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2019年01月23日 17:05:00 | 作者:飞度问医生 | 来源:新华社
Deflationary pressures at China#39;s manufacturers have reached their strongest in a year-and-a-half.中国制造业通货紧缩压力达到两年半来的最高点。As key commodity prices continue to drop, China#39;s producer price index tumbled to a year-over-year pace of -2.7 per cent pace last month.在一些关键的大宗商品价格继续下跌之际,上个月中国的生产者价格指数(PPI)大幅下跌,同比跌幅为2.7%。PPI has now been caught in deflation for 33 months. The -2.7 per cent print is half a point lower than October, as a slowing economy and a turning housing market weakens demand for industrial goods.这使得中国的PPI已连续33个月处于通缩状态。由于经济放缓以及楼市的逆转降低了对工业品的需求,上个月2.7%的跌幅比10月份还扩大了0.5个百分点。Forecasters were looking for deflation of -2.4 per cent.分析师曾预期PPI同比下跌2.4%。Moody#39;s Analytics said before the figures hit:“Producer prices continue to fall, because of the oversupply of many industrial goods. The slowdown in housing is causing excess supplies of steel, cement and other sectors. Ample supply of global commodities such as iron ore and crude oil are also pushing input costs down.”在该数据公布之前,穆迪分析(Moody#39;s Analytics)曾表示:“由于许多工业品供过于求,生产者价格继续下滑。楼市增长放缓正在导致钢铁、混凝土及其他产业的过度供给。此外,铁矿石和原油等全球大宗商品的充足货源,也压低了输入成本。”Meantime, inflation for consumers remains benign. CPI slowed to 1.4 per cent year over year - the slowest since November 2009. The CPI index was as high as 2.5 per cent earlier in the year but prices have subdued as the property market cools.与此同时,消费品通胀依然保持温和状态。消费品价格指数(CPI)同比增长率放缓至1.4%,这是2009年11月以来的最低通胀率。今年早些时候,中国CPI通胀率曾高达2.5%。不过,随着楼市降温,物价也已受到抑制。 /201412/348048

China#39;s May economic data brought some pleasant surprises, with the government#39;s #39;mini-stimulus#39; measures credited with producing a modest turnaround after the sluggish start to the year.中国5月份的经济数据给市场带来一些意外惊喜,因为政府的微刺激政策促使经济在年初开局不利后略有起色。Many analysts said the data show signs the economy is stabilizing, but others said there#39;s trouble ahead and that more support for the economy - on top of the stepped-up tax breaks and railway spending aly announced - will be needed. The biggest risk to growth is the sagging property sector.许多分析师们表示,数据显示出经济正在企稳的迹象,但是其他人则认为未来还有麻烦,需要出台更多经济扶持政策,而之前政府已经加大了对小微企业的税收扶持力度并宣布了铁路投资项目。中国经济增长面临的最大风险就是房地产行业滑坡。#39;The worst is not over, we believe,#39; Standard Chartered economists wrote in a note to clients. #39;We maintain our call that actual activity growth is likely to slow further in the third quarter.#39;渣打集团(Standard Chartered)经济学家在研究报告中表示,他们认为最糟糕的时期尚未过去。他们依旧认为实际的经济活动可能在第三季度进一步放缓。China#39;s industrial output grew 8.8% year over year in May, up slightly from 8.7% in April. Growth in electricity output also gathered pace, rising 5.9% year over year after a 4.4% gain in April. Nominal retail sales were stronger, and there was an uptick in the official manufacturing Purchasing Managers#39; Index.中国5月份工业增加值同比增长了8.8%,增幅略微高于4月份的8.7%。发电量增幅也扩大,由4月份的4.4%增加至5.9%。名义零售额增幅扩大,此外官方制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)也上升。Barclays BARC.LN -0.92% economists wrote they were raising their second quarter growth forecast to 7.4% - from 7.2% previously - noting #39;upside risk#39; to their full-year prediction of 7.2% growth. Meanwhile, Nomura raised its economic growth forecast for the year to 7.5% - in line with the government#39;s target - from an initial forecast of 7.4%.巴克莱(Barclays)的经济学家写道,他们把中国第二季度经济增长率预期由之前的7.2%调高至7.4%,并称他们的全年增长率预期7.2%有上调的可能性。