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呼和浩特市哪个医院做人流最好呼和浩特尖锐湿疣专科医院Lijiang Cured Pork Chop丽江腊排骨At night, the old town of Lijiang could not be more beautiful. It was calm and quiet, in which one could only hear water babbling and cicada chirping. Xiao Qi, a beautiful young lady who had just finished a heart-breaking relationship came here in hope of a fresh start. She was wondering in the street, droopy and dejected. A kind-hearted local approached to her and suggested the Cured Pork Chop would be good for her heath since it could help her get rid of worries and find a beloved one. Suspicious, she found the restaurant indicated by the local. Entering the restaurant, she was shocked by the fact that everyone was enjoying the same dish. “Is there anything I can do for you?” A man around 30 years ago came along and asked her gently.“What is it? I mean the dish that everyone ordered.” She responded with pure curiosity. “It is Lijiang Cured Pork Chop. Do you want to have a try?” “Certainly.”While waiting, she saw the man making the dish on his own. Conscientious, he was absorbed in his work. He first chopped the ribs quickly and dexterously, and then put them in a large pot with tomatoes, bean sprouts and other vegetables. For her, a man who was an adept for cooking was somehow alluring. She even started to picture her future in which she could have a nice meal made by his husband. “Enjoy it!” The chimera was interrupted by two simple words. She said thanks to him and began to taste the dish. It was amazing. She could assure that it was the most delectable dish she had ever had. “I must learn how to make it.” She murmured. After thinking for a while, she came to the man and simply asked whether she could learn how to make the dish. “It is not easy. Are you sure about it? ” The man asked her carefully. She answered with nods. In the next few days, she was learning from the man. When making mistakes, she laughed with him and could tell that he would never scorn her for it. Being with him was felicitous and fabulous. However, after acquiring the skills, she had to leave. To tell the truth, she did not want to leave this splendid town and most importantly, the man she met. However, she could not offer a plausible reason to stay. Heavyhearted, she sat in the corner of the restaurant, with her luggage on the ground. “I will miss the town and everything.” She muttered with a sigh. “Then stay.” The man sat next to her, sipping tea. “Since you’ve learned how to make the dish, would you like running the restaurant with me?”“I’d love to.”丽江腊排骨有一个美丽的传说,就是一位漂亮的女子去云南旅游的故事。传说这个女子因为感情受到伤害独自去旅行,然后就来到了云南。当地人告诉她应该去吃一下丽江腊排骨,吃丽江腊排骨会对这位女子有好处!她不解,便问为什么?当地人说:“吃丽江腊排骨会帮你去除烦恼,女孩子会遇到心仪的对象。”自然,当地人是看出女孩子的失意,是劝她保重身体,但巧合的是,女孩子因为喜欢上了丽江腊排骨的味道而多次去品尝丽江腊排骨,而由此便结识了英俊帅气的男子,就此他们展开了一段浪漫的恋情。这个美丽的恋爱故事就这样流传开来。 /201505/375883内蒙古呼和浩特市第一医院妇科整形多少钱 We care about staying safe during our travels, especially when we take our epicadventures solo. There#39;s no reason for travel disasters when you can prevent them.外出旅行的时候,我们会非常关注安全问题,特别是当我们独自外出冒险的时候。如果我们及早预防,就不会在旅行时遇到不测了。That#39;s why we have special interest in visiting the world#39;s safest cities, as recently ranked in The Economist#39;s Safe Cities Index. The Economist Intelligence looked at 50 cities, selected for factors including their size and availability of data. The cities were ranked on more than 40 metrics that spanned four main categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety.正因为此,我们对那些全世界最为安全的城市就格外有游览的兴致。《经济学人》杂志最近列出了一项城市安全系数,可供参考。经济学人信息部根据城市规模和资料收集的难易程度选取了50个城市,在超过40项指标上对这些城市进行了评分,这些指标主要可归为四大类型:网络信息保障程度、人身健康保障程度、城市基础设施安全性和人身安全性。