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Yi-jun: So people can go and root their old school team?Taylor: Yep. And relive those good old high school days.Yi-jun: You dont sound too excited about going to your reunion.Taylor: Im not. I get a stomachache just thinking about it.Yi-jun: Are you nervous about meeting up with your ex, Femi?Taylor: Ouch, that hurts—did you have to mention her name?参考译文:怡君:所以大家可以去为母校的校队加油?泰勒:对还可以重温往昔的高中美好时光怡君:听起来你不是很想去参加同学会的样子泰勒:没错我一想到就胃痛怡君:你是在紧张会碰到前任女友费咪吗?泰勒:哎哟,那真伤人——你一定要提起她的名字吗?重点词汇:relive (v.) (在想象中)重新体验,重温A: Please tell us again what happened to you, miss.,请重述一遍发生在你身上的事B: I dont want to relive the experience again!我不想再回想起这个经验了!root ... (美俚)为…加油Will you root me? I need all the encouragement I can get.你要为我加油吗?我需要好好打气加油good old days 往日的美好时光I miss the good old days when the economy was booming.我怀念那些景气大好的美好旧时光stomachache (n.) 肚子痛,胃痛That spicy soup gave me a terrible stomachache.那个酸辣汤害我肚子好痛meet up with... 与(某人)巧遇I can meet up with you later if you cant get off work now.如果你现在不能下班的话,我可以晚点再跟你碰面 65。

bodyguard保镖,pistol手,evaluate评估Hire A BodygaurdWhen my new job required me to transport valuables, I decided I needed a gun protection. Since I knew next to nothing about firearms, I joined a pistol club. After watching and evaluating my technique a few weeks, the instructor pulled me aside.“Are you open to a suggestion?” he asked.“Absolutely,” I replied.“Hire a bodyguard,” he said.雇一个保镖吧我的新工作需要我运送一些贵重物品我觉得我应该有一来保护自己由于我对武器几乎一窍不通,就参加了一个手俱乐部教员对我的技能观察和评价了几个星期之后,把我叫到一边他问我:“你愿意听听我的建议吗?”我说:“当然”他说:“雇一个保镖吧”1.bodyguard保镖a bodyguard to sb.某人的保镖The president was surrounded by a small bodyguard.总统由一小队保卫人员团团围住还可以作及物动词使用:bodyguard sb. all the way to the gate 一路护送某人到大门口.transport运输goods transported to India运往印度的货物还有“使欣喜若狂”的意思:He was transported with joy.他喜不自胜“把…带入特定境地”:Alone in her hotel room, a fever of longing transported her to her bedroom at home.她独自一人在旅馆房间里,一阵思家之情似乎把她带到了家中的卧室3.next to几乎We had next to nothing to say to one another.我们之间几乎么有什么话好说还可以指“贴近”:The hotel is next to the church.旅馆就在教堂隔壁“居于…之后”:My sister is the next to oldest.我排行老二.pistol手Pistol shooting events include free pistol, rapid fire pistol, standard pistol, air pistol, and sport pistol.手射击包括: 自选手射击,手速射,标准手射击,气手射击和运动手射击5.evaluvate评估He evaluated the horses at thirty-five dollars a head.他将这些马定价为每匹35美元How would you evaluate yourself?你对自己将如何评价? 也可以作不及物动词:We come as critics, to scrutinize and to evaluate.我们是来挑刺的,来细细查看并给予评估的6.instructor教员搭配上不同的词,可以表示各种教员,比如:fitness instructor 健美师;technical instructor 技术指导讲师; an assistant instructor 助教。

Ask an American-Caring elderly parents; come versus came; several; top-down Words:nursing homeout of the questionsafe alternativeprimary caretakervirtually to celebrate privilege resistance mission richness generation mix householdseveral top-down 3969。

Business just started开张大吉A young businessman had just started his own firm. He rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques. Sitting there, he saw a man come in to the outer office. Wishing to appear the hot shot, the businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he had a big deal working. He threw huge figures around and made giant commitments. Finally he hung up and asked the visitor, "Can I help you?"  The man said, "Yeah, I've come to activate your phone lines."一个年轻人的公司刚刚开张他租用了漂亮的办公室,办公室内还放上了古董作装饰这天,这位年轻人正在办公室里面坐着,他看到一个男的走进了办公室为显示他是个成功的老板,这位年轻的生意人拿起电话假装正在谈大买卖,张觜就是三、五个亿,闭觜就说一切搞定、没问题! 好不容易电话“打”完,挂上听筒,年轻人问进来的那人,“您有事吗?”那人说,“有事,我是来给你开通电话的” 900。

