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After months of speculation, the race to become the next UN Secretary-General has reached the point at which support for the official contenders is being tested where it really counts. 在经历了数月的猜测之后,联合UN)秘书长的竞选已达到这样一个节点:对正式竞选者的持正在关键地方受到考验。Two rounds of straw balloting, in which countries are invited to “encourageor “discouragethe candidacy of each nominee, have aly been held by the Security Council. 联合国安理会(UN Security Council)已主持过两轮意向性投票,即邀请各国选择“鼓励”或“不鼓励”每位被提名人竞选。The US candidate of choice is Susanna Malcorra, the current foreign minister of Argentina and former chief of staff to Ban Ki-moon. 而美国青睐的候选人则是阿根廷现任外长、曾任潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)幕僚长的苏珊#8226;马尔科拉(Susanna Malcorra)。Unless something significant changes, the Security Council may need to find a compromise candidate. The most obvious solution would be to rally behind a woman from eastern Europe, of which there are only two left in the field following the withdrawal of Vesna Pusic, Croatian foreign minister.除非出现重大变化,否则联合国安理会可能需要找到一位折中的候选人。最明显的解决办法将是持一位来自东欧的女性候选人——在克罗地亚前外长韦斯娜#8226;普希Vesna Pusic)退出竞选之后,符合这种条件的只有两位候选人了。One is Natalia Gherman, foreign minister of Moldova, and the other is Irina Bokova, the current head of Unesco. With only three encourages and 10 discourages at the last time of asking, Gherman’s support base is probably too narrow. 一位是尔多瓦前外交部长纳塔利#8226;盖尔Natalia Gherman),另一位是联合国教科文组织(Unesco)现任总干事伊琳娜#8226;科Irina Bokova)。盖尔曼在上一次的投票中获得了3票鼓励和10票不鼓励,她的持基础可能过于狭窄。科娃获得票鼓励和7票不鼓励,形势看起来更为有利。Bokova looks better placed with seven encourages and seven discourages. A former Nato fellow, educated both in Russia and in the US, she is known to have personal support within Hilary Clinton’s inner circle and constructive working relations with Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister.科娃曾经在北约访学,并在俄罗斯和美国接受过教育,据悉她获得了希拉里#8226;克林顿核心圈子的个人持,而且还与俄罗斯外长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)有建设性的工作关系。A lot has changed in the way that the UN chooses its Secretary-General. The process is more open and competitive than ever before. 联合国挑选秘书长的方式发生了巨大变化。这一过程比以往任何时候都更加开放和竞争激烈。Yet it remains the case that the strongest candidate is often the one that engenders least opposition within the P5 rather than the greatest support among the UN membership as a whole. 然而,有一点没有变:最有力的候选人往往是在5个常任理事国中引起最小反对的候选人,而不是在所有联合国成员国中获得最多持的候选人。That may offend our understanding of how elections are supposed to work, but it was the basis on which the UN was founded. Better to bind the most powerful nations in by giving them the power of veto than risk going the way of the League of Nations. 这可能与我们对选举运作机制的理解相悖,但这是联合国建立的基础。与其冒险重蹈国际联League of Nations)的覆辙,不如通过给予实力最强的国家否决权而将它们绑在一起。来 /201608/463248

Having reached the current stage of development, China can now advance only through reform and innovation. We have the largest quality workforce as well as the largest pool of scientists, engineers and professionals in the world, and their potential for innovation is truly tremendous.我国发展到现在这个阶段,不靠改革创新没有出路。我们拥有世界上数量最多、素质较高的劳动力,有最大规模的科技和专业技能人才队伍,蕴藏着巨大的创新潜胀?We must make dedicated efforts to deliver services to the people, resolve the difficulties they face, promote social equity and justice, and demonstrate that development does better people’s lives.我们要咬定青山不放松,持之以恒为群众办实事、解难事,促进社会公平正义,把发展硬道理更多体现在增进人民福祉上。