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我们都知道每个国家都有各自的禁忌,所以掌握各个国家的忌讳,有助于人际关系的交往。这样可以避免很多误解和尴尬。和美国人聊天的一些小忌讳:Introduction: Standard American English Tips标准英语小贴士Speaking English is not only about using proper grammar. To use English effectively, you need to understand the culture in which it is spoken. Here are a number of important tips to remember when speaking English in the ed States.说英语不仅仅要语法正确。想要有效的使用英语,你需要了解语言使用国的文化。如果你在美国说英语,那么下面这些注意事项是你应该了解的。General Points to Remember你需要记住的是:Most Americans only speak English: While it is true that more and more Americans speak Spanish, most Americans only speak English. Don#39;t expect them to understand your native language.大部分美国人只说英语:现在越来越多的美国人能说西班牙语是事实,但是大部分的美国人只说英语,所以别指望他们能听懂你的母语。Americans have difficulties understanding foreign accents: Many Americans are not used to foreign accents. This requires patience from both of you!美国人理解外国口音有困难:很多美国人不习惯外国口音,所以你们交谈双方都需要有耐心。Conversation Tips交谈沟通秘籍Speak about location: Americans love to talk about location. When speaking to a stranger, ask them where they are from and then make a connection with that place. For example: ;Oh, I have a friend who studied in Los Angeles. He says it#39;s a beautiful place to live.; Most Americans will then willingly talk about their experiences living or visiting that particular city or area.谈论地点:美国人喜欢谈论地点。和陌生人说话的时候,可以问问他们从哪里来然后找到自己跟那个地方的联系。比如可以说:“啊,我有个朋友在洛杉矶学习,他说那地方很漂亮。”这时大部分美国人就会很愿意谈起他们居住或者到过那个特殊的地方或地区的经历。Talk about work: Americans commonly ask ;What do you do?;. It#39;s not considered impolite (as in some countries) and is a popular topic of discussion between strangers.谈论工作:美国人通常会问“What do you do?”在某些国家会被认为这是不礼貌的,但美国不是的,这只是陌生人之间聊天的一个流行话题。Talk about sports: Americans love sports! However, they love American sports. When speaking about football, most Americans understand ;American Football;, not soccer.谈论运动:美国人超爱运动!不过,他们喜欢美国的运动。如果说到football,大部分美国人会理解成橄榄球而不是足球。Be careful when expressing ideas about race, religion or other sensitive topics: The ed States is a multi-cultural society. Especially in the last few years, Americans are trying very hard to be sensitive to other cultures and ideas. Talking about sensitive topics like religion or beliefs, is often avoided in order to be sure not to offend someone of a different belief system. This is often referred to as being ;politically correct;.说到种族、宗教或者其他敏感话题要小心:美国是一个多文化的社会。特别是近几年,美国人对其他文化和观点非常特别的敏感。像宗教或者信仰之类的敏感话题通常都不会在谈话中提及,以免冒犯别人。这就是经常被提到的“政治正确”。Addressing People称呼Use last names with people you do not know: Address people using their title (Mr, Ms, Dr) and their last names.对不认识的人要称呼他们的姓:用他们的头衔(先生、女士、士等)加上他们的姓。Always use ;Ms; when addressing women: It is important to use ;Ms; when addressing a woman. Only use ;Mrs; when the woman has asked you to do so!称呼女性的时候通常用“Ms”:称呼女性的时候用“Ms”,这很重要。如果对方要求你称呼“Mrs” 那再照办好了。Many Americans prefer first names: Americans often prefer using first names, even when dealing with people in very different positions. Americans will generally say, ;Call me Tom.; and then expect you to remain on a first name basis.