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谷歌与中国有关部门的谈判陷入僵局。中国政府表示,如果谷歌不对搜索结果进行过滤,那它旗下的中文搜索网站Google.cn将被关闭。克莉丝汀·葛兰西(Christine Glancey)和朱丽亚·盎格文(Julia Angwin)在本期的《Digits》节目中就此进行了讨论。201003/98886。

Self-help 自助 My big fat career 我的远大前程How individuals can survive in the new world of work 新职业世界生存法则Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition“I REWROTE MY entire book after my experience of Spain and seeing what is happening in America, to recast it in terms of survival job-hunting,” says Richard Bolles. His book, “What Colour is Your Parachute?”, was first published in 1970 as a guide to finding a fulfilling job and has sold millions of copies. When Mr Bolles went to Spain in March to give advice on dealing with its indignant army of unemployed, he found that nobody had much idea how to get people back to work.“由于西班牙的经历和当今美国的见闻,我重写了整本书,并用生存性求职的观点重塑了这本书,”理查德.鲍尔斯如是说。他的书《你的降落伞是什么颜色?》作为一本求职指南首次发表于1970年并获得了几百万的销量。今年三月他去西班牙为怨气冲天的失业人群提供指导时,才发现大家对如何帮助失业者重返工作岗位一无所知。Even in tough times there are jobs to be had, but applicants have to work far harder to get an employer’s attention, says Mr Bolles. The main thing is to give them hope and teach them the latest techniques for looking for work, of which he lists no fewer than 18. They need to market themselves better and consider a broader range of employers than they might have thought of. Not least, they must “clean up their act on the internet”. Facebook is now routinely scrutinised by human-resources departments, which will be instantly put off if they find anything negative or embarrassing.鲍尔斯提到,即使在很糟的情况下仍然会有工作可做,但此时应聘者需要付出很多努力才能获得雇主的青睐。关键是要给求职者以信心,并且教给他们最新的求职技巧,鲍尔斯列出了不超过18条这样的技巧。求职者需要更好地推销自己且应该扩大原来设想的求职范围;尤为重要的是,他们应该清理其在网络上的痕迹,现在公司的人力部门经常定期检查Facebook,一旦发现任何负面或者不妥的迹象,求职就会被耽搁。Better the devil you know恶魔之上The good thing about the internet is that it offers a vast amount of information to jobhunters, especially once they have secured an interview. Glassdoor.com, a website launched in 2008 that now covers more than 120,000 companies worldwide, lets employees (anonymously) share information about firms, ranging from what people think about the boss to salary levels and details about the interview process. Last year’s annual Glassdoor list of oddball interview questions was topped by Goldman Sachs, which asked a candidate for an analyst’s job, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” One Glassdoor contributor’s suggested answer was, “Ask the government to bail me out,” which would probably not have secured the job.网络很好的一点就是它为求职者提供了海量的讯息,这一优点在获得面试后尤其明显。网站Glassdoor.com成立于2008年,现在覆盖了全球120,000家公司,雇员们可以在这个网站上匿名分享关于公司的信息,从对老板的看法、薪资水平到面试细节都有。去年高盛位列该网站的年度怪问题清单之首,高盛问一个求职分析员的人“如果你被缩到铅笔那么小并被放进了一个搅拌机,该怎么逃出来?”,网站上有人给出的参考是“让政府救援我”,当然这个不一定能保你获得这份工作。201109/154048。

Obama Remembers Kennedy as Mentor, Friend, Political Icon奥巴马追思肯尼迪是导师、朋友和政治偶像U.S. President Barack Obama says he is "heartbroken" by the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, who died late Tueday after a battle with brain cancer. Mr. Obama is mourning a mentor and a friend.美国总统奥巴马说,爱德华.肯尼迪参议员的过世让他“心碎”悲伤。肯尼迪参议员在与脑癌长期斗争后于星期三凌晨去世。奥巴马把爱德华.肯尼迪视为良师益友。President Barack Obama is leading the nation in remembering Ted Kennedy, calling him one of the greatest senators of our time. He says Kennedy was the defender of a dream.美国总统奥巴马带领全美人民缅怀参议员肯尼迪。奥巴马称赞肯尼迪是我们时代最伟大的参议员之一。他说,肯尼迪是一个梦想的捍卫者。"His extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end," said Mr. Obama. "The extraordinary good that he did lives on."奥巴马说:“他在这个世上伟大的一生终结了,但他的丰功伟绩将流芳千古。”The president says America may never see his like again: a veteran lawmaker who left a lasting imprint on all aspects of life in the ed States, from health care to civil rights to education.奥巴马说,美国可能再也不能见到像肯尼迪这样一个伟大的人:一个退役军人出身的国会议员,他给美国人生活的方方面面都留下了永久的印记,从医疗到民权到教育。"His ideas and ideals and are stamped on scores of laws reflected in millions of lives," he said.