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黑龙江省哈尔滨市五院妇产科延寿县中医院在线咨询黑龙江省农垦总局总医院收费标准 Michael Chow looked at ease in his favorite banquette at the Carlyle hotel, beneath a portrait of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in their Easy Rider prime, but something in his peripheral vision nagged at him.周英华看上去轻松自在,他坐在卡莱尔饭店自己最心爱的靠墙软座里,头上是一幅彼得#8226;方达(Peter Fonda)与丹尼斯#8226;霍珀(Dennis Hopper)的照片,照片上的两人正值出演《逍遥骑士》(Easy Rider)的全盛时期。但是透过眼角余光,他看到的景象有点让他心烦。A nearby couple had gotten up to avail themselves of the breakfast buffet, leaving their table askew. 不远处有对伴侣起身去拿自助早餐,他们的桌子歪歪斜斜地放在那儿。Through his signature circular spectacles, Mr Chow kept darting glances that way.周英华透过他标志性的圆形眼镜不住地盯着那边。The table’s not straight, he finally said, giving the impression that he was prepared to get up and tackle the symmetry issue on his own if need be. 桌子放得不正,最后他说,让人觉得,如果有必要,他好像打算亲自过去解决这个对称问题。I’ve been in the restaurant business too long.我在餐饮行业待得太久了。That longevity, he contends, has hinged on his paying attention to countless details, both great and small. 他强调,正是由于对各种细节事无巨细的关注,他才能这么持久。Mr Chow opened Mr Chow — the original, in a glamorous neighborhood of London — on Valentine’s Day in 1968. 1968年的情人节那天,周英华在伦敦的繁华地带开了最早的一家Mr Chow餐厅。Almost half a century later, at the age of 77, he can remember how that felt.将近半个世纪之后,77岁的他还记得当时的感觉。On the first night, everybody came: the Stones, the Beatles, he said. 第一天晚上,所有人都来了:滚石(Stones)、披头士(Beatles),他说。Everybody was rocking. 所有人都那么摇滚。The energy there was fantastic.气场棒极了。It snowballed. 他的生意越做越大。A Beverly Hills, Calif., branch opened in 1974; in 1978, Mr Chow came to East 57th Street, and 10 years ago, to TriBeCa. 1974年,他在加利福尼亚州的比佛利山庄开了分店;1978年,Mr Chow来到了东57街;10年前,又来到了翠贝卡。Everything that was surging in high art and pop culture seemed to converge and collide over noodles and dumplings at Mr Chow. 高雅艺术和流行文化界的一切新潮似乎都在Mr Chow餐厅摆列面条和饺子的餐桌上融汇、碰撞。He ticked off the names of film directors, musicians, actors, painters and models like Federico Fellini, Daniel Barenboim, Jack Nicholson, David Hockney, Yoko Ono, Jerry Hall.他谈起不少电影导演、音乐家、演员、画家和模特的名字,比如费德里科#8226;费里尼(Federico Fellini)、丹尼尔#8226;巴伦伊姆(Daniel Barenboim)、杰克#8226;尼克尔森(Jack Nicholson)、大卫#8226;霍克尼(David Hockney)、小野洋子和杰莉#8226;霍尔(Jerry Hall)。But along with success came scrutiny, including a scathing zero-star review in The New York Times from Frank Bruni, who wrote in 2006 of a lamb shank at the TriBeCa restaurant: If I learned that it had been plucked from a freezer after the better part of a decade and then nuked in a microwave for the better part of a day, I’d be shocked. 但是伴随成功而来的还有挑剔。比如2006年,《纽约时报》上就曾经刊登过一篇尖刻的餐评,给Mr Chow打了零星,作者是弗兰克#8226;布鲁尼(Frank Bruni)。他这样描写翠贝卡餐厅的一份羊腿肉:如果我知道它是在冰箱里放了快10年才拿出来,然后又在微波炉里加热了差不多有一天,我会震惊的。It didn’t taste nearly that tender or flavorful. 它尝起来远没有那么柔嫩美味。Adam Platt, the New York magazine critic, reported that a dish called Drunken Fish ( à la carte) consisted of a couple of wet pieces of sole sunk in a curious gelatinous substance which had no color and very little taste and looked perilously like pond slime.