很多人喜欢被叫名字:美国人通常喜欢用他们的名字,即使是和身份非常不同的人打交道。他们通常会说,“叫我Tom”,然后真的希望你用他们的名字来称呼他们(不是客气的哦)。Americans prefer informal: In general, Americans prefer informal greetings and using first names or nicknames when speaking with colleagues and acquaintances.美国人不拘小节:通常情况下,美国人喜欢非正式的问候,提到他们的同事或者使用名字或者熟人的时候喜欢用昵称。Public Behavior注意公共场合的行为Always shake hands: Americans shake hands when greeting each other. This is true for both men and women. Other forms of greeting such as kissing on the cheeks, etc., is generally not appreciated.常握手:美国人相互致意的时候喜欢握手,这是男女通用的。其他的比如亲吻脸颊之类的方式是非常不推荐的。Look your partner in the eye: Americans look each other in the eyes when they are speaking as a way of showing that they are sincere.看对方的眼睛:美国人想要表达关注的时候会在说话的时候看着对方的眼睛。Don#39;t hold hands: Same sex friends do not usually hold hands or put their arms around each other in public in the ed States.别拉手:在美国,同性朋友们在公共场合不太会手拉手或者挽住对方的胳膊。Smoking is Out!! Smoking, even in public places, is strongly disapproved of by most Americans in the modern ed States.吸烟很老土!!在当代的美国,吸烟,尤其是在公共场合吸烟,是非常不被大众接受的行为。 /201208/196181Aries:白羊座You might be lucky enough to reach your fitness goal by simplycutting out b and taking up jogging. Most Aries have a highrate of metabolism, and they love going fast. But it#39;s difficultfor you to be patient. Just remember, Aries: If you keep this up,you#39;ll look extra hot for summer.白羊们足够幸运,只需少吃点面包再加上点慢跑就能达到减肥的目标。大部分白羊新陈代谢旺盛而且喜欢高速运动,但是让白羊们保持耐心是件困难的事情,白羊们要记住:如果你能坚持下去,夏天来临的时候你会看上去很诱人哦!Taurus:金牛座Dieting is tough on you, dear Taurus. You love food,especially sweets, and while you#39;re not lazy, exercising is NOTyour favorite pastime. For you, a diet plan involving smaller mealsallowing a few sweets, coupled with yoga, Tai Chi, and/or a15-minute walk each day could slim you down-surely butslowly.亲爱的,节食对你来说很困难,你太好吃,尤其是甜食,虽然你不懒,但是不喜欢运动,对你来说,每餐少吃一点点,允许吃点甜食,加上瑜伽、太极和每天15分钟的步行可能会让你瘦下来 ——肯定有效不过比较缓慢。Gemini:双子座The Twins go like racehorses, and operate mostly on nervousenergy. Therefore, a diet/exercise program that relies less onspeed and more on building strength, such as protein and weighttraining, could generate sufficient endurance to see you throughhours of beach volleyball.双子行动起来像匹赛马,主要靠兴奋劲儿运转,因此一个基于增加力量而不是速度的节食/运动计划比如增加肌肉蛋白质和重量的训练激发的耐力足以持你打完数小时沙滩排球。Cancer:巨蟹座You love to cook, Cancer, and to sample your wares whilepreparing them! Avoid temptation by adopting a nutritional programinvolving pre-measured, prepared meals. For exercise, try yoga andaerobics s at home alone. You#39;re not yet comfortable scantilyclad in front of others.蟹蟹们,你们热爱烹调,还喜欢在下厨的时候选取不同的厨具!避免那些包含事先称好的熟食的营养计划的诱惑。选择瑜伽和有氧运动的录像,自己在家练习,在众人面前穿太少,你会感觉不自在。Leo:狮子座If you try to become slim and fit overnight, Leo, you#39;re indanger of failure, because you#39;ll surely cheat. You#39;re in a hurryto look your very best, but you enjoy food too much to cut yourcalorie intake too low. Be patient and take it slow. Taking uprunning or swimming might help.如果你想一夜之间变苗条,狮子们,那么你面临失败的危险,因为你肯定会作弊。