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池州市石台人民医院地址查询池州市贵池区血防站看病贵不贵池州市东流人民医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗 Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe plans to meet Donald Trump in New York on November 17th, his office said on Thursday.周四,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的首相办公室表示,安倍计划在117日与唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在纽约会晤。During a 20 minute phone-call with president-elect Trump, the two men agreed on a meeting when Mr Abe is en route to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum meeting in Peru later this month, writes Robin Harding in Tokyo.在与新当选总统特朗0分钟的电话会议中,两人同意在安倍去参加亚太经合组织(APEC)论坛会议的路上举行会晤,这次会议将于本月晚些时候在秘鲁召开。According to the prime minister’s office, Mr Trump said the US-Japan relationship was an excellent partnership and he wanted to further strengthen the special relationship between the two countries.按照日本首相办公室的说法,特朗普表示美日关系是极佳的合作关系,他希望进一步加强两国间的特殊关系。Mr Abe in turn told Mr Trump that a strong US-Japan alliance was essential to underpin regional peace and stability.安倍则回应特朗普称,强大的美日同盟对于撑地区和平与稳定是必不可少的。The emollient language attributed to Mr Trump is likely to soothe fears aroused in Japan by his campaign attacks on the country’s trade practices and reliance on the US security umbrella. 在竞选过程中,特朗普曾攻击日本的对外贸易及对美国安全保护伞的依赖。而前述发自特朗普的和缓措辞,可能会缓解特朗普这些攻击在日本引发的恐慌。Officials in Tokyo, who have had little contact with Mr Trump’s team, are eager to find out how his campaign language is likely to translate into policy.日本官员此前几乎从未接触过特朗普团队,他们急切地想要知道特朗普的竞选口号会作为政策实施的可能性有多大。来 /201611/477140North Korea has executed a vice-premier and banished two other senior officials to the countryside for re-education, according to Seoul, in the latest high-level purge under Pyongyang’s young leader, Kim Jong Un.据首尔方面消息,朝鲜内阁副总理被处决,两名高级官员被下放到农村接受再教育。这是平壤年轻的领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)任内的最新一次高层清洗。Mr Kim has relied on executions and purges of high-ranking officials to protect his authority since taking power on his father’s death in December 2011.金正恩自20112月父亲去世后上台以来,一直靠处决和清洗高级官员来维护自己的权威。Seoul’s unification ministry confirmed yesterday the execution of Kim Yong-jin, vice-premier for education.韩国统一部昨日实主管教育的朝鲜副总理金勇Kim Yong jin)被处决。The ministry added that Kim Yong-chol, head of the North’s ed Front Department handling inter-Korean relations, was undergoing revolutionary measures while Choe Hwi, another ruling party official in the propaganda department, was reprimanded.韩国统一部还称负责处理朝韩关系的朝鲜统一战线ed Front Department)部长金英Kim Yong chol)正在接受革命再教育,朝鲜劳动党中央宣传部第一副部长崔Choe Hwi)也在接受革命再教育。It is hard to independently verify what is happening in the secretive state, with some previous intelligence reports about purges proving inaccurate.外界很难独立实这一神秘国度里正在发生什么事情,此前部分有关清洗的情报被明不准确。But the latest reported incidents show that Mr Kim’s reign of terror continues as the young leader strengthens his grip on power.但最新报道的这些事件表明金正恩的恐怖统治仍在继续,这位年轻领导人仍在加强他对权力的掌控。The North has seen a broader and severe churn of its senior ranks, with roughly half of the top 218 military and bureaucratic officials replaced within two years of his taking power, according to South Korean estimates.朝鲜高级官员已出现大规模洗牌。据韩国估计,金正恩上台后的两年时间里,218名军方和政府最高级官员中约有一半遭到更换。The reign of terror including executions of senior officials is a key characteristic of the Stalinist dictatorship to maintain its absolute control. 韩国世宗研究Sejong Institute)研究员郑成长(Cheong Seong-chang)表示:这种包括处决高级官员的恐怖统治,是以斯大林式独裁维持绝对控制的一个重要特征。The strategy will continue as long as the Kim Jong Un regime continues, said Cheong Seong-chang, researcher at the Sejong Institute.只要金正恩政权继续统治,这种策略就将继续下去。Vice-premier Kim, 63, was executed by firing squad in July for an anti-party and anti-revolutionary element, according to a unification ministry official. 据韩国统一部一名官员表示,现年63岁的朝鲜内阁副总理金勇进,今年7月以反党反革命罪被行刑队处决。Army general Kim Yong-chol, 70, was sent to a rural farm for re-education for a month from mid-July for his heavy-handed attitude, but has been reinstated, the official said.这名韩国官员还表示,现年70岁的金英哲将军因滥权,从7月中旬起被下放到农场接受一个月的再教育,但已官复原职。来 /201609/464685池州九华男科医院在哪

