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This is not a time for such deception, however predictable it may be. As the President made clear in remarks after his meeting on Capitol Hill today, this vote marks an important moment in history:mp4视频下载 文本:Good afternoon, everybody. I just want to say a few words about the landmark vote that the House of Representatives is poised to take today -- a vote that can bring us one step closer to making real the promise of quality, affordable health care for the American people.For the better part of a year now, members of the House and the Senate have been working diligently and constructively to craft legislation that will benefit millions of American families and millions of American businesses who urgently need it. For the first time ever, they've passed bills through every single committee responsible for reform. They've brought us closer than we have ever been to passing health insurance reform on behalf of the American people.Now is the time to finish the job. The bill that the House has produced will provide stability and security for Americans who have insurance; quality, affordable options for those who don't; and lower costs for American families and American businesses. And as I've insisted from the beginning, it is a bill that is fully paid for and will actually reduce our long-term federal deficit.This bill is change that the American people urgently need. Don't just take my word for it. Consider the national groups who've come out in support of this bill on behalf of their members: The Consumers Union supports it because it will create -- and I e -- "a more secure, affordable health care system for the American people." The American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association support it on behalf of doctors and nurses and medical professionals who know firsthand what's broken in our current system, and who see what happens when their patients can't get the care they need because of insurance industry bureaucracies.The National Farmers Union supports this bill because it will control costs for farmers and ranchers, and address the unique challenges rural Americans face when it comes to receiving quality care.And the AARP supports it because it will achieve the goal for which the AARP has been fighting for decades -- reducing the cost of health care, expanding coverage for America's seniors, and strengthening Medicare for the long haul.Now, no bill can ever contain everything that everybody wants, or please every constituency and every district. That's an impossible task. But what is possible, what's in our grasp right now is the chance to prevent a future where every day 14,000 Americans continue to lose their health insurance, and every year 18,000 Americans die because they don't have it; a future where crushing costs keep small businesses from succeeding and big businesses from competing in the global economy; a future where countless dreams are deferred or scaled back because of a broken system we could have fixed when we had the chance.What we can do right now is choose a better future and pass a bill that brings us to the very cusp of building what so many generations of Americans have sought to build -- a better health care system for this country.Millions of Americans are watching right now. Their families and their businesses are counting on us. After all, this is why they sent us here, to finally confront the challenges that Washington had been putting off for decades -- to make their lives better, to leave this country stronger than we found it. I just came from the Hill where I talked to the members of Congress there, and I reminded them that opportunities like this come around maybe once in a generation. Most public servants pass through their entire careers without a chance to make as important a difference in the lives of their constituents and the life of this country. This is their moment, this is our moment, to live up to the trust that the American people have placed in us -- even when it's hard; especially when it's hard. This is our moment to deliver.I urge members of Congress to rise to this moment. Answer the call of history, and vote yes for health insurance reform for America.Thanks.11/88893

The White HouseOffice of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate Release April 26, 2010 Remarks by The President Honoring the World Series Champion New York YankeesEast Room3:15 P.M. EDTDownload Video: mp4 (296MB) | mp3 (41MB) THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Everybody have a seat, please. Hello, everybody, and welcome to the White House. And congratulations on being World Series champions. (Applause.)As you can see, we’ve got a few Yankees fans here in the White House -- (applause) -- who are pretty excited about your visit. I want to actually start by recognizing Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner, who is here -- (applause) -- and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. Now, I understand Ray and Joe went to the same high school -– a few years apart. (Laughter.) But they grew up obviously big Yankees fans. I want to congratulate the Steinbrenner family, Brian Cashman and all the folks who helped to make this team what it is. (Applause.) And I want to thank all of the members of the New York congressional delegation. And I noticed a couple of Connecticut and North Dakota guys showing up here, too -- (laughter) -- all of whom take credit for the Yankees’ success. (Laughter.) Now, it’s been nine years since your last title -– which must have felt like an eternity for Yankees fans. I think other teams would be just fine with a spell like that. (Laughter.) The Cubs, for example. (Laughter.) But this is a team that goes down to spring training every year expecting to win it all -- and more often than not, you guys get pretty close. Of course, if I had Rivera, I’d get pretty close, too. (Laughter.) My White Sox would get close every year. That attitude, that success, has always made the Yankees easy to love -- and, let’s face it, easy to hate as well. (Laughter.) For a White Sox fan like me, it’s painful to watch Mariano’s cutter when it’s against my team, or to see the Yankees wrap up the pennant while the Sox are struggling on the South Side. Although I do remember 2005, people -– (laughter) -- so don’t get too comfortable. (Laughter.)But for the millions of Yankees fans in New York and around the world who bleed blue, nothing beats that Yankee tradition: 27 World Series titles; 48 Hall of Famers -- a couple, I expect, standing behind me right now. From Ruth to Gehrig, Mantle to DiMaggio, it’s hard to imagine baseball without the long line of legends who’ve worn the pinstripes. Last season, this team continued that legacy, winning 103 games and leaving no doubt who was the best team in baseball.But what people tend to forget -– especially after watching their teams lose -– is that being a Yankee is as much about character as it is about performance; as much about who you are as what you do. Being successful in New York doesn’t come easy, and it’s not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of player to thrive in the pressure cooker of Yankee Stadium -– somebody who is poised and professional, and knows what it takes to wear the pinstripes. It takes somebody who appreciates how lucky he is, and who feels a responsibility for those who are less fortunate.So it’s somebody like Mark Teixeira. Before he was a three-time Golden Glove winner, Mark was a 21-year-old kid fresh out of Georgia Tech. Shortly after signing his first Major League contract, Mark visited his old high school and asked how much it would cost to set up a scholarship in the name of a friend who had been killed in a car accident. And when he was told it would cost ,000, he wrote a check on the spot. He’s been funding that scholarship ever since -– helping to make the dream of college a reality for students in his hometown. (Applause.)201004/102472

