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  • Weep no more, no sigh, nor groan. Sorrow calls no time that gone.别哭泣,别叹息,别呻吟;悲伤唤不回流逝的时光John Fletcher, English playwright约翰·弗莱彻,英国剧作家Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited , it is a thing to be achieved.主宰命运的不是机会,而是选择;机会不是等来的,是争取来的Winston Churchill, British statesman温斯顿·丘吉尔,英国政治家The great end of life is not knowledge but action.人生的伟大目的不在于知而在于行Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist托马斯·亨利·赫胥黎,英国生物学家Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again.不要悲哀地回忆过去,它已一去不复返;Wisely improve the present it is thine.明智地把握现在,它是属于你的;Go th to meet shadowy future, without fear and with a manly heart.带着一颗男子汉的心,毫不畏俱地去迎接未知的明天Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet亨利.沃兹沃斯.朗费罗,美国诗人We tend to get that happiness doesnt come as a result of getting something we dont have, 我们总是忘记这一点快乐不是得到我们所没有的,but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.而是认识并感恩我们所拥有的Frederick Keonig, German inventor弗雷德里克·柯宁,德国发明家Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, 幸福有如蝴蝶,你追逐它时永远捉不到,but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.你静坐下来,它却可能落在你身上Nathaniel Hawthorne, American novelist纳撒尼尔·霍桑,美国小说家Your time is limited, so dont waste it living someone else life.你的时间有限,不要浪费你的时间活在别人的生活里Dont be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people thinking.不要被教条束缚—活在别人的思想结果之中Dont let the noise of other opinions drown out your own inner voice.不要让别人的意见淹没了你自已内心的声音And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.最重要的是,要有勇气追随你的内心与直觉,They somehow aly know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.因为它们已经知道你真正想成为什么,而其他一切都是次要的Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc史蒂夫·乔布斯,苹果公司创始人An individual human existence should be like a river-small at first, narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately.一个人的存在应该像一条河流开始很小,狭窄地被限制在两岸之间,热情奔放An individual human existence should be like a river-small at first, narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately past boulders and over waterfalls.一个人的存在应该像一条河流:开始很小,狭窄地被限制在两岸之间,热情奔放地冲过巨石,越过瀑布Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede, the waters flow more quietly, 河流逐渐变宽,河岸后退,河水更为平静地流淌and in the end, without any visible break, they become merged in the sea, and painlessly lose their individual being.到最后,河流不知不觉地融合在海洋里,毫无痛苦地失去了自我The man who, in old age, can see his life in this way, will not suffer from the fear of death.人到了老年,如果能够这样看待自己的生命,就不会因为怕死亡而苦恼Bertrand Russell, English philosopher伯特兰·罗素,英国哲学家 89。
  • There were aly signs that he had a good deal of talent.迈克尔的天赋早已有所显露Harvest Smith, a classmate and close friend who in those days played basketball with him practically every day,他的一位同班同学和亲密伙伴维斯特·史密斯,当时基本每天都和他一起打篮球,thought he was the best player on their ninth-grade team — he was small, but he was every quick.并觉得他是九年级球队中最出色的——他身材不高但非常灵活“You’d see him get a shot off, and you’d wonder how he did it, because he wasn’t that bit,” Smith said, “but it was the quickness.史密斯说:“你看到他盖帽儿,就想问问他是怎么盖的,因为他没那么高大,可他身手敏捷The only question was how big he was going to be — and how far up he would take his skill level.”唯一的问题是他将会长多高,会把自己的技能提高到什么程度”The summer after ninth grade, Jordan and Smith both went to Pop Herring’s basketball camp.读完九年级的那个夏天,乔丹和史密斯一同参加了波谱·赫里的篮球夏令营Neither of them had yet come into his body, and almost all of the varsity players,他们俩从当时还未长大成人,而当时几乎所有的校队队员都比他们大两三岁,在这个年龄,two and sometimes three years older, seemed infinitely stronger at that moment when a year or two in physical development can make all the difference.