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I#39;ve made my shelter, and I#39;ve got fire,我搭好了避难所 也点燃了火but night is falling fast, and it#39;s time to go and check on my rat trap.但夜色降临 该去检查一下捕鼠夹了This is where the trap was.It looks like this has been triggered.But my trap is empty.陷阱应该在这里 好像被触发了 但是我的陷阱空空如也Hang on. Look.The gut#39;s here, though.等等 瞧 内脏还在这里You know, this is what will often happen in an urban environment,you know, where you#39;ve got wild cats, foxes.在城市环境里很常见 这里充满野猫 狐狸You might get a kill,but then you get beaten to it.I#39;m not the only thing trying to survive here.你可能会捕捉到猎物 但稍后它们就会还以颜色 我不是这里唯一尝试生存的动物With nothing in my trap, I#39;m on the lookout for any other food.由于陷阱一无所获 我着手寻找其他吃的Around here, options are limited.But back in my camp, I make a find.在这周围 选择非常有限 但回到营地 我有了发现I found a load of wood lice just getting firewood.That#39;s kind of plan ;b; for supper.我找柴火时 找到了大量的木虱 这是晚餐B计划It actually kind of reminds me of home.Where I live#39;s infested with wood lice.让我回想起家乡 那里木虱经常出没Wood lice are small crustaceans found in the damp and dark.木虱是栖息在潮湿黑暗环境中的小型甲虫Like rats, they#39;re considered a pest,but they don#39;t sp disease,so they#39;re safer to eat.它们和老鼠一样被认为是害虫 但它不传播疾病 所以吃起来比老鼠安全And then you#39;ll see they#39;ll start to pop in a minute.There you go -- kind of like nature#39;s popcorn.一会你就会听到砰砰的声音 有了 有点像大自然爆米花When they stop popping like that,they#39;re basically good to eat.当砰砰声停止的时候 就差不多可以吃了Wood lice are commonly eaten by birds and other insectivores,but this is a first for me.木虱是鸟类和其他食虫动物的家常便饭 但对我来说还是第一次Definitely better cooked than raw. Taste a bit like shrimp.It#39;s probably worse.绝对比生吃要好得多 有点像虾的味道 可能糟一些These are about 90% protein.God only knows what the rest of it is.But-- good survival food.它们身体大约百分之九十都是蛋白质 只有上帝才知道其余是什么 但 这是求生的佳品If I couldn#39;t get a rat,it#39;s the next best thing.我没抓到老鼠 那是第二好的食物Not much for a meal,but at least it#39;s something.Time now to try and get some sleep.虽然算不上一顿饭 但起码吃了点东西 该睡觉了Just #39;cause I#39;m in the city doesn#39;t mean the end result is much different really to sleeping rough in the wild.在城市中 并不意味着与荒野中睡觉的感觉 大相径庭Still pretty cold,still pretty uncomfortable.依然很寒冷 仍然很不舒In my next challenge, it#39;s down to Earth with a bump.Bad place to fall.下一个挑战中 要从高处坠物 掉下去就死定了 Article/201610/470026

Visual intelligence is the concept that we see more than we can process视觉智能是指我们无法处理所有视觉信息的时候and it#39;s the idea of thinking about what we see, taking in the information它是人们思考并理解吸收他们所看到的信息的一种能力and what do we really need to live our lives more purposefully and do our jobs more effectively.它告诉我们要生活得更有目的性 工作更加高效What I ask the people at The Art of Perception to do one of them is looking down at a piece of paper我要求知觉艺术试验者们中的一个人低头看一张纸and the other is looking at the painting and they have one minute to describe what it is that they see另一位观察一幅画 然后他们有一分钟的时间把他们所看到的东西to their partner and the partner has to sketch what are they hear.