你很急于让自己看上去很棒,但是你太喜欢美食以至于没法把吸收的热量减下来。耐心一点,慢慢来,跑步或游泳或许对你有帮助。Virgo:处女座Health and fitness probably aren#39;t much of a problem for you,Virgo. You don#39;t put on weight easily, and you#39;re conscientiousabout fitness. For variety, try another dietary regimen and a newexercise program. It might make more of a difference than you#39;dthink.健康和保持身材对你来说不是什么大问题,处女们,你们不会轻易发胖,而且你们非常注重健康。来点变化,尝试一下规定饮食养生法和新的运动项目,它们可能带来你意想不到的作用。Libra:天秤座Balance is your keyword-and when striving for fitness,remember that, Libra. You might work out like an Olympian onemoment, and totally quit the next, scarfing down sweets and veggingout in front of the TV. Adopt a program that#39;s reasonable. You#39;llbe more likely to succeed.平衡是你的关键词,当你努力健身的时候,天秤们,记住这一点。你可能一会儿像奥林匹克运动员一样拼命,一会儿又彻底停下不动,用毛巾擦汗,在屏幕前松懈下来。制定一个合理的计划,你成功的可能性会比较大。Scorpio:天蝎座When you work towards health and fitness, Scorpio, you#39;recapable of cutting down to just enough to keep you alive. But ifyou do what many Scorpios do to stay fit-embrace the martialarts-you#39;ll need to eat more. You#39;ll never get that black belt ifyou#39;re starving.当你向健康和减肥进军的时候,蝎子们,你们能够把食量减少到仅够维持生命的地步,不过如果你用许多蝎子保持身材的方法—武术—你需要多吃点,忍饥挨饿可甭想拿到黑带。Sagittarius:射手座You#39;re athletic, Sag, and are usually pretty fit. But youprobably eat a lot as well, and in spite of your activities, youprobably did gain weight over the winter. Avoid weight training andconcentrate on running, swimming, and doing the tmill. Forfood: concentrate on fruits and salads.射手们,你们体格健壮,通常身材很不错,但是运动之外你吃的也很多,所以冬天很可能会发胖,避免重量训练,集中精力于跑步、游泳和踏步。食物以水果和沙拉为主。Capricorn:羯座You alternate between eating hardly at all and feasting ongourmet foods-and you almost never find time to exercise with yourbusy work schedule. However, in summer, the pull of the beaches maybe too strong to resist for the Sea Goat. Change your habits. Eathealthy. Walk at least twice a day-perhaps to and from theoffice.你必须在努力节食和享受丰盛的美食之间做出选择——你的工作太忙,几乎没有时间锻炼。但是夏天海滩的诱惑可能让热爱大海的海豚们实在难以抗拒,那么改变你的习惯吧,健康饮食,每天至少步行两次——也许是上班和下班的路上。Aquarius:水瓶座Adventure is your game-and that includes your fitnessprograms. Exotic foods from faraway places are especially appealingto the Water Bearer, and any outlandish sort of exercise seems theperfect way for you to get in shape. For summer fitness, indulge inlighter faire from around the world, and try a group exerciseprogram to feed your love of people.冒险是你的游戏——你的健身计划也是其中一部分。远道而来的异国食物对水瓶有特殊的吸引力,任何洋派的运动都是你的塑身佳法,夏天健身,沉溺于来自世界各地的减肥运动,尝试一组不同的运动项目来满足你对民族的喜好吧。Pisces:双鱼座Your biggest challenge is that you tend to retain water. Toincrease your fitness level, Pisces, avoid excess salt-and, oddlyenough, drink plenty of water. Concentrate on fruits andvegetables, and for exercise, yoga by far suits your temperamentwell. A walk each day would also make a huge difference. Remember:you are ruled by the feet-so splurge on some great walkingshoes!你面临的最大挑战来自你倾向于保持水分。提高你的健身水平,鱼鱼们,避免过多的盐,喝足够的水。集中在水果和蔬菜上。各种运动中,瑜伽最符合你的性情。每天步行很重要。记住:你的双脚配着你,所以在你的步行鞋上奢侈一下吧! /201209/199151

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