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Tucked away in a nondescript commercial building in Fountain Valley, Calif., dozens of designers, engineers, and craftsmen have toiled secretively for months on a project that offers a glimpse of the way we may be driving 15 years from now. Their hangar-like workspace belongs to GFMI Metalcrafters, a company that for decades has built many of the most important concept cars to hit the auto show circuit. Laboring furiously in its password-protected workrooms, these teams have been assembling a car so far ahead of its time that some of the technologies and materials it requires don’t exist yet.在一栋深藏于加州芳泉谷,毫不起眼的办公楼里,一群设计师、工程师和技师已秘密奋战了好几个月,这个项目可以让我们一窥15年后的驾驶方式。这个外形犹如机库的工作室属于GFMI Metalcrafters公司。多年来,这家公司已打造了多款在车展上闪亮登场的重磅概念车。在这间必须输入密码才能进入的工作室里,这些团队全身心地投入工作,组装了一辆远远超越时代的汽车。正因为太先进,它所需的一些技术和材料迄今还没有问世。Meet the Chevrolet-FNR, perhaps Chevy’s most unusual concept car to date, and a stake-in-the-ground statement from Chevy’s parent, General Motors.The FNR is a fully autonomous—that is, self-driving—electric vehicle, developed as part of PATAC, a joint venture of GM and Chinese automaker SAIC Motors. It’s a family-sedan-cum-techno-infotainment solution aimed squarely at China’s youth market, consumers who characteristically respond better to smartphones than sheet metal. Chevy unveiled the FNR (it stands for “Find New Roads,” the brand’s tagline) on Monday at the 2015 Shanghai motor show; Fortune got a sneak peak at the vehicle as it prepared for its debut.这款名为雪佛兰FNR的车型,可能是雪佛兰迄今为止最不同寻常的概念车,也是其母公司通用汽车真正掷地有声的力作。这款全自动(即自动驾驶)电动车,是泛亚汽车技术中心研发的成果之一。这个中心是通用汽车和上汽集团的合资企业。这既是一款专为中国年轻人群市场开发的家用轿车,也是一个技术及解决方案。比起汽车来,这群消费者通常对智能手机更感兴趣。在周一开幕的2015年上海车展上,雪佛兰揭开了FNR(这三个字母意为“找寻新路”,是该品牌的口号)的神秘面纱。在其首次亮相前的准备阶段,《财富》杂志有幸率先一窥这款概念车的真容。Chevy hopes that the FNR will hook millennials, not just in China but worldwide, with the promise of a vehicle that will be part Siri, part BFF, and part Fitbit. “Everywhere in the world our time is constrained—commute time, work time, family time,” says Sharon Nishi, head of sales and marketing for Chevy’s operations in China. “Those are some of the things that inspired this car.” And in a departure from current trends in autonomous-vehicle development, Chevy envisions the FNR as a vehicle for the mass market. GM projects that by 2030—the hypothetical model year for the FNR—self-driving technologies will be prolific enough to have become less costly, and therefore feasible for a real-world family car. And its executives think autonomous vehicles have a particularly good chance of proliferating in developing countries like China, where cities and roads are crowding quickly, governments are eager to resolve congestion, and much infrastructure is yet to be built.雪佛兰希望FNR能吸引全球而不仅仅是中国的80后、90后。它将语音助手Siri、BFF技术和运动腕带Fitbit等多重功能集于一身。雪佛兰中国销售兼营销总监莎伦o西称:“无论身在何处,我们的时间总是紧巴巴的——通勤时间、工作时间及与家人相处的时间。这正是启发我们开发这款车的因素之一。”与当前自动驾驶汽车开发的潮流有所不同,雪佛兰预计FNR将属于大众市场。通用汽车预计,到2030年——这也是FNR假设的车型年——自动驾驶技术将能够赚钱,成本将大幅降低,并成为真正的家用车。通用的高管还认为,在像中国这样的发展中国家,自动驾驶汽车尤其有机会获得大发展,因为这类国家的城市和道路很快就将变得拥挤不堪,政府十分希望破解拥堵难题,同时还有大量基础设施有待建设。