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曲靖市做韩式定妆唇多少钱成都艾米丽整形美容纹绣纹眉好吗在双方谈判的过程中,一定要注意倾听对方的发言,如果对对方的观点表示了解,可以说: I see what you mean.(我明白您的意思。) 如果表示赞成,可以说: That's a good idea.(是个好主意。) 或者说: I agree with you.(我赞成。) 如果是有条件地接受,可以用on the condition that这个句型,例如: We accept your proposal, on the condition that you order 20,000 units. (如果您订2万台,我们会接受您的建议。) 在与外商,尤其是欧美国家的商人谈判时,如果有不同意见,最好坦白地提出来而不要拐弯抹角,比如,表示无法赞同对方的意见时,可以说: I don't think that's a good idea.(我不认为那是个好主意。) 或者 Frankly, we can't agree with your proposal.(坦白地讲,我无法同意您的提案。) 如果是拒绝,可以说: We're not prepared to accept your proposal at this time.(我们这一次不准备接受你们的建议。) 有时,还要讲明拒绝的理由,如 To be quite honest, we don't believe this product will sell very well in China.(说老实话,我们不相信这种产品在中国会卖得好。) 谈判期间,由于言语沟通问题,出现误解也是在所难免的:可能是对方误解了你,也可能是你误解了对方。在这两种情况出现后,你可以说: No, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. What I was trying to say was..... (不,恐怕你误解了。我想说的是......) 或者说: Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. Then I go along with you. (哦,对不起,我误解你了。那样的话,我同意你的观点。) 总之不管你说什么,你最终的目的就是要促成一笔生意。即使不成,也要以善意对待对方,也许你以后还有机会,生意不成人情在,你说对吗? /06/73400成都碧莜缇做纹绣多少钱 Making early reservationsA: Mark, when are you going to give me those brochures?B: What’s the rush? You’re not leaving for another week.A: I know, but I want to make reservations this week.B: Okay. I’ll bring them in tomorrow for sure. 提前预定A:马克,你打算什么时候给我那些简介?B:急什么?你还有一个星期才走呢。A:知道,但我想这星期做预定。 B:那行。我明天肯定带来。 /01/60167乐山男士弯眉男士俊朗眉

天水韩式半永久化妆绣眉成都市怎么去唇纹 来自中国的雇员Penny跟同事Robert聊天儿。Penny Liu: Hey, Robert! I was listening to you speak Chinese at the presentation yesterday! Youre fluent!Robert: Oh, thats kind of you to say, but in reality Im just able to hold a conversation.P: You are too modest. Seriously, I was really impressed. I actually wanted to know how you did it because I really want to take my English to the next level.R: But your English is fantastic.P: Yeah, its pretty good. But Im aiming to become completely fluent. Do you have any tips?Penny称赞美国同事Robert中文说得流利,fluent,给她留下了深刻印象。I was really impressed. Penny问Robert 学习语言有什么窍门,那么Robert有什么建议呢?R: Well, I studied at a major university in Taipei before coming to Beijing. And I lived in Hong Kong for over a year as well.P: So youre saying Ill have to live in an English-speaking country?R: It certainly doesnt hurt. But there are some things you can do if that is not an option.P: For example?R: When I first began studying Chinese, I found that watching Chinese movies was a really big help. Turn off the subtitles and watch and listen closely.原来,Robert在中文环境中生活过一段时间。可如果没有这种条件,if that is not an option, Robert说,看电影会有很大帮助,并建议关掉字幕,turn off the subtitles, subtitles is spelled s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s, subtitles是字幕的意思。P: But they speak so fast in movies! Will I be able to understand?R: You could watch a movie you have aly seen before...but no subtitles. That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech.P: What about vocabulary? Should I just try to memorize more words?R: Memorization cant hurt, but its sometimes hard to learn words that have no context. Many times when I learn a new Chinese word, I dont really understand it until I hear or see how its used in a sentence.P: So I need to find a context for the words.R: Right!电影对白说话太快,跟不上怎么办。Robert建议Penny选择以前看过的电影,然后关掉字幕。That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech. 这样就能慢慢找到语言的节奏。单词量vocabulary 不够怎么办?Robert说,死记硬背固然没有害处,可有时候少了上下文,单词的意思是很难准确理解和掌握的。Robert对提高英语水平还有哪些好的建议,我们下次继续听。 /201212/217088成都尚美优品纹绣韩式半永久化妆多少钱