《纽约》(New York)杂志的家亚当#8226;普拉特(Adam Platt)写道:一盘名叫醉鱼(单点31美元)的菜里有两片湿呼呼的鲽鱼,泡在没有颜色,也没什么味道的奇怪胶质物里面,看上去简直有点像池塘里的烂泥。Under normal circumstances, lines like those would be enough to sink a restaurant. Yet the Mr Chows in Los Angeles and New York are still thriving, drawing celebrities and other customers who weren’t born yet in 1968, or 1974, or 1978.一般情况下,这样的足够毁掉一家餐厅,但是洛杉矶和纽约的Mr Chow餐厅仍然红火,吸引着各界名流和其他在1968年、1974年和1978年还没出生的宾客们。Somehow, at a time when 10 years seems a full life span for big-city restaurants, Mr Chow persists, and even grows. 如今这个时代,对于大城市的餐厅来说,10年似乎已经足以走完从盛到衰的生命历程,但是Mr Chow却生存下来,而且还在发展壮大。A Las Vegas outpost arrived at Caesars Palace late last year; a Mexico City version is around the corner, and Mr Chow is building a 60,000-square-foot art and cuisine center in Los Angeles.去年年底,它的分店在凯撒宫开张;墨西哥城店也快要开了,周英华目前还在洛杉矶打造一家占地6万平方英尺的艺术与美食中心。In this sense, the Mr Chow brand has evolved into a prime example of the bulletproof restaurant. 在这个意义上,Mr Chow已经发展为一个屹立不倒的餐厅的典型。Just as there are superhero movies and hit songs that continue to rally a wide audience despite the wincing disapproval of critics, the allure of Mr Chow does not seem to dim no matter how many times customers are told that they’re crazy to pay that much for stir-fry.虽有家们的皱眉反对,超级英雄电影和热门金曲还在继续吸引大批观众和听众;同理,不管消费者被告知多少次,花那么多钱吃Mr Chow的炒菜简直是发疯,它的魅力似乎依然没有减弱分毫。If critics tend to say that nobody goes to Mr Chow for the food, Mr Chow and his wife, Eva, who plays a key role in the brand’s expansion, beg to differ. 家们会说,人们去Mr Chow根本不是为了吃饭,周英华和他的妻子,在品牌扩张中发挥了关键作用的艾娃(Eva)对此不能苟同。Their fare is an authentic reflection of Beijing cuisine, they say, and they recruit chefs and cooks from Hong Kong and Beijing to prepare it.他们说,他们的菜肴是北京菜的真实反映,而且,他们的主厨和厨师都是从香港和北京聘请的。Sticky-sweet, gooey-sweet and crunchy-sweet can seem to be the dominant effects, but for diners who hew closely to the dependable territory of soup dumplings and salt-and-pepper prawns, a pleasant meal can be had.菜品的主要口感似乎是甜腻、甜糊和甜脆,但是对于那些只点可靠的菜肴,比如馄饨与咸辣口味的对虾的食客们来说,他们还是可以享受到愉快的一餐。Should you point out that the prices seem punishingly high (Beijing duck, for instance, is per person), Mr Chow will smile and nod in affirmation. 如果你说,这里的菜价实在高得过分(比如,北京烤鸭是74美元一位),周英华会笑着点头表示同意。Steep prices are part of the strategy.极高的价格也是战略的一部分。People say, ‘Oh, it’s so expensive,’ he said. 人们会说,‘啊,太贵了’,他说。I say, ‘Fantastic!’ He added: Expensive is important. 我却说,‘太棒了!’他补充说,昂贵是很重要的。Very important.非常重要。First off, charging exorbitant prices has allowed him to make a statement about the cuisine of his homeland. (His name at birth, in Shanghai, was Zhou Yinghua; his father, Zhou Xinfang, was a titanic star of the Peking Opera.)首先,定高价是他对自己家乡菜的一种宣示(周英华在上海出生,他的父亲周信芳是一位京剧大师)。Chinese food was supposed to be cheap, Mr Chow said. 中国菜过去一直被当做便宜货,周英华说。I changed all that. 我改变了这一点。But it took me almost half a century.但是这花了我将近半个世纪的时间。He is happy to go further. (Too old to be too cautious, he said.)他还乐于走得更远(我太老了,来不及谨慎行事了,他说)。 