此外野村把中国今年的经济增长率预期由最初预计的7.4%调高至7.5%,与政府的目标一致。China#39;s saw first-quarter gross domestic product growth of 7.4% year on year, down from 7.7% in the last quarter of 2013.中国第一季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长了7.4%,增幅低于2013年第四季度的7.7%。#39;The slight improvement in the activity data in May was mainly due to the mini-stimulus,#39; Lu Ting, economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, wrote in a note to clients. #39;We expect Beijing to roll out more targeted measures in the coming months.#39;美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺在研究报告中表示,5月份经济活动数据略微改善,主要受惠于微刺激政策。他还表示,他们预计中国政府未来几个月将推出更多有针对性的措施。Barclays noted that the #39;Li Keqiang Index#39; - a set of indicators the Chinese premier reportedly thinks give a truer picture of the economy than GDP - also suggests growth bottomed in March and is improving now. The index tracks new loans, electricity production and railway cargo.巴克莱指出,“李克强指数”(据报道是中国总理李克强认为比GDP更能真实反映经济状况的一系列指标)也表明经济增长状况已经在3月份见底,现在正在改善。该指数追踪新增贷款、发电量和铁路货运量。In addition to the rail spending and tax breaks, Beijing has warned local governments to spend money that has been allocated for approved projects - or risk losing it.除了铁路投资和税收优惠外,北京方面还警告地方政府把拨给已批项目的经费花出去,否则可能收回预算。Local governments #39;must speed up spending on infrastructure construction projects and make spending materialize as soon as possible,#39; the Finance Ministry said last month.财政部上个月称,地方政府必须加快基建工程及其资金进度。Government spending was up 24.6% in May from a year earlier, the Finance Ministry said. In April, fiscal spending rose 1.1% from a year ago, according to calculations by The Wall Street Journal based on official data.财政部称,5月份政府出较上年同期增长了24.6%。据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)根据官方数据计算,4月份财政出同比增长了1.1%。The central bank also has told some banks they could lend more of their deposits, letting city commercial banks and rural financial institutions hold less of their deposits in reserve. The move pointedly omitted the big five banks.中国央行也告诉一些,它们可以把更多存款用于放贷――央行下调了城市商业和农村金融机构的存款准备金率。这一举措刻意地遗漏了五大。On Monday, Industrial Bank and China Minsheng Bank - both among China#39;s top 10 financial institutions - said they had been approved for a cut in their reserve requirement, signaling that more than just the smallest financial institutions have been included in the easing measure.周一,均在中国前十大金融机构之列的兴业(Industrial Bank)和民生(China Minsheng Bank)双双表示,它们获准下调了存准率,这表明宽松措施覆盖的不只是最小的那些金融机构。#39;They#39;ve done quite a lot so far,#39; said Tim Condon, economist at ING, referring to government measures to boost the economy.荷兰国际集团(ING)经济学家康登(Tim Condon)谈论政府提振经济的举措道,他们迄今为止已经做了许多。He called it #39;very encouraging#39; that Beijing seems to have averted a more pronounced slowdown in economic growth. But that can#39;t be said for the property sector, which he described as in #39;a pretty cold shower.#39;他说北京似乎已经避免了经济增长出现更大幅度的放缓,称这非常鼓舞人心。但对于房地产业却不能这么说,他称房地产业洗了一个冷水浴。Analysts suggest that more loosening measures may be aimed at this key sector, which is an important driver of growth and accounts for 16%-25% of GDP if related industries like steel and cement are included in the tally.分析人士表示,政府可能针对这一重要行业采取更多的放松措施。房地产业是经济增长的重要推动力,如果将钢铁和水泥等相关产业都计算在内的话,房地产业占GDP的16%至25%。China currently is seeing a correction in its housing market, which is plagued by excess supply in many cities outside Beijing and Shanghai, and tighter credit.