The system for ensuring responsibility is taken for poverty elimination will be effectively enforced, the strictest possible evaluations and assessments of poverty alleviation will be carried out, and stern measures will be taken to address deception, falsification, and the manipulation of numbers in poverty elimination work. We must see that the results of our poverty elimination earn the approval of our people and stand the test of time.切实落实脱贫攻坚责任制,实施最严格的评估考核,严肃查处假脱贫、“被脱贫”、数字脱贫,确保脱贫得到群众认可、经得起历史检验。To see that businesses and the public benefit more from our reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, we must cut red tape, level the playing field, provide greater convenience, and remove that last crucial hurdle.我们一定要让企业和群众更多感受到“放管”改革成效,着力打通“最后一公里”,坚决除烦苛之弊、施公平之策、开便利之门。The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain sound, the capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage of commercial bans remain high, and we have many financial tools and instruments that can be used. We have the confidence, the ability, and the means to forestall systemic risks.我国经济基本面好,商业资本充足率、拨备覆盖率比较高,可动用的工具和手段多。对守住不发生系统性金融风险的底线,我们有信心和底气、有能力和办法。We will promote coordinated urban development above and below the ground, and begin construction on at least another 2,000 kilometers of underground utility tunnels in cities. A three-year initiative will be launched to remove the risk of flooding in highly vulnerable urban areas; and further progress will be made in the development of sponge cities. All these efforts will make our cities more attractive and function better.统筹城市地上地下建设,再开工建设城市地下综合管000公里以上,启动消除城区重点易涝区段三年行动,推进海绵城市建设,使城市既有“面子”、更有“里子”。We will promote workmanship and foster a culture of workmanship where workers have a strong ethic and tirelessly seek improvement. We will see great numbers of Chinese workers exemplify workmanship and more Chinese brands enjoy international recognition. We will usher in an era of quality for economic development in China.要大力弘扬工匠精神,厚植工匠文化,恪尽职业操守,崇尚精益求精,培育众多“中国工匠”,打造更多享誉世界的“中国品牌”,推动中国经济发展进入质量时代。Faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. We must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.加快改善生态环境特别是空气质量,是人民群众的迫切愿望,是可持续发展的内在要求。必须科学施策、标本兼治、铁腕治理,努力向人民群众交出合格答卷。Employment is crucial to ensuring people’s well-being. We will focus our efforts on facilitating employment to see that through their hard work, people can create wealth and realize their full potential.我们必须牢牢抓住就业这一民生之本,让人们在劳动中创造财富,在奋斗中实现人生价值。We will improve mechanisms that give incentives and allow for and address mistakes so as to support those who are dedicated to their work and stand behind those who live up to their responsibilities. Every one of us in government must take an active approach to our work and have the courage to tackle the toughest problems, we must work closely with the people, using concrete action to make progress in development, and using genuine hard work to realize a bright future.健全激励机制和容错纠错机制,给干事者鼓劲,为担当者撑腰。广大干部要主动作为、动真碰硬,与人民群众同心协力,以实干推动发展,以实干赢得未来。来 /201703/496561

