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A: I am calling to purchase health insurance.B: Do you have health insurance now?A: I was on my parents’ policy, but I need to start buying my own.B: You can purchase an HMO or a PPO. Do you know what you want?A: I don’t know what I want.B: Let me explain it to you. An HMO is a little cheaper, but you can only choose certain doctors.A: When I go to the doctor, do I pay the same out-of-pocket expenses a PPO?B: The payments are a little lower an HMO as long as you go to their doctors.A: How much will a PPO cost me per month?B: We need to factor in many things. Why don’t you come in, and we will have you fill out a questionnaire. 75.Personal Hygiene In The 18th Century Was Abysmal5.十八世纪英格兰的个人卫生超级糟糕Imagine living in a society where people routinely fart in public, blow their noses into their hands, spit indoors, and relieve themselves in front of company. Sound like something from an OCD nightmare? It exactly what youd experience if you took your first time-traveling vacation in 18th-century England.想像在一个社会里,人们习惯性地在公共场合放屁和擤鼻涕、在室内随地吐痰、在别人面前随意大小便听起来像强迫症的噩梦吗?如果你乘坐时光机回到十八世纪的英格兰,你会发现那些都是真的 most people, hygiene was nothing more than a fancy word they couldnt spell. The average man on the street had breath that could strip paint, and social niceties were unheard of. It was far from uncommon to eat a meal with your hands, wipe those hands down your shirt, and then fart loudly bee spitting a wodge of mucus onto the floor. But what if you limited your journey to the homes of the upper classes? Sorry, but they were no better. While conversing after dinner, men would often pull out a chamber pot and relieve themselves in front of guests.Even if you spent your entire vacation avoiding other humans at all costs, youd still encounter their disgusting by-products. Human waste was so prevalent that any food, water, or milk you could get hold of was probably contaminated in the grossest way possible.对于大多数人来说,;卫生;只不过是一个他们都不会拼写的新奇词汇街上的行人呼吸着比油漆味还要刺鼻的气味,社交礼仪这种东西更是闻所未闻当你看到有人用手抓饭来吃,吃完饭直接把油擦到衣上,然后在随地吐一口痰之前放一记响屁,千万不要感到惊奇你在想如果把旅途设定在贵族的家中情况会不会好一些?对不起,是不会在贵族的家里,男人在饭后交谈时会拿出便壶直接在客人面前解手就算你使尽全身力气把自己与当时的人类隔绝,你也避免不了他们生活中的各种恶心的废物在当时,人类的垃圾是如此猖狂,以至于任何能够接触到的食物、水、或牛奶都会以它们最脏的形象出现在你面前.Ancient Mesopotamia Was Crawling With Pests.古美索不达米亚害虫满地爬Like Pompeii and medieval London, ancient Mesopotamia had little in the way of waste disposal and sanitation. The inevitable result was pests on an enormous scale. Unlike in London or Pompeii, we know that feral animals were actually encouraged by the Mesopotamians. It turned out they had a part to play in society: garbage disposal.跟庞培和中世纪伦敦一样,古代美索不达米亚在垃圾处理和卫生系统方面都不怎么样那么不可避免的结果就是害虫泛滥成灾了我们知道,跟庞培和伦敦不一样的是,美索不达米亚人是鼓励野生动物的这样的结果就是野生动物成为了社会中重要的一员,垃圾处理工To deal with piles of refuse, cities across Mesopotamia allowed feral dogs and scavenging pigs to run the streets. We dont just mean in the outlying and poor districts. Teeth and bones collected by archaeological expeditions show these animals got absolutely everywhere. Under the Hittites, feral pigs were even encouraged inside the palace of the king.More disgustingly, the widesp nature of garbage also meant every centimeter of your typical Babylonian city was crawling with big fat rats, fleas, and other disease-carrying pests. As a result, infection by plague and a horrible, messy death was an ever-present worry, and this worry was compounded by the presence of nasty, food-borne parasites like trichinellosis.