“Design is really important in China,” says Nishi—and appropriately enough, the FNR’s exterior projects futuristic muscle-car attitude. Motors housed in the rims of its massive, hubless wheels will power the car (once that particular innovation is fully developed). The FNR’s sculpted exterior panels are made from composites like carbon fiber to save weight, and designed with air intakes that add drama and aerodynamic flow to the overall shape. Double scissor doors open on each side like lotus blossoms. The crowning touch: Thousands of LED lights swathe the vehicle, illuminating it outside and in with a bright blue light, an ode to Shanghai’s famous evening light shows from PATAC advanced vehicle designer Cao Min and his team.莎伦o西表示:“在中国,设计实在是太重要了,”而FNR的外形恰恰展现出一种充满未来感的肌肉车风范。位于巨大的无轮毂车轮中的电动机是动力来源(在充分开发完成后,这一特有的创新成果即可使用)。FNR凹凸有致的外壳由碳纤维一类材质构成,以减轻车重,特别设计的进气口让整个车身平添几分动感,也提高了空气动力学性能。两边各自打开的双铡刀车门远望犹如盛开的莲花。点睛之笔是:上千盏LED灯点缀全车,让它周身散发出明亮的蓝光,这是泛亚中心高级汽车设计师曹明(音译)和他的团队对上海名扬全球的夜景灯光秀的礼赞。The interior, on the other hand, promises that driving itself can be an afterthought, if the user chooses. The FNR would allow occupants to sit back and enjoy the ride in motorized webbed seats that can everything from heart rate and blood pressure to mood—and adjust temperature, speed, lighting, and even musical selections for those who want to work or sleep. Care to swap out the map projected on the oversized canopy and work on some spsheets? Simply swipe your hand over the gesture-controlled crystal ball in the center console to reconfigure the display. Of course, that’s assuming you’re in the car at all. The FNR could “run errands for you while you’re at work, or take itself to the dealer for service so you don’t have to,” says Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president of global product development.另一方面,车内布局则给人这样一种感觉:如果用户自主选择的话,驾驶本身将会被抛在脑后。乘坐者可以舒地躺在FNR的电动网状座椅上,尽情享受旅程。这种座椅可以读取心率、血压和情绪状况,还能调节温度、速度、灯光,那些想工作或闭目养神的乘坐者甚至可以选择合适的背景音乐。想调出地图,投射到超大车顶上,并处理一些电子表格?只需用手在中控台的手势控制水晶球上一划,就能变换显示内容。当然,这是假设车主完全置身车内才行。通用汽车全球产品开发执行副总裁马克o罗伊斯声称,FNR将“在你工作时为你处理琐事,或是自己开到经销商那里维修,为车主省事。” /201504/371641乌兰察布妇幼保健院割双眼皮手术多少钱呼市第一医院修眉手术多少钱5.3D Printed Ears5.3D 打印耳朵We#39;ve had the technology to artificially restore hearing for decades, but internal implants do nothing for the visible parts of the ear. You#39;d think those big flaps (;pinnae;) on either side of your head would be easy to replicate, since they#39;re just skin and cartilage rather than complex organs. In reality, scientists have never done a good job with fake ears. Traditional replacements look and feel like plastic toys.But researchers this year came up with a new method that makes flexible, realistic ears out of real cells. Those cells come from rats and cows, and they form a collagen gel that can take the shape of any mold. When placed in a mold of a human ear—a mold assembled using a 3-D printer—the gel forms an ear in less than an hour. The artificial ear then just needs a few days growing in nutrients before it#39;s y to be implanted in a subject. These artificial ears will be a huge benefit to those who suffer injuries or who have microtia, a condition that keeps the ears from ever developing.我们发展出人工记录声音的技术已经有几十年了,但是人工植入器官在耳朵这一领域没有任何改变。你可能认为生长在头两边的肉块极易替换,因为它们只是皮和软骨,而不是复杂的器官。事实上,科学家在制作假耳上并没有做得非常出色。传统的替代耳朵看起来或感觉起来都像塑料玩具。但是今年,研究者提出一种新的方法,这种方法可以通过真的细胞制作出有弹性真实的耳朵。这些细胞来自老鼠和奶牛,可以形成胶原凝胶,按任何模具成型。当放入使用3-D打印技术制作的耳朵模型后,一个小时内那些凝胶形成了一只假耳。在移植到对象之前,人造耳朵只需要在营养成分中生长培养几天。这些人造耳朵对那些遭受过耳朵伤害或者耳朵停滞发育即患有小耳畸形的人来讲是巨大的福音。4.Noses That Smell Diseases4.