North Korea attempted to launch an intermediate range ballistic missile off the countrys east coast on last Friday but the launch failed, South Koreas Yonhap News Agency reported.据韩国联合通讯社报道,上周五朝鲜在其东海岸尝试发射一枚中程弹道导弹,但最终试验失败。The failed launch follows North Koreas fourth nuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch the next month, which led to fresh U.N. sanctions.这次失败的试验是朝鲜自今年于1月进行的核试验和2月进行的远程火箭试验后的第三次试验。前两次试验使得联合国对朝鲜进行了新的制裁。Yonhap said the failed launch appeared to be a Musudan missile with a range of more than 3,000 kms (1,800 miles).联合通讯社报道称,该失败试验使用的可能是舞水端导弹,射程超过3000千米800英里)。The U.S. military detected and tracked the missile launch at 0533 Korea time, a Defense Department spokesman said in a statement. The missile did not pose a threat to North America, the statement said. ;We call again on North Korea to refrain from actions and rhetoric that further raise tensions in the region and focus instead on taking concrete steps toward fulfilling its international commitments and obligations,; the official said.美国国防部发言人发表声明称,美国军方是在韩国时3分监测到导弹发射的。声明中还提到,该导弹对北美不会造成任何威胁。该官员表示:“我们再次呼吁朝鲜在言语和行动上避免加深半岛的紧张局势,并且以实际行动履行其国际义务和责任。”Last Friday is the anniversary of North Korean founding president Kim Il Sungs birthday, April 15, and is widely celebrated in the isolated country. In 2012, the day was marked by a long range rocket launch attempt, which also failed.上周五(45日)是朝鲜建国主席金日成的诞辰,举国庆祝012年的这一天,朝鲜同样进行了远距导弹试验,最终结果也失败了。Some experts have said North Korea may choose to test-fire the Musudan in the near future as it tries to build an intercontinental ballistic missile designed to put the mainland ed States within range.一些专家已经表示,朝鲜可能不久就会选择在舞水端进行试射,因为其正试图完成一个将美国大陆纳入射程范围的洲际导弹。North Korea, which regularly threatens to destroy ,South Korea and the ed States, often fires missiles during periods of tension in the region or when it comes under pressure to curb its defiance and abandon its weapons programs.朝鲜经常定期威胁称要毁灭韩国和美国,也经常在半岛局势紧张时,或者是被要求收起气焰、放弃武器项目的时候发射导弹。来 /201604/438448

The election of Donald Trump has generated lots of startling statistics. Here is another: Ray Dalio, head of the Bridgewater hedge fund, crunched the biographies of the incoming administration and found that the top eight officials have a total of just 55 years of government experience, much of which was in the military.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)当选为美国总统产生了许多令人吃惊的统计数据。这里还有一个:对冲基金桥水公司(Bridgewater)掌门人雷?戴利Ray Dalio)挖掘了新政府官员的生平,结果发现位最高层官员总计只有55年的政府经历,其中很大一部分还是在军队。That is paltry compared to the past eight presidents. Barack Obama’s top team (president, vice-president, chief of staff, attorney-general, and secretaries of state, commerce, defence and treasury) had 117 years of collective experience; for the presidencies of George W Bush, Bill Clinton and George HW Bush, it was 80, 101 and 79 respectively.这与过去8位总统相比微不足道。巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)的最高团队(总统、副总统、幕僚长、司法部长、国务卿、商务部长、国防部长和财政部长)总共拥有117年的政府经历;乔W?布什(George W. Bush)、比克林Bill Clinton)和乔HW?布什(George HW Bush)总统手下最高层官员的政府经历总长分别0年01年和79年。Mr Trump’s top team has, however, spent a collective 83 yearsin business. Mr Obama’s administration had just five yes, five years.然而,特朗普的最高团队总共拥有83年的商界经历,而奥巴马政府只有5年的商界经历,没错,就是5年。So the defining feature of Team Trump is not simply that many are ultra rich; it is that they are C-suite hardened. The junior appointments now being made reinforce that pattern. This week, for example, Mr Trump put the Securities and Exchange Commissionin the hands of Jay Clayton, a private sector lawyer who has never worked in government.因此,特朗普团队的标志性特征不只是许多人都是超级富翁;而是有很多人经过了企业最高管理职务的历练。近来任命的较低级职位强化了这种模式。例如,近日特朗普让杰伊?