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The study called for each inmate to gain 25% of their body weight.这项研究要求每一位囚犯体重增加25%In return, they were promised early release from jail.作为回报 他们可以提前出狱Over the course of the year, the team fed在超过一年的实验中 研究团体the volunteer prisoners as much as they could physically eat让志愿者尽可能地多吃食物and carefully monitored their bodily changes.并且仔细观察他们身体的变化But as it went on, Dr Sims但随着实验的进行 西姆斯士became concerned by an unexpected finding.有了意想不到的发现However much they ate,不管他们吃多少some of the prisoners could not reach the target.有一部分人就是达不到目标Two of the prisoners got stuck at 21%两个囚犯到了21%就没有进展了and one of them couldn#39;t而有一个人怎么也put on any more than 18% extra body weight,无法增加超过18%以上额外的体重despite eating as much as 10,000 calories a day.尽管他们一天要吃10000卡路里的食物The experiment pointed to这个实验指出了一个a fascinating and unexpected conclusion.引人注目且出人意料的结论It seemed that for some people似乎对于某些人来说becoming obese is not just unlikely,肥胖不仅是不大可能it#39;s practically impossible.实际是根本不可能It would be some time before这个重要发现可能要the importance of these findings was accepted.经过一段时间才能被人们接受In the meantime, people continued to be同时 人们继续被那些attracted to any dieting fad that claimed it would work.声称有效的节食风潮所吸引 Article/201306/245898

The lingering smell of vomit can ruin the atmosphere in even your favorite room. Get rid of the odor and enjoy the affected area again.即使是你最喜欢的房间,挥之不去的呕吐的味道也会破坏气氛。清除异味,重新享受房间的芬芳。You Will Need你需要Baking soda小苏打Patience耐心Flat tool扁平的工具Vacuum吸尘器Steps步骤Step 1 Mix solution1.配制溶液Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to make a paste.将等量的小苏打和水混合,搅拌成膏体。Step 2 Apply paste2.涂抹Apply the paste onto the affected carpet area and let it dry.将调制好的膏体涂抹在地毯上被呕吐污染的地方,等待变干。Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the area for extra odor absorption.向污染部位撒少量小苏打,吸收多余的异味。Step 3 Scrape3.刮掉Use a flat tool, like a painter#39;s scraper, and scrape off the dried paste from the carpet.使用扁平的工具,例如油漆工的刮刀,从地毯上刮掉干燥的膏体。Step 4 Vacuum4.吸尘Vacuum the area.用吸尘器清理。Step 5 Scrape away5.刮净Scrape away any remaining paste and vacuum again. Your carpet will now be odor-free.刮净任何多余的膏体,再次吸尘。你的地毯现在没有任何异味了。The Pazyryk carpet was found in the 1940s in a tomb in southern Siberia. It is the oldest surviving knotted carpet at over 2,000 years old.上世纪40年代,南塞尔维亚一座墓中发现了帕斯拉克地毯,这是2,000多年来保存下来的最古老的编织地毯。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/228646

How To Pick Shoes To Make Short Legs Look Longer. When you#39;re vertically challenged, you want to create the illusion of having longer legs. Looking taller is not as hard as it seems.怎样选择鞋子让粗短的腿看上去更修长。当你的身高受到挑战,你肯定想要打造拥有一双长腿的假象。看上去更高并不是很难的事情。Step 1: Back in Black1.穿黑色Consider wearing all one color down right down to your shoes. This creates a long visual line.考虑双腿和鞋子穿同样的颜色。这样会让打造比较长的视觉线条。Step 2: No Cuffs Please2.不要有脚踝带的If you have shorter legs you#39;ll want to stay away from wide leg or cuffed pants as well as ankle strap shoes. These styles create horizontal lines that are unflattering for the shorter frame. If you have short legs avoid capri pants, ankle bracelets, and shoes with ankle straps.如果你的双腿比较短,最好不要选择阔腿裤或卷边裤子,也要避免有脚踝带的鞋子。这些款式会打造水平线条,不适合矮短的身材。如果你的双腿比较短,避免卡布里裤,脚链和有脚踝带的鞋子。Step 3: Cankles3.小腿和脚踝If you have no discernable narrowing from calf to ankle-You got cankles. Opt for one- to one-and-a-half-inch heels to elongate your calves and maintain circulation. The word is derived from a combination of the words calf and ankle.如果从小腿到脚踝并不修长,有赘肉,选择一寸半的高跟鞋来拉长小腿长度,又可以保持血液流通。Cankles这个词来自calf和ankle的结合。Step 4: The Booster4.穿细跟的高跟鞋或厚底运动鞋Give yourself a boost with pointy heels. Or for a more casual look, sport tennis shoes that have a thick sole.穿细跟的高跟鞋来延长腿部线条,或者为了看上去更加正常,厚底运动鞋效果也不错。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/300074

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