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A group of lawyers has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government for failing to prevent the severe smog that has covered the north over the past week, underlining the discontent voiced by tens of millions of citizens online.因中国政府未能阻止过去一周里覆盖中国北方的严重雾霾,多名律师发起了针对中国政府的诉讼,令人注意到数千万网民发出的不满声音。Beijing and many other cities in north China are entering their sixth day running of pollution “red alerts”, which have closed down schools, roads and factories. More than 350 flights were grounded in Beijing on Tuesday due to poor visibility.北京和华北其他许多城市正在进入空气污染“红色预警”的第六天。这一“红色预警”导致了诸多学校、公路和工厂关闭。周二,由于能见度太差,北京市有超过350架航班不能起飞。“Progress on air pollution has been lots of talk and hardly any action for the past few years,” wrote Cheng Hai, a Beijing-based lawyer, in the preface to the lawsuit. He is one of five lawyers bringing a case against the local governments of Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei — three major regions in the smog-afflicted north — for failing to implement their own environmental laws. 北京律师程海在诉状的序言中写道:“雾霾治理近几年雷声大雨点小。”程海是因北京、天津和河北地方政府未能实施环保法律而起诉这些地方政府的五名律师之一。北京、天津和河北是受雾霾影响的中国北方的三个主要地区。;This is the first time that lawyers have used an administrative lawsuit to protest the government#39;s treatment of air pollution,” said Wu Qiang, a former lecturer in politics at Beijing’s Tsinghua University who writes on political protests. “It marks a new stage in the environmental movement.北京清华大学(Tsinghua University)前政治学讲师吴强表示:“这是首次有律师动用行政诉讼手段来抗议政府治理空气污染不力。它标志着环保运动进入新阶段。”吴强撰文评述各种政治抗议活动。“Pollution affects everyone, across different classes, different backgrounds — and people are becoming more aware of the issue.”“污染会影响不同阶层、不同背景的每个人——人们越来越注意到这个问题。”The lawyers’ letter was shared on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, but several posts have since been deleted. These posts can still be seen on FreeWeibo.com, a website that tries to save censored Weibo posts before they are taken down.在中国版Twitter——新浪微(Weibo)网站上,五名律师的信被四处分享。不过,自那以来已有多个帖子被删。这些帖子在FreeWeibo.com网站上仍然可以看到,这是一个试图在受到审查的微帖子被删前将其保存的网站。“Severe pollution” is one of the top ten trending topics on Weibo, with over 230 million ers.“最严重雾霾”是微十大热门话题之一,读者人数超过2.3亿(截止出版时,该话题排名第13位,读者2.4亿——译者注)。Links to several local media articles of the letter can no longer be opened, suggesting that these articles have also been deleted.几家中国国内媒体有关这封信的文章链接已无法点开,意味着这些文章也已被删除。A popular documentary on air pollution, called “Under the Dome”, was pulled by censors last year after racking up over 160 million views.去年,一个有关空气污染、名为《穹顶之下》(Under the Dome)的高人气纪录片,曾在累积逾1.6亿次点击后被审查机关撤下。“Outside of protests, there is still a lot of room for the environmental laws to be implemented,” said Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public amp; Environmental Affairs (IPE) in Beijing, a non-governmental organisation. 北京非政府组织——公众环境研究中心(Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, 简称IPE)主任马军表示:“除了抗议以外,环保法律还有很大实施空间。”Although China’s environmental laws ask for city governments to compel polluting firms to release public data on their emissions, this has not been implemented since the law came in force at the start of the year, Mr Ma said. 马军说,虽然中国的环保法律要求市政府迫使排污企业公布关于各自排放量的公开数据,但这一点自该法今年初生效以来尚未得到执行。“The cost of implementing real-time emissions disclosure would be much less than the cost of restricting the number of cars on the road,” argued Mr Ma. Beijing is currently halving the number of vehicles allowed on its roads, a usual procedure during heavy smog alerts.“实施实时排放量披露的成本远远低于限制上路汽车数量的成本,”马军辩称。目前,北京将允许上路车辆减少了一半,这是严重雾霾预警期间的通常做法。Mr Ma hopes that a recent rise in online reporting of pollution incidents by citizens can put pressure on governments and companies to clean up.马军希望,最近公众在线报告污染事件增加,可能对政府和公司施加压力,要求它们进行清理。IPE has launched a “micro-reporting” app which allows its 3m users to access real-time air pollution data from the 3,000 companies that do comply with the emissions disclosure law, and to post complaints on Weibo or to the relevant government ministry.公众环境研究中心推出了一个“微举报”APP,让其300万用户访问由3000家确实遵守了排放披露法律的公司发布的实时空气污染数据,并在微上或向相关政府部门投诉。But it is likely that the court will reject the lawsuit, said Qiao Mu, professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University.