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Bush Hosts Bahraini King at White House布什会见巴林国王讨论伊拉克战争   President Bush met at the White House with the King of Bahrain to discuss Mideast security and the war in Iraq.  布什总统在白宫会见了巴林国王哈马德。双方讨论了中东安全局势和伊拉克战争。President Bush thanked the King of Bahrain for sending an ambassador back to Baghdad after the kingdom's top diplomat there was wounded in an apparent kidnapping attempt three years ago. 布什总统感谢巴林国王派大使回到伊拉克。3年前,这位巴林大使在一次明显带有绑架企图的行动中受伤。"It is a very strong move that indicates a willingness to lead as well as a willingness to send a signal that a young democracy like Iraq is beginning to make progress, that it is important for the neighborhood to recognize that progress," he said. 布什说:“这是一个非常有力的举动,显示出领导人的意愿,同时表明巴林有意发出信息说明,像伊拉克这样的年轻民主国家正在开始进步,伊拉克的邻国看到这些进步很重要。”The two leaders spoke to reporters before lunch in the White House residence. King Hamad said security is most important to regional development and prosperity. 两位领导人在白宫举行午宴前会见了记者。哈马德国王说,安全问题对于地区发展和繁荣很重要。"Iraq is an Arab state. Iraq is a founder of the Arab League. So it deserves all of the support it can get from other brother Arabs," he said. 哈马德国王说:“伊拉克是一个阿拉伯国家。伊拉克是阿拉伯联盟的创始国。所以,伊拉克应该得到其他阿拉伯兄弟们的全力持。”King Hamad said Bahrain and the ed States share a common goal of fighting terrorism and extremism. 哈马德国王表示,巴林和美国有着打击恐怖主义和极端主义的共同目标。The two men discussed joint security operations in the region.  两位领导人讨论了在这一地区开展联合安全行动的问题。The king met Monday with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to discuss increasing joint security exercises in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is the headquarters of the U.S. Fifth Fleet. 哈马德国王还和美国国防部长盖茨举行了会谈,讨论在波斯湾增加军事演习。巴林是美国第5舰队司令部所在地。Also Monday the two countries signed an agreement pledging civilian atomic-energy cooperation. The State Department said Bahrain agreed to forgo sensitive fuel-cycle technologies and to rely on world markets for nuclear fuel. 在星期一,两国还签署了协定,保在民用核能方面进行合作。美国国务院说巴林同意放弃敏感的燃料回收技术,并且同意从国际市场获取核燃料。200803/32191。

Tower Hamlets has overcrowding and homelessness way above the national average. Officers on the safer neighborhood teams are dedicated to a small area, and working with other agencies to improve the quality of life for those that live here. Latest crime figures in Shadwell show a mixed picture, violence and criminal damage are down, but robbery and drug offenses are up. Response policing, really, you're, you're flying around and police stars or blue lights, .....uh....it really is so profound and so sticking plaster, type of thing/ , to the old. It's what you do with it on the daily basis. This community's policing role provides the longer term, or after-care if you like, actually, dealing with the problem, seeing it through, and trying to eradicate the problem.There are three Police Community Support Officers on the team. They can detain suspects but not arrest them. Their main role is to listen to public concerns, and consider solutions to problems like vandals at the old music hall. ‘By the time I call/ 999, they at least just run away. So, it's, you know, it's no police's fault at all, but when the police come, there is nothing for them to do. I just have to say I am really sorry if they were here. This is what happens , like they either smash/ these windows or like start this fire. But because we don’t have any CCTV (closed circuit television) coverage, we don’t actually have any way of catching them, or proving that is them. " They will bring a crime-prevention team, and they'll , they will (try), will look at the whole area to guarantee how we can iron these problems out. It's easy to come down here and go see (it), but what we want is to look at things a long term to solve the problem for long term, so we have, you know, lots of patrolling, in the area." The police federation which represents junior ranks says PCSOs have their role, but believes their uniforms should be much more distinct form regular officers, and they should not confront the public. Residents we spoke to had a variety of views. "Basically, they're all our security guards, but at least they said something. It's fair and it was. I mean there was a time we never see a police before wit's your end, and I'll mainly, literally , (when)wit's your end , never see a car go pass or a cop on the bay, but now you see them once or twice a day, so what’s wrong with that?’ ‘I feel they should, they should, I feel the community police office should have more, more arrest policies, and like, have the chance to arrest people, so you know, if they just stop for half an hour, it can’t be stopped in half an hour, cause like by the time police get there, they'll go anywhere. The experiment has really just begun. The government is committed to the model of the community support officer. In two years' time, nationally, there will be more than 20,000 of them. They will be familiar figures everywhere. Martin Brunt , Sky news, in London's East End. 200805/39220。