大一两岁在体魄上就大相径庭,因而看上去都比他们强壮得多In Smith’s mind there was no doubt which of the two of them was the better player—it was Michael by far. But on the day the varsity cuts were announced — it was the big day of the year, they had all known weeks when the list would be posted — he and Roy Smith had gone to the Laney gym. Smith’s name was on it, Michael’s was not.在史密斯的头脑中,他们二人谁更出色是毫无疑问的——迈克尔比他强得多但是到了宣布校运动队队员筛选名单时—— 这可是一年中的大日子,因为他们几星期前就知道名单何时会公布—— 他和罗伊·史密斯都去了兰尼体育馆,而此时名单上有史密斯的名字,却没有迈克尔It was the worst day of Jordan’s young life. The list was alphabetical, so he focused on where the Js should be, and it wasn’t there, and he kept ing and reing the list, hoping somehow that he had missed it, or that the alphabetical listing had been done incorrectly.对于年轻的乔丹来说这一天简直遭透了因为名单是字母顺序排的,他就注意看可能有“乔”字的地方,可是并没有他一遍又一遍地看着,真希望是自己看漏了,或者是字母顺序排错了That day he went home by himself and went to his room and cried. Smith understood what was happening — Michael, he knew, never wanted you to see him when he was hurt.那天他独自回了家进屋后便大哭起来史密斯明白所发生的一切——当迈克尔伤心或沮丧的时候,他不愿意见人“We knew Michael was good,” Fred Lynch, the Laney assistant coach, said later, “but we wanted him to play more and we thought the jayvee was better him.” He easily became the best player on the jayvee that year.兰尼的助理教练雷德·里奇后来说:“我们知道迈克尔很出色,但我们想让他多练练,所以觉得二队更适合他”那一年他轻松地成了二队中最出色的队员He simply dominated the play, and he did it not by size but with quickness. There were games in which he would score ty points. He was so good, in fact, that the jayvee games became quite popular. The entire varsity began to come early so they could watch him play in the jayvee games.凭借着敏捷而并非身高,他在队中就已举足轻重许多比赛他都能得到四十分实际上他突出的表现使二队的比赛倍受欢迎为了能看到有他参加的二队比赛,整个校队的队员都开始提早到场Smith noticed that while Jordan had been wildly competitive bee he had been cut, after the cut he seemed even more competitive than ever, as if determined that it would never happen again.史密斯发现在乔丹被筛选掉之前是不甘于人后的,而在落选之后他的好胜心似乎有过之而不及,好像决心不让历史再次重演他的教练们也注意到了这一点His coaches noticed it, too. “The first time I ever saw him, I had no idea who Michael Jordan was.罗·康利说:“我一直帮忙在兰尼的运动队做教教练,当我第一次看到迈克尔·乔丹时,还不知道他是谁I was helping to coach the Laney varsity,” said Ron Coley. “We went over to Goldsboro, which was our big rival, and I entered the gym when the jayvee game was just ending up. There were nine players on the court just coasting, but there was one kid playing his heart out.我们去与劲敌哥尔兹保罗队打比赛,当我进到体育馆时,二队的比赛就要结束了场上的九名队员都已无心恋战,只剩下一个孩子还在竭尽全力The way he was playing I thought his team was down one point with two minutes to play. So I looked up at the clock and his team was down twenty points and there was only one minute to play. It was Michael, and I quickly learned he was always like that.”看他打球的样子我想他们队在剩下的两分钟里一定只落后了一分,可当我抬头看计时钟时,他们队在最后的一分钟里竟落后了二十分这就是迈克尔,我很快就得知他一贯如此”Between the time he was cut and the start of basketball in his junior year, Jordan grew about four inches.从乔丹少年时开始打篮球到被筛选掉的这段时间,他长了四英寸The speed had always been there, and now he was stronger, and he could dunk .他的速度仍然是那么快,只是现在他健壮了许多并且也能扣篮了His hands had gotten much bigger, Smith noticed. He was as driven as ever, the hardest-working player on the team in practice.史密斯注意到,他的手也大了不少他一直都充满着紧迫感,他是队中最勤于练球的队员If he thought that his teammates were not working hard enough, he would get on them himself, and on occasion he pushed the coaches to get on them.倘若他发现队友不够努力,他就会亲自去说他们,或者鼓动教练去Suddenly Laney High had the beginning of a very good basketball team, and its rising star was Michael Jordan.一时间兰尼中学出了一个非常优秀的篮球队,迈克尔·乔丹成了冉冉升起的明星 3556。
