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Chinas surprise assertion of a new air defense identification zone has alarmed Japan and South Korea and put the U.S. on alert. It could also end up inflicting some serious damage to its ties with Taiwan. 中国划设新防空识别区的意外之举惊动了日本和韩国,也让美国提高了警惕。此举最终还可能严重破坏中国大陆与台湾的关系。Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou -- who has invested heavily in improving ties with China -- is now dodging the flak fired in his direction since Beijing unveiled its ADIZ, which overlaps with similar zones of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Aly struggling with approval ratings of around 11%, Mr. Ma hardly needs this additional headache, particularly as his party eyes important elections later next year. 自从中国政府公布了与日本、韩国和台湾的类似区域存在重叠的防空识别区后,曾下大力气改善两岸关系的台湾总统马英九一直面临对其立场的指责。这对于持率已降至11%左右的马英九无异于雪上加霜,特别是在他领导的政党明年晚些时候将面临重要选举的情况下。In its official statement announcing the establishment of the ADIZ last month, Chinas Ministry of National Defense said it would require flight plan, transponder, radio and logo identification for all aircraft operating in the ADIZ. The zone covers the disputed East China Sea islands that Japan administers and calls the Senkaku. Beijing calls them the Diaoyu, while Taiwan has its own claim and refers to the islands as Diaoyutai.中国国防部上个月在发布划设防空识别区的正式声明时称,所有进入防空识别区的飞行器必须提供飞行计划、无线电、应答机和标志识别四种识别方式。中国的防空识别区涵盖了中日两国存在领土争端的东中国海(中国称东海)岛屿,日本将这些岛屿称作尖阁列岛,中国大陆称作钓鱼岛。而台湾将这些岛屿称作钓鱼台,并且也宣称对其拥有主权。U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to the region last week said the move had created apprehension. 美国副总统拜登(Joe Biden)上周出访中、日、韩三国时称,中国划设新防空识别区的做法给亚洲地区带来恐慌。Though U.S. civilian airlines have been instructed to comply with the notification requirements, the U.S. sent two B-52 bombers into the zone shortly after it was announced by Beijing. 虽然美国要求国内民用航空公司遵守中国方面的识别要求,但仍在中国宣布划设新防空识别区后不久派遣了两架B-52轰炸机进入该区域。Japan and South Korea followed with some nose-thumbing of their own, sending military planes into the zone without warning Beijing. South Korea has said it will extend its own zone, while Japan has told its airlines to ignore Beijings request for information before entering the zone. 日本和韩国紧接着也作出了行为,在没有通知中方的情况下派遣军机进入中国防空识别区。韩国已表示将扩大自己的防空识别区。同时日本已告知其国内航空公司,对中国关于进入防空识别区前要事先通报的要求可不予理睬。Taiwans President Ma has been a lot less assertive. This type of action does not help the development of relations between the two sides of the (Taiwan) Straits, he said. 相比之下,台湾总统马英九对此的反对态度则远没那么强硬。他说,这样的举动无助于台海两岸关系的发展。His administration has prided itself on sealing a slew of economic deals with the mainland after eight rocky years of relations under predecessor Chen Shui-bian of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party. The Ma administration has instructed airlines to comply with Beijings request for security reasons. 马英九政府为与大陆签订了一系列经济协议感到自豪,此前在倾向台独的民进党主席陈水扁担任台湾总统的八年时间里,台湾和中国大陆擦不断。出于安全考虑,马英九政府已经指示台湾航空公司遵守中国大陆的要求。Mr. Ma has also called on parties to refrain from actions that would elevate tensions in the East China Sea, and to quickly hold bilateral dialogue with Beijing on relevant issues, including the issue of the ADIZ. He has pushed hard for what he calls an East China Sea Peace Initiative -- with all parties conducting dialogue on the territorial rows. So far his suggestion has been largely ignored. 此外,马英九还呼吁各方保持克制,不要采取会加剧东海紧张局势的行动,并尽快与北京方面就包括防空识别区问题在内的相关问题举行双边对话。马英九一直在努力推进他提出的《东海和平倡议East China Sea Peace Initiative),建议各方就领土争端展开对话。但到目前为止他的这一提议基本没有得到响应。Under Mr. Ma, the ruling Kuomintang has tried to balance the economic reality of growing reliance on the China market with the islands distaste for Beijings authoritarian system. His administration has managed to nail down a series of accords, including a broader economic pact and a service sector deal as well as agreements on tourism, air travel and food safety. 