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Washington and Brussels are scrambling to rebuild momentum for a landmark trade accord as signs grow that it is faltering under an increasingly bitter onslaught from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.华盛顿和布鲁塞尔正忙于为一项标志性的贸易协定重建动力。迹象显示,在大西洋两岸政客的猛烈抨击下,眼下该协定岌岌可危。Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, travelled to Paris yesterday to sell potentially the world’s biggest trade deal to one of the toughest constituencies in Europe — a convention of France’s mayors.欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker,见上图)昨日前往巴黎,向法国的市长们(欧洲最难对付的群体之一)兜售可能是全球最大的贸易协定。He reassured them that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would not hurt their interests. “I believe that TTIP negotiations can yield a deal that will profit the European economy — our SMEs and our farmers — without harming standards,” he said.容克向他们保,《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定》(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP)将不会损害他们的利益。他说:“我相信,TTIP谈判可以在不损害标准的情况下,缔结一个造福于欧洲经济(我们的中小企业和我们的农民)的协议。”Frustrated by hardening opposition from Germany’s influential socialists and the French government, Mr Juncker has called for the 28 member states to reconfirm their commitment to the deal at a summit next month. The commission argues that the countries must show that they are “all rowing in the same direction”. Britain and Italy are strong supporters.容克对德国具有影响力的社会党人和法国政府的强硬反对感到沮丧,他呼吁28个成员国在下月的峰会上重申它们对该协定的承诺。欧盟委员会辩称,这些国家必须表明,他们“全都向同一方向划船”。英国和意大利是TTIP的坚定持者。Speaking in Stockholm on a European tour to push TTIP, Michael Froman, President Barack Obama’s trade tsar, warned that there was no “Plan B” if talks were not concluded this year.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的贸易谈判代表迈克#8226;弗罗曼(Mike Froman)前往欧洲推动TTIP。他在斯德哥尔发表演讲时警告称,如果今年内不能完成谈判,不会有任何“B计划”。“We either work together to help set the rules of the world, or we leave that role to others,” he said.他表示:“我们要么联合起来帮助制定全球规则,要么把这个角色让给别人。”TTIP’s supporters have also been blindsided by increasing opposition to trade deals in the US, where Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has built his campaign around an antitrade message and Democrat Hillary Clinton has abandoned her support for a similar Pacific trade pact.在美国,越来越多的人反对贸易协议,这令TTIP的持者备受打击,共和党假定总统候选人唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)的竞选平台是建立在反对贸易的立场基础上的,而有望成为民主党候选人的希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)也放弃了她对类似的太平洋贸易协议的持。With the clock running out on Mr Obama’s presidency, officials on both sides now believe the window is closing for a deal to be reached and approved in Europe and the US before the end of the year. EU officials stress that they want to agree a working text by July. Failure to complete the agreement before a change in US administration could condemn the pact to years of drift.随着奥巴马总统任期即将结束,欧美双方官员现在认为,该协议在今年底之前在欧洲和美国达成并获得批准的时间窗口正在关闭。欧盟官员强调,他们希望最迟在7月达成一个工作文本。如果未能在美国行政当局换届之前达成协议,可能会导致该协议被拖延数年。France is the most vocal TTIP sceptic, largely because of fears that the deal could harm its farming sector and lessen the value of geographical indications that protect iconic French wines, cheeses and meats.法国是最直言不讳的TTIP怀疑者,主要原因是该国担心,该协议可能会损害法国农业,削弱其地理标识的价值,这些标识保护着法国标志性的葡萄酒、奶酪和肉类。 /201606/447123。

  • The number of registered patients with serious mental disorders in China reached 5.4 million last year, with three-quarters of them suffering schizophrenia, China#39;s top health authority said last Friday.中国最高卫生部门上周五表示,去年,我国登记严重精神障碍患者540万例,其中3/4在册患者患精神分裂症。Of the patients, 88.7% are under the management of health authorities, and receive public services such as medical care and living subsidies, said Wang Bin, deputy chief for disease control and prevention at the National Health and Family Planning Commission.国家卫计委疾病预防控制局副局长王斌表示,88.7%的在册严重精神障碍患者由卫生相关部门进行管理,享受医疗护理、生活补贴等公共务。Previous figures released by the commission showed the number of such registered patients was 4.3 million by the end of 2014, with 73.2 percent managed by health authorities.委员会之前公布的数据显示,截止2014年底登记在册的病人人数为430万,其中73.2%的患者在卫生机构的管理之下。China has been improving mental health services, with the number of institutions that offer such services reaching nearly 3,000 by the end of 2015, compared with only 1,650 in 2010, according to Wang.