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汉语中有很多跟动物相关的表达,例如“别把我当小白鼠!”或者“他淋成了个落汤鸡”等这些表达能让我们的语言更形象生动,英语里面也有很多类似的表达,一起来看一下吧!   1. Students in Class One will act as guinea pigs among the new teaching rem.   一班的学生将充当本次新课改的实验对象   . Handmade lace is as rare as hen's teeth; most lace is made by machine.  手工制作的蕾丝极为罕见,大部分是机器做的   3. Don't mention anything about that to your father. It's like a red rag to a bull.   不要在你爸面前提起那件事他听了肯定会生气的   . If you say that to her, you will be stirring up a hornet's nest.  如果你把那件事告诉她,那简直就无异于捅了马蜂窝   5. I thought he was going to have a cow when I told him I'd lost his key.   当我告诉他我丢了钥匙时,我以为他会大发雷霆的   6. He was like a cat in hot bricks bee his driving test.   驾驶考试之前,他紧张得像热锅上的蚂蚁   7. The plan is a dead duck: there is no money.  计划告吹了,因为没有钱   8. The government should not waste money supporting lame ducks.  政府不应浪费资金去扶持那些无前景的企业   9. He is a real home bird. He seldom takes part in the social events.  他真的很宅,很少出去参加社交活动   . He got the umbrella this morning and was caught in the rain like a drowned rat.   今天早上他忘记带雨伞了,被淋得像落汤鸡似的   . If you learn English parrot-fashion, you'll never know what English is.   如果你只是死记硬背,你将永远学不会英语   . Damian just isn't the violent type. He wouldn't hurt a fly.   戴米恩不是那种有暴力倾向的人,他连只苍蝇都不忍心杀   . He told us some cock-and-bull stories about having lost all his money.  他鬼话连篇,告诉我们他把钱都弄丢了 9563Drivers in Germany had to take the Highway Code literally when they were ced to stop at a zebra crossing.德国的司机们真正感受了一把交通法规,因为他们遇到了一处“斑马线” 不得不停车The animal had escaped from a circus and galloped around the city of Bitburg chased by police officers.在德国比特堡市,一只斑马从马戏团逃出,全城疾驰大逃亡,引来警察们的追捕But baffled cops briefly lost the scent of the animal when it disappeared from view.但在某一瞬间,斑马竟然从警察们的视线中消失了,他们觉得很困惑It took them several seconds to realise that the zebra was right in front of them, camouflaged against the white markings on the road.警察们过了几秒才反应过来,这只斑马就在正前方,只是它站在马路上的斑马线处,让自己也伪装成了斑马线The animal then waited patiently until its keeper arrived to take it back to the Big Top.这只斑马耐心地站在原处,直到自己的主人来了把它带回了马戏团 5500

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We've all experienced tourst traps. Those heavily advertised attractions that turn out to be bland misrepresentations of the places we're supposed to be seeing. 我们都曾遭遇过旅游陷阱:某些大作广告的景点事实上枯燥乏味,不值一逛 So which are the world's worst tourist traps? 那么,世界上最坑爹的景点有哪些呢? starters, in no particular order, try the devil's dozen below. 对于初级“驴友”来说,以下十二个景点堪称极品坑爹,排名不分先后Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica牙买加,Dunn瀑布 This admittedly pretty series of waterfalls in a lush est has been transmed into a death march millions of visitors. 不得不说,位于繁茂丛林中的这一系列瀑布确实很有看头,但如今它们已经变成了上百万游客的“死亡之旅” Visitors slog up a crowded hillside holding hands with strangers like worker ants on a particularly gruesome mission. 游客们手拉着手,步履维艰地爬上拥挤的山坡,就像成群结队的工蚁要去完成一项特别讨厌的任务 Aggressive guides hustling tips complete the tourist trap experience. 粗暴地索取小费的导游让你被坑的体验更加完整 Better to get ripped off on straw baskets in the Kingston markets. 还不如在金斯敦(牙买加首都)的市场上被卖草编篮子的敲竹杠呢 7659China Film Group Corp. announced last Saturday that ;Xuan Zang; has been entered Best eign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.中国电影集团公司于上周六宣布,《大唐玄奘已经入围第89届学院奖最佳外语影片候选名单The film, directed by Huo Jianqi, tells the historical adventure of Chinese Buddhist monk Xuan Zang and his -year overland journey to India during the 7th century.这部影片是由霍建起导演,讲述了中国佛教僧侣玄奘的历史奇遇,以及在7世纪历时年来到印度的陆路旅程The Sino-Indian co-production was released in both countries in April and won best visual effects at the China Britain Film Festival.