描述给他们的同伴然后他们的同伴必须勾勒出他们所听到的内容And it#39;s not about the artwork, it#39;s not about how well you draw it#39;s how well can you describe a new set of unfamiliar data,这实验与艺术作品无关 也跟你的画画技巧无关 它是测试你能否很好地描述一系列陌生的数据和信息how well do you listen and how well do you take that articulation and transfer it to your own language.你能否很好地听取那些信息并将那些信息转化成你自己的语言的一种能力How many of you said there was a train coming out of a fireplace?你们当中有多少人会说上面画着一辆从壁炉里跑出来的火车And everyone raises his or her hands.每一个人都举手了And how many of you referenced smoke or steam in your discussion?你们当中又有多少人在讨论中提到了烟或者汽Lots of hands go up.很多人举了手And then I ask the question who articulated that there are no tracks under the train?接着 我提出谁曾明确指出地指出火车下面没有铁轨And a few astute people actually raised their hand and said I said there were no tracks under the train.一些狡猾的人举了手 却是说我也没有指明火车下面没有铁轨And then I ask who noticed and then articulated that there was no fire in the fireplace?然后 我问谁注意到并且提到壁炉里面没有火And hands go up. Not too many.还是好几个举了手 但不是很多Then we talk about other aspects in the painting.接着 我们探讨起画中的其他方面How many people mentioned the wood grain on the floor?多少人提及木地板的纹理Most people noticed the wood grain on the floor.大部分人都注意到了这一点How many people mentioned wainscoting, that kind of paneling on the walls?多少人描述了那种镶嵌在墙上的护壁板And I always have some decorative arts aficionados oh yes I know about wainscoting.有人表示一直都有一些装潢艺术因子 哦 我知道护壁板And then I say how many of you mentioned a mantle on the fireplace?接下来我问谁提到过壁炉的遮布Lots of hands go up. Who mentioned candlesticks? Lots of hands go up.很多手都举着 谁说到了烛台 很多手举着And then I ask how many of you said there were no candles in the candlesticks?然后我又问有多少人提到烛台是空的And people say oh no never got there.人们都说哦没有没人留意And then I ask what really observant nerd said it#39;s 12:42 or 8:05 on the clock?然后我又问 那种特别敏锐的人说出时钟上显示的是12:42还是8:05Who got to mention the time?谁提到了时间And the reason I have that line of questioning is because this painting illustrates a very important concept我问上面一系列问题的原因是那副画阐述了一个很重要的理念that I transfer from emergency medicine to a much broader application.它是我从急诊医学得来的并运用到更广泛的领域And the idea is called the pertinent negative.这个概念被称为否定相关It#39;s saying what isn#39;t there in addition to what is there to actually give a more accurate picture of what you#39;re looking at.这个概念是指在描述一个具体事物的同时联想其相关事物 这样其实能使被观察的事物描述得更准确So when you say I see a train coming out of the fireplace,所以当你说我看见一列从壁炉里开出的火车顺便说一下and by the way there are no tracks under the train and there is no fire in the fireplace,那火车下面没有铁轨并且壁炉里面没有火why would you attempt to say what#39;s not there?人们为什么要提到没有出现的事物Because in my third-grade mind if you told me to draw a fireplace因为如果你让我画一个壁炉 我的第三感会告诉我I would draw two sticks and a fire and smoke in the fireplace unless you told me not to.我要画两根柴火 一个火苗 和从壁炉里冒出来的一些烟 除非你特意提醒我不要那样画And if you told me to draw a pair of candlesticks I#39;ll draw candles with flames unless you tell me not to.而当你让我画一对烛台时 我会在蜡烛上画上火苗除非你让我别这么做So the pertinent negative is this wonderful concept that gives us a broader way of looking at something.因此 否定相关是一个绝妙的概念 它赋予我们更具体地观察事物的能力Instead of looking at something like this you look at it like this.让否定相关来取代我们最简单的观察方法吧And here#39;s a example of how you apply that in the real world.