但北京外国语大学(Beijing Foreign Studies University)副教授乔木说,法院很可能会拒绝受理这类诉讼案。“As in previous cases, anything related to politics, information disclosure, censorship et cetera, they have usually rejected,” Mr Qiao said, adding that details of how Beijing’s anti-pollution budget is spent are never disclosed.乔石说:“与以往的案子一样,任何与政治、信息披露和审查等相关的案子,法院通常都会拒绝受理。”他接着说,北京污染治理预算的出细节从未披露过。The central government is trying to move the country’s electricity supply from coal power to renewables, and is slowly allowing heavy industry in the north-east with overcapacity to close down. But experts reckon that it will take at a couple of decades for the country to reach international standards for air pollution.中国中央政府正在努力把该国的电力供应从煤电转向可再生能源,并正缓慢地让东北地区产能过剩的重工业停产。但专家们认为,中国将需要20年时间才能达到空气污染方面的国际标准。On red alert days, and on special occasions such as the Beijing Olympics, local governments close smoke-belching factories and halt construction. But these measures deal a blow to the government’s much-watched GDP figures.在发布红色预警的日子,以及在北京奥运会(Beijing Olympics)等特殊场合,地方政府会关闭那些排放浓烟的工厂,并叫停建筑施工。但这些措施对政府十分关注的国内生产总值(GDP)数字造成了打击。“The only outlet for the public now is to take advantage of social media platforms and the media to impose pressure on the government, and in some cases protests are even allowed on the streets,” Mr Qiao said. “But overall the policy direction is not right for fixing the air problem.”“现在公众唯一的发泄渠道是利用社交媒体平台和媒体对政府施加压力,在某些情况下,甚至能够获准上街抗议,”乔木说。“但总体而言,当前政策方向不利于解决空气污染问题。” /201612/485421

China’s richest man is courting Hollywood studios with a new movie metropolis in the city of Qingdao that will subsidise their production costs to the tune of 0m a year.中国首富正在利用青岛新建的一家影都来吸引好莱坞制片企业,在这里,他们可以享受每年1.5亿美元的制作成本补贴。The studio complex adds to a sprawling entertainment empire assembled by Wang Jianlin, chairman of Dalian Wanda Group. It includes a .5bn stake in Legendary Entertainment; the largest cinema chain in mainland China; and AMC Theatres, set to be the biggest chain in the US once it completes the acquisition of Carmike Cinemas.这座影都是大连万达集团(Dalian Wanda Group)董事长王健林不断扩大的帝国的一部分。万达集团拥有传奇(Legendary Entertainment) 35亿美元的股份,旗下拥有中国内地最大的连锁影院以及AMC影院公司(AMC Theatres)。一旦完成对Carmike Cinemas的收购,AMC将成为美国最大的连锁影院。The free-spending Mr Wang has become the toast of Hollywood for his deep pockets, and is seen as a bridge linking the US film industry to the lucrative Chinese film market.凭借自己雄厚的财力,出手阔绰的王健林已成为好莱坞的香饽饽,他被视为连通美国电影业与利润丰厚的中国电影市场的一座桥梁。Wanda started work on the 200-hectare Qingdao complex in 2013, and will begin operations in 2018, the company said. The grounds will include an underwater studio, animation facility and film lots set in Europe and Chinese capitals of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.万达集团表示,公司2013年开始打造这座占地200公顷的青岛影都,并将于2018年开始运营。影都内将包括一个水下摄影棚、动漫设施以及欧陆风情、明清古都等外景区。In an effort to lure more global movie industry players to China, Wanda will subsidise up to 40 per cent of production costs via rebates for foreign studios that use the Qingdao complex.为了吸引更多全球电影企业来中国,万达将通过返利的方式为使用青岛影都的外国电影公司提供高达制作成本40%的补贴。China is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest film market by next year, and aly Hollywood is courting Chinese finance and locations in an effort to appeal to the country’s audiences — not to mention state film censors.明年,中国将超越美国成为世界上最大电影市场,好莱坞早已在寻求中国融资和中国元素,以吸引中国观众——更别提政府的电影审查机构了。Last year China’s box office revenues rose 48 per cent from a year earlier to .1bn, outpacing growth in North America of just 7 per cent, to .1bn.去年,中国的票房收入同比增长48%,至71亿美元,远超北美仅7%的增速(至111亿美元)。“China will be half of the global market,” Mr Wangsaid in Los Angeles this week. “If you want to make money in this market, you will have to understand and please Chinese audiences.”中国将占到全球电影票房市场40%到50%的份额,王健林本周在洛杉矶表示,“那么你想在中国市场上分一杯羹,去赚到钱,你就一定要了解中国观众,你就要想办法讨好中国观众。”The links between Hollywood and China are growing as Chinese companies increasingly make inroads into the US entertainment industry.随着中国企业不断进军美国产业,好莱坞与中国之间的联系正变得日益紧密。Earlier this month, Alibaba’s Jack Ma took a minority stake in Steven Spielberg’s film group Amblin, while last month Wanda and Sony Pictures Entertainment agreed to co-invest and market films in China.本月早些时候,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的马云(Jack Ma)收购了史蒂芬.斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)旗下影业集团Amblin的少数股份,而上月,万达与索尼影视(Sony Pictures Entertainment)达成了共同在中国投资、制作电影的协议。James Li, a partner at Fanick Technology, a Beijing-based data consulting company for the film industry, said cross-pollination would be good for mainland film-making. “China’s moviemaking is way behind in the industry, and will benefit from more access to Hollywood productions,” he said.位于北京的电影业数据咨询公司Fanick Technology的合伙人James Li表示,相互借鉴将有利于内地的电影制作。“中国的电影制作在业内远远落后,但将受益于更多地接近好莱坞电影制作,”他说。He added that another motivation for Dalian Wanda, which is primarily a developer of shopping malls across China, was to boost the value of its adjacent real estate holdings. Plans include a series of resorts and residences near the film complex in Qingdao.他还表示,作为一个主要在全国建设购物中心的开发商,大连万达的另一个动机是要提升周边房地产的价值。万达的计划在青岛影都附近建设一片度假村和住宅。Wanda said studios including Lions Gate Entertainment, ArcLight and Wanda’s own Legendary Entertainment have signed on to use the facility. Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, a sequel to Legendary’s 2013 action science-fiction film, will be the first US feature to shoot at the Qingdao studio, according to the Hollywood Reporter.万达表示,狮门(Lions Gate Entertainment)、ArcLight及万达旗下传奇等电影公司已经签约利用该影都拍摄电影。《好莱坞报道》(Hollywood Reporter)称,传奇影业2013年动作科幻电影《环太平洋》(Pacific Rim)的续集《漩涡》(Maelstrom)将成为首部在青岛影都拍摄的美国故事片。 /201610/472858

Every winter, as homes in northern China are warmed up by central heating, a debate emerges over whether to provide the same service to southern China. This year is no exception.每年冬天,当北方家庭享受着集中供暖的时候,关于南方是否应该供暖的争论就浮现出来。The controversy stems from a government decision made six decades ago. In the 1950s, the government drew a line on the map of China, which runs almost along the Qinling Mountains and the Huaihe River. The line not only defines China’s northern and southern regions, but also determines whether you live in a region cold enough to receive government-supported heating, Xinhua reported.争论来源于60年前的一项政府决议。20世纪50年代,我国政府沿着地图上的秦岭和淮河划了一条线,据新华社报道,这条线不仅成了中国南方和北方的界线,更决定了你住的地区是不是冷得够得上享受政府提供的集中供暖。Cities north of the line have coal-fired central heating, which circulates hot water generated by government heating stations through pipelines and radiators to almost every residential building and public facility.秦岭-淮河一线以北地区燃煤集中供暖,政府供热站生产的热水不断循环,并通过管道和暖气片向各个居民楼和公共场所供暖。Cities south of the line, including Shanghai, Chongqing and Nanjing, do not have this service. Most residents have to turn to various private heating devices to stay warm in winter, although some local governments have started to build trial heating networks in urban communities and public places.而以南的地区,包括上海、重庆和南京在内,则不能享受这项务。尽管有些地方政府在城区和公共场所开始了试点供暖系统,但大部分市民还是不得不使用各种自采暖设备在冬天取暖。In recent years, there have been growing calls to provide central heating to the south, as more and more people expect a better quality of life. But opinions are divided on the matter.近年来,随着老百姓对生活质量要求的提高,南方集中供暖的呼声也越来越高。不过大家对此事的看法却有分歧。Zhang Xiaomei, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, supports reform. Pushing the line southward will keep more people warm and is “a solution for energy conservation and emission reduction”, said Zhang. But industry experts have yet to reach a consensus on this claim, as coal-fired central heating often leads to smoggy weather.中国人民政治协商会议委员张晓梅持改革。她认为将供暖界限南移能让更多人享受温暖,还能“节能减排”。不过业界专家们并未就此达成一致,因为燃煤集中供暖往往会导致雾霾天气。Han Xiaoping, CIO of the energy information site china5e.com, opposes heating the south. “It is definitely not economical, in terms of energy efficiency, to install public heating in the south,” he told China National Radio.能源信息网站——中国能源网首席信息官韩晓平就反对南方供暖。他告诉中央人民广播电台:“从能源利用率的角度来说,南方安装公共供暖(设施)并不划算。”“The coldest time in the south may not exceed 60 days each year, compared with 120 to 180 days in the north,” said Han. “Thus it is not just to build a complicated heating network from scratch.”“北方一些特别寒冷的地区,供暖期可能会达到120到180天,而部分南方地区恐怕都到不了60天,”他说。“这不仅是从零开始建设这么复杂的城市管网系统的事儿。”Another problem concerns China’s energy security. Qiu Baoxing, former vice-minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, worried that providing a central heating service in the south may undermine China’s energy supply.另外一个问题和中国的能源安全有关。住房和城乡建设部前副部长仇保兴担心,南方集中供暖会影响中国的能源供应。 /201512/413723

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