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铁岭博大男性医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好铁岭治疗淋病哪家最有名中国“黑户”人口超00万 -- :56:0 来源: 据公安部表示,中国计划将00万“黑户”人口归入户籍人员之列 China is considering extending hukou, or household registration, to million unregistered citizens, according to the Ministry of Public Security.据公安部表示,中国计划将00万“黑户”人口纳入户籍人员之列Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun presided over a meeting on Saturday to discuss the issue.Registration is a fundamental right all citizens that is endorsed by the constitution and the law, according to the meeting.公安部高胜坤周六在主持一次会议时讨论了这个问题会议指示,照国家和法律规定,户籍登记是每位公民拥有的合法权利According to the National Population Census in , there are million unregistered people nationwide, ing 1 percent of the country’s population.根据年全国人口普查,全国共有00万“黑户”人口,占据总人口的1%Without a hukou, a person is denied access to public education, reimbursement healthcare costs and other welfare benefits.Parents who were unable to have more than one child under the old family planning policy, cannot register their children unless they pay a significant sum of money.如果一个人没有户口,他就没法上学,就医不能享受医疗保险和很多其他的社会福利在传统的计划生育政策下,夫妇如果不缴纳巨额罚款就无法生育二胎More than 60 percent of China’s unregistered people are in this category, according to research in by the Institute of Social Development at the National Development and Rem Commission.Other unregistered people include abandoned children, children born out of wedlock and those whose documents are missing.根据年国家发改委社会发展部门的调查, “超生”人口占据了“黑户”人口的60%其他“黑户”人口包括孤儿、非婚生子女以及丢失文件的人The research found that unregistered people tend to lack a sense of personal security, as they are excluded from the social security system. Without legal documents that identify them, unregistered people cannot travel long distances easily, which restricts population mobility, the research found.研究发现无户籍的人口因为被排除在社保体系之外,他们缺乏个人的安全感研究发现,因为没有合法身份件明自己的存在,“黑户”人员不能长距离旅行,这样也限制了人口流动Social instability increases and social inequalities escalate if some people are excluded from the hukou system, the ministry said during Saturday’s meeting.周六会议上,公安部表示,如果一些人没有户口,这会增加社会的不稳定性和加剧社会的不公平The ministry declared its intention to help unregistered people obtain proper recognition and protect every citizens’ right to hukou.公安部表示了其将帮助非户籍人口获得合法认可,保护每位公民的户口权利Since the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in , the top leadership has issued several documents on hukou rem, signaling a determination to rem the system.年中央第十八届三中全会第三次会议以来,中央领导先后多次发布对户口进行改革的方案,确定了改革的决心In late , the government first relaxed the family planning policy, allowing couples to have a second child if one spouse was an only child.年底,政府第一次放宽了计划生育政策,允许夫妻双方一方为独生子的即可生育二胎In October, China introduced an overall two-child policy, reducing the possibility of people remaining unregistered due to a violation of the country’s laws.今年月,中国全面放开二胎政策,降低了因违法法律而增加未登记户口的人员的可能性铁岭市医院包皮手术哪家医院最好 马克·扎克伯格的社交媒体账户被黑客攻击 -- ::0 来源: 扎克伯格的Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号遭到短暂地黑客攻击 He might run the world’s biggest social networking site, but not even Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked.虽然马克·扎克伯格统治着世界上最大的社交媒体网站,但也无法对黑客攻击免疫The Facebook founder’s s on sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest appear to have been briefly compromised on Sunday.这位脸书创始人的包括Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号在周日显示遭到短暂地黑客攻击A hacker group called Ourmine, which has more than 0,000 Twitter followers, claimed responsibility.拥有万名粉丝的名为Ourmine的黑客组织称这起事件为其所为The group bragged about the alleged hacks in a tweet and invited Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.该组织在推特上自夸了这起所谓的黑客行动,并要求扎克伯格联系他们"Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter Instagram Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us."