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Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung has drawn a direct link between pro-democracy protests and the delay to a high-profile equities trading platform that had been billed as key to the territory’s financial future.香港行政长官梁振英(CY Leung)将持民主的抗议与一个备受瞩目的股票交易平台遭延误一事直接联系起来。这个交易平台曾被吹嘘为香港金融未来的关键。Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Leung said he would press Beijing for a launch date for the so-called stock connect during an official visit next week, but added that “co-operation” was needed from those in Hong Kong who are “threatening the rule of law”.梁振英周二发表讲话时表示,他将在下周到北京开会期间敦促中央确定“沪港通”的启动日期,但他补充说,这件事需要香港某些正在“破坏我们的法治环境”的人“配合”。“As we fight for stock connect, and as Hong Kong continues to develop as an international and national financial centre, we need the entire society to co-operate, and I hope that we can restore our social order as soon as possible,” Mr Leung said.“我们在争取沪港通及香港继续发展成为国际和国家的金融中心的同时,亦需要全社会配合,希望尽快恢复我们的社会秩序,”梁振英说。The stock connect was first announced six months ago, and will allow global investors far freer access to companies listed in the mainland. In return, Chinese investors will be able to trade in Hong Kong-listed shares for the first time.六个月前最初宣布的沪港通,将让全球投资者能够更自由地投资在中国内地上市的股票,另一方面,中国内地投资者也将首次能够交易在香港上市的股票。The scheme marks the most significant development towards integrating China’s financial markets with the rest of the world in many years, and is an important step towards a more open capital account. A successful launch could also pave the way for Chinese equities to be added to global indices, potentially drawing hundreds of billions of dollars into mainland markets.该计划朝着将中国金融市场融入全球金融市场迈出了多年来最大的一步,朝着进一步开放资本账户也迈出了重要一步。沪港通若能成功投入运行,还可能为中国股票被纳入全球指数铺平道路,这有可能会吸引数千亿美元流入内地市场。Many market participants had been expecting the project to launch formally last month. However, the Hong Kong stock exchange announced on October 26 that the scheme was still awaiting regulatory approval and that no launch date had been set. Days later, Hong Kong regulators said that its work has been completed.许多市场人士曾预计该项目会在上个月正式启动。然而,香港交易所(HKEx) 10月26日宣布,该计划仍在等待监管部门的批准,尚未确定启动日期。几天后,香港监管机构表示,它的工作已经完成。No official reason has yet been given for the apparent delay, though many have blamed local politics. Chinese state media reports have also pointed the finger at “illegal protests” for the hold-up.对于这一明显的延迟,官方迄今没有说明任何理由,尽管很多人归罪于当地的政治。中国官方媒体的报道也将延误归咎于“非法抗议活动”。“It feels like a punishment,” said one senior investment banker. “We have spent a fortune in resources and time – we are y to go.”“这感觉像是一个惩罚,”一位资深投资家表示,“我们已经投入了大量资源和时间——我们已准备好实施。”A number of key issues around the complex trading scheme have yet to be resolved – such as the tax rate due on foreign holdings of Chinese stocks. Those uncertainties prompted Asia’s financial markets industry body, Asifma, to write to regulators to plea for sufficient notice ahead of the formal launch.围绕这一复杂的交易计划,还有许多关键问题尚未得到解决,比如外资持有中国股票适用的税率。这些不确定性促使亚洲券业与金融市场协会(ASIFMA)致函相关监管机构,要求在沪港通正式启动前给予充分通知。Mr Leung’s comments provide the first official indication that progress of the stock trading link may have been directly affected by the student-led protests, now into their second month.梁振英的言论成为首个来自官方的信号,表明沪港通的进展可能受到了学生领导的抗议活动的直接影响。目前抗议活动已进入第二个月。Analysts have warned that the delay could be viewed as a symbol of Beijing’s disquiet over the protests, with potential longer-term effects on Hong Kong’s place as a financial centre.分析人士警告称,延迟可能被视为北京方面对抗议感到不安的象征,这可能会对香港作为金融中心的地位产生较长期影响。“Any prolonged delay of the stock connect programme beyond the planned October start will again reignite worries on whether the Chinese government has changed its stance in supporting Hong Kong financial developments in the long run, taking a toll on business sentiment and investment plans,” wrote Citi economists in a recent report.“若沪港通在过了原定的10月启动日期之后迟迟不能启动,将再度导致人们担忧中国政府是否改变了其持香港金融长期发展的姿态,进而对商业情绪和投资计划造成打击,”花旗(Citi)经济学家在最近一份报告中写道。 /201411/340977