什邡市做平眉多少钱Narrator: 欢迎来到《白领英语》节目。公司里的电脑系统恢复正常了,Anna也交到了一个新朋友,在电脑部门工作的Dave.不过她目前最重要的工作是怎样把塑料茄子这个新产品的概念告诉领导Paul.Tom: So Anna, that guy didnt really know what he was doing, did he?Anna: You mean Dave?Tom: Dave — was that his name? He had a really bad smell.Anna: No he didnt — hes done a great job. Look everything is working so, if you dont mind, I think we should get this pitch for Paul finished.Denise: Youd better hurry up. Pauls taking the afternoon off to go to his biscuit loversconvention.Tom: Oh right. Well, we might as well leave it until tomorrow then Anna.Anna: No Tom. Theres no time like the present — I heard someone say that once — weve got to get our idea to Paul as soon as possible. Then we might have time for a drink, or shall I ask Dave?!Tom: No, no, youre right. Look, Ill design some pictures of the aubergine and you get the results of our survey together, yeah?Anna: Great.Narrator: 好样的 Anna 别忘了你的演讲可得清楚明了,而且要充满希望和。记住用一些关键词。比如,特别好 exceptional, 超级棒的 fantastic, 高质量 quality, 利润 profit, 效率 efficiency, 还有物有所值 value for money.Anna: OK, Ive got all that. Im just adding some of the facts and figures from our customer survey.Tom: (Calling over) Anna, Ive got the designs, theyre coming off the printer now.(Door opens)Paul: Denise, Im off now. Cant wait any longer for my garibaldis!Anna: Wait Paul! I need to tell you about our new product idea.Paul: Well, I, I, have to go. Can you tell me about it in the lift?Anna: In the lift — do I have to?Paul: Sorry Anna, but thats the only time Ive got.Narrator: Anna 你的“电梯演讲”时间到了。Elevator 是美语,就是升降电梯的意思,英式英语是 lift. 时间不多了,所以你一定得把握好,你得把你的想法以准确明了的方式告诉Paul, 让他知道产品是什么,针对哪个市场,然后提到怎样可以为公司带来效益。告诉他你有据显示这个产品会成功,让他相信发展这个产品对公司会带来很多的利益。Anna: Phew, theres a lot to say in a short time but here goes.Paul: Anna, could you just press the 0 button there, thanks.Anna: Now Paul. Tom and I have come up with a new exciting product — the plastic aubergine.Paul: Oh yes?Anna: Yes. This fantastic product will be a great addition to table decorations in the café and restaurant market.Paul: Will it now? Do you really think it will be a profitable addition to our plastic portfolio?Anna: Oh yes. Using the same plastics as our fruits, we can easily re-mould our bananas and change the colour. We can increase efficiency but maintain quality.Paul: And profits?Anna: By my calculations, we can increase profits by 20%. Thats based on selling the same quantity that we now sell of Imperial Lemons.Paul: Hmm, 20%, really? But do you know whos going to buy this product?Anna: I do. Weve conducted a survey and aly found 10 new companies who would buy this and 27 existing customers who have shown an interest in it…(Lift bell pings)Anna: …and Im confident this new product will be a huge success.(Lift door opens)Paul: Very impressive. Youve certainly done your homework. Look, let me chew it over — probably on a custard cream — and Ill get back to you.Anna: Thanks. (Calling out) Paul, Paul…youve forgotten your bag.Paul: Oh yes, Ill need that. Thanks.Narrator: Great work Anna! 你把我都给说了,可是 Paul 呢?Anna 刚完成了她在电梯里的演讲,让我们再来复习一下她说到了哪几点:Weve come up with an exciting new product.This fantastic product will be a great addition to table decorations in thecafé and restaurant market.We can increase efficiency but maintain quality.By my calculations, we can increase profits by 20%.Im confident this new product will be a huge success.Tom: So, how did it go Anna?Anna: Im not sure. I told Paul as much as I could and I think he listened.Tom: Good, good. So what are you doing now?Anna: Ive got to meet someone.Tom: Anyone I know?Anna: No, not really.Tom: Its Dave from IT isnt it? (To himself) What does she see in him?Narrator: Tom, 你想我来回答这个问题吗? Anna 可能觉得 Dave 很吸引人,不过她当前的目标应该还是在开发塑料茄子这个产品上。我们下期节目再续。听力挑战:Anna 认为她的新产品能够为公司增加多少利润?上期:让电脑重新启动的英语表达是什么?Reboot /201302/225469 第一句:Im not sure if I can have more informatlon about the framework of the department.不知道我可否多了解一些关于部门框架的情况。A: You may ask me any questions about the job, if you have any.如果有和工作相关的问题,你可以提出来。B: I’m not sure if I can have more information about the framework of the department.不知道我可否多了解一些关于部门框架的情况。第二句:I’m wondering to whom I should report.我想知道我的上司是谁。A: So do you have any questions to ask?那么你有什么问题要问吗?B: Yes. I’m wondering to whom I should report.是的,我想知道我的上司是谁。知识扩展:1. 希望宏观了解公司内部结构的员工往往具有很强的上进心,如果不想给人好高骛远的印象,了解本部门的框架体系也不错哦:How many employees are there in the department?该部门有多少员工?I want to know the number of staff in my team.我想知道我们团队有多少员工?,Where does my position sit in the department?我的职位在公司处于什么位置?framework n. 结构,框架2. 了解自己的顶头上司是谁绝对是重中之重哦:Am I supervised directly by the Sales Manager? 销售经理是我的顶头上司吗?Does that mean sometimes I’ll do some supporting job for the Meketing Department?也就是说有的时候我要为市场部提供持是吗?成都市修剪眉毛美博仕美容医院韩式半永久化妆绣眉




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