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上海疤痕软化针哪家医院好长宁去斑多少钱上海五官科医院脱毛多少钱 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has ceased online sales of medicines on its Tmall platform, citing changes in government regulation.国内电商巨头阿里巴巴集团近日宣称,由于政府政策变化,已暂停旗下天猫平台的网上售药业务。Tmall has received a notice from the China Food and Drug Administration#39;s (CFDA) Hebei province branch, requiring ;urgent control measures relating to drug products;.天猫收到了河北省食品药品监督的通知,要求对药品类目采取紧急管控措施。Tmall said in a statement it will cooperate and stop the online medicine retail business on the third-party platform.天猫在声明中表示,将配合停止第三方平台药品网上零售业务。The new regulations come as a surprise as an increasing number of e-commerce companies plan to tap into the online sales of over-the-counter medicines. The CFDA did not elaborate on the reason why sales were halted.由于越来越多的电商企业计划进军非处方药网上销售市场,这一新规的出台颇为出人意料。食品药品监督目前也并没有详细说明为什么药物销售被叫停。An industrial insider, who refused to be named, said the regulation did not only apply to Tmall.一位拒绝透露姓名的有业内人士表示,这一规定并不只适用于天猫。Other e-commerce companiesinvolved in selling drugs on third-party platforms, such as Yhd.com, are expected to receive similar orders from local food and drug authorities.从事第三方平台药品网上零售的其他电商企业,比如一号店,也将收到当地食药监局的类似通知。 /201606/449433Once upon a time, horror movies regularly ran in your local multiplex. But lately, newer high-quality horror flicks can be found on our televisions. It#39;s a blessing and a curse, there#39;s not that much room for independently produced films to scare crowds en masse at their local theaters, but we know there#39;s always something to find on streaming sites and VOD rental platforms.过去,恐怖片一般只在当地影院定期上映。而如今,我们用电视就能看到新上映、高品质的恐怖片。这既是福也是祸,在当地影院再也看不到那么多观众被独立制作的恐怖片吓得尖叫的场面了,但我们知道从视频网站和网上视频收费平台总能找到我们想看的恐怖片。So here are 11 horror flicks that you can watch at home with all the lights off and junk food galore -- which some would argue is even better than going to a multiplex and dealing with jerks who talk during all the scary bits.这里给你推荐11部可以在家欣赏的恐怖片,把家里的灯全部关掉,一边吃着各种垃圾食品,一边欣赏电影。有人说这样比去影院看电影好多了,最起码你不用忍受身旁一出现恐怖镜头,就大肆一番的蠢蛋了。1. Bite (2015)《变蚁人》(2015)This one earned mixed reviews, but please save me a seat on the ;really dug it; side of the equation. This freaky Canadian import is about a young woman who slowly transforms (more like ;degenerates;) into a she-creature after crossing paths with an exotic insect(ish thing). Toss in a few icky kills, a decent dosage of compelling subtext, some fine acting under tough circumstances, and more icky goo than any one film probably needs, and you#39;re looking at a nasty yet darkly amusing horror flick that my mom wouldn#39;t be able to sit through for more than nine minutes. Seth Brundle, on the other hand, would love it.这部影片口碑褒贬不一,但是我还是深深沉迷在这部电影的魅力中。这部惊悚的加拿大电影讲述的是一名年轻的女子被一种外来虫子之类的东西咬了之后,慢慢变形(更像退化)出现昆虫的特征。一些恶心无比的杀戮情节,恰到好处、引人入胜的潜台词,在艰苦的环境中演员体现出来的精湛演技,还有比别的电影更多的各种恶心的怪物,这就是你要找的重口味、却带有趣味的黑暗惊悚片。像我妈这种人看这种片子绝不会超过9分钟,但是像电影变蝇人里的疯狂科学家Seth Brundle肯定会喜欢的。2. Bone Tomahawk (2015)《战斧骨》 (2015)Sad but true: we don#39;t get all that many horror/Western hybrids these days (or ever, really) so it#39;s great to find a new one that not only works, but kicks butt under both genre headings. Bone Tomahawk is basically The Searchers meets The Hills Have Eyes, about a gang of well-intentioned townsfolk (led by Kurt Russell!) who head out to rescue a citizen who has been captured by a tribe of cannibalistic natives. Oddly literate for such a gruesome concoction, and that#39;s only one of the flick#39;s surprises.