Are those pricey portions at Mr Chow noticeably small? Yes, he said, on purpose. Mr Chow的昂贵菜品菜量是不是特别少呢?是的,他说,这是故意的。He always wanted portion sizes to stand in stark opposition to the heaping platters at chain restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory, where you might dig into a salad you keep eating for two hours. 他一直希望Mr Chow的菜量和Cheesecake Factory之类连锁店的大盘子大碗形成鲜明对比,在那样的地方,沙拉能让你吃上两个钟头。(At breakfast in the Carlyle, he consumed only a bowl of plain yogurt.)(在卡莱尔饭店吃早饭时,他只吃了一碗原味酸奶)。High prices have also allowed him to foster the see-and-be-seen cachet he wants to cultivate. 高昂的价格也让他为餐厅创造出那种上流场所的气派,那正是他想要的。To this day, a Champagne cart rolls up alongside your table when you sit down at Mr Chow. 直到今天,在Mr Chow入座时,侍者还会推着香槟车走过你的桌边。Champagne is luxury, he explained. 香槟是奢侈品,他解释说。There’s no luxury without fantasy. 有奢侈品就有幻想。And no fantasy without sex.有幻想就有性。Does it seem like kind of a show? It’s supposed to. 这听上去有点像作秀?要的就是这个效果。It’s all about theater, said Mr Chow, also a painter whose artwork was recently shown in an exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. 这一切都是戏剧性效果,周英华说。他也是一个画家,作品前不久曾在匹兹堡的安迪#8226;沃霍尔美术馆展出。It’s very important that you cast it like a theater. 像打造一出戏剧那样去塑造它,这很重要。It’s all about, ‘Don’t bore the audience.’一切都是为了‘别让观众感到无聊’。Servers, whose ancestral homelands are apt to lie closer to the Mediterranean than to the Yellow Sea, hover like Broadway stagehands, making sure that props are in place.餐厅务员的祖国大多更靠近地中海,而不是黄海。他们像百老汇的舞台工作人员一样忙来忙去,确保道具就位。At his table at the Carlyle, Mr Chow demonstrated how he always wants the tines of a fork to be pointed downward, toward the table. 在卡莱尔饭店的桌边,周英华演示了他如何一直要求摆放叉子时,叉子尖一定要向下,冲着桌面(他总是担心如果叉尖向上,如果有人不小心拍在上面,会让叉子飞起来,刺中眼睛)。(He harbors an anxiety that when they are pointed upward, someone could accidentally smack them and send the fork flying into an eye.) It can take weeks, he said, to teach a server to place the utensils properly.他说,教会一个侍者怎样摆好餐具可能需要花费好几周的时间。If you build an environment based on details like that, you will create a harmony, he said. 如果你营造这样一种建立在细节基础上的氛围,就能创造出一种和谐,他说。Every single thing you do properly. 每一件小事都做得恰如其分。It’s all connected.一切都是联系在一起的。Julian Schnabel, the artist and filmmaker who has been a Mr Chow regular since around 1980, said that sense of harmony can be felt from the moment you pass through the front door. 艺术家、导演朱利安#8226;施纳贝尔(Julian Schnabel) 自从1980年左右便是Mr Chow的常客。他说,一走进大门,便可以感受到那种和谐。You feel like you’re going somewhere auspicious when you go there, he said. 到那里去,你会觉得来到了一个吉祥的地方,他说。There’s a sense of ceremony about it. 有一种庆典的氛围。He’s got a method to his madness, I guess.我猜他这种近乎疯狂的做法自有它的道理。In his 1996 film, Basquiat, a portrait of his friend the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mr Schnabel shot scenes in the Midtown Mr Chow to recreate the ambience of a place where stalwarts of the Upper East Side establishment could trade glances with strivers from the worlds of avant-garde painting and hip-hop.施纳贝尔1996年的电影《轻狂岁月》(Basquiat)描绘了他的朋友、画家让-米切尔#8226;巴斯奎特(Jean-Michel Basquiat)。施纳贝尔在中城的Mr Chow取景,重现了那种上东区主流社会的拥趸与前卫绘画派和嘻哈乐圈的奋斗者彼此对视的氛围。