据王斌介绍,我国在精神卫生务方面已有所改善;截至2015年年底,我国有精神卫生务机构近3000家,而2010年,仅1650家机构提供这类务。Last year, the number of certified psychiatrists in China exceeded 27,700, and the number of psychotherapists in China exceeded 5,000, she added.她还表示,去年,我国已注册的精神科医师的人数超过了27700人,而心理治疗师则有超过5000人。Patients with serious mental disorders have been receiving improved services throughout China with multi-departmental cooperation such as regular follow-up diagnosis and treatment.严重精神障碍的病人一直在接受改良后的治疗务,比如有规律的后续跟踪诊断和治疗,这些务遍及全国并由多医科合作。Wang said health authorities will improve capabilities of grassroots hospitals to offer mental health services, such as encouraging top public hospitals to provide training to medical staff.王斌称,卫生相关部门将通过鼓励顶尖公立医院为医务人员进行培训等方式,提高基层医院提供精神卫生务的能力。 /201704/503951。
  • Beijing residents could be rewarded with up to 500,000 yuan (,460) if they can provide useful information on spies or related activities, according to a government policy that took effect on Monday.根据10日起生效的一项政府政策,北京市居民如提供间谍或相关活动的有价值信息,最高可获得50万元奖励。Under the policy, informants are eligible to be offered rewards ranging from 10,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, depending on how useful the information is, according to the policy issued by the National Security Bureau of Beijing.北京市国家安全局出台的政策规定,依据举报人提供信息的价值,可以给予其1万元至50万元不等的奖励。Informants can pass information to authorities by calling a hotline, sending letters or visiting the bureau.举报人可通过拨打热线电话、寄信或直接上门的方式向政府传递信息。Informants#39; privacy and information about spy-related messages will not be disclosed, while information providers can ask authorities for protection if they or their relatives are in danger due to the act of informing, according to the policy.根据这一政策,举报人的隐私和与间谍相关的信息不会被披露,而信息提供者或其亲属如因为举报行为遇到危险,可以向政府寻求保护。However, informants will face punishments if they deliberately slander others or invent and sp false information, the policy stipulates.但该政策规定,举报人如故意诽谤他人或编造传播虚假消息,将面临惩罚。The bureau said in a release that China is witnessing rapid increases in international exchanges and the number of people entering or exiting the country each year. ;Meanwhile, overseas espionage agencies and other hostile forces have also intensified their disruptive activities in China, including political infiltration, subversion and the stealing of intelligence,; it said.北京市国家安全局在新闻稿中表示,中国对外交往明显增多,出入境人员逐年递增。“与此同时,境外间谍情报机关和其他敌对势力也借机加紧对中国进行政治渗透、分裂颠覆、情报窃密等破坏活动。”Some Chinese individuals have also betrayed the nation to benefit their private interests, which offers overseas espionage agencies opportunities, the bureau said, adding that Beijing, as the capital, is the primary location for such activities.北京市国家安全局称,有些中国人出于个人私利,出卖国家利益,给境外间谍情报机关以可乘之机。北京作为首都,是发生此类活动的首选地。;Therefore, it#39;s necessary to implement new measures in anti-espionage investigation, and to encourage the participation of the general public,; it said.“因此,在反间谍侦查中,有必要实施新的措施,鼓励人民群众参与其中。”One of the most recent cases made public occurred in the eastern province of Jiangsu in January. Two residents in Lianyungang city, surnamed Zhang and Wan, called the national security authorities after they found a device with instructions in foreign languages while fishing in the Yellow Sea. The device was later found to be spying equipment made and used by overseas agencies to collect data, according to an official release.最近公布的案例之一发生在江苏省。今年1月份,连云港市张姓、万姓两名居民在黄海打渔时发现了一台有外文说明的装置,随后他们打电话通知国家安全部门。据官方公布的消息显示,有关部门随后发现该装置为国外制造和使用的间谍设备,用途是收集数据。The national security authorities said the two informants received significant financial rewards, but the amount was not disclosed.国家安全部门表示,两名举报人受到大额经济奖励,但未披露金额。China has intensified legislation on State security in recent years. In 2014, the Standing Committee of the National People#39;s Congress adopted the Counterespionage Law amid a more complex State security situation.近年来,中国加强了国家安全立法。在国家安全形势愈加复杂的背景下,2014年全国人大常务委员会通过了《中华人民共和国反间谍法》。The law stipulates that foreign organizations and individuals who conduct espionage activities or who instigate and sponsor others in conducting them will be punished, as will domestic organizations and individuals who spy on the country for foreign organizations and individuals.该法律规定,从事间谍活动的境外组织和个人或教唆、资助他人从事间谍活动的,以及与境外组织及个人勾结从事间谍活动的境内机构、个人将受到惩罚。 /201704/503822。
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