  • Unsolved Mysteries未解之谜Over the past several decades,the U.S., Canada, and Europe have received a great deal of media and even research attention over unusual phenomena and unsolved mysteries.过去几十年里,美国,加拿大和欧洲都对异常现象界未解之谜给予了大量来自媒体甚至研究机构的关注These include UFOs as well as sightings and encounters with ;nonhuman creatures;such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.这些现象包括不明飞行物,也有对像大脚怪,尼斯湖水怪这些非人类生物的发现和邂逅Only recently has Latin America begun to receive some attention as well.只是到了近期,拉丁美洲才开始受到些许关注Although the mysteries of the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilizations have been known centuries,now the public is also becoming aware of unusual, paranormal phenomena in countries such as Peru.虽然阿兹特克文明,玛雅文明和印加文明之谜也开始逐渐知晓如秘鲁这样的国家中出现的超自然灵异现象The Nazca ;lines; of Peru were discovered in the 1930s.秘鲁的纳斯卡线条在世纪30年代首都被发现These lines are deeply carved into a flat, stony plain,and m about 300 intricate pictures of animals such as birds, a monkey, and a lizard.这些线条深深地刻在一个多石的大平原上,形成了约300幅包括鸟,猴子,蜥蜴等的复杂精细的动物画Seen at ground level, the designs are a jumbled senseless mess.站在地面上看,这些图案杂乱无章The images are so large that they can only be viewed at a height of 1,000 feet—meaning from an aircraft.这些图像实在是太大了,只有从00英尺高度,即从飞机上往下看才完整Yet there were no aircraft in 300 B.C.,when it is judged the designs were made.但根据判断,这些图案形成与公元前300年,那时候可没有什么飞机,Nor were there then, or are there now,any nearby mountain ranges from which to view them.而且无论当时还是现在在它们附近也没有可以从高处观看它们的山地So how and why did the native people of Nazca create these marvelous designs?那么纳斯卡原住民当又是如何创作出如此令人叹为观止的图案的?One answer appeared in 1969,when the German researcher and writer Erich von Daniken proposed that the lines were drawn by extraterrestrials as runways their aircraft.1969年有了个当时德国研究者,作家埃里克·冯·邓尼肯提出,这些线条是外星人所绘,用做他们飞行器的跑道The scientific commy did not take long to scoff at and abandon von Daniken theory.但没过多久,科学界就嘲笑并弃用了冯的理论Over the years several other theories have been put th,but none has been accepted by the scientific commy.这么多年来又有些人提出过几个理论,但没有一个的大科学界的认可Today there is a new and heightened interest in the Nazca lines. It is a direct result of the creation of the Internet.如今对纳斯卡线条又有了新增长的兴趣,这完全是由于互联网的产生Currently there are over 60 sites dedicated to this mystery from Latin America past,and even respected scientists have joined the discussion through e-mail and chat rooms.现在有60多个网站致力于解开这一拉美的古老之谜,甚至有些德高望重的科学家也通过电邮和聊天室参与到这个讨论中来Will the Internet help explain these unsolved mysteries?互联网会帮助解开这些未解之谜吗?Perhaps it is a step in the right direction.也许它还真是朝着正确方向迈进的一步 60。
  • Andy: What did you do last weekend?安迪:你上周末干什么去了?Yuka: I went to Jamal wedding.由香:我去参加贾马尔的婚礼了Andy: Jamal?! Your ex Jamal?安迪:贾马尔?!你的前男友贾马尔?Yuka: Yes, that Jamal.由香:是的,就是他Andy: He had the nerve to invite you to his wedding?安迪:他居然有胆量邀请你去参加他的婚礼?Yuka: I actually thought it was nice of him to invite me. Whatever happened between us years ago is water under the bridge. There are no hard feelings on either side.由香:实际上,对于他的邀请我感到很欣慰以前我们之间发生的事就像桥下的流水,已经过去了现在我们两边都没有觉得不舒Andy: You told me that the breakup was mutual, but I always thought you still had a soft place in your heart him.安迪:你告诉过我分手是相互的,但我总觉得他仍然占据你心中一个柔软的地方Yuka: The truth is, when we first broke up, I did harbor some hopes of the two of us getting back together, but that never came to pass. We both moved on and I wish him well.由香:实际上,当我们第一次分手时,我的确对我们两人的复合心怀希望,但从来都没有实现我们都开始了新的生活,我希望他一切顺利Andy: Well, how was the wedding?安迪:好吧,婚礼怎么样?Yuka: It was very nice and Jamal new wife seems to be a good match him.由香:婚礼非常温馨,贾马尔的新婚妻子似乎跟他很相配Andy: And you didnt mind seeing them together?安迪:看到他们俩在一起你不介意吗?Yuka: Not at all, especially after I met Lorenzo.由香:一点也不,尤其是遇到洛伦索之后Andy: Lorenzo, huh? Youve been holding out on me. Do tell!安迪:洛伦索,哼? 你一直瞒着我快告诉我!原文译文属! 01。
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