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黑龙江省哈尔滨第五医院有无痛人流术吗延寿县四维彩超哪家医院最好的道外区人民医院诊所 Is this the world#39;s most gruesome foodmarket? Dogs, rats, bats and monkeys among the animals roasted WHOLE inIndonesia这是世界上最可怕的菜市场吗?在印尼,,老鼠,蝙蝠,猴子等等,被整只的拿去烤These are the shocking images of a gruesomefood market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers canpurchase whole flame-roasted animals.这些惊悚的照片,在这个市场里,被勒死,整只的拿去烤,客人可以随意购买。The Tomohon Traditional market in NorthSulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, slothsand even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etchedon their faces.印尼北苏维拉西岛的托莫洪集市销售整只的猴子,蝙蝠,猫,,猪,老鼠,树籁,甚至还有巨蟒,排列在桌子上,他们脸上痛苦的表情依稀还能看到。The macabre food stalls were witnessed byOman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easierto witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs incages awaiting their fate.这些惊悚的照片由现年44岁的阿曼摄影师兼客作家Raymond Walsh拍下,他描述说在这里看到死亡和残废的动物要比看到笼子里等待死亡的活生生的更好受些。Mr Walsh said: #39;It was typical of a lot oflocal markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Theonly difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.#39;他说:“在发展中国家,许多当地市场都具有这样的特点——许多食物,蔬菜和鱼。唯一的不同点在于出售的动物尸体有多少。”On his blog www.manonthelam.com, hedescribes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterpartslying on a table nearby.在他的www.manonthelam.com客中,他形容了令人痛心的一幕:一些活生生的被关在笼子里,而另外一些尸体就放在旁边的桌子上。#39;It was easier to stomach the entrails ofmonkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those livedogs awaiting their fate,#39; he said.“有猴子的内脏,一串串的老鼠肉,以及被斩首的猪,吃这些食物要比看那些在笼子里等待死亡的让人更好受些,”他说。#39;The other animals seem foreign but I havefriends who have dogs.#39;“看到其他动物被这样子弄还好,但是我有些朋友有养。”Although the market#39;s dead dogs may bedifficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different culturesand attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia.尽管市场中的死可能让西方人不忍直视,但是他也指出了东南亚地区对动物的不同文化和态度。#39;Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely aspets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it#39;s just howwe#39;re raised,#39; he said.“简而言之,西方人只把当成宠物。而印尼人把当成宠物和食物——这就是不同的文化在起作用,”他说。In the photographs, many of the animals arestiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces.在这些照片中,许多被烤后的动物都是僵硬和黑乎乎的,其脸上痛苦的表情令人难忘。#39;After they are killed the animals areroasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back,causing that #39;screaming#39; look,#39; Mr Walsh explained.“被杀死后,这些动物就被烤掉,皮毛被烧,皮肤变紧和翻转,所以看起来才那么痛苦,”他说。#39;How they are killed depends on the animal.Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobberedagainst a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,#39;he added.“不同的动物有不同的杀法。猫、猴子以及树籁被射死。蝙蝠和老鼠用树或者桌子撞死。猪则用尖锐的木头或者铁器刺死,”他说。#39;Wild boars are killed as they as they aretrapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs arestrangled with a rope,#39; Mr Walsh went on.“野猪落入陷阱后就被杀死。蛇则用刀划死或者把头砍掉。则用绳子勒死,”他说。When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walshsaid: #39;In a word, appalling. There#39;s something about the air that changes whenthere#39;s that much death around.#39;当被问到其味道如何时,他说:“一句话,叫人可怕。那么多的动物尸体在那里,周围空气都变了似的。”#39;It hangs heavy and it made me queasy andlight-headed at the same time... It#39;s the first time I#39;d ever encounteredanything like it,#39; he added.“过程相当慢且无聊,让我呕吐和头晕。。。这是我第一次看到这样的场景,”他说。 /201402/277815双城区中医院检查

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哈尔滨市阳光妇儿医院咨询 The 31 year old redhead launched her line of ;casual clothes; at a show in the Turkish resort of Antalya.俄罗斯一名31岁的红发前女间谍在土耳其度假胜地安塔利亚开办了自己的首场个人休闲时装秀。Moscow#39;s most glamorous secret agent hired talented young designers from Russian fashion colleges, said a spokesman for her main employer.据该女间谍雇主的发言人说,这位莫斯科最美艳的特工聘请了来自俄罗斯时装设计学院的年轻设计师。She wanted to produce clothes ;you could wear anywhere, from a big city to a backwater village;, it was reported.据报道,她想制作出“在任何场合,不论是大城市还是偏远村庄都可以穿的装”。;Reporters and fashion magazines#39; buyers from all over the world will have a chance to see the first women#39;s clothing collection by Anna Chapman,; said the spokesman.发言人称,“全世界的记者和时尚杂志订购者都有机会看到安娜?查普曼设计的首个女装系列。”Her fashion range includes women#39;s handbags resembling books by famous radically-minded Russian writers, it is understood.据了解,她的时装系列包括外形像俄罗斯著名激进作家著作的女包。One is a mock-up of the book #39;Who is to Blame?#39; by Alexander Herzen, a 19th century writer and thinker known as the father of Russian socialism.其中一本“名著”女包的原型是19世纪作家、思想家、俄罗斯社会主义之父亚历山大?赫尔真写的书《该怪谁?》。The brand will be called Anna Chapman - the surname she took when she wed British former public schoolboy Alex Chapman who she met on a trip to London.这一时装品牌将被命名为安娜?查普曼,这是她嫁给毕业于英国公立学校的英国人亚历克斯?查普曼后用的名字。她是在去伦敦的旅途中遇到亚历克斯的。The daughter of an alleged KGB officer, the flame haired agent was busted by New York police in 2010 on accusations of being part of a network of sleeper agents.这位红发特工是一名前苏联国家安全委员会官员的女儿,她2010年曾经被纽约警方指控做过潜伏特工。She was deported in a Cold War-style spy swap along with nine others, and was then greeted by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin who took part in a patriotic sing-song with her.她在一次冷战间谍互换协议中和其他9名间谍被遣送回国,并送到普京总统的欢迎,普京还和她一起唱爱国歌曲。Since her return to Russia, Chapman has dabbled in politics, taken part in risque photoshoots for men#39;s magazines, and hosts a TV show about the mysteries of the world.自从她回到俄罗斯后,查普曼涉足过政界,给男性杂志拍过淫猥的照片,还主持过一个探秘世界的电视节目。Her interest in a clothes brand ;all began three years and three months ago when Anna returned to Motherland after jail in a prison shirt,; said a statement.据称,她对装品牌的兴趣“始于三年零三个月前,在安娜穿过囚回到祖国之后”。;She disliked these alien clothes and Anna went on to search for a Russian dress that would please her soul. She kept looking for it but did not find.;“她不喜欢这些外国的装,于是安娜开始寻找一种能让自己的灵魂满足的俄罗斯装。她一直在寻找却没有找到。”She was previously reported to be interested in designing new uniforms for Russian cosmonauts, though the project failed to materialise.据报道她之前还有意为俄罗斯宇航员设计新制,不过这一计划没能实现。 /201401/273320哈尔滨妇儿医院几点营业哈尔滨最适合做无痛人流的时间



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