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池州那里做人流好池州包皮环切术多少钱The trial chamber unanimously finds you guilty...联合国塞拉利昂特别法庭一致裁决你有罪...After five years, 115 witnesses and 50,000 pages of gruesome testimony, the trial reached its conclusion, finding Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes in Sierra Leone.5年后,115名人和5万页指控其罄竹难书罪行的词,终于让特别法庭做出了裁决,宣判利比里亚前总统查尔斯·泰勒因资助邻国塞拉利昂内战中的反政府武装,犯有战争罪与反人类罪。The 64-year-old former president blinked rapidly as the verdicts were delivered, but throughout the process, he betrayed little emotion, occasionly making notes, appearing board as the judge summed up the case against him.法庭做出这样的判决后,这位64岁的前总统很快得眨了眨眼。然而在整个审判过程中,他表现出极少的情感,只是偶尔做一下笔记,在法官概述案情时出庭。Taylor was a warlord in neighbouring Liberia when the civil conflicts began in Sierra Leone.在塞拉利昂爆发内战时,泰勒是邻国利比亚的最高军事统帅。When he became president in 1997, he funded weapons and support to the rebel soldiers known as the Revolutionary ed Front in exchange for diamands.泰勒在1997年当上总统,他通过向塞拉利昂反政府武装“革命联合阵线”提供武器换取血钻。The RUF employed babaric methods: raping, child enslavement, maiming enemies with machetes. The court had graphic examples of that brutality.“革命联合阵线”在战争期间强奸妇女,招募未成年人入伍,用砍刀致残俘虏。法院有照片实这种暴行。Charles Taylors defense team acknowledged the crimes had been committed over the border, but said the crimes had nothing to do with him.查尔斯·泰勒的辩护团队知道他在边境的所作所为,但还矢口否认他所犯下的罪行。So the prosecution had to establish he had received the so-called blood diamands as payment for his support. They called witnesses including the Hollywood actress Mia Farrow and reluctant Naomi Campbell, who testified shed been given gems by Taylor at a banquet hosted by Nelson Mandela.所以起诉方须实泰勒收取了提供武器所得的报酬,即所谓的血钻。起诉方声称人包括好莱坞女演员米亚·法罗和不愿意卷入此事的巴西超模娜欧米·康贝尔,后者在词中说她在南非前总统纳尔逊·德拉举办的宴会上接收了泰勒赠送的珠宝。When I was sleeping, I heard a knock at my door, and I opened my door, and two men were there and gave me a pouch and said a gift for you. 当时我正在睡觉,听到有人在敲门,于是我把门打开,看见两个男人站在门口,然后他们给了我一个袋子,说是送我的礼物。Taylor becomes the first former head of state to be successfully linked to war crimes at an international court since the Nuremburg trials, and sets undeniable precedents.泰勒是自纽伦堡审判(二战结束时德国纳粹战犯接受的国际法庭审判)以来,首位前国家元首被国际法庭宣判犯有战争罪,开创了不容置疑的先例。There were always unique facts in any prosecution, but in a broader sense, of course, it did set a precedent, because this is the first case where the accused was indicted while he was the president of a country. That has actually come to judgement. 任何起诉案件都有其独特之处,但是从广义来讲,它确实开辟了一个先例,因为这个案件的被告是在担任一个国家总统职位时受到指控。Taylor will return to the court on the 16 of May as part of the sentencing process. The judges will then decide how long they believe he should spend behind bars, before making that announcement a fortnight later.依照审判程序,泰勒3于月16号再次出庭。法官会决定把他严禁在监牢里多长时间,之后的两个星期会宣布判决。If his appeal is un successful, he will serve his sentence in a UK jail. Britain was the colonial power of Sierra Leone and offered to imprison him if the Netherlands hosted the trial.如果上诉失败,泰勒将被送往英国的一个监狱刑。塞拉利昂曾是英国的殖民地,英国表示愿意提供监狱,前提是在荷兰进行审判。