本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:31.36]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[00:35.]has a mysterious smile.[00:37.]It will always remain a mystery,[00:39.96]but it is possible to hear[00:.]what her voice would have sounded like,[00:.51]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[00:6.69]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[00:50.3]to help with criminal investigations.[00:5.98]But now he and his team are trying to[00:55.77]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[00:58.65]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[01:01.59]and estimated her height.[01:.6]They have created a model of her skull.[01:.5]"Once we have that,[01:.18]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[01:.6]Suzuki said.[01:19.33]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[01:.00]has a mysterious smile.[01:6.38]It will always remain a mystery,[01:30.01]but it is possible to hear[01:3.]what her voice would have sounded like,[01:35.97]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[01:55.97]portrait 肖像、画像[:.6]She painted landscapes as well as portraits.[:.86]她既画风景,也画肖像[:.79]Mona Lisa 蒙娜丽莎[:31.80]sound 听起来[:37.97]The news sounds interesting![:0.5]这则新闻听起来很有趣![:7.63]sound expert 声学专家[:53.67]thanks to sb.sth.[:57.9]多亏、由于[:01.00]Thanks to your timely help[:.]that we accomplished the task on time.[:.61]多亏你及时相助,我们才得以时完成了任务[:1.]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[:6.70]to help with criminal investigations.[:9.90]But now he and his team are trying to[:33.56]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[img::36.8]XW0 monalisa.jpg[:50.5]criminal investigation[:53.]犯罪调查[:55.30]investigation 调查、侦查[:01.81]She is still under investigation.[:.]她仍在接受调查[:.00]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:.]and estimated her height.[:18.76]They have created a model of her skull.[:1.]"Once we have that,[:.80]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:5.61]Suzuki said.[:30.91]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:0.53]and estimated her height[:6.60]estimate 估算[:5.57]It is estimated that the project will last four years.[:57.9]据估计,这项工程将持续四年[:.]They have created a model of her skull[:.51]"Once we have that,[:.]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:.9]Suzuki said.[:50.70]portrait 肖像、画像[:5.]thanks to sb.sth.[:57.]多亏、由于[:58.73]investigation 调查、侦查[:01.53]estimate 估算[:.]Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of the Mona Lisa[:.96]has a mysterious smile.[:18.]It will always remain a mystery,[:1.38]but it is possible to hear[:.31]what her voice would have sounded like,[:7.98]thanks to a Japanese sound expert.[:31.19]Dr Matsumi Suzuki generally uses his skills[:36.76]to help with criminal investigations.[:0.01]But now he and his team are trying to[:.19]create the voice of Mona Lisa.[:7.]They have measured the face and hands in the picture[:51.57]and estimated her height.[:5.77]They have created a model of her skull.[:58.7]"Once we have that,[:00.81]we can create a voice similar to that person,"[:.70]Suzuki said. 6933。

Brown: Europe is your friend Speaking to Congress, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown encourages the U.S. to retake a global leadership role.精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?And America knows from its history that its reach goes far beyond its geography. a century, you've carried upon your shoulders the greatest of responsibilities to work with and the rest of the world. And let me tell you that now ___(1)___ , the rest of the world wants to work with America.If these times have shown us anything, it's that the major challenges we face are global. ___()___it starts, an economic crisis does not stop at the water's edge. It ripples ___(3)___ the world. Climate change does not honor passport control. Terrorism has no respect borders. Modern communication instantly spans every continent. The new frontier is that there is no frontier, and the new shared truth is that global problems now need global solutions.And let me say to you ___()___. You now have the most pro-American European leadership in living memory. It's a leadership that wants to cooperate more closely together ___(5)___cooperate more closely with you. There is no old Europe, no new Europe. There is only your friend Europe. 填空 :1. more than ever. No matter where 3. across. directly5. in order to 661。