中国的楼市目前正在进行调整,并且面临信贷收紧。北京和上海以外的很多城市都存在供应过剩的问题。Property sales were down 7.8% year over year in May, after falling 6.9% in April. That dragged fixed asset investment down on the month: It grew 17.2% over a year ago, its slowest gain since January 2002 and down from 17.3% in April.5月份房屋销售面积较上年同期降7.8%,4月份降6.9%。房屋销售下滑拖累了当月固定资产投资:5月份固定资产投资较上年同期增长17.2%,为2002年1月以来的最低增幅,低于4月份的17.3%。The central bank aly has told commercial banks to make funds available for mortgage lending.中国央行已经要求商业为抵押贷款投放提供资金。Local governments also have started to relax some of the curbs on purchases of multiple homes imposed as part of an effort to keep prices from spiraling higher. The city of Shenyang in the northeast quietly told real-estate agencies that it will not enforce curbs on home purchases in certain parts of the city - though officials have been shy about formally confirming their stance.地方政府也开始放宽对购置多套房的部分限制措施,限购措施是防止房价飙升的努力的一部分。沈阳市悄悄告诉房地产中介,将不会对该市部分地区的购房实施限制,不过官员们一直不愿正式实他们的立场。#39;Moderation in property investment will remain as the major threat to the country#39;s recovery,#39; said Zhang Fan, economist at CIMB Securities. Otherwise, he said, the economy appears to be stabilizing.联昌国际券(CIMB)经济学家张帆表示,房地产投资的放缓将依然是中国复苏面临的主要威胁。他说,除此之外,经济似乎正在企稳。#39;We expect more local governments will soften their restrictions for the property sector,#39; he said.他说:“我们预计更多地方政府将放松对房地产业的限制。” /201406/306067

The world’s dirtiest man has not had a bath in 60 years but he’s still not given up on finding love.伊朗老汉60年不洗澡,荣膺“世界最脏”。但他没有放弃寻找爱情。Amou Haji has an aversion to soap and water and even the suggestion of a bath drives him crazy.哈吉讨厌香皂和水,有人建议他洗澡,这让他很抓狂。The 80-year old has lived alone in the Iranian desert for the last six decades but Amou is amorous and looking for love.这位80岁的老汉独自在伊朗沙漠生活了60年,但情感丰富的他还在寻找自己的爱情。Not surprisingly he doesn’t have too many friends around for dinner as his favourite meal is rotting porcupine meat.他最喜欢的食物是腐败的豪猪肉,所以没有饭友也就不足为奇了。But he does like a sociable smoke inhaling dried animal dung instead of tobacco.他不喜欢社会上流行的香烟,他爱吸食动物干粪而不是烟草。Amou’s last wash was way back in 1954 when Elvis Presley just launching rock ‘n’ roll and CIE was still using steam engines to pull its trains.哈吉上一次洗澡要追溯到1954年,那时猫王的摇滚乐刚刚起步,国际照明委员会还在使用蒸汽机发动火车。There’s been 3,120 Saturday bath nights since but soap has still not touched the hermit’s leather-like skin.那之后曾有3120个周六晚上可以洗澡,但这位隐士那皮革般的皮肤始终没有碰香皂一次。Once he claimed a group of young men tried to give him a shower but he escaped before the ded water touched him.他说曾经有一帮年轻人试图帮他洗澡,但在可怕的洗澡水淋下之前他逃跑了。Local people say he suffered an emotional setback or a broken heart as a teenager and decided to spend the rest of his life alone in the wild.当地人说他在青少年的时候曾遭遇挫折,心碎的他决定独自一人终老此生。To stay healthy he drinks five litres of water from a rusty oil can every day.为保持健康,他每天喝生锈油罐里的水。And while he might not wash very often he still believes grooming is important and occasionally trims his beard by burning it off over an open flame.尽管他不洗澡,但他仍重视仪表,偶尔用火焰“剃”胡子。After decades of living off the land near isolated village of Dejgah in the Southern Iranian province of Fars, he has now began to look like his surroundings.在伊朗法尔斯省的荒村附近的野外生活了数十年之后,哈吉的外表越来越像他周围的环境。He has become almost the same colour as the earth around him and he totally blends in with his environment.