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and currently fourth tallest in the world. Opened in November, this sleek skyscraper soars 1,776ft (541m) above Manhattan. Its height is a symbolic reference to the US Declaration of Independence in 1776.世界贸易中心一号大楼是西半球最高的建筑,也是世界第四高楼。该楼楼高1,776 ft(541 m),于去年11月份完工。1776英尺的高度是为了纪念1776年签订的《美国独立宣言》而设定的。The name of the new building, designed by David Childs of Skidmore Owings Merrill (SOM), was to have been ‘Freedom Tower’. This, after all, was the monumental skyscraper – the first designs were by Daniel Libeskind – commissioned to take the place of the Twin Towers destroyed by a terrorist attack executed by men who believe neither in life, liberty nor happiness.这座天大楼由SOM建筑事务所的大卫·查尔兹担任主要设计,原称“自由塔”。它是世界贸易中心在“911”袭击事件遭到损毁后所重建的建筑之一,建筑师丹尼尔·里伯斯金是世贸重建工程的总策划人.The new World Trade Center was also renamed to re-establish the idea that New York is one of the most important hubs of global trade, and because, as President Calvin Coolidge told the Society of American Newspaper Editors in January 1925, “the chief business of the American people is business”. He added, “Of course, the accumulation of wealth cannot be justified as the chief end of existence. But we are compelled to recognise it as a means to well-nigh every desirable achievement.”新的世界贸易中心大楼改为现在的名字是为了重新确立,纽约是全球最重要的贸易中心之一。同时也因为1925年1月时任美国总统的卡尔文·柯立芝曾说过:“美国人的首要事情是经商。当然积累财富并不能作为生存的主要目的,但是我们却必须认识到,它作为一种方法几乎可以是我们获取任何想要的成就。”Today, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is in the Middle East. This elongated, latter day Tower of Babel is 828m (2,722ft) high. From its vertiginous viewing galleries visitors look down on the great commercial city sp below them and across to the seemingly boundless dunes of the Empty Quarter.如今世界上的第一高楼是位于中东迪拜的哈利法塔,这座细长的、像是现代巴别塔的天大楼高828米(2722英尺)。从令人眩晕的观景台上,游客可以看到这个商业城市的全貌,甚至可以看到鲁卜哈利沙漠无边无际的沙丘。And, as if to reinforce the point that towers and trade bring peoples together, the Burj Khalifa was designed by SOM, architects of One World Trade Center.而且,似乎是为了有意强调高塔和贸易能将人们连在一起,哈利法塔的设计也是SOM建筑事务所完成的,这跟世界贸易中心一号大楼一样。There are, though, other reasons to build so very high, and competition is perhaps chief among them. When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, designed by the Japanese-American architect Minoru Yamasaki were completed in 1971, they were the tallest buildings in the ed States. Not for long. In 1973, SOM completed the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) in Chicago, at 1,451-ft (442m). New York and Chicago have long been commercial rivals: the race to see which of them could build higher than the other has been going on since the mid-19th Century.当然,大楼越盖越高还有其他的原因,其中最主要的一个就是“竞争”。由美籍日裔建筑师山崎实设计、1971年完工的世贸中心双子塔是当时美国最高的大楼。可不久之后,1973年,由SOM建筑事务设计完成的位于芝加哥的希尔斯大厦以442米(1451英尺)的高度成为了第一。纽约和芝加哥一直以来都是商业竞争对手:从19世纪中期开始两地就争相建造超越对方的高楼。For many decades, the tallest building not just in the ed States but in the world was the Empire State Building. Rising above midtown Manhattan during the Great Depression of the 1930s, it was a symbol of better days to come. It even survived an aircraft crashing into it – a B-25 Mitchell bomber lost in fog – in July 1945.