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2019年03月25日 15:36:02 | 作者:飞度技术健康家园 | 来源:新华社
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.你好好琢磨琢磨吧!Put that in your pipe and smoke it直译过来就是:“把它放入烟袋里然后吸它”,这个短语的正确意思是:“你好好琢磨琢磨、你自己考虑考虑”。因此,当美国人说;Put that in your pipe and smoke it.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Take some time to think it over.;、;Ponder it over and over again.;。情景对白:Boss: What on earth do customers want? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.老板:顾客的需求到底是什么?你好好琢磨琢磨吧!Benjamin: Yeah, uh...I will go into further investigation later.本杰明:恩,好的,稍后我会再做进一步调查的。搭配句积累:①If I were you, I would not make such a foolish decision.如果我是你,我才不会做出这样愚蠢的决定。②How can you betray your colleagues?你怎么可以背叛你的同事呢?③I advise you to give up the idea of job-hopping.我劝你还是放弃跳槽的念头吧。④I just dont want you to abandon yourself to vice.我只是不想看到你自甘堕落。单词:1. pipe n. 烟斗He filled the bowl of his pipe.他把烟斗装满烟。He proceeded to light his pipe.他开始点燃他的烟斗。2. ponder vt. 仔细考虑I found myself constantly pondering the question: How could anyone do these things?.我发现自己总在思考这个问题:“怎么会有人做出这样的事情呢?”Im continually pondering how to improve the team.我不住地在想如何提高队伍水平。3. vice n. 恶习Knowledge is the mother of all virtue, all vice proceeds from ignorance.知识是所有美德之本,无知是一切邪恶之源。Prosperity can best discover vice, but adversity can reveal virtue.富足最能显露恶习,而逆境能彰显美德。 /201301/219422Misunderstanding误解 Manager: What seems to be the problem? 出了什么问题? Miss Lewis: Your secretary seems to think she is being harassed. 你的秘书认为她被骚扰了。 Manager: What? You've got to be kidding me! 什么?你在和我开玩笑吧! Miss Lewis: I wish I were, but i am deadly serious. She said you invited her to dinner last week. 我倒希望是如此,但是我说的是真的。她说你上周邀请她一起吃晚餐。 Manager: Of course I did. As recongnition for a job well done. Once a month I invite the most productive employee to dinner. 是的。作为对工作表现的奖励。我每个月都要邀请本月最佳职员共进晚餐。 Miss Lewis: Well, there is no problem there. But she seemed to think that you were angry when she refused, and that your motives are personal and not professional. 这不是问题。但是她觉得拒绝了你的邀请,你很生气,你有个人动机,而不是出于工作需要。 Manager: I think she's misinterpreted my intentions. What happens now? 我想她误解了我的意思。现在怎么了? Miss Lewis: Our harassment policy requires that we have a meeting with the HR manager and Miss Brown. It's quite serious. You could be reprimanded, or even fired if we find evidence that you were pressuring her to go to dinner with you. We have to protect our employees. 根据我们的规章制度,我们要和人力资源部经理、Brown开个会。事情很严重。如果我们找到你逼迫她和你吃晚餐的据,你可能会被斥责,甚至被解雇。我们必须保护员工。 Manager: I understand that. But I hope that we can get to the bottom fo this and show Miss Brown that she misunderstood my reaction. 我明白。我希望我们能查清真相,让Brown明白她是误解我了 Miss Lewis: That's the purpose of the meeting. Sometimes a mediated conversation will straighten things out, and a little discussion and apology can calm the waters. 这就是要开会的目的。有时调解可以弄清真相,讨论和道歉能平息风波。 fire解雇 reprimand申诉,指责 misinterpret误解 be harassed被骚扰 /200703/11437

I know how to operate a computer.我知道如何操作电脑。I can type 100 words per minute.我每分钟能打100字。I'm learned in plane design.我精通平面设计。I have an NCRE certificate, Bank 2.我有全国计算机等级考试二级书。I know Page Maker and Mircosoft Word.我懂Page Maker排版软件和word.I'm experience in IBM, Compact and Great Wall computers.我熟悉IBM,康柏和长城电脑。I have working knowledge of Windows and Dos.我有 Windows 和 Dos的工作经验。I have got MCSE certified.我已经获得了微软系统工程师认。I can deal with the data base system.我会处理数据库软件。Actually, I'm quite familiar with Java and C Language.事实上,我对Java和C 语言相当熟悉。 /201105/137867

quick and dirty 匆忙而马虎(成语)英文释义Describing anything created or performed hastily and carelessly simply in order to be accomplished rapidly.例句We made a couple of quick and dirty signs to put in front of our new store because we wanted to be operational before a rival shop opened across the street.我们匆忙而马虎地制作了两个标识,放在新店前面,因为我们想抢在街对面的竞争对手之前开业。 /201304/232981