悲伤却真实:近年来很少出现关于恐怖和西部元素相结合的电影(或从未出现过),所以当看到这部电影中出现这两种风格,而且融合得相当好时,我们是大大惊艳到了。《战斧骨》基本上是电影《落日狂沙》和《隔山有眼》的结合体,讲述的是一群好心的村民在库尔特#8226;拉塞尔(Kurt Russell)的带领下,出发寻找食人族下落,解救被食人族囚禁的村民。文明与落后阴森相结合的奇异,还只是这部片子众多亮点中的一小点而已。3. Cub (2014)《幼兽》(2014)I included this Belgian film for three reasons: 1) it#39;s a crafty, freaky, scary little movie, 2) it#39;s available over on Shudder, a fantastic streaming service for Americans who crave nonstop horror cinema, and 3) it#39;s a terrifying movie. Cub follows a scout troop that goes on a weekend camping trip, only to stumble across a rather unique psycho. Suffice it to say we won#39;t be seeing an American remake of this one anytime soon.推荐这部比利时电影有以下三个原因:一,这是一部离奇、荒诞、恐怖的低成本电影;二,它可以在Shudder(为喜爱观看恐怖片的美国人务的流媒体)上播放;三,这是一部恐怖片。幼兽跟随童子军进行周末露营旅行,不料却遭遇一场诡异的惊魂之旅。简单地说,近期我们是不会看到美国翻拍这部电影的。4. The Hallow (2015)《圣魇》(2015)Not to be confused with The Hollow, Hallow, or (God forbid) The Gallows, this low-key but eminently creepy offering from the UK focuses on a family deep in the woods who must contend with something... unnatural. It#39;s a pretty straightforward campfire tale, so the less I divulge the better. Fine. You win. There are demons in that freaky forest. Hungry ones, too.不要把这部片子和电影《断头谷》、《驱魔少年》还有《绞刑架》混淆了。这部低调但极度惊悚的英国电影讲述的是一家人深入丛林,与一些非同寻常的事物做斗争。这个营火故事的线索十分明朗,所以我最好不要剧透太多。好好好,我还是告诉你们吧。在诡异的丛林深处,等待他们的,不仅有恶魔,还有食人族……5. He Never Died (2015)《不死之身》(2015)It#39;s always fun when Henry Rollins pops up in a movie. The man has a natural intensity that#39;s fascinating to watch, plus he#39;s a lot funnier than we generally give him credit for. Rollins gives his best performance ever in the odd, fascinating He Never Died, which is sort of like a film noir-horror flick-crime story amalgam. The former Black Flag frontman plays a soft-spoken badass who simply cannot be killed (and the local criminal element knows, because its tried... more than once). Precisely how the man gained this immortality is a big reveal, and the explanation makes for one of the most interesting genre films in recent memory.当看到亨利#8226;罗林斯(Henry Rollins)在电影中突然出现时,我们总是忍俊不禁。他总有一种气质,让欣赏他的人为他着迷。而且,他很幽默,比我们认为的还要有趣。在这部奇异、令人着迷的电影里,他高超的演技表现得淋漓尽致。这是一部集黑色恐怖、犯罪类型于一身的电影。这个前黑旗乐队主唱扮演的是一个语气温和,但却永远不死的坏人(当地犯罪分子都知道他永远杀不死,因为他们不仅一次地想要杀他)。主角如何刚好获得不死能力是一个大反转,而电影中的说明更是使这部电影成为近来最有趣的电影之一。6. Holidays (2016)《恐怖假日》(2016)Like most horror anthologies, this holiday-themed collection is more or less a mixed bag. Luckily, the good stuff outweighs the weaker offerings by a decent margin. Highlights include a truly disturbing take on Mother#39;s Day, a dark and unsettling tale about St. Patrick#39;s Day, a dark, raunchy Halloween joke by Kevin Smith, and a broadly violent New Year#39;s Eve date that plays a lot like a live-action Tom amp; Jerry cartoon.大多恐怖题材的电影都是喜忧参半,这部以节日为主题的电影也不例外。好在这部影片票房不错,喜还是多过忧的。影片的亮点在于:惶惶不安的母亲节、一个关于圣帕特里克节的惊悚故事,凯文#8226;史密斯(Kevin Smith)演绎万圣节的恶趣味、新年夜的约会暴力大反转像极了真人版的《猫与老鼠》。7. Hush (2016)《无声夜》(2016)This Netflix-exclusive is about an aurally challenged but entirely self-sufficient young woman who spends one horrific evening being stalked, chased, and terrorized by a mysterious psychopath. Refreshingly simple, cleverly efficient, and powerfully suspenseful, Hush will be certain to grace many a year-end top-10 list. (Top 10 horror movies, anyway.)这部影片由美国奈飞公司出品,讲述的是一个年轻的聋哑女人独自居住在树林深处。某天夜里一个戴着面具的精神病到访,一直跟踪、追赶、恐吓她。影片剧情简单却令人耳目一新、情节设计巧妙、悬疑重重,必定会为今年排名前十的恐怖电影增色不少。