他说:“他的想法和理想印刻在几十部法律里,这些法律影响了几百万人的生活。”Mr. Obama was in the senator's home state when he died - not far from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.在肯尼迪去世的时候,奥巴马恰巧正在肯尼迪所在的麻萨诸塞州度假。他度假的地方距离肯尼迪位于海恩尼斯港的大院不远。There had been indications that the two might meet during the Obama family vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Instead, the president found himself talking to the nation about the loss of a man known as "the liberal lion" of the Senate.有迹象显示,两人可能会在奥巴马一家在玛莎葡萄园度假的时候见面。然而取而代之的是奥巴马向全国谈论参议院痛失一位被尊称为“自由主义之狮”的参议员。"The Kennedy name is synonymous with the Democratic Party," he said. "And at times, Ted was the target of partisan campaign attacks. But in the ed States Senate, I can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members on both sides of the aisle."奥巴马说:“肯尼迪的名字就是民主党的同义词。在那些时候,泰德是党派斗争的目标。但是在美国联邦参议院,我想不出还会有哪个人在参议院两党议员中比他得到更大的尊重和更深的爱戴。”In his brief remarks, the president made clear he sees the death of Ted Kennedy as a personal loss. Kennedy was a mentor during his early days in the ed States Senate, and was an early and avid booster of his presidential campaign.在简短的讲话中,奥巴马总统清楚地表明,他把泰德.肯尼迪的去世当作个人损失。在奥巴马进入美国参议院初期,肯尼迪曾作过奥巴马的导师,而且在奥巴马参加总统竞选期间,肯尼迪很早就积极帮助奥巴马竞选。"Over the past several years, I have had the honor to call Teddy a colleague, a counselor and a friend," said the president. "And even though we have known this day was coming for some time now, we awaited it with no small amount of d."奥巴马说:“在过去几年里,我很荣幸地称泰德是我的同事、参谋和朋友。尽管我们彼此都知道这一天终将来到,我们等待着,绝无一点畏惧。”Senator Kennedy died early late Tuesday at his Massachusetts home. The last surviving brother of former President John Kennedy was 77.肯尼迪参议员星期三凌晨在他位于麻萨诸塞州的家中去世,享年77岁。他生前是前总统约翰.肯尼迪最后一个仍在世的兄弟。08/82665。

Thai PM to Resign, Protesters to Leave Airports泰法庭裁决禁总理及政治伙伴参政 A court has ruled that the Thai prime minister, his party and his coalition partners are banned from politics. The decision led the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy to pledge to allow flights to resume at Bangkok's international airport. 泰国一个法庭裁决,禁止泰国总理颂猜、他的政党和他的联合政府伙伴参政。这个裁决使反政府的人民民主联盟保将允许曼谷国际机场重新开放。The People's Alliance for Democracy says it will continue some protests at the international airport, but on Tuesday agreed to allow flights to resume. However, airport officials say it could be several days before full operations resume. 人民民主联盟表示,将继续在国际机场举行一些抗议活动,但是星期二同意允许一些航班起降。不过,机场官员说,全面恢复运营还需要好几天时间。Court ruling disbands 3 coalition partiesThe PAD decision came hours after a Thai constitutional court disbanded the three leading parties in the government coalition.  民盟做出这个决定几个小时前,泰国一个宪法法庭裁定解散联合政府中3个主要的政党。A judge the order banning the Chart Thai Party, one of the coalition partners.  一名法官宣读了法庭解散执政党之一泰国党的命令。The verdicts were announced, under strict security, after the judges were forced to move to another building after the constitutional court was surrounded by pro-government demonstrators. 此前,在亲政府示威者包围宪法法庭之后,法官被迫转移到另外一所建筑,法庭裁决是在戒备森严的状态下宣读的。The ruling follows court findings that the main coalition party, the People Power Party, Chart Thai and another partner, violated election laws during the December 2007 general elections. Several executives from each party also were banned from politics for five years. 在做出这项裁决之前,法庭认为,联合政府主要政党人民力量党、泰国党和另外一个执政伙伴在2007年12月大选中违反了选举法。各党都有几名主管人员同时被禁止参政5年。Ruling removes PM Somchai from officeThe verdict removes Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from office. A PPP spokesman says party members in parliament not directly affected by the ruling will join a new party that aly has been created.  法庭裁决解除了颂猜的总理职务。人民力量党一名发言人说,议会中不直接受这项裁决影响的该党党员将加入一个已经成立的新党。Deputy Prime Minister Chavarat Charnveerakul has been named interim prime minister until a new coalition government is formed and a new prime minister can be selected. 副总理查瓦拉被任命为临时总理,直至新的联合政府成立,并选出一位新总理。