美国纽约的帝国大厦曾在几十年的时间里一直都是美国也是全世界最高的建筑。它于20世纪三十年代的大萧条时期在曼哈顿落成后,成为美国经济复苏的象征。1945年6月经历飞机撞击后依然幸存。Today, the People’s Republic of China boasts hundreds of skyscrapers (usually defined as buildings more than 500ft (152 m) tall. The skyline of Pudong, Shanghai’s new commercial centre, is a forest of extravagant skyscrapers and when it opens in 2015, the twisting Shanghai Tower, designed by the US firm Gensler, with Jun Xia, as lead architect, will be the world’s second tallest building at 2,073ft (632m).现如今,中国也有越来越多的天大楼(一般指高度在152米以上的大楼)拔地而起。在浦东新区这个上海市的新商业中心里,高楼林立,即将投入使用的螺旋式建筑--上海中心大厦楼高632米(2073英尺),将成为世界第二高楼,该楼由美国Gensler公司设计,夏军担任主要设计师。The Chinese are likely to want to go much higher than this. Oil-rich Middle Eastern states, kingdoms and emirates are competing with China, while other countries keen to display newfound wealth have joined in this slightly inane numbers game. Where will it all end?中国人可能还想要建更高的楼。而石油储备丰富的中东国家正在与中国相互竞争,其他一些热衷于“炫富”的国家也加入了这场几乎毫无意义的竞争游戏。什么时候是个头呢?After the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower, the world’s third tallest building is the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower. The Mecca tower, designed by Dar Al-Handasah architects, is 1,972ft (601m) high. Clearly, the upward look to the heavens, along with ambition, competition and trade, remain the driving forces behind a building type that will aim ever higher in the 21st Century and beyond.排在哈利法塔和上海中心大厦之后的世界第三高楼是麦加皇家钟塔,高度为601米(1972英尺)。显然,跟随天大楼一起耸入云霄的还有人们的勃勃雄心,贸易的竞争、财富的积累都会推动着21世纪的天大楼越建越高。 /201501/356294


  Belgian police have detained three people who took a hostage in the western city of Ghent on Monday. The hostage was released unharmed.比利时警方拘捕了三名涉嫌绑架人质者。这三人涉嫌星期一在西部城市根特绑架了三名人质。人质已安全获释。The motive remains unclear, but a Belgian official said Monday there is no indication the incident is linked to terrorism, the Islamic State or the ongoing hostage situation in a Sydney, Australia, cafe.目前还不清楚绑架的动机,不过比利时官员星期一说,没有迹象显示该事件与恐怖主义、伊斯兰国或是澳大利悉尼的绑架事件有关联。Despite initial reports that the suspects were armed, a spokeswoman for the state prosecutor said no weapons were found.起初有报道说,绑架者带有武器,但比利时检察官的发言人说,并没有发现武器。 /201412/349050。

  The number of unmarried cohabiting couples in the US increased more than 17 fold between 1960 and 2010, according to a recent US Census Bureau report.根据美国人口普查局最新报告显示,美国未婚同居情侣人数在1960年至2010年间增加了17倍以上。The benefits of cohabitation are obvious: It provides economies of scale as two can live more cheaply than one. It also encourages economic specialization by allowing individuals to focus on their unique skills while leaving other duties to their spouse.同居的好处显而易见:二人生活更省钱,从而带来规模经济效益;同时二人生活还有利于经济分工,各自管好擅长领域,其余事情留给另一半。A recent study conducted by the online rental site Rent.com of 1,000 cohabiting individuals in the US, found that 32 percent said living together helped them determine if their partner was “the one”.根据房地产租赁网站Rent.com对全美1000名同居者进行的一项最新研究显示,32%的人认为同居有助于判断对方是否就是“命中注定的那个人”。Ellen Mayr, a 25-year-old lawyer from Brisbane, Australia, has been living with her boyfriend for the last three years and is a big advocate of cohabitation. She says: “It’s important to know if you can work as a domestic unit as it’s not always a reflection of how much you love each other. It’s a function of how well you work together under all sorts of different stressors.”25岁的艾伦·迈尔是一名来自澳大利亚布里斯班的律师,过去三年一直和男友同住的她是个不折不扣的“同居主义”。她说:“弄清你们能否组建家庭这点非常重要,因为这并不一定与感情深浅成正比。