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We all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when youve made a bad first impression? VideoJug will show you how to bounce back from that bad first impression in style.我们都知道第一印象很重要,但是,如果你给别人留下的第一印象不好怎么办呢?VideoJug教给你怎样逆转你在别人心目中的形象。Step 1: Dont beat yourself up1.不要自暴自弃Its important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and says things they wish they hadnt. Dont magnify the situation in your head. Most people will give you a chance to redeem yourself and show them the person you really are. Well show you how.要记住,每个人都会犯错误,都说过让自己后悔不及的话。不要在自己的脑海中把这种形势放大。大部分人会给你补救的机会,让你表现出真实的自己。我们向大家展示怎样做。Step 2: The failed joke2.失败的笑话It sounded hilarious in your head - but for some reason no-one else seems to agree.在你的脑海中,这个笑话听上去十分滑稽可笑,但是由于某种原因,其他人都不这样认为。The failed joke might seem like social suicide, but it is redeemable. The simple trick here is to not let it bother you. It is important to recognise that your joke was not funny. If a mirthless silence descends, close it with a self-debasing phrase such as ;It sounded funny in my head;; or ;Wow, that wasnt funny at all;. Then quickly move on to something else. Dont let a tumbleweed moment linger.失败的笑话就像社交自杀一样,不过是可以挽救的。一个简单的方法就是不要为这件事烦恼。认识到自己的笑话不可笑,这很重要。如果你讲完之后冷场了,可以自我解嘲地补充一句,例如,“在我脑海中原以为很好笑”,或者说“这一点都不好笑”。然后赶紧转移话题。不要让沉闷的气氛停留太长时间。Dont try too hard to make up for it and convince people you really are funny.不要过分努力地弥补,试图说人们这个笑话真的很有趣。Instead, relax, keep quiet and wait a while before trying to make another crack. In a very short space of time, people will completely forget your failed joke and their impression of you will be formed on who you are rather than what you said.相反,放松下来,保持冷静,等一会儿再尝试其他俏皮话。在很短的时间内,人们会完全忘记你的冷笑话,人们对你的印象只停留在你是谁,而不是你说过什么。Step 3: Inadvertent offence3.粗心冒犯It may be that your well-intentioned comment has done more than fail; it may even have offended a new acquaintance.你的言论可能不仅仅是失败,甚至可能冒犯新结识的朋友。If this is the case there are several steps you can follow to bounce back.如果是这种情况,有几个步骤来挽回。Step 4: Stop digging4.停止辩解At the moment the words have left your mouth, the damage is done. A common mistake is to immediately try and justify whats been said.当话已出口的时候,伤害已经造成。最常见的错误就是立即试图为自己辩解。This invariably results in creating even more of a problem for yourself. Dont dig your way into a giant hole of social disapproval.这样会为自己造成更多问题。你已经陷入不被赞成的深坑中,不要越挖越深。Instead, once youve realised your mistake, stop. Apologise immediately and sincerely. But keep it brief and then move on.Walk away, talk to someone else, or offer to get a drink.一旦认识到自己的错误,马上停下来。立即真诚地道歉。但是一定要简洁明了。然后走开,和其他人说话,或者去拿一杯饮料。Step 5: Give them space5.给他们空间Accept that you have offended that person, and hounding them for the rest of the evening isnt going to earn you a place in their good books.接受自己已经冒犯了对方的事实,整晚上缠着对方不会让你给他留下好印象。Leave them alone, and get to know some other people.给他们足够的空间去结识其他人。After a suitable period - towards the end of the party, for example - approach them again.经过一段合适的时间——例如,可以在派对快结束的时候,再次找到他们。This time, speak to them one-to-one. Dont try to over-explain anything, but offer a sincere and considered apology for your thoughtless comment.这次要单独跟他们对话。不要过分解释任何事情,只是为你无礼的言论做出真诚的道歉。Hopefully your sincere apology will have convinced the offended party that you arent a horrible person, and in future they will be willing to give you a second chance.或许你真诚的道歉会说被冒犯者,你并不是一个可怕的人,将来他们可能会给你第二次机会。Thanks for watching How To Bounce Back From A Bad First Impression感谢收看“怎样挽回失败的第一印象”视频节目。201209/202076

Tobacco has long been blamed for causing fatal lung disease, but now the plant may be used to save lives. Israeli researchers have genetically engineered tobacco plants, to produce the anti-malaria drug Artemisinin.Israeli scientists are using genetically-modified tobacco to produce the anti-malaria drug, Artemisinin, cheaply and efficiently.Alexander Vainstein, researcher of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said, ;Today the drug is produced from Artemisia Anua, its a plant that is not actually agriculturally suitable product. So we modified tobacco and we now have tobacco plants producing the same drug. And this is actually the first time, as far as we know that this final product was produced anywhere in any system.;Since tobacco grows quickly, with large biological mass suitable for drug extraction, the researchers say industrial production of the GM crop should be possible.Jacob Golenser, reserch expert of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said, ;Its an important step towards a better production of Artemisinin which is a very important drug, being an introductory drug to some other derivatives that are nowadays used as a first-line drug against malaria and probably, in the future, also against some other diseases like cancer and some parasitic diseases.;Malaria is one of the worlds most lethal diseases. The WHO says that in 2010, it killed more than 650,000 people. If tobacco can help reduce malaria fatalities, the plant may undergo an unexpected image makeover.烟草一直被指责是造成肺部疾病的元凶,但现在这种植物似乎可以用来挽救生命。以色列研究人员通过烟草植物转基因产生出了抗疟疾的药物青蒿素。该药物既廉价又有效。疟疾是世界上最致命的疾病。世界卫生组织表示2010年,超过650000人因此病而丧生。如果烟草可以帮助减少疟疾死亡,这种植物可能会颠覆人们对其原有的观念。201201/167672

自圣诞节炸机未遂事件之后,美国针对国家安全的讨论日益热烈,而情报部门的工作失误逐渐成为各方面指责的焦点。美国总统奥巴马7号再次发表讲话,检讨在炸机事件中的失误,并进一步宣布了改革情报安全工作的举措。Obama announces new anti-terror measuresUS President Barack Obama has announced more steps to defend the nation against terrorism threats, in response to the failed bombing attempt on a US-bound flight on Christmas Day.Obama took responsibility for the security mistakes that led to the Christmas plot. He is directing the US intelligence agencies to begin investigating all leads "on high-priority threats," and distribute the intelligence reports more rapidly and widely.He has also called for strengthened capability of intelligence analysis and integration, and ordered a review of the criteria used to add individuals to terrorist watch lists.201001/94063

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