Shanghai, said, ;All of our products are made for Adidas, I could have cooperated with other brands such as Nike if it had not been for Adidas’ long-term cooperation promise.;阿迪上海合同工厂经理陈云富说,“我们生产的所有产品都是阿迪牌的,如果不是因为阿迪长期合作的承诺,我们本可以和其他品牌比如耐克合作的。”Most of the supplier companies are also labour-intensive ones, and the end of contracts mean large number of workers will be laid-off.大多数供应商都是劳动密集型工厂,终止合同意味着大量工人将要失业。Sun Yingli, manager of Adidas Contract Plant, Shanghai, said, ;We need some time to prepare to change the business mode and financing. We also need time to train workers.;阿迪上海合同工厂经理孙英丽说,“我们需要时间来准备调整运营模式和进行融资。我们也需要时间来培训工人。”The closure is part of Adidas’ efforts to restructure business in China and improve efficiency, the company says. But the company is planning to set up more factories in South East Asian countries. Analysts say rising labour costs in China are part of the reason.阿迪方面说,这次关闭在华工厂是阿迪在中国进行产业重组和提高劳动效率的举措之一。但是,阿迪公司却计划在东南亚国家设立更多的工厂。分析师认为,中国渐增的劳工成本是进行这一举措的原因之一。Xi Youmin, executive president of Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, said, ;Countries like South Korea have gone through such experiences, now it’s China’s turn. Adidas may gradually turn to less developed countries, I think seeking proper costs is always legitimate for companies.西安交通-利物浦大学的执行总裁席酉民说,“南韩已经经历过这样的调整,现在轮到中国了。阿迪可能会逐渐将重心转移到不发达国家。我个人认为,对于公司来讲,寻求合适的成本结构总归是合理的。”The Suzhou-based factory is going to close at the end of October, which runs against Adidas’ contractual obligations last year that it would not end cooperation before 2015.苏州工厂将于今年10月底关闭,这一行为违反了去年阿迪关于在2015年前不终止与工厂合作关系的合同条款。Supply contracts are gradually to be cancelled from October this year to April next year. Suppliers are seeking legal advice for the case, and planning to ask for economic compensation from Adidas.供货合同将于今年10月至明年4月期间陆续被终止。供货商正在寻求法律帮助以解决争端并要求阿迪方面进行经济赔偿。201207/192139。

中国经济的快速腾飞提供了诸多机遇,这就吸引了越来越多的外国朋友,他们纷纷来华或深造,或经商。 Foreign chase Chinese dreamThe vast opportunities in China's rapidly-growing economy are attracting an increasing number of young foreigners to pursue MBAs and to start businesses here in China. As Guan Xin reports, they want to be part of the world's fastest growing economy and would like to capitalize on the huge potential of the world's largest market.Each day in Beijing, Laura comes to a children's English teaching center that she built from the ground up. Although she was born in the UK and educated at Oxford University, it wasn't until her MBA studies here that she realized that China is where she would like to build her future. Laura said, "I'm happy to be in China now..."Her business partner, Premy, is from Thailand, and also came to China for the same MBA program. After meeting each other through school, they successfully sought investment for their business plan and built their own multi-million-yuan company together.Norasedth Thienprasiddhi, Marketing Director of Leap Int'l Child Dev'l Center, said, "China has one child policy, and income is increasing..."Just like them, many young people now come to China, believing this is the land of opportunity, a place to build the future. It's a courageous bet, but for many, it has been a bet worth making.Laura said, "China is a good place to do an MBA, a good place to do business..."Thienprasiddhi said, "There is huge development potential..."For those that want to chase start-up dreams in China, MBA programs offered by local universities are undoubtedly a quick springboard for them to enter this vast emerging market. Mark, an MBA student at Peking University, is passionate about the array of business opportunities standing before him.Mark, MBA student in Peking University, said, "There are a lot of possibilities in Chinese market..."Professor Yao Yang, BIMBA in Peking University, said, "More and more foreign students are coming to China for MBA education especially after the financial crisis..."201003/97469。

How To Heal a Broken Heart on Howcast 都说爱情走了还可以做朋友,但是事实有几个这样子成为真正的朋友的做不了敌人,因为彼此相爱过做不了朋友,因为彼此伤害过只能做最熟悉的陌生人 Healing a broken heart can take time, but, if you treat it as a learning experience, you’ll discover a lot about yourself.You Will NeedHealing music Long walks A writing journal A close friend or relative Step 1Listen to soft, healing music, such as classical or new age. The healing effect is powerful.Step 2Take long, reflective hikes or walks. You’ll find them soothing and they’ll help you think things through.Step 3Write your feelings down every day in a personal journal.Step 4Talk about your hurt and pain with a close friend or relative.Talk about the happiness your relationship brought you and how it enriched your life. Focusing on the positive will expedite the healing process.Step 5Avoid your former love – seeing them will make you feel worse.Step 6Put away pictures, gifts, and other reminders that might make you sad.Step 7Treat yourself to something nice – and enjoy it.Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, and Maryland have more single men than single women; in Arkansas and Colorado, the opposite is true.201007/109577。