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Many of you were friends before you started dating and found yourself falling in love with each other. Nonetheless, once you find that things are not working out between the two of you and you let him know that you want to be “just friends,” you have to realize that things will possibly never be the same again.许多人在开始约会之前,曾是好朋友,逐渐发现自己爱上了对方。尽管如此,一旦你发现你们两个之间并不是那么来电,你应该让他知道你只想和他做朋友,你不得不意识到你们之前的关系再也不会像以前一样了。After all, too much water has run under the bridge and despite your effort to let him down easily, his ego will most likely be bruised and if he loved you – he will be hurt. It is unfortunate to see the friendship dissolve, but if the two of you were not meant to be as a couple you have to say something and be honest about it.毕竟,静水流深,尽管你努力还是让他很容易失落,他的自尊很可能会受伤,如果他爱你的话——他会很伤心。看到友情破裂确实很不幸,但是如果你们两个并不能成为一对,你必须说出来,要诚实面对你的感情。You do not have to be cruel, but you do owe him the decency of being open about why you feel it did not work. Do not hang onto something that no longer has the possibility to grow into something better and stronger; something that no longer has a potential and a future.你不必很残忍,但是你欠他一个体面的敞开心扉的坦白,告诉他你为什么感觉你们不适合谈恋爱。不要紧紧抓住那些不可能再变好变强大的关系了,那种关系不再有可能性和未来。If you hold on in order to save the friendship you will murder any chance of salvaging all the good aspects of the relationship. The relationship will turn into something more unpleasant and toxic for the both of you and you will start resenting each other.如果你为了拯救友情而坚持,你会毁掉任何拯救友情中所有美好方面的机会。你们之间会演变成某种更不开心有毒的关系,你们会开始仇恨对方。You have to decide how important this person is for you and how much you care about him. Is he important enough for you to try and stay friends? Do you care enough about him to allow him to find happiness somewhere else?你必须决定这个人对你有多重要,你到底多么关心他。他是否重要到值得你去努力挽留友情?你对他的关心是否允许他在其他地方找到幸福? /201701/489948

Context is important情境很重要(谁说小时了了,大未必佳?) /201703/495725

Thomas Child, a British engineer, traveled to China in 1870 for work but was so entranced by the scenery and culture that he stayed for nearly two decades. 1870年,英国工程师托马斯#8226;蔡尔德(Thomas Child)到中国工作,但是被那里的风光和文化迷住了,待了近20年。He imported cameras to set up a sideline business as a portrait and landscape photographer, and his works were published in magazines and books. 他进口了一些相机,干起肖像和风景摄影师的副业,他的作品发表在杂志和图书上。He also marketed them to tourists and dignitaries. 他还把它们推广给游客和达官要人。The accompanying texts were a mix of admiration and condescension for traditions that Westerners of the time considered primitive.配图文字交织着对中国传统的仰慕和屈尊俯就——当时的西方人认为有些传统很野蛮。The Stephan Loewentheil Historical Photography of China Collection, which belongs to photo dealers in Brooklyn, has reunited hundreds of Mr Child’s works and traced the descendants of people who posed for him. 斯蒂芬#8226;洛文希尔中国历史摄影收藏公司(Stephan Loewentheil Historical Photography of China Collection)是布鲁克林的几个照片交易商办的。An exhibition of part of the Loewentheil holdings, Qing Dynasty Peking: Thomas Child’s Photographs, opens Friday at the Sidney Mishkin Gallery at Baruch College in Manhattan.它收集了成百上千件蔡尔德的作品,追踪采访了一些拍摄对象的后裔。周五,展示洛文希尔部分收藏的展览《清代北京:托马斯#8226;蔡尔德的照片》(Qing Dynasty Peking: Thomas Child’s Photographs)在曼哈顿巴鲁克学院(Baruch College)的西德尼#8226;米什金画廊(Sidney Mishkin Gallery)开幕。Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil, a father-and-son team, own about 15,000 photographs of China taken before the 1910s. 