闻疾病的鼻子Scientists may be working hard at making organs that match the body#39;s capabilities, but why stop there?When researchers at the University of Illinois set out to create a device that identifies chemicals by their scent, they didn#39;t settle for the sensitivity of the human nose. Instead, they created an artificial nose that uses the smell of bacteria to identify and diagnose specific diseases.The result doesn#39;t look much like a nose—it#39;s a bottle filled with liquid nutrient that cultivates bacteria. But give the ;nose; a blood sample and let it sniff for a few days, and the bottle#39;s dots will change color to indicate what bacteria, if any, it identifies.科学家们在赋予人体器官原本能力方面投入很深,但是为何要仅限于此呢?当伊利诺伊大学的研究员着手建立一种靠嗅觉来鉴别化学物质的装置时,他们并不满足于提高人类鼻子的灵敏度。相反,他们发展出一种假鼻子,依靠对细菌的气味来鉴别和诊断某些疾病。产品看起来并不太像一个鼻子,而是一个瓶子,装满了培养细菌的营养液体。但是给这个;鼻子;一个血液样本,让它嗅上一段时间,这个瓶子的斑点会改变颜色来表示它鉴别出的细菌种类。3.Artificial Pancreas3.人工胰腺The pancreas produce insulin, and if yours don#39;t, you need to inject yourself with the hormone manually. Diabetics are therefore trapped in a stressful routine of continually checking their blood sugar and then shooting insulin whenever the need arises.Artificial pancreas, however, knock insulin into your body automatically. The device looks much like a regular insulin pump, which slips you insulin continuously through your skin, but this one monitors your blood sugar at all times and adjusts itself accordingly. So even when the wearer sleeps, there#39;s no danger of falling into shock if their sugar drops too low. Unlike several items on this list, artificial pancreas aren#39;t still in some early development stage. The device very much exists and got FDA approval for sale this past September.胰腺产生胰岛素,如果你的胰腺没有这样做,你需要人工注射胰岛素。因此,糖尿病患者必须进行的日常事例是检查他们的血糖,并且在必要时注射胰岛素。但是人造胰腺能够自动释放胰岛素到你的身体里。这个装置看起来像一个规律的胰岛素泵,它可以穿透皮肤连续地释放胰岛素进入身体。而且它一直监视血液里的血糖含量,并根据血糖含量调整胰岛素释放量。所以,即使携带该设备的人睡着了,也不会有血糖降至很低而晕倒的危险。不像这篇文章中其他的人造物品,人工胰腺并不处于前期研究阶段,这个装置确实存在,而且在今年9月份得到了FDA的销售许可2.Artificial Eyes2.人工眼睛As we pointed out earlier, we#39;ve long been able to restore hearing to the deaf, but restoring sight to the blind is a much more complicated matter. When people lose their sight, their retinas no longer send signals from their photoreceptors to their brains. To make an artificial eye, we#39;d need to understand how the retina processes those signals, and that#39;s a code scientists just haven#39;t been able to crack.Not until recently anyway. But scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College have at last managed to—at least with mice and monkeys. This produced artificial retinas, whose chips convert images into electronic signals and whose tiny projectors convert electronic signals into light. These artificial eyes have indeed restored sight to blind mice. And the follow-up experiments on monkeys offer a lot of hope for eventual trials on humans because monkey and human retinas work similarly.我们前面已经指出,我们已经能够让聋子听到声音,但是让盲人看见画面是更复杂的事情。当人们失去视力,他们的视网膜不再把光感受器的信号发送给大脑。为了制造人工眼睛,我们需要了解视网膜是如何取得这些信号,而这正是科学家尚未解决的关键之处。直到最近,Weill Cornell Medical College的科学家们至少在老鼠和猴子身上实现了这一点。这种人造视网膜,它的芯片可以将画面转换为电子信号,而它的微型投影机可以将电子信号转化为投影光线。这些人工眼睛,确实恢复了盲鼠的视力。猴子的视网膜工作原理和人类的非常相似,因此随后在猴子上进行的试验给了最终的人类试验以成功的希望。1.Fingers That Store Digital Files1.