Government supporters say judiciary staged 'silent coup'Pro-government supporters have accused the judiciary of bias and staging a "silent coup" against Mr. Somchai and his brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  亲政府人士指责司法偏袒,发动了一场针对颂猜和他的连襟前总理他信的“静悄悄的政变”。The PAD calls the verdict a victory, following months of long protests, including a three-month siege of the main government office building. 民盟则称这项裁决是他们在几个月之久的抗议、包括对主要政府大楼为期3个月的包围后取得的胜利。"Today, the constitution court finally dissolved the party that acted as a nominee for Thaksin Shinawatra," said Parnthep Pourpongpan, a PAD spokesman. "We have to consider about the victory. We totally agree that at least we have to review the level of demonstration now at least about how we reduce and how much we reduce."  民盟发言人班贴说:“今天,宪法法庭终于解散了为他信代言的政党。我们必须考虑这个胜利。我们完全同意,现在至少必须考虑示威的程度,我们如何缩小范围,缩小多少。”Protests strand touristsThailand's tourism industry and air cargo have been severely disrupted by the airport occupation, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. It is estimated that up to a quarter of a million tourists remain stranded because of the occupation. 泰国旅游业和空运业由于机场被占领而受到严重影响,造成了数亿美元的损失。据估计,有25万游客被困。Soon after the ruling, the government postponed a summit of Southeast Asian leaders, which was to start December 13. 法庭裁决之后,泰国政府立即推迟了原定于12月13号开幕的东盟领导人峰会。200812/57810。

Thai Government Criticizes Campaign for Royal Pardon for Ousted PM泰总理批评寻求王室赦免他信运动Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has criticized moves to seek a royal pardon for exiled leader Thaksin Shinawatra. The campaign comes soon after by-election victories by pro-Thaksin politicians.泰国总理阿披实.维乍集瓦批评了企图寻求王室赦免流亡国外的前领导人他信的政治运动。这一运动是在亲他信的政界人士赢得补缺选举胜利后不久开始的。Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Friday said the campaign for a pardon for Thaksin Shinawatra lowers the status of the royal institution.阿披实总理星期五说,这一争取他信得到赦免的运动降低了王室的地位。King Bhumipol Adulyadej is highly revered in Thailand. He is able to grant royal pardons and reduce sentences but usually only after the felon has served time in jail.普密蓬国王在泰国很受尊重。他能颁布王室赦免令或者减刑令,但是他通常只在罪犯在监狱刑后才这样做。Mr. Thaksin was ousted in a military coup in 2006. He has since been convicted of corruption charges, and fled the country to avoid prison. His supporters, known as Red Shirts, are seeking a million signatures on a petition asking for a pardon. 他信在2006年的一次军事政变中被废黜。他从那时以来一直被定有腐败罪,并且逃离泰国以避免刑。他的持者“红衫党”正在为他要求赦免的请愿书上征集一百万人的签名。Despite being in exile, Mr. Thaksin is able to rally strong support - recently more than 20,000 Red Shirts demonstrated in Bangko. 他信尽管在流亡中,还是能得到强大的持,最近有两万多红衫党成员在曼谷示威。Buranaj Samutharak, a spokesman for Prime Minister Abhsit's Democrat Party, says the government is deeply concerned about Mr. Thaksin's ability to interfere with Thai politics.总理阿披实的发言人布拉纳吉说,泰国政府十分担忧他信干扰泰国政局的能力。"What's more worrying actually is Thaksin's continuation to influence social disruption - which since April's incident - has adversely affected Thailand's reputation," he said. "And through his continued action in causing political unrest in Thailand I think it's definitely something the government cannot take lightly."他说:“实际上更令人担心的是他信继续挑起社会不安定局面,从4月的事件以来,动乱局面对泰国的信誉产生负面效果。我认为,泰国政府决不可忽视他信继续不断地扰乱泰国政局的行动。”In April, Red Shirts rioted in Bangkok and also forced the cancellation of a gathering of Asian leaders in Thailand.4月红衫党在曼谷暴动,并迫使在泰国召开的亚洲国家领导人会议被取消。Despite the riots, politicians allied with Mr. Thaksin recently won two by-elections in Thailand's rural northeast, where he remains very popular.尽管发生了这些暴乱行动,但是与他信结盟的政界人士最近仍然在泰国东北部农村地区赢得了两次补缺选举,他信在当地仍享有很高的威望。