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嘉兴祛斑哪家医院便宜嘉兴那里做双眼皮好些It started in a swamp.凡尔赛宫的建造始于一片沼泽It was here, in a stretch of mosquito-infested marshland,就在这片蚊虫滋生的泽地里that Louis, the 27-year-old King of France,27岁的法王路易decided to construct his new palace,决心建造他的新殿near a small and unremarkable country town called Versailles.比邻平凡的乡下小镇凡尔赛His courtiers were far from impressed.他的幕僚们大为惊讶It was almost as though Louis,路易似乎had deliberately picked the worst possible site for his magnificent palace,故意为自己宏伟的宫殿 定下了最糟糕的选址in order to prove to the world that his will was greater than nature.以此向世界展现他的意志超越自然Louis had a sentimental reason for choosing Versailles.路易选择凡尔赛亦有感性因素It was the site of his father#39;s old hunting lodge,这里是他父亲旧日的狩猎行宫and as a boy, he#39;d played and hunted here.孩童时期 路易曾在此玩耍狩猎The original chateau of Louis#39; father was on top of a hill.路易父王曾经的行宫坐落在山头The problem, if you wanted to turn it,若要把它改造成规模巨大的宫殿into a whacking great palace,即将面临的问题就是was that you weren#39;t going to be building on flat land.无法将宫殿建造在平坦地面上Louis was told, this is not a great place,幕僚纷纷建言 此地并非for a big expansion of your father#39;s chateau.扩建父王行宫的最佳选址As a monarch with absolute power,作为绝对专权的君主Louis wasn#39;t used to being told what to do.路易既不习惯于听命于他人And he didn#39;t much like it.也不屑于此From the outset, Louis was thinking big.从一开始 路易便心怀宏图伟业He started by hiring the greatest architect of the age,他开始雇佣当代最伟大的建筑师Louis Le Vau, to transform the hunting lodge,路易斯;勒沃 要求他into the palace of his dreams.将狩猎行宫变为梦幻殿宇 Article/201203/175055海盐固体硅胶隆鼻价格 Louis was victorious in war and lucky in love.路易战功卓著 爱情道路也一帆风顺And it made him grow over confident.这让他变得愈发自负In a grand personal gesture,他自以为是地he agreed to a peace deal with Austria.与奥地利缔结了和约One that handed back most of the territory将手下的将军刚为他掠来的his generals had just won for him.大片领土又归还了奥地利His ministers thought it was a terrible idea,他的朝臣们认为这很不明智and told him so.并如实地向他进谏The Peace is not a very good peace for France,和约对法国毫无益处because France gets absolutely nothing for it,因为法国不但因参战而欠下累累巨债except enormous debts from its participation in the war.而且几乎从中未获得丝毫好处The French public, having dispensed millions of livres,这场战争花掉了好几百万里弗and lost countless men dead,还牺牲了无数人的生命could not understand why their king民众难以理解为何他们的国王was giving up his conquests.要将胜利的果实拱手让人As a result, schoolchildren and fishwives因此 据说那时的学童和泼妇were said to be running around in Paris会在巴黎城中一边四处奔走with a line, ;You#39;re as stupid as the Peace.;一边叫骂着 ;你就像那和约一样蠢;Just as Louis#39;s popularity began to wane,正当民众对路易的喜爱之情开始减退his love affair with Madame Pompadour他与蓬帕杜夫人的婚外情was also drawing to a close.也逐渐告一段落His solution was a private harem为派遣内心的寂寞in the town of Versailles,他开始在凡尔赛镇金屋藏娇known as the Deer Park.这就是著名的鹿苑When Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour当路易十五和蓬帕杜夫人的ceased to have a sexual relationship,性关系不再延续后Louis XV didn#39;t really want路易十五也并不情愿to replace her with another mistress,让另一位情妇代替她的位置they got on too well for that,他们之间的感情很深 没有人能替代and from now on,因此从那以后his sexual appetite was catered for国王性生活的满足都是依靠by a series of young women一位接一位从巴黎who were brought out from Paris.被带到鹿苑的年轻女子Teenage nymphets, uneducated,她们大多是少女 没接受过教育often they had no idea who their powerful lover was.通常都不知道这位有权势的情人是谁 Article/201205/182036The closest we#39;ve been to a polar bear so far.这是我们离北极熊最近的一次Despite this remarkably close encounter,拍摄团队并不满足于这次近距离邂逅the team still wants to film a family of bears.他们还想拍摄一个北极熊家庭;There#39;s these females and two cubs to the starboard side.;;右舷一边有几只母熊和两只小熊;There#39;s good news on the radio.对讲机里传来了好消息Oh, there#39;s a cub. Yeah, I#39;ve seen the cubs.那边有只小熊 我看到小熊们了They#39;re looking straight at us. Look at that.它们正朝我们看呢 快看That#39;s amazing!太棒了As the mother looks distinctly hungry,由于能明显看出熊妈妈饥肠辘辘they will need to keep at least 15 feet of open water所以至少要在船只和她之间留出between her and the boat.15英尺的无冰水面Having a good look at us.她在仔细打量我们Oh, look at them! Look at the cubs! - Yeah.快看那两只小熊 是啊Jason, just go when you need to.贾森 见好就收Oop, here she comes. - Bloody hell!她过来了 -天啊Mother bears are always desperate for food for their cubs,熊妈妈为宝宝觅食时总是不顾一切so the crew could be the perfect supper.而船员们正可以作为美味的晚餐She#39;s getting in. Oh, my God,她要下去了 天啊she#39;s going to come in the water there.她要下水了The 15-foot gap was just enough.15英尺的距离足矣God, that was amazing!天啊 真棒 /201211/209584嘉兴曙光中西医整形医院激光脱毛做的怎么样

