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锡林郭勒盟治疗腋臭哪家医院最好的呼和浩特市第一人民医院妇科咨询建党95周年党的词汇学起来 -- 19:19: 来源:chinadaily 庆祝中国共产党成立95周年大会7月1日上午时在北京人民大会堂隆重举行,习近平、李克强、张德江、俞正声、刘云山、王岐山、张高丽出席大会习近平总书记发表重要讲话Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, delivers a speech at a grand gathering in Beijing marking the 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.习近平总书记在庆祝中国共产党成立95周年庆祝大会上发表讲话习近平总书记在讲话中提到:Deviating from or abandoning Marxism, which is the fundamental guiding theory both the Party and the country, our Party would lose its soul and direction.背离或放弃马克思主义,我们党就会失去灵魂、迷失方向CPC members and the Chinese people are fully confident of providing a Chinese solution to mankind's exploration of better social systems.中国共产党人和中国人民完全有信心为人类对更好社会制度的探索提供中国方案History will march ward and will not wait the hesitant, bystanders, slackers or the weak. Only by marching ward with history will there be a bright future.历史总是要前进的,历史从不等待一切犹豫者、观望者、懈怠者、软弱者只有与历史同步伐、与时代共命运的人,才能赢得光明的未来One who wants to stride ahead should not get the path that was trodden. No matter how far we will travel and to whatever bright future, we should not get what we have done and why we set out to do it.一切向前走,都不能忘记走过的路;走得再远、走到再光辉的未来,也不能忘记走过的过去,不能忘记为什么出发【中国共产党相关词汇总结】中国共产党the Communist Party of China (CPC)党员members of the Communist Party of China中国工人阶级Chinese working class中国共产党章程Party Constitution中国共产主义青年团the Communist Youth League of China先锋队vanguard党的纪律Party discipline申请入党者applicant Party membership预备党员probationary Party member入党宣誓take an admission oath誓词如下:我志愿加入中国共产党,拥护党的纲领,遵守党的章程,履行党员义务,执行党的决定,严守党的纪律,保守党的秘密,对党忠诚,积极工作,为共产主义奋斗终身,随时准备为党和人民牺牲一切,永不叛党The oath s: It is my will to join the Communist Party of China, uphold the Party's program, observe the provisions of the Party Constitution, fulfill a Party member's duties, carry out the Party's decisions, strictly observe Party discipline, guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight communism throughout my life, be y at all times to sacrifice my all the Party and the people, and never betray the Party.正式党员full Party member交党费pay membership党部Party branch党小组Party cell党员领导干部Party cadres民主生活会democratic meetings党龄a Party standing of ... years党徽党旗Party Emblem and Flag中国共产党党徽为镰刀和锤头组成的图案The emblem of the Communist Party of China is a design of sickle and hammer.中国共产党党旗为旗面缀有金黄色党徽图案的红旗The flag of the Communist Party of China is a red flag highlighted by a golden Party emblem on it.马列主义Marxism-Leninism毛泽东思想Mao Zedong Thought邓小平理论Deng Xiaoping Theory三个代表:Three Represents代表中国先进生产力的发展要求the development trend of China's advanced productive ces代表中国先进文化的前进方向the orientation of China's advanced culture代表中国最广大人民的根本利益the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people党的四项基本要求:four essential requirements坚持党的基本路线adhering to the Party's basic line解放思想,实事求是,与时俱进persevering in emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping up with the times全心全意为人民务serving the people wholeheartedly坚持民主集中制upholding democratic centralism三严三实:Three stricts and three honests既严以修身、严以用权、严以律己,又谋事要实、创业要实、做人要实be strict in morals, power and disciplining oneself; be honest in decisions, business and behavior全面从严治党comprehensively strengthen Party discipline(编辑:Helen 左卓)呼和浩特男小便刺痛 华为起诉三星侵犯专利 --6 :: 来源: 华为称其几个蜂窝通信和软件发明都在未经同意的情况下被三星手机使用了,正对三星提起诉讼The Chinese firm said it was pursuing its South Korean rival in two courts - one in Calinia, the other in Shenzhen.该中国公司称其在两个法庭上起诉韩国竞争对手;;一个在加利福尼亚,另一个在深圳According to Huawei, several of its cellular communications and software inventions had been used in Samsungrsquo;s phones without its permission.