问:你是如何关注当前时势的?答:我仔细研读《华尔街日报》、《时代周刊》、《慈善机构投资者》和几家共同基金时事通讯。我还有一大群分析家朋友。通过描绘一些符合你目标的出版物或贸易团体来明你对该企业或职业领域的兴趣?Q:How do you stay current?A:I pore over the Wall Street Journal,the Times,Institutional Investor,and several mutual fund newsletters. And Ihave a number of friends who are analysts.? /200803/30809

Mark: I think the most important thing now is to let people know the product exists rather than highlighting its specific benefits.我认为现在最重要的是让人们知道产品的存在,而不是强调它的具体好处。Roy: I agree somewhat Mark, but not completely. As long as we are spending money on advertising, we might as well put a few extra dollars into specifics.我在某种程度上同意你的意见,Mark, 但不能说是完全同意。既然我们花钱做广告,我们不妨在细节上也花些钱。Mark: Our budget has been reduced from last quarter, we can’t afford any extra spending.从上季度起,我们的预算金额就被消减了,我么负担不起任何额外的开销。Roy: The way I see it , we can’t afford not to get into specifics. If all we do is let people know the name of our product. Our competitor can follow up with specifics and we will be dead . They will reap the benefits of our basic campaign by simply spending a few dollars on specifics. Do you see what I mean?可是照我看来,我们负担不起的恰恰是不进入细节。如果我们仅仅让市场知道我们产品的名称,而竞争对手跟着做很细节的广告,我们就死定了。他们只用花很少钱就可以掠夺我们前期的战斗果实。你明白我的意思吗?Mark: I see. I guess from that perspective you’re right. We can’t afford not to spend the extra dollars, Let’s put together a proposal and present it to manager.我明白。从那个角度看,你是对的。我们无法负担不花这点额外钱的后果。我们先做一个计划,提交给经理。Roy: Agreed. Maybe we should start with a general idea-a few slogans so they can choose the focus of the campaign.同意。我们先设计出大体构想-几条标语,他们可以从中选出广告的重点。Mark: It couldn’t hurt. Let’s kick around a few ideas.可以。让我们讨论几条想法吧。 /06/73876

Donald Trump is “showing a lot of signsof dangerous mental impairment and may be a threat to the survival of American society, a leading Yale psychiatrist has claimed.一位耶鲁大学的精神科领先学者称,唐纳德·特朗普“表现出许多患有危险性精神损伤症的征兆”,可能危及美国社会的存亡。In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Yale University’s Dr Bandy Lee said she had seen a “marked surgein violence among her own patients since the day of Mr Trump’s election, blaming his strong rhetoric.耶鲁大学的Brandy Lee教授接受了《独立报》的公开采访,她称,自从特朗普当选总统之日起,她的病人普遍表现出“显著上升”的暴力倾向,这都归咎于特朗普的“强硬说辞”。The lecturer, a former Harvard research fellow and chief resident at Massachusetts general hospital, was defending experts at an event she organised after they called the President “dangerousand “delusional这位教授是哈佛大学的前研究学者,麻省综合医院的住院总医师。日前她发起了一项活动,与数名专家一起力图明特朗普具有“危险倾向”和“妄想症”。The claim led one Republican politician to accuse them of “throwing ethical standards out the window because they cannot accept the election results针对他们的言论,一位共和党的官员指责他们“由于不能接受选举的结果,就将道德准则抛到了九霄云外。”But Dr Lee insisted she and the panellists had people’s safety foremost in mind and that their judgement was not politically-motivated.可是Lee教授称,自己和众同志学者首先考虑的是人民的安全,他们的判断并不是出于政治原因。Asked whether she had similar fears under Barack Obama’s presidency, she said: “No. None of us had this level of concern.”当被问及“巴拉克·奥巴马当选总统时是否有同样的焦虑”时,她说,“没有。我们都没有考虑过这个层面的问题”。来 /201705/506721

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