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Google pushed the commercialization of self-driving cars a giant step forward by announcing it is building a prototype vehicle – without steering wheel, brakes, or an accelerator – and will demonstrate it within a year.谷歌(Google)宣布,公司正在研发一款没有方向盘、刹车和油门的原型车,并称这款车将于一年之内发布,此举使得无人驾驶汽车的商业化进程又向前迈进了一大步。The company aims to prove that the means are within reach to allow passengers to travel safely to their destination in a self-driving vehicle – albeit at a speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour. Occupants will have no other role in the vehicle#39;s operation beyond stating their destination.这家公司打算明,让乘客安全地通过无人驾驶汽车抵达目的地是可以实现的——尽管速度不会超过每小时25英里(约合每小时40.2公里)。汽车行驶期间,乘客只需要确定目的地,不需要做其他任何事情。Chris Urmson, director of the project, hailed driverless technology#39;s potential ;to alleviate pain and to have a broad societal impact; by reducing the number of accidents, deaths, and injuries from accidents. He cited the roughly 32,000 automotive fatalities annually in the U.S. and 1.2 million worldwide. Another motivation for developing the technology, he said, during a phone press conference Wednesday morning, was to provide mobility to the elderly and disabled.项目主管克里斯o厄姆森认为,无人驾驶技术通过降低车祸率,减少因此导致的伤亡事件,从而有可能“减轻痛苦,产生广泛的社会影响力”。厄姆森引用数据称,美国每年都会发生大约3.2万起车祸,而每年全世界会发生120万起。他在本周三的电话新闻发布会上表示,研发这项技术的另一个动机是让老年人和残疾人也拥有行动能力。Auto industry executives have speculated about Google#39;s business strategy for self-driving technology, which it has been developing since 2009 and demonstrating on specially adapted Toyota (TM) and Lexus vehicles. Though known mostly for Internet search and advertising, Google researchers have discussed the project with global automakers, raising the possibility that it was shooting for an alliance or collaboration.汽车业的高管已经开始推测谷歌在无人驾驶技术上的商业策略。谷歌从2009年起开始研发这项技术,并在丰田(Toyota)和雷克萨斯(Lexus)的专用车型上进行了论。尽管谷歌扬名立万主要是靠它的网络搜索和广告务,但这家公司的研究人员已经与全球的汽车生产商探讨过无人驾驶项目,增加了它寻求同盟或合作的可能性。Some have questioned Google#39;s (GOOG) ability to mass manufacturer vehicles. Then again, Tesla (TSLA) had no history of building cars and it turned itself into a manufacturer in short order.有些人对谷歌是否有能力成为大型汽车生产商提出了质疑。不过,特斯拉(Tesla)过去也没有生产汽车的经历,却迅速地摇身一变成为汽车生产商。The drawing of Google#39;s prototype suggests a small urban runabout that looks nothing like a conventional car. The exterior will be soft, to protect pedestrians or bicyclists that might bump into it.谷歌原型车的蓝图像是一辆小型的城市轻便车,而不是传统的轿车。汽车外部也许会比较柔软,以此保护可能不慎撞上它的行人或骑自行车的人。Urmson didn#39;t rule out that Google might join forces with another automaker. Yet the company#39;s decision to create its own vehicle could influence, affect, and perhaps accelerate the thinking and plans of auto industry executives and engineers. Until now, global automakers have thought in terms of incremental steps, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking that aid drivers and provide backup systems, without assuming complete control.厄姆森并没有排除谷歌联合其他汽车生产商的可能性。不过谷歌开发自有汽车的决定可能会影响、甚至促使汽车业高管和工程师的思路和规划加快步伐。到目前为止,全球的汽车生产商仍着眼于循序渐进的步骤,比如自适应巡航控制系统、帮助司机的自动制动器、在汽车上提供后备系统等等。他们还没有考虑彻底让汽车自己控制自己。Mainstream automakers often refer to high-tech sensors and features, aly available on many premium models, as providing ;co-piloting.; A few auto companies have kept an eye on the rapid development of software and artificial intelligence that arguably can drive a car more safely than a human and have announced plans to offer a driverless car. Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of Renault and Nissan, has targeted 2020 for introduction of a driverless model. Volvo has demonstrated a car that can self-park, without a driver, to journalists; it will be available in 2017, the company says.主流的汽车生产商通常会采用高科技传感器及高科技元素,这些在许多高端汽车上已经得以采用,比如“辅助驾驶”功能。少数汽车公司已经开始关注软件和人工智能领域的飞速发展,利用它们或许可以让汽车比在人类的操控下更安全地行进。这些公司已经提出了研发无人驾驶汽车的计划。