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池州石台县医院是公立池州青阳县妇幼保健院做无痛人流多少钱NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India is speeding upa navy modernization program and leaning on its neighbors to curb Chinesesubmarine activity in the Indian Ocean, as nations in the region becomeincreasingly jittery over Beijings growing undersea prowess.新德里(路透社)——印度正加快海军现代化项目进程,并依赖邻国抑制中国潜艇在印度洋的活动,因为该地区的国家越来越对中国海军不断增长的实力感到担忧。Just months after a stand-off along thedisputed border dividing India and China in the Himalayas, Chinese submarineshave shown up in Sri Lanka, the island nation off Indias southern coast. Chinahas also strengthened ties with the Maldives, the Indian Ocean archipelago.在中印两国在边界有争议地区发生僵持的几个月后,中国潜艇现在又出现在了斯里兰卡,中国还加强了同马尔代夫的关系。Chinas moves reflect its determination tobeef up its presence in the Indian Ocean, through which four-fifths of its oilimports pass, and coincides with escalating tension in the disputed South ChinaSea, where Beijings naval superiority has rattled its neighbors.中国的这些举动表明了想加强自己在印度洋的影响力的决心,中国五分之四的石油进口经过印度洋,与此同时,在南海问题上,中国又与其他国家关系紧张,其在南海的军事优势让周边邻国感到紧张。Prime Minister Narendra Modis governmenthas ordered an accelerated tendering process to build six conventionaldiesel-electric submarines at an estimated cost of 500 billion rupees (.1billion), in addition to six similar submarines that French firm DCNS isassembling in Mumbai port to replace a nearly 30-year-old fleet hit by a run ofaccidents.莫迪政府已经要求加快招标进程以建艘传统的柴油电动潜艇,预计成本为81亿美元,此外还有六艘类似的潜艇正由法国的舰艇建造局在孟买港进行安装,以替代印度30年历史之久的、多次发生意外的潜艇部队。The countrys first indigenously built nuclearsubmarine - loaded with nuclear-tipped missiles and headed for sea trials thismonth - joins the fleet in late 2016. In the meantime, India is in talks withRussia to lease a second nuclear-propelled submarine, navy officials toldReuters.印度首款自主建造的核动力潜艇将016年底加入部队,可安装核弹头导弹,并已经于本月进行海试。印度目前正与俄罗斯谈判想向俄罗斯租第二艘核动力潜艇,海军官员对路透社说。Elsewhere in the region, Australia isplanning to buy up to 12 stealth submarines from Japan, while Vietnam plans toacquire as many as four additional Kilo-class submarines to add to its currentfleet of two. Taiwan is seeking U.S. technology to build up its own submarinefleet.而该地区的其他国家比如澳洲正计划向日本购2艘隐形潜艇。而越南计划再购买四艘基洛级潜艇,目前已经有两艘。台湾也希望获得美国的技术以建造自己的潜艇部队。Japan, locked in a dispute with China overislands claimed by both nations, is increasing its fleet of diesel-electricattack submarines to 22 from 16 over the next decade or so.而与中国有岛屿争端的日本计划在未0年左右将现有6艘柴油电动攻击型潜艇增加2艘。来 /201412/346829池州市东至医院处女膜修补 “I am not a crook.Richard Nixon resigned as president of the US 40 years ago this week, and of all the things he said in his political career this e is the one that lives on. He did also popularise the phrase “the silent majority although it is seldom attributed to him.“我不是骗子。0年前的这一周,理查#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)辞任美国总统,他在政治生涯发表的所有言论中,这一句流传下来。他也让“沉默的大多数”这个短语广为人知,不过人们很少提到这是他说的。To state the obvious: we remember the first e because it seems to us in hindsight to have been so audacious a lie. It takes its place with “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky(another US president, Bill Clinton) and the promise to “cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play by a man jailed after admitting perjury and perverting the course of justice (Nixon biographer Jonathan Aitken).说一句显而易见的话:我们之所以记住前面那一句,是因为事后看来,那是一句如此大胆的谎言。可以跟这句话媲美的还有,“我没跟那个女人、莱温斯Lewinsky)女士发生性关系”(出自另一位美国前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)),和承诺“以简单的真理之剑和英国式公平竞争的信任之盾,切除腐败扭曲的新闻业之癌”,说这话的人在承认伪罪和妨碍司法公正罪之后被投入监狱,他就是尼克松传记的作者乔纳森#8226;艾特Jonathan Aitken)。But in the moment it was uttered, it is reasonable to assume it would have been pretty effective as a piece of rhetoric. “I am not a crookis a special use of ethos (the speaker’s connection with the audience). Logically speaking, it is redundant: if you are accused of X, to say X is untrue is to deny, rather than to disprove, the charge. But by adding the barefaced lie to the mix you raise the stakes. It puts doubt in your audience’s mind. Indignation sounds even though it is not like evidence of innocence.