台湾经济愈发依赖中国大陆市场,同时台湾又厌恶中国大陆的专制制度,马英九领导的国民党一直试图在这两者之间取得平衡。马英九政府已成功与中国大陆签订了一系列协议,其中包括一项内容广泛的经济协定、一项务贸易协议以及有关旅游、航空旅行和食品安全的多项协议。But clearly there is a political downside in the improved ties with Beijing, and the ADIZ has made that all too apparent. Beijing has incautiously forced Mr. Ma to choose between a holding a position that might undermine some of the progress he has aly made and opening himself up to criticism that he is soft on the mainland. He chose the latter response. 但对台湾而言,与北京改善关系在政治上有一个不利之处,中国大陆划设防空识别区令这一点暴露得非常明显。中国大陆政府不加考虑地迫使马英九在他坚持自己的立场(这可能让他在改善两岸关系上取得的某些成果受损)与遭受对大陆态度软弱的批评之间做出选择。马英九选择了后者。Opposition legislators were quick to pounce, challenging what they called a lame response. The DPP offered up a poll that showed more than 69% of respondents were opposed to submitting flight information to China while almost 65% thought the presidents reaction was too weak. And the smaller opposition Taiwan Solidarity Union party filed a suit accusing the president of abetting foreign aggression and compromising national security. 反对派立委立即出击,对马英九“蹩脚的回应”提出质疑。台湾民进党进行的一项调查显示,超过69%的受访者反对向中国大陆提交航班信息,有5%的受访者认为马英九的反应过于软弱。较小的反对党台湾团结联Taiwan Solidarity Union)提起诉讼,指控马英九煽动“外国侵略”,牺牲台湾安全Chinas new ADIZ is a slap in the face for the Ma government because it shows Mr. Mas accommodative policy is failing, said Chen Chao-chien, public affairs professor at Ming Chuan University. The sovereignty of Diaoyutai is one of the most important elements concerning Taiwans statehood and territorial claims. Now, it seems like the dispute is only between China and Japan and Taiwans opinion doesnt matter because the international community aly assume Taiwan will yield to China. 铭传大学(Ming Chuan University)公共事务学系教授陈朝建说,中国大陆划设新的防空识别区打了马英九政府一记耳光,因这表明马英九的迁就政策正在遭遇失败。他说,钓鱼台主权是关于台湾主权和领土主张的最重要问题之一,但现在似乎可能只属于中国大陆与日本之争,台湾的意见无足轻重,因国际社会已经假定台湾会向大陆屈。Mr. Ma got some less caustic advice on the pages of The Wall Street Journal. Former U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations John Bolton suggested in an opinion piece that Taiwan could reduce its international isolation by distancing itself from Chinas assertive posture. 《华尔街日报》刊载的文章给马英九提供了一些不那么尖刻的建议。前美国驻联合国大使尔John Bolton)在一篇文章中建议,如果台湾能与中国大陆的“武断姿态”拉开距离,就有可能减少其在国际社会的被孤立的程度Taiwan could say publicly that it does not recognize Beijings defense-zone declaration, and that it wants to confer with Japan, South Korea and others to align their responses, he wrote. 尔顿写道,台湾可以公开表示不承认中国大陆的防空识别区,以及希望与日本、韩国和其他方面进行磋商,并做出与之一致的回应Mr. Mas party, the Kuomintang, may have time to undo some of the damage before the next election for mayors and other local officials late next year. But it may be wondering whether Beijing has more plans that could shoot down its electoral chances. 马英九的国民党可能还有时间,在明年初的台湾市县选举前挽回一些不良影响。但国民党可能还在揣,中国大陆政府是否还有更多影响其选举胜率的政策出台。来 /201312/268639Egypt’s interim government has resigned, in an unexpected move seen as potentially paving the way for a presidential bid by Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the defence minister.埃及临时政府已经辞职,此举出乎人们的意料。有人认为此举可能是为国防部长阿卜杜#8226;法塔#8226;塞西元帅(Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)参加总统选举铺平道路。Hazem al-Biblawi, the Egyptian prime minister, announced his cabinet’s resignation in a televised statement in which he offered no reasons for the decision.埃及总理哈齐#8226;贝卜拉维(Hazem al-Biblawi,见右图)在一个电视讲话中宣布了内阁的辞职,他在讲话中未提到作出这一决定的任何理由。“[The government] made every effort to get Egypt out of the narrow tunnel in terms of security, economic pressures and political confusion,he said.他说:“(埃及临时政府)尽了全力令埃及摆脱安全和经济压力及政治混乱所造成的困境。”