为了处理大量垃圾,美索不达米亚各城市允许野和野猪在街上任意觅食这种现象不仅仅出现在边缘的平穷地区考古队从他们所收集的牙齿和骨头发现,这些动物遍布美索不达米亚在希泰族,甚至连国王的皇宫内也养着野猪来处理垃圾更恶心的是,满大街的垃圾意味着你所知道的每一个巴比伦城市都爬满了肥硕的老鼠、跳蚤和携带病菌的害虫所以,在当时染上瘟疫和死亡的恐惧是一个长期存在的、困扰着人们的问题而肮脏、食物滋生的寄生虫比如旋毛虫的存在则更加加深了这个隐患3.Georgians Stuffed Their Mouths With Dead People Teeth3.乔治亚人爱把死人的牙塞嘴里In 18, two of the greatest armies on Earth met the apocalyptic Battle of Waterloo, a bruising engagement that killed roughly 50,000 men. Aside from stopping Napoleon in his tracks and shaping European history, the battle had a strangely gross effect on one school of medicine: dentistry.18年,世界上两最强的军队展开了灾难性的滑铁卢战争,造成了大约五万士兵的死亡这场战争除了阻止拿破仑重建欧洲的进程,还有一个极其重大的影响,那就是医学中的牙医领域Prior to Waterloo, rotten teeth were one of the most feared ailments in British society. With no such thing as fillings or regular check-ups, bad teeth ruined many people lives. But when the battle was over, Europe suddenly found itself in possession of thousands of young corpses—each with a mouth stuffed full of healthy teeth. What followed was one of the grossest booms in product history. Pieced together from dead men jaws, dentures suddenly became widely available on the market. The Georgians went nuts them. decades, people willingly wore the smiles of men killed on the battlefield in place of their own. It wasnt until Claudius Ash began manufacturing porcelain teeth in the 1830s that this gruesome trend finally fell out of fashion.在滑铁卢战争之前,烂牙是英国最可怕的疾病之一因为没有补牙的材料及定期的牙齿检查,当时许多有烂牙的人都十分难受滑铁卢战争结束后,欧洲人突然意识到许多战死的年轻士兵嘴里有他们需要的健康的牙齿接踵而来的是制造业历史的一个繁荣阶段自从将从死者内颌取出的假牙接合在一起后,其在市场上便广泛流通开来乔治亚人简直都要疯了接下来的好几十年人们都心甘情愿地用那些死在战场的士兵的牙替换自己本身的烂牙这个奇怪的浪潮直到十八世纪三十年代克劳狄·艾什发明陶瓷牙之后才退去.Toilet Paper Used To Be Horrifying.可怕的厕纸As people who probably grew up with indoor flushing toilets and paper marketed as ;quilted; or ;extra comt,; it can be hard to appreciate how difficult our ancestors had it. Go back less than 0 years and using the bathroom used to be downright unpleasant. One of the most general methods wiping yourself was to use an old newspaper or catalog. The old Farmer Almanac even came with a hole so it could be hung up in outhouses. Not that we can blame our grandparents avoiding toilet paper. Until the 1930s, it was totally possible to buy paper that was full of splinters.生活在一个有自动冲洗马桶和;柔软;、;超舒适;厕纸的时代,现在的人们也许很难理解古时候人们的心情一百年以前,上厕所对人们来说是非常不舒的比如当时他们用的纸通常是旧报纸和杂志老杂志《农夫年历特意弄了个带洞的设计,好让它挂在厕所里十九世纪三十年代之前,带夹子的厕纸是非常常见的In 1935, Northern Tissue (now Quilted Northern) made a killing advertising its toilet paper with the tagline ;Splinter-Free!; The sheer success of the product shows us that even by the time FDR was in the White House, plenty of people were legitimately worried that wiping with the wrong paper would leave them sporting splinters in a very tender place. It only in the last 80-odd years that companies have finally overcome this painful obstacle.1935年,Northern Tissue(现在的Quilted Tissue)做了一个暴利厕纸广告,广告标语写着;Splinter-Free!;该产品的成功表明,即使富兰克林·德兰诺·罗斯福在任期间,白宫里仍有许多人担心用错厕纸会使他们的菊花不舒在过去的80多年里,该公司才解决了这个问题1.Roman Toilets Were Terrifying1.丧心病狂的罗马厕所If youre one of the many people who has a thing about peeing in front of others, be glad you didnt live in ancient Rome. Back then, the words ;public restroom; were taken very literally. Up to 50 people would sit in a circle doing their business in plain view of one another and, when they were finished, wipe themselves on a communal sponge as dirty and disease-ridden as, well, a shared butt-wiper. Sound like the worst toilet experience you can imagine? Were only just getting started.如果你是众多对公众场合小便心有余悸的人之一,就该庆幸你没有生活在古代罗马那时候,公众厕所就真是公众的厕所里,至少五十个人围成一个圈,每个人上厕所的时候都一览无余;完事后,他们再把脏兮兮甚至带着病菌的公共海绵当作厕纸使用听起来像是你能够想象到的最可怕的厕所经历?