President Bush Visits Silverado Cable Company, Discusses Economy, Tax Relief  THE PRESIDENT: I've come to Silverado for a couple of reasons: One, to remind our fellow citizens how important small businesses are to the backbone of our economy. These two brothers started this company with five employees --   MR. BOB SIMPSON: Five employees.   THE PRESIDENT: How many you got now?   MR. BOB SIMPSON: We have 70.   THE PRESIDENT: Seventy. One of the things that's important in law is to encourage certain behavior, and the stimulus package we passed encouraged investment. And so the -- these guys were showing me a new laser machine they purchased this year, and they purchased it this year because the stimulus package provided a tax incentive to do that. And the reason why that's important is when the economy slowed down, we wanted to stimulate activity.   And so the fact that they purchased the machine meant somebody had to make the machine. And when somebody makes a machine, it means there's jobs at the machine-making place -- plus their employees are more productive, they're more competitive. It makes it more likely they're going to keep their business and expand their business.   And so the first thing I want to do is, one, thank you for being entrepreneurs, and two, remind our citizens that this stimulus package that we passed in Congress is just beginning to kick in. And it's going to make a positive contribution to economic growth.   The other thing it's important to remember is that a company such as these -- as this one -- pays taxes at the individual income tax rate. So when you hear these politicians campaign and say, "We're going to raise taxes, oh, just on the rich people," they're raising taxes on companies like Silverado. (%bk%)  What you don't want to do is take money out of the treasuries of these small businesses across America. If you're interested in economic vitality and growth, you want these -- owners of these small businesses to have more money to invest. It's good for their employees, it's good for their growth, and it's good for our nation.   And so I strongly urge the ed States Congress to make the tax relief we passed permanent so that companies such as Silverado don't have to worry about what their tax burden is going to be in two years come. See, we have times of economic uncertainty right now, and what creates more uncertainty for owners of businesses like these is whether or not their taxes are going to go up.   And Congress ought to just declare once and for all we're going to make the tax cuts we passed permanent -- add peace of mind for these businesses leaders; it'll make it easier for their employees to keep a job; it'll make it easier for them to do what they want to do and take care of their -- people that work here.   And so I'm thrilled to be with you. Congratulations --   MR. BOB SIMPSON: It's our pleasure. Thank you so much.   THE PRESIDENT: Congratulations on being dreamers and doers.   MR. MITCH SIMPSON: Thank you Mr. President.   THE PRESIDENT: Yes, sir. Loved meeting your employees, too.   MR. BOB SIMPSON: Well, if you have just a minute I have a few more back there.   THE PRESIDENT: All right, good. Thank you 200806/41820