I think there’s a great understanding of spaces, in the places he has, so that people can see each other, he said.我觉得他的餐厅有对空间的极好理解,人们可以相互看得见,他说。The actress Olivia Wilde, a frequent customer at Mr Chow in TriBeCa and elsewhere, echoed that notion of ceremony. 女演员奥利维娅#8226;怀尔德(Olivia Wilde)是翠贝卡及其他地区的Mr Chow餐厅的常客。It makes you feel like you are part of something that is larger than just a meal, she said. 她也提到庆典这个概念。I think that’s why people are drawn to it.它让你觉得你属于某种比一顿饭更宏大的东西的一部分,她说,我觉得那是它吸引人的原因。If there is something cinematic about the mise-en-scène, that is probably no accident. 如果说餐厅的氛围有某种电影的感觉,那很可能不是偶然。Ms Wilde said that she and Mr Chow have a continuing conversation in which she will randomly mention the name of a movie from the past century. 怀尔德说,她和周英华一直在对话,当她随便提到上个世纪某部电影的名字。He can tell you the opening shot of the film, she said. I challenge you to challenge him.他能告诉你那部电影的开场镜头,她说,我建议你也向他挑战一下。His attention to detail applies to customers, too. 他对细节的关注也用在顾客身上。When her son, Otis, was 9 days old, Ms Wilde and her partner, the actor Jason Sudeikis, dropped into Mr Chow for a meal. 怀尔德的儿子奥蒂斯(Otis)9天大时,她和男友演员杰森#8226;苏代基斯(Jason Sudeikis)去Mr Chow餐厅吃饭。She soon realized that she needed to heat up some milk to feed the baby. 她很快意识到需要热点奶喂孩子。Servers took note.务员注意到了。They brought me the most beautiful silver bowl of water to warm up the breast milk, she said with a laugh.他们拿来一个非常好看的银碗,里面盛着热水,供我热母乳,她大笑着说。If there is one central principle that keeps the Mr Chow mission chugging along, it’s the same that applies to Shake Shack or Starbucks: consistency. 如果有一个中心原则,推动周英华的生意不断稳步前进,那就是与Shake Shack或星巴克(Starbucks)相同的原则:一致性。If you are familiar with the at the Southern California branch of Mr Chow, and happen to drift into the Midtown Manhattan branch, don’t worry: The is essentially the same.如果你熟悉Mr Chow南加州分店的菜单,然后偶然走进曼哈顿中城的分店,那你不必担心:菜单本质上是一样的。I do love how loyal to the original they stay, Ms Wilde said. It’s so nice to be able to walk in and not look at a : ‘This is what I want. 我非常喜欢他们如此忠于最初的菜单,怀尔德说,这真是很美好的事:走进去,不用看菜单就说:‘我想要这个。This is what I’m craving.’这个我渴望已久。’In Beverly Hills, we have waiters that have been with us since 1974, Ms Chow said. 周夫人说,在贝弗利山,有些务员从1974年就在那里工作了。Many of today’s loyal customers, she added, are the children of their fans from the 1970s and ’80s.她补充说,如今的很多忠实顾客是我们在20世纪七八十年代的粉丝的孩子。The couple live in Los Angeles but are buying a place in Brooklyn. 这对夫妇住在洛杉矶,不过正在布鲁克林购房。Ms Chow recently worked closely with a manufacturer in Ohio to help create mass-market versions of three signature Mr Chow sauces.周夫人最近正在与俄亥俄州的一个厂商密切合作,开发三种Mr Chow标志性酱汁的大众市场款。Mr Chow has three children: China, Asia and Maximillian, who is the head of culinary operations for the restaurants. 周英华有三个孩子,分别名叫中国(China)、亚洲(Asia)和马克西米利安(Maximillian)。(He has been married three times, once to the fashion editor Grace Coddington.)最后这位掌管餐厅的厨房运作(他结过三次婚,有一任妻子是时尚编辑格蕾丝#8226;柯丁顿[Grace Coddington])。Ultimately, the secret behind Mr Chow may simply be Mr Chow himself. 说到底,Mr Chow餐厅背后的秘密,可能就是周英华本人。