池州市青阳人民医院好不好石台医院是正规的 It is symbolic and poignant that the election of Donald Trump was confirmed on the morning of November 9, 27 years to the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)1日早上被确认当选美国总统,这具有令人伤感的象征意义—7年前的这一天,柏林墙倒塌。That was a moment of triumph for US leadership and ushered in a period of optimism and expansion for liberal and democratic ideas around the world. 那是一个美国领导力胜利的时刻,还开启了一段令人乐观、自由和民主思想在世界各地传播的时期。That era has been definitively ended by Mr Trump’s victory.那个时期无疑随着特朗普的胜选而终结。The electoral triumph of a race-baiting demagogue represents a profound blow to the prestige of US democracy and thus to the cause of democracy around the world, which America has championed, on and off, since 1945.一个打种族牌的煽动者赢得大选,代表着对美国民主体制威望的沉重打击,也是对世界各地民主事业的沉重打击——美国自1945年以来断断续续地捍卫着民主事业。The most eloquent and moving statement of that American commitment was made by John F Kennedy in 1961 Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.美国作出的最精辟也最令人感动的承诺是约翰.肯尼John F Kennedy)961年所说的:让每个国家都知道——不论它希望我们繁荣还是希望我们衰落——为确保自由的存在和自由的胜利,我们将付出任何代价,承受任何负担,应付任何艰难,持任何朋友,反抗任何敌人。The generosity, bth and eloquence of Kennedy’s vision makes a sad contrast with the pinched nationalism of Mr Trump’s proclamation that Our plan will put America first. 肯尼迪愿景的大气、广度和雄辩与特朗普那种小家子气的民族主义宣告构成了令人悲哀的对比——我们的计划将首先考虑美国。Americanism not globalism will be our credo. 美国主义而非全球主义将是我们的信条。The difference between these two visions is profound and ominous. 这两种愿景之间的差异是深远和不祥的。It was not just idealism that led America’s postwar generation to commit to the protection of liberty around the world. 促使美国战后一代人承诺保护世界各地自由民主的,并不只是理想主义。As Kennedy observed, his generation was tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace. 正如肯尼迪所指出的,他们这代人在战争中受过锻炼,在艰难困苦的和平时期受过陶冶。They make a stark contrast with the generation who have voted for Mr Trump fattened by fast food and infantilised by reality television.他们与当今这一代把特朗普选上台的美国人(因吃多了快餐食品而变得肥胖,因看多了真人秀节目而变得幼稚)不可同日而语。The Kennedy generation had learnt bitter lessons from the Great Depression and the second world war. 肯尼迪那代人从大萧条(Great Depression)和二战汲取了惨痛的教训。They knew that America First policies those that sought to isolate the US from the problems of the wider world had ultimately led to economic and political catastrophe. 他们知道,美国优先政策——那些寻求让美国对外部世界的问题不理不问的政策——最终导致经济和政治灾难。So after 1945, a new generation of US leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, built an economic and security architecture for the world based around US leadership and international institutions and alliances, such as Nato, the UN and the World Bank.因此945年之后,美国新一代领导人(无论是共和党还是民主党人)为世界打造了一套经济和安全架构,其基础是美国的领导力以及国际机构和联盟,如北约(Nato)、联合国和世界银World Bank)。Mr Trump has forgotten these lessons drawn from the experience of the 1930s, if he ever knew them. 特朗普忘记了从上世纪30年代汲取的这些教训——如果他曾经明白过这些教训的话。He appears to have even more contempt for international bodies than for the institutions of America itself. 在他眼里,国际机构似乎比美国自己的机构更值得蔑视。His proposed policies threaten to take an axe to the liberal world order that the US has supported and sustained for many decades. 他拟议的政策可能砍掉美国几十年来持和捍卫的自由主义世界秩序。In particular, he has challenged two of the main bipartisan principles that underpin America’s approach to the world. 尤其是,他挑战了撑美国对外政策的两大跨党派原则:The first is support for an open, international trading system. 一是持一个开放的国际贸易体系;The second is the commitment to the US-led alliances that underpin global security.二是承诺维护以美国为首的联盟以撑全球安全。Mr Trump is the first avowed protectionist to be elected US president since before the second world war. 特朗普是自二战之前以来首个当选美国总统的公开的保护主义者。He has promised to renegotiate America’s terrible trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, and threatened to pull the US out of the World Trade Organisation. 他承诺重新谈判美国糟糕的贸易协定,比如《北美自由贸易协定NAFTA),并威胁让美国退出世贸组WTO)。He has also mooted tariffs as high as 45 per cent on Chinese goods. 他还提议对中国输美商品征收高5%的关税。If Mr Trump were to follow through on these threats, he would spark a global trade war and could well plunge the world into recession similar to the depression of the 1930s, which was greatly deepened by America’s embrace of protectionism.如果特朗普真的兑现这些威胁,他将引发全球贸易战,很可能让世界陷入衰退,类似于上世0年代的大萧条,那场萧条因美国采取保护主义而严重加剧。来 /201611/477658池州包皮包茎要费用

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