法国雷诺(Renault)和日本日产(Nissan)的首席执行官卡洛斯o戈恩已经确立目标:在2020年推出一款无人驾驶汽车。沃尔沃(Volvo)也向记者展示了一款不需要司机,可以自动泊车的产品。这家公司表示,这款汽车将于2017年上市。As digital technology proliferates, automakers are understandably reluctant to relinquish control of their vehicles#39; ;brains; to Google or any third-party. The most far-sighted thinkers are beginning to imagine the car as a platform for e-commerce, where drivers might receive discounts and other offers as they approach a Wal-Mart (WMT) or a McDonald#39;s (MCD). If Google is right, that motorists no longer need to drive, cars may wind up carrying no occupants at times and could ride empty, picking up travelers or delivering merchandise as needed.我们可以理解,尽管数码技术正在迅猛发展,但汽车生产商并不愿意将他们对汽车“大脑”的控制权拱手让给谷歌或其他第三方。最有远见的思想家已经开始设想将汽车作为电子商务的平台,驾驶员可以在光临沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)或麦当劳(McDonald)时得到折扣或其他优惠。如果谷歌的思路没错,那么汽车以后便不必时刻搭载车主,也可以根据需要空驶、搭载旅客或运送货物。For many, the thought of traveling in a car that drives itself may seem improbable, if not horrifying. But Google aly has logged hundreds of thousands of accident-free test miles. Others have as well. The auto industry, particularly its newest members, is proving that highly advanced vehicles will possess abilities once only described as science fiction.对许多人来说,乘坐自动驾驶的汽车出行就算不吓人,也似乎是不现实的事情。但是谷歌已经实现了几十万英里的驾驶测试,而且没有出现事故。其他公司也一样。汽车业,尤其是其中的新秀,正在明高科技汽车将会拥有曾经只在科幻小说中描绘过的能力。 /201406/302870Late Thursday, Apple (AAPL) public relations reached out to several news organizations — including the Wall Street Journal#39;s All Things Digital — to alert them that what it described as a ;temporary issue; that affected ;a small number of users; had been ;rectified.;上周四晚些时候,苹果(Apple)公关部门向包括《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)旗下的科技客All Things Digital在内的多家新闻媒体发布通告,称苹果(应用程序商店)曾出现“暂时性问题”,影响了“一小部分用户”,这个问题目前已经得到“修正”。Apple PR apparently neglected to reach out to Marco Arment, a co-founder of Tumblr, the creator of the popular Instapaper app and a iOS developer with an unusually large following through his blog, his Twitter account (@marcoarment) and his Build and Analyzepodcast.不过,苹果公关部门显然把马可?阿蒙德忘了。阿蒙德是微客Tumblr的创始人,并开发了大受欢迎的应用程序Instapaper 。作为一名iOS开发者,他的个人客、Twitter账号(@marcoarment)以及“开发与分析”播客(Build and Analyze)都拥有数量庞大的粉丝团。That may have been a mistake.或许这真的是个错误。It was Arment who first spotted the problem two days earlier when Instapaper users began complaining that his latest update crashed immediately every time they launched it. Arment e-mailed Apple#39;s App Review team and started ;yelling; about it on Twitter. Within two hours a working version of Instapaper appeared on the App Store.苹果公告发布的前两天,阿蒙德就首先发现了这个问题。当时许多Instapaper的用户抱怨,升级到最新版后,Instapaper会在启动后立即崩溃。阿蒙德立即向苹果的应用程序审查团队发出了邮件,他还在Twitter上将问题曝光。两个小时后,一个正常可用的Instapaper在应用程序商店重新上架。But he soon realized that the problem was more widesp than just his app. Over the next two days he compiled a list of more than 100 apps whose updates worked perfectly when they were submitted to Apple but were corrupted when they arrived at the App Store. He warned users and developers not to update their apps until the problem was corrected, and he issued an urgent request — in boldface — to Cupertino:不过,阿蒙德很快意识到,这个问题不仅仅影响到了自己的应用。在接下来的两天时间里,他整理出了一份名单,其中的应用程序数量竟然超过了100个。这些程序的升级版在提交给苹果时运行正常,但当其在应用程序商店上架,就无法运行了。阿蒙德警告用户和开发者在问题得到修正前不要更新应用程序,他还向苹果发出了一封用黑体字写就的紧急请求。So when Arment saw Apple#39;s press statement on someone else#39;s blog, he couldn#39;t resist posting a correction:所以,当阿蒙德在其他人的客上看到苹果的声明后,他忍不住在自己的个人客上对其进行了反驳:;It#39;s probably worth nitpicking #39;a small number of users#39;: Based on my cumulative stats for July 3, Instapaper#39;s corruption alone probably affected well over 20,000 customers, and there were over 120 other apps affected, including some very big names such as Angry Birds, GoodReader, Yahoo, and the LA Times.;“所谓‘一小部分用户’是站不住脚的:根据我在7月3日统计的数据,仅仅Instapape的问题就影响到了超过2万名用户,而且,还有其他120多个应用程序受到波及,其中不乏知名应用,例如‘愤怒的小鸟’(Angry Birds)、GoodReader、雅虎(Yahoo)和《洛杉矶时报》(LA Times)等。”