斯蒂芬和雅各布#8226;洛文希尔(Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil)这对父子组合拥有约1.5万张在1910年之前的中国拍摄的照片。The show’s curator, Stacey Lambrow, and Jacob Loewentheil are writing a book about Mr Child. 该展览的策展人斯泰西#8226;兰姆布罗(Stacey Lambrow)和雅各布#8226;洛文希尔正在写一本关于蔡尔德的书。(It is partly based on Mr Child’s diaries, which were preserved by Terry Bennett, a British historian who has long specialized in photos of 19th-century China.)(它部分基于蔡尔德的日记,这些日记由英国史学家特里#8226;贝内特[Terry Bennett]保管,他长期致力于研究19世纪中国的照片。)Mr Child, a Shropshire native, left England at 29, leaving behind his wife, Ellen, and three children, though they eventually joined him. 蔡尔德来自什罗普郡,离开英格兰的时候为29岁,留下了妻子埃伦(Ellen)和三个孩子,不过他们后来还是跟他团聚了。His assignment was to inspect gasworks for a government agency at a time of conflict between the Chinese and foreign powers. 在中国与外国列强冲突不断之际,他的任务是为一家政府机构检查煤气厂。It is not known how he trained as a photographer. 他如何学会摄影则不得而之。In China, the technology was so unfamiliar that people gathered when he took pictures.在中国,这项技术当时相当罕见,当他拍照的时候会有人围上来。Mr Child photographed the Great Wall as well as pagodas, temples, bridges, crowded harbors, roadsides lined with stone sculptures and humble storefronts. 蔡尔德既拍过长城,也拍过高塔庙宇、桥梁、拥挤的港口、布满石像与简陋店面的街边。He documented the practice of dismantling palace walls damaged by decay or war and recycling the stones for other construction. 他记录下了宫墙因风化或战争分崩离析,而其中的石块继而用于其他建筑的做法。In his captions, letters and journals he complained about dirty streets, insects and rat infestations. 在他撰写的图片解说、信函与日记里,他抱怨街道肮脏、虫鼠成灾。He gently mocked local superstitions, the sound of temple bells that rang in harmonious discord and funeral rituals that excel in pomp and expenditure.他还略开玩笑地谈起当地人的迷信行为、庙里传来的和谐的不和谐钟声,以及长于排场与花销的葬礼。He photographed peddlers, beggars, religious leaders, and a young aristocratic bride and groom named Zeng Ji Fen and Nie Ji Gui on their wedding day. 他拍过小贩、乞丐、宗教领袖,还在曾纪芬与聂缉椝结婚那天拍下了这对年轻的贵族新娘和新郎。Raymond Watt, a descendant of that couple, is a retiree living in Queens. 二人的后代雷蒙德#8226;瓦特(Raymond Watt)如今生活在纽约皇后区,退了休。He said in an interview that he did not know the photo existed until the Loewentheils showed it last year in London. 他接受采访时称,直到洛文希尔父子去年在伦敦展出这张照片时,他才知道了它的存在。He is scheduled to attend the exhibition opening and meet some of Mr Child’s descendants.他计划出席这次展览的开幕式,并与蔡尔德的后人见面。With the portrait, Mr Watt said, we get back the memory and refresh the history.通过这幅人物照,瓦特表示,我们找到了回忆,更新了历史。In 1889, Mr Child returned to England. 到了1889年,蔡尔德返回英格兰。He remained infatuated with China, and he gave his family home at the outskirts of London a Chinese name that has been roughly translated as Studio of Everlasting Tranquillity. 他依然痴迷于中国,给伦敦郊外的自家房屋起了一个中文名叫永宁居。He was killed in 1898 when his horse-drawn carriage overturned. 他在1898年死于马车倾覆事故。His family kept some of his paperwork, but few other records survive. 他的家人保存了他的一些文字档案,但没有多少其他记录留了下来。His photos sometimes turn up unlabeled at auctions; properly attributed, they can sell for thousands of dollars. 他拍的照片有时会无名地出现在拍卖会上;如果有了正确署名,便能卖出数千美元。They have also ended up in institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass.; and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.它们还出现在艺术机构中,包括大都会艺术物馆(Metropolitan Museum of Art)、马萨诸塞州塞勒姆的皮迪艾塞克斯物馆(Peabody Essex Museum)及洛杉矶的盖蒂物馆(Getty Museum)。Collections of early photos of China at the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. 