我们才刚刚开始变得有点恐怖而已Although Roman sewers were advanced the time, they were woefully inadequate by our standards. With no U-bend to speak of, toilets opened directly into dark drainage channels through which insects and what Discover Magazine calls ;biting creatures; frequently emerged. Thanks to the buildup of methane, it was also totally possible jets of naked flame to suddenly explode out the holes. This made the simple act of going to the toilet like playing the worst version of Russian roulette imaginable. Unsurprisingly, all this nastiness made the average Roman very wary of the toilet. Archaeological excavations have uncovered magic spells scrawled on bathroom walls to ward off demons and images of the goddess tuna designed to bring good luck. When your trip to the restroom could result in your ass getting bitten or badly burned, you probably need all the luck you could get.虽然罗马的下水道是当时最先进的,但跟我们现代的下水道系统相比,简直就是差太多没有;U;型弯头,厕所直接连通滋生昆虫和《发现杂志称做咬人生物的排水渠由于沼气的堆积,时不时会有明火从排水渠喷射出来这使得人们上一趟厕所就跟玩最险的一局俄罗斯轮盘赌一样毫无疑问的,这些会引起疾病的脏东西使罗马人对待厕所非常谨慎考古挖掘家在古罗马厕所里发现用来抵御恶魔的神秘符咒和幸运女神福尔图娜的神像当一个人上一趟厕所屁股都会被虫咬或被火烧的时候,他大概需要一整个世界的幸运翻译:哈利小王子 前十网

A young dolphin has died of suspected dehydration after being paraded around like a trophy and stroked by a crowd of sunbathers who then abandoned it on the sand.阿根廷日前发生一起悲剧,一条小海豚在被当地游客像举奖杯一样巡游展示并抚摸之后,疑似因脱水死亡之后还被游客直接丢弃在沙滩!The group of people huddled around the mammal taking selfies after it was found on the Argentine beach resort of Santa Teresita in the north-eastern Buenos Aires Province.事发地点是在阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯省东北部的圣特雷西塔海滨度假胜地当有人发现一条小海豚后,众人便纷纷上前簇拥与它合影The La Plata dolphin - also known as the Franciscana dolphin can live to be twenty years old.这条小海豚是拉普拉塔海豚海豚 ,也被称为Franciscana海豚,一般能活到岁The last tragic images show the body, abandoned on the sand, as people continue to take pictures.最后的几张照片上是那条小海豚的尸体,就这样被遗弃在沙滩上,而还有人陆续上前合照The episode has caused the Wildlife Foundation in Argentina to emit a public reminder about the vulnerable species, which only present off the coast of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.这一事件引发了阿根廷野生动物基金会的关注该基金会对公众发出警告称,这一物种只出现在阿根廷、乌拉圭和巴西海岸,是容易受到伤害的物种,请公众自觉保护The Franciscana, like other species, cannot remain much time outside of the water, it has thick fatty skin which gives it heat and means that taking it out of the water rapidly causes it to dehydrate and die, they said.该基金会表示:“Franciscana海豚,和其他海豚物种一样,不能长时间的脱离海水,它的皮肤上有一层厚厚的脂肪以提供热量,一旦脱离海水,它就会迅速脱水死亡”This occasion serves to inm the public about the urgent necessity to return these dolphins to the sea as soon as possible if they find them on the shore. It is fundamental that people help to rescue these animals, because every Franciscana counts now, they finished.阿根廷野生动物基金会最后说道:“这次的事件提醒我们,如果在岸上发现这种海豚,请尽快将他们送回大海我们帮助营救这些动物是最基本的要求,因为这些Franciscana海豚目前已经屈指可数了”However, the Franciscana is of particular conservation concern because of its restricted distribution and vulnerability to incidental capture in fishing gear. There are only around 30,000 examples thought to be left in the world.Franciscana海豚因其局限性的地域分布及偶然捕获的脆弱性,是需要特别保护和关注的品种,目前全世界仅剩将近3万条 3

  Check out退房A: Good morning, sir. What can I do you?早上好,先生有什么可以帮忙的吗?B: Im leaving at ten, so Id like to settle my now.我打算点钟走,所以我想现在把账结了A: Yes, sir. May I have your room Hamilton.好的,先生请问您的房间号码是多少?B: Room 618, and the name is John Hamilton.618号房,名字是约翰·汉密斯顿A: Right. How would you like to make payment?没错您要如何付账?B: On the company , please.请用公司账户A: May I know the name of your company, please?请告诉我你公司的名称好吗?B: Why?为什么?A: Wed like one your file and one s.我们要把一张放在档案里,一张放在账单里B: I see. Here you are.我明白了,给你A: Please just wait a moment. Ill get your bill y you right away.请稍等,我马上就把账单给您准备好B: Thanks.谢谢A: Have you used your min-bar since breakfast?早餐过后您用过小冰箱吗?B: No, I havent.不,没用过A: Very good, sir. Here is your bill. Please check and sign here.很好,先生这是您的账单,请核对一下并在这里签名B: OK. Excuse me, what this charge here?好的对不起,这里的这笔费用是什么意思?A: That the breakfast you ordered from the room service.是用来付您从房间务部要的那次早餐的费用B: Oh, yes. It on Wednesday morning. I almost got. Sorry about that.哦,对啦那是星期三上午的事儿我差点儿忘记了对不起B: Thank you.谢谢 19