这部中印合作的影片于四月份在两国放映,并在年中英电影节上摘得最佳视觉效果奖More than 80 countries and regions have entered works the Best eign Language Film category so far.目前有超过80个国家和地区已经向最佳外语影片这一分类递交了作品Hong Kong submitted the crime thriller ;Port of Call;, the biggest winner at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards.中国香港地区提交的是第35届香港电影金像奖的最、犯罪惊悚片《踏雪寻梅;Lokah Laqi;, a story of three kids and their handicapped teacher in a secluded indigenous tribe in Taiwan will represent the island.电影《只要我长大讲述了台湾一个与世隔绝的部落中的三个孩子与他们的残疾老师的故事,它将代表台湾地区出征奥斯卡 56Introducing the least subliminal advertising ever. In Japan, companies are actually launching print campaigns on young women bare legs.来见识一下有史以来最大胆露骨的广告方式吧在日本,一些公司用年轻女孩的光腿作为广告牌,印上图案进行宣传Are we really y to turn our bodies into billboards a few extra bucks? Japanese advertisers are banking on it, offering women money in exchange the use of their thighs. Participants paste temporary tattoos of brand logos on their legs and spend the day exposing them to oglers. To be eligible ad space, you must be at least 18-years-old and connected to least people on social networking sites. The idea comes as part of the advertising maxim that ads should run “wherever people are looking.”真的有人愿意为了得到那点额外的小钱而将自己的身体变成广告牌吗?日本的广告商就指望有女孩愿意出租玉腿,他们出钱以换得对女孩大腿的使用权参加这种广告活动的女孩在大腿上贴上暂时性商标纹身,然后花一整天时间向路人展示想让自己的大腿有资格成为广告空间,你必须年满18岁,而且在社交网站上至少有个好友这一主意源于广告业的一条真理,就是“哪里有眼球,哪里就有广告”As of November , about 1,300 women have registered their legs to be part of ad campaigns with Absolute Territory PR, the publicity team behind the bizarre media blitz. In fact the name of the PR company, “Absolute Territory,” is a translation of the Japanese phrase “zettai ryouiki,” used to describe the area on a woman’s leg between the end of her skirt or short and the beginning of a thigh-high or knee-high stocking, a style that has been popularized by Japanese Anime and manga.截至年月,已有约00名女孩在“绝对领域”公关公司报名,愿意用她们的大腿做广告这一公司就是发动这场奇异的媒体闪电战的宣传团队事实上,这个公关公司的名字“绝对领域”是从日语翻译过来的,在日语中该词是用来形容女人腿部从短裙或短裤下摆到过膝或及膝长筒袜顶端之间的那一段这种流行的穿衣风格是被日本动漫和连环画带动起来的In order to get paid at the end of the day, women must wear the advert, which comes in the m of a temporary adhesive, at least eight hours. They must also post photos of themselves wearing the adhesive on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as proof of completing the job. Women can expect to earn between $ and one day’s work.为了在一天结束时拿到报酬,女孩必须让广告图案在大腿上停留至少八小时,这些广告图是用临时粘合剂贴在腿上的她们还必须把自己带贴图的大腿照片上传到Facebook和Twitter这样的社交网站,以明自己完成了工作她们一天的报酬从美元到8美元不等Presumably, because “zettai ryouiki,” is a “total magnet the male gaze,; one can assume this marketing strategy would work particularly well products or services geared to a male audience.由于女性大腿的“绝对领域”应该是“最吸引男性眼球的磁铁”,可以推断这种营销策略对于面向男性消费群体的产品和务最有成效It’s not only advertisers who are taking advantage of the popularity of the trend. The band Green Day had girls stamp an ad on their thighs as a marketing campaign their new album, !Uno!.并非只有广告商在利用这一流行趋势,绿日乐队也曾在女孩的大腿上印广告来宣传他们的新专辑!Uno!Though it could be classified as a blatant objectification of the female body, Absolute Territory PR’s crafty campaign is a glimpse into the future of advertising. It’s been theorized that in just a few years advertisers will be able to use augmented reality to float digital ads in prominent places that you would need special glasses or contacts to see. It’s a brave new world.尽管这种行为会被视为公然将女性身体物化,“绝对领域”公关公司巧妙的宣传手段却让我们窥见了未来的广告趋势有人提出理论说,要不了几年,广告商就能够用增强现实技术在显眼的地方放置漂浮在空中的电子广告,戴上特别的眼镜或隐形眼镜就能看见这种广告这将是个美丽新世界 6600