Chris Baker, an author and commentator on Thai politics, says the by-elections show that Mr. Thaksin's populist economic policies still have strong support among the rural poor."The Thaksin name still has a lot of pull in the northeast and particularly in the lower northeast," said Baker. "We are in a situation now where the electorate is calling the tune and the electorate seems to be saying we are still going to vote for pro-Thaksin people."But Mr. Thaksin faces a major court case, which begins this month. The court is to rule on whether more than billion of his funds, frozen after the coup, were obtained through corruption while he was prime minister.但是他信面临一项重大的法庭案件审理,该案件的审理从本月开始。有关法庭要裁决在政变后被冻结的在他信名下的二十多亿美元的资金是否在他担任总理期间通过腐败途径获得的。A verdict is expected in October. Some political analysts say if the court finds in Mr. Thaksin's favor he and his allies will be strengthened in the lead-up to general elections that many political analysts expect next year.预计将在10月作出裁决。某些政治分析人士说,如果该法庭作出有利于他信的裁决,他信及其盟友将在导向大选期间的力量大大加强,许多政治分析人士预计这次大选将在明年举行。07/76635。

Oil sinks despite OPEC Production cuts are the topic of OPEC's emergency meeting, yet crude futures continue to fall as investors focus on slowing global demand.Oil price's falling in concert with stocks today, and this is despite the fact that OPEC has expected to significantly cut production in the cartel meets later on this week. What's going on? Let's talk to trader, Anthony Grisanti, president, GRZ Energy. Here, with us now. From the floor, talk to us about why you are seeing this, why it seems OPEC isn't even playing in?Well, right now, today the focus is on the dollar. We..we're about at a key 1.30 level(是对欧元的汇率). It's right above it. And really it's the strength of the dollar, that has made oil weaker today. And, you know, going over to OPEC. You know, we pretty much know that they wanna cut Friday. But most of traders feel down here: they are gonna have to cut a significant amount to have any impact on this market and to have these prices go higher. And by significant amount, I am talking about four to five million barrels a day. And I really don't see that happening. In fact, any kind of the cut we see, I expect, one to two million barrels. And I don't really see in that have a lot of influences on prices right now. And word to down market, we wanna thaw rallies out here,it looks like it is gonna continue. We had Chinese economy, the growth revised down for next year and for the rest of this year. Of course, the U.S. is the same way. So really it is all about demand and the dollar right now. And OPEC is kind of on the sidelines. Alright. Let's say, OPEC does cut a significantly four or five billions barrels a day, what then happens to oil prices when you are dealing with slowing economies around the world, and as you said the stronger U.S. dollars than we've seen in the long time. Well, if they do cut the four or five billion , you will see its initial spike,that's for sure. Probably to about the 85 dollar level. But , I think, at that point, you are gonna turn around and look to see what the demand is, even at the low levels that OPEC is producing. And I don't think we are gonna see the demand may, will be there, even for those numbers. So, I expect that the market will be very weak or will be very range-bound, say, between 70 and 90 dollars. But if they come in less that cut,if they come in and say one and two, (Yeah. ) I think we'll take a shot towards 60 dollars. at this point.You know, finally , the shift that's happend this fall, so interesting as you see oil moving concert with stocks, which is the opposite of what we saw all summer. How long does that hang on? How long is that the case? Will these two move together? And it's really the demand that play?Well, I think , it's a matter really... I don't think they are so moving in tandem together. I think it just , kind of... it seems that way. And that's the way it's working out. But really it is about the demand in oil and when that demand starts to picking up , then you can see, you know, uh, the market. And actually the stock market could pick up at that point too, because a bigger demand means that economie's doing a little bit better. But I don't think there 's link as we think they are. I think it's just a moving tandem right now. Just a coincidence at this point. Alright,Anthony , appreciate your expertise, thank you.200810/53912。

Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674。

New Bin Laden Tape Calls Obama Powerless to Stop Afghanistan War本拉登新录音带称美无力阻止阿富汗战争 A new audio message, directed at the American people - purported to be from al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden - claims the President Barack Obama will find himself powerless to halt the American-led war in Afghanistan.新近传出的录音带是针对美国人民的。一个自称是基地组织头目本拉登的男子在录音带中说,奥巴马总统会发现自己没有能力阻止美国领导的阿富汗战争。The latest audio recording, attributed to Bin Laden, again attempts to justify al-Qaida's September 11, 2001, terror attack on the ed States as being part of the group's quest for the liberation of Palestine. 这盘最新的自称是本拉登的录音带再次企图把基地组织2001年9月11日在美国的恐怖袭击说成是该组织解放巴勒斯坦人诉求的一部分。The tape was provided by an American-based firm - IntelCenter, which monitors terrorist propaganda. It says the 11-minute shows a still picture of bin Laden while audio of the address plays.这盘录音带是总部设在美国的情报中心提供的。这个公司负责监测恐怖主义宣传。据报,这盘11分钟的录像带在显示本拉登的静止画面的同时播放了音频。In the recording, the man identified as Bin Laden reiterates long-standing grievances including American support for Israel and "some other injustices." 在录音中,一名自称是本拉登的男子重申了他对包括美国长期持以色列和和“其他一些不公正现象”的不满。He puts forward a ing list of recent books, including one by a former CIA agent, which the tape says will clarify the "message" of the terrorist attack eight years ago. 这名男子提供了他最近阅读的一份书单,其中包括一名前中央情报局特工写的书,这盘磁带声称这本书将澄清八年前进行“恐怖袭击”的“信息”。The recording notes that the Obama administration includes key figures from the previous Bush administration, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates. 录音提到奥巴马内阁中包括了前布什政府的一些重要官员,如美国国防部长罗伯特.盖茨。The voice, believed to be that of Bin Laden, thus concludes President Obama is a weakened man and powerless to change course in Afghanistan because of "pressure groups." And, if he tries, the tape says "his fate will be feared" to be like that of the assassinated President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert. 这个据信是本拉登的声音做出结论说,奥巴马总统是一个软弱的人,他无力更改阿富汗的进程,因为存在着“压力团体”。录音带说,如果他作出尝试,他的命运恐怕要象“被暗杀的前总统约翰.肯尼迪及其兄弟罗伯特.肯尼迪那样”。It is the first message believed to be from the reclusive terrorist leader since one in June, in which bin Laden accused President Obama of sowing new seeds of hatred against America among Muslims.这是自从6月份以来这位藏匿的恐怖分子发出的第一条信息,今年6月本拉登指责奥巴马总统在穆斯林当中播下仇恨美国的新种子。The ed States now has about 60,000 troops in Afghanistan - the largest contingent in the 42-nation international force. 美国目前在阿富汗的兵力约6万,在42个国家的国际部队中美军的人数最多。Following the September 2001 attack, the ed States invaded to oust the Taliban from power in Kabul. 2001年9月美军攻入阿富汗并推翻了塔利班政权。The Taliban had given safe haven to al-Qaida, which had carried out the hijacking of four airliners to attack New York and Washington, in which more than 3,000 people died. Bin Laden is believed to be in hiding in Pakistan, along the remote mountainous terrain border with Afghanistan. Pakistani leaders have recently said they believe the terrorist leader is dead. But top American officials say there is no credible evidence to confirm that. 本拉登据信藏匿在巴基斯坦和阿富汗边界的偏远山区。巴基斯坦领导人最近表示,他们认为这位恐怖分子头目已经死了。但美国高级官员说,没有可信的据来实这点。The audio recording, posted on a web site, includes an undated photograph of the al-Qaida leader. There is also a scene of a banner with an American flag in the background and the New York City skyline with the destroyed World Trade Center twin towers. 这段音频张贴在一个伊斯兰网站上,还包括一幅没有注明日期的本拉登的照片。另外还有一面美国国旗,背景是纽约和被摧毁的世贸中心大楼。No fresh images of Bin Laden appear. He was last seen in that coincided with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attack.没有出现任何本拉登的新的照片。他最后一次露面是在9/11袭击六周年之际的一段视频录象中。09/84248。