Charles Taylors conviction is a reminder of a turbulent and violent decade in West Africa as the world flexes the legal muscle to punish those who bankrolled such monster crimes.查尔斯·泰勒被定罪让人们回忆起西非动荡混乱的十年内战。国际社会也在惩罚资助这种可怕战争的罪行上大显其手。201205/180840石台县人民医院做人流好吗 In a final desperate move, the String Theories tried adding one last thing to their cherished idea. They added the very thing they had spent a decade rubbishing--the eleventh dimension. Now something almost magically happened to the five competing string theories.弦理论在最后绝望尝试为这种稀奇的想法增加最后一样东西。他们补充道已经花费数十年研究的东西;;第11维度。几乎魔术般地发生一件事致使这5个弦理论不再分庭抗礼。The answer turned out to be and it really was absolutely remarkable, I mean it really is remarkable. It turns out that they were all the same. These five string theories turned out to be simply different manifestations of a more fundamental theory, precisely this theory which we had discarded back in the early 1980s.水落石出,而且非常有成效,我的意思是,它真的是显著的。原来它们都是一样的。这五个弦理论变成简单的不同表现为更为基本的理论,正是这一理论,我们早在20世纪80年代早期就已经废弃。In the eleventh dimension, looking from the mountain top, looking down, you could see String Theory as being part of a much larger reality, reality of the eleventh dimension.在第11维度,从山顶往下看,当你俯瞰时,你可以看到弦论就像更大的现实,现实的第11维度。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168368池州市石台人民医院人流医院

贵池区池阳街道流产手术多少钱Business Alternative law firms Bargain briefs商业 律师事务所可他选 概说律所议价Technology offers 50 ways to leave your lawyer网络给你50种选择来挑律师CONVENTIONAL law firms charge vast hourly fees and then hand the work to underlings while the partners play golf at clubs their clients are too poor to join. At least, that is how it seems to many clients, whose irritation at being overcharged turned to fury during the recession.传统的律师事务所每小时的收费很多,但之后老板就把工作丢给手下去办,以至于当律所合伙人在俱乐部里打高尔夫的时候,他们的客户却只能望门兴叹。至少,对很多的客户来说就是这么一回事,律所的过度收费使得在经济危机期间这些客户的怨气重重恶化成了恼羞成怒。Some clients are switching to unconventional law firms, which claim to offer equally good lawyering for much less money. Take Clearspire. The firms 20 or so lawyers work mostly from home, collaborating on a multi-million-dollar technology platform that mimics a virtual office. A lawyer checking in on a colleague automatically sees a picture of her on the phone when she is, in fact, on the phone. Clients use the platform too, commenting on and even changing their own documents as they are being drawn up. Conventional lawyers are far less open.因此很多客户转向非传统的律师事务所,这些公司宣称提供同样的律师务,但收费低廉。拿Clearspire来说。这家律师事务所里的约20名律师中,大部分都在家里工作,他们在一个价值百万美元的技术平台所模拟构建的虚拟办公室中互相合作。一个律师要找另一个同事,而他的同事在打电话,他就会看到自动显示的这位同事在打电话的画面。客户们也使用这个虚拟平台,为自己的文件材料作批注,甚至想起草文件一样修改文件的内容。传统的律师们可就没这么灵活了。From the start, Clearspire offers cost estimates for each phase of a legal job. Employees who underestimate how long it will take cannot simply jack up the bill—they must take the hit themselves. But if a lawyer finishes his work faster than promised, he gets a third of the savings. The client also gets a third, as does Clearspire. This gives everyone a stake in making the process more efficient and predictable.