Apple#39;s ;temporary issue; was, in fact, the App Store#39;s worst bug in four years of operation — a meltdown that Wired dubbed ;Appageddon.; It was ultimately traced, as Arment correctly anticipated, to an issue with a server that applies Apple#39;s digital rights management protection to apps before they are released.所谓“暂时性问题”,实际上是苹果应用程序商店运营四年以来发生的最为严重问题,这场灾难被《连线》杂志(Wired)称为“Appageddon”。正向阿蒙德之前预言的,问题的根源在于苹果的一台务器出了问题,该务器负责将苹果的数字版权管理保护软件添加到即将发布的应用程序中。Arment was pretty easy on Apple, all things considered. He pointed ers to a MacWorld report that the company might be removing the one-star ratings many apps had unfairly received during the meltdown. ;I wouldn#39;t have predicted that,; Arment wrote. ;If they do, it will go a long way toward repairing their relationship with the affected developers.;不过总而言之,阿蒙德对苹果相当宽容。专业MacWorld网站有报道称,苹果也许会删除许多应用在这次系统崩溃期间蒙冤得到的一星差评。阿蒙德写道:“我不会想到这一招。假如苹果真这么做,将大大有利于修复该公司与受影响的开发商之间的关系。”He was not so kind to the more than four dozen tech reporters who piled onto the story, often without giving him credit or — even worse — trying to make it sound like it was their scoop. In a series of tweets he calls ;Rewrite Bingo,; he covers the press coverage. You can it here.阿蒙德对于那五十来个争相报道这起事件的科技记者就没那么宽容了。这些记者大都对阿蒙德的贡献只字未提,甚至试图将该报道伪装成自己发掘出来的独家新闻。在一连串阿蒙德称之为“改写搞定”的Twitter消息中,他曝光了这些媒体报道。读者可点击此处阅读相关报道。 /201209/200139Suppose you are an animal. Well, actually, you are an animal, but suppose you’re another kind of animal, maybe something small that might make a tasty snack for a larger predator. You’re walking along one day when you see a big dog. What do you do?假设你是一只动物。额,你其实本来就是一只动物。但假设你是另外一种动物,也许是一种可以被食肉动物当成可口点心的小动物。如果有一天你在独自散步时看到一条大,你会怎么办?Well, depending on what kind of animal you are, you have different options. A skunk can spray a noxious liquid that will repel predators, a cat can make its hair stand on end so that it seems larger than it is, or some animals, such as opossums, may pretend to be dead aly.好吧,这取决于你是哪种动物,你有不同的选择。一只臭鼬可以释放毒液击退捕食者,一只猫可以让它的毛发倒竖起来,让它看起来比往常更大,还有一些动物,比如负鼠,也许早已装死躺在地上了。There’s another strategy all these animals have, though. You’ve seen it before, but maybe never thought about it. They can freeze.其实这些动物还有另外一条策略,虽然你可能以前见过,但也许你从来没想到过。它们可以冻结。When a squirrel or a rabbit or a chipmunk freezes, it can remain almost entirely motionless for minutes at a time. Try it yourself. Whatever position you’re in right now, move nothing at all for the next minute. It’s not so easy!当一只松鼠,兔子或花栗鼠冻结时,它可以一次保持完全静止不动达数分钟之久。你自己试试。不管你现在是什么姿势,在下一分钟内保持一动也不动。这可没那么简单!The reason an ability to freeze works as a defense is that a predator’s attack behavior may actually be triggered by motion. A frog, for example, will literally starve to death in a box full of dead flies. Pass one of those flies in front of its eyes on a little string, though, and it will automatically gulp it down.冻结能作为一种防御的手段,其原因在于一个食肉动物的攻击行为可能只是由运动而引起。举例来说,一只青蛙,会在装满死苍蝇的盒子里活活饿死。用一根线绑住其中一只从它眼前经过,它就会不假思索的把苍蝇吞下去。The response to freeze is completely hard-wired, so freezing shows us something about both predator and prey. Evolution has caused the freeze strategy to come into existence precisely because it fits in with the way the visual systems of predators operate.对冻结的反应是动物与生俱来的,所以冻结给我们展现的是捕食者和被捕食者双方的特性。进化已使得冻结策略应运而生,因为它适应了捕食者视觉系统的运转方式。 /201205/183558