克莱Jay Clayton)执掌美国交SEC),而克莱顿是一位从未在政府部门工作过的私营部门律师。Is this good for American business? One might suggest that some of Mr Trump’s appointments say more about his style than policy substance, in that he prefers to pick people of a similar bent to him, namely government outsiders who hate bureaucratic processes, and stress tangible results.这有利于美国企业吗?有人可能认为,特朗普的一些任命更多地体现了他的风格,而非实质性的政策内容,因为他倾向于选择与自己意气相投的人,即憎恶官僚程序、重视实质成果的政府外部人士。This could be energising. But it is not clear if a team of “doerswill have a coordinating ideology, let alone the diplomatic skills needed to get anything done with Congress. It is also alarming that the appointment of this C-suite team has not stopped Mr Trump’s populist anti-business potshots.这可能令人振奋。但目前尚不清楚的是,一个“实干家”团队能不能拿出一套协调的意识形态,更不用说推动国会合作所需的外交技能了。同时还令人震惊的是,任命这个由前高管组成的团队,并没有阻止特朗普对企业发出民粹主义的抨击。This week General Motors was in the crosshairs of Mr Trump’s Twitter feed (for producing cars in Mexico). Previously it was Ford (which has just cancelled an investment in Mexico because of the pressure). Boeing, Apple and Carrier have been targeted too, and others will follow. This is not the normal behaviour of a business-friendly president.最近,通用汽车(General Motors)因为在墨西哥生产汽车而成为特朗普在Twitter上发文攻击的目标。在它之前是福特(Ford),该公司在压力之下取消了一个墨西哥投资项目。波Boeing)、苹Apple)和开Carrier)也曾是特朗普的攻击目标,接下来肯定会有其他公司。这不是一个亲商的总统的正常行为。But business psychology like Washington politics can be perverse. And what is striking is that every executive I have spoken to recently is determinedly upbeat. “The thing that has impressed me in recent weeks is the change in the animal spirits among business, small and large,David Cote, chairman and chief executive of Honeywell, told me this week. “There is no doubt about it a sense of optimism is there.That is partly due to Mr Trump’s policy proposals, which feature pro-business measures such as tax reforms, deregulation and investment incentives. But the other factor is Mr Dalio’s data point those 83 years of C-suite experience.但是商业心理(与华盛顿政治一样)可能是逆反的。引人注目的是,最近与我交谈的所有高管都坚定地表示乐观。霍尼韦Honeywell)董事长兼首席执行官高德威(David Cote)上周告诉我:“最近几周令我印象深刻的事情是企业动物精神的改变,无论大企业还是小企业都是如此。这一点确定无疑——人们感到乐观。”这在一定程度上归因于特朗普的政策提议,他提出了税收改革、放松监管和投资激励等亲商的措斀?但另一个因素是戴利奥的数据点——特朗普政府高层总计83年的高管经历。While nobody knows whether Mr Trump will actually get anything done (nor whether the Federal Reserve will respond to tax cuts by raising rates), business leaders can see the symbolic shift represented by those cabinet picks.尽管没有人知道特朗普能否真的做成任何事情(也没有人知道美联储是否会通过加息来回应减税),但商界领袖们可以看到内阁人选所代表的象征性转变。And while nobody can create economic growth with mere symbolism, symbols can have a powerful psychological impact. “We are about to experience a profound, president-led ideological shift,Mr Dalio argues. “This could have a much bigger impact on the US economy than one would calculate on the basis of changes in tax and spending policies alone, because it could ignite animal spirits.”尽管没有人仅仅靠象征主义就能创造经济增长,但象征可能产生强大的心理影响。戴利奥辩称:“我们将会经历一个深远的、由总统主导的意识形态转变。它对美国经济的影响,可能远远大于人们仅仅基于税收和出政策变动得出的计算结果,因为它可能点燃动物精神。”As Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electricrecently observed: “You just hear a lot more optimism: people thinking about [investment] projects that we weren’t thinking about before?.?.?.?The sense that we might modernise our tax code?.?.?.?gets people thinking in a different way.”