OSTRICH offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comtable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk.Plus it makes it really uncomtable to breathe, so you'll probably wake up thinking you were buried alive. 鸵鸟枕提供了温暖而舒适的环境,让人能轻松地打一个完美的小盹说是枕头……其实它既不能被叫做一个枕头,也不是一张床,也不是一件衣,但它每样又都包含了一点点它令人安心的洞穴式设计给我们的头和手提供了一个暂时的内部庇护所使用它甚至不需要离开桌子!不过呢,由于在鸵鸟枕里睡觉让呼吸有点困难,所以当你醒的时候你可能觉得你刚刚被活埋了 9693With Wonder Woman fast approaching cinemas — and with good first reactions to boot — many fans are growing increasingly excited the DC film.《神奇女侠很快将在各影院上线,再加上首波放映反响不俗,许多粉丝对DC漫画公司的这部电影越来越期待The Alamo Drafthouse Austin has decided to host a women-only screening of the superhero adventure, writing on their website: “The most iconic superheroine in comic book history finally has her own movie, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-female screening?”美国得州奥斯汀城的阿拉莫?德拉夫特豪斯电影院已经决定举行一场只限女性参加的《神奇女侠放映会他们的网站上写道:“漫画史上第一超级女英雄终于有了她自己的电影,还有什么比女性专场放映会更好的庆祝方式呢?”Everyone working at the screening — venue staff, projectionist, culinary team — will also be female, the cinema urging women to “lasso your geeky girlfriends together and grab your tickets to this celebration of one of the most enduring and inspiring characters ever created.”放映会现场的每个工作人员——现场工作人员、放映员、餐饮团队——也都会是女性影院敦促女性“将你们的怪咖女友都拉来,买票参加这个有史以来最永恒最鼓舞人心角色的庆典”Of course, men have begun complaining about the event, labelling the celebratory event ‘tacky’, ‘against equality’, and questioning whether ‘men’s only screenings’ will become regular.当然,男性们开始抱怨这场活动,给这场庆祝活动贴上“俗气”、“反对平等”的标签,并提出是否应该定期举办“男性专场放映会”“Very tacky Alamo,” wrote Allan Dale. “Im all equality and having a screening specifically stating it is not inclusive to everyone, is against equality. Im not saying Alamo did this intentionally, but it is still just wrong.”“阿拉莫影院真是很俗气,”阿兰?戴尔说,“我是很持男女平等的,办一场特别声明不对所有人开放的放映会,违背了平等原则我不是说阿拉莫影院故意这么做,但这个决定是错误的”“Great, let us know when you have guys-only screenings of Thor, Spider-Man, Star Wars, etc,” commented Mike Canales. “Let see you walk the walk now that you set this precedence.”“太好了,下次你们有《雷神、《蜘蛛侠、《星球大战这种电影的男性专场放映会时,记得告诉我们,”迈克?卡纳莱斯道,“既然你开了这个先例,让我们看看你们以后如何保持一致”Bradley Lucio noted: “Could you imagine the anger and outrage from the liberal staff of Alamo if Trump held an all male screening at the white house or even if another theatre did an all male screening?”布莱德利?卢西奥指出:“你能想象特朗普在白宫举行男性专场放映会或其他影院举行男性专场放映会时,阿拉莫影院那些思想解放的职员该有多愤慨吗?”Thankfully, the Alamo Drafthouse stuck by their screening, writing widely sarcastic replies to each comment, one of the best being: “Weve never done showings where you had to be a man to get in, but we *did* show the Entourage movie a few years ago.”谢天谢地,阿拉莫?德拉夫特豪斯影院坚持要办这个放映会,而且对每条都写了辛辣的回复,其中一条最出的回复是:“我们从来没有放映过只限于男性观看的电影,但是我们几年前*确实*放映过《明星伙伴(被称为男版《欲望都市)”Soon enough, the screening sold out, the cinema announcing that a second woman-only Wonder Woman screening will happen.放映会的票一眨眼就卖光了,影院宣布还会有第二场《神奇女侠女性专场放映会 589

A player of South Korea stretches as Nini, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots mimics him during a men's handball placement 5-8 match of the Games between South Korea and Poland on August , in Beijing.Dominik Klein of Germany (L) is consoled by a person dressed as Huanhuan, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots, at the end of their loss to Denmark in their men's preliminary round Group B handball match at the Beijing Olympics Games August 18, .South Korea's goalkeeper Kang Ilkoo stretches as Jingjing, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots mimics