史密森尼学会(Smithsonian Institution)设在华盛顿的弗瑞尔艺廊(Freer Gallery of Art)与赛克勒画廊(Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington will be covered in a book due out early next year, Painting With Light: Photography at the Freer/Sackler. Sackler Gallery)收藏的中国早期照片将集结到一本名为《光之画作:弗瑞尔-赛克勒摄影集》(Painting With Light: Photography at the Freer/Sackler)的著作中,定于明年初问世。David Hogge, one of the authors, said the photos are treasured partly as documentation of buildings and artworks that were later destroyed by looters or warfare, or taken to American or European museums.作者之一霍大为(David Hogge)表示,这批照片颇为珍贵,一部分原因是它们记录的一些建筑与艺术品后来因掠夺或战争而遭到损毁,或者是被带去了美欧的物馆。The art historian Roberta Wue, who is an editor of a coming book about early photographs from China and Japan, said scholarship in the field has burgeoned in recent years despite the widesp destruction of archives in China. 艺术史学者伍美华(Roberta Wue)在编辑一本有关中国与日本早期照片的书,即将出版。她表示,尽管在中国的档案遭到普遍破坏,但该领域的学术研究近年来呈爆炸之势。Evidence has surfaced that Chinese photographers quickly adapted the equipment brought in by Westerners, and that their clients, including prostitutes, began commissioning photos of themselves as advertisements.有据显示,当时的中国摄影师很快学会了西方人带来的设备,而包括娼妓在内的顾客开始委托他们拍摄照片来做广告。The Loewentheils have been building their collection partly through auctions. 洛文希尔父子一直在通过拍卖会来扩充收藏。In 2014, at Cordier Auctions amp; Appraisals in Harrisburg, Pa., they paid about 0,000 for an album of China images from 1860 by the Italian-born photographer Felice Beato. 在宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡的科迪尔拍卖与评估行(Cordier Auctions amp; Appraisals)于2014年举行的拍卖会上,他们花了大约50万美元拍下意大利出生的摄影师费利切#8226;贝亚托(Felice Beato)于1860年拍下的一本中国影集。In November, at the China Exchange in London, the Loewentheils will exhibit hand-tinted 19th-century photos of Shanghai by William Saunders, a British engineer. 今年11月,在伦敦的中国站(China Exchange),洛文希尔父子将展出英国工程师威廉#8226;桑德斯(William Saunders)拍摄的19世纪上海的手工上色照片。Stephan Loewentheil wrote in an email that his family’s holdings are still growing and are not for sale. 斯蒂芬#8226;洛文希尔在电子邮件中表示,他们家族的收藏还在不断扩充,不会出售。I hope to place my collection into a worthy location intact, he wrote.我希望把自己的收藏完好无损地放到一个好地方,信中写道。 /201609/468701

Monday mornings are rarely a time for celebration. We#39;re too rushed to put on a decent face of make-up, too tired to go to the gym, and very possibly nursing the effects of an excessive weekend.周一早晨可不会是庆祝的时光。我们匆匆出门、没时间打扮的漂漂亮亮的,工作疲乏得不想去健身房,而且很可能遭受周末过度带来的不适应感。And now there#39;s another reason to hate Mondays as a study reveals that not only do we feel ugliest on the first day of the working week - but that information is used by cynical beauty companies who cash in on our insecurities.现在我们又多了一个讨厌周一的理由--一项研究显示,不仅我们在一周的头一天觉得自己最难看,而且刻薄的美容公司正在利用我们的这种不安全感来赚钱。The study, by London-based global media agency PDA, was designed to discover when women felt at their most unattractive - and therefore at their most vulnerable to be marketed to by beauty firms.位于伦敦的全球传媒机构PDA进行了一项研究,旨在发现女性感觉自己最不具吸引力的时间点--也就是她们对美容公司的销售策略最无力抵制的时候。The company questioned women aged 18 and over to identify when they feel most vulnerable about their appearance in order to determine the best timing for beauty product messages and promotions.该公司向18岁及以上的女性发放问卷,以此辨明女性对自己的容貌感觉最脆弱的时间,从而确定投放美容产品信息和促销手段的最佳时间。The results showed that 46 per cent reported feeling at their worst on Mondays.研究结果表明,46%的女性称其感觉自己在周一最为糟糕。