他的肤色已经变成周围土地的土黄色,整个人和环境融为一体。Local people say they often mistake him for a rock if he remains still.当地人说,如果他坐在那不动他们经常会把他误当成石像。He doesn’t have a house, instead the earth is his home and he lives in a hole in the ground which is not unlike a grave.他没有房子,住在一个形同墓穴的地洞中,地球就是他的家园。Locally, he is known as Amou Haji. ‘Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man, the The Tehran Times reports.据伊朗英文媒体《德黑兰时报》报道,他被当地人叫做“Amou哈吉”,“Amou”在法尔斯省方言中代表“善良老人”。But the villagers who care for him also say he is a lot happier than some people who live in large homes with comforts and conveniences.但喜欢他的村民说,他比那些住大房子环境舒适的人快乐得多。Haji doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and has nothing to lose and nothing to fear.哈吉好像不在乎世界上的任何事物,他没什么可以失去,也没什么需要害怕。Haji’s epic avoidance of soap and water sets a new record, the previous one was held by 66-year-old Indian man, Kailash Singh, who had not taken a bath over 38 years.哈吉长达60年不洗澡创造了史诗般的新纪录,此前曾有位66岁的印度老人辛格38年不洗澡。 /201401/273692

When Fortune spoke with Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr in November, the company had just scaled back its earnings targets due to a weaker global economy and overcapacity. The German airline is being squeezed on short-haul flights by discount carriers like Easyjet and Ryan Air and by booming Middle Eastern carriers on long-haul routes. It’s been also been plagued by pilot strikes, which have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.《财富》杂志在去年11月采访汉莎航空首席执行官卡斯滕o斯波尔时,该公司刚因为全球经济疲软和产能过剩调低了自己的收益预期。这家德国航空公司在短途航班市场遭遇了易捷航空和瑞安航空等廉价运营商的挤压,在长途航班上又面临着一众新兴中东运营商的挑战。飞行员罢工更是给汉莎航空雪上加霜,使其付出了数亿美元的代价。But when surveying his airline’s overall operations, the CEO, who’d been on the job just six months at the time of his conversation with Fortune, pointed to its discount arm Germanwings as a bright spot.不过纵览公司整体运营情况,这位当时才上任六个月的首席执行官指出,汉莎旗下的廉价航空运营商德国之翼是一个亮点。“Our low cost subsidiary Germanwings [has] been a great success; bigger than we expected,” he said. Indeed, Lufthansa is in the process of shifting more of its European traffic from its flagship brand to Germanwings and its other discount subsidiary, Eurowings, because of their lower operating costs. Spohr told Fortune that he expected Germanwings—which launched in 2002—to be profitable in 2015. “It very much looks like we will be meeting that target.”他说:“我们的廉价航空子公司德国之翼做得非常成功,超乎公司预期。”确实,汉莎航空正把更多的欧洲客流从自身的旗舰品牌移向德国之翼和另一家廉价航空子公司欧洲之翼,因为其运营成本更低。斯波尔对《财富》表示,他希望2002年成立的德国之翼能在2015年盈利:“看起来我们很有可能达成这个目标。”On Tuesday, it was easy to wonder if that still holds true.但在本周二,我们不由怀疑这个预测是否还能实现。An Airbus A320 jetliner operated by Germanwingscrashed in the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf on Tuesday morning. All 150 people on board are presumed dead.24日,德国之翼运营的一架空客A320客机从巴塞罗那起飞,前往杜塞尔多夫,途中坠毁于法国阿尔卑斯山区。预计机上的150名乘客全部罹难。Spohr Tweeted on Tuesday that it was a “dark day” for Lufthansa. The company said on its website, “Everyone at Germanwings and Lufthansa is deeply shocked and saddened by these events. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the passengers and the crew members.”斯波尔周二在Twitter上表示,对汉莎航空而言,这是“黑暗的一天”。公司官网称:“对于这起坠机事件,德国之翼和汉莎航空的每个人都感到深深的震惊和悲哀。我们将与机上乘客和机组人员的家人和朋友一起哀悼和祈祷。”When asked about the business implications of the crash, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said that its highest priority was conducting a full investigation of the crash and providing the families and friends of the plane’s passengers and crew with “all the care and assistance they need.”