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重庆市中医院绣眉手术多少钱重庆市西南医院私人医院TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/382096重庆注射玻尿酸隆下巴哪家医院好 Video games provide a fun escape from reality;though,they#39;re often portrayed as violent,lazy and a waste of time by some.The debate has raged on for years.游戏给人以一种逃离现实的乐趣;不过它们常被人视为暴力 懒惰和浪费时间的象征,其间的争论已持续数年。So are there any positive effects?Can games actually make you smarter?Before we get ahead of ourselves,it#39;s important to note that too much of anything is bad-even broccoli.Seriously,extremely high doses broccoli can actually be toxic.Heck even water toxicity exist.那么游戏到底有没有用 游戏能让人更聪明吗?在开始讨论之前 先要注意,任何事物多了都是有害的 甚至是西兰花,真的 极大量的西兰花也有毒,同样,水中毒也存在。So if you binge and do nothing but play games,the risks probably outweigh any benefits,In fact,we have an entire devoted to what would happen if you stopped going outside,and the negative effects of sitting-link in the description!Having said that,many studies have actually shown increases in cognitive function after playing games.所以 若放纵到只打游戏不做事 其危险也会远过于益处,其实 我们还专门有个视频讨论假如你不再出门会怎样,以及静坐的坏处 链接在上方,前提说完了 诸多研究发现,玩游戏之后 人的认知能力会增强。One study in particular had participants play Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day over 2 months,Afterwards,the brains of these participants saw an increase of grey matter in areas associated with memory,strategic planning and fine motor skills of the hands,compared to those who had not played.These are particularly encouraging results for mental disorders,which cause these brain regions to shrink;using games as a therapy.一项研究中 参与者在两个月内每天玩30分钟Super Mario 64,此后 这些参与者大脑内与记忆 策略规划,手部精细动作控制有关区域的灰质,相较于未玩游戏的人有所增加,对于精神障碍而言 这是极好的结果,前者会造成这些部分萎缩 而打游戏则能成为一种疗法。Surprisingly,action games can also increase attention to detail in individuals.Take a look at the following words on screen,and yell out what color the word is as fast as you can!Ok,now try a bit faster without me.As we continue,it becomes more difficult.because there is a conflict between the word itself and its color,Chances are,if you play more than 5-10 hours of action games a week,you#39;re able to solve these problems much more quickly.惊人的是 动作游戏也能提升个体对细节的注意力,观察屏幕上出现的单词 并尽快说出它们的颜色,好 在我不参与的情况下加快点速度,随着速度增加 它的难度也在增大,因为单词本身和其颜色是矛盾的,很可能 如果你每周玩5-10小时的动作类游戏,就能更快地解出这些问题了。This is because your brain is actually more efficient in the regions associated with attention.Of course, games can also be incredibly educational!And while you may not be playing some of your favorite games for this purpose.there are certainly many games that are used as effective teaching tools for both young and old.They may even help kids who suffer from dyslexia more effectively.In a small study,dyslexic children who played regular games ended up ing faster and more accurately,once again relating to improved attention skills.这是因为你大脑内与注意力有关的区域处理效率更高,当然 游戏也可以极富教育意义,尽管你可能不是出于这个目的而玩喜欢的游戏,但许多游戏都可作为老少咸宜的教育工具,它们有助于失语症患儿提高阅读效率。在小规模研究中 常玩游戏的失语症患儿,最后阅读得更快 更准确,(游戏)再一次与提升注意力建立了联系。Meanwhile,other studies have found improvements in eyesight.Not only can they see smaller details more clearly,like tiny writing.but they have an easier time differentiating levels of grey.Very practiced action games were 58% better at perceiving fine differences in contrast.Which is important as this is one of the first things go diminish with age.Even in the elderly,improved memory and focus is seen.More importantly,specially designed brain teasing games have been shown to slow the aging process of the brain by up to seven years.This is because they are cognitively complex and require mental energy!Think you#39;re able to keep track of what#39;s in front of your eyes?与此同时,其他研究也注意到了视力的改善,这些人不仅能理清楚地看到更小的细节,如微缩字,也更容易区分灰度,动作游戏老手在感知对比度细微差异上比平均高58%,这很重要 因为它是随年龄增长最先消逝的东西之一。甚至老年人身上也观察到了记忆和注意力的提升,更重要的是 特别设计的高难度游戏被明,可延缓脑衰过程至多7年。这是因为它们很绕脑,需要心智能量来解决,觉得你能跟上眼前的东西?Keep an eye on the blue circle here.Eventually it will turn yellow like all the others.I will then point to a circle,and you tell me if it was originally blue.If you knew this ball wasn#39;t blue,then you#39;re a functioning human being.But lets make it harder.Staring at the middle of the screen can help to keep track of the blue circles.Was this circle originally blue?If you said no,you#39;d be right.One more time,but with 5 blue circles.Was this one originally blue?Yes-it was?盯住这个蓝色圆圈,之后它会变成黄色,和其它的一样,我会指一个圆圈,你来告诉我之前它是不是蓝色的,如果你知道它不是蓝色,那么你是个正常人,那增加点难度吧,盯着屏幕中央有助于追踪蓝色的圆圈,这个圈之前是蓝色的吗?如果你说不,恭喜答对了。再来一次 这次有5个圆圈。这个之前是蓝色的吗?对的。It turns out,the average person can track about 3-4 objects,while a practiced action gamer can track around 6-7.Finally,as technology continues to transform medicine,surgeries are being completed with the insertion of cameras and remote controlled tools.And these surgeries have very clear parallels to games,with a screen and a controlling device.Not surprisingly,young doctors with previous exposure to games show fewer errors and faster completion than those without.事实明,人平均可以追踪3-4个物体,而动作游戏老手可以盯住6-7个,最后 正如科技不断地为医疗带来革新,手术台上也多了相机和远程控制工具,这些手术和又有许多共性,一块屏幕,一个控制设备,不奇怪那些玩过的年轻医生,比没玩过的出错更少 完成速度更快。Of course,all of these skills are only useful if you use them;which you can if all you do is play games.So enjoy your down time and relax with your games in moderation.but get out there and keep your life diverse as well.Because that#39;s how you#39;ll win at the game of life.当然 这些技巧只有受用时才会发挥作用,对只玩游戏不做事的没有任何用处,好好享受下班时间,适度游戏,也得出去玩玩 让生活更精,这才算得上是人生赢家。 Article/201501/355415重庆星宸医学美容医院是私立的吗