One of the world’s first games, Tetris, has hit the big three-oh today, and its brand is anything but old school.位居世界上首批视频游戏之列的俄罗斯方块(Tetris)已经迈入而立之年,但它的品牌一点也不显老。To celebrate, there’s a series of Meet Up events being conducted around the world using the hashtag #WeAllFitTogether. In April, the world’s largest game of Tetris was played on the side of a building at Drexel University using LED lights, breaking a world record.为了庆祝它的三十岁生日,世界各地正在举行一系列主题标签为 #WeAllFitTogether(意为我们严丝合缝)的玩家聚会。今年4月份,德雷塞尔大学(Drexel University)一栋建筑物的外墙在LED灯的帮助下,化身为世界上最大的俄罗斯方块游戏,规模打破了世界纪录。But what’s kept people swiping and clicking to ensure each row of blocks stays aligned and disappears into the virtual ether since its development in 1984 Soviet Russia? A combination of new platforms and a mesmerizing psychological appeal.但自从这款游戏于1984年在前苏联诞生以来,究竟是什么让人们移动手指,不停地点击,以确保每一行方块保持一致,然后消失在虚拟以太之中?:这是新平台和令人着迷的心理诉求相结合的结果。Maya Rogers, the CEO of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent of the Tetris brand, said the protection of the game’s core over the last three decades has aided its longevity. “It appeals to people from all ages and all demographics,” she said.俄罗斯方块品牌独家代理商、蓝色星球软件公司(Blue Planet Software)CEO玛雅o罗杰斯表示,过去三十年来,这款游戏一直精心保护着它的核心玩法,进而成就了长盛不衰的传奇。她说:“它对所有年龄,所有人群都有吸引力。”As mobile and social become two of the largest sources for gaming these days, Tetris isn’t showing any signs of losing its appeal. Currently appearing on over 50 different gaming platforms, from the 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to smartphones, Tetris is sold on over 425 million mobile devices. More than 20 billion games of Tetris Battle have been played on Facebook, too.现如今,虽然移动和社交已经成为最大的两个游戏来源,但俄罗斯方块的吸引力并没有显露出任何衰减迹象。从1983年的任天堂系统(NES)到智能手机,俄罗斯方块目前出现在50多种不同的游戏平台之上,超过4.25亿移动设备用户购买了这款游戏。Facebook用户也已经玩了超过200亿盘俄罗斯方块对战版游戏(Tetris Battle)。Tetris has also had a smooth transition on to mobiles phones and appears inside the top 100 paid applications on the Apple AAPL -0.28% iTunes App store. “We’ve always made sure that we’re on every platform,” said Rogers.此外,俄罗斯方块已经平稳地过渡到了智能手机,目前已跻身苹果公司(Apple)iTunes应用商店付费应用排行榜前100名。罗杰斯说:“我们一直确保出现在每一个平台上面。”But there’s something psychologically entrancing about the game, too, that’s kept people hooked through the years. “Play a game of Tetris,” said Rogers, “and satisfy your craving to create order out of chaos.”但这款游戏也有一种摄人心魄的魅力,让人们连续多年不知倦怠地沉溺其中。罗杰斯说:“玩一盘俄罗斯方块游戏,能够满足你在混乱中创造秩序的渴望。”One man who’s been able to do that better than anyone else in the world is Jonas Neubauer, the four-time Tetris world champion on the NES gaming system. He’s gone undefeated since the event started in 2010 and doesn’t plan on calling it quits any time soon. “You have to keep going,” he said. “You don’t stop at four.“当今之世,还没有出现比乔纳斯o纽鲍尔更好的俄罗斯方块玩家。纽鲍尔四度加冕NES游戏系统俄罗斯方块世界锦标赛冠军。自这项赛事于2010年创建以来,他还没有被击败过,而且还没有退出江湖的打算。他说:“一定得坚持下去,不能满足于四个冠军头衔,”他说。Neubauer juggles his yearly foray into the competitive world of Tetris with his job as a senior analyst at Saibus Research, an independent research and advisory firm. Although he says his passion for Tetris and his day job don’t have much in common, he does take the time to analyze his game for the sake of improvement.身为独立研究和咨询公司Saibus Research高级分析师,纽鲍尔每年都努力地在竞争激烈的俄罗斯方块世界和他的工作之间维持一种平衡。虽然他说他对俄罗斯方块的热爱和他的日常工作并没有许多共同点,但为了精益求精,纽鲍尔确实会花一些时间来分析这款游戏。Tetris, which he’s been playing for nearly his whole life, draws him back for more, year after year. “It’s so pervasive among so many age groups,” he said. “Its simplicity is almost hypnotic.”他已经玩了大半辈子俄罗斯方块,但年复一年,这款游戏总是吸引他继续玩下去。“它备受不同年龄组人群的欢迎,”他说。“它的简单性几乎有催眠作用。”Plus, there’s the added quality of playing Tetris and never feeling wholly fulfilled. “There’s no correct move that you can make,” said Neubauer. “The quest for the perfect move never ends.”另外,玩俄罗斯方块还有额外的特性:你永远都不会觉得完全满足。“从来没有什么正确的步骤,”纽鲍尔说。“对完美步骤的追求永远也不会结束。”Tom Stafford, a professor of cognitive development and psychology at Sheffield University in the U.K., says that Tetris has been around so long because it transports gamers into a different realm when they play. “It’s a world of perpetually generating uncompleted tasks,” he said.英国谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)认知发展和心理学教授汤姆o斯塔福德表示,俄罗斯方块长盛不衰的原因是,这款游戏能够把玩家带入一个完全不同的领域。他说:“这是一个永远产生未完成任务的世界。”As he’s said in the past, too, “Tetris is the granddaddy of puzzle games like Candy Crush saga – the things that keep us puzzling away for hours, days and weeks.”