而是取决于面对各种压力时你们是否能很好地相处。”The cohabitation rate is also on the rise among young Chinese. Author and relationship expert Marshall Miller believes cohabiting allows people to get to the “nitty-gritty” of the relationship before committing to marriage. “Cohabitation is a lot like turning the TV to your favorite channel — and then leaving it on 24/7”, he says. “You’re bound to see some stuff you don’t like much.”与美国的情况类似,中国年轻人的同居率也正在上升。作家兼情感专家马歇尔·米勒认为,同居能让人们在步入婚姻殿堂前了解恋情的“本质”。“同居就好比把电视节目调到自己最喜爱的频道,然后一周24小时循环连播”,他说,“你一定会看到一些不太喜欢的内容。”Different ways不同的方式Mayr also warns that you shouldn’t jump into cohabitation too early. She recounts the story of her friend who bought a house with her boyfriend early on in the relationship. Soon after, they realized they were not y for that level of commitment and broke up.此外,迈尔也提醒年轻人不要太早步入同居行列。她讲到了一位朋友的故事,那位朋友和男友刚恋爱不久就买了房子,但他们很快就意识到了自己还没有达到谈婚论嫁的程度,于是就分手了。According to a 2013 sociological study cited in The Atlantic, 74 percent of cohabiting women are “completely committed” to their partner, while only 59 percent of men said the same. This represents a large divide in expectations among cohabitants, which can often lead to relationship problems later on.美国《大西洋月刊》援引了2013年的一项社会学研究称,74%的同居女性对伴侣“全身心投入”,而只有59%的男性表示会这样做。这表明同居男女对彼此的期望存在巨大分歧,这往往会导致之后情感问题的出现。In order to bridge this gap, experts encourage couples to discuss their expectations with each other and ensure they have similar ideas about their relationship before taking any big steps.为了缩小这一反差,专家鼓励情侣在感情取得实质性跨越之前,应互相讨论彼此的期望,确保对感情抱有相似的看法。Rebecca Baquet, a 24-year-old business manager from Louisiana, US, has been dating her boyfriend for two years but doesn’t want to move in with him. “I don’t want to live with him until we’re married to keep it as something to look forward to”, she says. “Otherwise, if you’re living together before you’re married there won’t be a difference in the way your normal lives operate and the significance of marriage is reduced.”24岁的丽贝卡·巴奎特是来自美国路易斯安那州的一名业务经理,她与男友已相恋两年,但还不想同居。“为了保持对同居的那份期待,我还不想和他婚前同居”,她说,“此外,若是未婚同居,那婚前婚后的生活就没有差别,结婚的意义会因此大打折扣。”This shows cohabitation doesn’t necessarily work for everyone and there are many ways different people like to progress and evolve in their relationship.综上所述,婚前同居并非适用于所有人,人们也会选择不同方式来为感情加温。 /201405/298734

  Deflationary pressures at China#39;s manufacturers have reached their strongest in a year-and-a-half.中国制造业通货紧缩压力达到两年半来的最高点。As key commodity prices continue to drop, China#39;s producer price index tumbled to a year-over-year pace of -2.7 per cent pace last month.在一些关键的大宗商品价格继续下跌之际,上个月中国的生产者价格指数(PPI)大幅下跌,同比跌幅为2.7%。PPI has now been caught in deflation for 33 months. The -2.7 per cent print is half a point lower than October, as a slowing economy and a turning housing market weakens demand for industrial goods.这使得中国的PPI已连续33个月处于通缩状态。由于经济放缓以及楼市的逆转降低了对工业品的需求,上个月2.7%的跌幅比10月份还扩大了0.5个百分点。Forecasters were looking for deflation of -2.4 per cent.分析师曾预期PPI同比下跌2.4%。Moody#39;s Analytics said before the figures hit:“Producer prices continue to fall, because of the oversupply of many industrial goods. The slowdown in housing is causing excess supplies of steel, cement and other sectors. Ample supply of global commodities such as iron ore and crude oil are also pushing input costs down.”在该数据公布之前,穆迪分析(Moody#39;s Analytics)曾表示:“由于许多工业品供过于求,生产者价格继续下滑。楼市增长放缓正在导致钢铁、混凝土及其他产业的过度供给。此外,铁矿石和原油等全球大宗商品的充足货源,也压低了输入成本。”Meantime, inflation for consumers remains benign. CPI slowed to 1.4 per cent year over year - the slowest since November 2009. The CPI index was as high as 2.5 per cent earlier in the year but prices have subdued as the property market cools.与此同时,消费品通胀依然保持温和状态。消费品价格指数(CPI)同比增长率放缓至1.4%,这是2009年11月以来的最低通胀率。今年早些时候,中国CPI通胀率曾高达2.5%。不过,随着楼市降温,物价也已受到抑制。 /201412/348048