7 理赔方案3句英文任你选Would you agree to a replacement?你方是否同意换货?We regret for the loss you have suffered and agreed to compensate you by US 000.我们对你方遭受的损失表示遗憾,同意赔偿你方3万美元。Ive seen the consignment and agree to replace the defective items quickly after I return to London.我已看过货物,同意回到伦敦后迅速替换瑕疵品。半个句型要记牢agree to (同意,接受)Tip:agree to表示;答应,应允;同意,赞成,赞同;接受(想法、计划、建议、条件等);如 I agree to出is arrangement. (我同意这样安排。), We agree to accept all your claim. (我方同意接受贵方所有索赔。)如果不同意对方的理赔方案,可回答No,然后说自己的建议。如 No, wed rather you to sell these goods at a discount. (不,我希望你方降价销售这些商品给我方。) /201605/434160。

McCain Surges in Polls as Obama Challenges Him on Change麦凯恩民调持度攀升超过奥巴马  New public opinion polls show Republican John McCain surging in the U.S. presidential race over Democrat Barack Obama. Both candidates campaigned Monday on the issues of change and the economy. 新的民意调查显示,美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩的持度迅速攀升,超越了民主党候选人奥巴马。两位候选人在星期一的竞选活动中都强调改变和经济问题。Senator McCain appears to have gotten a sizable boost from last week's Republican convention. McCain now leads in two Gallup polls, and is tied with Senator Obama in two other national surveys. 参议员麦凯恩的持率显然从上星期的共和党大会中得到大幅提升。现在他在两个盖洛普民调中都领先,在另外两个全国民调中,则与奥巴马平分秋色。Most polls had Obama ahead prior to both party conventions. 在两党全国代表大会前,奥巴马在许多民调中都保持领先。McCain's campaign seems to enjoy new life thanks in large part to the addition of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for vice president. 麦凯恩阵营对这个新变化非常兴奋,一般认为,麦凯恩民调升高是由于阿拉斯加州州长佩林成为共和党副总统候选人。Palin introduced McCain Monday at a rally in Missouri.  佩林星期一在密苏里州的竞选活动中介绍麦凯恩出场说:"In politics, there are candidates who use change to promote their careers, and then there are those like John McCain who use their careers to promote change," she said. “在政治圈里,有候选人以改变为口号来推动个人政治生涯,但也有像麦凯恩参议员这样的人,投入自己的政治生涯来推动改变。”McCain has shifted his emphasis in recent days to making the argument that he and Palin are the true candidates of change, and that their reputations as political mavericks will bring reform to Washington. 麦凯恩近来改变他的竞选焦点,强调他和佩林才是能带来改变的候选人,只有像他们这样政治独立的人才能改革华盛顿。"We don't work for a party and we don't work for a special interest. We don't work for ourselves. We are going to work for you and we are going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. and we are going to take on the special interests," he said. 麦凯恩说:“我们不为单一政党或特别利益工作,我们也不为自己工作,我们要为你们做事,我们要清除华盛顿的政治污泥,我们要挑战特殊利益。”Senator Obama also focused on the economy Monday during a campaign event in Michigan, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. 参议员奥巴马星期一在密西根州竞选时也把焦点放在经济议题上,密西根是美国失业率最高的州之一。But Obama took issue with McCain's attempt to portray the Republican ticket as agents of change after eight years of Republican control of the White House.  不过奥巴马也对麦凯恩在共和党执政8年后,还把自己塑造成变革力量的企图表示质疑。"I mean, you can't just make stuff up. You can't just recreate yourself. You can't just reinvent yourself. The American people are not stupid! What they are looking for is somebody who has been consistently calling for change," he said. 他说:“你不能只是做做样子,不能重新创造你自己,重新包装自己。美国选民不是傻瓜,他们要寻找的是一位持之以恒,不断寻求改变的候选人。”Obama got some help from former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who campaigned for the Democratic ticket of Obama and vice presidential candidate Joe Biden in Florida. "If we want to tackle the myriad of challenges facing our country, then to slightly amend my comments from Denver [at the Democratic convention], no way, no how, no McCain, no Palin," she said.Meanwhile, the surprise choice of Governor Palin to serve as Senator McCain's running mate won praise from both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. 与此同时,麦凯恩选择佩林为竞选搭档的出乎意料之举赢得了布什总统以及切尼副总统的赞扬。The president told Fox television that Senator McCain made what he called an "inspired pick" with Palin, while Vice President Cheney said he thought Palin's speech at last week's Republican convention was "superb". 布什总统接受福布斯电台采访时表示,麦凯恩选择佩林是“令人鼓舞的选择”。切尼则表示,佩林上星期在共和党大会上的演说“非常出色”。200809/48080。

happy-go-lucky ------ 无忧无虑的(形容词,非正式)英文释义(adjective, INFORMAL) Describing a cheerful, carefree person who has a relaxed, unconcerned attitude about everything.例句While my aunt is a serious woman who seldom laughs, my uncle is a happy-go-lucky man who never worries about the future.我的婶婶是个严肃的人,很少大笑,而我的叔叔是个乐天派,从不担心未来的事情。 /201611/471211。