Reasons cited took in stress, lack of motivation to make an effort and visible and emotional effects of the weekend showing on the face.研究认为上述现象的原因有压力、缺乏努力工作的动力、以及显而易见的,从面部表情可以看出的周末活动留下的情绪影响。The report showed that women feel their best on Thursdays, when the working week is coming to an end and the weekend is in sight.结果显示,女性在周四感觉自己状态最佳,这时一周的工作日接近尾声,周末近在眼前。The information gleaned works both ways. While sometimes it suits a company to catch a customer when they#39;re feeling low, in other situations it might be best to engage with a customer feeling happy and confident.这项收集来的信息有两种运用方式。一些公司也许适合于在顾客自我感觉低落的时候抓住顾客的心,而另一些公司也许更适合于在顾客情绪良好、充满自信的时候跟顾客打交道。Identifying the right time to engage with consumers with the right message is Marketing 101,#39; said a spokesman for PHD.#39; But when you are trying to connect with women on so personal an issue as appearance, it can be even more important to understand the wrong time as well.#39;“选择正确的时间,用正确的信息和顾客交流是销售的基本原则”,一位美国PHD公司的发言人说道,“可是当你试图跟女性就外貌这样的私人话题进行交流的时候,除了要了解正确的时间,还要了解错误的时间,这也许是更加重要的。” /201704/502966Professor Robert E. Kelly, a political-science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, sat down on Friday in what appeared to be his home office for a B World interview via Skype on a serious subject: the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.周五,韩国釜山国立大学(Pusan National University)政治学教授罗伯特·E·克利(Robert E. Kelly)坐在自家办公室里,通过Skype接受《B世界新闻》(B World)关于一个严肃话题的采访:朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)总统的弹劾案。Then his children burst in.这时,他的孩子们冲了进来。Soon after the segment began, footage shows, a toddler casually strolled into his office, punching the air with her elbows. She was soon followed by a baby in a walker. Then his wife slid frantically into the room, grabbed the two kids and herded them out as Professor Kelly remained mostly composed.从视频画面上看,采访环节开始后不久,一个幼儿挥舞着胳膊晃晃悠悠地走进了他的办公室。很快,一个推着学步车的婴儿跟了进来。然后,他的妻子慌乱地跑进房间,抓住两个孩子把她们拽了出去,克利教授基本上保持了镇定。Many ers said they could relate to the slapstick interruption of Professor Kelly’s serious moment, sharing stories of disruptions not only from kids, but pets and naked spouses, too.很多读者表示,克利的严肃时刻被打扰的闹剧让他们想起了自己被孩子、宠物或裸体伴侣打扰的经历,他们很愿意分享自己的这些故事。Here is a selection of tales received on the website and Facebook page of The New York Times. Comments have been edited for length and clarity.下面这些是《纽约时报》网站和Facebook页面收集到的故事。出于篇幅和清晰表达的考虑,我们对这些故事进行了编辑。‘My Child Woke Up’“我的孩子醒了”I was on a long conference call with a colleague and some clients, calling in from home as I had a sick child sleeping in the next room. As a subject matter expert, I only had about five minutes of the call in which I actually had to speak, and everything seemed to be going along fine, until my child suddenly woke up, came looking for me to tell me that he felt sick and proceeded to vomit all over the stairs. Which coincided with my colleague asking me to provide the crucial information the client needed from my area of expertise.我在家里跟一个同事和几名客户举行一个长时间的电话会议,我那个正生病的孩子在隔壁房间睡觉。作为所涉问题的专家,我在那个会上只有大约五分钟是需要讲话的。一切似乎进行得挺顺利,直到我的孩子突然醒了,跑来告诉我,他觉得恶心,吐了一楼梯。当时,我的同事正让我从专业领域给客户提供一些重要信息。I took the phone off of mute and calmly said, “I’m sorry, my child has just thrown up on the stairs; can I have five minutes?” Client was very gracious, got my kid cleaned up and tucked back in bed then chimed back in acting every bit the total professional.