他过去也曾经说过:“俄罗斯方块是《糖果粉碎传奇》(Candy Crush Saga)这类益智游戏的鼻祖。这些游戏让我们连续几个小时,几天、甚至几个星期沉迷其中,不能自拔。”“Tetris is pure game: there is no benefit to it, nothing to learn, no social or physical consequence,” he added. “It is almost completely pointless, but keeps us coming back for more.”“俄罗斯方块是纯粹的游戏:玩它没有什么好处,没什么可学,也不会导致社交或身体方面的后果,”他补充说。“它几乎完全没有意义,但就是有一种让我们流连忘返的牵引力。”Neuberger, who even appeared in a 2011 documentary, “Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters,” considers the social component of Tetris, although its played individually, a big draw. Growing up, he’d check out forums where people posted their high scores. That raised the stakes and inspired him to do even better. Now, Facebook and other social media allow that score comparison to happen even more easily.纽鲍尔甚至出现在2011年发行的纪录片《秩序的狂喜:俄罗斯方块大师》(Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters)之中。在他看来,尽管俄罗斯方块是单人游戏,但它的社交属性也是一大吸引力。从小到大,他一直在游戏论坛上查看其他人发布的高分。这提升了玩游戏的利害关系,并激励他做得更好。现在,Facebook和其他社交媒体使得这种分数比较变得更加容易。With the chance to kick off a game of Tetris on a Nintendo DS, an Android, an iPad, a PC or countless other devices, a community of players has emerged in full force. “The fact that now anyone can access Tetris and play the same game has exponentially grown our community,” said Rogers. “It has no language, and no cultural barriers.”如今,任何人都有机会在便携式任天堂游戏机、安卓系统(Android)、iPad、个人电脑和其他无数设备上玩俄罗斯方块游戏,一个由玩家组成的庞大社区已经强势涌现。“任何人现在都可以访问俄罗斯方块,玩同一款游戏。这个事实促使我们的社区成倍增长,”罗杰斯说。“它没有语言和文化的障碍。”For Neubauer, there’s also the benefit of being a four-time world champion and talking about his achievements with others. “It’s a fun thing to bring up at parties,” he said.对于纽鲍尔来说,作为四届世界冠军还有一个好处就是,可以跟其他人聊自己的成就。他说:“参加聚会的时候聊起这种事很有意思。”Going forward for the brand, Rogers remains committed to Tetris’ “core gameplay” and serving a younger audience who may not have played the highly popular 1989 Game Boy version (which the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition lists as number six on the top selling games of all time).罗杰斯在展望这个品牌的未来时仍然致力于俄罗斯方块的“核心玩法”,并打算务于或许还没有玩过Game Boy1989版的年轻受众。根据吉尼斯世界纪录玩家版 (Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition),这款风靡一时的游戏位列史上最畅销视频游戏排行榜的第六名。While Tetris has reached its third decade this year, Rogers says plans are in place for it to continue thriving “way beyond” even the next 30 years.虽然俄罗斯方块已经度过了30岁生日,但罗杰斯表示,这家公司已经制定了计划,希望这款游戏能够在下个30年延续它的辉煌。 /201406/304906

The life-limiting risks of poor diet, excessive alcohol and smoking are widely known. But a new service is to be launched to more accurately predict their impact as we reach old age.The new website will use a mathematical formula to calculate how the lives of users will turn out and what steps they can take to alter their future.Lord Geoffrey Filkin, chairman of the Centre of Ageing Better is overseeing the new site, which he believes will provide a ‘gold standard’ of evidence to help maintain health and happiness. He said: ‘We will not be telling people what they should do, but we will be providing them with a gold standard of scientific and research evidence if they want to improve their wellbeing in later life.’这不是在线算命,而是利用较为科学的算法,通过你的生活习惯、饮食习惯来推算出你的生命年龄。这是英国Centre of Ageing Better公司推出的一项在线务,他们相信通过这个务器,可以帮助人们维持健康而幸福的生活。The website, which will use data from Public Health England, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the office of National Statistics,will be able to answer questions concerning life expectancy and the benefits of improved diet.Users will also be able to ask questions concerning their expected income, how to increase pension size and whether they have enough friends to stave off loneliness in old age.The Centre of Ageing Better is a new trust launched with a £50million grant from the Big Lottery Fund.The website, set to be in service by 2015, will be one of the centre’s first projects and will receive full support from the Government, of which it will remain independent of.It will offer life predictions for those aged 30 and above by creating a personalised plan.In an interview with the Sunday Times, Lord Filkin said the website’s aim was to inspire people to improve their lives.He said: ‘Everybody is going to live much longer than we have experienced in the past, so it is really important to work out how we can ensure that we make this as enjoyable and meaningful as we can.