  It is not easy being a vampire, and even harder to come out of the coffin to a physician or therapist for fear they will misinterpret the habit of ingesting the blood of willing donors or succumb to stereotyping, a study finds。研究发现,吸血鬼不好当,从棺材里跑出来面对内科医师和心理治疗师更不易,吸食血仆的血或许会被误解、或许还要臣于人们对吸血鬼的刻板印象。Research led by D.J. Williams, director of social work atIdaho State University, indicated that people who identify themselves as “real” vampires – that is, needing others’ blood to gain energy – would not disclose their practices to those in the helping professions and risk reactions like ridicule, disgust and possible diagnosis of a mental illness。威廉士是爱达荷州立大学社会活动的总监,他带领研究指出,那些自认是“真正”吸血鬼身份的人,需要他人鲜血来获取能量,他们是不愿意将其行事透露给务行业人士的,不愿冒风险去面对人们讥讽、嫌恶的反应,液诊断为精神有疾病。The paper, published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work, a peer-reviewed journal based in Canada, found that authentic vampires as opposed to “lifestyle” vampires – black-clad figures with phony fangs – might be stereotyped by clinicians whose fields discourage biases。这篇论文发表在最新一期加拿大同行审评的学术期刊《社会工作批评》上,文章称真正的血族与黑衣獠牙的“生活潮流”派吸血鬼不同,因循守旧的临床医生或许对他们还抱有成见。Williams, who has studied self-identified vampires for nearly a decade, finds they come from every walk of life and profession, including doctors, attorneys and candlestick makers。“They are successful, ordinary people,” he said.Except they are very, very tired. That’s apparently the chief reason they find a consenting adult willing to allow them to use a scalpel to make a tiny incision in the chest area so they can ingest a small amount of blood for energy, the study found。威廉研究这类自我认定的吸血鬼已经将近10年了,血族来自各行各业,包括有医生、律师和烛台制造者。威廉说,“他们是成功人士、也是普通人”。研究发觉,不同在于他们真的很累,显然这也就是为什么他们会找一个成年人, 与之沟通好达成一致,用柳叶刀在其胸膛切开小小的口子,这样他们就可以稍稍吸入点血补充能量。Williams and another researcher based the paper on the responses of 11 people who had identified themselves as vampires for many years and could be relied on to be open and honest, and who gain permission from practicing adults before ingesting their blood, he said。“The real vampire community seems to be a conscientious and ethical one,” Williams said。威廉和另一名研究人员根据11名吸血鬼的回应写就了论文,这些吸血鬼为人可靠、开诚布公,他们摄取鲜血前会先获取成年供血者的许可。威廉称,“真正的血族谨小慎微、合乎伦理”。The challenge is finding non-judgmental clinicians to whom vampires can disclose their alternative lifestyles, he added。“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams said.The global vampire population is thought to number in the thousands, he said。面临的挑战在于要找到不妄加评判的临床医生,这样吸血鬼才会透露其别样的生活方式。他补充道,“大多数吸血鬼认为他们天生这般,并非选择如此。”全球血族人口达千人之多。 /201507/385604




  It has been two years since China Daily last interviewed 31-year-old Zhang Chao. The Beijing-based micrograph enthusiast still wears the same hair style, even the same coat.中国日报两年之前曾经采访过31岁的摄影师张超。如今,这个北京显微摄影的狂热爱好者依然留着同样的发型,甚至穿着同样的衣。But one thing is very different: He#39;s become a celebrity in cyberspace almost overnight, after his pictures, which depict what the rampant smog in Beijing looks like under his microscope, sp like a virus on China#39;s major micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, since he posted them last Friday. Now the media is hounding him for interviews.但有一件事和以前有了很大的不同。自从他在3月25日把拍摄到的显微镜下的北京雾霾照片发到网上后,这些照片就在新浪微上疯传。他也在一夜之间成为了网络名人。现在,许多媒体在追着他进行访问。