从一开始,Clearspire就提供了一项法律务每个阶段的收费金额。那些低估业务需要时间的律师们可不能随便地加费——他们必须自己承受损失。但如果一个律师在承诺的时间期限之前完成了工作,他还能得到保留金的1/3。客户和Clearspire也都能分别拿到保留金的1/3,这一政策就是给那些做事有效率且有预见性的律师一个奖励。Bryce Arrowood, the founder, notes that law firms reward partners who bring in business, and not necessarily the most brilliant lawyers. Yet clients priorities are exactly the reverse. So Clearspire has an unusual dual structure. American law firms cannot have non-lawyers sharing fees with lawyers. (Britain used to be the same, but will ditch this pointless rule this year.) So Clearspire must be two entities: a law firm, with salaried employee-lawyers rather than partners, and a second company that focuses on bringing in business and supporting the lawyers.布赖斯. 艾尔伍德,这位Clearspire的创建者指出,律师事务所奖励那些招揽生意的合伙人,而这些人不一定就是最出色的律师,但是客户们的首选可不是这些人。所以Clearspire有一个双重的运作结构,因为美国的律所不能分享律师们的非律师业务的收费,(英国从前与美国一样, 不过今年英国要废除这一毫无意义的规定。)因此Clearspire必须为两个公司:一个为律师事务所,与领工资的雇佣律师们而不是合伙人打交道,另一个工资则旨在招揽生意并给律师工资。The discount for clients is sweet. George Kappaz is a private-equity boss who recently gave a complex job to Clearspire (structuring an equity package for Astrata, one his funds firms). He estimates that it cost a quarter of what he would have paid the big firms he used before, and Clearspires work was just as good. (Many of its lawyers come from top-notch law firms.) Mr Kappaz predicts that the Clearspire model, or something like it, will revolutionise the legal business.非传统的律所给客户带来了甜头。乔治.卡帕兹是一个私有股份公司的老板,它最近委托Clearspire一个复杂的业务。(为他的一个基金公司Astrata建构一个股份组合)他估计这个业务的花费,可能只为以往他用的那个大律所的花费的1/4.并且 Clearspire干的一样的好。(很多Clearspire 的律师来自高级律所。)卡帕兹预测说Clearspire的这种模式,或是类似它的运营模式,会在律师界引起大革命。Perhaps so, but for Clearspire it is early days. Can it make money? A company like 11-year-old Axiom proves that clients have an appetite for alternative models. Axiom either seconds some of its hundreds of lawyers to a company, takes on a whole chunk of a client firms legal work (such as commercial contracts), or performs ;discovery; (reviewing documents for litigation). Rather than charging by the hour for each lawyer, it asks for a single flat fee, or charges for a team by the week or the month. Expenses are kept low by having headquarters in SoHo, a chic bohemian bit of New York, and by stashing many lawyers in even cheaper places such as Houston and Hyderabad.也许是这样的,但是对于Clearspire 来说此言尚早。Clearspire会盈利么?Axion这一运营了11年的公司明了客户喜欢不同的律所模式。Axion要么从几百名律师中调派一些去客户公司,处理大量的客户公司的法律业务,(例如商务合同)要么做;据开示(程序);(复审诉讼文件)。 比起按律师按小时收费,公司简单地收取统一价。或者按周/月收取一组律师的费用。通过把总部设在索霍区/休南区——这个雅致又富有波西米亚风格的纽约一角,还有通过把律师们储备在像休斯顿和海德拉巴这样消费更低的地方,律所的开销就能保持低廉了。The recession was good to Axiom. After it sent its consultants, recruited from the likes of McKinsey and Accenture, to clients to help them trim their legal spending, the clients gave Axiom more work. Revenue grew from m in 2008 to m in 2010. This year the firm expects to rake in 0m. Companies were always under pressure to cut their legal bills, says Mark Harris, Axioms boss. But ;fake pressure; before became ;real pressure; during the downturn.