据华为称,它的几个蜂窝通信和软件发明都在未经同意的情况下被三星手机使用了Samsung told the B it would defend its business interests.三星对B说,它会捍卫自己的经济利益The specific patents involved have not been disclosed.具体的专利项目目前并没有公开However, Huawei has said at least some of them are classed as Frand - an acronym referring to ;fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory;.然而,华为说至少其中一些类目被归类为Frand;;;公平,合理和非歧视;的缩写This means the Chinese company has committed itself to offering anyone a licence so long as they agree to a non-excessive compensation.这意味着该中国公司会为任何人提供使用权,只要对方同意付非过度的费用This kind of agreement is common in the tech sector as it makes it possible different companiesrsquo; products to communicate and share data mats with each other.这种协议在技术领域很常见,因为这让不同的公司的产品得以交流,相互间分享数据格式Huaweirsquo;s intellectual property chief indicated it was seeking permission to use some of Samsungrsquo;s technologies in return rather than seeking a payment.华为的知识产权主管表示正在寻求批准,使用三星的技术作为回报,而不要求对方付费用;Thus far, we have signed cross-licensing agreements with dozens of our competitors,; said Ding Jianxing.;到目前为止,我们已经与数十家竞争对手签订了交叉授权协议,;丁建兴说;We hope Samsung will respect Huaweirsquo;s Ramp;D investment and patents, stop infringing our patents and get the necessary licence from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry ward.;;我们希望三星尊重华为的研发投入和专利,停止侵权我们的专利,并从华为获得必要的许可,与华为携手合作,共同推动行业向前发展;A Samsung spokesperson responded in an email to the B saying ;we will thoroughly review the complaint and take appropriate action to defend Samsungrsquo;s business interests;.三星发言人在一封电子邮件中回应B说:;我们将彻底了解该投诉,并采取适当的行动捍卫三星的商业利益;The action comes at a time when Oracle and Google are waiting a jury to come back with a verdict in a copyright trial that has pitted the two giants against each other in the US.该事件正当甲骨文公司和谷歌等待陪审团对其著作权纠纷的审判裁决之际,这两大巨头在美国反目成仇But such clashes have become less common since Apple and Samsungrsquo;s high-profile courtroom battle in , which led to both firms revealing secrets about their inner workings and racking up large legal bills.但自从年苹果和三星之间的高调法庭上争论,导致这两家公司的内部工作秘密被曝光,并花费了大量的法律费用之后,类似的纠纷变得更加少见One expert noted that just because papers had been filed in the latest case did not mean Huawei and Samsung would necessarily fight a similar battle in public.一位专家称,虽然递交了法律文件,但华为和三星并不一定会展开类似的公开对抗;Huawei may have initiated litigation as lever to get a settlement,; commented Ilya Kazi from the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.;华为可能只是发起诉讼,以作为解决问题的杠杆,;专利代理人特许学会的伊利亚-卡子道;We donrsquo;t know if it intends to go all the way through. Most cases do settle.;;我们不知道它是否计划起诉到底很多的案件都庭外解决的;武汉抗洪救灾在行动 -- :5: 来源: 目前武汉雨势有所缓解,人们正全力投入救援救灾行动,同时做好准备,迎战后续的暴雨和洪灾 Flood relief and rescue efts have been stepped up in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hit by severe flooding.武汉近期遭受了严重的洪涝灾害,目前针对武汉的进一步抗洪救灾行动正在进行Transport links and water and power supplies in the city of million are severely affected.在武汉这个千万人口的城市里,交通被中断,供水和供电都受到了严重的影响Flooding across central and southern China has killed more than 180 people, state media have reported.据中央媒体报道,在中国中部和南部肆虐的洪灾目前已经造成了180多人死亡The Chinese premier has called upon local authorities across the country to be prepared further downpours.总理李克强做出指示,要求全国地方政府做好准备,抗击后续的暴雨China floods in numbers中国洪灾数据3 million people in 6 provinces across China have been affected by severe flooding特大洪涝灾害目前已经影响了全国6个省份共计30万人口186 people died and 5 are missing186人死亡,5人失踪1. million people have been relocated0万人被迫转移56,000 houses have collapsed56000座房屋被毁On Wednesday the Wuhan meteorological office issued a red alert further rain and flooding. By Thursday, the rain appeared to have eased off, and attention turned to relief and rescue efts.