我把电话上的静音关了,平静地说,“对不起,我的孩子刚才在楼梯上吐了。可以给我五分钟时间清理吗?”客户很宽容,我把孩子清理干净,打发上床,然后以完全专业的姿态回到了会议中。— DMC, Seattle——DMC,西雅图‘Shoved the Pacifier in His Mouth’“把安抚奶嘴塞到他嘴里”As a playwright with a new production coming up, I was doing a telephone interview on live radio on the home phone. I thought my baby Sam was asleep in his crib when his deafening cries started. As the interviewer began his next question, I dropped the phone receiver, ran into Sam’s room, shoved the pacifier in his mouth, ran back to the phone and started answering a question I hadn’t heard, trying to use impressive sounding abstract theater jargon that might be applicable. I loved this , and it made me and thousands of other worker parents feel less alone!我是一名编剧,当时有一部新戏正要出来,我在家里接受电台的电话直播采访。我以为我的宝宝山姆(Sam)在婴儿床上睡觉,但他突然爆发出震耳欲聋的哭声。主持人开始问下一个问题时,我放下话筒,跑进山姆的房间,把安抚奶嘴塞到他嘴里,跑回电话旁,开始回答一个我根本没听见的问题,试图用一些听起来很厉害的抽象戏剧术语蒙混过关。我很喜欢这个视频,它让我以及其他成千上万的职业父母感觉不只是自己遇到过这种情况!— Joanna——Joanna‘I Looked Up to See My 1-Year-Old Rolling Down the Stairs’“我抬起头,看见一岁的孩子从楼梯上滚了下来”Once upon a time I was presenting our monthly numbers to the sales team when I heard a loud bang over and over. I looked up to see my 1-year-old rolling down the stairs with my wife chasing after her. She picked her up and raced back up the stairs. I continued with my presentation and never heard a cry. She logrolled and didn’t hurt herself at all, thankfully!有一次,我正在向销售团队汇报我们的每月数据,这时我听到一声巨响,然后接二连三又听到好几声。我抬起头,看见一岁的孩子从楼梯上滚了下来,妻子正在后面追她。她把孩子抱起来,飞快地爬上了楼梯。我继续做我的报告,自始至终没听到一声哭泣。她是侧翻着下来的,完全没有受伤,真是谢天谢地!— Joe Grammatico, via Facebook——乔·格拉马蒂科(Joe Grammatico),通过Facebook‘The Candidate Had Locked His Children Out’“候选人把他的孩子锁门外了”I am glad professor Kelly was not applying for a job. I was once a member of a panel hiring a school director. We were interviewing a candidate via Skype, and in the middle of it we could all hear a door being pounded. It turned out the candidate had locked his children out of his apartment in an attempt to have a quiet environment for his interview: The kids just couldn’t take it, and started banging the door. It was not a determinant factor in the hiring, but it did cause an impression, and I am afraid it was not positive.我很庆幸克利教授当时不是在应聘。我曾是一个学校总监招聘委员会成员。我们通过Skype面试一名候选人,在那个过程中,我们都能听见有人在大声敲门。原来,这名候选人把自己的孩子们锁在了公寓外面,以便有一个安静的面试环境:孩子们可不买账,开始使劲敲门。那不是招聘中的一个决定性因素,但它的确给人造成了一种印象——我觉得不是好印象。— RoseMarieDC, Washington, D.C.——RoseMarieDC,华盛顿特区‘Daddy, Whatcha Doing?’“爸爸,你在干什么?”This happens to me sometimes when I have to take a call and I’m working from home. My office door opens and I hear, “Daddy, whatcha doing?” Any shushing just prompts him to ask louder. I either put the phone on mute or ask if I can call the person later. Worse is when my two kids get into a screaming match.我在家办公必须打电话时,有时会发生这种情况。我的办公室门被打开,我听见孩子问,“爸爸,你在干什么?”我要是做出“嘘”的手势,他只会问得更大声。我要么把电话静音,要么询问对方是否可以过一会儿再打。两个孩子开始尖叫比赛时,情况更糟。— Dhananjay Deshpande, via Facebook——达南贾伊·德什潘德(Dhananjay Deshpande),通过Facebook‘The Interviewer’s Husband Walked Into the Frame Completely Nude’“面试官的丈夫赤身裸体入画”I once had a Skype interview and, in the middle of the interview, the interviewer’s husband walked into the frame completely nude. I tried my best to keep a straight face while he figured out that I could see him. I’m not certain she knew I had just seen her husband, but we both pretended nothing happened and faked our way through the rest of the interview.