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顺德区人民医院属于几级佛山禅城区割痔疮多少钱From federal investigations into Major League Baseball to allegations ofsubstance abuse in track and field, performance enhancing drugs have been in the news a lot.从对美国职业棒球大联盟药物滥用指控的联邦调查来看,用兴奋剂已经成为一个热门话题。The most well-known performance enhancers are steroids, drugs that can make athletesbigger and stronger.其中最著名的兴奋剂是类固醇,它可以让运动员更大更强。But they can also cause serious medical problems.但是它们也会导致严重的医学问题。So how do steroids work, and what makes them so dangerous?那么类固醇是怎样发挥作用的呢?是什么使它们如此危险?First, it’s important to understand that the body naturally produces steroids.首先,知道身体能够自然产生类固醇是很重要的。For men, the best known is testosterone.对于男性来说,最广为大家所知的就是睾丸激素。Testosterone is an anabolic steroid,meaning that itencourages new muscle growth.睾丸激素是一种合成代谢类固醇,它能够促进新的肌肉的生长。So the more testosterone you have in you, the greater potential youhave to be bigger and stronger.因此如果你的睾丸激素越多,你的潜力就越大越强。这样一来,人造合成类固醇It makes sense, then, that artificial anabolic steroids mimic testosteroneproduced in the body.模仿人体内分泌的睾丸激素应运而生了。Here’s how they work.它们是这样工作的。Anabolic steroids attach to cells and encourage them to produce more protein,which muscles need to grow and become stronger.合成类固醇依附于细胞上,促使它们产生更多肌肉生长和壮大所需要的蛋白质。So steroids basically speed up and enhance theprocess of muscle growth that you can accomplish by lifting weights and other kinds of exercise.因此类固醇主要是加快和加强肌肉生长,而这样的效果你可以通过举重和其它的运动练习达到。Aweightlifter on steroids will develop larger muscles and do so faster than a “clean” weightlifter.一个用类固醇举重运动员的肌肉会比一个“干净”的运动员生长得更大更快。Millions of people take performance enhancing drugs such as caffeine and vitamins every day.成千上万的人们每天都在用咖啡因,维他命之类的兴奋剂。But unlikethese drugs, steroids can cause serious, long lasting problems.但是与其它药物不同的是类固醇会导致严重,持久的问题。For example, steroid use puts extrapressure on the liver to cleanse the bloodstream of the many toxins in steroids.例如,使用胆固醇会对肝脏净化血液带来压力,因为胆固醇里有很多毒素。Prolonged steroid use can result in liver damage.长期使用类固醇可导致肝损害。They also affect brain chemistry,and cancause depression and severe mood swings known as roid rage.它们同样会影响脑化学,并会导致抑郁症和被称为“类固醇癫狂”的严重情绪波动。There’s certainly nothingwrong with building your body, but using steroids to do so will ultimately break you down.强身健体当然没有错误,但是如果你使用类固醇来完成,那么最终你会垮掉。 201411/345023大良医院电话号码是多少 佛山市中医院看男科怎么样

佛山市顺德区中医院在哪里佛山新世纪皮肤医院在哪里 Its time for the segment we call ;Its A Jungle In The Amazon;Sorry.Brings out the animal in me.好了 现在是我们进入;亚马逊丛林; 版块的时间了 不好意思了啦 唤醒了本能和兽性Alright, this is a segment we show you real products exist on Amazon.下面这一部分呢 我们将为各位呈现亚马逊网出售的产品Even though they probably should not.其实有些他们根本不应该出售This is a product called the ;AutoExec Wheelmate Work Surface Tray;.其中一个叫做;自动方向盘工作板;Its a desk that attaches to your steering wheel.其实就是一张卡在方向盘上的小桌子You know its a great place to write to your loved ones.想想用它给你亲爱的写信告诉他You just caused a terrible accident.你刚刚造成了一场严重的车祸This is a book I found on amazon is called ;Dancing With Cats;.下面是亚马逊上卖的一本书 叫做;与猫共舞;And I think that you cant have enough caffe... the cat books.我想你一定非常喜欢咖啡因……猫书This is a woman right here and shes dancing with two cats.看看这位女性 与俩猫共舞She was born to do that, wasnt she?她真有天赋啊 对吧Heres a man dancing with a cat.Heres the thing.这是一大叔与猫共舞 是这样的Every time I tried to defend a cat owner.每次我试图为猫主人辩护They turn around and do somethings like this to me.他们就会做这样的事来打我脸How can I defend cats.Heres another way.让我怎么替猫说话呢 来说说另一样东西I had no idea this book existed.我不知道这本书的存在Its the ;Ellen DeGeneres Coloring Book; By Jack Anthony.这本书叫 ;艾伦·德杰尼勒斯的填色薄; 作者是杰克·安东尼I dont know you Jack Anthony.杰克·安东尼 我不认识你But I feel like well be speaking through lawyers soon.但我觉得我们很快就会通过律师聊聊了If you see a product online, you think I should see.如果你在网上看到某个商品 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.We will be back after this.请发给我 我们马上回来 /201509/401013顺德割包皮哪家医院最好