him during a men's handball placement 5-8 match of the Games between South Korea and Poland on August , in Beijing.A mascot of the Beijing Olmypic Games makes a flip at half-time during the men's preliminary round group A basketball match between Australia and Croatia at the Olympic basketball gymnasium on August , . A person dressed as an Olympic mascot talks to another who fell at the venue of the badminton matches of the Beijing Olympic Games August , .Huanhuan, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots jumps the basket bee the women's semi-final basketball match China against Australia of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 1, at the Olympic basketball Arena in Beijing.Yingying, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots jumps the basket bee the women's semi-final basketball match China against Australia of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 1, at the Olympic basketball Arena in Beijing.Scott Touzinsky of the US plays the ball next to Nini, one of the Beijing Olympic mascots, during their men's preliminary Pool A volleyball match against China in Beijing August , . 655It become part of the restaurant table setting: knife, k, napkin and cell phone.刀,叉,纸巾还有手机,这些成为现今餐桌的必备之物Distracted dining is the new norm with customers constantly texting friends, tweeting an Instagram photo of the meal theyre about to chow down or emailing the boss. many smart-phone users, it hard just to focus on the meal and company at hand.吃饭不专心的顾客,在就餐过程中不停和朋友发短信,在Instagram上发他们准备吃的大餐,或者给老板发邮件对于很多智能手机用户,他们很难专心与身边的朋友吃一顿饭Now, one restaurant in Los Angeles is giving diners a reason to turn off the digital world, by offering customers willing to check their phones at the door a 5-percent discount on their bill. Ownerchef Mark Gold of Eva Restaurant, located on Beverly Boulevard near N. Gardner Street, hopes this gives customers a way to truly sit back and relax, enjoy their meal and actually talk to with friends and family in-person.现在,位于洛杉矶的一家餐厅给了食客们一个屏蔽数字世界的理由:给那些愿意把手机留给店家保管的人提供5%的折扣这家Eva餐厅位于贝弗利大道,老板兼主厨Mark Gold希望这个措施可以让顾客们可以真正的坐在椅子上放松,享受他们的食物并真正与朋友和家人面对面的交流; us, it really not about people disrupting other guests. Eva is home, and we want to create that environment of home, and we want people to connect again,; he explained. ;It about two people sitting together and just connecting, without the distraction of a phone, and were trying to create an ambience where you come in and really enjoy the experience and the food and the company.;“对于我们来说,这个无关乎打扰其他顾客Eva餐厅是一个家,而我们则希望营造出一个家的氛围,也希望人与人之间的关系可以重新构建,” 他解释道“这关乎两个朋友坐在一起,只有交谈,没有手机的打扰,而我们正努力创造这样一个环境,你一走近就能够享受这样的体验,享受美食,享受朋友的陪伴”Gold said instating the suggestion reminds him to keep cell phone usage at bay, too. ;Im guilty of it as well. When [my wife and I] go to dinner it seems like the cell phone is part of the table setting now. Every table you look at, it a wine glass, the silverware and the cell phone,; he joked.Gold说提出这样的意见也提醒他减少使用手机“我对此也感到愧疚当我的妻子和我出去用餐时,手机也成为了餐桌上必备的物品看看所有的桌子,都是一个红酒杯,镀银餐具,还有手机”他打趣道The husband and wife team runs Eva, a 0-person space with European flair. Gold said a little less than half take advantage of the deal, and no one has gotten upset about it.这对夫妇经营的这家欧洲风情的餐厅能容纳0人,Gold说近一半的顾客接受新措施得到了折扣,也没有人对此表示反感;I think once the server approaches the table and theyre presented with the offer, they like the idea of actually talking to each other again,; he said.“我觉得一旦务员为他们务时他们都会接受这样的要求,他们也喜欢这种能再次和朋友面对面说话的想法”他说 19581

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