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The Pilgrims bury their dead at first light To hide how weakened theyve become,朝圣者们趁着破晓把同伴的尸身掩埋起来 希望以此掩饰他们如今的脆弱Because the land theyve settled on is not empty.It belongs to the Wabenaki.他们居住的这片土地并非空无一人 这片土地属于瓦班纳基部落An encounter between two worlds is about to shape The future of mankind.两个世界的人偶然相遇 这将决定人类未来的走向In New England, 50 pioneers prepare to fight for their lives.在新英格兰 五十位先驱者 准备为他们的生存而战斗The future of a continent hangs in the balance.这片大陆的未来吉凶难卜Not all are Pilgrims.Among them, a soldier: Miles Standish.并非所有人都是朝圣者 在他们中间 还有一名军人迈尔斯·斯坦迪什Brave, impulsive, the groups military commander.作为队伍的军事指挥 他果敢而冲动Help over here.Theres somebody out there.过来搭把手 那边有人Get the gate in place now! Now! Now!快关上门! 赶快! 赶快!Ladies, get inside!Welcome, Englishmen. Welcome.女士们 快进去! 欢迎 英格兰人民 欢迎你们3,000 miles from home,The first native American the Pilgrims encounter背井离乡三千英里 这些朝圣者们遇到的第一批美国土著人Greets them in their own language.Samoset, a Wabenaki chief.竟然用他们的语言问候他们 萨莫赛特 瓦班纳基部落的一位酋长His English learnt from earlier visitors to this coast.他的英语是向之前来到这片海岸的人学的If we think back to how fearful the English are of being here,如果再退回去想想 这些英国人在这里有多么寝食难安heres what they might think:;Its a sign from God.;他们此时的想法大概会是:这一定是上帝的旨意;He actually speaks our language.;他竟然会说我们的语言;It could have been a really violent encounter.这本可能是一场十分暴力的邂逅And Samoset should get a lot more credit for kind of bringing things down a notch.萨莫赛特本该以自己的方式 挫挫对方锐气 以获取更多信任201602/428357There is growing evidence that antioxidants may有越来越多的据表明,抗氧化剂能够protect the bodys cells from cell damage that can保护身体细胞不被损害,身体细胞的损伤lead to cancer. An antioxidant can be a vitamin,会导致癌症,抗氧化剂可以是维生素mineral, or phytochemical. Antioxidants neutralize矿物质和植物化学物质,抗氧化剂可以damage to the bodys cells and are naturally found中和身体细胞损伤,它们存在于蔬菜in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, and nuts.水果,天然谷物,豆类和坚果中Over the past two decades, scientists have studied在过去的二十年间,科学家研究了antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. Beta carotene,维生素C和E,同时对胡萝卜素lycopene, lutein, resveratrol, and selenium are other番茄红素,叶黄素,白藜芦醇antioxidants that are also being investigated.和硒等抗氧化剂也进行了研究Antioxidants defend the bodys cells against抗氧化剂保护身体细胞不受molecules called ;free radicals;. Cellular activities自由基的侵蚀,细胞运动一方面保机体的that keep us alive also produce destructive oxygen正常运转,另一方面却也产生具有破坏性的molecules in the highly reactive, unstable form of氧分子,这种分子以自由基的形式存在free radicals. Free radicals posses an unpaired or并且极其不稳定,自由基拥有自由电子;free; electron. Pairing this lone electron with将一个电子与另一个电子组合起来another gives the molecule stability. To achieve就能够使分子保持稳定,为了达到稳定stability, a free radical scavenges electrons from自由基会从其他分子那里抢夺电子other molecules which disrupts their stability从而使其他分子的稳定性遭到破坏in turn. Too many free radicals can inflict damage过多的自由基会对健康细胞造成损伤on healthy cells and research now implicates excess有研究表明,自由基数量过多free radicals in a number of diseases including cancer会导致很多疾病,比如癌症Antioxidants can help offset damage caused by free抗氧化剂能够减缓自由基带来的损伤radicals and function in a variety of ways. They can并且在众多方面对身体有益limit free radical formation, destroy free radicals,它们能够限制自由基的形成,将它们摧毁and stimulate antioxidant enzyme activity.并且刺激自由基酶活动Many scientists believe that a plentiful supply of很多科学家相信,足量的抗氧化剂摄入antioxidants carrying out different protective roles能够在众多方面保护人体may help defend against a cells能够阻止人体细胞的变化changes and can lead to cancer.从而有效预防癌症There is currently much controversy surrounding the目前关于用抗氧化剂pros and cons of taking antioxidants. It is not fully各方观点不一,目前我们还不能完全肯定understood at this time if large doses of antioxidants大量摄入抗氧化剂是否会may protect cancer cells from the intended effects反过来保护癌细胞不受化疗of chemo or radiation therapy, act to enhance the和放疗的影响,也就是说起到effects, or act as pro-oxidants causing more damage氧化剂的作用,反过来增强对身体的损伤than protection of our healthy cells.而不是保护健康的细胞It is highly likely to be very individualistic.这是因人而异的A number of studies point to an association between一些研究表明,抗氧化剂能够antioxidants and reduced cancer risk. However,降低罹患癌症的风险,但是researchers are becoming more convinced that相关研究人员越来越相信cancer protection does not come from any single预防癌症不是由某种单一的氧化剂能够antioxidant. It will take more studies to draw做到的,还需要更多的研究,才能确定firm conclusions about specific antioxidants.每种氧化剂的特殊作用201511/406978TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426594

