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为什么是千年蛋一样的;Yes;?当人们想要表达对别人肯定时,脑海里出现的第一词一定是yes,而且千年不变。但其实口语中可以表达yes的方式有很多,一起来看看吧。1. Yeah, Yep, Yep这几个词是yes的变形,但听起来更加口语化,说起来不会那么生硬。2. Exactly;太对了,就是这样;。这个词即使在欧洲也经常听到,算是比较常用的一个词。3. Definitely\Sure\IndeedObviously\Absolutely;当然,很明显,毫无疑问啊!;通常用于充分肯定的表达4.Bingo! Correct! Right!这几个词油漆适用于对方就问题和想法说中的。表示;没错,完全正确,与事实相符;。5. I think so.;我想是吧!我也这么认为;同样意思的表达还有:I believe so.So they say.So I understand.I suppose so.To my understanding.公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201703/497751Subject:Let’s find a happy medium. 迷你对话A: We don’t want to appear on TV, but CCT V-9 invite us.我们不想在电视上露面了,可是中央9台邀请了我们。B: Don’t worry. Let’s find a happy medium.别犯愁,我们想个折中的办法吧。 地道表达 a happy medium 1. 解词释义Medium有“中道”的意思,happy是“高兴,幸福”之意。Happy medium意为“快乐中道”或“幸福中道”,此时,medium就是“好,恰如其分,恰到好处”的意思了。Happy medium就是我国孔夫子提出的“中庸之道”了,但是它也可以指“折中的办法”。当我们面对事情进退两难的时候,就要采用happy medium了。 2. 拓展例句e.g. You must try to strike a happy medium.你必须设法采取折衷的态度。 e.g. We need to have a happy medium between being too close and too distant to our friends.对待朋友应在过分亲近与过分疏远中,选择中庸之道。 e.g. You must find a happy medium between going out every night of the week and living the life of a recluse.你必须在每晚都外出和过隐居生活之间寻找一个折中的办法。 Ps :appear on TV:上电视 /201410/333333Is there a point in your career where you really have that doubt crippling the most在你的生涯中有没有一个时间点你开始怀疑自己Or when you started questioning that maybe you should change how you doing something或者你开始质疑自己也许你需要改变做某些事Yeah, I mean, quite often. I think its, as human nature是的,挺经常的,我觉得这是人的本性I mean as a young player coming up, you just continue to get swept你知道球员打比赛总会经历惨败And you know, we just cant seem to get over the hump. Its like am I causing my team我们有时候看起来就是过不了某个坎,这会导致我的球队You know, we built it to win the championship. Right你知道,我们是一以冠军为目标的球队。是的。You know, what do I need to do?那么我应该做些什么?Against Celtics in 2008, It was like that I, I am never gonna win another championship你知道,2008年总决赛打完凯尔特人,我当时想,我再也不会得到总冠军了Maybe everybody was right, I cant win without Shaquille或许其他人是对的,没有沙克我就不能赢球You know was like this is my one opportunity and I blew it就像这是我唯一的机会,而我却搞砸了Then its like, well, no, you cant, no然后我就想,不,不是这样的Maybe youll go down one day, but today is not going to be that day也许你有一天会被打败,只是不会是今天And you just getta bounce back and keep it going你只需要触底反弹,然后继续努力I remember when we in 2010, we played (with) Celtics, we lost game 2我还记得2010年打凯尔特人我们输掉了G2And I remember being very upset, very angry and very sad我记得我当时非常懊恼,非常愤怒也非常伤心And I drove around, before I came home I literally just drove around for like two hours after the game比赛后我开着车到处乱转,在回家前我真的开车乱转了两个小时Just try to calm down, just try to find that confidence只是尝试冷静下来,尝试去找到信心Cause the Celtics I mean they were extremely tough to beat in Boston因为绿凯在波士顿非常非常难打败Series tied at 1:1, here we are going to Boston系列赛现在是1:1,而我们要去波士顿We might not ever come back to L.A.我们甚至可能不能回到洛杉矶So I remember just drove around for two hours try to find something where I can hang my head on for myself and for my team所以我开车转了两个小时尝试去找到一个能让我和球队去信任的东西。So you know we are going to do this, this is why we are going to do this, this is how we are going to do this让我们觉得,我们能做到的,这就是为什么,这就是我们应该怎样做But you know, I just drove around, drove around, drove around但是我当时就只能开车乱转乱转更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201612/485981There’s been a long standing tradition of welcoming championship sports team to The White House邀请体育冠军进白宫一直是是个传统Kobe and Derrik have been there so many times now, They can lead tours themselves科比和费舍尔来过很多次了,他们已经把这混熟了Clearly Dirk is a tough guy诺维茨基是个顽强的家伙Although the most painful thing may have been his rendition of ;We are the champions;最痛苦的回忆莫过于他演绎的“我们是冠军”We are in the White House right now, this is like... Mama, I made it我们现在身处白宫里,这就像.......老妈,我做到了I think we should take a picture我觉得我们应该拍个照片But we should make it quick但我们应该快点Before one of these guys starts yelling at Mario要不某些人该对查尔莫斯怒吼了I want the coach to know我想让波波教练知道That he is not contractually obligated to take questions after the first quarter of my remarks在我这,是不会像NBA合同那样逼他回答问题的It is rare to be in the presence of guys from the greatest team in NBA history你很难和世界上最好的球队站在一起So we are pretty lucky because we got one of players in the house: Steve Kerr, from the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls今天很幸运,我们请来了其中一位球员:史蒂夫·科尔,95-96赛季的芝加哥公牛队一员Give it up for the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers为世界冠军克利夫兰骑士队鼓掌That’s right I said world champion and Cleveland in the same sentence没错,我在一个句子里同时说世界冠军和骑士更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201703/499370A: How about a picnic this weekend?周末去野餐如何?B: Sounds a good idea. But, wait! I’ll miss my favorite TV program then.这注意听起来不错,但是,等等,那我就会错过最喜欢的电视节目了。A: Come on, a couch potato always had poor health. You need more exercises.好了,电视迷的身体状况很差的,你需要多锻炼。 /201508/389803