本周三,武汉市气象局发布了暴雨红色预警,该市即将迎来进一步的降雨和洪水灾害周四,雨势似乎已经有所缓解,人们将重点放到了救援救灾行动上Chinese media is reporting that more than 600mm (1.9ft) of rain has fallen over the past week in Wuhan, the most ever in the history of the city, which is on the Yangtze River.据中国媒体报道,在过去一周的时间里,武汉的降雨量超过了600毫米(约合1.9英尺),是该市历史上降雨量最大的一次Roads and metro stations were inundated with water, and trains cancelled.公路和地铁站被洪水淹没,火车也被取消On Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang warned local authorities across China to be prepared further downpours, and instructed them to ensure measures were in place to avoid potential risks to people’s lives.本周四,总理李克强对全国地方政府作出了警示,要求他们准备好抗击后续的暴雨,并且指示各地方政府确保措施到位,杜绝对人民群众生命安全的潜在威胁He has been visiting affected areas in Anhui, Hunan and Hubei provinces and was in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, to oversee relief and rescue operations on Wednesday.李克强总理目前正在视察受洪灾影响的安徽、湖南和湖北等省份,本周三李克强总理还赶赴武汉监督该市的抗洪救灾行动Amid the crisis, official figures the number of dead have fluctuated. On Wednesday state television put the overall toll at about 0.受洪灾影响,官方死亡人数统计数据有所波动本周三,中央电视台公布的遇难人员总数在0人左右Netizens are sharing images on social media showing submerged buildings and cars, and people wading through water up to their knees.在社交媒体上,网友们转载了许多洪灾的照片,照片中建筑物和汽车被水淹没,人们从及膝深的水中趟过They are also sharing stories of people helping with flood control measures, under the hashtag ’We’re mobilising against the Wuhan floods.’以“全市总动员,迎战大洪水”为主题的文章在网络上广泛传播,网友们转载了许多人们帮助防洪抗洪的事迹内蒙古一机医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

赤峰无痛人流哪家医院最好的寸步难行 英国男子对电磁波过敏 -- :53:55 来源:   Meet the man who is allergic to ELECTRICITY  A mer fitness instructor has been left confined to his sofa and unable to leave his home after developing an allergy to electricity.  一位前健身教练开始对电过敏之后,被困在自家沙发上,连家门都出不了  Peter Lloyd, , has a severe reaction if exposed to any kind of electrical gadget – including televisions, phones, computers, wifi and CD players.  岁的彼得·劳埃德在接近任何电子器件(包括电视,电话,电脑,无线网和CD播放器)时都会有严重的反应  The condition, known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, means sufferers are sensitive to magnetic and electrical fields.  这种情况被成为电磁波过敏症,意味着患者对磁场和电场敏感  It means he cannot leave his home in St Fagans, Cardiff, and any visitors must leave all electrical equipment outside.  这意味着他不能离开位于卡迪夫圣费根的家,任何来访者必须把所有电子设备留在外面  Even the photographer who took these photographs was only allowed to use a disposable camera.  甚至连拍这些照片的摄影师也只被允许用一台即时显影相机   Mr Lloyd,who is now unable to walk, first started showing symptoms in his twenties while living in Spain.  劳埃德先生现在没法走路,他二十多岁在西班牙生活的时候开始出现病症  ‘I would get a foggy feeling in the head after looking at a computer screen and had an inability to think straight.’  “我看了电脑屏幕后会感觉脑袋闷闷的,没法连续思考”  ‘I had difficulty talking – what I called “thought block”.’  “我讲话有困难——我叫这个‘思虑堵塞’”  The mer fitness instructor passes his time by ing more than 0 books a year. He also has to wash by heating water over an electric cooker.  这位前健身教练在每年读0多本书中度过他也必须用电饭锅烧的热水清洗  He said: ‘I had an early brick-type mobile phone linked to a network called GSM that affected me.’  他说:“我有个很早的板砖手机连了一个叫GSM的网络,影响了我”  ‘As time went on I realised it was becoming sensitised to more and different frequencies and devices.’  “时间长了,我意识到自己开始对更多不同的频率和装置敏感“  ‘My natural reaction was to believe I could cope, but the situation just got worse. I would get intense headaches in the front of my head.’  “我的第一反应是相信自己可以对付,可情况只变得更糟我会感到脑袋前部剧烈疼痛”  Mr Lloyd now faces eviction after his landlord discovered he was not using the electric heating.  他的房东发现劳埃德先生没用电暖之后, 他现在面临被驱逐  He now faces being hospitalised if he loses his home – a nightmare scenario.  如果没了家,他现在会被送进医院——噩梦一场  As a solution, Mr Lloyd hopes the council will build him a house in the woods away from electricity.  一个解决方案是,劳埃德先生希望理事会能给他在森林里建座房子,远离电  Cardiff Council said it would not discuss individual cases.  卡迪夫理事会说不会考虑个人情况呼伦贝尔妇幼保健人民中心医院妇科 人间有真情:清华教授捐出毕生00多万 癌症晚期舍不得用进口药 -- :5: 来源: 这位清华教授捐出所有积蓄,却在癌症晚期舍不得用好药;他薪酬不菲,一家三口每月生活费却只有0美元;退休后在某著名企业担任顾问,都自带铺盖、炊具,租住普通民房…… The story of a retired Tsinghua University professor who anonymously donated his life savings to poor students despite being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer has touched Chinese netizens.清华大学退休教授被诊断为肺癌晚期,却将自己的毕生积蓄捐献给贫困学生,他的故事感动了中国网民According to the Guangming Daily, Zhao Jiahe, a retired finance professor at Tsinghua University, donated his life savings of million yuan ($ million) to support over ,000 high school students across the country.《光明日报报道,清华大学金融学退休教授赵家和倾毕生积蓄00余万元(0万美元)捐助00多名高中学生Despite being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the age of 78 in , he continued to donate his money to support poor students in high schools in West China, choosing to buy only inexpensive generic medicines himself.年,78岁的赵家和被诊断为肺癌晚期但是,他仍然坚持捐助中国西部的贫困高中生,只能给自己买那些廉价的普通药物"The plentiful savings could have assured him the best treatment," Liu Xun, one of Zhao’s mer students, told the newspaper.“这些积蓄足以让他接受最好的治疗,”赵家和以前的学生刘军告诉《光明日报Zhao started to anonymously support poverty-stricken high school students from all over the country in , when his savings reached 5 million yuan.年,赵家和共有500万积蓄,他开始匿名资助全国各地的贫困高中生In , he expanded his philanthropic efts by establishing the Gansu Xinghua Youth Education Foundation, which supported 1,000 students in Northwest China’s Gansu Province.年,赵家和开始扩展自己的慈善事业他成立的甘肃兴华青少年助学基金会资助了中国西北甘肃省的00名学生Zhao began teaching at Tsinghua University after graduating from the school’s Department of Electronic Engineering in 1955, and he later helped establish the School of Economics and Management in 1985.1955年,毕业于清华大学电子工程系的赵家和留校任教1985年,在赵家和的帮助下,清华大学的经济管理学院成立Zhao left a lucrative position at the University of Texas in the US in 01 in order to return to China to support students. He succumbed to lung cancer in and donated his body to scientific research.01年,为了回国帮助学生,赵家和放弃了在德克萨斯大学不菲的薪酬年,赵家和死于肺癌,将自己的身体捐献给科学研究呼和浩特妇科医院便宜

呼和浩特市妇产医院介绍新交友应用能判断你是否在说谎 -- :19:7 来源:chinadaily A technology company is developing a lie detector app smartphones that could be used by parents, teachers - and internet daters.一家科技公司正在研发一款面向智能手机用户的测谎软件,家长、教师甚至线上约会者都可以使用这款软件The app measures blood flow in the face to assess whether or not you are telling the truth. Its developers say that it could be used daters wanting to see if somebody really is interested in them.这款软件通过评估人体面部的血流状况来判断受测者说谎与否研发者表示,线上交友者可以利用它判断约会对象是否真的对自己有兴趣Parents could use it on their children to see if they are lying and teachers could work out which of their pupils are truthful.家长可以用这款软件来分析他们的孩子是否说谎,教师可以凭借它了解到哪些学生具备诚实的品质The app is being developed by Toronto startup NuraLogix and the software is called Transdermal Optical Imaging.这款由多伦多的新兴公司NuraLogix 所研发的应用全名是“透皮光学成像”The idea is that different human emotions create different facial blood flow patterns that we have no control over. These patterns change if we are telling the truth or telling a lie.它的核心理念是——人类在各式情绪下会不自觉地形成相应的面部血流量模式,当人们说谎时,这些模式就会产生变化Using footage from the smartphone camera, the software will see the changes in skin colour and compare them to standardized results.