“嘿,@finkd,我们进入了你的推特、Instagram和Pinterest账户,我们只是测试你的安全性,请联系我们”Engadget posted a screengrab of the alleged hack of the Facebook chief executive’s Twitter :瘾科技网站发布了脸书CEO推特账号被所谓黑客攻击后的截屏:The Twitter has since had the offending tweets deleted. Mr Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the since .该推特账号从此把这些冒犯的帖子删除了扎克伯格自年就没有用此账户发布信息Developer Ben Hall tweeted a screenshot of Mr Zuckerberg’s "hacked" Pinterest page.程序员Ben Hall在Pinterest页面上发布了扎克伯格“被黑客攻击”的截屏The B understands that Facebook’s security systems prevented Mr Zuckerberg’s Instagram from being accessed. The photo-sharing service is owned by Facebook.B了解的情况是,脸书的安全系统防止扎克伯格的Instagram账户被访问该图片分享务网站为脸书所有Some reports suggested that the hack of LinkedIn may have been responsible the breach.一些报道称年领英遭黑客攻击可能导致了该安全系统的崩溃Last month it was reported that 7 million LinkedIn username and password combinations stolen four years ago were being sold on the dark web 5 bitcoins - worth about $,300 (1,595 pounds).据报道,上个月,四年前1.亿被盗的领英用户的用户名和密码组合在黑网站上以5比特币被出卖,价值300美元The passwords were encoded, but in a m that appears to have been relatively easy to unravel.这些密码是被编码的,但从形式来看显得相对容易解开The , on which he has posted just 30 images, has more than 600,000 followers.这个只发布了30张图片的账号拥有60万粉丝连任仅5天 国际足联主席布拉特宣布辞职 -- 18:: 来源:   Sepp Blatter, who led world soccer’s governing body years and who was regarded as one of the most powerful people in global sports, said Tuesday that he would resign his position, making his announcement in Zurich even as law encement officials in the ed States confirmed that he was a focus of a federal corruption investigation.  赛普·布拉特领导了世界足球管理机构年之久他被认为是全球体育界最有权势的人之一周二,就在美国执法人员确认他是联邦贪污调查的重点对象之际,布拉特在苏黎世宣布辞职  Mr. Blatter had days tried to distance himself from the controversy, but several ed States officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that in their efts to build a case against Mr. Blatter they were hoping to win the cooperation of some of the FIFA officials now under indictment and work their way up the organization.  多日以来,布拉特试图让自己远离争议,但一些匿名的美国官员表示,希望和被起诉的和想要升官的国际足联官员合作,以图针对布拉特立案  Mr. Blatter’s resignation speech, which he delivered in French to a mostly empty room at FIFA headquarters, served as a stunning coda to a dramatic sequence of events that began last Wednesday with a police raid at a five-star hotel, where seven soccer officials were arrested and held extradition to the ed States on corruption charges.  上周三,警方突然搜捕了一家五星级酒店,逮捕了7名足球官员他们受到贪污指控,会被引渡给美国以此事为开端的一系列戏剧性事件有一个令人震惊的尾声:布拉特用法语在几乎没人的国际足联总部发表了辞职演说  A high-ranking soccer official said Mr. Blatter had been advised by his legal counsel that continuing in his current position could make defending him against possible future prosecution more difficult.  一名足球高官称,布拉特的法律顾问建议,如果布拉特继续担任现有职务,在未来的起诉中为他辩护会变得更加困难  The soccer official added that pressure on Mr. Blatter from soccer’s corporate partners, as well as from various FIFA members, increased considerably over the weekend as itbecame clear that the Justice Department indictment was not just looking at corruption within Concacaf, the regional governing body overseeing soccer in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  这名足球官员还补充道,上周末以来,随着美国司法部的起诉显然将不局限于中北美及加勒比海足协,布拉特受到的来自足球合作伙伴和多个国际足联成员的压力显著增加铁岭男科医院排行榜

铁岭治早泄要多少钱勇敢母亲拼命从美洲狮口下救出儿子 -- :6: 来源: 美国科罗拉多州一位5岁男童在自家前院玩耍时,遭到一头美洲狮攻击,孩子母亲撬开狮子嘴巴救出了儿子 A woman in Colorado has saved her five-year-old son by prying open a mountain lion’s mouth after the animal attacked the boy in their front yard, officials say.美国科罗拉多州一位5岁男童在自家前院玩耍时,遭到一头美洲狮攻击,孩子母亲撬开狮子嘴巴救出了儿子The mother heard screams and raced outside the house near Aspen, where she found the animal on top of her son, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office said.比特金郡警方说,这家人住在阿斯彭附近,母亲听到孩子尖叫声,跑出屋外察看,赫然发现一头美洲狮正扑在儿子身上The boy suffered face, head and neck injuries and was said to be in fair condition at a hospital in Denver.这名男童的脸、头和脖子都遭爪子抓伤,但总体情况还算好,现在丹佛的一家医院治疗Officials said two lions were killed.