There is a reason the man’s portrait has been painted by the likes of Warhol, Basquiat and Keith Haring. 沃霍尔(Warhol)、巴斯奎特(Basquiat)和基思#8226;哈林(Keith Haring)等人画过他的肖像是有原因的。In person, he is effortlessly charming and unflappable, tossing out es from philosophers and smiling in a way that suggests that critics who harp on the air-kissy, grand-operatic excess of his restaurants are missing the point.他轻松自如,充满魅力,从容镇定,经常引用哲学家的名言。他微笑的方式像是在暗示,那些大肆谈论他的餐厅宏大奢华歌剧风格的批评家们没有切中要点。Running a restaurant is rumored to be impossible. 据说经营餐厅是一件不可能成功的事。Mr Chow respectfully disagrees. 周英华不敢苟同。Very easy, no? he said. 非常容易,不是吗?他说。Be true to yourself — you can’t go wrong. 忠于你自己——你不可能出错。Don’t follow trends. 不要追随潮流。Be yourself. 做你自己。Just be true.就是诚实。Moments later, having left the Carlyle, he sent a text that signed off with his own emoticon:片刻之后,离开卡莱尔饭店,他发来一条短信,以他自己的表情符号结尾:~O-O~.~O-O~。 /201609/466809哈尔滨哪个医院看妇科病看的好

哈尔滨专业的妇科医院有哪些First, the good news: the cost of raising kids rose at a slower rate between 2014 and 2015 than any typical year since 1960, says government data released this month. The bad news? Well, you make want to take a seat. If you#39;re planning to have any more kids, it#39;s going to cost you—and maybe a lot more than you thought it would. Even though the cost rose only 3 percent, it#39;s still above the rate of inflation and the total price tag is quite hefty when you think about it.首先,有则好消息:本月政府发布的数据显示:自1960年以来,2014年到2015年间,养育孩子的费用涨幅最低。那坏消息呢?你最好还是坐下来听我慢慢宣布。如果你还想再生孩子,那么其成本可能会比你以为的要多得多。虽然养育孩子的费用只涨了3%,但仍然超过了通货膨胀率,当你认真思考时,你会发现总价格还是相当高的。The average cost for a middle-income married couple to raise a child from birth to age 18 for kids born in 2015 was a whopping 3,610, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. The cost for low-income families ranged as low as 4,690 and as high as 2,210 for wealthy families.据农业部门的一份报告显示:2015年,中等收入家庭的结婚夫妇将宝宝从出生抚养到18岁需平均投入233,610美元,数目不小吧?而低收入家庭最低也要投入174,690美元;富裕家庭最高会投入372,210美元。But how much you end up paying overall depends a lot on where you live. Families living in Northeast urban areas (think New York City and Boston, for example) pay the highest cost for raising kids, followed by families living in West Coast urban areas (think Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle) and urban areas in Southern states (think Dallas, Atlanta and Miami). Parents raising kids in rural areas pay the least, but then, they also lack access to some things urban and suburban parents have at their disposal.但是最终投入的金额在很大程度上与你的居住地相关。生活在东北城区(比如纽约城和波士顿)的家庭,他们在养育孩子方面出最多;生活在西海岸城区(比如洛杉矶、旧金山和西雅图)和南部各州(比如达拉斯、亚特兰大和迈阿密)的家庭则紧随其后。生活在乡村的父母在养育孩子方面出最少,但他们也缺少城区或次城区父母所能接触到的东西。Average costs for families in urban Midwest and rural areas are the lowest.中西部城区和乡村地区的家庭,他们的平均成本是最低的。So what does the breakdown look like?