公司主席Geoffrey Filkin说:我们不会告诉人们应该做什么,但是我们会提供人们一个科学的标准和研究的据,以此来改善人们的生活。‘If you are 30, the thought of being 65 is so horrible that you don’t even want to think about it. You would use the website to see the difficulty of building up a pension later.’‘We don’t want to sp misery around the western world. This is not just a dose of gloom. In fact many things are under your control.‘If you are poor before you retire, you will also be poor later in life, but one thing you can do is adopt a healthier lifestyle.‘It has enormous benefits and almost zero cost.’ He said that even though not everyone may decide to seek a healthier lifestyle, it was important to equip them with the information to do so.He said: ‘People who have a rich social life and a sense of meaning apart from themselves will be happier and live longer.大家是不是现在就想预测自己的年龄?!不过,据说这个网站以及相关务,得到2015年才能建成。它可以为30岁左右的人提供年龄预测,并建一个详尽的生活计划。‘Whether we’ll be able to say that you’re going to be at risk if you have fewer than 10 friends I doubt, because I doubt the data is so black and white- two good friends might be worth 10 drinking companions.‘We will, however, be able to say that people who do have friendly relations do have a meaning to their life, live longer and say they are happier.‘We will also bust the myth that you have to be perfectly healthy. People who have friends and give something to the community can be happy.’Earlier this year, Lord Filkin chaired an inquiry which found that there will be twice as many people aged 85 and above in 2030 as in 2010 and that 10.7m people in Britain are set to retire on an inadequate income.Geoffrey Filkin说:如果你已经30岁了,并且不想让自己60岁的时候过得太辛苦,那么最好来使用这个务。 /201312/269261Nobody knows what the world is going to look like when the things around us get smarter -- when more and more of them are equipped with tiny radios that are connected to the Web.没有人知道,当我们周围越来越多的物品安装了联网的微型无线信号接收器,从而变得越来越智能化时,世界会变成什么样。Which is what makes the so-called Internet of Things(IoT, per Wikipedia) so interesting, especially now that Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) have begun to show their hands.所谓的“物联网”(按照维基百科的说法叫Internet of Things, LOT)正是因此妙趣横生,尤其是现在,谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)也要开始大显身手了。Google has been experimenting with Internet-connected eye glasses, and in January it spent .2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, the leading purveyor of smart thermostats and smoke detectors. With Nest, it also got Tony Fadell, an ambitious ex-Apple engineering VP whose previous claim to fame was the iPod.谷歌正在测试联网眼镜。今年1月,这家公司以32亿美元收购了智能恒温控制器和烟雾探测器的领先制造商Nest Labs。随着Nest而来的,还有雄心勃勃的前苹果工程副总裁托尼o法德尔,他曾因iPod广为人知。Apple has been seeding its stores with iBeacons -- miniature BlueTooth detectors for communicating with iPhones -- and it is rumored to be set to unveil, perhaps as early as next week#39;s developers conference, two new platforms: One for monitoring your health and one for controlling your home.苹果也在着手打造iBeacons,这是一款用于与iPhone通信的微型蓝牙探测器。还有传闻表示,苹果最快可能会在下周的开发者大会上公布两个新平台:一个用于监控人们的身体健康状况,另一个用于管理人们的房间。Who will make tomorrow#39;s smart devices and how they will interact with one another is anybody#39;s guess.人们都在猜测,谁将会是未来智能设备的生产商,他们又将如何同其他设备进行互动。