  第一句:Where is the taxi stand?出租车车站在哪儿?A: Excuse me. Where is the taxi stand?打扰了,出租车车站在哪儿?B: Oh, it over there.哦,就在那边第二句:Where can I get a taxi?我在哪儿能打车呢?A: Where can I get a taxi?我在哪儿能打车呢?B: You can stop a taxi on the street.你在街上就可以拦一辆出租车一般情况下,在路上向出租车招手,司机就会停当然有的路段是不允许司机随便停车的,这时你要看清楚路标(signpost)计程车车站:taxi stand 10。


  The four sisters stand gossiping underneath the washing line, the growing baby bumps visible under tightly-fitting tops.四站在晾衣绳下闲聊着,紧身衣下小腹隆起,态明显But the unemployed Hernandez sisters are not looking ward to the birth of much-wanted babies. Instead, they are wombs--hire --willing to put their bodies through agony in order to earn thousands from desperate Europeans, prepared to pay more than these single mothers could earn in years their chance to have their own biological child.但无工作的赫尔南德斯并没有特别期待孩子的出生相反,她们只是“出租子宫”--自愿忍受身体的折磨,以从几近绝望的欧洲人手中赚取较高的金额那些欧洲人会付给这些单身母亲正常工作余年所得收入,来获得自己的亲生孩子This is a family business - one which is not discussed outside the walls of the home, just one cog in Mexico secretive, and sometimes corrupt, surrogacy industry.这是一项家族产业--这在公众场合并不会讨论,只是秘密的,有时甚至是腐败的墨西哥产业中微不足道的小事It was oldest sister Milagros who first stumbled across the rent-a-womb business in . The decision she made was purely practical: the Hernandez family is a sprawling one, all living in close quarters, and money is more than tight so the whole family needs to be put to work.四中,大米拉格罗斯在年成为第一个者,她已经为3个不同的男人成功地生了孩子她做的这个决定很实际:赫尔南德斯家生活十分困难,所有人都生活在狭窄的空间里,经济十分拮据,所以“整个家需要工作” If that means renting out their wombs or working other jobs to bring in money to support the family, so be it, says Milagros. She laughs as she tells MailOnline that the fun of sex is the only thing that missing from the surrogacy experience.米拉格罗斯表示,如果这意味着要出租子宫或者从事其他工作来养家的话,她选择出租子宫她笑着告诉每日邮报:“只有享受做爱的时候,她才忘记经历”However, it was not until she brought back the ,000 pounds she earned from her first successful surrogacy that Martha, the next eldest sister, decided to follow in her footsteps. Soon, Maria, 7 and a mother-of-three, and Paulina, the youngest at , realised they too could earn a living this way.在第一个孩子使她获得了将100英镑的收入后,二玛莎也决定加入队伍很快,今年7岁、已是三个孩子母亲的三玛丽亚,以及岁的波林也意识到是一个不错的收入来源After all, the average ,000 pounds pay-off is following a successful delivery, as well as having all living expenses covered by the client throughout the nine-month pregnancy. The women brother, who works minimum wage in the state capital, would take nearly years to equal the amount.毕竟,平均一次就能获得000英镑,这是一笔不小的数目,并且在9个月的怀期间,委托人将全权负责所有开销这些女人的兄弟,在当地的首府工作,只能拿到微薄的薪水,几乎要工作十年才能拿到000英镑Yet what these women are earning is small change in an industry which is worth 90 million pounds a year in Tabasco state alone - the vast majority of the sum going to the agencies, which can charge 8,000 pounds their services, and pay the women just ,000 pounds.然而,与墨西哥塔巴斯科州产业一年创造的9000万英镑的收入相比,这些妈妈赚取的只是一笔小数目并且这些钱大多数都落入了中介的腰包,一个孩子需要交8000英镑的费用,但妈妈只得到其中的000英镑 867 78