所以细分下来是怎么样呢?From birth until age 18, you#39;ll shell out that cost divided somewhat like this:从出生到成年,你的出成本细则可能是这样的:29 percent on housing29%用于供房18 percent on food18%用于食物16 percent on child care and education16%用于儿童看护和教育15 percent on transportation15%用于交通9 percent on health care9%用于医疗7 percent on miscellaneous costs (this includes things such as personal care items, entertainment, devices such as portable media players and computers, sports equipment, and non-school ing materials)7%用于各杂项出(包括个人洗护用品、、可携带媒体播放器和电脑等设备、运动器材、校外的阅读材料)6 percent on clothing6%用于买衣None of these figures take into account the costs of private schooling or college if those are in the cards. Ouch.如果你有考虑私立学校或大学,那么让我告诉你,上述那些数据可没有包含这些费用哦!心疼三秒!译文属 /201701/489197哈尔滨九州医生有哪些 在哈尔滨打胎大约多少钱

哈尔滨市九州医院好不好 When the question of what will define 2017 comes up, the response most often includes words like Trump and populism and division and anger.塑造2017年面貌的会是什么?每当被问及这样的问题时,特朗普、民粹主义、分裂、愤怒等词汇都在人们最常给出的之列。Green — not so much.绿色则是一个不那么常见的。Yet if you believe the team at the Pantone Color Institute, which calls itself the global color authority, green will be everywhere in 2017. 不过,如果你信得过自称全球色权威的潘通色研究所(Pantone Color Institute)的团队,在2017年,绿色将无处不在。Not just any old green, of course: Pantone 15-0343, colloquially known as greenery, which is to say a yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.当然了,并非任何一种绿,而是潘通15-0343,俗称青草绿,据说是一种让人联想起早春的黄绿色调。That is, the Color of the Year for 2017.它是2017年的年度色。Because, although you may not realize it, it turns out that green has everything to do with all of those other things. 因为,尽管你可能没意识到,但绿色和其他所有的一切息息相关。Not literally. 不是切实的息息相关。(Despite the fact that President-elect Donald Trump clearly loves green — at least when it comes to dollars — he rarely wears it, and it doesn’t figure much in his decorating sense or what we know of his diet.) But emotionally and imaginatively.(候任总统唐纳德#8226;特朗普[President-elect]显然很喜欢绿色——至少是在涉及美元的时候,但他很少穿绿色的衣,此外,绿色在他的装修品味或者据我们所知的他的饮食喜好中都没什么作为。)而是在情感上和想象中。We know what kind of world we are living in: one that is very stressful and very tense, said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. 我们知道自己生活在什么样的世界里:一个充满压力和紧张感的世界,潘通色研究所的执行总监莱亚特丽斯#8226;艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说。This is the color of hopefulness, and of our connection to nature. 这种颜色代表着希望,以及我们和自然的关联。It speaks to what we call the ‘re’ words: regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew. 它代表着我们平常所说的以‘re’(一再,重新)为词根的词:regenerate(再生),refresh(焕然一新),revitalize(重振),renew(更新)。Every spring we enter a new cycle and new shoots come from the ground. 每逢春天,我们都会进入一个新循环,新芽都会从泥土中冒出。It is something life-affirming to look forward to.它是某种令人期待的使人向上的东西。In other words, if 2016 was your annus horribilis, as 1992 was for Queen Elizabeth II, whether because of elections or market forces or because you were suckered by fake news on Facebook, this suggests the possibility of something different in 2017. 换言之,如果说2016年对你而言是可怕的一年——就如1992年对女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)而言一样——不论是因为选举、市场力量,还是因为Facebook上那些让你受到愚弄的假新闻,那么这种颜色就意味着事情在2017年有所不同的可能性。It contains within it the promise that we can all start afresh, with a healthier attitude unfurling like a pea shoot and our feet firmly planted on the earth, as opposed to that isolated, alienating place known as cyberspace.