有一次,我通过Skype面试,在面试过程中,面试官的丈夫赤身裸体走进了画面。当他发现我能看见他时,我尽量绷着脸,没笑出声。我不确定她是否知道我刚才看见了她丈夫,但我们都假装什么也没发生,硬撑着完成了面试。Needless to say, I did not get that job.不用说,我没得到那份工作。— Tom, Chicago——Tom,芝加哥‘I HAVE LICE’“我身上有虱子”My mom likes to tell a story of taking me to work with her when I was little. I couldn’t go to school, but she had a deadline that couldn’t wait. She set me up in a conference room and told me to and color quietly until she was done. Angry at being shut up all by myself, I made a sign saying, “I HAVE LICE” and taped it to the window of the conference room for all her co-workers to see. Kids are unpredictable.我妈妈喜欢讲我小时候她带我去工作的一个故事。那次我不能去上学,但她有一个工作任务快到截止日期了,不能等。她把我安置在一间会议室里,让我安静地看书、涂色,等她完成工作。我很生气她把我一个人关起来,于是做了一个牌子,上面写道:“我身上有虱子”,我把它粘到会议室的窗户上,好让她所有的同事都能看见。孩子真是不可预测。— Emily, Minneapolis——Emily,明尼阿波利斯‘He Began Rolling His Toy Trucks Over My Toes’“他开始用玩具卡车碾我的脚趾”When I was doing an important telephone interview at home for my newspaper, my youngest son decided I wasn’t paying enough attention to him, and after trying to get my attention and failing to do so, he began rolling his toy trucks over my toes. I can fully relate to this situation. I think it’s hilarious. It’s what comes with having kids.我在家里为我的报纸进行一次重要的电话采访时,我的小儿子认为我对他的关注不够,在试图引起我的注意而不起效后,他开始用玩具卡车碾我的脚趾。我完全能理解这种局面。我觉得非常好笑。这是养孩子的代价。— Anne Amato, via Facebook——安·阿马托(Anne Amato),通过Facebook‘Mommy, Come Wipe Me!’“妈妈,来给我擦屁股!”Oh, this brings back memories. My favorite was when I was on a call with the executive team of the Fortune 500 health insurance company I worked for discussing health care reform when one of my children yelled from the bathroom, very loudly, “Mommy, come wipe me!”哦,这唤醒了我的很多回忆。我最喜欢的故事是,有一次,我与当时我工作的一家财富500强医疗保险公司的管理层打电话,讨论医疗改革的事,我的一个孩子在卫生间里非常大声地喊道,“妈妈,来给我擦屁股!”— Ann Kuhns, Sacramento——安·库恩斯(Ann Kuhns),萨克拉门托‘My Toddler Decided to Take His Clothes Off’“我年幼的孩子决定脱掉衣”I don’t work from home unless I’m on call. I once took a phone call and stepped outside to get some quiet. My toddler decided to take his clothes off and run around the front yard and then start down the street. So I chased a naked child for a few minutes before negotiating with him to put clothes on. I did a pretty good job of keeping the phone muted when I didn’t need to talk. Except for one time when I said: “O.K. fine, you can stay out here with me, but you have to put clothes on. At least shorts.”我一般不在家工作,除非轮到我待命。有一次,我接到一个电话,我走到外面,想安静点。我年幼的孩子决定脱掉衣,在前院乱跑,然后跑到了大街上。所以我就追着一个赤身裸体的孩子跑了几分钟,然后我跟他商量,让他穿上衣。不需要说话时,我非常小心地把电话静音。只有一次,在我说下面这句话时忘了静音:“哦,好吧,你可以跟我一起待在外面,但你必须穿上衣。至少穿短裤。”— Gretal Kinney, via Facebook——格雷特尔·金尼(Gretal Kinney),通过Facebook‘The Cats Show No Respect’“猫才不管这些呢”I am on the phone all morning while working from home. My talking puts my two dogs fast asleep, and other than the occasional snoring, they are quiet. The cats, however, show no respect. There is a piano just outside my work area, and during a call when I was training a group, the cat decided to jump up on the keyboard and slowly walk on the keys, playing his own tune. Luckily, everyone on the call enjoyed the show and we continued on after completion of the interlude.我在家工作时一上午都在打电话。两只听着我的话很快就睡着了,除了偶尔打鼾,他们很安静。而猫才不管这些呢。我的工作区域外有架钢琴,在我通过电话培训一个小组时,猫决定跳上键盘,慢慢地在琴键上走动,弹奏自己的曲子。幸运的是,电话里的每个人都很喜欢这个节目,一曲终了后,我们继续开会。— Rigaudon, Connecticut——Rigaudon,康涅狄格州 /201703/498492

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