  We like to imagine that successful people are truly self-made, rising to prominence based solely on their own hard work and genius. But the truth is that everyone, even the great figures of history, needs a little help along the way.我们乐于认为成功者完全是凭借自己的努力和天赋而声名远播但其实每个人,甚至是历史上的诸多伟人,在成功的道路上也需要他人的援助我们常说,;每个成功男人的背后都有一位成功的女人;,那么这篇文章前十君要说的就是;每个成功的伟人背后,都有一位绝世好‘基友;.Genghis Khan Adviser.成吉思汗的辅臣Yelu Chucai is the unknown figure behind the great success of Genghis Khan Mongolian empire. Not a Mongol himself, he had nomadic Khitan ancestry, but grew up in China. Captured by the Mongols, he met the Khan at and quickly impressed him with his vast knowledge and administrative talent. Nicknamed ;Urtu Saqal; his long beard, he soon became one of Genghis most important advisers.在成吉思汗统治下的蒙古帝国,有一位不知名的人物,名叫耶律楚材他并非蒙古人,祖先是游牧契丹人,后在中原长大耶律楚材年轻时被蒙古人抓获,并在岁那一年见到了成吉思汗,可汗很快为他的学和治国才学所折,而他也迅速成为成吉思汗的重要辅臣之一耶律楚材;身长八尺,美髯宏声;,因其长长的胡须而获;长髯人;之称Chucai was most notable convincing the Mongols to tax conquered cities instead of destroying them, arguing that the money and manpower gained from the cities could fund future conquests. With this line of reasoning, he almost single-handedly averted a Mongol plan to wipe out the northern Chinese peasantry in order to return the land to pasture.When Genghis son and successor Ogodei mocked him always pleading on the people behalf, Chucai famously responded that empires could be conquered on horseback, but never ruled from it. Ogodei apparently came to agree, since he retained Chucai as his chief adviser after the death of his father. However, his fellow advisers conspired against him and he fell out of favor until his death, when he was buried in great splendor by the Mongols who had once been his captors.耶律楚材最重要的贡献是成功劝谏统治者建立赋税制度,放弃屠城、残害百姓他主张税收所得的财政以及人力培养可以为国家社稷养精蓄锐蒙古人当时为了退耕还牧,计划铲除所有中原北方的农民,而耶律楚材正是靠着这一主张,几乎是单凭一人之力阻止了这一计划成吉思汗去世后,他的儿子窝阔台继承皇位,这位新皇帝曾因为耶律楚材一心为百姓辩护而嘲笑他耶律楚材则以一句治世名言回答皇帝:;天下虽得之马上,不可以马上治;窝阔台听闻此言,无不赞同,于是他也将耶律楚材视为他的首要辅臣,保留了成吉思汗在世时楚材的地位然而他的同僚们则密谋陷害他,于是他不再得到皇上的持,直至离世耶律楚材死后得到了高级别待遇,蒙古人将这位曾经的俘虏、后来的治世能臣风光大葬9.Disney Sidekick9.迪斯尼的老伙计Great minds think alike and Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks were no exception. The pair became firm friends while working at the Pesman-Rubin commercial art agency in Kansas City. They soon teamed up to m Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists, which didnt last long. The flamboyant Disney eventually set off Hollywood and med his own production company, while the timid Iwerks remained in Kansas City doing animation ad agencies. But Disney knew his friend had real talent and encouraged him to take a chance and join him out in Calinia. In 19, Iwerks agreed and Disney gave him a percent ownership stake in the company.都说英雄所见略同,志同道合者方为朋友,沃特·迪斯尼和乌布·伊沃克斯就是这样的朋友这两位在堪萨斯城的普斯曼-鲁宾商业艺术工作室工作时成为了挚友很快,二人便成立了伊沃克斯-迪斯尼商业艺术团队,但这一团队于不久后解散当时风光无限的迪斯尼最终选择前往好莱坞,并成立了自己的制作公司,而不愿出去的伊沃克斯则继续呆在堪萨斯城,为广告公司制作动画然而,迪斯尼知道他的这位朋友有真才实学,于是鼓励伊沃克斯抓住机会来加州加入他的公司19年,伊沃克斯答应了,迪斯尼将公司%的股权赠与伊沃克斯Not long after they began working together, a rift occurred between Disney and Charlie Mintz, the distributor of Disney popular ;Oswald The Lucky Rabbit; shorts. Since Mintz owned the rights to the character, he fired Disney and then hired most of his animators out from under him. But Iwerks refused to leave his friend and the pair quickly created a replacement character: Mickey Mouse. Iwerks animated the early Mickey shorts almost by himself, which required him to turn out an incredible 600 drawings per day. Luckily, the shorts were a massive success and saved the company. Sadly, Disney and Iwerks had a falling-out a few years later and Iwerks left the company to strike out on his own. But together they had aly changed animation history. While Disney was the brain behind Mickey, Iwerks was the animator that brought him to life.