手指存储器When Finnish programmer Jerry Jalava had a motorcycle accident in 2008, he faced a double tragedy. First, he lost his finger, an obvious problem for anyone who types for a living. Second, he had to deal with a medical team who thought they were comedians—learning of his profession, one surgeon joked that Jalava should go out and buy a ;USB finger drive.; Rather than strangling the doctor (difficult, due to his injury) Jalava took the corny line as inspiration. He decided to go ahead and actually build a prosthetic finger that contains two gigabytes of digital storage. He can now jack his finger into a computer just by peeling back the nail to expose the USB plug. He can also remove the entire finger at any time and hand it to a friend to use.The next step? Jalava plans to upgrade the finger with an RFID tag and add wireless support. He also wants to add more memory, which seems pointless to us. If he needs more storage, he has nine other fingers he can chop off and replace with flash drives.当芬兰程序员Jerry Jalava 2008年遇到车祸,他面临双重悲剧。首先,他失去了他的手指,对于靠打字生存的人来说是个大问题。其次,他必须跟一个幽默感过剩的医疗小组打交道。了解了他的遭遇后,一位外科医生竟然提议Jalava应该出门去买个;USB手指驱动器;。但是Jalava并没有拒绝医生的建议(出于伤情的实际情况考虑,拒绝很困难),而是将这个建议作为自己的期待。他决定试一试,并且真的在植入的手指里放入两千兆字节的数字存储器。他现在只需将指甲剥掉,露出USB插头,即可将手指插入电脑连接。他也可以在任何时候拿掉整个手指,并且借给朋友使用。下一步呢?Jalava打算给手指带上RFID标签以进行升级,并且增加无线持功能。他想扩充容量,方法自然是很无厘头的。如果他想有更多空间,他还有9个手指可以切掉换成移动存储器呢。翻译:郑静 前十网 /201507/384413呼和浩特整形比较好的医院

呼和浩特市中医医院胎记多少钱清水河县激光祛胎记多少钱NEW DELHI — On a sticky morning last week, Deputy Commissioner Chandra Shekhar Sahukar of India’s Agriculture Ministry (animal husbandry department, small ruminant section) found himself in a yoga class for the first time in his 57 years, miserably grasping his ankle.新德里——上周,在一个闷热的早上,印度农业部(畜牧处小型反刍动物科)的副主管钱德拉·谢卡尔·萨胡卡(Chandra Shekhar Sahukar)在瑜伽课上艰难地抓着自己的脚踝,这是他生平57年来第一次上瑜伽课。In his bag he carried a photocopy of a memorandum advising senior officials to familiarize themselves with certain postures ahead of International Yoga Day this Sunday, when they will take part in a mass outdoor yoga session scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. The session is intended to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records, the memo says, warning, “If some officials turn up without practice, there will be risk of the record claim being affected.”他的包里有一份备忘录的复印件,上面建议高级官员在周日的“国际瑜伽日”(International Yoga Day)之前熟悉某些姿势,因为预定从周日早上7点开始,他们将参加一场大型户外瑜伽活动。这个活动旨在创下吉尼斯世界纪录,备忘录警告说,“如果一些到场的官员没有事先做好练习,纪录就有可能受到影响。”At the front of the room, the instructor was folding and unfolding himself like a pocketknife, and pointedly reminding members of the class that they would soon be performing under the scrutiny of “Modi-saab.” When he asked the students to press their faces to their knees, Mr. Sahukar — whose professional duties, he noted later, include “a lot of sitting” — could keep silent no longer.在房间的前部,老师一边像折叠刀似的叠合、展开自己的身体,一边毫不含糊地提醒学员,他们很快就要在“莫迪大大”(Modi-saab)的监督下做这些姿势了。当他要学员们把脸埋在膝盖上时,萨胡卡再也无法保持沉默了(他后来提到,他的工作“很多时候都需要坐着”)。“It’s not touching!” he exclaimed. “I can’t bend anymore!”“我挨不到!”他喊道。“我没法再弯了!”Of the major initiatives that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced since taking office, few have generated as much static as Yoga Day, which will feature a 35-minute public demonstration of poses by more than 35,000 government employees, students and other citizens. Though the Western world regards yoga primarily as physical exercise, Indians are more apt to see its postures and Sanskrit chants as freighted with ideological or religious meaning.印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上任以来推出了一些重大举措,其中几乎没有哪一个产生了“瑜伽日”这么大的声势。瑜伽日要求逾3.5万名政府雇员、学生和其他公众进行35分钟的公开表演。尽管西方世界觉得瑜伽主要是锻炼身体的方式,但印度人更倾向于认为,瑜伽姿势和梵语念诵具有意识形态或宗教意义。