嘉兴曙光整形医院隆胸好不好曾主演《人鬼情未了》的美国演员帕特里克·斯威兹(Patrick Swayze)在力抗胰腺癌1年半后,于当地时间14日去世,终年57岁。  北京时间9月5日上午,据国外媒体报道,曾主演《人鬼情未了》的美国演员帕特里克·斯威兹(Patrick Swayze)在力抗胰腺癌1年半后,于当地时间14日去世,终年57岁。  帕特里克生于德克萨斯州休斯顿,由于母亲是舞蹈老师,自小便习芭蕾舞,曾在百老汇舞台上表演。1997年因膝伤复发而结束舞蹈事业,转于入影视圈发展。1985年以迷你电视影集《南北乱世情》受到瞩目。1987年以歌舞片《辣身舞》大展才华,获最佳男主角金球奖提名;1990年以《人鬼情未了》打动天下间多情男女,创造出个人的演艺高峰。 Article/200909/84211浙江嘉兴激光祛斑医院 嘉兴曙光医院玻尿填充多少钱

桐乡祛痘要多少钱You don’t have to be tall, dark, handsome, and rich to be a ladies’ man. Just learn to recognize what women want.你不需要非常高大,非常健硕,非常帅气,非常富有,才能受女士们青睐。了解一下女士们想要什么。Step 1 Get yourself some wing-women1.置身漂亮女性周围Get yourself some wing-women. Men who are surrounded by attentive ladies instantly become more attractive to other women.置身漂亮女性周围。被有吸引力的女性包围的男性对其他女性来说立即变得更有吸引力。Be macho if you want to play the field, but find your sensitive side if you’re looking for true love.如果你想玩一下,可以表现的有男子气概一点。但是如果想要寻找真爱,要表现出自己敏感贴心的一面。Step 2 Pay her lots of compliments2.大加赞扬Pay your lady lots of compliments – flattery will get you everywhere.向女士发出由衷的赞扬——奉承的力量是所向披靡的。Step 3 Learn to tell a joke3.学会说笑话Learn to tell a joke. A whopping 93% of women are looking for a guy who can make them laugh.学会说笑话。多达93%的女性希望找到能让她们笑的男性。Step 4 Give her your undivided attention4.倾心关注Whenever you’re together, give her your undivided attention. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention?无论你们何时在一起,都要集中精力关注她本人。谁不希望成为对方关心的焦点呢?Step 5 Always pick up the check5.主动买单Always pick up the check—and for goodness’ sake don’t dither about it. Women love a guy who “automatically” pays for dinner.一定要买单——千万不要犹豫不决。女士们喜欢那些不假思索自觉买单的男性。Step 6 Work toward owning a home6.努力买房If you’re not yet a homeowner, work toward that goal. Research shows that a man who owns a home is five times more attractive than one who doesn’t.如果你还没有房子,加油吧。调查显示,有房子的男性的吸引力比无房男性高五倍。Step 7 Show your fondness for children7.表现出对孩子的喜爱Show your fondness for children. Research shows that—not surprisingly—women are drawn to men who seem like they’d be good dads.表现出对孩子的喜爱。研究表明——这是在意料之中的——女士们更喜欢那些看上去能成为好父亲的男性。Step 8 Tone your body8.保持身材Work out just enough to be in slightly better shape than the average Joe. Most women prefer “toned” guys over muscle-bound hulks.进行足够的锻炼,保持比普通人更好的身材。相对于肌肉男,大部分女士更喜欢身材均匀的男子。Step 9 Be faithful9.忠诚Be faithful. For most women, fidelity trumps attractiveness, health, wealth, and social status – every time.要忠诚。对大部分女性来说,忠诚比吸引力,健康,财富和社会地位更加重要,向来如此。According to one study, women are attracted to men who smell like their dad.根据一项调查,女性更喜欢气味与她们的父亲相似的男子。 Article/201301/223252 Take a Temperature. Diagnose illness early by checking your body temperature. Recommended thermometers are now digital- use our guide to get an accurate ing.测量体温。通过测量体温来及早诊断疾病。现在建议的体温计都是电子的,根据我们的指引来正确的读取体温数字。Step 1: Digital thermometer1.数码体温计The temperature is most commonly measured by placing the thermometer under and to one side of the tongue, keeping the lips tightly closed around it. Leave it in place for the time specified in the instructions.通常把体温计放在舌头一侧的下面,嘴唇紧闭,测量的时间依据体温计上的说明。Step 2: Ear thermometer2.耳部体温计Attach the disposable cover to the probe, then turn the thermometer on. Pull the earlobe up and back. Center the probe tip in the ear and push gently inward toward the eardrum. Press the start button to display the temperature ing.将一次性盖子安装在探头上,然后将体温计打开。将耳垂轻轻向上后拉。将体温计的探头放入耳中,轻轻地深入耳膜内。按一下开始键,显示体温读数。Step 3: Forehead thermometer3.额头体温计Hold it at either end and press against the middle of the forehead for the specified time, making sure the skin is dry.Coloured boxes on the strip will illuminate to indicate temperature.握住任何一端,贴在额头中部一定时间,确保皮肤是干燥的。条板上有颜色的盒子会显示提问数字。Thanks for watching How To Take A Temperature.感谢收看“怎样测量体温”视频节目。 /201212/213323嘉兴激光雀斑多少钱平湖市第一人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱



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