然而好景不长,两人合作没多久,迪斯尼与查理·名茨之间发生隔阂,名茨是迪斯尼热门动画短片《幸运兔子奥斯华的经销商因为名茨拥有这一动画形象的版权,所以他解雇了迪斯尼,进而又从迪斯尼手下挖来了一大部分动画师然而伊沃克斯则选择留在迪斯尼的身边,这对;好基友;很快创作出一个新的动画人物:米老鼠早期的米老鼠动画短片几乎是由伊沃克斯一人创作完成,这使得伊沃克斯每天得画600张图纸,实在令人赞叹令人欣慰的是,这一短片收效显著,获得巨大成功,也挽救了迪斯尼的公司不过令人遗憾的是,迪斯尼和伊沃克斯在几年之后便遭遇滑铁卢,再后来伊沃克斯离开了公司,自己出去打拼但是那时他们二人已经改变了动画史尽管迪斯尼为米老鼠创作了故事情节,但却是伊沃克斯赋予了米老鼠生命和活力8.The Wright Brothers Mentor8.莱特兄弟的导师It is said that while the Wright brothers taught the world to fly, Octave Chanute taught the Wright brothers how to fly. A self-taught engineer, Octave Chanute became famous and successful his unusual and creative designs. Among other things, he was the first person to realize that wood could be preserved by treating it with creosote. But Chanute real passion was flight. At the age of 5, he decided to focus his energies on developing the budding field of aviation.人们常说,虽然莱特兄弟让世人看到了人类的飞翔,然而却是奥克塔夫·沙尼特教会了他俩如何飞翔奥克塔夫·沙尼特,一位自学成才的工程师,以其创造性,不寻常的设计而闻名遐迩除此之外,他是第一位发现木材可以经过木榴油处理而得到妥善保存的人但是沙尼特真正的兴趣在于飞行5岁那一年,他决定全身心投入飞机制造业Bee Chanute, the study of flight was carried out haphazardly by independent researchers around the world. Almost single-handedly, Chanute turned it into a cohesive field of study. He started lengthy correspondences with anyone he could find working on the topic, collecting and collating their findings. He organized the first scientific aeronautical conferences and financially supported pioneers like Louis Mouillard and Otto Lilienthal. He debunked false breakthroughs and gathered the real ones in his classic handbook Progress In Flying Machines. He carried out numerous experiments of his own, happily sharing his data with anyone who was interested. The Chanute Glider was the most advanced aircraft of its time.Chanute took a particular interest in the Wright brothers, who frequently wrote to him advice. Their 1900 glider was based on his research, and Chanute often sent his assistants to help the brothers out. He was the one who suggested that they should conduct their experiments in a sandy location with strong winds, which prompted their move to Kitty Hawk. He believed more than anyone that the Wrights would succeed in achieving powered flight, which they did in 19.Sadly, Chanute fell out with the brothers in 19, when they became involved in patent disputes with other early aviators. Chanute had never patented his own work, believing that technical knowledge should be distributed freely. He had always dreamed that the ability to fly would bring about a new age of enlightenment and saw the Wrights desire to control the new technology as selfish. Happily, they later reconciled enough that Wilbur Wright delivered Chanute eulogy.此前,有关飞机的研究都分散于世界各地,并不系统几乎是凭沙尼特一人之力将飞机相关领域的研究串联起来凡是能与飞机挂钩的人,他都与之联系,收集并校勘他们的研究成果沙尼特举办了首届科学航空会议,并出资持路易·莫拉德和奥托·李林塔尔研究飞机沙尼特还在自己的《飞行器的进展一书中揭露了那些不实的飞行研究,并收录了很多真实的研究进展他也曾进行过无数次实验,并乐于与同道之人分享结果而;沙尼特滑翔机;也是当时最先进的飞机沙尼特非常看好莱特兄弟,兄弟二人常常给他写信,请求指教莱特1900滑翔机就是在沙尼特研究的基础上制成的,沙尼特也经常派助手前去帮助兄弟俩正是沙尼特向莱特兄弟建议在有强风扫过的沙丘上进行飞行试验,他们这才选择了基蒂霍克沙丘没有谁比沙尼特还要坚信莱特兄弟一定会在动力飞行方面有所建树,19年,莱特兄弟真的成功了然而遗憾的是,19年,莱特兄弟与其他飞行研究前辈们发生专利纠纷,沙尼特也与兄弟二人发生争吵,关系进入冰点沙尼特从来没有为自己的研究申请专利,他认为技术知识应该大家自由分享,相互学习他总是期盼飞行可以开启一个新的启蒙时代,所以他认为莱特兄弟垄断新技术是一种自私的表现不过还好,他们后来和解了,沙尼特去世后,维尔伯·莱特还在沙尼特的葬礼上致悼词了呢7.Apple Third Founder7.