Wealthy Asian cities, like Tokyo and Singapore. The other top spots went to cities in Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S. .名单上位于榜首的是一些富裕的亚洲城市,比如东京和新加坡,另外还有欧洲,澳大利亚,加拿大和美国的一些城市。And it doesn#39;t hurt that while they#39;re safe, these cities are also pretty incredible to visit. The Economist#39;s 5 safest cities in the world are:顺便说,这些城市不仅安全,还是极佳的旅游去处。《经济学人》评出的全球五大最安全城市为:1. Tokyo, Japan日本 东京2. Singapore新加坡3. Osaka, Japan日本 大阪4. Stockholm, Sweden瑞典 斯德哥尔5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands荷兰 阿姆斯特丹Oh and if you#39;re curious, the cities that came in at the bottom of the list were:哦,如果你感到好奇的话,如下为排在最末的城市名单:46. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia沙特阿拉伯 利雅得47. Johannesburg, South Africa南非 约翰内斯堡48. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam越南 胡志明市49. Tehran, Iran伊朗 德黑兰50. Jakarta, Indonesia印度尼西亚 雅加达The report notes that wealth and economic development is closely linked to city safety but certainly does not guarantee it. Researchers also wrote that, ;Being statistically safe is not the same as feeling safe.;这项报告表明,一个城市是否安全与它的富裕程度和经济发展水平密切相关,但是后者并不能保障前者。研究人员还指出,“从数据上看一个城市的安全程度,与亲身感受这个城市的安全程度是不一样的。”While there are many factors indeed that make a city ;safe; or ;unsafe,; it never hurts to consider the facts before a trip -- and we certainly plan to do so. Cheers to safe travels, everyone!虽然影响一个城市安全性的因素很多,不过在出游前考虑一下这些因素总没有坏处——而且我们也确实是这样做的。希望大家都能安全出游!1. Tokyo 东京2. Singapore 新加坡3. Osaka 大阪 4. Stockholm 斯德哥尔5. Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹6. Sydney 悉尼7. Zurich 苏黎世8. Toronto 多伦多9. Melbourne 墨尔本10. New York 纽约11. Hong Kong 香港12. San Fransisco 旧金山13. Taipei 台北14. Montreal 蒙特利尔15. Barcelona 巴塞罗那16. Chicago 芝加哥17. Los Angeles 洛杉矶18. London 伦敦19. Washington, D.C. 华盛顿20. Frankfurt 法兰克福21. Madrid 马德里22. Brussels 布鲁塞尔23. Paris 巴黎24. Seoul 首尔25. Abu Dhabi 阿布扎比26. Milan 米兰27. Rome 罗马28. Santiago 圣地亚哥29. Doha 多哈30. Shanghai 上海31. Buenos Aires 布宜诺斯艾利斯32. Shenzhen 深圳33. Lima 利马 34. Tianjin 天津35. Rio de Janeiro 里约热内卢36. Kuwait City 科威特城37. Beijing 北京38. Guangzhou 广州39. Bangkok 曼谷40. Sao Paulo Paulo 圣保罗41. Istanbul 伊斯坦布尔42. Delhi 德里43. Moscow 莫斯科44. Mumbai 孟买45. Mexico City 墨西哥城46. Riyadh 利雅得47. Johannesburg 约翰尼斯堡48. Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明城49. Tehran 德黑兰50. Jakarta 雅加达 /201503/362445At 6 AM, most of us are lucky if we have the energy to reach for a cup of coffee. Mornings may be rough, but hold off on sleeping in. There are perks to waking up with the sun, and we#39;ve got some tips on making it easier。早上6:00,大部分人估计都没那本事爬起来冲杯咖啡吧?早上是痛苦的,赖床怎么也赖不够。不过,还是有办法能让你伴着阳光醒来的,下面这些建议,就能让你早起更轻松!Snooze and Lose: The Need to Know贪睡与损失:你有必要知道The old “I’m just too tired” complaint may be more than a sorry excuse for waking up late. Research suggests there are biological differences between early larks, who wake up at the same time every morning and feel most active around 9 AM, and night owls, who get more stuff done once the sun goes down. And it may get easier to greet the day at dawn as we get older, thanks to body clock changes as we age 。那句“我只是太累了”的烂熟抱怨或许不只是晚起的借口那么简单。研究表明,“早起鸟”和“夜猫子”在生物上有着很多区别。“早起鸟”每天早上同一时间清醒,上午9:00时大脑最为活跃;而“夜猫子”的办事效率则在太阳落山后更高。而且,老了以后或许会更容易适应凌晨就醒的状态,毕竟人体生物钟也会随着年龄增大而发生变化。It turns out the early bird may get more than the worm. According to self-reports from college students, those who wake up earlier feel more optimistic and proactive than those who rise later. Other studies have found morning larks tend to be harder working and conscientious than night owls. (Still, it’s not clear whether waking up early actually makes someone more productive or optimistic。)