正如通用电气(General Electric)首席执行官杰伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)所的那样:“你听到了更多的乐观想法:人们正在考虑我们此前没有考虑过的(投资)项目……有关我们可能推动税法现代化的感觉……让人们以不同的方式思考。”Such optimism might be misplaced. But it cannot be ignored. The key point for investors is to watch what Mr Trump’s C-suite team actually does on the policy front in the coming months and also to watch what companies such as GE do with their investment plans.此类乐观情绪可能是错位的,但不能忽视它。对投资者来说,关键是观察特朗普的前高管团队未来几个月在政策方面做什么,同时也要观察通用电气等公司在投资计划上有什么动作。That is not just because of Mr Trump’s populist tweets. In economic terms bullying Ford into keeping one car plant in America is almost irrelevant. But if American companies are getting y to unleash more investment, as Mr Immelt says, this could be truly significant; particularly given that capital expenditure has been so disappointingly weak in recent years.这不只是因为特朗普的民粹主义推文。在经济意义上,胁迫福特在美国保留一家汽车厂几乎是无关紧要的。但如果美国企业像伊梅尔特所说的那样准备加大投资,这可能真的意义重大,尤其是考虑到最近几年的资本出疲弱得令人失望。All eyes, then, on the next set of capex statistics; and on the corporate plans that the real C-suite executives will release when they issue their earnings later this month just as Mr Trump’s C-suite cabinet is being sworn in.因此,所有人都会关注下一轮的资本出统计数据,以及真正的企业高管们在本月晚些时候发布财报时公布的企业计划——特朗普的前高管内阁也将在那时宣誓就职。来 /201701/488893

The new U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations took a firm stance against Russian military action in eastern Ukraine Thursday, condemning Moscow’s “aggressive actionsand saying U.S. Crimea related sanctions will remain in place.美国新任驻联合国大使周四对俄罗斯在乌克兰东部的军事行动表达了坚定立场,谴责莫斯科的“侵略行径”,并称美国因俄罗斯吞并克里米亚而实施的相关制裁将继续下去。“I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia,Nikki Haley told the U.N. Security Council at her first public meeting since being confirmed last week as President Donald Trump’s U.N. envoy. “We do want better relations with Russia,Haley said. “However, the dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions.”尼基·黑利担任川普总统驻联合国大使的提名自上周得到确认后,首次在联合国安理会的公开会上发言,她说:“我必须谴责俄罗斯的侵略行径。黑利说:“我们希望与俄罗斯有更好的关系…但是鉴于乌克兰东部的恶劣局势,必须对俄罗斯提出明确和强烈的谴责。”Haley said U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula also will remain in place until control of that territory is returned to Kyiv.她还说,美国针对俄罗斯吞并乌克兰克里米亚半岛实施的制裁也将继续有效,直到该领土的控制权归还基辅。During the months long presidential campaign, Donald Trump expressed admiration for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and there are questions about whether Russia interfered in the U.S. election in order to undermine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. These left many foreign policy observers wondering whether the Trump administration would take a hard line on Moscow. Haley’s comments appeared to indicate the administration is not prepared to pursue improved relations with Moscow at any price.在长达数个月的总统竞选期间,川普对俄罗斯总统普京的领导能力表示钦佩,同时也有人怀疑俄罗斯为了破坏民主党候选人希拉釷克林顿的竞选而可能对美国选举进行了干预。这些让许多外交政策观察人士想知道,川普政府能否会对莫斯科采取强硬立场黑利的言论似乎表明,新政府不会不惜一切代价谋求与莫斯科改善关系。Earlier Thursday, The U.S. Treasury Department announced it is easing some restrictions on business transactions with Russias Security Service (FSB), despite cyber- sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama.周四早些时候,美国财政部宣布放宽对与俄罗斯安全局(FSB)的商业交易的一些限制,尽管前总统奥巴马进行了网络制裁。White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the move does not mean the ed States is easing sanctions on Russia.白宫发言人肖恩·斯派塞说,这并不意味着美国正在放松对俄罗斯的制裁。来 /201702/490282

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