它蕴含着这样一种希望:我们都可以秉持像豌豆芽一样生机盎然的健康心态、脚踏实地重新来过,而不是沉迷于网络空间,一个孤立的让人产生疏离感的地方。That may seem facile as a ing, but, well ... 这种阐释看上去也许很浅显,但是,唉……谁说人性就一定是微妙的呢?显然,色心理学既然有浅显易懂的一面(红色代表侵略性;粉色很柔和,会让人感到平静),也有半隐半显的一面。who ever said humanity was subtle? Certainly the psychology of color ranges from the obvious (red represents aggression; pink is swaddling and calms people) to the chiaroscuro.When the Pantone team started noticing the creeping preponderance of green, there was a sense that perhaps it reflected what was regarded earlier this fall as the possibility of a new beginning with the first female president. 当潘通团队开始注意到绿色慢慢地变得越来越多,有人觉得它反映的或许是今年秋天早些时候我们眼中的这样一种可能性:一位女总统会带来一个新的开始。But in the wake of Trump’s victory and the dissension it highlighted, Eiseman said, green could have an even more significant meaning.但艾斯曼说,鉴于特朗普的胜选以及由此得以凸显的分歧,绿色可能具有更重要的意义。This particular green is an unusual color: a combination of yellow and blue, or warmth and a certain cool, she said. 这种绿很特别,是一种不同寻常的色:是黄与蓝相结合的产物,或者说是暖和某种冷相结合的产物,她说。It’s a complex marriage.这是一种复杂的联姻。Which is probably putting what is going to have to happen in the current political climate mildly.这或许也是对当前政治氛围中必将发生的情况轻描淡写的一种形容。Pantone started choosing Colors of the Year at the turn of the millennium, in part as a way to demonstrate the psychology around what makes a color take off and to answer the question every fashion person is routinely asked, Why is the color -___ so popular this season?潘通是从新千年之初开始挑选年度色的,部分是为了以此展示关于某种颜色何以成为流行色的心理学理论,并回答每一个时尚人士常常会问的问题,为什么___色在本季如此流行?Although the selections serve no direct consumer purpose — Pantone doesn’t sell any products related to the choices, nor does it license a symbol to other companies to denote they are using the Color of the Year — and hence the company has no way of measuring the effect of its declaration, the colors have become a sort of windsock for determining which way the national mood is blowing.潘通的选择并不直接牵涉消费目的——它没有出售与其选择有关的产品,也没有把某个标识授权给其他公司,以表明后者正在使用年度色——因此该机构无法衡量公布年度色的效应,但这些色已经成为了某种预示国民情绪走向的风向标。Certainly, I can attest to the fact that pretty much just minutes after the announcement is made, my inbox is inundated with emails from brands and retailers promoting products available in the Color of the Year. 对此我深有感触:潘通发布消息仅仅几分钟后,我的收件箱里就塞满了各个品牌和零售商发来的邮件,推广的都是主打年度色的产品。Airbnb was so excited, it is collaborating with Pantone for the first time next year on a Color of the Year experience, transforming one of its listed properties into an immersive greenery environment.Airbnb非常兴奋,它将在明年与潘通合作提供年度色体验,把在其网站上挂牌的一处房产,变成沉浸于青草绿之中的所在。You could argue that the selection is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, except the point is that the products are aly there (otherwise they couldn’t be marketed so immediately), which supports Pantone’s contention that it has identified a burgeoning trend.你或许认为潘通的选择有点像是自我实现的预言,但重点是那些产品已经存在(否则不可能立即展开推广),从而为潘通的说法提供了撑:它识别出了一种方兴未艾的趋势。For 2015, thus, it chose Marsala, an earthy red-brown shade named after the fortified wine, 因此,潘通为2015年选择的年度色是玛莎拉红(Marsala),一种以加烈葡萄酒玛莎拉命名的质朴的红棕色。