事实明,早起的鸟儿或许真的就能吃到更多的虫子。根据大学生的自我报告,早起的人比晚起的人要更乐观积极。其他研究也发现,“早起鸟”比“夜猫子”更努力更自觉。(不过,早起是否真能让一个人变得更有效率或更加乐观,依然不甚清楚。)And perhaps the secret to a 4.0 isn’t only hitting the books: Another study of university undergraduates found those who said they function better in the morning received higher grades than those who preferred the evening That’s possibly because morning risers are more likely to get to class on time or to forgo late-night partying. Researchers also suggest memory may improve during sleep, so getting to bed earlier in preparation for a morning alarm could help those exam notes soak in。或许考高分的秘诀不只是“啃书本”了:大学生的另一项调查发现,那些自称早上头脑更清晰的人,通常也比那些夜晚型的人更容易考高分。这很可能也是因为早起型的人更容易准时上课或不去参加深夜派对吧。研究人员还认为,记忆可能会在睡眠时得到增强,所以早点上床准备第二天早起的话,确实会有助于吸收记忆考试内容吧。Being a morning person may actually be good for our health, too. When UK researchers questioned adults about their sleep habits, they found people who stay under the covers on the weekdays until 9 AM are more likely to be stressed, overweight, and depressed than those who get up at 7 AM. Another study found teenagers who went to bed and woke up late were less inclined to hit the gym and more likely to be overweight than those who went to bed and woke up early. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. (Again, remember it’s not clear that waking up early causes stress, depression, or weight gain。)而且,做一个早起的人确实也有益于身体健康。当英国的研究人员调查成年人的睡眠习惯时,他们发现,工作日赖床赖到9:00的人,比那些7:00就起床的人更容易增加体重、感到沮丧有压力。另有调查发现,较之于早睡早起型,那些晚睡晚起的年轻人不太会去健身运动,自然也就更容易发胖。这正是起不了床又毁了一天的情绪。(当然,早起是否会导致压力、抑郁或体重加剧,依然不甚明确。)Good Day Sunshine: Your Action Plan阳光美好的一天:你的行动计划Night owls aren’t totally out of luck. One study found evening lovers are more productive than morning people are at night. Still, being a morning person may be more advantageous for most people’s work schedules and routines, since the workday typically starts around 9 AM and the office is (usually!) not open at midnight. Regardless of the situation, there are ways to reset the body clock and happily greet the day:“夜猫子”也不完全一无是处。有项调查发现,“夜猫子”在晚上远比“早起鸟”有效率。不过,对大多数人的工作计划和日常事务而言,早起还是很占优势的,毕竟,工作日上班通常都是9:00开始,而不是半夜!不管怎样,还是有办法调整生物钟,从而开心拥抱新的一天的:1. Get enough sleep. It may seem obvious, but getting those recommended seven to nine hours will make getting up earlier easier. Pro tip? Keep the laptop and other work out of the bed to sleep soundly。保充足睡眠。或许有些老掉牙,但睡足7-9小时确实更容易让你早起。小建议就是,请让笔记本电脑以及其他事务远离床头,酣睡一觉吧!2. Stay consistent. Try to set the alarm clock for the same time every morning—including weekends. A constant wakeup call may make it progressively easier to jump out of bed。保持持续一致。每天早上的闹钟都要设成相同的时间——周末也是。坚持早上被这样叫醒,然后你会越来越起得来床。3. Start slowly. Pick a new wakeup time and gradually work towards it. Want to wake up at 7 AM but stuck at 8? Start by setting the clock for 7:45, and move down in 15-minute increments until that new time goal is reached。循序渐进。重新定一个起床时间,然后慢慢去适应它。本想7:00起床,却一直赖到了8:00?那就把闹钟调到7:45吧,留15分钟间隙让起床目标更容易实现!4. Skip the snooze. Disrupting sleep an hour or so before actually getting out of bed may disturb our REM cycle, which helps stimulate brain regions linked to cognition. Don’t want to mess with that (or bug a roommate with multiple alarms!). Set one alarm for when it’s time to rise—and maybe another a few minutes later in case you snooze through。不要贪睡。还没完全睡醒准备起床却被打扰,这样可能会扰乱人体的REM(快速眼球运动)周期,而REM则会刺激大脑的认知区域。所以不要那样,也不要设太多闹钟搅得室友睡不好觉!只在该起床的时间点设一个闹钟就行了,要是你特容易睡过头,那就再调一个几分钟之后的吧。5. Set some happy sounds. Skip the beeps and blares and set an alarm tone to something soothing or fun。选一个愉悦的闹铃。不要再用滴滴滴类的铃声啦,选一个舒缓愉悦的吧。