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西安323医院看脓肿多少钱西安医博肛肠肛肠科U.S. makers of small aircraft increasingly are teaming up with Chinese companies, deciding that the need to ply the growing market outweighs the risk that their partners will become rivals.越来越多的美国小型飞机制造商准备与中国企业联手以求打入中国市场。他们认为,共同开发中国这个高增长市场的必要性超过了中国合作伙伴可能成为其竞争对手的风险。In the last few months, business-plane makers Cessna Aircraft Co. and Hawker Beechcraft Corp. have discussed joint ventures in the country. Industry supplier Honeywell International Inc. signed several initial agreements last year. Non-U.S. companies are moving in, too: Brazil#39;s Embraer SA last month said it would consider transforming a Chinese joint-venture plant for small commercial jets to turn out executive planes.过去几个月,商务飞机制造商塞斯纳飞行器公司(Cessna Aircraft Co.)和豪客比奇公司(Hawker Beechcraft Corp.)一直在探讨在中国筹建合资企业一事。行业供应商霍尼韦尔(Honeywell International Inc.)去年也签署了几份草签协议。非美资企业也有所动作:巴西航空工业公司(Embraer SA)上个月说,将考虑把中国一家生产小型商务飞机的合资工厂改造为一家制造公务机的企业。China has grown more attractive as the industry otherwise has shrunk. Honeywell in October estimated that 600 to 650 new business jets would be delivered industrywide last year, down from 732 in 2010 because of global economic weakness. Cessna, a unit of Textron Inc., expects China to become the world#39;s No. 2 business-aircraft market, after the U.S., within roughly 15 years.由于这一产业在其它市场已经萎缩,中国市场因此变得更具吸引力。去年10月,霍尼韦尔估计,去年整个行业交付的新商务机数量在600至650架之间,低于2010年的732架,这主要是全球经济疲软造成的。美国德事隆有限公司(Textron Inc.)旗下企业塞斯纳预计,大约15年之内中国将成为仅次于美国的全球第二大商务机市场。;Everyone#39;s jockeying for position now, trying to figure out . . . Who do I partner with? How do I get the right access?; says Briand Greer, Asian-Pacific president of Honeywell Aerospace.霍尼韦尔亚太区总裁高安(Briand Greer)说,大家都在抢占中国市场,努力想弄明白该与谁合作以及如何找到合适的途径等问题。Cessna last month signed an agreement with a unit of state-controlled Aviation Industry Corp. of China to establish a joint venture in the western city of Chengdu, where Cessna plans to build midsize business jets and co-develop a larger jet. The Wichita, Kan., company also reached an agreement with AVIC, as the Chinese company is known, for broader cooperation on general aviation, a category that excludes military and commercial aircraft.塞斯纳上个月与国有控股的中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corp. of China,简称:中航工业)旗下一家子公司签署了一项协议,准备在中国西部城市成都建立合资企业。塞斯纳打算利用这个合资企业生产中型商务机,并与合作伙伴一道开发一种大型喷气机。总部位于美国堪萨斯州威奇托(Wichita)的塞斯纳与中航工业还达成了一项在通用机领域展开更广阔合作的协议。通用机不包括军用和商用飞机。;If you have the ability to produce local content in the market, it gives you the ability to understand your customers better, to react quicker,; says Cessna Chief Executive Scott Ernest.坐飞机怎样远离感冒?塞斯纳的首席执行长厄内斯特(Scott Ernest)说,如果能在中国进行本地化生产,就能更好地了解客户,并且更快地做出反应。Shawn Vick, an executive vice president at Wichita-based Hawker Beechcraft, said at a recent news briefing in Shanghai that his company had ;entertained discussions with four separate entities for joint-venture activities inside China.;总部位于威奇托的豪客比奇的执行副总裁维克(Shawn Vick)前不久在上海举行新闻发布会时说,该公司已与四家企业开会讨论了关于在华成立合资企业一事。Labor costs also are part of China#39;s lure. ;Our competitors in Brazil or in Switzerland can charge lower labor rates than we can in the U.S. and labor is a big component of building the airplane,; says Sean McGeough, Hawker Beechcraft#39;s president for Europe, the Mideast, Africa and Asia-Pacific.劳动力成本也是中国市场的吸引力之一。豪客比奇负责欧洲、中东、非洲和亚太市场的总裁麦古(Sean McGeough)说,我们在巴西或瑞士的竞争对手付的劳务费用比我们在美国付的要低,劳动力成本占飞机制造成本的很大一部分。 /201204/178296西安消化不良便秘治疗医院要多少钱 Liuzhou#39;s municipal authorities in Guangxi on Wednesday placed a heavy bounty on piranhas recovered from its waters, and would offer 1,000 yuan for every piranha caught, China News Service reported.据中新社报道,周三,广西柳州市官方悬赏钓剿所辖水域中的食人鱼,每条奖励1000元。The move followed a piranha attack last weekend in which a man surnamed Zhang suffered injuries to the palms of his hands while giving his dog a bath in the Liujiang River.此举的缘由是上周末市民张先生在柳江河边给小洗澡时,遭到食人鱼攻击,手掌被咬伤。Following the incident, local citizens interested in catching or seeing the banned foreign carnivorous species, placed bait in the river.事件发生后,有兴趣的市民便在江中投放诱饵,希望捕获或见识这种被禁止进口的外来食肉物种。 /201207/190094Trajan becomes Roman Emperor98 – Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva.历史上的今天-图拉真成为罗马皇帝98年的今天,图拉真在涅尔瓦死后成为罗马帝王。Execution Yue Fei1142 – Execution, believed wrongful, of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei历史上的今天-岳飞处死1142年的今天,宋代名将岳飞以莫须有处死。 Mozart was born1756- composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.历史上的今天-莫扎特诞辰1756年的今天,作曲家沃尔夫冈.阿马德乌斯.莫扎特出生于奥地利萨尔斯堡。Porfirio Lobo Sosa become President2010 – The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis ends when Porfirio Lobo Sosa becomes the new President of Honduras历史上的今天-波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为总统2010年的今天,波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为洪都拉斯新总统,2009年洪都拉斯宪法危机结束。 /201101/124541西安肛泰医院看肠息肉好不好

陕西肛肠检查哪家医院好排名哪里Chinese Seals中国印章Seal cutting, though based on Chinese calligraphy, is a comparatively independent traditional art form.印章即玺印篆刻,是依附于书法而又具有相对独立性的一种传统艺术形式。It takes Chinese characters as its form of expression, using carving knives instead of the writing brushes, and stone instead of paper.它也是以文字为表现对象,而以刀为笔,以石作纸。Similar to inscriptions on ancient bronze and stone tablets, it can be viewed as a pocket edition of tablet inscription.与金石碑版相近,可以看作是袖珍的碑版。The seal has many names in history.在印章史上它的名称几经变更。It was called xiyin (literally meaning the imperial or royal seal) during the Warring States Period, the Qin and Han dynasties, and the Wei and Jin periods.战国、秦汉、魏晋的印章称为玺印。The Ming and the Qing dynasties were universally acknowledged to be the two golden periods in the history of seal cutting,and coincidentally the seal was known as seal cutting then.明清以后的印章称为篆刻,是印章史上公认的两个高峰。And the long period from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty turned out to be a time when the royal seal was on the wane and seal cutting waiting to be rejuvenated.唐、宋、元三 代则处于玺印已衰、篆刻未兴的低谷。The use of the seal also varied.在用印方法上,前后也不相同。Clay impression was used before the Sui and Tang dynasties and inkpad or red ink paste has been used since the Tang and the Song dynasties.隋唐以前封泥,唐宋以来使用印泥。Xiyin can be classified into official seals and private seals.玺印一般分为官印和私印两类。Official seals refer to those of emperors and officials.官印称官方的用印,包括帝王的宝玺和官员的印章;私家的用印统称为私印。The making materials used in ancient times mainly include gold, silver, copper, jade, amber, agate, stone, bamboo and wood.And copper seals constituted an overwhelming majority.古玺印以坚实的物质为材料,大体上有金、银、铜、玉、琥珀、玛瑙、瓦石、竹木等,尤以铜质为多。Most of the seals were cast, and some were carved.制作方法多用铸造法,但也有凿刻法。“Chinese Seal,Dancing Beijing”,the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games officially unveiled on August 3, 2003, is acombination of the five rings, a Chinese seal character of Beijing and “Beijing 2008” in English.2003年8月3日晚,北京奥组委举行隆重的2008年奥运会会徽“中国印#8226;舞动的北京”发布仪式,将中国特色、北京特点和奥林匹克运动元素巧妙结合。 /201508/394006陕西第四医院治疗便秘价格 China captured the world’s attention last week, for all the wrong reasons. The world’s most populous country and potential future superpower inaugurated a new president and premier. But ask the average global television viewer what happened in China last week and they will tell you that the rivers were full of pigs.上周,中国吸引了全世界的目光,但原因却令人尴尬。这个全世界人口最多的国家和潜在的未来超级大国,刚刚任命了新的国家主席和国务院总理。不过,如果你问全世界普通电视观众“中国上周发生了什么事情”,他们会告诉你那里的江面漂满了死猪。Maybe the average television viewer has it right: 10,000 pigs clogging the water supply of the Chinese equivalent of New York City makes better TV than Xi Jinping’s inaugural address not just because most viewers are shallow and mindless, but because these pigs are pretty important, politically.或许,这些普通电视观众这样回答是有道理的。上海在中国的地位相当于纽约在美国,这样一个城市的水源河上漂着一万头死猪,确实比习近平发表就职演说更吸引观众眼球——这不仅是因为大多数观众肤浅而没有头脑,还因为这些死猪从政治角度而言其实非常重要。Their lifeless bodies – plucked dripping from Shanghai’s Huangpu River or rotting in piles along its banks – capture the simple indignity of life in modern China: poisoned water, tainted food and government officials who cannot be trusted to tell the truth about any of it. In this case, the Shanghai government insists the water supply is unaffected and the pigs aren’t sick (apart from one who had the bad form to test positive for a porcine virus). They may even be telling the truth – but those who believe them in Shanghai are about as thin on the ground as those who can spell Li Keqiang in the Bronx.人们从上海黄浦江江面上和江岸边拉走死猪。这些开始腐烂的死猪,折射出现代中国生活中一种显而易见的耻辱:受污染的水,变质的食品,以及无法指望会就任何此类问题讲真话的政府官员。在“死猪”事件中,上海市政府坚称,供水水质没有受到影响,死猪也不是病猪(除了检验样品中有一头死猪“状况不佳”,检出猪圆环病毒病原阳性)。他们说的没准真是实情。但在上海,相信这些话的人,差不多就跟纽约布朗克斯(Bronx)能写出“李克强”汉语拼音拼写的人一样少。So while it’s all well and good to talk about the “Chinese dream” – as President Xi did so eloquently last week – Chinese cyberspace has its own cynical view of the current state of national nirvana: “In Beijing, you open the windows and get free cigarettes; in Shanghai you open the taps and get free pork soup”; that joke went viral during last week’s Beijing conclave. For it is not just the west that is obsessed by Beijing’s air pollution and Shanghai’s pig flotilla. Ordinary Chinese think a country with 5,000 years of history and well over tn in the bank ought to be able to do a bit better at delivering the things that matter in life: happy pigs and water without too many of them floating in it.所以说,你当然可以大谈特谈“中国梦”(如习主席上周所做的那样),但中国网民对中国人现阶段的“幸福生活”却有着自己的看法,他们嘲讽地写道:“在北京,打开窗户就能抽免费烟;在上海,打开水龙头就能喝免费肉汤。”这个段子在上周的“两会”期间疯狂传播,因为对北京的空气污染和上海的“死猪舰队”感到困惑的绝不仅仅是西方。中国老百姓认为,一个有五千年历史、外汇储备超过3万亿美元的国家,理应有能力在关乎民生的事情上做得更好一点:比如,让民众吃到放心猪肉,喝到没有泡过无数死猪的水。Ironically, however, the backstory may be more positive than negative. One reason for the unusually large fleet of porcine corpses this year was because Zhejiang province, where the pigs died, has recently tried to stop farmers selling diseased pigs to illegal traders who make them into dumplings. Without room to bury casualties on their notoriously cramped smallholdings – and without anyone unscrupulous to sell them to – the bereaved farmers had little option but to dump them in a river that provides drinking water to a city of 23m people. Maybe someone should have thought of that beforehand – but I still prefer a sick pig in my river to one in my dumpling bowl.但具有讽刺意味的是,死猪事件背后故事的积极因素可能大过消极因素。今年“死猪舰队”格外庞大的原因之一在于,死猪的来源地浙江省最近采取了措施阻止农户向不法商贩出售病死猪。这些不法商贩收购病死猪,是为了将死猪肉做成饺子馅。因为没地方埋(浙江农户的农地出了名的狭小),也没有丧尽天良的商贩来收购,这些“痛失爱猪”的农户别无选择,只能将死猪倒进为上海市2300万居民提供饮水的黄浦江。这样处理或许有欠考虑,但我宁愿看到病死猪漂在江面上,也不愿看到它们出现在我装饺子的碗里。