which also happened to be the color of many politicians’ ties leading up to election year, in part because the color conveys a sense of comfort and security. 在大选年即将到来的时候,很多政治人物恰好都扎起了这种颜色领带,部分是因为它给人以舒适和安全质感。For 2013, it was emerald, as seen that year on Michelle Obama in Marchesa at the Kennedy Center Honors, a dress that practically broke the internet.2013年的年度色则是祖母绿,那一年,米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)出席肯尼迪中心荣誉奖(Kennedy Center Honors)颁奖典礼时穿的祖母绿色玛切萨(Marchesa)礼在网上红极一时。Last year, Pantone took the radical step of choosing two colors — serenity and rose quartz (aka baby blue and light pink) — the better to reflect the gender-bending move toward equality and fluidity taking place across society (and fashion).去年,潘通剑走偏锋,选了两种色——宁静蓝天(一种浅蓝色)和粉水晶(一种浅粉色)——以便更好地反映在整个社会(以及时尚界)兴起的主张平等和流动性的运动。The process, which takes about nine months, is highly subjective, as Pantone admits, and more about instinct than science. 正如潘通所承认的那样,耗时9个月的选择过程极为主观,更多地是以直觉而非科学为依据。Essentially, the team fans out across the globe and explores industries, to collect what they refer to as proof points — from car shows, on the runways, in decorator showcases and so on. 该团队基本跑遍了全球,对各个行业进行研究,从车展、伸展台、家居装饰展等各种场合搜集他们口中的据点。At a certain stage they begin to notice meaningful overlap and narrow down the choices. 在某个阶段,他们会开始注意有意义的重合,并缩小选择范围。Then one shade achieves critical mass.然后,有一种色调会达到临界值。We ask ourselves about the message that color brings, and how we may be trying to use color to shape our experience, Eiseman said.我们会问自己:那种颜色所传递的信息是什么,我们可能以何种方式竭力用颜色塑造我们的体验,艾斯曼说。Although many women may recoil when they are told green is the Color of the Year — some think it is hard to wear — Julianne Moore wore leaf green Givenchy to the 2016 Screen Actors Guild awards, and Hillary Clinton wore it on the campaign trail. 当被告知年度色是绿色时,很多女人可能会退缩——一些人认为这是一种很难穿出去的颜色——但朱丽安#8226;尔(Julianne Moore)穿着叶绿色的纪梵希(Givenchy)礼参加了2016年美国演员工会奖颁奖典礼,希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在一连串竞选活动中也曾把绿色穿在身上。(Full disclosure: The New York Times has leaf green office chairs in many of its meeting rooms and offices.) (大揭秘:《纽约时报》的很多会议室和办公室里都摆放着叶绿色的办公椅。)If, as fashion theory holds, three examples of anything is a trend, this is a tsunami.如果真的像时尚理论所言,只要找出三个随便什么例子就能明一种潮流的存在,那这简直是山呼海啸般的潮流。There’s a Japanese concept called ‘forest bathing,’ which says that when you are feeling stressed, one of the best things to do is go walk in the forest, Eiseman said. 有一种日式概念叫‘森林浴’,说是当你觉得压力大的时候,最好是到森林里走走,艾斯曼说。But if you can’t do that, what can you do? Bring green into your environment. 但如果你无法那样做,该怎么办呢?可以让你周围的环境充满绿色。Put in on your body, or in your house or near your desk. 把绿色穿在你身上,让绿色出现在你的房子里或者桌子旁。That symbolic message is very important.那种象征意义是非常重要的。In any case, you get the idea. 无论如何,你应该明白了。And if you don’t, the seeds have been planted. 如果还没有,种子也已经在你内心种下。It’ll grow on you.它会生根发芽的。 /201612/483174哈尔滨市妇幼保健院人流要多少钱大庆油田总医院龙南医院预约



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