官方表示有两头狮子被杀The unidentified woman said she grabbed one of the animal’s paws and stuck her right hand in its mouth to pry it open and free her son’s head, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Buglione said.有关方面未透露该女士的身份,据比特金郡警察局副局长迈克尔. 伯格利奥内说,这位母亲上前去揪住了狮子的一只爪子,并把右手伸到狮子口里,把嘴撬开,使得她儿子的头得以解脱The mother had bite marks on her hand and scratches on her leg after the lion, believed to be two years old, ran off, he added.他补充说,这头狮子看起来大约两岁的样子,随后就跑掉了这位母亲的手上和腿上被狮子咬伤Wildlife officials said they killed a young lion near the home and a second one found in the area several hours later.野生生物机构工作人员表示,他们在这所住宅附近杀了一头年轻的狮子,几小时后又在这个区域杀死了另一只The incident happened on Friday night in the commy of Lower Woody Creek, north of Aspen.事件发生在周五晚上阿斯彭北边的下伍迪社区Officials say sightings are increasing across Colorado, where an estimated ,500 mountain lions live.有关方面表示,整个科罗拉多州估计有约500头美洲狮,近日他们在这里出没的越来越频繁The last known mountain lion attack in the state happened in July when a young animal attacked a man as he fished in a remote area in northwest Colorado, the wildlife department said.野生生物机构说,该州最近一次的美洲狮袭击人事件发生在年7月,当时一名男子在西北部的偏远地区钓鱼时被一只小狮袭击铁岭经济开发区妇幼保健院包皮手术多少钱 想要加薪?避免这样做 -- 3::00 来源:chinadaily If you’re looking a raise, or looking a new job and d the question “so how much are you looking to make,” you’re walking into a minefield that could either result in you making a good, fair wage, or getting underpaid from the start. Here are some things to avoid when it’s time to talk turkey. 如果你正期待着加薪或是在找一份新工作并恐惧于“你的期望薪酬是多少”这个问题,那么你正走向一个雷区,你既可能获得不菲的工资,也可能从一开始就报酬过低当你准备开诚布公地谈谈加薪时,你得避免此处列出的几个失误The folks at PayScale put together this simple list of salary negotiation mistakes you should avoid when it comes down to talking about money, but the big hits are simple enough. Avoid doing these things: 美国薪酬调研网站PayScale的工作人员整理了一个简短的清单,列出协商加薪时你需要避免的失误最重要的几个其实非常简单你得避免做以下几件事:Negotiating by email or chat 1. 通过电子邮件协商或在闲聊时随意提起Overlooking other perks available the job or included with your job . 忽视你的工作可获得或已包含的其他额外津贴Being afraid to make the first move 3. 害怕首先提出来Giving in to your nerves and letting the conversation run away from you . 败给紧张情绪并失去话语主动权Some of these are classics, like trying to negotiate something sensitive over email, but others are more important. 这些失误中有些已是老生常谈了,比如尝试用电子邮件商讨敏感问题但是其他几个问题更值得引起重视 example, you should absolutely consider your job’s other benefits or at least negotiate them when you talk about your whole pay package. 比如,你得周全地考虑除基本工资外的其他福利,或者至少在讨论整体薪酬时提及它们Are you trading a higher salary bonus money that could eventually wind up paying you more? Or giving up something like flex time or remote work in exchange coming into the office every day a little more money?你是想用高薪换奖金,以期最终拿到更丰厚的报酬?或是放弃诸如灵活工作时间或远程办公的机会,选择每日时坐班来换取一些加薪?Similarly, the old worry that you shouldn’t be the first person to throw out a number in a salary negotiation is a long disproven myth. 同样地,人们常有一种顾虑,认为在协商加薪问题时,你不该做第一个摊牌的人这一顾虑不过是个积年累月的谬误Making the first move is fine, as long as you’re well aware of your value and the value of your skills and qualifications. 只要你充分了解你的个人价值和你的技能及资格含金量,首先提出来就没什么大不了的Vocabularytalk turkey:直率地说,打开天窗说亮话英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:朱安琪(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning铁岭哪里治疗前列腺增生比较好

昌图县第一医院新地址印度3D斑马线提醒减速慢行 --9 :1:5 来源:中国日报   The Indian government may use 3D paintings as virtual speed-breakers on major highways and roads, in a bid to check speeding and rash driving, and ultimately make its deadly roads a little safer.  为了抑制超速、变灯冲刺等驾驶行为,并最终提升事故多发地的安全性,印度政府可能要在主要公路和街道设置3D图案,作为虚拟减速装置  ;We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers,; India's transport minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted.  印度交通部长尼廷;格德卡里发推文称:;我们尝试绘制3D图案作为虚拟减速装置,以降低对不必要的减速带的使用;  The optical illusions are supposed to encourage drivers to slow down automatically. Earlier this month, India had ordered the removal of all speed breakers from highways, which are considered to be a safety hazard high-speed vehicles.  