苹果公司的第三个创始人Of course, most people have heard of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but there was actually a third Apple co-founder: Ronald Wayne. The engineer involvement with Apple started when he met Steve Jobs while working at Atari in the 70s. Jobs asked Wayne help drafting the original partnership agreement that established Apple. After Wayne mediated a dispute between Jobs and Wozniak, they asked him to come on board as a partner. Wayne was given percent of the company, allowing him to act as a sort of tiebreaker between Jobs and Wozniak, who each got 5 percent of the shares. Wayne also designed Apple first logo, wrote the company first operating manual, and drew up most of the documents. As Wozniak explained in his autobiography, Wayne ;seemed to know all the things we didnt.;说到苹果公司创始人,无人不知史蒂夫·乔布斯,无人不晓史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克但实际上,苹果公司还有第三位创始人,那就是罗纳德·韦恩70年代时,这位工程师在雅达利工作时,遇到了乔布斯,而正是那个时候,他开始了与苹果公司的情缘乔布斯请韦恩帮忙起草一份原始合伙契约,这份契约的内容与成立苹果公司有关韦恩做了乔布斯和沃兹尼亚克的和事佬后,他俩邀请韦恩成为公司董事会的一员他拥有公司%的股份,乔布斯和沃兹尼亚克各拥有5%而在乔布斯和沃兹尼亚克发生分歧时,韦恩的角色就是仲裁者韦恩还设计了苹果公司的第一个商标,制作了公司第一份用户手册,并且起草了很多文件正如沃兹尼亚克在自传中说道,;我们不了解的,韦恩好像都知道;But Wayne was a veteran of several failed business ventures and he feared Apple would also go under, putting him into debt. Additionally, he was significantly older than Jobs or Wozniak and felt unwilling to put in the relentless work required to make Apple a success. Less than a month after the company was med, he sold his shares to Jobs and Wozniak 0. He was later paid an additional ,500 to feit any claims on the company. Wayne stock would be worth as much as billion today. However, Wayne insists that he doesnt regret leaving Apple, since he lacked any passion computing. In fact, he never even owned an Apple machine, feeling too familiar with Microsoft Windows to bother switching. As he told CNN, ;What can I say? You make a decision based on your understanding of the circumstances, and you live with it.;但是韦恩曾多次投资企业失败,他担心新兴的苹果公司会让他再次陷入债务危机不仅如此,最重要一点,他比乔布斯或沃兹尼亚克的年纪大,不愿意为了苹果的成功而进入癫狂的工作状态所以公司成立不到一个月,他就以800美金交易额把自己的股份卖给了乔布斯和沃兹尼亚克后来因丧失公司债权,又获得了00美金的补偿韦恩的股份若放在今天,可值350亿美元然而,韦恩坚持称自己并不后悔离开苹果,因为他当时对从事电脑工作没有任何兴趣其实,他自己也从来不曾拥有苹果的产品,他觉得已经习惯使用微软系统了,不愿意再麻烦换系统他在接受CNN采访时说:;我还能说什么呢?人都是情势所迫做出了决定,而无论这个决定的结果如何,你都要去承受;6.Martin Luther King Twin6.马丁·路德·金的好兄弟Today, Ralph Abernathy is not as well-known as he should be. In part, that due to the scandal caused by his book, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, which very briefly mentioned that Martin Luther King Jr. had engaged in extramarital affairs, including on the night bee his death. The book made Abernathy a pariah among many of his mer comrades, with Jesse Jackson writing that it ;appeals to the most prurient tendencies in current public life and gives comt to the civil rights movement enemies.; But during King life, there was no one closer to him than Ralph Abernathy.如今,很多人都不知道拉尔夫·拉伯内亚是谁,而他本应该很受欢迎那么为什么事实却是如此呢?从某种程度上来说,原因要归咎于一本书引发的丑闻,在他这本《众墙坍塌一书中,简要提到了马丁·路德·金的婚外情秘事,甚至还说到了马丁·路德·金被杀害前一晚的情事 正是这些内容让拉尔夫直接遭到了之前很多;战友;的蔑视和吐槽,杰西·杰克逊甚至写道,这本书;不仅吸引了社会上很多好色之徒的注意力,而且还让抵制民权运动的人们看笑话了;但是,马丁·路德·金生前最亲近的人,就是拉尔夫·拉伯内亚In fact, King even described Abernathy as his best friend in his last sermon bee he was assassinated. Abernathy was King closest ally and confidant at the height of the civil rights struggle, and King consulted him bee all key decisions. They were basically inseparable, sharing everything from meals to prison cells, to the point that it hard to find a public photo of King without Abernathy visible in the background. Even the famous picture of King meeting Malcolm X has Abernathy standing right between them. They were soon referred to as the movement twins, while Abernathy was dubbed King alter ego. Abernathy stayed with King right up until his assassination in 1968. They were standing on their hotel balcony when Abernathy stepped inside to put on some cologne. It probably saved his life. King was shot by a sniper mere seconds later.