6. Let in the light. Research shows a little light may be all we need to reset the body block. A simple solution is to keep the blinds open during the night. Or greet the day and brush your teeth outside!让阳光洒进来。研究发现,稍微一丝光亮或许就足以唤醒人体的生物钟。一个简单的方法就是晚上把窗帘拉开,或者到外面去刷牙!7. Eat breakfast. Sleepiness doesn’t disappear just from drinking a cup of coffee. Having enough time for some green eggs and ham (or maybe just a yogurt parfait) will also provide energy, not to mention it’ll boost that brainpower, too。吃早饭。一杯咖啡并不能赶走瞌睡。花时间吃点有营养的鸡蛋汉堡(或乳酪)不仅补充能量,还能增强脑力呢。8. Hit the gym. Those tired eyes may go away once a morning workout routine is in order. Exercise will definitely boost energy—give these early-bird exercises a try。运动健身。早上若能安排健身,眼睛或许瞬间就能消除疲劳了。运动毫无疑问可以激发能量——尝试一下“早起鸟”运动吧。9. Treat yo’self. Have a reward waiting in the a.m. to motivate climbing out of the covers. Dive into some freshly based fruit and nut bars, or slide into a warm bath instead of taking a quick shower。犒赏自己。早上设一份奖励,激励自己爬出被窝。比如吃点新鲜烘焙的水果和坚果棒,或代之淋浴而泡个温暖的热水澡。10. J.F.D.I. Sometimes we need to bite the bullet and “just f’ing do it.; Researchers have found that creativity may flourish when we feel groggy, so don’t let a little drowsiness interrupt seizing the day!拿出行动吧!有时我们真的只要咬咬牙“拿出行动”就行了。研究人员还发现,创意很可能会在人们昏昏沉沉时爆发,所以别让丁点的瞌睡毁了新的一天哦! /201507/386955内蒙古自治区中蒙医医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

呼和浩特哪家医院做处女膜修复好A beauty pageant contestant who labelled herself #39;terribly ugly#39; has been disqualified after being voted through to the final because organisers thought she had tampered with the vote.俄罗斯一项选美比赛的一名自认为“长得很丑”的参赛者,在被选进决赛后却被取消了资格,原因是大赛主办方认为她以不正当手段干预了投票结果。Maya Shelkovaya from Sochi was shocked when she ousted more than 400 other girls in Russian contest Miss Games 2014 to make it through to the last five.玛雅来自索契,当她得知自己从参加2014俄罗斯游戏选美大赛的400多名女孩中脱颖而出进入五强的时候,非常吃惊。She said she didn#39;t expect to win a single vote and only entered the pageant because she wanted to win some of the Allods Team games offered to the finalists, according to Vocativ.她说自己参加比赛根本没期望能获得哪怕一张投票,只是为了能赢得大赛为决赛选手提供的一些Allods Team。But organizers suspected she had cheated and sent her an email which did not set out a clear explanation for her disqualification.但是主办方却怀疑玛雅以欺诈手段获取投票,并因此取消了她的资格,但在给她的邮件中并未给出具体明确的原因。She uploaded a photo to enter the competition, saying she thought she was #39;terribly ugly#39; and received an onslaught of online abuse.玛雅参加比赛时上传了一张照片,称自认为“长得很丑”,之后就收到了网友们的攻击和谩骂。Many commented saying she was #39;fat#39; and #39;should go to the gym#39;, but others praised her bravery and voted for her to stay in the competition.有人说玛雅“胖”“该去健身房”,但也有一些人称赞她的勇敢并投票给她希望她不被淘汰。#39;Mostly people write that I#39;m brave and honorable. But, to be honest, I don#39;t know where they got that from. I#39;m completely average,#39; she said.玛雅说:“中有很多人说我勇敢、诚实。但说实话,我不知道她们这么说的依据是什么。我真的只是个普通人。”#39;In general, for me personally, all kind people are beautiful. Kindness adorns their faces, and it#39;s impossible to call them ugly no matter what their appearance.#39;“总的来说在我眼里,所有的人都很漂亮。只要心地善良,不管长成什么样子都不可以被称作丑陋。”The organizers of the pageant, run by Russian email service, Mail.ru, have now announced the winners, one of whom was given a trip for two to a five-star hotel in Egypt.比赛的主办方目前已经宣布了获胜者名单,其中一位还得到了入住五星级酒店埃及双人游的机会。They said: #39;We are pleased to announce the completion of the contest. As we warned all the votes obtained by dishonest means, when calculating the results have been removed.#39;主办方称:“我们非常高兴,大赛圆满落幕。之前我们曾警告过参赛者,任何通过不诚实的手段获得的投票在计算最后结果时都将被排除在外。” /201412/347527呼和浩特市不孕不育医院 呼和浩特市中医医院在那儿

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