The mission logs make scary ing.任务日志中有许多可怕的记录;Failed to launch.;发射失败;Missed the planet.;未抵达行星;Lost radio contact.;失去无线电联系;Lost on arrival.;着陆后丢失The team knows这个团队知道Curiosity might never reach the surface of Mars.好奇号也许根本无法到达火星表面Its Joel Krajewskis job to make sure this mission乔尔·克拉耶夫斯基负责is a success.确保任务成功His day may begin like many Californians...他一天的开始与许多加利福尼亚人一样but then he heads to NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory.但随后他前往美国宇航局喷气推进实验室Like anyone else, I drive into work every morning每天早上我和别人一样开车去上班but every morning as I do so,但每天早上我这么做时I pinch myself我会捏自己一把because I get to work on a space mission因为我为太空任务工作and that is, that is pretty cool.这实在太酷了重点解释:1.fail to 未能例句:I never fail to write to my parents every month.我每个月一定写信给我的父母亲。2.on arrival 在到达时例句:Please write me promptly on arrival.请你一到就写信给我。3.head to 前往;引至例句:Disobeying the law can head to trouble.不守法可能会引起麻烦。 201512/415630

some people have their own ideas of what they think it is,每个人都有对自己的想法but l know what it is.但我知道真相lt always felt unfair to me我一直觉得很不公平and l think that Michael always felt victimised by it.迈克尔也一直觉得身受其害l loved it when Michael said,我很喜欢迈克尔说;Plastic surgety was not invented for Michael Jackson.整形手术又不是为了迈克尔·杰克逊而发明的People have been having plastic surgery for years.许多人早就开始整形lm not the first one to do it.我又不是第一个Why am l always the one being picked on about it? 为什么老是针对我呢?And l thought that was a really good point.我觉得这话很有道理We Were doing a Pepsi commercial, the year was 1984.我们1984年拍摄百事可乐的广告And we were just getting y to go out on the Victory Tour.正准备要为胜利巡回启程l went to the set the day they were shooting it拍摄那天我有进棚and they had a lot of performances that were great.有许多的表演都很棒so it was the end of the day, they called for a wrap,最后准备要收工时l said goodbye to him. And l was walking out the door我跟他道别正打算要走出去when l heard the producer say, We have to do one more take. 就听到制作人说 我们要再拍一次There was some pyro, and Michael was coming down the steps有些爆破特效 迈克尔要从阶梯上走下来and l think somebody missed their cue.好像是特效人员没算好时间One of the flames came and landed on Michaels head,火苗落到迈克尔的头上which he had hairspray, something like that, and it just...他刚好又有喷发胶 所以就...201510/401669

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