这种视觉幻象手法有望让司机自动减速本月早些时候,印度下令拆除公路上的所有减速带,此举被认为造成了机动车行驶的安全隐患  India has the highest number of road accident deaths in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, over 0,000 people are killed by road accidents due to poor implementation of road safety laws. This is considerably higher than its official figures of 1,56 .  印度是世界上交通事故死亡人数最多的国家根据世界卫生组织的数据,由于道路安全法规实施不规范,印度有多万人死于交通肇事该数字远远高于印度年官方公布的6的死亡人数  The use of optical illusions as speed breakers was first pioneered in the American city of Philadelphia in , as part of a campaign against speeding motorists. The technique has also been tried out in China to create floating 3D crossings.  年,作为防止机动车超速的举措之一,美国费城最先将视觉幻象用作减速装置中国也曾试行悬浮的3D标志线  In India, cities such as Ahmedabad and Chennai have aly experimented with 3D zebra crossings in the last one year. In Ahmedabad instance, a mother-daughter artist duo has painted 3D crosswalks in the first few months of . The artists say their motto is ;to increase the attention of drivers;, and that the concept has been successfully tested in accident-prone zones on a highway.  艾哈迈达巴德和金奈等印度城市去年已开始试行3D斑马线以艾哈迈达巴德为例,今年前几个月,一对艺术家母女就绘制出了3D人行道她们表示,此举能够;增加司机的(安全行驶)意识;,而且这种概念已在事故多发的路段测试成功  However, critics argue that once drivers know that these speed breakers are visual illusions, they may ignore them. Others also point out that India's decision does not consider the safety of a large number of pedestrians. In the end, the new policy may be just one step towards improving road safety.  不过,批评者认为,一旦司机知道这种减速带是眼睛的幻觉,那么他们就可能会忽略这些装置还有人指出,印度政府的决定没有考虑到广大行人的安全最终,这种提高道路安全的新政策或许只是一时有效而已  Vocabulary  speed breakers:减速带  zebra crossings:斑马线 受台风妮妲影响 本周南方暂享清凉 北方高温依旧 --01 :0:5 来源: 随着今年第四号台风妮妲逐渐逼近,本周南方地区可展享清凉,但是北方地区仍然要接受高温炙烤,北京最高气温将达到历史高点 China’s heat-scorched southern regions will be cooled down starting Monday from the effects of Typhoon Nida, but some northern regions will experience temperatures topping 0 C, according to weather ecasters Sunday.据上周日气象部门播报,受台风妮妲影响,从本周一开始, 饱受热浪袭击的南方地区将展享清凉,但是北方部分地区将经历最高0度的高温China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC) Sunday morning raised an orange alert high temperatures, including parts of Northwest Shaanxi Province and North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.中国国家气象中心(NMC)在周日早间发布了高温橙色预警,预警地区包括陕西和内蒙古部分地区Those regions will experience daytime Sunday temperatures from 35-39 C, with temperatures in some regions including Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Hunan Province reaching 1 C.这些地区在周日白天的气温将达到35至39摄氏度,而新疆和湖南部分地区的气温将达到1摄氏度The fourth typhoon this year, Nida is expected to bring cooler air to the southern regions, including the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River starting Monday. They will experience temperatures slightly over 30 C by Wednesday.今年第四号台风妮妲预计将会给南方带来一丝凉爽的冷空气,从本周一开始,长江中下游地区将展享清凉到周三为止,这些地区的最高气温将只有30度多一点儿Weathermen said warmer temperatures will move north and east with increasing intensity from Sunday to Thursday, and the maximum temperature in regions including Beijing and Liaoning Province is expected to reach record highs, with some areas at over 0 C.据天气预报员表示,更高的温度将会向北方和东部转移,从周日到本周四,气温强度还将加强,北京和辽宁等地区最高气温有望达到记录高点,部分地区气温将超过0摄氏度Typhoon Nida is expected to hit south China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday, with maximum winds of up to kilometers per hour, said NMC, warning of gale-ce winds and torrential rain in coastal areas, including Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.据国家气象中心表示,台风妮妲预计将于本周二登陆广东,最高风速每小时公里,警告包括广东、福建、海南和广西等沿海地区将迎来大风和暴雨铁岭调兵山市人民医院治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好铁岭市博大医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好



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