透过智能手机的镜头,软件能够分析人脸肤色的变化,并将之与标准测量结果对照A study from last year found that anger was associated with more blood flow and redness whilst sadness was associated with less of both.年的一项研究显示,人们在愤怒时血流量更高,面部发红,而伤心时血流量则较低,面色偏白Developmental neuroscientist Kang Lee, who has been researching the field years, said that the lie detector test will let you find out the truth ‘non-invasively, and remotely, and sometimes it can be covertly’.发育神经系统专家李康在此领域钻研了年,他指出,这种测谎仪能够以一种“安全远程,时而隐秘”的方式发现真相He said: ‘It could be very useful, example, teachers. A lot of our students have math anxiety but they do not want to tell us, because that’s embarrassing’.他说:“这款软件或许能对一些人大有裨益,比如教师我们有很多学生都有数学焦虑症,但他们却因难为情而不愿意告诉我们”Lee added that the technology would not replace lie detectors used in a court of law. He said: ‘They want the accuracy to be extremely high, like genetic tests, so a one-in-a-million error rate.然而,李补充道,这项技术将不会代替法庭上使用的测谎仪他说:“律界要求的测谎精确度极其高,如基因测试一样,最多只能容许百万分之一的误差”‘Our technique won’t be able to achieve an extremely high accuracy level, so because of that I don’t think it’s useful the courts’.“我们的这项技术无法达到如此高的精确度,我认为它在法庭上将无用武之地”He added that it will be a few years bee the dating app is available to consumers.他补充说这款交友应用将在几年后推向消费市场英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮 鸡蛋需不需要冷藏呢? -- ::7 来源: 鸡蛋是冷藏还是不冷藏呢,这是一个问题看看文章是怎么说的吧 To refrigerate or not, that is the question. When it comes to eggs, it all depends on where you live. Different nations handle this food storage issue differently.对于某些食品来说,冷藏还是不冷藏,这是一个问题而鸡蛋究竟要不要冷藏则取决于你所生活的地方不同的国家在鸡蛋储存的处理上是有区别的Here in the U.S., we refrigerate — always — while our neighbors across the ocean in the U.K. (and many other countries) don’t. It’s not so much a matter of custom as it is of food safety. Here’s why.在美国,我们的鸡蛋一般都是要冷藏的,但是我们大洋彼岸的邻居——英国(当然还有很多其他国家)则不冷藏这并不是因为风俗的关系,而是与食品安全有关以下就是原因In the U.S., all of our commercial eggs are power-washed bee being packaged and shipped to a local grocery store near you. The reason power washing is to rid the egg’s exterior of any harmful bacteria — salmonella is the big fear here — by rinsing off all organic matter.在美国,我们所有的成品鸡蛋都是经过强力清洗后才能打包运送到您身边的本地商店通过清除所有的有机物,这种清洗方式能去除鸡蛋表层任何的有害细菌——其中沙门氏菌是最大的担忧Salmonella can contaminate an egg in two ways. One, by passing from an infected hen to its egg when laid. Or two, it can get on the outside of the shell from contact with chicken feces. Power washing does away with the manure. Untunately, it also washes away the egg’s natural protective coating called the cuticle, making it more porous and susceptible to contamination. Refrigerating the eggs helps keep potentially harmful microorganisms at bay.沙门氏菌通过两种方式污染鸡蛋第一种方式是在下蛋的母鸡已被感染,因而鸡蛋也被感染另一种方式则是由于鸡蛋壳与鸡粪接触,导致鸡蛋感染沙门氏菌而强力清洗则能去除鸡粪可惜的是,这种清洗方式也会使得鸡蛋天然的保护层,我们称之为cuticle(护膜),被清洗掉,从而鸡蛋更容易受到感染冷藏鸡蛋则能有效地防止有害微生物的滋生In the U.K. however, eggs are not washed because it’s believed that washing can transfer harmful bacteria from the outside to the inside of the egg. Instead, hens in the U.K. are vaccinated to prevent salmonella.然而,在英国,鸡蛋是不清洗的,因为他们相信清洗会将有害病菌从鸡蛋表层带进鸡蛋里层,英国的母鸡都会注射疫苗,防止感染沙门氏菌Both methods are effective in keeping salmonella controlled — one is not better than the other. Just be sure to be aware of the safety regulations in whichever country you happen to be buying your eggs in.这两种方法都能有效控制沙门氏菌——并没有优劣之分你只需要留意你要买鸡蛋的那个国家的食品安全规定就行As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.正如有句话说得好,入乡随俗呼和浩特市那个医院治疗不孕内蒙古自治区医院治疗尿道炎多少钱



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