And of course the pig armada may have other unintended consequences, like boosting the nascent “green” pork industry. Mr Xi wants citizens to spend more on domestic consumption. What better way to achieve that than by scaring ordinary consumers into the arms of organic farmers who promise pork that was, at the very least, alive just before it was butchered.当然,“死猪舰队”还可能产生其他出人意料的结果,比如提振新兴的“绿色”猪肉产业。习近平希望民众扩大国内消费。还有什么比这更好的方法,能把普通消费者吓得纷纷投入有机农户的怀抱?有机农户承诺,至少他们的猪在屠宰之前是活的。Anyone who can afford it will now be looking for a safer pork source. And they could well end up at the Aohua wet market in Shanghai, where recent university graduate Sun Xia has decided to make her career behind a butcher’s block rather than a desktop. Ms Sun’s family is none too pleased to find her trading a white collar for a butcher’s apron. “They often complain to me, how can you end up as a butcher when you are a university graduate?” she says, adding that her father says she can sell pork “but let’s not talk about it”.任何有经济能力的人,现在都会开始寻找更安全的猪肉源。他们很可能最终会来到上海澳华菜市场。在这里,新近毕业的大学生孙夏已决定把自己的事业建立在切猪肉的砧板、而不是写字台上。她放弃了白领工作、选择系起围裙作个卖猪肉的,家里人都不太赞成。孙夏说:“他们常向我抱怨,说你是个大学毕业生,怎么能最后去卖猪肉呢?”她还说,父亲告诉她,卖猪肉可以,但别跟别人提这个。But Ms Sun is not just any old butcher: she works for the brand Yihao Tuzhu, literally “No 1 Local Pig”, a vertically integrated sty-to-table pork brand that prides itself on raising “happy pigs” – and charges 30-40 per cent more for it. “Our pigs have longer tails, as you can see, because they can run around a lot instead of being raised in captivity,” says Hao Chengbing, Shanghai regional manager, who waves a pig tail in my face to illustrate his point. Ms Sun thinks her career prospects are better at No 1 Local Pig, where half the butchers are graduates, than in her parents’ reverie of white-collar bliss.不过,孙夏可不是普通的肉贩,她是为“壹号土猪”这个品牌工作的。这个品牌对猪肉实行从猪圈到餐桌的纵向一体化质量监控,标榜自己的猪是在无公害的环境中“快乐生长”。因此,这个品牌的猪肉价格也比一般品牌高出30%至40%。壹号土猪上海区经理郝承兵一边向我挥舞一根猪尾巴,一边说道:“你看,我们的猪的尾巴比一般猪要长,因为它们很多时候都在外面跑来跑去,而不是关在圈里养大的。”孙夏觉得,比起像父母期望的那样当白领,她在壹号土猪的职业前景要更加光明。壹号土猪的一半肉贩都是大学毕业生。Like the American dream before it, the Chinese dream is about creating a world where every child earns more than their parents – however they choose to earn it. But that dream can only come true in a world of pigless rivers and smokeless skylines. Mr Xi might want to deliver those first – and leave porcine bliss as a goal for later generations.如以前的美国梦一样,中国梦的要旨也在于,每个孩子都能比父母挣得多——无论他们选择以何种方式来挣。但只有在一个江里不漂死猪、天空中没有雾霾的世界里,这样的梦想才能实现。习近平或许可以考虑先创造一个这样的世界,而将有机猪肉贩们的梦想留给未来几代人去实现。 /201303/231472咸阳市治疗肛门异物医院

新城区治疗外痔多少钱 Sometimes, a new design is so innovative that is completely obliterates all we know about the original object. Take the Fliz for example. This odd yellow arch is intended to be a replacement for the bicycle and, while it has the eponymous two wheels of the original it dispenses with just about everything else.有时候,一个新的设计是如此的创意十足,以至于我们对它的本来面目一无所知。Fliz自行车就是一个例子。车身上奇怪的黄色拱形替代了自行车中最基本的组成元件:两个脚蹬,以及和脚蹬有关的一切。Indeed, the Fliz is a “pedal-less” bike, that uses a harness instead of a seat. Once strapped in, the rider runs along to build speed, then pulls up his or her feet to glide along. Steering and braking are more conventional but still, operating the giant yellow arch has to be unusual.实际上,Fliz是一个没有脚蹬的自行车,它使用背带代替了车座,骑自行车的人固定好身体后,要先跑上一段使自行车动起来;然后靠脚在地面上的擦使它停下。方向和刹车的控制是最原始的,但是,操作巨大的黄色拱形依然非常困难。To really understand what’s going on, you have to see it in action. Check out the at TreeHugger.com.为了更好地理解发生在这架自行车上事情,你要看一看视频,看它动起来的样子。视频原载于上面这个网站。 /201209/197723陕西省中医医院看肛门损伤多少钱西安肛泰看肠息肉好不好



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