Shripad Naik, India’s first minister overseeing yoga and traditional medicine, who has helped organize this month’s celebration, said it was time to clear away the vestiges of a Western lifestyle left behind by colonial powers.什里帕德·奈克(Shripad Naik)是印度主管瑜伽和传统医学的第一部长,他帮助组织了这个月的庆祝活动,并表示现在是时候清除殖民列强遗留的西方生活方式的印记了。“Earlier, our people used to get up before sunrise and sleep before sunset, but now our lifestyle has changed. They are going to the pub, they will go in the middle of the night, at 12 or 1, and eat chicken and many, many new dishes,” said Mr. Naik, who, like the prime minister, rises before dawn and practices yoga daily. He recommends going to sleep by 9 p.m., gets his news from the Hindi-language press and proudly declares that he has never had an injection.“过去,印度人在日出前起床,日落前休息,但现在我们的生活方式发生了变化。人们会去酒吧,而且在深夜12点或1点去,还吃鸡肉以及很多、很多新菜式,”像莫迪一样,奈克每天在黎明之前起床练瑜伽。他建议大家在9点前睡觉。他通过印地语媒体了解新闻,而且自豪地宣称自己从未打过针。“There will be a lifestyle change,” he said. “Our style will come.”“这里会出现生活方式上的改变,”他说。“我们的生活方式将会到来。”Mr. Modi is not the first Indian leader to promote yoga. Indira Gandhi was so devoted to her yoga instructor, Dhirendra Brahmachari, that he accompanied her family when it traveled, and became known as the “flying guru.”莫迪不是第一个推广瑜伽运动的印度领导人。英迪拉·甘地(Indira Gandhi)对她的瑜伽教练迪伦德拉·婆罗马恰里(Dhirendra Brahmachari)非常信任,以至于当她的家人旅游时,他也会陪伴同行,因此还有了一个“飞行大师”的称号。At events, Mr. Modi often shares the dais with Baba Ramdev, who presides over an ayurvedic medical empire and has preached against influences he describes as foreign, among them the English language, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Mr. Naik, the yoga minister, himself learned yoga through the R.S.S., and said he hoped that the widesp practice of yoga would lower rates of violent crime.在各种活动中,莫迪经常与巴巴·兰德弗(Baba Ramdev)同场演讲。此人经营着一个阿育吠陀医学帝国,鼓吹反对英语、化学农药和化肥等事物,并称它们是“外国”的影响。主管瑜伽的部长奈克是通过RSS学会瑜伽的,他希望瑜伽的普及可以降低暴力犯罪率。“You see these rapes happening, all these bad habits. When he is doing something positive, the bad will be out of him,” he said.“你看到会有强奸案发生,人们有那么多坏习惯。当人们做积极的事情时,就会摆脱那些坏事情,”他说。As for government workers, Mr. Naik said, they will become more productive and less corrupt. “There will be a definite change in the way the bureaucracy functions,” he said. “When they are thin, all their energy will go into producing better work. There is no need to do it forcefully, once we have put them on the right path.”至于政府工作人员,奈克表示,他们会提高效率、减少腐败。“职能机构的工作作风会产生明显的变化,”他说。“当他们瘦下来,他们的全部精力就会用在更好地开展工作上。一旦我们让他们走上正确的道路,就不需要采取强制手段了。”Bal Mukund Singh, the yoga instructor, ended the class by urging his students to become Hanuman, the monkey god, and then watched as they dispersed to the offices where they would spend their days handling dusty file folders and eating fritters. When they were out of sight, he checked off the characteristics he had observed, things like “big tummy, rigid body, less flexibility, stress, tension, depression, diabetes.” Still, he said cheerfully, these are good days.瑜伽教练巴尔·木孔德·辛格(Bal Mukund Singh)在这堂课结束时,敦促学员们向猴神哈努曼(Hanuman)看齐,然后目送学员们回到各自的办公室。这些人日常处理尘封的档案夹,爱吃油炸面团。当他们离开视线之后,他列举了观察到的学员特征,比如“肚子大、身体僵硬、灵活性较差、压力大、紧张、抑郁、有糖尿病。”不过他高兴地说,现在的形势很好。“They heard it on TV, and they are running toward the yoga,” he said. “The prime minister is the king. If the king does something, that is very effective. And this time, our king is doing yoga.”“他们在电视上看到了新闻,就跑来做瑜伽,”他说。“总理就像国王。如果国王在做什么事情,就会产生非常好的带动效果。目前,我们的国王正在做瑜伽。” /201506/381120呼和浩特激光治疗鸡眼多少钱呼和浩特纹眉好的地方

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