对于Axiom,经济危机是件好事。Axiom将从Mckinsey和Accenture那里挖来的咨询师派到客户那里之后,他们帮忙客户们削减了法律开,这些客户则为Axiom带来了更多的客户。公司的利润从08年的5500万美元增长到了10年的8000万美元。今年Axiom预计能将12000万美元敛入囊中。公司总在削减法律账单的压力下,Axiom的老板马克.哈里斯如是说,但以前的;伪压力;在经济危机中变成了;真压力;。Axiom and Clearspire serve some of Americas biggest companies. Other entrepreneurs are aiming at small-business clients. These would normally take a chance on finding the right sole practitioner or small firm. But on LawPivot, a year-old social-networking website for lawyers and those who need them, potential clients post questions (up to three a month), and lawyers provide free, brief answers. The lawyers make nothing, but use the service to drum up custom. Clients can test a lawyers skill before opening their wallets.Axiom和Clearspirewei 为美国的一些大公司务。其他的律所则瞄准了小型企业客户上,他们一般会试着找个体户或是小公司。但是在Lawpivot,这个为律师和需要律师的人运营了一年的社交网站上,潜在客户们提出问题(每月限制3个),之后律师们提供免费的简洁的回答。律师没在做别的,不过是用这一务去争取顾客。这样客户们在掏腰包之前就可以测试律师的水平了。LawPivot is a social-networking site, not a law firm—it will make its money initially by charging lawyers to upgrade their profiles (similar to the networking profiles on LinkedIn). Google Ventures is a backer, and Apples former top lawyer for mergers and acquisitions is a co-founder. This kind of heft will bring it up against LegalZoom, the biggest seller of online forms and easy, repeatable legal services for small businesses and individuals. LegalZoom now wants to put more of its contract lawyers to work directly for clients at a flat rate.LawPivotshiyige 是一个社交网站,并不是律师事务所——它靠起始阶段向律师们收取信息更新费赚钱。(这与Linkedln的网络信息相似)不过有谷歌风投作为赞助商,还有苹果公司的前任合并收购高级律师做为共同创建人。这种强强组合将会使LawPivot能与LegalZoom一较高下。LegalZoom是最大的以在线形式为小型企业和个人提供简易并可重复的法律务公司。如今,Legalzoom想要使其更多的签约律师去按统一收费率直接为客户务。It is more than a decade since the internet made book-buying cheaper and more convenient. If technology now helps cut gargantuan legal bills in America and elsewhere, it will be better late than never.互联网使得买书更便宜,方便已经有10多年了。对于法律,互联网如果能在这时候,在美国还有其他地方,帮忙削减大笔的法律开的话,就会是亡羊补牢了。 /201301/222700池州石台县看妇科多少钱 池州市立医院私人医院

池州割包皮最好的是哪一家Business商业Horrible Bosses 恶老板Truth is nicer than fiction现实要比电影好一点A horrible film is generating a lame debate一部恐怖电影引发的一场蹩脚争论HORRIBLE bosses come in many flavours.恶老板们总是各有各的恶。There are psychopaths, bullies and prats.他们可能是神经病,是恶霸,是2B。Incompetent bosses are irksome,too.但不称职的老板也一样的招人烦。The bosses at New Line Cinema are not incompetent, in that their films make money, but they are still villains.新线电影公司的老板不能说是不称职,因为该公司的电影能大卖,但是他们仍然算得上恶棍。For “Horrible Bosses”, their latest offering, is a crime against art and common sense.因为他们最新出品的电影《恶老板》简直就是对艺术的亵渎和常识的颠覆。The viewer is expected to believe that being propositioned by Jennifer Aniston is so traumatic that it would drive a man to plot her murder.他们要观众相信,被詹妮弗安妮斯顿调戏是件多么痛不欲生的事儿,逼得被调戏的家伙只能策划一场对她的谋杀。Kevin Spacey plays a more convincing psychoboss. But his talents are wasted on a lame script.而凯文史派西所扮演的神经病老板还让人信一些,不过他的天赋也白白浪费在这个蹩脚的剧本上了。To make matters worse, the film has inspired a torrent of management drivel.