特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可原创。迷你对话:A: She lives a happy life after marriage.婚后她过着幸福的生活。B: We all know that. Her husband always make a fuss of her.我们都知道,她丈夫对她呵护入微。A: Lucky her.她可真幸运。地道表达:make a fuss of someone解词释义:fuss的意思是“小题大做,大惊小怪”,make a fuss of的意思就是“过分注意”,进而有“对......疼爱有加,呵护入微”的意思。持范例:His mother makes a fuss of him every time he comes home.他每次回家,母亲总对他体贴备至。If you make a fuss of yourself in fruitful autumn, you will regret it in the cold winter. 如果你在果实累累的秋天太娇惯你自己的话,你将在寒冷的冬季后悔的。 You like to get us worried so well make a fuss over you.你总喜欢叫我们操心,好让我们无微不至地照顾你。词海拾贝:1. live a happy life:过着幸福的生活Eg. Mr. and Mrs white have live a happy life since their marriage. 怀特夫妇婚后一直过着甜美的生活。Eg. Let us work hard and study well and live a happy and healthy life. 让我们努力工作,好好学习,过幸福健康的生活。Eg. What a happy life they live today! 他们今天过着多么幸福的生活! 2. after marriage:在结婚后Eg. After marriage Mrs Black felt boxed in living in that small flat. 婚后布莱克太太住在那套小公寓里感到局促压抑。Eg. My wife got out of shape soon after marriage. 结婚不久之后我太太的健康就不好。Eg. She still dines off her mother after marriage.她婚后仍靠母亲供食。 Eg. After marriage,husband and wife become two sides of a coin.They just cannot face each other,but still they stay together. 婚后的夫妻就像是硬币的两面。他们无法面对彼此,但还是得朝夕相处。 /201212/213872

网罗天下,新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在“E68,E聊吧”。让我们一起来聊聊吧!Hello, ladies and gentlemen! This is Ukki and who you are and how do you feel today? 嘿大家好,你现在收听到的是独家打造的节目,"E聊吧",我是Ukki,你是哪位,告诉我今天你过得还好吗? 相信大家对于我们中国的福利票双色球一定不陌生吧?说真的,我本人对福利票的了解并不多,但是在听广播的时候经常听到这样一个词,头奖,相信你也一定听过这个词吧?Right?N久之前曾经在微上看到这样一则报道: 福利票双色球开奖,浙江一民投中100注一等奖,累积奖金达5.14亿,刷新了中国票的记录。我们一起来看看这则来自《中国日报》的相关报道:Lottery winner may have hit m jackpot--China's lottery may have set a new record with a man expected to win 514 million yuan ( million) from two tickets bought in East China's Zhejiang province on Tuesday, beating the previous record win of 359.9 million yuan, claimed by a man in Central China's Henan province in . 民独揽8000万美元巨奖——浙江一名男子周二购买的两张票为他赢得了5.14亿元(8000万美元)的奖金,超过了之前一名河南男子中的3.599亿元,刷新了中国票的记录。 报道中的jackpot有“票头奖”的意思,还表示或者游戏中的累积赌注、累积奖金。所以在这里,它指代的其实是奖金累积之后形成的巨奖。jackpot用在口语中,还可以表示大笔收入、最大利益等含义。而短语hit the jackpot既可以表示中了票头奖、赢得一大笔钱、发了大财,还可以表示取得极大的成功、突然交了好运。 讲到票,那我们就一起来普及一下中国票的相关知识吧,中国的票分为welfare lottery(福利票)和sports lottery(体育票)两种,是政府的一种筹资手段。业或票业我们可以说lottery industry。Lottery ticket指的是“票”,而football lottery是“足”的意思。除了表示票,lottery还有“偶然的事”、“不能预测的事”的意思,所以a great lottery可以用来表示虚无缥缈的事情。 OK, so much for this. 票头奖,jackpot ,你学会了吗?If you get it, please let me know. 如果你学会了的话,那就给我留言,跟我分享一下你的学习心得好吗?! 网罗天下,新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏“E聊吧”,This is Ukki ,that's all for today, see you next time, have a nice day! /201110/158010

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