Mr Biblawi, an economist, was installed as prime minister in the wake of the popularly backed coup in July that ousted Mohamed Morsi, the elected president.在去月得到埃及民意持的政变之后,经济学家出身的贝卜拉维被任命为埃及总理。那次政变罢免了埃及民选总统穆罕默德#8226;穆尔Mohamed Morsi)。His government included technocrats and a smattering of figures from secular parties opposed to Mr Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood group. He said the cabinet would remain in place until a new one had been announced.贝卜拉维政府包括了技术官僚以及来自各世俗政党的人物,这些政党反对穆尔西的穆斯林兄弟会(Muslim Brotherhood)。他说,内阁将继续按部就班工作,直到新一届内阁宣布成立。A key question is whether Field Marshall Sisi, who ousted Mr Morsi and who is seen as the de facto ruler of the country, will retain his position in the new cabinet.关键问题在于,曾罢免穆尔西并被视为埃及实际统治者的赛西元帅是否会在新一届内阁中保留其职位。If he is replaced, it will be a sign that an announcement that he will run for president could be imminent.如果他在新一届内阁中的职位被人替换,那说明他很快就将宣布竞选总统。A council of senior military commanders last month publicly authorised the defence chief to seek the top job, which he is widely expected to win.就在上个月,一个由高级军事指挥官组成的委员会公开授权这位防务长官竞选总统,人们广泛预期赛西将赢得总统选举。Human rights activists will be looking to see if Mohamed Ibrahim, the interior minister who has been leading a crackdown on Islamist and other dissenters will be moved. Many complain that police brutality has returned to levels seen before the 2011 uprising that ended the three-decade rule of Hosni Mubarak.人权活动人士将会关注内政部长穆罕默德#8226;易卜拉欣将军(Mohamed Ibrahim)是否会被撤换,这位内政部长一直在领导对伊斯兰主义分子和其他异见人士的镇压活动。许多人抱怨埃及警察暴力已恢复011年民变之前的水平。那场民变结束了胡斯#8226;穆巴拉克(Hosni Mubarak)对埃及长0年的统治。Mr Biblawi said that with the adoption of a new constitution last month, Egypt had “completed an important portion of its march towards the construction of an open democratic society贝卜拉维表示,上个月埃及通过了新的宪法,这表明埃及“在走向构建开放民主社会的进程中完成了重要一步”。来 /201402/277282US seeks closer China ties 摘要:巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)昨日寻求重塑美中关系,他敦促中国这个亚洲日渐崛起的超级大国,加深与美国在经济、气候变化及核扩散方面的合作。Barack Obama yesterday sought to recast the US's relationship with China, urging Asia's rising superpower to forge deeper ties with Washington on the economy, climate change and nuclear proliferation.Speaking at the start of two days of top-level talks between the countries on the diplomatic and economic challenges confronting them, the US president predicted that Washington's relationship with Beijing would “shape the 21st centuryMr Obama depicted China as a force for progress that needed to co-operate with Washington, address global issues and respect human rights within its own borders.But, acknowledging China's growing influence and in a sign of shifting US priorities, the president and senior US officials did not reiterate the public calls Washington has made in the past for Beijing to allow its currency to strengthen.“Some in China think that America will try to contain China's ambitions; some in America think that there is something to fear in a rising China,said Mr Obama. “I take a different view.”The president set out a vision of the future in which the two countries would be “partners out of necessity, but also out of opportunityThe nature of the strategic and economic talks in Washington is the result of a push to give political focus to what had been a Treasury-dominated dialogue under Mr Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush.Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, and Tim Geithner, Treasury secretary, together with China's vice-premier Wang Qishan and state councillor Dai Bingguo are participating in the talks.Mr Dai said that the two countries were “in the same big boat that has been hit by fierce wind and huge waves, with our interests interconnected, sharing weal and woeHe concluded his speech by ing Mr Obama's campaign cry of “Yes we canIn spite of the rhetoric, the relationship between the US and China remains in large part defined by China's status as the world's biggest holder of US Treasury bonds. This status heightens Beijing's influence over Washington and increases its exposure to the battered US economy.Mr Obama said the countries' top priorities should be co-operation on the economy and climate change, and combating the threat of nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea.He praised China for “lifting hundreds of millions of people out of povertyand emphasised US calls for “the religion and culture of all peoples [to] be respected and protectedWashington responded cautiously to recent clashes involving China's Uighur minority in Xinjiang province. US diplomats are trying to balance a likely visit by Mr Obama to China later this year with a possible meeting between Mr Obama and the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan leader.Mr Geithner urged China to shift its economy towards domestic consumption, which he said would be a “huge contribution to more rapid, balanced and sustained global growth.”He also said that the US would help China win greater representation at international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund. /07/79235

May I speak to Marry Lin please?我可以和Marry Lin说话吗?I’m sorry Marry is out right now.对不起,Marry现在出去了When will she be back?她什么时候会回来?Why don’t you call back later this afternoon?你为什么不今天下午再打过来呢? 7985

It's not exactly the swimwear we're familiar with. But these Korean dresses looked ravishing at an underwater fashion show in Seoul this weekend.The event, which marked the launch of a new department store, saw the traditional catwalk replaced with a huge tank of water, in which the models performed underwater acrobatics.The vibrant dresses were inspired by traditional Korean hanbok, and were created by local designer Park Sul-Nyeo.  这绝不是我们平常熟悉的游泳爱好者,在首尔一家百货大楼的开业典礼上,时装设计师Park Sul-Nyeo一改往日传统的T台走秀进行宣传,十分有创意地将T台换成了一个“水族馆”,在“水族馆”里面,模特们穿着华丽的韩展示着设计家的创意。来 /201009/112756

Financial transactions have grown increasingly abstract, encouraging wasteful and unwise purchasing habits. Researchers at the MIT Media lab have invented three different wallets - the Bumblebee, the Peacock and the Mother Bear - to help shoppers save money.  美国“探索频道日报道称,随着金融交易日趋虚拟化,人们的消费习惯也变得大手大脚且不理性。麻省理工学院媒介研究室的研究人员发明了三款钱包——“大黄蜂”、“孔雀”以及“熊妈妈”——以帮助人们实现理性消费。  The Bumblebee wallet contains a vibrating motor that buzzes whenever the owner's bank account has a transaction. The length and pattern of the buzzes correspond with different kinds of transactions. The Peacock wallet expands and contracts depending on how much money is in a bank account.  据了解,“大黄蜂”钱包内设振动装置,主人的账户一有交易记录该钱包便会震动,而震动时长和模式依据不同的交易类别发生变化。“孔雀”钱包则能根据账户存款多少膨胀或者收缩。  The Mother Bear, which contains a hinge inside that is connected to a bank account and can be programmed to respond to a monthly financial goal. When money gets tighter, the hinge makes the wallet harder to open, creating a meaningful reminder to stay on target.  “熊妈妈”钱包内设一个与账户相连的电子拉链,并同时与主人的每月收计划绑定。账户存款“吃紧”时,钱包的拉链也随之“咬紧”,意在提醒主人牢记本月收计划。  All these three wallets are sturdy enough to survive being sat upon. Each one utilizes a mobile platform called Hands and Fingers. The "fingers" are microprocessors that are embedded in the wallets while the "hands" are the corresponding software that runs on a mobile phone. The wallets communicate using Bluetooth.  这三款钱包都很牢固,人们坐在上面也没问题。而每个钱包都使用了一种名为“手与指”的移动平台。“指”即内置于钱包的微处理器,而“手”则是在移动电话上运行的绑定软件。而钱包与(手机)的“沟通”则通过蓝牙实现。来 /201012/120650

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