来自英国、也门、美国、法国、沙特阿拉伯等21个国家以及欧盟、联合国、世界、国际货币基金组织等国际组织的代表,27号在英国伦敦举行会议,讨论海湾国家也门目前面临的反恐形势,寻求彻底解决“基地”组织在也门等地渗透的途径。 World leaders discuss assisting YemenBritain is hosting a meeting with senior officials from Yemen, the US, Europe, the Gulf states and others countries, to address Yemen's security issues and economy.The gathering is having a particular focus on terrorism, after a Yemen based al-Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas day bombing attempt on a US-bound flight.At a press conference in London, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the world can't ignore the poverty and instability that is fueling extremism in Yemen.Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, said, "We have recognized that the challenges facing Yemen can not be solved by military action alone. Progress against violent extremists and progress towards a better future for the Yemeni people will depend on fortifying development efforts. The Yemeni people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future, not leaving their fate to extremists who incite violence and inflict harm.The delegates are discussing fears that declining oil revenues are weakening Yemen's ability to deliver basic services, that has stirred dissent and given militants a firmer foothold in the country.The World Bank and International Monetary Fund said it won't pledge new funding, but instead will form a new organization to help Yemen spend 5 billion US dollars donated in 2006, most of which remains untouched.The talks also focused on providing support for Yemen to seek a cease-fire with rebels, known as the Hawthis, whose bloody revolt in the country's north is diverting resources from the fight against al-Qaida.201001/95655。

The vendor is Chinese, the products are Chinese, but the market is here in Almaty, capital of Kazakhstan, the most prosperous of Central Asia's five "stans," or former Soviet Republics.这位摊贩是中国人,卖的也是中国货,但市场却在哈萨克斯坦首都阿拉木图(Alma-ata,不是Almaty)。哈萨克斯坦在中亚五个“斯坦”国家中经济是最繁荣的。In Baraholka, the city's largest bazaar, vendors offer blue jeans, humidifiers, mobile phone chargers, and fresh apples - all from China. The trading language is still largely Russian, a legacy of the old colonial power. But as Alira, a vendor here, says, the products are not.巴拉霍卡(Baraholka)是阿拉木图最大的市场。摊贩们在这里销售蓝色牛仔裤、增湿器、手机充电器和鲜苹果。这些东西都来自中国。市场交流基本用俄语,显示俄罗斯对这里的传统殖民影响。但这位叫作阿利亚(Alira)的摊主说,他卖的货可不是从俄罗斯来的。"Russian products? We have no Russian products," Alira says adamantly.他说:“俄罗斯货?我们没有俄罗斯货。”China is doing more than selling pots and pans to Central Asia's 62 million people. A thirst for energy is behind China's massive oil and gas investments in Central Asia, long the privileged sphere of Russia. 中亚地区人口6千2百万,中国在这里销售的可不仅仅是锅碗瓢盆。Chinese demand for energy edges U.S.The International Energy Agency reports China is displacing the ed States this year as the world's-largest energy consumer. Over the next 25 years, China's energy consumption is expected to double.国际能源署IEA说,中国今年将取代美国,成为世界上最大的能源消耗国。中国的能源消耗未来25年还将增加一倍。But the bulk of China's imported oil and gas passes through vulnerable sea lanes. Hongyi Lai, a professor at the University of Nottingham, studies China's global search for energy.但是中国大部分石油与天然气进口都依赖海运,风险性高。英国诺丁汉大学教授赖洪毅对中国的海外能源开发进行了研究。"The importance of Central Asia for China is in terms of energy security," says Lai. "It provides transport of oil and gas overland, not through sea lanes. So in this form, it is more secure for China."他说:“对中国来说,中亚的重要性在于能源安全。中亚可以通过陆路向中国输送石油和天然气,无需海运。陆路运输对中国来说更安全。”Central Asia has some of the world's largest reserves of oil and gas. Once a dusty stretch of the Silk Road for camel caravans taking Chinese products to Europe, Central Asia is now a destination for Chinese investment - about billion at last count.世界最大的一些石油与天然气蕴藏就在中亚地区。这里曾经是丝绸之路的一部分,骆驼队当年载着中国商品冒着风沙经过这里,向欧洲运送。中亚现在是中国投资的对象,最新统计显示,中国投资额大约是250亿美元。201011/118795。