8. The Invitation (2016)《致命邀请》(2016)Have you ever spent an evening at a dinner party from which you couldn#39;t wait to escape? If so, you#39;ll probably appreciate the escalating tensions of Karyn Kusama#39;s thriller that deals with old friends, creepy cults, and an offer that (literally) cannot be refused. A strong cast and a clever screenplay keep The Invitation interesting during the slow-burn setup. When the finish line#39;s in sight, it#39;s a satisfying run of thrills and scares. And don#39;t you dare turn it off before the final shot.你是否有过迫不及待想要逃离一场晚宴的经历?如果有过这样的经历,你或许会喜欢卡瑞恩#8226;库萨马(Karyn Kusama)的这部惊悚片,影片围绕着老朋友、诡异的教派组织和一个无法拒绝的邀请,紧张氛围不断升级。影片虽然铺垫较长,悬念缓缓推进,但强大的演员阵容和构思巧妙的剧本让人丝毫不感到沉闷。影片结尾处更是极具刺激和紧张。你肯定不舍得错过最后镜头。9. Nina Forever (2015)《永远的妮娜》(2015)Ghosts have a habit of popping up at the most unexpected moments. Poor, deceased Nina takes the cake: she only appears when her ex-boyfriend is about to have sex with someone else. This darkly funny and cleverly disturbing British release takes its bizarre premise to some unexpected places. Thanks to an unpredictable screenplay and some fantastic performances, it also manages to make a few compelling points about the nature of love, romance, and loyalty. Plus it#39;s pretty gross (that#39;s a good thing).鬼魂总是在最意想不到的时刻突然冒出来。影片中可怜的妮娜就是这样:她总是在她生前男友每次与其他女生发生关系的时候出现。该部英国影片充满黑色幽默且悬疑设计巧妙,故事的离奇表现在意想不到的地方。影片剧情设计出乎意料,演员演技精湛,也讲述了爱、浪漫、忠诚等一些人们感兴趣的话题。另外剧情有点儿污(这也不是坏事儿)。10. Southbound (2015)《一路向南》(2015)Seems like there#39;s always a new indie horror anthology hitting the VOD pipes every other week, but Southbound is the best one we#39;ve seen in a few years. Not only are the individual stories effective on their own, but the filmmakers figured out a crafty way to tie all the scary tales together into some sort of perpetual nightmare. (It#39;ll make more sense after you watch the movie.)似乎每隔一周就会有一部新的独立恐怖电影获得极大点播量,这部影片是近几年来最成功的一部。影片的每个故事都独特新颖令人印象深刻,制作团队十分聪明,将所有恐怖的故事都紧密联系,以一种无休止的噩梦的形式呈现给观众。(看完影片你会更有感触的) /201605/445761闵行区中医医院治疗腋臭价格费用

上海市第六人民医院东院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格上海人民医院口腔美容中心 1. You eat too much and too fast1.吃得又多又快Overeating is one of the biggest reasons people feel bloated. But when you eat too much and too fast, you swallow bubbles of air along with your meal. Moreover, you do not chew your food thoroughly, and this leads to poor carb digestion.吃得过多是人们感到腹胀的最大原因之一。当你吃得又多又快时,你会把空气泡和食物一块儿咽下去。与此同时,你也无法充分咀嚼食物,这会导致碳水化合物不能被完全消化。The solution is to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Reduce your portions and try to eat several mini meals a day instead of three big ones. Remember, it takes 15- 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain it is full. Mindful eating is one of the best ways to banish bloating for good.解决办法就是吃得慢点,并且充分咀嚼食物,减少食量,每天尽量用多次小餐代替三次大餐。记住,人的大脑需要十五到二十分钟才能感知到胃已经饱了。注意饮食是消除腹胀的最佳办法之一。2. Sedentary lifestyle2.不爱运动的生活方式Whether you work from home or in the office, your sedentary lifestyle can cause a chronic bloating. Chances are, you get little or no exercise, and this leads to slow transit through your digestive tract. Researchers prove that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle tend to have a shorter lifespan than those who exercise every other day.无论你在家工作还是在办公室工作,不爱运动的生活方式都会导致慢性的腹胀。很有可能,你很少运动,甚至不运动,这会使你的消化变慢。研究表明,那些不爱运动的人比那些隔一天运动一次的人寿命更短。If you feel bloated each day, reconsider your lifestyle. You do not have to go to the gym every morning, simply add a few activities that require movement to your busy schedule to prevent bloating and many other health issues including constipation and osteochondrosis.