更糟糕的是,这部电影引发了一场口水仗,矛头直指管理层。OfficeTeam, a recruiter, warns of “Horrible Boss Syndrome”, which “can have serious implications” for morale.猎头公司OfficeTeam会警告你小心“恶老板综合征”,那样将对士气“有严重的影响”。An American survey finds that 46% of employees have worked for an unreasonable boss at some point.美国的一项调查表明,46%的员工在职业生涯中曾为不可理喻的老板工作过。Nell Minow, a critic, says the film reflects “the bitterness of the post-meltdown era”.而影评人内尔米诺说这部电影所反映的是“后危机时代的痛苦”All this fuss suggests, not that bosses are growing more horrible, but that employees expect them to be more agreeable.这些所有的不满说明,不是老板变得越来越可怕,而是雇员对老板和善可亲的期望越来越高。Laws ban discrimination, the internet allows people to air their complaints and the prevailing management culture emphasises sensitivity.因为法律禁止歧视,互联网的出现让又人们能随时广播他们对老板的抱怨不满,主流管理文化也都在强调管理要人性。The monsters of the past knew no such checks.过去的恶老板们可不吃这一套。John Henry Patterson, who founded the National Cash Register Company in 1884, would set the desks of inept employees on fire.于1884年创建国家收银机公司的约翰亨利帕特森会把那些笨手笨脚的员工的办公桌付之一炬。To find similarly forceful bosses today, one must look East.而如今要找到一个和帕特森一样强势的老板只能去东方国家了。When Zhang Ruimin took over Haier, a Chinese white-goods company, in 1984, he smashed one of the company’s products to pieces with a sledgehammer to show what he thought of its quality.1984年张瑞敏接管海尔—一家中国白色家电公司。当时他用一把大锤把该公司出产的一件电器敲得粉碎,为了表示他认为质量很差。Hollywood could use a few bosses like Mr Zhang.不过好莱坞倒是可以雇几个像张瑞敏这样的老板。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/228302 a butterfly with glowing eyes一只眼睛发光的蝴蝶Believe it or not, Monteiro and her team inserted a new gene into the butterflys genetic sequence—one taken from a jellyfish.信不信由你,蒙泰罗和他的团队在蝴蝶的基因序列中插入了一种新基因,是来自水母的一个基因。No, I know youre fooling.不,我知道你在开玩笑。Actually Im not. This gene codes for a green florescent protein that, in nature, makes certain jellyfish luminesce. By taking just that one bit out of a jellyfish sample, essentially attaching it to some modified DNA that naturally knows how to insert itself into a gene sequence, and then injecting the self-inserting DNA with the piggybackingjellyfish gene into some butterfly eggs, the researchers were able to produce a butterfly with glowing eyes. Thats aly been done with other insects, but this is the first genetically modified butterfly in history.实际上我并没有。事实上,这种基因是一种使得某些水母发冷光的绿色荧光蛋白。通过从水母样品中取一点这种基因出来,把它们附在一些天生就知道怎么把自己插入一个基因序列的改良过的DNA中,然后将这种带有捎带式水母基因的DNA注入一些蝶卵中,研究者们就可以生产出眼睛闪闪发光的蝴蝶了。这个实验在其他昆虫身上已经做过了,但这是史上第一只转基因蝴蝶。Thats weird!真奇怪!The idea isnt to produce weird looking butterflies; the glowing protein acts as a marker. That is, when you have succeeded in inserting it into a new organism, its very obvious that its there. This is just the basic research that may one day allow us to modify gene sequences on a larger scale—to get rid of genetically based diseases, for example.这一想法并不是想制造出看起来怪异的蝴蝶,而是这闪闪发光的蛋白充当着标记的角色。也就是说,当你成功的将之插入一个新的生物体后,能很明显的看到它的存在。这仅仅是基础研究,也许有一天能让我们更大范围的修改基因序列——比如,摆脱遗传性疾病。 /201209/199450池州做人流那里便宜有保障池州包皮哪家医院比较好



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