但在尼克松说出那句谎话时,人们可以合理地假定它作为一种辞令是有效的。“我不是骗子”是一种对精神特质(发言者与听众之间的联系)的特殊使用。从逻辑上讲,它是多余的:如果你被指控犯有X罪,表态称X罪不属实,是在否认指控,而不是在明指控不正确。但加上一句厚颜无耻的谎言,你就加大了赌注。这让听众心里产生不确定性。愤慨听上去像是(即便实际上不是)无辜的据。Something in all of us resists believing that people can look into a camera, or into our eyes, and shamelessly fib. Hitler argued that “the big liewas effective with ordinary people because it “would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously Can anyone think that the fierceness of Lance Armstrong’s repeated doping denials was not part of what kept his lie afloat for so long?在我们所有人心里,都有些东西让我们拒绝相信,有人竟可以瞪眼对着镜头或我们的眼睛,不知羞耻地撒谎。希特勒(Hitler)曾主张,“弥天大谎”能骗得过普通人,是因为“他们从未想过撒大谎,他们也不相信别人放肆到如此无耻地扭曲真相的地步”。有谁会认为,兰#8226;阿姆斯特Lance Armstrong)情绪激动地反复否认吸毒,不是使他的谎言延续那么久的原因之一?Nixon welcomed the Watergate investigation because “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook He had triumphed by going on the offensive in a tight spot before. Whatever his ethical shortcomings, he was a brilliant speaker. Take his 1952 “Checkers Speechdelivered to counter criticism of an election-expense slush fund when he was running for vice-president. He used the accusation to turn the tables on his accusers: making himself a spokesman for the honest common man against the corrupt Washington establishment. His wife Pat didn’t own a mink coat, he said, but “a respectable Republican cloth coat. And I always tell her that she’d look good in anything.”尼克松欢迎水门(Watergate)调查,是因为“民众必须知道他们的总统到底是不是一个骗子”。他以前曾在困境中采取攻势,结果取胜了。无论他在道德上有何瑕疵,不可否认他是一个杰出的演说家。以他在1952年发表的“跳棋演讲”为例,那次演讲是为了回应他竞选副总统时一个竞选费用小金库招致的批评。他巧妙利用对方的指控猛轰对方:把自己包装成诚实普通人的代言人,对抗着华盛顿的体制内人士。他说,他妻子帕Pat)连一件貂皮大衣都没有,只有“一件像样的共和党式布外衣。我总是告诉她,她穿任何衣都很靓丽。”He famously poured on the pathos, revealing that a political supporter had sent him a gift: a cocker-spaniel puppy. “Our little girl Tricia, the six year old named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we’re gonna keep it.Now that really was shameless. And without Checkers, we probably would never have had “I am not a crook广为人知的是,他竭力引起人们的怜悯,透露一名政治持者送了他一件礼物:一只可卡犬幼崽。“我们的小女儿,6岁的特里西娅(Tricia)给它起名叫‘跳棋’。你们知道,孩子们,就像所有的孩子那样,都喜欢,我现在想说的是,不管他们怎么说,我们都要把它留下。”现在看来,那真是太无耻了。而且,要不是“跳棋演讲”的话,我们很可能根本没有机会听到他说出“我不是骗子”。The personal, flat, categorical denial is the all-or-nothing bet: a manoeuvre of absolute last resort. If you are lucky it works and the caravan moves on. But when the wheels fall off: oh boy.个人层面发出的断然而明确的否认属于孤注一掷:拼命的最后一搏。如果你够幸运,这办法管用了,大篷车将继续前行。但如果车轮掉下来,那就惨了。The high-stakes poker player who goes all-in with 7-2 unsuited, the worst hand possible, and comes unstuck is the one we remember. We do not even notice the one who does the same thing and quietly wins the pot when his opponent folds.这个高筹码扑克玩家把一切筹码都押进去了,拿到的是最差的-2非同花,于是我们记住了这个赌输的家伙。我们甚至没有注意那个做了同样的事、然后在对手罢手时悄悄赌赢的那个人。That is why Nixon’s e lives on. It might just as easily not have. And had he not been a crook, he might have been remembered as a great orator.这就是尼克松那句知名谎话流传至今的原因。这句话也很有可能不会流传下来。如果他不是骗子,那么他可能被人们铭记为一位伟大的演说家。来 /201408/320476石台县医院地址

安徽省池州市东流人民医院有上班MOSCOW (Reuters) - A prominent opponent has warned Vladimir Putin his days in power are numbered, as Russia awaits the presidents response to the dramatic decline of the rouble.莫斯科(路透社)——一个主要的反对者对普京说他执政的日子不多了,俄罗斯正等待普京对卢布的衰退将作何回应。Putin has been silent as the currency collapsed against the U.S. dollar this week before making up some of the lost ground on Wednesday, but he is sure to be asked about it at his end-of-year news conference starting at noon (0900 GMT) on Thursday.本周卢布对美元急剧贬值,而普京却一直保持沉默,周三卢布短暂回升,但是在周四中午举行的年终新闻发布会上他势必会被问到这个问题。Former Prime Minister MikhailKasyanov, an ex-ally who is now an opposition leader, blamed the growing financial crisis on economic mismanagement by Putin, as well as Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis and a fall in global oil prices.前外交部长MikhailKasyanov(他之前是普京的盟友,现在成了反对派领导人)将俄罗斯不断加深的经济危机归咎于普京的经济管理不善,以及西方的制裁和全球油价的下降;Russia is going into decline,;Kasyanov, 57, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday evening. ;2015 isa year in which Putin must make a principle decision.;“俄罗斯正在衰退,7岁的他对路透社说。