;Why do I become famous when I took pictures of the smog?; he asks with a wry smile. ;I have taken numerous pictures of beautiful nature whenever I have spare time, but there are no more than 10 interview requests for me every year before. Now, I have to answer dozens of phone calls from media every day.“为什么我拍了雾霾照片就变得有名了?”他笑着问道。“之前我一有空闲时间就去拍摄美丽的自然风景,已经拍了许多张照片,但每年接到的采访不足10次。现在,我每天都得回复数十次媒体的电话。”;But I only gained 2,000 more followers over the weekend. I guess the micro blog is not as popular as before,; he says, jokingly.“不过整个周末,我的粉丝只增加了2000多人,看来微不如之前流行了。”他开玩笑地说。On Monday morning, a camera crew from a TV station based in southern Hunan province even took a flight to Beijing just to record how Zhang takes pictures of the Beijing#39;s most-talked about feature: the floating enemies in the air.在4月1日,湖南省南部的一家电视台甚至派了一位摄影师,专程飞到北京拍摄他如何对这些漂浮在空气中的健康敌人,北京常被提及的特征——雾霾进行拍照。The process is not complicated: He puts microscope slides on his windowsill and collects the samples covered by fallen dust after 10 hours.整个过程并不复杂。他把显微镜载片放在他的窗台上,收集10个小时后的落灰样品。Zhang#39;s apartment is on the eighth floor, which he says is perfect for capturing the densest levels of smog.张超的房子在8层,他认为在这个位置可以很好地收集到最严重的雾霾样品。As a Beijing native, Zhang explains his original purpose is to ;deconstruct; Beijing#39;s smog and unveil its shroud of mystery.作为一个北京人,张超说他的初衷是“解构”雾霾并揭开雾霾的神秘面纱。;People have higher and higher standards for the environment,; he says. ;When I was a child, I was annoyed by the frequent sandstorms, so I feel Beijing#39;s air seems much better now all in all because there are hardly any sandstorms in recent years. Now, we#39;ve noticed PM2.5, which has long been neglected.;张超说:“人们对环境标准的要求越来越高了。在我小的时候,最烦的是经常出现的沙尘暴。现在北京的空气质量看起来好了很多,因为沙尘暴在近几年很少出现了。如今,我们又开始关注被长期忽略的PM2.5。”Although he graduated as a science major from Beijing Normal University, Zhang says it is difficult for him to give an exact definition of what smog is in Beijing. ;It#39;s too complicated, and its ingredients keep changing.;虽然张超毕业于北京师范大学科学类专业,但他也很难解释清楚北京雾霾到底包含什么成分。他说:“雾霾成分太复杂了,而且一直处于变化之中。”Under his scope, which magnifies the sample 1,000 times, the smog is found to contain minerals, fragments of animal fur and insects, seeds and burnt dust. But many are compounds, he says, which are more difficult to identify.在他的显微镜下,雾霾颗粒样本放大了1000倍,可以看到雾霾中包含了矿物质、动物皮毛和昆虫的碎片、种子和燃烧后的粉尘等物质。但张超指出,还有很多是复合物,很难辨别是什么物质。;I wanted to know if there are many pollen grains in the early spring#39;s smog, and my guess turns out to be right,; Zhang says, noting there are on average 10 pollen grains found on each slide.张超说:“我想知道在早春的雾霾中是不是有花粉颗粒,我的猜测应验了。平均每个载片上有10个花粉颗粒。”;Though the number is low compared with other ingredients of smog, it may partially explain why smog makes us feel uncomfortable because many people are allergic to pollen.;“虽然与雾霾中的其他成分相比,花粉所占比例较低,但这也部分地解释了为什么雾霾让我们感觉不舒,因为很多人对花粉过敏。”Zhang realizes that he may have disappointed the public because he can#39;t show the inner construction of PM2.5, today#39;s most notorious element in smog. It is beyond the capacity of his microscope and camera to explore such tiny grains.张超意识到他可能会让公众失望,因为他没能展示出PM2.5的内部结构。PM2.5才是雾霾成分中最臭名昭著的。但由于PM2.5颗粒过小,他的显微镜和相机无法显示和拍照。Working as a freelancer and editor for an astronomy magazine affiliated with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, his regular job is to stare at the starry firmament and write popular-science articles. However, he is proud to have stirred equal interest by observing the micro world.张超是自由职业者和《中国国家天文》杂志编辑。这家杂志由中国科学院国家天文台主办。他的日常工作就是盯着天空,然后写一些科普文章。不过,他对微观世界也有着同样的兴趣。