如果你每天都觉得腹胀,那就重新思考下你的生活方式。你不必每天早上去体育馆。在你忙碌的时间表上简单安排一些活动,这样就能防止腹胀,以及其他如便秘和软骨病之类的健康问题。3. Late-night snacking3.深夜吃零食When you stay up late, it is hard to avoid eating something before or after midnight. Be it a sandwich or salad, you find yourself in the kitchen with something salty or sugary in your hand. Does it sound familiar? No wonder you have that uncomfortable bubble in your stomach and that extra fat around your waistline.当你熬夜时,不可避免地会在午夜前后吃一些东西。你会在厨房选择一些含盐和含糖的食物,可能是三明治或者沙拉。这听起来是不是熟悉呢? 难怪你的胃会不舒地咕咕叫,当然也会增加腰部的脂肪。4. You swallow too much air4.吞下太多空气Chewing gum, drinking through a straw, sucking on hard candy and carbonated beverages are all reasons for bloating. Ditch any of these habits if you have trouble reducing bloating caused by gas.咀嚼口香糖,用吸管喝东西,吸硬糖,喝碳酸饮料都是引起腹胀的原因。当你在消除因气体而引起的肿胀有困难时,那就果断抛弃这些习惯。5. You drink too much caffeinated beverages5.喝下太多咖啡因饮料Due to its diuretic properties, caffeine found mostly in coffee and tea, causes dehydration, slows the food movement food through your intestines and thus leads to backups, gas and bloating.由于其利尿特性,咖啡因常见于咖啡和茶里。但咖啡因也会引起脱水,并会减缓食物通过肠道的运动,从而导致肠道阻塞、气体充积和腹胀等问题。Drinking too much caffeinated beverages can over-stimulate your digestive tract and cause severe spasms.If you suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers, or irritable bowel syndrome, bloating caused by drinking caffeinated beverages can worsen your disease.喝太多含咖啡因的饮料会过度刺激你的消化道,引起严重的痉挛。如果你患有胃炎、胃溃疡或者肠易激综合症,喝咖啡因饮料导致的腹胀就会加重你的病情。译文属 /201608/458569上海鼻子整形吗

上海玫瑰整形美容医院光子脱毛好吗Madrid has given permission for public swimming pools to hold a #39;no swimsuit day#39; after a campaign by nudist groups. 在一些裸体主义团体展开宣传活动后,马德里市允许公共游泳池设立“裸泳日”。The mayor Manuela Carmena has written to all boroughs in the Spanish capital to say they are allowed to host clothes free days if they think it is appropriate. 西班牙首都马德里市的市长玛鲁娜#8226;卡梅纳给该市所有区去信,告诉他们,只要他们觉得合适就可以设立“裸泳日”。The move, which has outraged right-wing politicians, came after a petition by the Association for the Development of Nudism calling for people#39;s right to practice nudism in public places.这场激起右翼政客愤怒的运动是随一次请愿应运而生的。这次请愿是由裸体主义发展协会发出的,旨在呼吁给予人们在公共场所实践裸体主义的权利。Nudist president Ismael Rodrigo said: #39;What we want to do with this day is to educate and transmit our values, which are Western values. 裸体主义团体的主席伊斯梅尔#8226;罗德里戈称:“我们想通过这些活动日宣传裸体主义的价值,使人们可以接受它。裸体主义价值属于西方价值观。”#39;There is nothing criminal about the body and the best way we can show that is to try not to wear clothes when it#39;s not necessary, and in the pool, it isn#39;t.#39; “人体并无任何罪恶之处,我们展示人体之美的最好方法就是不必要的时候就不要穿衣。显然,在游泳池里就没必要穿衣。”The mayor has insisted that signs must be erected at the entrances to swimming pools informing people that it was no swimsuit day in case parents preferred not to take their children. 市长强调,游泳池入口处必须设立告示牌,告知来游泳的人这一天是裸泳日,以防不想带孩子进裸泳场的家长误入。Children would be allowed, but only if accompanied by an adult, the mayor said. 市长表示,儿童也可参加裸泳日,但至少得有一名成年人陪同。Conservative Popular Party politician Esperanza Aguirre, who lost to Carmena in the 2015 mayoral election, said: #39;Her left-wing council only does slogans. The idea of a no swimsuit day is just one more of her crazy ideas. 保守派人民党政客埃斯佩朗莎#8226;阿吉雷曾在2015年的马德里市市长选举中败给了卡梅纳,发表看法说,“她的左翼委员会只会喊口号。裸泳日不过是她又一个疯狂的想法罢了。”Madrid#39;s City Hall said it had not yet designated #39;no swimsuit day#39; but it would probably be in late August. 马德里市政厅称还未定下“裸泳日”的具体日期,但很有可能是在八月底。 /201607/453561 上海复旦大学附属中山医院整形美容科上海市第六人民医院 韩式隆鼻多少钱



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