;One vision,; writes Benedict Evans, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, ;is that all these devices will work on common, open standards, and talk to each other and interact in clever ways. And so, if you walk into the house with someone your security camera doesn#39;t recognise and your calendar mentions #39;date#39;, some sort of unified learning-based system will dim the lights, turn up the thermostat and start playing Barry White.;风险投资公司安德森o霍洛维茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)合伙人本尼迪克特o埃文斯写道:“有种观点认为,所有这些产品都将按照共同的开放标准设计,彼此能够以智能的方式进行沟通和互动。如此一来,如果你与一位监控摄像机无法识别的人走进房间,而你的日历中写着‘约会’,那么某种一体化的学习型系统就会调暗灯光、打开恒温器,同时播放巴里o怀特悠扬性感的乐曲。The Barry White scenario is unlikely, Evans points out, given the history of earlier technologies that achieved First World ubiquity -- the small electric motor, for example, or the computer chip. They generally don#39;t share data unless they come packaged in a single device -- a well-eqipped automobile, for example.不过埃文斯指出,根据在发达国家实现过的那些早期技术的先例——比如小型电动机或电脑芯片,这种巴里o怀特式的情景不太可能出现。各种产品通常不会共享数据,除非它们被安装在同一种设备中——比如装备齐全的汽车。Apple and Google would love to be the company that cashes in on -- or at least controls -- whatever turns out to be IoT equivalent of a modern automobile, with its hundreds of integrated chips and battery-powered activators. But they#39;re approaching it from different angles -- angles that play to each#39;s strengths.苹果和谷歌希望利用成百上千的集成芯片及使用电池的激活器,从好比是一辆智能汽车的物联网中获利,或者至少获得对它的掌控权。不过他们实现目标的途径不同——双方正在从各自的强项入手。;Many wearables feel like they should be satellites for a smartphone,; writes Evans, ;either as a remote sensor or a remote display, but the value ... comes from the cloud-based analytics: is it more useful to know how many hours you slept or to get big-data based suggestions as to when you should go to sleep and when you should set your alarm? iBeacon is [a] fascinating part of this dynamic, because iBeacons themselves are not connected to anything, but they add intelligence to the physical world. So every wall or retail display or suitcase or package can become a piece of data.埃文斯写:“许多可穿戴设备都认为自己应当成为智能手机的卫星产品,无论是充当它的遥感器还是远程显示器,但是它们的价值……产生于以云为基础的分析能力:知道你每天要睡多少小时;或是从大数据中得到建议:应当何时入睡,应当设置几点的起床闹钟,这样是不是更加有用?iBeacon在这个过程中有着令人着迷的表现。因为它们并不与其他产品相连,却给物质世界带来了智能。如此一来,每一堵墙、每一排零售陈列柜、每一只手提箱、每一个包裹都能成为一部分数据。”;That is, sometimes the device is dumb glass (or a dumb sensor), driven by the cloud. And sometime the cloud is dumb storage, driven by the device.“也就是说,有时设备只是一块被云驱动的不能说话的玻璃(或不能说话的感应器)。而有时云则是由设备驱动的傻瓜式存储器。”;There#39;s an interesting Apple/Google dynamic here,; writes Evans. ;If most of these #39;things#39; are some combination of smartphone satellite and cloud end-point, where is the value and control? Apple#39;s hardware/software integration means it#39;s best-placed to make things work well, but Google is better placed to do much of the cloud stuff.;埃文斯说:“苹果和谷歌的发展动向非常有趣。如果大多数‘物件’都只是智能手机的卫星产品和云的终端,那如何实现价值和控制?苹果有着集成化的硬件和软件,意味着他们最适合让物品各司其职,不过谷歌则更擅长云系统的相关工作。” /201405/302089When Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPhone 5s earlier this month, one of the features it touted was Touch ID, a fingerprint-scanner built into the home button at the bottom of the device. Users may simply touch the home button to unlock their phone and even authenticate iTunes purchases, instead of inputting a custom 4-digit passcode used by previous iPhones.苹果(Apple)本月初发布了新款iPhone 5s,Touch ID技术是其中备受瞩目的新特性之一。这项技术可利用内置于Home键中的指纹扫描设备加密手机。用户只需轻触Home键就能解锁手机,甚至还能在iTunes上消费,而在此之前,用户必须先在手机上输入四位数的解锁码。But just how secure is Touch ID, really? Is it a nifty gimmick, or truly better security for user data?不过,Touch ID功能真的安全可靠吗?它究竟是可有可无的新奇玩意,还是用户能真正可以信赖的安全管家?Likely the latter. According to Marc Rogers, a security researcher for the mobile security startup Lookout, Apple#39;s implementation of fingerprint scanning trumps the old method for myriad reasons. Across both Android (GOOG) and iOS devices, just over 50% of users use the four-digit passcode feature. Having it boosts security, but it also seems many just can#39;t be bothered with wasting a few seconds each time to log in. ;People see them as barriers, and they try to avoid having too many barriers, ; explains Rogers.