;You cannot imagine how splendid the micro world is until you fall in love picturing bugs in the garden, different kinds of sand grains, or some tiny corners in our daily lives.“你无法想象微观世界是多么精,除非你爱上拍摄花园里的虫子、不同类型的沙子和一些我们日常生活的角落。”;My favorite is to shoot snowflakes. I would love to compile my snowflake pictures to publish a book. But you know how much warmer Beijing was in the past winter - I should have traveled to northeastern China to get more pictures.;“我最喜欢给雪花拍照。我希望将我拍摄的雪花照片出版一本书。但你也知道去年北京多么暖和,我本应到中国的东北多拍一些照片。” /201404/290336

  Funeral service workers bring out one of the five members of the Taiwanese family who were found dead inside their residence in Greenhills, San Juan City, on Saturday. 葬仪社工人带出台湾家庭5人中的一具,星期六被发现在仙范市的青山区住宅里死亡Five members of a Taiwanese family were found dead—their heads covered in plastic bags—at their home in San Juan City on Saturday morning.星期六早上在仙范市的自家中,一个台湾家庭的5人成员被发现死亡,他们的头被塑胶袋罩住。The Eastern Police District identified the victims as couple Roxanne Hsieh, 53, and Luis Hsieh; and their three children Amanda, 18; Jeffrey, 13; and John, 12. Luis was reportedly a businessman exporting handicraft.东区警局确认死者有一对夫妻,Roxanne Hsieh 53岁和 谢维洲(Luis Hsieh);他们的三个小孩Amanda-18岁;Jeffrey-13岁;John-12岁。谢维洲据报是一名出口手工艺品的商人。Senior Supt. Ariel Arcinas, the city#39;s chief of police, said two letters suggesting murder-suicide were found in the house but investigators had yet to make this conclusion pending autopsy results.高级警司艾瑞尔阿尔吉纳斯,本市的警察局长,说住宅内被发现的自杀谋杀经由两封信可知,但是调查人员尚未做出这个结论,在等候尸检结果。The five bodies were found at 9:30 a.m. in separate rooms of the family#39;s unit at Midland Park Manor Condominium building on Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills.5具尸体在早上9点米得兰公园公寓大楼的不同房间的被发现。The couple were found on the bed of the master bedroom and the two youngest children on the floor of that same room, Arcinas said. The eldest child was found on the bed in her room.这对夫妻在主卧室的床上被发现,两个最小的孩子在发现在同一个房间的地板上,阿尔吉纳斯说。最大的孩子被发现在她房间的床上。;They all had a transparent plastic bag on their heads. The mouths of two of the children were foaming,; Arcinas said, noting that the bodies did not bear other signs of foul play, like stab or gunshot wounds. The condo unit also showed no signs of struggle or forcible entry.;他们的头都被套上透明的塑胶袋。两个孩子都嘴角冒泡;,阿尔吉纳斯说,并指出尸体没有受到凶器刺杀或杀的迹象。该栋公寓也显现没有激烈挣扎或强行闯入的迹象。The bodies were found by the family#39;s housemaid, Livina Econia, neighbor Dr. Grace Tan Chua, and building and local authorities.尸体被家中的女佣Livina Econia发现。But before the shocking discovery, Econia, who lived with the victims, first found what appeared to be two suicide notes placed on a sink near her quarters. One printed in English and the other written in Chinese, the notes were placed in envelopes and bore the couple#39;s signatures.但是在惊人的发现前,与死者住在一起的Econia,最先发现放在她住处的一个水槽似乎有两个自杀纸条。一个印有英文,另一个写上中文,纸条被放在信封里并有夫妻的签名。;The letters said the family was facing financial difficulties and gave instructions for [the dead] to be cremated in a Buddhist temple,; Arcinas said. They also had instructions for Econia to show the notes to the authorities.;信中说我们家庭正遭遇经济困难,并提出吩咐说死后在佛寺火化;,阿尔吉纳斯说。他们也交待女佣把纸条交给警方。“When the authorities and the doctor (Chua) went to the house, it was the maid who opened the door and led the group to the rooms. When the door was opened and she saw the bodies, she was hysterical,” Arcinas said.;当警方和法医到达住宅时,女佣开门并让调查组进入房间。当门一打开她看到了尸体,她情绪激动;,阿尔吉纳斯说。The bodies were brought to Camp Crame for autopsy.尸体被带往Camp Crame进行尸检。 /201502/359353

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