重庆市人民医院是最好的泉州妇科医院TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407033重庆 激光脱毛多少钱 城口县注射丰下巴费用

重庆注射瘦脸针多少钱 The cosmos had taken its first step towards the beautiful place it is today.宇宙向形成今天的绚丽多迈出了第一步All thanks to irregularity, imperfection, a lack of order.都归功于宇宙的不规律,瑕疵以及缺乏秩序So next time someone complains that you have made a mistake,所以下一次,如果有人抱怨你犯了错误tell him that may be a good thing告诉他这或许是件好事because without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.因为如果没有瑕疵,你我都将不复存在13.5 billion years ago, the universe was mostly hydrogen gas135亿年前,宇宙主要由氢气构成with gravity doing what gravity does万有引力发挥其作用which is to slowly pull it into vast clouds.缓慢地将氢气汇聚成广阔的云层Hydrogen is the simplest of gasses.氢气是最简单的气体But it has a very special property.却有一种罕见的特性It#39;s a tremendous source of power.它是个巨大的能量来源Heat hydrogen to around 10 million degrees将氢气加热至约一千万度and it begins to produce the energy that makes the stars shine它便产生出能够使恒星发光的能量and supplies the universe with warmth and light.并为宇宙提供温暖和光亮To see how this works,为进一步理解let#39;s imagine we can make a small star here on earth.让我们想象可以在地球制造一颗小恒星First, we need plenty of hydrogen gas,首先,我们需要足够的氢气about a sports stadium full would be perfect.最好能充满整个体育场Next we need to imagine squishing this hydrogen together,接着,想象将氢气压缩just as gravity does in space.就像太空中的万有引力那样As the hydrogen compacts,伴随着氢气的压缩the atoms of gas starts bouncing off each other气体原子逐渐相互排斥and the temperature begins to rise.温度开始上升By the time it#39;s compressed down to the size of a soccer ball,在压缩至足球大小时the hydrogen reaches the critical 10 million degrees.氢气到达临界的一千万度And a process called nuclear fusion begins.核聚变便开始了The hydrogen starts to fuse together,氢开始聚合到一起making a new, heavier material, helium.生成一种新的更重的物质,氦With every step of this tiny bump and grind,通过一步步微小的撞击和擦some matter gets converted into pure energy.一些物质转变为纯粹的能量 Article/201509/396816重医大附一院切眼袋手术多少钱重庆一院评论怎么样



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