it will be his privilege,and must be his acknowledged right,to stand unabashed even in the presence of princes,他也将有权力,必须被认可的权力,来挺起胸膛站在即使是王公豪贵面前,with a proud consciousness that he is himself one of a nation of sovereigns,并骄傲地意识到他自身是一个主权国家的一员,and that he can not in legitimate pursuit wander so far from home that the agent whom he shall leave behind in the place,which I now occupy并且如果没有他留在家乡的代理人,现在由我充当,will not see that no rude hand of power or tyrannical passion is laid upon him with impunity.保没有任何势力和暴政的粗暴之手可以对他造成伤害。He must realize that upon every sea and on every soil where our enterprise may rightfully seek the protection of our flag他不能以合法方式远离家乡。他必须认识到在每一海面和每一土地上我们的事业都可正当寻求我们旗帜的保护,American citizenship is an inviolable panoply for the security of American rights.美国公民权是美国权利不可侵犯的保障。And in this connection it can hardly be necessary to reaffirm a principle which should now be regarded as fundamental.联系如此,就没有必要再次重申一个应被认为基本的原则。The rights,security,and repose of this Confederacy reject the idea of interference or colonization on this side of the ocean这一联邦的权利,安全和安置平反了来自任何超越当前裁决by any foreign power beyond present jurisdiction as utterly inadmissible.而不可接受的外国势力在大洋彼岸的干涉和殖民活动。The opportunities of observation furnished by my brief experience as a soldier confirmed in my own mind the opinion,以我短暂的士兵经历的观察,也在我脑中实了这样的观点。entertained and acted upon by others from the formation of the Government,这观点自政府建立之初就被他人所尊从和实施。that the maintenance of large standing armies in our country would be not only dangerous,but unnecessary.这便是:在我国保持一庞大军队将不仅是危险的也是无必要的。They also illustrated the importance I might well say the absolute necessity他们也表明了以下的重要性——我也可以说是绝对的必要性of the military science and practical skill furnished in such an eminent degree by the institution which has made your Army what it is,即由前军事机构保的杰出军事科学和实践技巧,而且要在以其实际成就,under the discipline and instruction of officers not more distinguished for their solid attainments,和高调闻名的军官的指导和管理下,gallantry,and devotion to the public service than for unobtrusive bearing and high moral tone.英勇和对公共务的忠心而非凌人的盛气。The Army as organized must be the nucleus around which in every time of need the strength of your military power,如此组织的军队必须在每一需要时刻成为我们军事力量的核心,the sure bulwark of your defense a national militia_may be ily formed into a well disciplined and efficient organization.你们防卫的坚实堡垒——一个全国武装人民也可随时转变为纪律良好和高效的组织,And the skill and self-devotion of the Navy assure you that you may take the performance of the past as a pledge for the future,并且海军的技巧和努力也向你保,你们可以把以往的行为作为将来的承诺,02/436491

Mr. Chief Justice, my dear friends, my fellow Americans:尊敬的大法官,朋友们,同胞们:The oath that I have taken is the same oath that was taken by George Washington and by every President under the Constitution.刚才我宣读的誓言就是乔治.华盛顿总统宣读过誓言,也是历届合法就任的总统宣读过的誓言。But I assume the Presidency under extraordinary circumstances never before experienced by Americans.我想,我这次就任总统,情况之特殊,是美国人民从不曾经历过的,This is an hour of history that troubles our minds and hurts our hearts.这是我们为之伤心痛苦的历史一刻。Therefore, I feel it is my first duty to make an unprecedented compact with my countrymen.所以,我感到当务之急是要和我的国民们做一个史无前例的会面。Not an inaugural address, not a fireside chat, not a campaign speech just a little straight talk among friends.不是一次就职演说,不是火炉边的闲谈,不是竞选演讲,只是一次平常的、朋友间开诚布公的谈话。And I intend it to be the first of many.这种话是一次,但不是最后一次。I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your President by your ballots, and so I ask you to confirm me as your President with your prayers.我非常清楚,我就任总统不是经由大家投票选举产生的结果,因此我请你们用祈祷来确认我是你们的总统。And I hope that such prayers will also be the first of many.我希望这祈祷也同样是第一次,不是最后一次。If you have not chosen me by secret ballot, neither have I gained office by any secret promises.如果诸位当初没有匿名投我一票,而我也没有为赢得总统职位做过任何私下承诺。I have not campaigned either for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency.我没有竞选当总统或副总统。I have not subscribed to any partisan platform.没有向任何党派捐赠。I am indebted to no man, and only to one woman my dear wife as I begin this very difficult job.在我开始这个重要工作之际,我只对一人由衷地感激她就是我亲爱的妻子。I have not sought this enormous responsibility, but I will not shirk it.尽管这份艰巨的责任不是我主动争取来的,但我也不会逃避此重任。Those who nominated and confirmed me as Vice President were my friends and are my friends.那些曾提名并选举我为副总统的人,过去是我的朋友,现在也是。They were of both parties, elected by all the people and acting under the Constitution in their name.他们中既有民主党人,又有共和党人,他们都由全民选举产生,履行宪法赋予他们的职责。It is only fitting then that I should pledge to them and to you that I will be the President of all the people.我向他们,也向你们宣誓我将成为全民的总统。我想这么做是恰当的。Thomas Jefferson said the people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.托马斯杰斐逊说过,人民是维护我们自由的唯一可靠的保。And down the years, Abraham Lincoln renewed this American article of faith asking, ;Is there any better way or equal hope in the world?;若干年后,亚伯拉罕林肯重申了美国人的这一信条,他问道:“除此之外,难道世界上还有更好的途径和同样的希望吗?”03/63695

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