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呼和浩特隆鼻材料内蒙古第253医院整形美容中心部分内容改编自 《日常英语》Emma: I just joined a rock climbing club yesterday.Vic: Really? You rock climbing? I thought you were afraid of heights.Emma: No, my sister is.I get such a high from climbing.Vic: Good for you!How often do you go?Emma: Every Sunday but I’m thinking of going Saturday as well. Why don’t you join us?Vic:No,I think I’ll keep my feet on the ground.Emma:Chicken! /201009/114100内蒙古医学院第三附属医院激光祛斑多少钱 在乘坐丛林飞车之前,欢乐谷相关工作人员事先播报游玩注意事项。 Listen Read Learn(May and Daniel go together to ride the Jungle Flying Train.)Welcome to Happy Valley Beijing! And welcome to ride the Jungle Flying Train. For your safety, if you have the conditions of high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, you are not allowed to aboard the Jungle Flying Train. It is also limit to the children under 1.4 meters in height.The visitors should obey the seat ordinance and accept the inspection when it's necessary. Our big ride requests queue in. In the case of too many people, the queue time may take longer, please be patient for your ride.Visitors should take care of your own belongings, keep your children with you. Don't leave anything behind you after taking the ride.Come to enjoy an endless fun.听看学(阿美和丹尼尔一起去坐丛林飞车。)欢迎来到北京欢乐谷!欢迎乘坐丛林飞车。为了您的安全,如果您有高血压,心脏病或者怀,请不要乘坐该游艺机。1.4米以下的儿童也不得乘坐。游客应该遵守秩序,在必要的时候要接受检查。我们的游艺机要求排队进入。如果游客太多,队伍可能会很长,请耐心等待。请游客保管好随身物品,带好自己的小孩。在乘坐完毕后请带走随身物品。祝您玩得愉快!经典背诵 RecitationMay: To ride the Jungle Flying Train, there are some ordinances for us to obey. First the children under 1.4 meters in height can't get on the ride. Second, we should accept the inspection whenever it's necessary. Third, we should take care of our own belongings. Anyway, safety comes first.生词小结condition n. 条件pregnancy n. 怀obey vt. 遵守ordinance n. 条例accept vt. 接受inspect vt. 检查necessary adj. 必需的request vt. 要求belonging n. 所属的endless adj. 无尽的注释high blood pressure 高血压heart disease 心脏病功能性语句扩展 Functional structure指示句型请朗读以下句型,家长和孩子交替进行。1.指示做某事You do … 你要做……You should do … 你应该做……You have to do … 你必须做……You must do … 你必须做……As soon as …, you should do … 一……,你就要……Remember to do… 记得要做……Make sure you do … 你要确保做……Take care to do… 当心做……This is how you do it. 你要这样做。2.指示不得做某事Do not do … 不得做……Shouldn't do… 不应该做……Don't have to do … 不需要做……Mustn't do … 禁止做……You are not allowed to … 你不准…… /200804/36521to have a crush on (someone);to feel an instant magnetism;to catch one's eyes; to hit it off;to have the hots for (someone);to be attracted to each other.这些片语,都是描写男女间互相倾慕,两情相悦,有吸引力或一见锺情。例如:* He (she) has a crush on her (him) (他对她十分爱慕) 。* He felt an instant magnetism when their eyes met.(他们见面时,他立即感到磁性般的吸住)。 意指女的外表吸引;如果是 she felt …… 那么就是指男的外表吸引。* A nice-looking girl caught his eye.(漂亮的妞儿吸住)。注意:不用eyes。 /201005/103939呼和浩特京美整形美容医院种睫毛怎么样

回民区额头除皱多少钱1. So let’s keep this between us.我就和你一个人说/你不要去告诉别人。这个意思还可以用keep this between ourselves 表示。另外,大人叫小孩别乱动的时候会说keep your hands to yourself。2. We will be in touch.有消息我会联系你的。通常面试官是用这句话来告诉你面试结束了,而且他再也不会给你电话。这句话出自Queen B。很多时候,你要学会体会言外之意( between the lines)。 /200811/55991呼和浩特美容医院哪个好 1. Money talks.金钱万能;金钱最有发言权。[例]I can't compete against rich old Mrs.Smith. She will get her way because money talks.我不可能同那个富有的史密斯老太太竞争。她可以随心所欲,金钱万能嘛! /201007/108941乌兰察布治疗黄褐斑要多少钱

乌兰察布市冰点脱毛多少钱CARL: I think we should do the floors before we work on the curtains and walls.SUE: Why? It doesn't make sense.If we do the floors first, and then paint the walls,we will get paint all over our new floor.CARL: Hmm. Maybe you're right. But I can't stand all this green carpet in here.And besides, I know how to paint. I will just cover everything with drop cloth.I won't get anything on the floor.SUE: Are you sure?CARL: Yes, I'm sure. I've done a lot of house painting in my life.And my mother was very picky.If I got even a tiny drop of paint on her furniture, she would get furious.So I learned to be very careful.SUE: Alright. Then maybe we can do the floor first.These wood floors under this carpet are beautiful.And me too--I can't wait to get all this old carpet out of here.But how can we get it out? Do we have to hire someone?CARL: Absolutely not. We can remove the carpet ourselves.Carpet is held down with carpet nails. You just need to pull it hard and it comes up.SUE: Great.Then, after we remove the carpet, we need to restain all the wood floors. Right?CARL: Yes. But we should hire someone for that.That will probably be expensive. And it has to be done right.SUE: And then, after the floors are done, we can start to move our furniture in. CARL: Sure. If we can get an appointment with someone to do the floors,we should probably be able to have the furniture in here after a week or so.I can get all the carpet out this weekend.SUE: So, after the floors are done, and after the furniture is in,we need to redo the curtains and paint all the walls and ceilings.CARL: I'm the painter.You can be in charge of going to curtain shops to choose curtains.That will probably be pretty expensive too. Having good curtains made isn't cheap.SUE: You mean we can't just buy curtains aly made?CARL: Absolutely not.The windows must be measured, and then the curtains need to be made professionally.So that will take awhile. Maybe a month or so.SUE: While the curtains are being made, I can start having people look at the kitchen.I can't stand that old kitchen. I won't be able to cook in there.I don't want to use that electric stove.CARL: We will need to find an interior decorating company do redo the kitchen.I believe in Portland there are shops that specialize in kitchen renovation.I will look in the Yellow Pages. I'd like a kitchen mostly in ivory and light green.SUE: I agree. The colors must be soft and pleasant.You should feel comfortable when you cook our dinners.CARL: Me? Cook our dinners? Hah! You will be cooking, dear. You will cook.SUE: No, I don't think so. I'll be too busy having tea in our new tea room.CARL: Well, I suppose we'll have to hire a cook then.So you won't be able to afford any clothes next year.SUE: And you'll have to sell your motorcycle. And your cameras. Right?CARL: Maybe I'll cook once or twice a week. How is that?SUE: Four times might be enough. Not once or twice. /200812/57877 162. 一粒老鼠屎,坏了一锅汤。 [误] The mouse waste spoils the whole pot of soup. [正] The rotten apple injures its neighbors.注:都来自生活小常识,都揭示人生大现象,可是,中英文选择的载体就是不一样。中国人熟悉的表达是“老鼠屎”,西方人则用“烂苹果”。 /200808/46271解放军第253医院去眼袋多少钱呼和浩特祛眉间纹价格



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