三水区有泌尿科吗Yemenis and Saudis也门人和沙特人之间Love across the line跨越边界的爱恋The geopolitics of illicit love地缘政治间的非法恋爱FOR daysYemenhas been abuzz with talk of Huda and Arafat. Huda al-Niran, a 22-year-old Saudi woman, fell in love with Arafat Muhammad, a Yemeni, while he was working inSaudi Arabia. In October the couple fled toYemenafter her parents refused to let them marry, but Ms Niran was arrested for entering the country illegally. She seemed set for a quick trial and deportation. Then their love story became a cause célèbre for young Yemenis, who view it as a version of Romeo and Juliet in the south-west of theArabian peninsula. On November 26th Ms Niran was freed into the custody of the UN for a period of three months, allowing her to seek refugee status.近几天以来,也门一直在谈论胡达和阿拉法特之间的故事。胡达是一名22岁的沙特女子,她与一名曾在沙特阿拉伯工作的也门男子阿拉法特·穆罕默德相爱了。在其父母不同意他们的结婚请求后,他们十月逃往了也门。但是胡达却因非法入境被捕了。她似乎面临着快速审判和驱逐出境。他们的爱情故事也将在也门的年轻人中产生轰动,他们认为他俩的爱情就像阿拉伯半岛西南部版的罗密欧与朱丽叶。11月26日,胡达被转交给联合国监护,以寻求难民身份,时间长达三个月。Yemenis have been gripped by the saga for several reasons. The countrys deep-rooted conservative traditions are slowly changing. Young middle-class men and women have grown increasingly willing to challenge their families expectations, with many now bidding to choose their own spouse rather than submit to an arranged marriage. But more often than not, unlike Mr Muhammad and Ms Niran, they end up putting their adolescent relationships aside and fulfilling their parents wishes.因为多种原因,也门人一直被这个传奇笼罩着。该国根深蒂固的保守传统正在渐渐改变。年轻的中产阶层男人和女人越来越渴望挑战他们家庭的期望,他们中许多人正自由选择自己的配偶,而非从包办婚姻。但往往不会像默罕默德和胡达一样,放弃他们的青春爱情而从父母的意愿。Yemeni interest in the star-crossed lovers touches on geopolitics, too. The case has presented an opportunity for Yemenis to score a point against the Saudis, who want the Yemeni authorities to return Ms Niran. Many Yemenis resent their richer and more powerful neighbours interference in their countrys affairs. Moreover, the kingdom recently deported tens of thousands of Yemeni workers after deciding to cut down on foreign labour.也门人对跨越界限又触犯地缘政治的恋人也很感兴趣。这个案件有机会让也门人胜了沙特人一分,沙特想要也门当局送回胡达。许多也门人憎恨比他们富强的邻国干涉他们国家事务的行为。与此同时,沙特王国最近宣称为了削减外来劳务,遣返了成千上万的也门工人。Many of the Yemeni campaigners who spearheaded the protests that led to the ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh two years ago have enthusiastically taken up the cause of Ms Niran and Mr Muhammad, organising street protests to press the government to drop the charges against Ms Niran and grant her refugee status. They describe their temporary shift in focus from agitating for political change as ensuring the “victory of love”.两年前,许多也门竞选者带头反对导致了总统萨利赫的下台,他们热情地接手了胡达和默罕默德案件,组织了街道游行抗议,迫使政府撤销了对胡达的控告,并承认其难民身份。他们认为暂时转移鼓动政变的重心是为了确保“真爱的胜利”。Some Yemenis whisper that public opinion might have been different if the nationalities had been reversed. “Lets face it,” says a young Yemeni. “If Huda were a Yemeni who ran across the Saudi border with her Saudi boyfriend, wed be cursing the Saudis and demanding that they send her back.”一些也门人私下说,如果两恋人的国籍调换过来,公众的意见可能有所不同。一位年轻的也门人说道:“我们一起来期待吧,如果胡达是一名也门姑娘,与她的沙特男友逃到沙特,我们会诅咒沙特人,要求把她送回来。”译者:彭瑶 译文属译生译世 /201507/386475 听力参考文本:Flint residents are getting some relief when it comes to their water bills. But what about their medical bills? Its a question some Flint families are asking.Medical bills are adding up for Keri Webber. I met her over the weekend, volunteering at an open house for Flint residents.;Aly in collection, aly in collection,; she says, flipping through a stack of bills in the backseat of her white Chrysler minivan. ;This one here: 6 paid, but we still owe 2,; she says.Thats 2 for one specialist.The Webbers had Medicare coverage last year, because of a disability, but still, the bills started adding up last fall. In late August Webbers husband, Mike, had an eye stroke. Theres a huge blind spot now in his right eye.;He went from perfect vision to where his vision is now screwed up,; Webber says.;What can he not do now that he could do before?; I ask.;Oh, he just cant see,; she answers flatly. ;Its only one eye, right?;Webbers smile shows her sarcasm here. That said, Webber is happy things didnt turn out worse for her husband.The day Mike went to the doctor about his eye, Webber says her husbands blood pressure was 225 over 157. He had taken a small dose of Lopressor for several years, but his blood pressure had never been that high.His family doctor told him to see a retinal specialist and a cardiologist right away.;The eye doctors said either he had a blood clot and it blew in his eye, or what they figure is more likely, his blood pressure got so high he simply popped the artery,; Webber said.It took months to get the bleeding in his eye under control, Webber said, but his high blood pressure is still a problem. Hes now taking eight