当被问到坠机事件将对公司业务产生哪些影响时,汉莎航空发言人表示,公司首先要做的是对坠机事件进行全面的调查,并对机上乘客和机组人员的亲友提供“他们所需的一切关怀和援助”。Shares of Lufthansa dipped as much as 4.6% in European trading on Tuesday and closed 1.7% lower.汉莎航空的股价在周二一度暴跌4.6%,收盘时跌幅止于1.7%。When such airline catastrophes occur, there’s always speculation about what it will mean for the businesses involved for the long-term. Robert Mann, an industry consultant and a former airline executive, says that most plane crashes, as tragic and headline-grabbing as they may be, “have very little impact on a carrier’s ongoing business.”当这样的空难发生后,坊间都会推测其对公司业务的长期影响。不过一位行业顾问兼前航空公司高管罗伯特o曼恩表示,尽管大多数坠机事件令人悲伤,被媒体头条大幅报道,但“对运营商的未来业务基本不会造成影响”。There are a few exceptions, mainly in cases where “there is an indication of systemic issues or incompetence.” Mann points to ValuJet as an example of a carrier that was wrecked by the latter.也有少数例外,主要出现在那些“有迹象表明公司出现了系统性问题,或是失职”的情况。曼恩指出,瓦卢杰航空就是因为后一种情况走向了衰亡。In 1996, ValuJet Flight 592 caught fire shortly after takeoff and crashed into the Florida Everglades, killing all 110 passengers that were on board. An investigation into the crash determined that a ValuJet subcontractor that had illegally loaded oxygen tanks into the plane’s cargo hold was responsible for the tragedy “It’s ironic, since it wasn’t even ValuJet’s fault; it just happened to use a vendor who was incompetent,” Mann says.1996年,瓦卢杰航空592号航班起飞后不久就遭遇失火,坠毁于佛罗里达州大沼泽地,机上110人全部罹难。空难调查发现,瓦卢杰的外包商在飞机货舱内非法放置了氧气罐,从而导致了这场悲剧。曼恩表示:“这很讽刺,因为这甚至不是瓦卢杰的错,他们只是用了一个失职的供应商。”But still, ValuJet couldn’t shake the scrutiny and fallout from the tragedy. After the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all ValuJet planes, the carrier eventually returned to the air with a reduced fleet, but it never rebuilt its customer base and ultimately merged with the smaller AirTran Airways, which is now a part of Southwest Airlines.尽管如此,瓦卢杰航空也无法动摇审查结果,打消悲剧事件产生的负面影响。美国联邦航空对瓦卢杰所有飞机下了禁飞令,这家运营商最终精简机队后重新开始运营,但他们再也无法挽回客户群体,并最终与小公司穿越航空合并,如今一起化作了美国西南航空公司的一部分。Then there’s Malaysia Airlines, which saw a drastic drop-off in passengers following the disappearance of Flight 370 in March 2014 and the fatal downing of Flight 17 in Ukraine in July. The Malaysian government took the airline private in August in an attempt to restore its financial health.还有一个例子是马来西亚航空公司。该公司接连遭遇了2014年3月的MH370航班失联和7月的MH17在乌克兰坠机,乘客数量急剧下降。马来西亚政府在2014年8月将其私有化,试图恢复这家公司的财务健康。Based on reports of Tuesday’s plane crash, it’s not clear what caused the Germanwings aircraft to go down. Mann notes that Lufthansa services its Germanwings fleet, alongside the rest of its planes, at Lufthansa Technik, one of the airline industry’s largest maintenance providers. Lufthansa’s last fatal accident occurred 20 years ago, and Germanwings’ safety record was perfect until Tuesday.从有关周二这起坠机事故的报道来看,导致德国之翼飞机坠毁的原因尚不清楚。曼恩指出,德国之翼的机组与汉莎航空其他机组一样,都由汉莎航空技术公司进行维护。这是航空业最大的维修公司之一。汉莎航空上一起致命空难发生在20年前,而德国之翼在本周二之前的安全记录堪称完美。Lufthansa is “a quality organization”, Mann says. The value of that attribute can’t be overstated. Every airline passenger is after a good price, but “the one thing people will not trade away is safety,” he says.曼恩表示,汉莎航空是“一家高品质的公司”。其价值怎么夸张都不为过。他说,每位乘客都想要便宜的价格,但“有一样东西没人会拿来换钱,那就是安全。” /201503/367076

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