我看是后者居多。移动安全新创企业Lookout公司的安全研究员马克#8226;罗杰斯表示,苹果的指纹扫描技术在方方面面完胜传统加密方法。据统计,仅有一半多的Android和iOS用户在使用四位数字解锁码。虽然解锁码能提高安全系数,但许多用户都不愿意在登陆前花几秒钟的时间来输入密码。罗杰斯解释说:“解码锁被人们看成是一种障碍,而人们会有意识地避免过多的障碍。”Touch ID should make the process easier, at least in theory. Initially, users have to to set up the feature by having their fingerprint scanned and stored on the device -- a process that takes several moments. From every instance on, unlocking the phone means simply pressing the home button as one normally would. If that#39;s the case, more iOS users are likely to turn the feature on. It doesn#39;t add a pesky extra step in everyday user experience: just touch and go.Touch ID能让这个过程更加简单,至少从理论上是这样。用户只需在使用前花费少许时间,扫描和存储指纹即可。以后,用户只需要像日常使用一样,轻轻触碰一下Home键就能解锁手机。如果Touch ID真的能达到如此效果,我想绝大部分iOS用户都会乐于使用这项新功能。用户几乎没有增加任何使用成本:只要轻轻点击即可。As for the tech itself, Rogers explains fingerprint scanning as a whole is more secure than the four-digit passcode. Copying someone#39;s fingerprints remains a cumbersome process, not to mention pricey -- as much as 0, 000, by some estimates. And at the risk of sounding morbid, using severed fingers apparently isn#39;t an option either. (However, cat paws work.) Which is to say, that barring a targeted hack, iPhone 5s owners should rest assured their data is just as secure as it ever was.罗杰斯表示,就整体而言,指纹扫描技术的安全系数要高于传统的四位解锁码。即使在今天,复制指纹依然是一项异常复杂的工作,更不要说它高昂的成本——有人估算每次成本高达20万美元。虽然听起来有些变态,但截断的手指也无法解锁iPhone。(不过,它还能识别猫爪。)这就是说,除非遭遇有针对性的攻击,不然Touch ID绝不比之前的安全技术差,iPhone 5S用户完全可以放心。;It#39;s your phone -- we#39;re not launching missiles here, ; jokes Bruce Schneier, a security technologist. ;We#39;re looking for a little bit of security, and I think Touch ID is a really great idea for that.;安全专家布鲁斯#8226;施耐尔调侃说:“大家的手机里又不会有什么国家机密,对普通人而言,Touch ID的安全性足够了。” /201309/258617

Apple plans to do more to warn customers when hackers try to access their iCloud accounts, the company said on Thursday, as it attempts to close security loopholes in the aftermath of a recent attack on celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence.在不久前詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)等名人遭遇网络攻击后,苹果(Apple)试图堵上iCloud的安全漏洞。周四该公司表示,计划采取更多措施,在黑客试图访问用户iCloud账户时警告用户。Apple is scrambling to bring to a close an embarrassing episode for the company ahead of next Tuesday’s press event at which it is expected to launch new iPhones and a new wearable device.目前,苹果公司正努力结束这一令人尴尬的风波,以便迎接下周二的产品推介活动。在下周二的活动中,苹果预计会推出新款iPhone和一款新的可穿戴设备。Private photographs of stars in various states of undress flooded internet forums such as 4Chan and Reddit last weekend, prompting an outcry over the apparent ease with which hackers were able to break into iPhone accounts.上周末,多位明星的各种裸体私密照片大量充斥着4Chan和Reddit等互联网论坛,对于黑客似乎能轻而易举地攻破iPhone账户,人们表示强烈抗议。In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Thursday evening, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said new notifications about attempted password resets or logins would begin in two weeks. Apple will issue an update to its iPhone operating system, iOS 8, at around the same time.在周四晚上《华尔街日报》(WSJ)发布的采访中,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)表示,苹果将在两周内开始引入新的提示机制,就密码重置或账户登录等企图发出提醒。在大约同一时间,苹果将发布针对其iPhone操作系统iOS 8的更新。Emails are aly sent when a password is reset, but customers will soon also receive a push notification to their iPhone or iPad when an iCloud backup is restored, or their account is used to log into an account on a new device.眼下,密码重置时系统已经会发送电子邮件。不过,要不了多久,在用户iCloud备份被还原,或用户账号被人在新设备上用于登录时,用户将在iPhone或iPad上收到推送通知。目前,当用户的iMessage或FaceTime账户注册新的设备时,系统会发出类似通知。 /201409/326871

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