pills a day for it.Webber didnt tie her husbands sudden health problems to lead until about a month after the eye stroke, in early October, after news about the lead levels in Flints water came out. They were watching a doctor on the news explain symptoms of lead exposure in adults, Webber said, and the first one this doctor listed was extremely high, uncontrollable blood pressure.;It clicked,; she said. ;So the next thing we do, everybody goes in and gets lead tested.;Webber, her husband, and her two daughters all tested positive for lead. One of her daughters had levels that were considered ;elevated.; A different test of their tap water in December showed lead levels more than eight times higher than the federal limit of 15 parts per billion.Taken together, Webber says the retinal specialists told her that Mikes eye stroke was likely tied to his lead exposure.Keri Webber says she was devastated when she got those results. The bills were never-ending. The eye specialists, the cardiologists, the extensive tests—she says its tough for the family to pay the bills with a yearly income of a little more than ,000.;I thought we were at about ,200; behind on their medical bills, Webber says, looking again at the stack of bills.Webber gets quiet, tells me the family is ;rocketing towards bankruptcy.;;Looking at this now and knowing these are not all the bills, theres a ton more. My guess is were sitting somewhere around ,000. What are you going to do? Im not going to let me husband die. But do we have that? Hell no,; she said.Like some 30,000 people in Flint, this year, the Webbers are covered under Medicaid.Earlier this month, the state expanded coverage for another 15,000 people, covering all pregnant women and kids under the age of 21.;Really this is focused on those high-risk populations that have the potential for greater impact for lead exposure,; Chris Priest, Michigans Medicaid director, said.Lead can affect anyone whos exposed, but pregnant women and kids are considered at higher risk of health problems. Priest says the states effort to expand Medicaid coverage to these two groups of people in Flint was ;logical.;But the expansion is not going to help people like the Webbers much.They have Medicaid this year, but they have to pay more than ,300 out of pocket per person, each and every month before Medicaid will pick up the tab. The Webbers arent alone. The average monthly ;spend-down; for Medicaid coverage in Michigan is about 0, according to Michigans Department of Health and Human Services.The expansion wont help the Webbers pay off all the bills they accumulated last year.Priest and others at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and even the governors office, are meeting with people like Keri Webber, to iron out some of these issues. But its all happening on an individual basis. A spokesman with the governors office says thats the most appropriate response at this point.;We have to work with the community to say, what is the degree of that impact?; MDHHSs Chris Priest said.;Is it attributable to whats going on? And really, what are the needs on the ground? So were hearing the same things I think that youre hearing. I think the question of how we respond is something we have to do in concert with the local community,; he said.Webber is excited officials are taking the time to meet with her, to understand her budget and her familys situation. But shes cautiously hopeful, because she doesnt want help for only her family.;They said something about, ‘Well, were going to work on yours and then see, and I said, ‘No youre not. No. I dont receive relief until we all get relief,; Webber said.Webber is worried about others in this predicament. She doesnt think anyone in Flint, especially those who can document lead exposure, should have to cover associated medical bills. ;If (my husband) had gotten drunk, got in a wreck, was in a coma. You poison him, and we have to pay for it? Thats your issue,; she said.A group has paid for Webber to be in Washington D.C. this week, as Congress hosts hearings on the Flint water crisis. Shes taking the opportunity to sit down with national advocacy groups, to discuss her concerns.201603/431977顺德妇幼保健医院治疗早泄多少钱佛山男科医院割包皮




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