接下来 举个例子 关于如何将否定相关应用于现实The pertinent negative in a medical situation is when someone comes into the emergency room否定相关在医学领域中是指 当一个人被推进急诊室时and they have all the symptoms, it appears to the physician they have all the symptoms of pneumonia.医生必须想到病人存在患有肺炎的所有症状Pneumonia has three symptoms.肺炎具有三个症状Symptom one is present, symptom two is present, but if symptom three is absent it#39;s the pertinent negative.在患者身上发现了症状一症状二 但没有第三种症状这就是急诊医学中的否定相关You have to say septum three is not there therefore it#39;s not pneumonia.你大概会说因为第三症状不存在因此患者并没有感染肺炎So in the real world, outside of medicine, how can we use this?可是在现实世界中、在医学领域之外,我们应该如何使用这个否定相关If we have an expectation of someone#39;s behavior, you expect them to behave a certain way如果我们对一个人的行为有一个预估 并且你期待他们按一定轨迹行事and then they don#39;t,you need to say it didn#39;t happen.但他们并没有 那就得说预估未曾发生You#39;re evaluating someone on the job.当你对他人的工作进行评估Well, you did A, B, and C very well but you didn#39;t do D, E and F.你将1、2、3项完成得很好 但没做4、5、6项So it#39;s looking at the affirmative and looking at the negative.那么这就是在积极面和消极面看待问题了And the pertinent negative is a wonderful tool.同时否定相关也是一个精妙的工具Missing person#39;s cases you go to their homes, what#39;s not there?对于人口失踪案件 你到人家家里 房中缺少了什么The cell phone is not there. The keys are not there. The wallet is not there.手机不在 钥匙不在 钱包不在You#39;re going to have a very different search for that person if those things were present instead of absent.你将通过对比这些事物是否存在 对此人 进行相当不同的搜查So this Magritte painting gives us this great opportunity to talk about not just what we see因此玛格丽特的画作为我们提供了一个机会 它不仅仅探讨肉眼可见的事物还有与之相关却未曾出现的事物but what we don#39;t see to give the person who can#39;t see what we see a much more accurate description of what they#39;re looking at.能够让那些没有到现场的人 对于你所描述的信息有一个更具体准确的概念 Article/201706/513691

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson36:Ridicule嘲笑526. He’s always making mistakes. 他总是犯错误。527. Does she always dress that badly? 她总是穿得那么邋遢的吗?528. You are such an idiotv. 你真是个白痴。529. What you are saying is ridiculousw. 你说的话很荒唐。530. His argument is nonsense. 他的论点毫无道理。531. He is an awfuly actor. 他是个很糟糕的演员。532. That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. 那是我听到过的最愚蠢的事情。533. He is the worst worker here. 他是这里最糟糕的工人。534. This poem is awful. 这首诗很差劲。535. Your music is hurting my ears. 你的音乐简直刺痛了我的耳朵。536. Then why was everyone laughing at me? 那为什么每个人都在笑话我呢?537. They were having fun at my expense. 他们是在拿我开心。538. I don’t like the embarrassment. 我不喜欢难堪。539. Then that’s too bad, because I’m never going to put myself through that ordeal{ again. 那太糟糕了,因为我再也不会让自己经受那样的折磨了。540. Last week, I did something really dumb| and everyone laughed. 上个星期,我干了一件大傻事,大家都笑我。【生词解读】1. ridicule [5ridikju:l] n.amp;v. 嘲笑,揶揄,奚落2. idiot [5idiEt] n. 白痴3. ridiculous [ri5dikjulEs] a. 可笑的,荒谬的;滑稽的4. nonsense [5nCnsEns] n. 胡说;胡闹,愚蠢的举动5. awful [5C:ful] a. 【口】极坏的,极糟的6. stupid [5stju:pid] a. 愚蠢的,笨的7. ordeal [C:5di:l] n. 严峻考验;苦难,折磨8. dumb [dQm] a. 【口】愚笨的 /200812/19259

新英语900句视频版 第48课:仍在寻找推荐口语专题:··新英语900句·英语口语900句··新东方英语900句 /200809/48172

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