事实上,金在被刺杀前的最后一次宣讲中,还提到拉尔夫是他的挚友在民权运动斗争高潮期间,他是金最亲密的盟友和知己,在做出重大决策前,金也总会听听拉尔夫的意见他们两人形影不离,一起吃饭,一起坐牢,而且从媒体上的照片里,你几乎找不到一张是没有拉尔夫陪伴在金身旁的甚至那张著名的金与黑人领袖马尔科姆·埃克斯会面的照片中都有拉尔夫陪伴的身影很快他们被称为;民权运动双雄;,而拉尔夫也被称为金的;黄金挚友;翻译:晃晃 来源:前十网 63A friendly dog has become one of New York latest tourist attractions, thanks to her love of ;hugging; strangers.近日,一只友善的因为喜欢;拥抱;陌生人,成为了纽约最新的旅游卖点之一Louboutina the golden retriever is fast becoming a social media star thanks to her affectionate nature, as passers-by have taken to posing pictures when they spot her on the street.这只金毛猎犬叫做;鲁布蒂娜;,凭借亲切的个性迅速成为社交媒体明星,路人在街上看到鲁布蒂娜时都喜欢与它摆姿势拍照There are scores of pictures of the pet pooch on her hind legs, with her front paws clasped around a man or woman thighs, which are posted by fans on Instagram.粉丝在Instagram上传了许多这只宠物的照片,照片中它用后腿蹲立,前爪紧抱一名男性或女性的大腿The images are all re-tweeted by her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez on Louboutina own page, which now has thousands of followers.鲁布蒂娜的主人凯撒·费尔南德斯-查维斯将这些图片都转发到它的个人主页上,该主页现在已有数千名粉丝了He was given Louboutina as a gift by his best friend five years ago, when she was just a puppy.鲁布蒂娜是查维斯最好的朋友5年前送给他的礼物,那时它还是一只小Cesar told MailOnline Travel: Louboutina started ;holding hands; in February , a week bee Valentine day.凯撒在接受《每日邮报旅游版采访时表示:;鲁布蒂娜是在年的月,情人节前的一周开始握手的,;Then in the spring of she started ;hugging me; and since last winter she has been hugging other people more often.;之后在年的春天,它开始拥抱我,从去年冬天开始,它已经开始拥抱其他人了; 676


  A: How is everything with you today?B: I’m fine. Thank you asking.A: Can I help you with something?B: I actually have a few questions about the apartment.A: What questions do you have?B: Is this apartment in a nice location?A: It is in a great location.B: Are there any stores near the apartment?A: You will find many stores and restaurants near the apartment.B: Really?A: I guarantee that the apartment is in a beautiful location.B: That sounds wonderful.。


  Conversation A: Good morning, sir. May I help you?A:早上好,先生,有什么能效劳的吗?B: I want to try on a pair of shoes in the display window.B:我想试橱窗内的一双鞋子A: Would you please show me, sir?A:您告诉我哪一双好吗?B: This one.B:这双A: I see. What your size, sir?A:好的,先生,请问您穿什么尺码的鞋?B: ty-three.B:3号的A: Just a moment, please… Here you are.A:请等一会……给你鞋B: (Tries it on) It fits me. But let me fasten up the shoelace and walk a few steps to see how it feels.B:(试穿上)很合适,让我系上鞋带走走,看感觉如何?A: Sure, sir. Make sure there is little space to see how it feels.A:好的,先生,请注意鞋头必须留下点空间B: Hm… the sole is too hard. Could you give me that one with soft sole?B:唔……鞋底太硬了,你可以给我双软底鞋吗?A: Certainly, sir. Here you are.A:当然可以,先生,这就是了B: This one is much better. What is it made of?B:这双好多了,是什么做的?A: Pig-skin. It very durable, sir.A:是猪皮做的,先生,非常耐穿B: Do they need special care?B:要特别护理吗?A: Nothing special, sir. Just put them in a dry and cool place. Dont put them into water. Polish them regularly. Lastly, put some paper in to keep it in shape when youre not going to use it a long period of time.A:也没什么特别只需放在干爽的地方,不要放进水里,要经常揩抹,还有,当长时间不穿时,放些纸在鞋内,以保持它们的形状B: Thank you the inmation.B:谢谢你告诉我这么多 19957

  A: I have had some really horrible headaches lately.B: How long have your headaches been going on?A: I get headaches occasionally, but they have been really bad lately.B: Any unusual amounts of stress in your life going on right now?A: I am getting y to take my GRE.B: Have you been able to sleep regular hours?A: It has been hard me to sleep with a bad headache.B: Has anything hit you in the head lately?A: I hit my head on a cupboard door a week ago.B: Let’s have you come back in a few days and see how you feel. 59

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