015年是普京需要做出“原则性”决定的一年。“Warning the president would face protests,he said Putin could choose a ;further squeezing of the political environment;, meaning a tightening of the screws on critics, or accept;he needs an exit strategy; and agree to hold free elections early.他警告道总统将面临人们的抗议,他说普京可能会进一步的管控政治环境,即对批评者进行更加严格的控制,或者他会接受“退出战略”并同意提前举行大选;As a result of that, (he should have)just a quiet departure through presidential elections. I dont believe he willwin presidential elections if they are free and fair,; Kasyanov said.“导致的结果是,通过总统选举,他应该会安静的离开。如果选举是自由和公正的话,我认为他将无法赢得总统大选。”来 /201412/349462池州市贵池人民医院妇科专家大夫 The US and Russia laid out starkly different views about how to end the Syrian conflict yesterday as Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin exchanged the sort of rhetorical barbs that have not been seen at the UN since the cold war.美国与俄罗斯昨日就如何结束叙利亚内战提出了截然不同的看法。美国总统巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普Vladimir Putin)之间尖锐交锋,呈现冷战结束以来联合国未见的一幕。While Mr Obama told the UN General Assembly that there could be no place in Syria’s future for President Bashar al-Assad, a “tyrant who drops barrel bombs on innocent children the Russian president urged the west to work with the “legitimateSyrian government to defeat terrorism.奥巴马在联合国大UN General Assembly)上称,叙利亚的未来不可能有现任总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-assad)的位置,并称阿萨德是一个“向无辜儿童投下桶爆弹的暴君”,而俄罗斯总统则敦促西方与叙利亚“合法”政府一起打败恐怖主义。After the US president called for a “managed transitiontowards a new leader in Syria, Mr Putin proposed the formation of a new international coalition to defeat the Islamist militants of Isis that would be “similar to the anti-Hitler alliance在奥巴马呼吁在叙利亚进行向新领导人“有管理的过渡”后,普京提议成立一个“类似于反希特勒联盟”的新国际联盟,战胜“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)的伊斯兰主义武装分子。The Russian leader said that the Assad regime was crucial to the fight against Isis. “We think it is an enormous mistake to refuse co-operating with the Syrian government which is valiantly fighting terrorism,he said.普京称,阿萨德政权对于打击Isis至关重要。“我们认为,拒绝与正在奋勇打击恐怖主义的叙利亚政府合作是一个巨大的错误,”他说。来 /201510/401929池州九华妇科医院医生在线咨询

安徽省池州中医院怎么样Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president, said her campaign expects to have raised more than m in her first three months as a candidate, beating President Barack Obama’s previous record and marking her financial dominance over the Democratic field.在美国民主党总统候选人提名竞争中领跑的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)表示,在她宣布参选后的头三个月里,她的竞选班子预计已筹集到500万美元,超过了美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)此前创造的纪录。这件事标志着,在民主党内部选战中,希拉里在财力方面占据了优势。Campaign officials said on Wednesday that the amount raised during the quarter ended in June was greater than their own expectations, with 91 per cent of donations made at below 0.周三,希拉里竞选班子的官员称,在截月份的这个季度里,筹款总额超出了他们自己的预期。在所有捐款中,金额在100美元以下的占1%。That is an important indicator that Mrs Clinton’s strategy of building an infrastructure to target the individual, small-dollar donors who are vital to a successful grassroots campaign finance operation is paying off. However, the total number of donations may fall short of the 50,000 target the campaign had sought.这一现象突显出,希拉里瞄准个人小额捐款者建立基础架构的战略正在取得收效。这些个人小额捐款者对于成功的草根竞选筹款运作至关重要。不过,总的捐款笔数可能低于希拉里竞选班子此前希望达到的目标,即5万笔。“Many people doubted whether we could build an organisation powered by so many grassroots supporters,said Robby Mook, Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager, in an email to supporters. “Today’s announcement proves them wrong.”在发给持者的一封电子邮件中,希拉里竞选班子负责人罗比#8226;穆克(Robby Mook)表示:“许多人认为我们无法建立起一个由众多草根持者撑的竞选组织。今天公布的消息明,他们错了。”The previous record for the amount of money raised by a candidate in the first three months for a primary contest was .9m in 2011 by Mr Obama, campaign officials said.竞选班子的官员表示,在此之前,候选人在宣布参加初选后头三个月里创造的筹款纪录190万美元,这是由奥巴马011年创造的。来 /201507/383922 池州市石台医院网址九华山人民医院是私人医院吗



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